The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 28, 1986 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1986
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

6-B THE BAYTOWN SUN Monday, April 2», 1M6 Television guide EVBMNQ MO S INEWS. OU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVt- ) 8PORT8CENTER I MACNEN.7 LEHRER NEW8HOUR ) (D SHOWTJMCWASHWOTOON IC88MCW8 )RADK>1«90 (BARNEY MILLER IGUMMEA8REAK! ILATRAMPA ) $100,000 PYRAMID ) MONEYUNE (BENSON I D4FFRENT STROKES 630 O WHEEL OF FORTUNE QD DANGER MOUSE ® INSIDE BASEBALL & CD SNOW77MEWASHINQTOON fl) ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT © QB WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS (HKBMAXTRAX (BCBBOBNEWHART 69 PRIVATE BENJAMIN © (H) FRAGGLE ROCK Uncle Matt gives Gobo a present supposedly from outer space, g & GD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME ® CD CROSSFIRE CD THREE'S COMPANY 69 THAT'S MY MAMA 6:35 ©SANFORDANDSON 7:00 Q YOU AGAIN? (D AMERICAN DREAM © BASEBALL'S GREATEST HITS Highlights of the '71 All-Star Game. (R) § BUSINESS REPORT CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes" (1984) Ralph Richardson, Christopher Lambert. ID SCARECROW AND MRS. KING CJD HARDCASTLE AND MCCORMKX ©©WRESTLING IB CD MOVIE "CkMk And (1984) Hwiry ThomM, Dabrwy Cotamwi. 01CB GREATEST AMERICAN HERO • HAWANRVE-0 8 3D MOVIE "Alicia Y Attda" (No Date) Joanna Fomm, LucaNa Santo*. 39 3D MOVtE "Hot Dog... Tha Movia" (1984) David Naught on, Patrick Houaer. QGD0NEW8 QCDPraMENEWS • MATT HOUSTON 7:05 QD MOVIE "Zulu" (1964) Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins. 730 8 VALERIE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final, If necessary. (Live) (NOTE: Starling time Is tentative. Game Is subject to blackout.) O APPRENTICE TO THE GODS: REUBEN NAKIAN A profile of sculptor Reuben Naklan, who blends contemporary art with mythological themes. 8 GD FAMILY FEUD PM MAGAZINE fcOO O MOVIE "An Early Frost" (1985) Aldan Qulnn, Gena Rowlands. (D BLOTT ON THE LANDSCAPE O PRIDE OF PLACE: BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM 8 KATE&ALLIE TEXAS 150: A CELEBRATION SPECIAL Gene Autry, Johnny Cash, Van Cliburn, Steve Martin, Phyllcla Rash ad and the Texas University Marching Band are among the guests scheduled to perform during the Texas sesquicentennial celebration at the Frank Erwln Center In Austin, g ©CD ODD COUPLE SD MOVIE "Too Late The Hero" (1970) Michael Caine, Cliff Robertson. Q GD MOVIE "It Happened One Night" (1934)Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable. OS CD LARRY KING LIVE (C MOVIE "Bonnie And Clyde" (1967) Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway. IS MOVIE "The Take" (1974) Billy Dee Williams, Eddie Albert. 8 NEWHART CBNEW8 CflCACCtON . MO J ONE BY ONE I AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE tCAGNEYaLACEY I (E) MOTOWORLD _l (E MOVIE "Starman" (1984) Jeff Bridges, Karen Alton. O (B BASEBALL Chicago Cuba at San Diego Padres (Liva) 9 © MOVIE "Las Mutoraa Da Ml General" (No Date) Pedro Infanta, Lllla Prado. <SD (H) MOVIE "The Hills Have Eyas II" BCD NEWS " - . 9:15 32 CD SHOWTIME MOVtE "Friday The 13th - A New Beginning" (1985) John Shepard, Melanle Klnnaman. IftOO O ID (D NEWS CD MISSING FROM HOME GB NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER ) ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR ) BENNY HILL _) MONEYLINE _ITAXI GD ASTRO WORLD '86 10:30 § TONIGHT SPORTSCENTER O ELEPHANT GAMES Burgess Meredith narrates this look at northeast Thailand's annual Elephant Festival, a rodeo showcasing the strength, speed and skills of domesticated pachyderms p O)M*A*S*H ^ CD NK3HTLINE ©MAUDE & GD 69 BIZARRE © CD SPORTS TONIGHT fflDYNASTY vxx ® CH) MOVIE "Out Of Control" (1985) 11:00 CD AMERICAN DREAM CD NFL SUPCMTAM Proved: Eddto LaBaron and Doug AttUna, 8 MACNEIL/LEHRER NEW8HOUR QD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Maaa Appeal" (1984) Jack Lemmon, Zeljko rvanek. t REMINQTONSTEELE MOVIE "Scorpio" (1973) Burl Lancaster, Alain Deton. gZXEDEDOeOFNIQHT <B CD MOVIE "Nlglit Of The Comet" (1984) Catherine Mary Stewart, KeHI Maroney. S MARY TYLER MOORE CB) MOVIE "La Pulqueria" (No Date) Isela Vega, Alfonso Zayas. § GD HAWAII FIVE-0 (D NEW8NK3HT POLICE STORY 11:30 S LOVE CONNECTION SON OF FOOTBALL FOLLIES Players, referees and halftlme entertainers become slapstick comedian*, caught by the cameras In a number of unpredictable, often embarrassing situations. fCBTHATQmL ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS STAR SEARCH 1200 O LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN QD BLOTT ON THE LANDSCAPE GD INSIDE BASEBALL (S) MOVIE "Fail-Safe" (1964) Henry Fonda, Dan O'Herlihy. OZ) (B HOLLYWOOD INSIDER 09 CE) A WOMAN CALLED GOLDA Goida Metr (Ingrid Bergman) leaves her career as an American schoolteacher to become active In the political affairs of Israel. Leonard Nimoy and Ned Beatty co-star. (Part 1 of 4) 6D MOVIE "Charlie Chan In Panama" (1940) Sidney Toler, Jean Rogers. SI CH) MOVIE "Creature" (1985) Klaus Kinskl, Stan Ivar. § QD JOE FRANKLIN CD CROSSFIRE MILLIONAIRE MAKER tttt • MOVIE "The Ordeal Of BN Camay" (1981) Ray Sharkey, Richard Crenna. PBS sets show on cathedral building NEW YORK- (AP) - Gothic cathedrals have an enduring power to astonish. Visitors still wonder how medieval masons seemed to float ceilings of stone more than 100 feet high on walls of glowing glass. "Cathedral," airing Wednesday night on public television, shows how these great churches were built, and how the construction expressed the ambitions of churchmen, the faith of the people and the wealth of cities. Based on David Macauley's award-winning book published in 1973, "Cathedral" mixes location shots of France's grandest churches with an animated tale of the building of a cathedral In the fictional city of Beaulieu. These cartoons will enlighten adults and charm children as well, explaining clearly how stone vaults were erected more than 100 feet above the cathedral floor, and how flying buttresses keep the walls from falling down. Going beyond Macauley's book, "Cathedral" explains how the medieval faith in relics — such as the bones of saints and the supposed clothing of the Blessed Virgin — could be used to raise construction funds. The TV version also invents a skinflint bishop whose choice of inferior stone leads to a collapse of the walls. "A cathedral is basically a human project," Macauley said in a recent interview. "Making architecture approachable gives people a shared pride. It's nice to be reminded what we are capable of doing." In making "Cathedral" for television, Unicorn Productions assembled a panel of scholars familiar with the details of medieval construction and religion. Macauley said he learned a lot from the experts and had to squelch an urge to revise the book. "I come to it as an architect, interested in how things work and how they come together," he said. His next step is to imagine taking the building apart, analyzing bits and pieces. He did that most graphically in "Unbuilding," his 1980 book about dismantling the Empire State Building. "Castle," his 1977 book, was made into a THEATRE GUIDE 421-2953 'STEVEN SPIELBERG P,«™ m HO (PG) 7:30-9:40 NETTY !NPM(PG-l 3) 7:30-9:30 BACK TO THE FUTURE (PG) 7:00-9:30 §'/2lliIEKS(R)8:00 MUftrWUW(R) 7:40-9:40 WSTK1MEI FRIENDS (PG-l 3) 7:15-9:45 CINEMA TEN -2953' ' * T -»«» IBM (PG} 7:15-9:15 01ITTnS(PG-l 3) 7:20-9:20 LUCAS (PG) 7:30-9:30 KlOinS ARE BIDE (PG-13) 7:40-9:40 421-2123 NT Of AFRICA (PG) 7:45 TKUORPIRPI£{PG-13)8:00 MCKYW(PG) 7:00-9:00 THE MET PIT (PG) 7:20-9:20 HUnWOBYICnUAKR) 7:30-9:30 rttt ACADEMY HI (PG) 7:40-9:40 The original cost is coming to sove their school... WINNER 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BEST PICTURE Our CHARUSMONSON SISSY SPACER KEVIN KLINE public television show in 1983, and Macauley has just returned from Egypt for location shots for "Pyramid," published in 1975. The Beaulieu story is based primarily on two French churches: the cathedrals of Chartres and Amiens. The old cathedral in Chartres was destroyed by fire in 1194, and it was feared that the Sacred Tunic, the shirt that Mary was said to have worn at the birth of Christ, had been burned as well. The undamaged relic was dramatically revealed to townspeople at a fund-raising rally. To medieval eyes it was a miracle, a sign that the old church burned because the Virgin wanted a more splendid home. Relics such as the tunic could even be taken on tour, to lure offerings from the faithful in distant towns. Chartres is the most admired and most studied of all cathedrals, but it looks odd because of its mismatched towers built centuries apart. Macauley's cathedral looks much like the one in Amiens. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in France and ranks as sort of a rush project by taking only 50 years to complete. That speed gives Amiens a stylistic unity lacking in many other cathedrals. "If you could ask a builder of the 13th century which building most captures what you set out to do, Amiens was it," Macauley said. The show also visits the abbey church of St. Dents and Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and cathedrals in Rheims, Bourges, Chartres and Laon. When he was preparing the book, Macauley said he sat in Amiens sketching the stone vaults 140 feet overhead. Then he did a second sketch as he imagined it would look with the ceiling removed. His conjectures were confirmed by crawling up into the building's recesses. One of the delights of "Cathedral" is that Macauley takes viewers where tourists seldom go, to the roofs, spires and crannies of the church, and a little way into the medieval mind. James Jones' daughter writes a gripping story AS SOON AS IT RAINS. By Kaylie Jones. Doubleday. 298 Pages. $16.95. In the opening pages of Kayiie Jones' first novel, "As Soon as it Rains," Chloe Raymond is mourning the death of her playwright-father. She is a high school senior, living in East Whitman, a New York resort town. Her younger brother, Eric, has locked himself in his father's study. Her mother is lying on the couch with a bottle of Scotch close at hand. The family is inconsolable. Chloe cannot imagine life without her father, but life does goon. Life for Chloe is college, at a place called Cromwell, spread out on a low hill that slopes to the bank of the Connecticut River. Studying becomes an obsession for Chloe, not that she has her head buried in her books all ihe time. She knows about casual sex, drugs and drinking. She has an ex-boyfriend at college named Joe and a lover back home at East Whitman named Andy. She also has a best friend named Annie, and she and Annie decide to go off together to study in Paris. "As Soon as it Rains" is not a gentle story. Chloe gets pregnant and has an abortion. She drinks too much, cares too little about herself. Her father is dead and her mother is emotionally paralyzed. "You kids are on your own," her mother told her after her father's death. "You take care of yourselves, I'll take care of myself. From now on it's everyone for himself.'' This is a story about pain and grief, the loss of a beloved parent, the seeming desire to destroy one's own life as an anti- CD MARK «OeW9 SALT WATER JOURNAL I MILLIONAIRE MAKER NBWSNWHT UPDATE NEWS 12:40 (9 CE) MOVIE "Body Heat" (1981) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner. CD STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS DMtfon FwtHf n OOOtQMfY* (R) S MQHTWATCH (FjCOMtDYMCAK (DNCWSOVfRNMHT MISSION: IMPO68ttLE fcB {£) MOVtE "The Marrying Kind" (1952) Judy HoHiday, AMo Ray. 240 l KEYS TO SUCCESS INDEPENDENT NEWS O CD SHOWTIME JOAN RIVERS (AND FRIENDS) SALUTE HEIDI A8RO- MOWtTZ From Caesars Palace: Joan Rivers and her friends pay tribute to Joan's promiscuous friend Heidi Abro- mowta with vignettes of Heidi's weM- known exploits, g 1:00 • NEWS (35 ONE BY ONE (E SPORTSLOOK 9 OS) MOVIE "La Fuga Oe Segovia" (No Date) XaWer Elorrlaga, Mario Pardo. O GD MOVIE "Jallhouse Rock" (1957) Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler. JIM AND TAMMY INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:15 a NEWS iao ® SPORTSCENTER IB NEWS (H) (B) WRESTLING & CD SPORTS LATE-NIGHT CD MOVIE "The Wicked Lady" (1946) Margaret Lock wood, James Mason. 1'40 (25 CE) MOVIE "Where The Boys Are '84" (1984) Lisa Hartman. Russell Todd. 1:46 02 CD SHOWTIME MOVtE "The Divine Nymph" (1976) Laura Antonelll, Mar cello MastroJannl. 0 MOVIE "Christina" (1974) Barbara Parkins, Peter Haskell. £00 CD MISSING FROM HOME 241 (E) MOVIE "Children Of The Com" (1984) Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton. £00 8 CB ROOM 222 (B MOVIE "Lawless Frontier" (1935) John Wayne, SheNa Terry. IJOE FRANKLIN I LARRY KING OVERNIGHT I HOUSTON LIVE 320 (9 CH) MOVIE "Hot Dog... The Movie" (1984) David Naughton, Patrick Hooter. 340 S OD SHOW7MEWASHINGTOON MOVIE "The Prince Of Central Park" (1977) T J. Hargrave. Usa Richard. § CB GOOD MORNING WORLD HOUSTON LIVE MOVIE "Man With The Icy Eyes" (1971) Keenan Wynn, Faith Domergue, 4:00 82 CD SHOWTIME FAERIE TALE THEATRE "Three Little Pigs" (5) (B) MOVIE "Mary White" (1977). Ed Flanders, Kathleen Belter. i NEWS I CROSSFIRE BLACK VOICE 4:06 (9 CD MOVIE "The Stone Boy" (1984) Robert Duvall, Jason P reason. 440 3) BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 0| CE IN SEARCH OF... ® CD SHOWBIZ TODAY O HERENCIA MONDAY EARLY FROST i In "An Early Frost," Qena Rowlands plays a mother who must deal with the realization that her son (Aldan Quinn) is gay — and has AIDS. NBC rebroadcasts the acclaimed TV movie on Monday, April 28. (Sttttont raMrv* ffw right to m«*» Ittt-mlnutt ctwig**.) lfV537. IH^ftf^^^^^^^ um/iers G/Ves Vou The Night • FREE Happy Hour Buffet with Happy Hour Prices 4:30-8, M-F • Join us for our Super Seafood Sunday Thursday May 1st Dash for Cash A chance to pick up '1000 GARTH RD. • WILLOW CREEK SHOPPING CENTER BAYTOWN. TEXAS 77521 • 713 / 428-2876 dote to that pain and suffering, the threads that keep one hang• ing on. By the time college graduation has rolled around, Chloe has gotten over her breakup with Joe, said goodbye to Andy, and has been accepted into Phi Beta Kappa. She has also come to terms with her father's death. She has learned to care about herself. She will not annihilate herself over grief. She will go on. "As Soon as it Rains" is authentic, honest and gripping. Kaylie Jones, the author, is the daughter of novelist James Jones, probably best known for his first book, "From Here to Eternity." Carol Deegan Associated Press Mario's Italian Restaurant and Flying Pizza Luncheon Special! Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 75 422-2023 Manicotti, Lasagno, Canelloni or Spaghetti 8, meatballs, with garlic bread...your choice... 2118 N. Alexander Full menu available for delivery. CALL FOR FREE DELIVERY TXI-M4-I7ZI KBUK1360AM Presents What's Your Bid? April 29th at 6 p.m. the bidding gets underway. Over $ 10,000 worth of vacation trips and merchandise could go for half price or less. Bid via telephone on fishing trips to Port Aransas, trips to Austin, New Orleans, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Dallas, Salveston and more . . . Bid on merchandise from local businesses — restaurant din- r>ers, fresh meats, memberships to fitness centers, automotive services, services anc more. ; Listen to KBUK 1360 AM for details V,

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