The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 2
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 2

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 2
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:' *1iACl!Jll StrNDAT BULLETIN August 2; 1959 SPC. 1, P «»i! 2 " • HIS FOURTi:i-NTn CAST Not (luilo T). 'lommy Albrecht of Moni.-.n. Minn . \V(MIS tiis l-1lh cast—niul lirothor Roper auto;.'iI'.phs il. Tlio ICK ^'-'I^^ HMI lined wlirn 'Inmmy fell from tniics o( luiy. I lie "easy fractiiies" have been occurnn.q sime Tommy was bom. U.S. Says Asian Reds Provoking Laos Crisis WASHINGTON — (AP)— The United States Saturday accused Chinese and North Vietnam«sse Communist regimes of stirring up trouble in Laos to advance what it called aggressive Red aims. The State Department issued a statement expressing concern over fighting in the small southeast Asia country in arras which border ReJi China and North Vict Nam. "Witii this new outbreak of fighting," the U.S. statement said, "it may be thai the Communist imperialists in the Far F:ast are seeking to provoke a' serious crisis . . . ''in Turmoil" Kept lion of the situation aloriR their boundaries. Instead they would "Evidently, the Commu .lP'-"'^'' ^^.'^.^'^P A.iia . .(in turmoil. ' nist regimes in CJiina and by Sen. Mike Man-sfield (D- Mont:). Man.sfield, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said renewed fighting in this area violates a truce agreement! and threatens the peace in Southeast Asia. "It appears that the communist rebel bands are being aided in particular by the government of North VictNam," Mansfield .said. He said a U.N. investigation should be undertaken and the authority of the Royal Laotian Weather Forecast Map for the United States North Vict Nam do nol look with fnvor on any normuliza- The U.S. two days agogovernment maintained. Long Launches Campaign for Another Term Russians Accuse Nixon of Distortion in Speech (Continued from Pnjjc 1) cominuniPMi in the I' S.S R. amonp otlicr ilini^s. we nuist .say that \h\s lines nut d.'iii .Mui on liim. Ill" nwlv i (Mis j;ii\ill> the vietni\' (if (.nuiniuniMU in the United Slates, "But niihoily uiiposrs cnin murism on tl '.e Anieiu.ui pi^u plc. The fundainental pi imiplc of peaceful eoexrMi 'ni c is nun intcrferenie in the affairs of fjliier states. "Mr. Nixon luiow;. and i an not but know, iho r S S R does not impose ("iihcr its s>s tern or its way of Idc" LF.ESVILLE, La.~(JPf— Gov. illarl K. Long launched his cam- liaign for another term in office as Louisiana's chief executive , here .Saturday with a plea to|lf", the crowd to "stay with Earl." "I'm the best qualified man in the race," Long said. "God I Hut. the commentator n.sUod. '^t-' willing I'm not half dead ho'A' eiHild Nixon explain Ihe.V^'- ••( aptive Nations Week" in the! Long said the purpose of his i: ,S. 'Ihat unworthy mani-^P «P ^h was "to let you people testatum of moss interference'^'^•^ a crazy man in action." m the interna! affairs of free "Don't Ole Earl look like he iiul soxciei-n i.eopies?" ^always docs?" he asked. Some yeses were heard from the crowd. Outlines Bills Long outlined a few of his bills for a special legislative sos.sion he plans for Aug. 10. Ihe liroad(as! ui(.',ed Ni.xonj The .Saturday slumping with to lell the American people — four .scheduled speeches actu- uhose love for peine we ally was a resumption of his of the s|)irit of stump appearances on July 4. people and! Long, after being released backed an allegation by Laos that Communists in the remote northern areas of the country were fighting with modern weapons supplied from across the border. Laos came into existence after the Geneva armistice of 19.54, ending the Indochina War. Under the armistice agreement, hostilities were to be ended and the Communists integrated into Laotian forces under supervision of an international commission. Commission Withdrew The commission withdrew The Communists have been demanding that the commission be reactivated. Laos opposes this, saying it has carried out the 1954 agreement and will not allow indefinite intrusion of a commission within its borders. " of Laos' exposed position and because of its possible effects on Southeast Asia, it is imperative, in my opinion, that this matter be referred to the United Nations," Mansfield said. —AP WlrtDhoto Scattered thundershowers are forecast for today in the northern and central plains region, the Rockies, Gulf Coast, far Southwest and Florida. Most of the Atlantic Coast, the northern Rockies, and the Ohio and Tennessee valley will be cooler. Higher temperatures are expected in the plains region. "Ileal Thyself" .Siiid Ihe (oinmentalor: "Ha\e we not perhaps the ii;'ht to say to Ni.xon, 'Phy- heal Ihvself?" "in hehese" •— of Ihe .So\iel Charge Adams Influenced ICC to Balk Probe of Railway Deal WASHINGTON — (AP) — Interstate Commercekoe J<^hnson, a Democrat, who commission nine months later Commissioners were accused Saturday of yielding to in- f.^ ^^a^ f^^^*-**! the inves- by a Presidential directive be- 7. II/-- tigatton, for his resignation on fluence by Sherman Adams and others in refusing to in- ground that he was then vestigate the takeover fusing lo in-j ,he ground that he was of the New York Central railroad 75 years old. 'Johnson did not resign, but by Robert R, Young. Stockholders trying to force an investigation also charged'^"""g this period took an off- that friend.ship between Dr. Milton Eisenhower, President H°/'?nh ,1° _ » I— I III I v.r II r. I iconfer with Young. He :state Department press ot-jEisenhower s brother, and Young had an ertect on the q^g^tly voted to deny the in- cornmission. jvestigation and the demand for They said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court here his resignation was dropped." the friendship between Dr. Eisenhower and Young, a spec-„'JJe petition said Charles D. 111. . , • J J Mahaffie was retired from the taclular business operator who later committed suicide, was ficer Joseph W. Reap said what the Communists are doing is stirring up fighting in violation of the armistice terms and using this as an excuse for de- cause he had passed the age of 70, and that James Knudson. a Republican member, was not reappointed when his term expired. Both, it said, had voted to investigate. The petition also contended two Democrats who voted against the investigation were reappointed to new terms — Richard F. Mitchell and Anthony F. Arpaia. manding return of the interna-i Abductor Frees Missing Girl, 7 tional commission. Violates Agreement U.S. authorities knew of no plan at present to bring the Laotian question before the United Nations, as made known to the President He'll See Less tlie hospiialiiy which Nixon from two mental institutions had enjoyed. And it added: jand taking an 18-day western "let the rulers of Ihe United, vacation tour, tested his endur-l States think of that truly enor-|ance before the crowd on the Qf fpQ SBQ NOW nions responsibility which falls courthouse square with a 25 o them in the lij;lit of the love minute speech. and to members of the ICC or persons close to them. Free Transportation The petition said also Dr. suggested I Eisenhower visited Young and accepted free air transportation estimated to be worth more nancial Young, operations Alleghany. among Allen P. (.n— De of peace felt by the U.S.S.R., "If it hadn't been for the Its peo|)le, its novornmcnl, K<H)d wishes and prayers of you which is inseparable from the people I'd still be in Galves- people, a love of peace rocog-iton," Long said. Then he vowed that "they won't pick 01' Earl INDIANAPOLIS lores Ann Morran, 7. missine, ,„^,,^, ,,y „,^. ,,,,,^,|^. ^^,,„.|j .. overni.chi altfi goin^ to the grocery for hrr mother, WILL OFFF.R NIKITA released at the tear of lifi J,;QII,^I^'I 'l^^l,; -j -V^ home Satnidav aflfMiioon bv a man who fl 'd in a li,;ht' NIW YORK-</?)-The Na- creen niito lioiial HroadcastinK Co. Satur- ... , . ' liul., who ''^y took step.s to offer Soviet.-'.'.'fl.,^.^-r.^nly appeared m j-ood (ondition. '''lual time was taken to a hospital while every available police (.,„•''""^"^'^'i' ^'^""'^ ^P''^'^li' liiosniMlm • said news director .io."'"^P"'' any more. I got me some body Kuards now." Long was referring to a Gal- Iveston. Texas, mental clinic, where his wife had him com- Mny .10 '.after his outbursts in the legis- .. . , , . .,.„;lativc session. Later Long was on IS ne work O answer Vice. , .7 . , aken o the Louisiana Menta NIU' Mandeville and scph O, Meyers had messaged ^"7, f^^^^^, m',rru-d 'renoitel the'l''-' "•''work's Moscow corres- 1 Adding to his remarks about 'ftn- r ^'l'vci!" i'-'-lent. ..oseph Michaels. sugsS^?*-' rinped the area. Mrs. Ivene Sorn and rem child missiniA aiier a A 'ryv.n- ;;• a man with courage and a old brother came home ' ; . '"'^'^^ "f^" '"si.x shooter they never would ••^^-YY'-'" Nm-' :;osed that, if it is"-- '"^^ Do/ens ot le: ,t ureen cars^,^,,,^ wore stopped and drivers ques;,^.^ ^ an.swerinR Ni.xon,,.,, , ... tinned. Ry cumn, once two y,.,ouhH\ on facilities ''""R ^'[R^d P^.^P'*- iRht preen ( ars collided near „ mo to church. "It will Cliiirch "Will Help You" HOVE, England — (/W — Saturday wasn't Frederick Dick's day. Dick, ."^2, drove to (his south coast resort towing a brand new motorboat for a day in the sun. It rained. Undaunted he went out alone in his motorboat. The sea got choppy. A breaker rocked t h e boat. Dick lost his balance and fell into the sea. The boat went on without him. A man in a passing dinghy fished him out. Back on shore, safe but soaking, Dick decided to drive home and change into some dry clothes. When he got to his car he couldn't open it. His keys were in his jacket. The jack Kirby, president of Alleghany,! industrialist Cyrus S. Eaton and two wealthy Texans, Clint W.; Murchison and Sidney W. Richardson. Climbs Atop Rail Tank Car to Pry Off Lid, Prevent Blast TUSCOLA, III. — (vW — A father of two small children propane produced by the U.S. Industrial Chemicals Corp. in The net result, the plaintiffs scrambled atop of a turning;Decatur, was part of a 107-car than $5,000 at the expense of|Contended, was that Young's ^^.,^^,3^ containing 10,00o! freight train parked on Illinois All.ohanv Torn AlUohanv u/aclgrOUp Obtained COntrol Of thCl .„ , " ...... c ':IIft ?oM;d ?,''a1,oldinT ''criNT^ °' Satur-jCenlral railroad track, on th. p^y by Young and his a^.>yP«ssin stock voting limita-!day and pried off the lid to west edge of Tuscola. Bruffy is sociates. Adams resigned as President Eisenhower's chief assistant last year after a Congressional investigation disclosed gifts he had received and inquiries he had made on behalf of a friend in difficulty with federal agencies. In addition to Adams and Dr. Eisenhower, the stockhold ers' petition mentioned the names of former Atty. Gen. itions designed to assure that,prevent an explosion. no one owner would, without ICC permission, control more than one railroad. safety director for U. S. In- Firemen played water on Don|dustriaI. Bruffy and the tank car as he! Seven other propane gas cars opened the lid to allow ac-iQ"»ckly were detached from the .,u™'c'o^rc?crkV"e"> escapeilram and moved f.r down .h. Anti-Trust Act, as without exploding. Fire depart- an ICC order, wereiment officials said an explosion would have showered this east-central Illinois community jof about 3,000 with flaming gas. The Clayton well as violated. Despite what they called; clear evidence of wrongdoing.! the plaintiffs said the ICC re -j town was sealed off |Herbert Brownell Jr., formeriof ^^^^^ improper influ-I i.Secretaryof the AirlorceHar-;^^^g exerted upon the old Talbott, and Democratic ,^js.sion" former Sen. Burton K. Wheeler ,, . "The White House, through from both rail and highway tracks to safety when a brake* man noticed flames. Authorities delayed th« southbound City of Miami for almost three hours north of Tuscola and stopped other rati traffic south of the city. The freight stood on a high- Mr. Sherman Adams, madci clear to one or more of the liRht preen cars collided n.>ar ,. j,^ cornonifinn church the Sorrell home shortly after P*"^^,"\ ^'"''"'^""""•you," he said .i ,n -.K,i ,t ,,. . , I I -n.^ '"t'lili" ^ orp, of America, nowj'^ • the cliiid was itlcascd. Ihe • On tnxp« In With some references to thej el was in the motorboat. The motorboat was still heading help owners weri> able to pro\c they wore not the kiilnapcr. A policewoman, in tlu' Sorrell home when the >;iri was re- tispl.iy at the American ex-! "aid he would on Uispuiy hil)ition in Moscow. rely on recommendations from hi.' out into the English Channel. EGYPTIANS USED SALT !of Montana. Intricate Operations The plaintiffs, two who de : i .scribed them.selves as stock-l^°.'"'^'«'"""fJ-^"?- 'holders of New York Central,l^'.^^"^"^'" .that it and two of Alleghany, con.\^[^ ^'^"^ '"vest.gation tended that as a result of the «r /»'«ehat^y, operations of Young and his'^" fused to investigate "because traffic for an hour and a half;way overpass. Police halted before the flames were ex-lcars along the highway, thus tinguished. !.sealing off the only highway The tank car, loaded with to and from Tuscola. the petition associates, and the ICC 's not intervening, Alleghany "has illegally frozen or otherwise di- Ex-Haitian President, leased, did not see the car stop Sfenio VinCCnt, Wcds in the alley ' pi^i[vjct:_ Haiti —'tion. Long put in: Ihe uirl told police she and ^ppesidenti "If I go where I want to go the man m^i^^^'^ ""''.^VT ^ ^'^'"'-'Vnuenl, an ..cloKcnarian I w-ont'need any filthy lucre. If doors, part of he time slid n, married to Mrs.'I go to the other place it'll burn down hills,' She saal the man ^i^,^,,.;^,, „„o, Port Au up." I'liiue newspapers announccdi The governor has announced Saturday. ihis intention of resigning his Vincent, who has been blindposition in time to qualify to for more than a decade, for governor for a fourth married in (he hospital where term in the Dec. 5 Louisiana he is living at Canape Vert. I Democratic primary. "Further Apparent" "Adams' role is further ap .J VM. ,cv.w„..„ciiumiuii.> iiumi rAiur^Ti, , . - - parent in removals and appoint is recently-appointed tax com' ^'^"^Y~'"« early Egyptians verted more than $61 million ments of commissioners during lission "unless it comes s^afo^ed their food with salt |0f its assets." this period. Prior to the vote 'and embalmed their dead with Their -i- : .:,.„,„ it long before the Christian era.'.scribed mi.ssion unless it comes up„ „j „^ K»I^-J .uj 'J' ""/J with a death tax or a sales taS ""^ embalmed their dead with on the poor devils." Discussing his financial posi- Noii; at Stub 's OUR ANNUAL VALUE.PACKED 28-page petition de-'. . . not to investigate in detail intricate fi-;Adams a.sked chairman J. Mon was drunk and once ran the car into a fence and couldn't move it. She said he called a wrecker whicli pulled them out. TIIF. JOCnSM, TIVIS tiiNDW an iiri.N •iM r »iirlh SI Tlif Journ.l llnif» Cimi(i«iif 0« nfi'» rnruhlldirii J 1) Mi.Miitrju. I'rr .Mdrnl Harry 11. Uirulilevlii, >rr.-'lrr«». SCIlSCUinUlN IIMI.S R»clne .Toiirnal-liiii.^ Mhir .v im liullni' the Journil-'liMie:. ti.iiiditv llii'.lilm Horn* [l»Hvtrv r»lr» In Rm lie Cilv Zone ! J 6 O iifr wiii. iiaii i!i lUuni'- Zond 2ic per WfCk lUMibU) Ki larrlfr Motor TrwH MTVUI - iii I'.u. In« fii\ • nd Upt«ll Ziinfs: Thvfr riiinilli' M.\'j tlx mnnths. JU JU: one Nc .ir $.'8 6U. M»ll tilhsrriPMr.n rail's mii'iv or;lv U\ »rea« wheri> mcilor rciuies (ir rarner lervlce l« not Hviilluh;i< in Hui Uio Kc- noiht >nd Waiuoriii Coinitiit.^ six monlhi. »7 00; one \uiir $1.' im OutMdi' mtll up lo 5(10 milts tinf nuiiiih H 'lit. »tx moi\ths $10 on. unu v<-.u, JIKWI Armrd Rerviri? raie.s- mx tnmutn. Hioo one year $15,on OuiMdo niml over mllP»: one ninnlh «l' 00. six mi.ntliv $13 00: one Vfar $'J2 liO Arimil srivui' raid' Klx innnllu 5I»U0; om* viiir JIT.00. All. MAIL RIUISCUII'TIONS MUST UK PAUl IN ,\I)VA.\CK UJAI. ME Cadet Has Chute-ing Pains • • • • • • Mail MJx'Up Messes Up Cupid MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRKSa Member Audit Burenu of ClrculaUon i InUnd Dtllv Prefes A,-,.soclnilon. Wlkcou-i tin Dally Newspaper LIUKUC . American Ntwipaper Publishers Abtoclittton. I Daily Journal tounded Jannurv. 1H31 ^ Benan as weekly In l«ri8 Raciiia Times-; Call absorbed In Juno m2 I JUNCTION CITY. Kan. — (.Ti — A long distance romance almost hit the rocks for an ROTC cadet in training at It. Riley because sotnchody moved the post uffice. Cadet Donald S., of Central Michigan College, was called on the carpel by It. Riley brass after his fiancee, Mary Koinis of Grosse Point, Mich., complained she hadn't had a letter from him in weeks. It was discovered Case and a number of other cadets had been mailing their letters in Authorities said they had no information concerning the status of other romances which may have been dampened by the same dead-end letter chute. The A .p ij exdu-siveiv ciuiiiod to thei a mail chutc they used while USB lor republication ol all news credited, to it or not otherwise crrdiled In Uilfi E aper and also the local ncsvs published «relD. Second Clan Postage Paid at Racine. WU. IMPORTANT 8ab*«rlb*ri who Ull to ^et their newipaper. call your Newsboy or Jaaraal • Tlmei UK *-SM !t befor* 1 r .m. (Satordayi. 6 »m.; Rundaya, I •.m.) and It will be delivered. here last year. But the chute was abandoned months ago when the post office was moved across the street. Cadet Case says h i s romance has been straightened out and that he and Miss Koinis are going to be married immedialeiy following the ROTC sumnser camp. Hold Jamaican Officiol for Election Slaying KINGSTON. Jamaica — iJP) — Police Saturday arrested Clarence Thomson, 45, secretary of a branch of Six Alexander Bustamente's Industrial Trade Union, on charges of killing a laborer in an election dispute. Police said Thomson shot Andrew Esson, 47, Monday after Esson had given the clenched first salute of the People's National Party at a rally. The PNP won last Tues day's election over Bustamen te's Conservative Labor Party BEHIND EVERY SAVINGS ACCOUNT HERE... 10 "GRACE" DAYS EARN FOR THE FULL PERIOD! Savings invested here by the 10th of the month earn our big dividend from the 1st. 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