The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1918
Page 4
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PAHTC FOUR. THE ntJTOUINSON NEWS. FRtDAy, SEPTEMBER 13, 1918. . Till: HUTCHINSON Nl-.WS OFFICIAL PAPER OF t1E.NO COUNTY W. Y. MOKGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. Enttrcd at the I'ostofdre In Ilutchln- seo. Kiwi., fur triuwmlHyluM through the mulls us s.-.cuiMl-.-limn umtli-r. TELEPHONES. NO. 3 .No 3 ....NO. «U3 ., .Ho. 24U .I BUflitlrHH Ottlllo Advei limiic Muliarliuent Bounty l.u.l'ir TEHM5 OF .SUBSCRjPTIOf*. nally L'UIUUII iloli%en-«J by carrier to ..IJ.Cn) .. l.l'O .. .Ull .. .to .. .fc» II) mull, one jur liy mttii, MX muuOKi liy num. mite imiiit/i.1 l'l mmi, uut> inuiuu \Yiii., Mvin, ulu- ytur TU CHANGE A Don ESS. In oiuuuiy tun uuUiw >H ur y-'ur p.ipor chi.iii;nj, tjiHlu AIKIIH.I It .s 1 tail/ (4* WtMi.l} ,\civi* and GIVK VtiUit I-'JIIM KH 1'U.SJ ol-1'JCtJ ADDllliaS is ivell an till tiluuise. ADVERTISEMENTS. Tllu NcWb lusifvw till., rttjlil to rojoct S11.V i.uvt I ll.Hiiiu nirttUT '.tilt It may I 'oum lmp:oj »t .i ,u.d nol ai.i'wuitf to contract. Xu\\<i IK not i>-.-p->li»il>;i.' fm mlvur- Uiai-oulliiuou' tiy ternr-tl llr-rman suhmnrlncs. This sort of neutrality will work Spain a fcreul ileal of harm after thn war Is over and prnce matters am hdng patched up. Sue may rind It 111 r- rlRht thing to 1m very friendly to Germany and Austria now, hut when her frirntlR are whipped and they have necepteil a "dictated" peace, Spain will he almost one of the outcast nations of the world. Spain may find this the easy way now but it will tof a hard road to travel If she Itenps ptillnK the Hun chestnuts out of the fire until war Is fought to an Allied winning. carihi Tli tlecnitMiip uiu.ui(4j letctilione. L'UIIH loi Hii.luty meetings, lllaults, OL Itu.n y U'.ti^tw. If Mulutmna, cl'^ty uiul cliujili SOCIHU , lecture notices, C'llLv I'n c.'.ui ,:li atc-tuiKM Sunday Bcrimin) uJ'j n-UKtdoi lid ail advcrlimiitf will In. J-I.UIHLHI tor. The Iv.rt'.citi utiiL'.i of thin paper are at li-IS EnM iStti alrent, Mow Vork City, and Houn t v rib HajiK. Trust lluildinu, L'lly, ,\]o., K lull AC* ti Using Agency In -A.ivi-i tiring rates made known on application. TYiephona No 3. TeJoplionu to wil Ileum to Itooins, Kt. 0 , 2<ta MEMQE.FI OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tim As.aajlat.-d I'r.-ss Is exclusively on tlt{.,l 10 the u.,e -o, re,.ut..,ea....n ..t Hi new.- CI. .lit. d lo It or not "J ' s, *-f° ' r ~. It.d -n 11.i- l-.ip.'i and aiso tlM news ^Ai^'i'lBi.'.'-r oi 1, republication ot cpeclal a!i hvf.-tu are also reserved. Anyway the Germans will hr-Rin to find out pretty soon that the American army Is lu the fighting and that Its supply line goes hark to the place In Hie t'nlted Stales of - America where the men, munitions nntl fond are found In unlimited quantities. The •war will he over some day. This will he when the Germans know more than they do now The story of the way the (Irntmns have ruled the people of the German colonies In Africa is certainly reason enouEh why Ihey should never aKaIn have them hack in control. If German Africa is to he controled by brute force In the future It should never RO buck to the Merlin KDVernment. ^ Abe Martin The ^linger Drug Co PHESORIPTION SPECIALISTS Tctcpliono SI. No. 17 North Main Street. Hutchinson * » « HE GUESSED WRONG. * » 1 \w. rider how the kelser feels * * when he recall:, tlu- foolish speils • * he .v... lie a year IUSU?- He laughed * * lo seinii llns country's might; he * * wouldn't, walk tin- Iloor at nlshl * * for :mil a phantom foe. We. had *«| no peri'eeL war machine; our boys * * i.'niild all lie raw and gieerl, too * * awkward f'ora scrap; his well drill- • ' cd men would even Ihiuk it fun * * to chivy them with sword and * * (jtin, and push them off the limp. * * And even if we formed a host, ae- * * conlire; to our idle boast, how * * would we cross the sea? Ills sub- " * marines would lie in wait, and * * send us diving down our fate, * * down where the mermaids bo. * * "My .-111111 !" the liaiscr cried, "my * * word! Americans are too absurd! * * I cannot help but scoff! Just let * * them butt into the fray, and 1 will * * show them, rlubt uwny, Just * * where they will get off!" Our sol- * * dler buys are over there, they " * wave Old Glory in the air, they * * cannot bo denied; unci every time ' * I hoy see a 11 un Ihey make him * * drop his tools and run and hunt a * * place to hide. 1 wonder what the * * kaiser thinks when he beholds his * * well drilled Rinks before the Yun- * :* keea fall? I wonder how the kui- * * ser reels when his brave soldiers * ' * show their heels and hike for tini- * » ber tall?—Willi Mason. » THE KAISER. The kaiser keeps trying to tell the «-orld the Germans were not to blame for sturllng the war. Presumably ho 'nets away with - it" in his native land, lor no one can dispute him arid . hu safe afterward. Hut that sort of tiling dooHii'i i;o witii people not tied , to tile mailed-list of the emperor of Germany. lu hifl most recent speech the halsor bluuiCH the whole world, oul- • alilo of tiie ventral powers, for start- lliy tile war and for keeping it KOIUK. lie;, makes one statement alter another that Die Knleiiie Allies forced the war on the German people and he makes the declaration that he is fiRlilliii: for the fatherland. if the kaiser has his armies flshl- liii; fur Dm fatherland what is lie doing in l-'ruiice and Uolejum? if lie is fiojitlni; to preserve his hearth- (iluneu why doesn 't he take his troops back to the liornuin border and pre- ]iuro lo stand off an attack that tried to reach his s'lle of the boundary Hue? The simple answer lo this Is that lio Isn 't lulling the German people the truth. He jii -obably la nwuru that If he would confess to Ilium that lie did start the war he wouldn 't have liuuc.h backlni? left among the people at JICIIUO or In the army. The only way lo bring Germany to her senses is to keep this war going on until the kaiser, hl« six sous, his Ludeiidorffs, his lllndeuhurcs atid all of their following, the militarists ol Germany, ale Uiurouyhly whipped and until'* the i-ummou sense of ihe Ceri '.iAU ptoplo Is uwaJ.eiied. Then It they are capable of government tiiul too weak lo over aaain start another war poaeo may tome. The lull, of the ktviser Unit someone else Is lo fur (ho bo;;!lK mid the continuance of Uio war may go on as long ii3 he wJubcii, but the war will *pu!y laid when ho, or comcom- representing tho Gorman uooplo,' has (mother uilu to toll. The Berlin people have 'just heard the news that the United States Of America has enrolled almost all the millions that would bo necessary to whip the entire Teutonic world, if it should happen to be their duty. Manpower is soiiir-tlilnR the United Stales deals in, in large figures. Th' reason penny welghln' machines halnt raised th' piire on account o' th' war is because a quarter won,'t,flt 'em. A girl will dauU herseir up f look fosy, but you've got t' -be born purty t' be purty. OVER OUR STATE. Mr. 1-loyd George says that nothing but heart failure will keep the Allies from victory now. And the people or Allied lands and in the United States have great faith in the statements of this big man of. the British empire Lloyd George Is like a rock. The dry zones around shipyards, munition shops and war tactorles are lo he extended more miles. Every time n dry zone is extended it is a German loss. I-Tveryone knows that. The wet zone is the strongest salient of the Hun In America. Mlhiel has been too long in German territory for its own good. This Is the reason why Marshal Poch made up his mind to jar the Huns a little on this line., Tho Germans have a "Parsifal" line. We are wondering if it Is to be of the movable sort like the Iliuden- berg mark on the map. <•> <•> <S> <•> • <s> 4> 4- <$• 4 <i> : ' «• ••• MY DREAM COMMUNITY. <S> Uy Ruth Cameron. give n saORfactoTy reason, which Is thus far lacking. The American people are! nol In the mood for mero gossip on tliis particular subject. "A v ARMY CASUALTY LIST j The following casualties ajo reported tiy Ihn CVimrnnndinft general of the Amerlcflji Mxpodttlonary F^orcps: Kltlfd In action, 48: died of dlscuao, 3; woun.led severely, 86; wolmd*-d, tircreo undetermined, 6; died of wounds, 1ft; died from acelilont and otlier cnuses, 6; dlwt fi-om atrplann accident, 1; inlaatliB In action, HO; pHsonrr, J. Total, KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenant: Hoxbcrt C. Blum, Chicago, tit. ^ ' SerfleanUi: , CleorB-e D. litilbert. tjocke. | N. Y. i'Jrnest 'Jyirno, fjiLkcvtew, Alo. Prtvaten: .ituncs Montgomery Aunttn, f-Mlntioro, 1'iu Albert F. Beskow. Lyndon, Kan. William S. lti^Wu, Mcivunnvllle, Ore. Frank Benjabiln Doerter, Qoodland. Kan. H , • J«hn FcrrcriD. l'olpe, Italy, niward H. Oil Hey, Minneapolis. Mlniu .lames Cunterrttan, ltumacy, Ky. Samuel B. Hamtlton, rtaJln, N. U. ' '"*• "oi-d. Ma. , N. J. boul* S. Hartshorn, Mtltord," N. II. Snjlna soldier boys have been sending back some souvenirs oT the Hun captured on tho 1-orraino border. The Atchison county wheat thresh -l ed in August averaged 17.t to the] acre, according to the reports madci by the threshers. I Garden City has been hnving an interesting murder case recently, with much testimony that drew curious people to the court room. The food administration wants the women who bake bread to phiy fair with the Allies anil make SO-HO bread like the food administration says. The Kansas soldiers in the Kighty- Nlnth division are in the middle of the fighting, or very near it,, is the belief. Ko one tears what they'll do when they get a chance. Newlon has formed a I.oyalty League and a thousand men appeared at the court house to Join it. The gent who doesn't get in will feel mighty lonesome one of these days. The exhibitors are coming from all directions to the Kansas State Fair next week. All of this part of Kansas •will be alive with motor cars during •the big exposition, on tho way to the Salt City. Talmo says the dry weather of the summer has been hard on the trees in that part of the state. Better move the trees and the town down Into the Arkansas valley where there is always a fine supply of water for the roots ot the trees. There are tales that the new Tenth division being formed at Camp I"\ins- ton will be one of the best divisions the United States army has ever seen. It is to be right up to the minute and will go alter tho'Hun "like'a thousand of trick." THE CASE OF SPAIN. Spain Is claiming much tor her neutrality. Hut U Is of tli© brand U»ut recently ulowud 5)7 G«rinaos to «H »wuy (row a Sumilsh port Ju tw.9 lu- 4>-*-«-<8>**<S>**4>4>* * * * * Some original friends of ours were telling us how they amused themselves during a tedious wait in a railroad station by playing desert island. Tho game consists of having each person choose whal five books he would like to take with him If he were cast on a desert island, also what five people he would want with him, what five people he would like to hear from, etc. Tills very original game reminded me of a favorite little day dream of riiy own. Sometimes when 1 want eoiuelhing amusing lo think about 1 plan a dream community,—that is an idealized neighborhood, in which live all Ihe people whom 1 would enjoy having about me (and none of those whom 1 do not enjoy.) As one passes through life one makes at. each surge more or less friendships. Some of tlieso ono happens by accident of propinquity to re- lain. Other friends, none the leas precious (and oft en more so) one loses sight of. liven those with whuui one keeps in touch seldom live within easy dropping-in dislanee. An even ing wilh them is something that bus to be formally arranged for. And when that evening comes one is as likely as not lo be completely out of the mood for doing tho thing one has planned. One is tired and would like lo go to lied and reud. Or one is restless and dreads the thought ot an evening ul cards, Now my ideal neighborhood Is peopled with the pick of all the friends whom 1 have madu from childhood. They ure all to live within easy walking distance of each other, and social intercourse, instead of being a formal, pianned-for tiling, will he u pleasant Informal, happy fellowship. We uro ull to have about the same incomes so that no one will be pushed Into extravagances by the attempt to keep up with the others. We will da ull sorts of simple middle class Jolly things and enjoy them Infinitely because wo will have in congenial companionship tho same sort of relish for pleasure which hunger Is to food. Although 1 naturally enjoy journalistic and litorury people I am not planning to have my coin- niunlly uiado up wholly of such. It Is to represent various professions and interests. There aro to be two business men in it, ono -musician, one lawyer, one college professor, etc., so wo will have many points of view. Aly vision of the physical aspects of this community Is a pleasant middle class neighborhood of Yuri-sized mid. die class houses, with broad verandas, and, of course, open fireplaces, lawns, and shrubs, and war gaj-dens, watered ut night by the men of tho house, per- auibulutors on Utp paths and flivvers and next-lo-fllvvPfS standing out iu front. Did ou ever people a neighborhood of this sort? Try U sometimes If you baveu'l. Rather amusing aud (chief to bo considered fa those days) an awfully In- eWjepBive, swusvmmtr ABOUT ACCURACY. Jay E. House, Of the Topeka Capital Comments On Its Value. In the Topeka Capital is Ihe following by Jay B. House, associate editor of thai paper and mayor of Topeka: Our hobby, insofar as it relates to this business, j> that newspapers should tell the simple truth and let it go at that. The chief tenet ot our newspaper creed is accuracy in reporting. Three cardinal principles of good reporting should be branded' on every news writer's inner consciousness." One is that simplicity is the keynote of good writing, Another is that as between understating and overstating the case it is far belter to understate It. A third principle is that nothing is so inlerestlug as the simple truth. No reporter can invent detail its Interesting as Ihe real detail-in any given case. Whnt of It, you ask.' Nothing much. We are merely driving a nail on which to hang another paragraph. ardy. New Il.-dfoi-d, Mass, .tom-pli liarU, Jersey City, N. J. bouts S. Hartshorn, M-tltord,* *' Oentld UYtrncr, Johnstown, Pi Alfred Joseph LJltey. 1 luiTinnurir, l'a. l-'ronk c. MeDonoufc-h, iMtlsburgh, l'a. Itlrd Krnest Natl. 1-ranklln, Pa. T&unuol Prloe, Now Vork, N. Y. t litude lilmo Kiuikln, SL Petersburg, l'a. .John TtodTeckt, Jerfey City, Nl J. Jninr-s Knss, l?hlettKo, 111. William U Williams, Hcthany, Miss. Patrick J. McDonald. SlockbrldBC, Mich. Peter T. Mndzen, Philadelphia, Pa. HUBO Mattsou. Houghton City, Mich, tiernardtno Mtconl, lloyor, Pn. Mactuw MVallnskl, Wilmington, Del. StanlsUrw Nnfiyniski, Cleveland, O. }->ldlo J. O'Connor, Dunlap, la. John .T. O'lX-o, Milwaukee, Wis. Itocco Pnluicr.i. Slszi, Brajnaiio, ItaJy. .loo Jemme PeitKh, (lootlwill, Okla. Bert D. rirtlc, Pittsburgh. Pa. Jlorbcrt Ajlguat Plttacli. Soxanton, p'a. Ira C. Price., ; Vflnlta, Okla. Krhost Clifton ll.-ddlsh. Bradford, Pa. Mett.iamtn Uoae., l'a. Kaymond IJ. HOWS , AtiHelmo. Neb. Kiel; Wnlltr Sennit*. Chicago, 111. Klmcr T. Kidlnnn, Madison, N. .1. • l^mlri F. stemplc, llutl«on, N. Y. Steve Strlppi. Kesl Chicago, led. HnJnh J. VVIIlematn, IMyoke, Mass. Carl.-uid VVrliBh'. Ttirpon, Va. l-'t-jiik J. ZtoKcwi'l.l, Ciolvn. N..T). William N. Crawford, Remington, Pa. Ceorge Oltboy, Itoston. Mass. Porcy Sweet, Hudson, N. V- DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Corporal: . George M. Doili.-h, I'llUsburgh, Pa, Privates: Harry C. Ahrlng. H.tltimoro, Md. Janu-s L>. Vim Tassel, Hallton. Pa. ttobert It. Barker, West Urldgewater, Mass. • . Austin C. Lannlnc;, Tuliey, N. Y. Peter SloffiJ, .Anaheim, Calif. Paul George Hurl. Kearney, N"cb. I.eroy Kern. Deii'.ira, Pa. Nathan Prldfv' Chester, Va. lUillih Y. neynol.ty, llelolt. Wis. UOAKTI Walter Slo-t-o. Uuffaio. X. Y. Waller P. Smith, Kcnnell, Mo. Charles C. Stover, Cincinnati, O. Kmlllatlo Tauiihollliil, Snmervllle, Mass. Clurles R William, Murfrcnaboro, Ark. DIED OF DISEASE: Privates: . Jim Ferretor, llniwnsvllle, ^cnn. Dave Forlinberty, 1-Vanklin. La. Golden Tenri*-v, Moscow, Mich. DIED OF AIRPLANE ACCIDENT: Lieutenant: James A. O'Unniel." Newark, Del. DIED OF ACCIDENT AND OTHER. CAUSES: Corporal: Charles Kenworlhy, Philadelphia, Pit. . Privates: ltobert C. Bice, Azusii, Calif. Janoia ]. McKi-m'.ie, tlllnon 1 . Md. Stephen Kaznuir l'rebezewski, Batti- more, Md. FVi«lorlck W. Iteiminl. Crockett, Calif; ' WUlie Steadom, Annlston. Ala. " WOUNDED SEVERELY: '• Lieutenants: Harry C. tiarnea, Jr., 'ruls'a, Okla. UaroM 1L Street, Flushing, N. Y. liow.-u<l A. Jrnthews, Tulsa, Okla. Sergeants: Alvin L. Denton, Ilrookfield. N. C. William A; Kay, Philadelphia, Pa. William L. Conovcr, IUunlltou, Square, 'N. J. William Kline. Brooklyn, N. Y. Kdward James McHuKh. Detroit, Mich. Wilfred, W. Morsan, Salt Lake City, Utah. Alfred H. Warburton, Milwaukee, Wis. Corporals: Mlks Borski. Detroit, Mich. Kre.1 V. Ilyard, Kansas City. Mo. •William Buotwal, Ironwood, Mich. fEliRALGU N 6f Me»d«che— Rub the (brthiad •nd temples with ICRS VAPORUB%, NEW PRICES~30c 60c il.JtO 'Mieodore Tltouifls Clarlepy, Detroit, Mich. .Tames Krukar. Milwaukee, Wis. Carl W. l*l ts. llalbeek. lnd. Homer S. Hlohardson. Dickinson, Tenn. ' John -J. Schneider, DluicetL Pa. . (leorco W. Shnmhley, J5ast Durham, N. C. •* Kobea t A. shank, Arcanum, O. Frank Swlakrakl, Jr., l.i Snllo, I1L Gus A. Tucker, Monettr, Ark. Benhetud F. £erk, Unmiver, N. D. Ravmond L Ktmpp, llBj-tford, Cohn. Frnnk Mlsdrak. DeU-oit, Mich. William H. Pratt. Emporia, Kan. MECHANIC: Alexander Ol&wcszkl, Troy, N. Y. Wafloner: TTIlim Popp, Fnlrnieunt, N. D. Privates: Jlenry Antony, Itiuhmond, Calif. Albert S. Atherton, ldnlla. Mo. •William M. IL-Ullcffton, Concord, Ga. Frank Hetachl, Allentown, J'a. Erlck II. Bt-Htt-slrom, Seatlto, Wnsh. James u, Brown, ClovcravUlo. N. V. Milton Brumbaugh, Shclbon, Wnsh. IAJCCS Chiu-lfHOli, Odessa, lttlasliu Charlrj. (?oync, Philadelphia, Pa. Dewey illoUsoii Craddock. Leslie, Mich. Virtus Cuminlnga, Herson, lowu. llenry l>.'a, I«ikewood, N. J. Frederick A. Demlna, P-ea.body, M^oss. Henry II, Dletle. Woonaocket, It. I. Allgllallne DotlRlass, Yooklim. Texas. Nnrnnui D. l-kncrson, Weal Band, la. Burton J.niRene I-lstes, Detroit, Mich. Note I, Fair, Pleasant Hill, O. SaJvutor P. Faloo. Hobnkon, N. J. ' James Falcon.-, rtellevUle, K. J. ' I'.uclld ' Forland. Mid.llebury, Vfc . James B, 1-tekis. Portland, Ore. C.ust*J. Ger-on, I-'.ast Syracuse, N, Y. Frank Glesllng. Towvi\ 1ml. Stanlslaw Gi-eala, Chicago, 111. George W. Grlgg, Greenville, 111. John Ilall, Gladys, Va. Albert J. Harnols, Keonn, N. It. Frank,Helmlnskv, Chicago, III. Wllllnni II. Hudson. Chicago. 111. Ji-f emlaii Huiley,' Brooklyn, N. Y. Ben Jaromnnk, Wyandotle, Mich. Norntm A. Johnson, Crosby, Minn. F.ccleKtou llnrni'tt, Baltimore, Md. Wlllm^S, Jewell. West Haven, Conn. Jio-k Kierski, I^r Salle, 111. Xyivcsler Massaro. New Haven, Conn. Tony Miituznlem. Akron, O. John J. Mchllinff. Gardena, N. D. Joseph Mendielno, Brooklyn, N, Y, Sieve Mlnskl, Newark, N. J. B.-rlie Mosely, Hnrtfonl. Conn. G.-OIRO A. Muudt, Itethel. Mo. John V. miter, Mlddletown. Ind. Ilulfilgh 1-Yederlclc Sheldon. Summit Like. Wis. Walter Kveret Teter. Rnl-Mnn, Okla, K'lward rtoy Tyler, BlnKhamton, N. Y. HaytnniKl ^-|ln Trecse, Indianapolis, lnd. HtiFsoll 11. .tones, Carlisle. Ky. Dan MeKaviiniiugli, Anaconda. MollL ?'rlmk Welgent. IJL Crosse, Wis. • Clarence Xastroyv, Algoma, Wis. Andr. w WrslerKtitYl, ('undo, N. D. I lllllon Wispier. Keo.kee, Va. John Wicker, l.ackay. Ky. William Wood, Do Witt. Neb. , Pamlcll Viinonhnv, Athens, Greece. ltods D. Young, iroward. S. D. Henry J. Znliel, llnrriaburg. S. D. Ivan Fre<l lOverson, Crawford, Neb. James F. Sacra, Qulncy, 111. Fred ^ehioyer. IndlanarMills. Ind. He.rry Rtumhnugh, Grayhorse, Okla. Jack F.. .Stur.en, New York, N. Y. MISSING IN ACTION: Privates: ClesHle C. Brnzle, Lnkewood. 111. John Channon, t^tnclniiatl, O. Itoy It. la-wi:.. Klamatb Falls. Ore. John Link, Kaylor, S. D. Ben Itobl/ison, lx>ulsvl!le, Colo. Knofel Spenctr. Milltown, Ind. David, F.. Tauberl, Clinton, Mass. 'I'eofil 'I'opu. Chicago. HI. Adam Yicnchls. Ft. Griffith, Pa. F.ugeue MoAullffe. San Francisco, Cal. Bic.ll McGulne, Milwaukee, Wis. Stanley MiKth. Sernnlon. l'a. L. John Muslallk, • Unlonlown. Pa. Benjamin Powitll., MeaidtiL Ky. W'lldy-B. ..Simon, Obcxon, N. D., John Slnitmltx, iCenosha. Wts. Klnier M. Thoi-shelm, Thompson, la. Joseph Wajjek. Jersev City, N. J. Frank Winohradcky, Syracuse, N. Y. Armlae O. Yqung, Independence, Ore. PRISONER: Lieutenant-. David C. Catkins, Jacksonville, Fla.. SIGNS OF ANOTHER ERUPTION. Use Cocanut Oil >For Washing Hair doing over reports ot Free Fair ae- tivilles In the two Topeka newspapers wo find frequent references to "dense crowds which jammed Uie grandstand and bleachers," "great musses of people," etc., etc. What Is tile idea? Yesterday it large crowd attended the fair. 'But it seemed to us that it was considerably smaller than other Wednesday crowds in years that were past and gone. The grandstand was not packed and jammed. As a matter of fact it wasn't nearly full and the bleacher attendance was almost scattering. Thoro was good attendance on all of the other exhibits, hut there was no congestion anywhere. If there was any news iu yesterday's erowd it was that Ihe attendance was somewhat smaller than usual on a third day of the fair. As we have said before, what is the big idea? •-'•'• An. Insinuation. From Tho Wichita. Beapon. Itepresentative Shouso of tho Seventh, District mad» a speech at Hutchinson the other day in which he was reported as having given the reason why General Wood was nut sent to Franco. Although be did not mention him by, name, Mr, Shouse loft tho inference that there was, some friction between tioneral Wood and General Pershing. This insinuation is not now. It was given oui by Indirection Immediately after the turndown ocourred. However at that time the New York World 4 which Is a strong administration supporter .hut very fair, said that there was--.notb.ltig- to this story—that officers who were In France with Quneral Wood said that a cordial friendship was manifested between, him and General PorBblng. Tho World editorially criticized the turn-down In no uncertain phrases, saying that it "loft a bad taste in the mouth." It the Insinuation Is true, why does not someone like iMr. Shouse come out and gay so plainly, and not beat »&out the tush. This would a* lt*»t If you want to keep your hair'In good condition, be careful what you wash it with. Most soaps and prepared shampoos contain too much alkali. This- dries the scalp, makes the hair brittle, and Is very harmful. Just plain mulslfied cocoanut oil (which is pure and entirely greaseless), is much better than tho most expensive soap or anything else you can use for shampooing, as this can't possibly injuro' the hair. Simply moisten your hair with water and rub it iu. - One or two touspoons- fuls will make an abundance of rich, creamy lather, and oloanaes the hair and scalp thoroughly. Tho lather rinses out easily, and removes every particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive oil. Tho fair dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves it fine and silky, bright, fluffy and easy to manage. You can-get mulslfied cocoanjit oil at most any drug store. It Is very choap, and a f,ow ounces is enough to lust everyone in tho famllj for months. Make The Laundress Happy by making It possible for hor to turn out beautiful, snowy white, clothes like now. Red Cross Ball Blui will enable the laundress to pro duos fine, fresh-looking pure whits olotttos Instetd of the greouish yellow usually obtained. KKD fcltOSS iii.iL jJLUB slwayf 8 swiff* At «ll up<t«hdiilf gr«c§r§t the scientific world last February by suddenly discharging A lava flow from Its Inner pit, Is flow showing preliminary signs of ano'ther eruption. Tho molten lake within the cratef- moulh is steadily rising nnrl gAs pressure 18 Increasing enormously. Spectacular displays Are dally being witnessed by visitors. j Scientists stationed at the observatory on the rim of the crater expect that another great overflow ot lava will soon take .place, with n possible recurrence' of activity in some of the fourteen neighboring craters. The lava has already reached to within one hundred feet of the overflow point and ts steadily rising. HOW A GIRL YOUNG SU FFERED Sai Wat Reitored to Health B; lydi» E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound—Told By Her Mother. Brooklyn, N. Y.—"I cannot prnlae Lydia K. rinkhrtm's VeRetable Com. pound enough for what i It Has done for m y daughter. S h o Was 16 years of nge, very sickly and pale and she had to stay homo- from school most of the time. She suffered agonies from backache and dizziness andwaswllh- outonpetit*. For three months she was under the doctor's Care and got no better, always complaining about her back and side aching so I didn't know what to do. I read in the papers about your wonderful medicine so I made up my mind to try it. She , has taken five bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and doesn't complain any moro with her back and side aching-. • She has pained in weight and feelsmuch better; 1 recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Convpound to all mothers and daughters. —Mrs. M. FINORE , 616 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. For special ndvico in regard to such ailments write to Lydia L\ i'inkham Medicine Co., Lynn. Mass. Great Active Volcano of Kllauea Is Again Active, Honolulu, T. H.—The great-active volcano of Klluea, (on the island of 'Hawaii, which caused a sensation in sAttKefirstsignof skin trouble apply Resinol It improves a poor complexion and preserves a good one, so that you liecd no artificial means to enhance your at- tractjyeness. At the first sign o( skin irritation, ol a blotch or a pimple, itching or burning, apply Resinol Ointment, and see il it doesn't bring prompt relief. It contains harmless, soothing balsams, and is so nearly flesh colored that it may be used ou exposed surfaces without attracting undue attention. Your dealer sells IL BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggista refund money if it fails. 25o McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAG GAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to , Office Treatment K Chronic Diseases 'Examination and plafnoatt rr*». IU Went First St.. Hutcnlnirin. K*n«uj Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Ofrice with Dr. Lnuiso F. itlchinota, Suits £21 Itot-abaugh-WUey Uulldlng. Phone 2062W. TES^T TING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES is our specialty. ' Prices reasonable; accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Ovef Commercial National Bank. Phono 3359. RAILROAD TIMB TABLE*. SANTAFE 8:0tr p, m. „ „ r>i*:Dound. {«o. 2 Ths Navsju H% i ,S',"! ca|i0 Limited..-. «:o6 u. m. The Scuut » : JJ Z ';A anSiu > "^"y fdur la:ot) a. £•"' i% T'« P- No. 558 PmUGtUZOJ- j>4& n m' N°. 608 U. & S.'Wnionger Ar txl £ m ' No, 74 Wu.v No. 1 Tho Scout. U ;i7 j,. u . 0:&f, p. ia. a. m. —» v...* a. in. Kg. 6CG Passermur 4 ; G0 p. ai. No. &Q7 Passenger &:ab a. m. No. U57 Pussenger , U:IU a. m. No. &'J7 H. A-t ti. 1'iu.seiiKer.... »:uu a. m. No, 73 Way Freight tllaln lino) • 10:00 : No. '7 Way Freight IBranch llnej 7:65 a. m. MISSOURI PACIFIC, easmound. No. 421—Local rafcaeriBer 10:10 am No. 431—laical PoHsengcr 4:35 pnt No. 41)6—Locai Vruiitnt 32:lu pm No. 423,—Local Passenger 5:10 pm No. 423—Local Passenger ........ II:3s am No. 491—Local Freight 11:40 ajn ROCK ISLAND, east Qound. No. 84..AT. S ',33 R . m., Uupart 5:4S a. m. No. 4 K 11:15 a .m. No. 2 10:10 p. m No. 80, Local t>ei;r«i 12:15 p. m. West &ound. No. 1 7:20 a. m. No. 3 6:10 p. m. No. 33..Ar.. G:25 p. in., Depart 6;3j p. m. No. m. Local Ki eight 1:40 p. in. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURQAN. Eastbound. Electric tr.'lns for Newton, Wichita and r Intermediate nolntrt leave tlutc'.i'nKon at ; 5:30 A. M. «:30 A. M., Lltnlto I; T.fii A h< . 9.15 A. M.,I0:35 A. lf:60 A. St. Lltnl: ted; 1:13 P. M.. Jtsa P.- M.. 3:6ii i'. M. l.lmltMl; 5-15 P. M., 6:85 P. M., 7:65 1'. M., •»:» P. M-. 11:20 P. M. . I Westuund. '• Electric trains from Wichita, Newton ' and Intermedials points arrive nl Hutch- 1 li*n at 7:40 A. M., 8:to A. M., Llmtlod; 11^,15 A. M.. 11:36 A. M., 12:55 P. M., 1:60 . P. M.. Limited: 3:35 P. M„ 4:55 I'..M.. 4:60 P. M„ Limltod: 7:35 P. M., 8:651 P. M., I 10:16 P. M., 11:35 P. M. 1:35 A. M. r AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage Equipment' Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings, Phone 3000. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY'- THE ™VanZandt» DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA HUTCHINSON Arnold Auto Go. Marmojv-—Haynes—-Dodge Brothers Phone 2707 V AutOWObUeS ft) East First St •p A JflV —"The Most Beautiful r MKXXi car in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sbe'rman East Also StuJefcalter Parts and Service Electric Battery ft Repair Co. DiBTmBtjTORs WUMRD ST0RA0B BATTERIES Vf*<t by *7 par Cent «> AH Manvlavtur. n LARQMT BATTeRV- H»PAI« |TATI9»( IN KAN8A*. toe fhtrman f e ,t. * Phone V-> FB|S INIPWTI0N-9F ANY iATTiHY AT ANY TIMB • Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wl 1 ey Bldg. Elevator service day ana. nl(bt. ARCHITECTS MANN 4 GEROW nooitii 721-22. Phone 2156. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT^ 608 n.-W, Bldir. DENTISTS I. J, J0NE8, ^ ~* DintltL * Suite 812-11. Phone SOW, tkysioiAUs AND SURGEONS H, M. STEWART, M. O. •ult* til, lue»l«l Attention to eye, C«r, Nose *nd Threat. • Qlaeeee Accurately Fitted. Or. BlU UundelL . Dr, W. N. aluadeu DR8. MUNDELL, imu fit R.-JV. Bld» Pnon'e uilvi Q. A, OLA»D £L PHYSICIAN AND 'SURGEON •ulte tit. Office Phone Wit. Rse, Phone «7«* PR. LOUISE F. RICHMONB. . (ulte uti, Office Phone 2«5?W. Reildenct 25MF1 G. A. CHICKERINO, PhyeK'an.«ur|eon. Be*. Te(. IJJML paloe TeJ, ||||W. Suite 401. OR, A. G. BEALL Phyilelan and Suraeon Special Attention to Blttsnotla, Room 508 Phonesl Office S3S3W, Res. 9551 % Pr. H. P. 8TERRETT PraeUoe llpilted Co .13>-o, es,r, nose and throat. Boom ttiD Horabauah-WIK -y Bldg. Phono tm REAL iSSTATE AJNJJ .\ V- % OAVtt,.

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