The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 11, 1965 · Page 17
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 17

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1965
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

'My Fair Lady' a+ Melody Top Lerner and Loewe's "My Fair Lady" will be staged at Milwaukee's Melody Top Theater, 7201 W. Good Hope Road, from July 20 through Aug. 1. Starring will be Barbara Williams and Michael Allinson. Miss Wililams appeared at Melody Top two seasons ago in "The Music Man" and has played in "My Fair Lady" in West Coast theaters. The Melody Top Monday will present a one-night appearance by pianist Peter Nero and the Bitter End Singers. German WW1 Ace lo Be Subject of Film LONDON—(^)—"The Blue Max," a film about a German air ace in the First World War, is scheduled to be made in Ireland. The makers are building eight World War I vintage planes for the film. Guests on TV Show to Debate Immortality "Prospects of Immortality" will be discussed on "Off the Cuff" today over channel 7 at 11:45 p.m. Guests of host Norman Ross on the two-hour conversation show will include a philosopher, a biologist and a theologian. Will Question Rusk on Viet Nam Today Sec. of State Dean Rusk will be questioned about United States involvement in the war in Viet Nam on "Issues and Answers" today over channels 6 and 7 at 12:30 p.m. Jazz Session at Looey's Chateau 305 Sixth St. SUNDAY 6 to 10 P.M. Meet '1-Take Van Dyke' * * * * * * Dick's Real Coo/ at Jungle Pool Kleiner STARS OF CIRCUS ^The Martini family of bareback riders and Torto, billed as the "greatest of all riding comedians," will be among the features of the Cristiani- Wallace Brothers Circus. Two performances by the circus, at 2 and 8 p.m. Monday at Pershing Park, will be sponsored by the Racine Eagles Club. The show also features high wire acts, gymnasts, jugglers, tumblers, clowns, performing elephants and educated chimpanzees. Some Ticlclish' Questions Asked Beatle Fan Club Is Besieged by Barrage of Letters, Calls LONDON — UP) — "Could § SUNDAY SUPPER • HENNY PENNY CHICKEN! Monday Feature: Corned Beef and Cabbage Serving 11 to 2 and 5 to 7 (Chicken & Pork Chop Dinners Served All Day) Russ's Top 2203 OeKoven Ave. 634-9325 Russ Jensen, Prop. Introducing the "Quicky' Week End Vacation You are Invited to spend a week end in the "Land of the Sky Blue Woters." • Bus leavet Milwaukee Friday evening , . . July 1£th. • Dinner Friday evening en route. • Two days at the Chalet including all meals and lodging. • Tours of the reservation both by cor and boot. • Dancing Saturday evening. • Swimming ot the white sand beach. • Water skiing. • Fishing (guides included). • All lawn games. • Return to Milwaukee on Sunday evening. All above included for $29.95 Bus leaves July 16 at 6:00 P.M. Busses also may be scheduled for weekdays, leaving on Monday and returning on Wednesday — leaving on Wednesday and returning on Friday. These trips Include the above with the Indian Pow-Wow on Tuesday and Thursday evenings Call: Vagabond Travel Service, Milwaukee, 276-7566 or the Greyhound Travel Bureau, Milwaukee, 272-1617, or Racine 634-7333. MODEL'S Kimrock Chalet Lake of the Flaming Torch Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin—54538 you tell me, please," asked the voice, "which of the Beatles is the most ticklish?" "I don't know," replied Bettina Rose, "I've never tickled them." The 21-year-old Miss Rose is one of four young women who run the London fan club of the mop-headed millionaires. She was answering one of the thousands of telephonic queries that pour into the club every day. "Oh, we get all sorts of crazy questions," explained Miss Rose. "Somebody called up yesterday to ask whether the boys wear their toenails long." "Wouldn't Be Surprised" She screwed up her face. "Imagine anyone wanting to know that. But they do. They do, you know. I wouldn't be surprised at any question. Instead o f discouraging telephone calls, the London Fan Club encourages them. "It makes it so much easier if they telephone," explained Miss Rose. As it is, we receive 750 to 1,000 letters every day, and nearly all of them are answered." Some go unanswered? Ignore Love Letters "Oh, yes. We can't deal with the love letters and a lot of the letters are love letters." How many telephone calls do she and the others handle Tsylor A T *, and Htb St. TASTY CARRY-OUT • Chicken • Fish • Shrimp •^'SefrHomburgers 20" OInInc Room Open Uallv to Vi:30 a.m Carry Outs Until I a.m. Call 634-9732 or 637-1259 Low Priceii on Paekaee Gnndt a day? "Oh, goodness, I just wouldn't know. They come in by the thousands." "The fans don't actually expect all of their letters to be answered," she said. "We put a note in the Beatles magazine saying we were sorry but the boys couldn't possibly answer all the mail they get." She paused. "Don't Expect Answers" "You know what? A lot of them wrote in and said, 'Oh, don't worry. We don't expect answers. We just like writing.' Imagine." The Beatles have fan clubs in 40 countries. The London club is the biggest. "We have about 70,000 members," said Miss Rose. Membership costs five shillings (70 cents). For this the Beatle worshipers receive a printed letter from the boys, a membership card, a regular newsletter and a special gift twice a year. Last Christmas the gift was a recorded message from the Beatles — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The next Beatle gift will be in May when the members will receive glossy photographs of their idols. The London fan club, organized and subsidized by the Beatle management, is highly efficient. Presents Flow In "You'd be surprised at the presents the fans send in to the boys," said Miss Rose. "We get all sorts of things — shirts, sweaters, ties — even kittens and puppies." The boys never see — much less receive — some of the presents. "That would be impossible. There are just dozens and dozens of them," said Miss Rose. Many of them end up in hospitals and orphanages. The average age of club members is between 13 and 14, and most of them are girls. "But a lot of boys belong too." "Back last summer two boys arrived here," said Miss Rose. "They told us they'd hitch-hiked from Japan. Who knows? Perhaps they did. They looked it." Peak Period The telephone calls build up in volume from early morning. "I'd say the peak period is between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon," said Miss Rose. "That's when they've arrived home from school. My, but the lines get hot then." Telephone calls come in from many parts of the world, quite a few from the United States. We've had none from Tibet or Red China, though," laughed Miss Rose. "Yes, we've heard from Moscow, by letter though, I think." By Dick Kleiner HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — They'll have to call him One- Take Van Dyke after this. Dick dried himself off and dropped into a chair at the side of the jungle pool (just off the Ventura Freeway in the Walt Disney studio). "You know," he said, "I've got everything on the first take so far today." Dick and Nancy Kwan and Akim Tamiroff are shooting "Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N." for Disney. It's the story of a downed Navy pilot on a supposedly deserted island. Obviously, "deserted" is a relative term, for there were Nancy and Akim and a detachment of native girls. The scene had Dick dashing off to elude the pursuing girls, but they trapped him on a ledge over the pool. Girls to the right of him, girls to the left of him, a sheer rock cliff behind him, but in front of him a possible avenue of escape. A long vine hung from a tree. You could see the wheels turning in his head— if he could grab the vine and swing across the pool, he'd be safe. So he jumped and grabbed the vine—which, on cue, broke and down he plunged into the pool. It was a funny scene, done in one take, and the crew applauded as Dick splashed ashore. Later, dry again, he was commenting on his good life. It was a pleasantly warm day, the pool was heated, filtered and chlorinated. "I can't wait until I go in again," he said. Since "Mary Poppins," Dick has become one of the hottest of Hollywood hotshots. He says he is offered a script a day, "but most of them are either dirty or not funny." After "Crusoe," he goes back for a final season of his television show, then immediately goes into "Divorce American Style." "It's a serious study of the effect of divorce," he says. "But there are some very funny scenes in it." * * * WE RAN INTO John Forsythe in the neighborhood supermarket and my 5-year- old son, who has just discovered "Bachelor Father" on the reruns, said he watched the show every night. "Well," said Forsythe, "it's better than drinking." * * * THERE WAS A SCENE IN "Billie" the Patty Duke film, in which Patty and Jim Backus were caught in a summer shower. Right on cue, the technicians opened the studio's newly installed rain pipes and down came the rain. Only thing was the rain smelled perfumey. The scene was shot and Patty and Jim smelled like a rose. It turned out that the pipes had been bought from a demolished perfume factory in Pasadena. RACINE °rif^/s1.T TOMORROW PERSHING PARK DOWNTOWN—EAGLES AERIE PRESENTS rVE HEARD ABOUT A poker game with top stars, who wound up betting Oscars. Finally, one dealer said, "O.K., we'll play seven-card stud with Oscar Wilde." * • * CHRISTIANE S C H M IDT- MER says she is a great admirer of Michael Dunn, the dwarf who worked with her in "Ship of Fools." We used to talk for hours," Chris says. "If everyone had his philosophy, it would be a better world. He's always happy, despite his handicap. I try to be, but I don't always make it—but Michael does. I never saw him when he wasn't smiling." * * * THELMA RITTER was telling about the unlucky house she once lived in on West 72d St. in New York. "It was a very unlucky house," she says. "I lost a baby there, and some other people lost all their money. One day I met a numerologist who couldn't have known these things. She asked me my address and phone number, and when I told her she said I was living in a house of misfortune. But she said it was going to change. "Sure enough, a few weeks later, the place was bought— and they turned it into a funeral home." >i> If If HERMIONE BADDELEY'S experiences with the Electron- ovision "H a r 1 o w" haven't soured her on the process — she says she'd like to do Tennessee Williams' "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Any More" for Bill Sargent. . Gunsmoke's Ken (Festus) Curtis and Milburn (Doc) Stone have teamed up and will play county fairs for five weeks in August and September—they sing and dance, which ought to make Astaire shudder. . . . Jim Hutton's 4i /2 -year-old son, Timothy, will make his acting debut with daddy in "Never Too Late"—he'll appear in a dream sequence. . . . Ivan Tors, Flipper's producer, says the most common ailment of dolphins in captivity is ulcers. And you thought swimming was relaxing. * * ED WYNN disputes those who say there are no new jokes. He says he's always maintained that new jokes came along all the time—"I used to argue with Fred Allen about it." "I still hear new jokes all the time," Ed says. "I heard one just the other day. The Scottish and Israeli U.N. ambassadors arrived in New York on the same plane. They became good friends and went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. "When the waiter brought the check, he heard a thick Scottish accent saying. Til take the check.' The next day there were headlines in the newspapers — 'Scottish Diplomat Kills Israeli Ventriloquist.' "Now that's new, and I think it's funny." EIFFEL ADDITION — A new feature has been added to Paris' famed landmark, the Eiffel Tower. The observation platform guard rail is now topped off with in-curving steel spikes to thwart would-be suicide leapers. Playwright Brecht to Be Drama Subject NEW YORK—(^)—Bertolt Brecht, who wrote a lot of plays, is now the subject of drama by novelist Gunter Grass. "The Plebians Rehearse the Uprising" concerns Brecht's refusal to align himself with East Berlin workers who rebelled in 1953 against Communist regulation. Initial production is to be in September as part of West Berlin's arts festival. RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Sunday, July 11, 1965 SB \oo\ II \( iii :<»\s IIK;C;I\S IIOIS\OK ft i i CAPITOl We are pleaaed to annoanea we will hold over "Hosh . . . Hurt" and "Night Walker" throach Monday. It's an entertainment MTJSTi Bette Davis! Olivia da Havtl- land! Jo>eph Cotton! HUSH-HUSH. swsr„ CHJuam Today—1:30, 5:20, 8:.U IVIonday—6:30 and noir t t Today.'S:40 and 7:30— Mon.. 8:45 STARTS WED.—"Dr. No," "From Rutiia Wilh Love" mismn NOW! 175,000 CAMPSITES A new guide to camp grounds lists 9,000 places where you can pitch a tent in the U.S. and Canada. In them are 175,000 individual campsites. RIHiirO NOW PLAYING! OPEN DAILY AT 1:00 THE TRAIN WILL CARRY YOU TO THE PEAK OF ADVENTUREI JULCS BPICXCNprtKnIi BURT LANCASTER in JOHN fRANKCNHEIMCRS THE TliAIN n^»» UN/TED ARTISTS 1:30 - 5:35 - 9:40 ALSO CLIFF ROBERTSON OPENS 1:00 P.M.—SHOW 1:30 PASSES SUSPENDED FEATURE TIME SCHEDULE 1:30 - 3:30 - 5:35 - 7:35 -9:40 PLUS IVIASQUERADE' 1 KlIAStD tW I yEASTMAHCOLOB UNITED ARTISTS/ From the beginning, they knew it was wrong.^ but nothing could keep them apart! WALTp|SN|:YS,-f gOPENS 7:00—STARTS DUSK; Exciting "First Run" XISEltSEil DRIVE SOUTH ON HIWAY 32 — REG. ADM.^ ADULTS M.OO • • • CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE COME EARLY FREE KIDDIE TRAIN RIDES WED. SPECIAL BUCKNITE First Racine Showing! At 8 :30 OI'EN 7:tlO SHOW AT DUSK A Man's Best Friend is his...L/ON??.» IT'S A LAFF RIOT TREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY TO ENJOY! THIS NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN FILM . . . AT 10:00 TONy RaNDALL Conqueror Of The World's Mightiest Empire! ADULT ADM. $1.00 „,„,PANAV1SI0N»-TECHNICOLOR* FANNIE mmsrs ofjife COLOR ...... viibiikiiii '^^w•pumrwr SOSANWEMIOBEKIAIDA • JUANIIA iORE- MAHALIA JAM TRANSCENDING BRILLIANCE & COLOR 40-Spectacular Arenic Displays-40 Internationally Renowned Equine Stars THE CRISTIANI RIDING TROUPE DIRECT FROM SENSATIONAL ENGAGEMENTS IN NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA PRESENTED IN THE CONTINENTAL STYLE MADE FAMOUS ON TV CIRCUS TICKET WAGON OPENS H A.M. TOMORROW METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYERAND FILMWAYS ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON EVA MARIE SAINT IN MARTIN RANSOHOFF'S PRODUCTION T CHARLES BRONSON • ROBERT WEBBER Kiav ^,pOALTCN TRUM80 wo MICHAEL WILSON .»..T .i,c« BY IRENE KAMPANO LOUIS KAMP sTon», MARTIN RANSOHQFF wtcTic r VINCENTE MINNELLi (|«) w p«Nivisi«N- Axo MrrT )Ocoi,oii f^ftSf^^ STARTS WEDNESDAY VENETIAN i ^^SIEPHENBOYD JAMES MASON-ELI im FRANCOISEOORLEAC-TELLY SAVAIAS ROBERT MflRLEY-WONNEMIICHELL JMAR SHARIF, GENGHIS KHAN m> "FIRST RUN" CO-HIT AT 11:201 SHOCKING SUSPENSE"! i m TALLULAH BANKHEAD STEFANIE POWERS \ MYDARIING! A STABBING H COLOR -NO AFL-CIO- NITE THIS WEEK PLEASE NOTEI Ourlns this Special Encagement

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