The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 6
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SIX THE DAILY NEWS. fREDERICK. WD, MONDAY. DSUJMJU1 », MM. 4, ^ TODA 1SES FORFREDElKJtC. Locals Had Celtics Defeated Until Late In Game. Do You Remember One Year *t Today--Sidney B. Wood, Jr of Pasac.?na and Ne» York. Eiced the Scr-inem California Year* Ajo Tod»y--J^..'-» Selig- FINAL SCORE 15 TO 13 -.V^ur J'-in-or.' C?i- ani Prank ' c . ,",.5 2^ term-s stars, ad'.anced ; ·" the fo-~.~ ro-r.d of the Sat.cnml | l:.ixr J^n.or and Bo)'!' trr.nts cnarc- - -"1S.-.133 wi'.h eisy tr_ri-rjiincl tn- , Tiree bad passes frcra oeni«-- IE? in as rcany bl:c£ei fccxs paved the way for «o teuehdoro »»! a ·fetr Sunday aftema 3 n to r-ve St Simrrs Celtics of Alexsndr.a, Va. a 15-13 vtctcry ovsr the A:h- iMte Club football forces at McCurdy Field. The game ns literally handed to U* rotors on a silver platter by tie Frederic* MX. which outplayed " Ten ye»r* A«o Today-- Bob Matron. -rawareisht boxer "^ crjfnpiori ° J :« Amtr.can Expeditionary FK«* to yra==e durag t« » « . « £ » * - . ««e.«« «-rio-s ;r.;-r.« a. Ter.a A-.a. w« \ '-·»--..». «-= ^ »-? .Lf a !^J £ an e=iiar.srncru *=d ....,,£ o.f. I, »*s Msrt.r.'s *«=! «rh *-~-*~?, --J-e J«r »«i S»W«*? or y a la.f =sUe **» '·» ^ ci * ° ; ;o * il cnr INTERWOVENS STRONG Use local eleven t.tis seamen. The highly-touted Celucs were ex- Defeat Brunswick Baskete«r» By One- pectcd to run roughshod over t^e Frecl- - . , , n , ,, T » 10 ertek warn, but it was actually the re- *"»«* s « re of 51 To 10 ' verse despite the fact that the local ' Mart^bursr w Vs · Oec - 2T ~ The club last Aside from the errati: passing i r .-. r -jro-. en Atr.letlc Clirb ga-.e another of Davis, the grecn-.'crseycd Frederick "' ·· · · brigade had by far the edge. The local backs gained more ground than the Celtics and the Frederick Lne matchtrd Use «ork of the visiting forward nail la. every way Kad it not been fir blxk- e^ pur*l, tne Cdt.cs wc'-i.c "i-.-.e been trimmed 13-Q. The mediocre ^ticking a'. the Frederick team sept .t :r. not water all afternoon Only one of Alex- ysrds. The first score came in the first 3\e sainutes of piay when the CelL.cs re ··ir.iblt.or, of scor.rj; poaer last ·Ahen t--ey on^-sJdedly defeated Brunswick Ir.ceper.ecnts In the «- ' ~,- r* »m *»r*'' S " - ~ 0 Th** jne was nevtr ir. dotiot from the .' ·s: !v»r the ·. .i.iori As .n ti-.e.r :.rst KJ.-TIC. Marshall "Lit- . ; J='ett:y ' G-vrtn grabbed off the sc,r- ' g hori^ri. s:ortns a total of 10 fleld t ·-'* He missed two tries from the | Tr.e Maryianders fo-Jnd Ln'.cr- \ jo-.rn's defense of almost equal pro- j -sort.or-s to the'.r c!T«is and they were ( to case but thr*w goals from the ccrerec a blocked punt behind the Fr«J- for t-- o pouits. jxiays picked up but two yards and Alex- Glenn's running mate. Cross, tallied Keither team gained much of an · Cross *_ advantage until midway of tnc second ; An; ; er ; on . period when Frederick utilized a break Illr d cn . ;. to score a touchdown. ' Guinea ts- K-irr.s. c teriy. who played a whale of a game G. 10 .. 0 6 0 . 0 Pts 20 0 12 0 0 0 24 G ·- . 0 ... 0 0 3 F D 0 0 1 1 31 , Pts i 0 ! 0 ' 0 3 I M.chacls ____ SECOND ROUfJD tempted to punt again, bat the pass was ' Totals over his head and instead of kicking j Brunswick (10) he ran with the ball through the amaa- ' Burc H. '.. . e Celtics' team to the visitors' 40. , R:cc r Better attempted a forward pass, which Williams, !. ... bounced off Drew's hands and was re- j one j. c covered by Paxson on the 30-yard mark, pieman, g. ... Butler circled right end behind good Sau; - n . s .... Interference for 10 more yards. Little Rav Johnson was given the ball on an | «ad run on the next play and he stepped through for a touchdown. The | Celtics were offside on the play and , %-hen grven the choice of the five-yard ; penalty or the gam. Capt. "N.g" Grove Radclijr jr., Fiavs In Boys- took the gain, giving Frederick the score · · Alexander added the extra point 0:1 a line plunge. Frederick the pigskin back to .___ hurled a pass o\er tr.e line to Hensley for a gam cf 10 yarcs. He attempted another forward and "Schaozzic" Paxson intercepted it on his 40-yard rnarit and started for the alien goal. Penetrating the Celtics' secondary only Myers remained in his path Myers grabbed ut he shook h i r n l f loose a=c con '"xhe 17th annual tournament for the r . a; . Dr . a : tit:c in the jur.:;r division in _^ ^ g La ^ n Tcnil . s AsjoclaUon -- c-p.f.nucv1 but he shook himsea .oose a=a.£. yesterday and · tamed for the score' just as the wh^e ^ advancing to the third round blew ending the half. The run *as .o. 60 For;y _ jb; 3 _ c entc - ei :n : - ne ;unior ysr5s and provided a real thnl. conipet.tior; ani 40 -n '.r.e boyr. rvitics Scored In Third "--».» ._ .,--.-^. - ^-vivf '-i bovs Celtics Scored In Third Gettinc possession of the ball after the opening kicsoff -r. the third period on a. fumble Frederick last tr.e oa.; on dotms. The Celtics tr.ed tao line plays for scant sains ar.d then punted to Fredericks 15-yard 1-ne. Kcrc ancler tried to boot out rf dar.ger. but once again Davis' pass was high cr.c tae visitors recovered the ball en tr.e -0- ysrd line before Alexander had _cren tine to place it ui kicking pas.ticn Webb cracked the cer.ter of the lu-.e *ar five vards ar.d Ecrsslcy hit it for fire nore'fsr a tcuchdo~. Weba smashed through tackle f=r the e ~^ a P 0 ; 2 'T^e "K"innins touchclovrn c^TMe a .c** rcinines "after" Frederick hud rr-ice a maanificen: defensive s'ar.d in stopping zhe' Celtics ccld on the Eve-yard in the fourtr. per.od Three line ^p^ys gailiec and a forward pass in;^rr.?.c.- ed. Alexander kicked tc t-e -?-yar^ line and -:th cnly f=ur -,-nutcs rerr.a.r.- zss. -^ans tno-rr.t Frederick cou c r.-.c McFADDEN SOCCER LEAGUE Vcstcrday's Results. F*~pc£nrk. 1 1 3run5w:ci. 0. C'.earsrrr.n? 5 Hamilton. 3 ·KV.lisrr.s3rr-.. T. yur-^cstj-rn. P ·Bo-oniboro '-. Srn.-'.ijburs:. 0 -Forfeited Games S at Kair.-.ton C--Ars?rir.s a: Br-T-srcirk S'^r^brro at r un'tst own \v..::3nv^r?r; at S~.t.i tackle for six yards anc. McCarui v,cr.^ Celtics tnsi a fc~ i-c -?iv. -^. c..^, ~^~ c'-carspr-.n; Of The CInbs. \v I, center of t.-.s -r.e. V. -: ^--^^ _-P a -rare He t-iet cr . t-- '-, ·- ....---for" the '.cjchc;^-- T - - -t.-k j r r cx"a Frc ,j cr , c fe i; I BRUSHING UP SPORTS . . By Lauf er ander faced back to his O»TI 10-yard ,_,, c .. 0 _ ;i czcn po.nt^, nhile Karns. t:p- ' Ihie to punt. The pass from center was ^ ..,.,.._ rc ttedi elc-.en. Albert "Big high and by the time the b^; fullback sleepy" Glenn, brother of "Little attempted to kick, the Celtics u-cre on si«p:-" ar.d head coach at Charleston ' top of him. The punt- was blocked ar.d v, ;s .n "j-v-03; was a spectator. J rolled over the goal line where it ^as Thc s:ore- retrieved by "Siinny" Price for two i nterB - 0 vcn potats. t~.-.~--*. · Frederick Gets Touchdown ARM TtoB, OF pRttjeeT s s~~**~ _ i » r ^ CrTT" i^i-N 1,000 SEE LOCALS Frederick Stays Tied With ; Clearspring In Soccer League, j PENALTY GOE WNE TALLY m ii mv AlJl^ WJL*A_7 I i F 8RAOOIEB The Bnital British. Here is a l.ttle Inforniaslon. snipped by oar London operatives from the Sunday Dispatch. It ecrr..s the British came of ' f utbo' " as the Spaniards call ! It, is :i bit uncouth. Here you arei ; "The Spanish in'.ormtlcnal footballers do not !i--ie ti: ¥ \iay w.e piay the I game in Ens'-ir.t! Thi-y fr.itik it L; too \ roush. 'Fuibol' is c.fTcren: in Spain, i ' One- of the team s-rus that if they attempted to p'.av :n the way E\erton ar.d West Kam Un.tcd played at Upton ' Park yesterday af'crnron the game ·Rould net 1-irt ir.cre tha:. a "Kiraclc Shot" By Fr.incN Ouimct Ersnjrht Disaster To British Onconents.. Indoor Tennis Tourney. ( Baltimore. Dec. 27 --Play :n the open- ;t - E roUBd :od3y of the 15th annual Ec , s - SatsoRal mdoor Tcnajs Tourna- · - ^ nat(x , , 0 ,. Grbcr . Hant . . Man-land indoor cham- ho ^vanccci to th, quarter ^ dro?pi:!E TO :v one game in lour The junior group ir opened to . . who had not reached their 18th birth- . dn". on January I. !93i. and the boys' ! c.-.isirn TO tlayers. v.ho had no: be- tirr.c la en the same date In the i-crond r:-.r.d -~f the oc-ys" ·-^-r.amcr.t A Al'.ce Radcliff. J r . Frcdcr'ck --.igh. defeated S'o-sar- F Forshav. Greenwich high. Riverside. Conn. 7-5: 2-6. 6-2. They Like Their Grass. "The !3 pb.jcrs who ha^c come to! Lor.doii t o nicct an End sh international .tr.ira .it K.s!ibury were the g'.jr-its yest'Tdv. e: the West Ham Club. I- \vss dull and dreary in th* East End «.".-^n the Spa: - i«n fnm arrived at the ground Zr.:,trrn. the 20-potinds-a- \^C!?lc coalKi. cr^cr. stci'. c tnc his impressions from time to time. H.s first remark tvas start'.;.sg. · 'Los terrenes crpar.oies tienen mas yerba ' (That means 'In Spain we have more gras- ' "Presently .he spoke aga ir "It is like a rnudheap " I ha\e ncior seen any- i thing so blea'-v arci denial. 1 Mud Larks. ! ' 'I tliInk · J.i plav the game ^er,- slc.f !y. Your r'.-^crs are quick on the . ·*·» the game does no: L? w play it ir. Spam '·"e hca-.y go.i:g. How « everything is so A peaaltr «oal *"" '-^* ihich th* FredencJc soccer team sum- J ed back the Brunswick Yolurieer Fire I my eleven before r?earl7 a thoa- I sand fans at Cadet Field Sunday after- j noon, 1-0. The v::tory kept Frederick in first, place, tied Clearsprtng. in . the hectic McFadd^n Leagtie pennast race. Tht game was protested by Brans- Tick. After the gacce Tommy Tucker secretary of the v_st:crs, said his team', pro-test to the leigii* president woul' be based upon the fclloTrtngi Piayin. Seld not properly l^:eJ, no center, halfoack nor outside lines, the Boonsboro referee, and permitting outsiders ", to run the game. Some little disorder j prevailed ·when Frederick was awarded | the p-.-nalty anc! Brunswick protested, r ! Br.iris-.u-.; has a. protest pending with. * The game uras the hard-fought con- . { test the fans expected to see The clt-bs | went uft.r each other's throats at the t orsnin3 'A'histle -ind ccntinuei the en- , , tire TO minutes of plav. Both teams ' roug.ied quite a bit and spectators gave , several displays of rcTrcyisrn. Freder- '. ick held a slight edge over the Fire- i men. In the :irst half they -rere gives j three gulden opportunities to score via j j comer ki:ks. but c-_uldn't come through, i The ftillbaoki of tr.e rival eleven played the greatest games on the fia!- Time after time they broke up potential scores in front of the goal posts. The score came miclaay of the second half. Referee Lighter detected i Mahone using his hand in the penalty i area. Hsri the fans rushed upcn the i I Seld and held a? the game for five minutes. Willard Rudy then centered the ball and shot :t past Goalkeeper Strathem for the only score of the game. Brunswick tr.ed to tie the score. but could not penetrate the Frederick defense. Frederick tv.ll travel to HagerstOfrn Sunday vrhere it tvill tcect Hamilton. I Brans?..:k will entertain Clearspring ! on its home lot. VTenner's Field. Eocns- boro -xiil play at FunkstoT.--. and Williamsport K-l take the forfeit sa^ 6 from" Srnithsburg- whi:h, dropped out of the lea-rue CTTO wesSs ago. The secret i Frederick (1) Brunswick (0) I ! Shipley G Strathera I i Gladh II RB Grams · Shaffer LB Mahone , Summers _ LH. ?Jokes · Zeigler CH. _ Ccnner 1 Smith F.H Walker ; W. Rudy OR.....'. Ed. Burch : Hacssn IH WeUen ' Plush CF Rice D. Rudy IL. .. ... Edctins Younkers . . .. OL. ... JEr. Burch I Score by Halves. 1 Frederick 0 1--1 : 0 0--0 j j | for Burch, Smith 'ir Nokes. Penalty j i ' goal--W. Rudy. Referee--Lighter, I ; I Boonsbcro. Tune of halves--35 min- | i ates. | j ! . :, 1828 1931 H IF YOU WISH TO ENJOY A BEAL MEBBY CHRISTMAS AT YOUR HOME NEXT YEAE -- JOIN T H E CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB NOW FORMING AT THIS INSTITUTION THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION ' f ''I! BANKERS FOR OVER 100 STEAK* AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FIRE THEFT PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 NORTH MARKET STREET Offers you their experience of seventeen yeaxs in the Jewelry business as a warrant of their ability to give you good service and good Jewelry and Silverware. CXHARSD TUE TOP OF THE U\K££ A.-O -C^PEO L\k'£ A RASSrf, Rv.»;NJi'o ib HOL i Sport Tips FRANCIS O^IMET NAT1ONAU A.VVA.TEUR CHAMPIOM, t las-y's Celtic* 15 ' ~-i** ..ii* ^n.^, O».i Ul. ^ J'^ITil P'"r.-aps .t 11 can t h t y nn; slir?«rj'.' " But I admire the crovrd. They arc so fa.r and yet so full of life. I always though; the ET:R .sh wen- sad people. ' 'I arr. ani-srcd .it ore thing I have rr-. cr seer, so rmry w t irr.en at a football ile c."-ld r.ot rci r^tar.d te charg- .r.z of pljycr r.rd tt.-;-'.keeper, for in Sc.xir. sum th.r.t^ r r f r"-5arded as !n- A Bruise Here And There. Y*J. it is a little rcjgh.' he said. "»Ye do net ha\e "ar.y casualties in Spa.r- r f ^ ' v -, ~ks en the feet and a:--i:c= Ncth.:.; much, rcallj.' i It .: th- rr.^rr.'T.t that a ycuns r'-a" · r tr--·. S"..1. h^ient s'oout 5 f "t c rrl T t.-. .-. ficc of'' chimed H .; - "· r. - SA.C; 'We c.-.rc r.o; play :-xc... l_v,- t.ta: .r. S-: - . llle There d be :--iblc E.crycne ~ould lose ..;. t T c r r - - ~. -_lir. · l_vr. s ^eek ' -. c - ?-r:la-." 2t that,' If one were to ask Amateur Cham- . 1 pio/n Francis Gurnet shat tias the , rr.cst spectacular shot he ever played. ·Aithout a coub' he vrould recall the trurd shot a: the hole at Rye. in England. v.ier. he and S^ect- ^cr \s.ere paired in a Scctch foursome against R. H. De Montrnorency and Cyril Tollcy. The two Americans were in a tieht Funeral services for WUUam M. I Rap?, well known scout for | I the Cleveland Indians, will be held , this morning at 9 o'clock with requiem , mass at St. Anne's church. Wisconsin ! 1 avenue. Washington. He died Thursday ' · night after a long illness of a stomach 'ailment. Bunai -anil be rnacie in Ar- .lington National Cemetery. Britishers, after two well played shots, -·ere on in two. Ouirnet nlanted his feet firmly In i _. , , ~ , the sand =nd aimed to catch the ball j The .oag-waited aeetag Between -r. the upswing, sort of uppercruttmg it. .R^ Barry young Wasnmg-.on The ball just cleared flVtop of the !^ elsht ' ^d Herman Weiner. wd , bunker, dropped to the ground, hopped l^ a ^ T !^ a ^.^B^- ^ .ko a rabbit, and ran up to within two ·fC^ 1 \ . i " e£ ? a - ^-8-^- Ba -'-' -as irds of the T!ag ? be re P uta " m of == T « -^"^ **» . ^* ^nocked out, bui he has never met ·· ice Bntisn. after -witnessi=g this a hither with the pile driving punch GUIDER CLEANERS DYERS Special Prices December 26th to January 2nd All Plain Dresses, Coats and Overcoats, Cleaned and Pressed 90c All Men's Suits, 2 or 3 Piece, Cleaned and Pressed... 75c All Men's Suits, Pressed 3§c Ladies' Fur Trimmed Coats |1.00 to $155 DYEING All Plain Dresses, Coats, Overcoats and Suits $2.50 Ali OTHEK PRICES IN PROPORTION This is one of the largest and oldest plants in the state. We guarantee oar work to be far superior to anything you have ever had in this line. ALL SMALL REPAIRS FREE. We can for and deliver. C. J. SIMMONS, Agent Phone 709-B 114 West Fifth St. Frederick, Md. Let Us Maie Tour Clothes Look New! exammaticn or the ball it was ?\B (J.VD ;; tie ·(. 5E ; S5 ROMIXu real^ed to reduce the club debt by ai- last year . . . but who flopped so hard ' :nosi S5.500. The club's gate receipts ' in t-e world that his place in left ' 5rere a??~oxitna:«ly S40.000 ar.3 receipts field --35 taken over in the last game ' ror:l ^ SOJ " ce totaled almost S50.000 cy Err.;s Orsatti . Dan Howley. man- The c;::o dsilt a: ~ e c:35C c - t -« ?~* as^r of the dear c'd R*ds. is downcast ^ a "-=s ssaiethins orer S13.0CO. All of ' Give Electrical Gifts They Are Most Useful . he has been trying { O r months to ^ch would indicate that trace uniforms for ball players, and °- li! ' ' " ~ '"tsiiors Prnslli* ^ fins en the Hi* sr.c and Alexander did^ cpnj^terr^^g^ ~r« n '.'· r.-lavec ouut£r.c.r.c f.r ·.-·- C'.::ar .,-_ P _._ _ x.--r H;- : M~ ~'-* 3--tt'.t -as ry_rr.. '^-~ c ,,-^_j , :r , t ,- ? ... - "~The "-4rr7e~i2LS trie l^st ca 'ne home '^^a^- .-, P _- ; . * . ' . ^ *·__ - -- a ir A c Tr^s itr.s. _ .^--^ c* - ^'.- _ T- ^ t-Vv"!- V ''r.i"-burg W Va . ara.nst \'^^ ::-'.-' 7 i:sr;;nso_r«, Hx=e Cmparij So 5. jTuse of per..ii--1C .:' p-itfc- ··-s T ^ . · h - *T~ ^- r . T *\ V wO. *- sav A"" ! i 1 -.T Ar.= o-f the -;' -: o .- Cr-chy *~ *". ^O'tMl B*l* c crn ar. o-rd.narv r^n --.;. c-. -. r - Tcrs- »r.' *... ooat Scuth f do Wallace \V^de ·-: T:vrrus of Ala'. · . -- r i 'o?.m g?t away w;th ' X2S b.~ ~« Yankees. "Pug" Mahoney. who starred at for- i ware for the Cleve:ar.d Favorite Knits ' i .:ere last season, is hoTo-a;: forth in o~e 1 cf tse sc;r-r.; ;^ths fcr'the House of '· Februarj-. Darni quint, whlc-ii -.:eets the G. i~ , ; Bakers here on Januarv 6. Also ~rjt i · fork. Dec. CT.--Max Schmelir.g ;h- House of David tearr. ar-- G^ne ! ; SCHMELING VS. WALKER To Meet For HearyTreijtit Title Last Of T^eieht c-iarnpion- '.- 3x.v.rj.t M.cke; Walker, the larce : _"-ro.:r.d oc;'-: a; Miami. Fla. late ^o.- Jatrjbs. {he Grrrsar. -n:er.i, a '^st s-^^son ^ ifh --~e Dctrr.t Clc-'^rriS w t^, fo-r such davers *n *-l~.e l^ieut?. *.i? be"*hissered ls*ds should make tilings .nt» for The Bikers It was plan- ^r.trounced tonight that ar- ted to play tie Ko-is; cf 0a~d here ^eeS. but t--» tesrn -ras ur-able tc r h ^.c-es for the bsut woj'.d be signed ;n . i-5ddy or Wednesday c-f this week with M-.iiMn Square Garden as the pro- local club or. Wednesday night so "-··or. was moved up a week. W'hiie -o exact date for the match hss been fixed. Jacobs said it would of held the last week In February. At · - - vrr.e --.rne. he revealed he had sent -. c'-fc.-: for s: SCO to Gen. Jchn V. C.:timn. president of the National Box-- .s? Assiciation, as guarantee that ^ic 12. I T..13.1 Anv:r.-ai. track events of t h ^ A A L" at 3.1; son Square Garden. Feb. 22 . . the would be signed for a title Los Angeles A C is secdir.s; a team defense before January 3 The N. B. A. the bca-d of strr.;f~ is -hrcugh Ger.. Cl.nnin threatened yessjic: %·» bo «our rr. H-ie'- --ho -£rd.i\ to -.aca'e the title unless the ( lead the Nations. League in batung German -*as signed by that date. Turn to MOM N POP For Your Daily Laugh SHOWING A COMPLETE LINE OF TOASTERS PERCOLATORS WAFFLE IRONS ELECTRIC CLOCKS EASY WASHERS UNIVERSAL AND HOTPOINT ELECTRIC RANGES GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS The MODERN LIGHTING CO. 1 216 Notth Market Street * | | Frederick, Md. |§ it

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