The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 4
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THE DAILY NIWS, FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY, MAY 25,1932. TUB JJAJLL1 JKJBWJS. j««. ROGERS DECIDES i THIS YEAR IS A TOUGH ,,««««.««».__. ONE FOR EVERYBODY BIRTH RECORD FOR APRIL In History CAN TOU BEAT IT Bv Red *t ttte S£e«-Post er-iC'Ttt, Court Eract. j Dr E C Deput;- State Health OCieer. reports that the rol- , 1733--Piulip P. Barbotir. celebrated , . . TEB OSSAT SOtrrBEKK PMSTOta *SD ItAXvFACTCRISG CO. OF ASSOCIATED FRZSS- cr*4is»d to It cr cot creiiasi to tbl» P*;** »s! «S« tsertio. Joe*: SO COlSSSVSICATt.OS of «ay «crt cr C»- «a«aier c«r* or exprewico ef . ;K2 »:yr icpic wll O« jKStliSet) J Jte ret: =»at ft TS* e«=:f «:il =c: oe puS- · co=s*2i l* c:na. S-'- « ssuit . Da Ktaser.ffJ a* »utb«stj fcr Ife* ftale- . «se=! oJ IS» «tg«; t»ct cr It* express*!. Tc- the Ed.tor of Th? Nr*.s Beverly Kills. Cal. May Zi -The lihoie country, ir.rlui-ns Nicholas Murrsy Butler errs in--xr«ine the STM'? --·' rr.u.r: .ile.y '.~a. an; hld a ohn.c -ier th«"_" c»-n b-xiy. Ar.i cr:; ;·- «;:·:·* trve;. co-lin t ;o»u.g birt.-is occurred in Frederick, county during the 3Xnth oi April. 2932. Sex April I--Mr 1--M- Pmrrnts Irs Alsfr: E J3ia M Fcrrale Ma PHES NOTICES cl »=7 Cn5 pe tt* anure e: »=Ttrij;=s a'Jisi 6« »a! r^iilca cr «s: 10 '..£* oil:* T sit be i*iej t 2« ol iwt-.'i A to-Sh "ear t«7 be * Ma Ma =. era cr I«»r la the ec. tte --a»r :! fc* · sc ROGERS. WSDXS3DAY. MAY 2J FKLDING THE SOIL. ntetsls ani put r.y.hirs back, so their Daily Lesson In English V--iu :t~. :. ·'. .·-»tr. ·-.·'.i-ry s.t-xi'j'^s a^'^t Sa-., 'vry ar.x:vj.s · Of'--: r;:-^ror:o'ir.""?1' Pot^n'ate .-··". -: .f ··'· n-'-it, r- as ;n no. «- :«_· . ·:. A a.' .:: ate and accrr.t "r?t out cf the soil ar.d puts r.cthir-s back. tn»tpi£. In time that 5---.1 *:'! ;· as unr-reductive '' Wort! as the worked cut m.r.e. ~~*~* But it tiitrs. :_dgat-nt t - i_-e fert tiers. Laxvns art: ,v.en -.'.hic;l v. v :« toj ·,, r.-.».- :i .-in-i fcea\ily f ertiljyr-ci, that l»-k AS br3*";i .--'m.- ..'"rroT?r_*?... . . . . j ' * " " "" t'r*-*xV:!:»." as 11 a c r r u t n r.aa irun-.-x; Ot'.·:-. rr:i.v?p.-' --* C"r.'.^:r.:t.blf: .'-ilo t -i'0 i .j-id Mrv EL H-ldtr-jr-ani. Jr. ;·--Mr .uii Mr? Earnest P 3 :-- Mr «:.d Mrs L'.or-d 2--Mr and Mrs Criarlec 2-Mr and Mr* Turxv Female 3 -- M r sr.i Mr.- Orv.ti:» Myers L.ppy Male ··--%5r si.'l Mr* C.artr. ·- Z Hahr. ·»- Mr ,\.-.i Mr- Sh-f! 5---Mr -r.d Mri. 'A'tr. N 3 -- M r i:-1 Mr L Turner 5--Mr -,::i Mr.- Frar.s. H "A'lsner 5--Mr ar.c Mrr. Jo Erar.d*rib..rx C- V r _:.i Mrs Y :rr.-. M 5 - - M r . *i.-i '·:.-. G'-J V.' Dr.-r.ebur 8 -- M r ,*:.··: Mr-. KJK-.J^ E IV^rar; S--Mr t:.J Mr^ Paul p..v 3- Mr a-'-u Mr.?. !fcy -- '-Vastier 3--Mr sr:~ Mrs 'A'.-r E. 0--Mr. a:.,: Mr-. ! :;--Mr. ar.c Mrs. Lather Cr2rn?t/n :.---Mr. and :.£.'!. \V. n KoucJc 12--Mr. m: ilri. L«l.e C Schllit 12--Mr. and Mrs PxJser: Smf.h · ::--Mr. ar.J Mrs Arthur L. Stajb '.2--Mr ar.i Mrs Herrr-in Weener t3--Mr ar-.c .:,-* R A Bcall :2--Mr a:-.-J Mrs. D E B'jcicenst»!l ti~Mr. Mri. W.T.. O I^e 14--Mr. and Mr*. Ri'.-iari L Di2£3 !i--Mr. ar.i .Vn C.".arl« E Palmer 11 -Mr ^r.-j Mrs. Mo.irv-' £ Sttii: ' 1C--Mr a::--! Mrs. Lloyd M. B John M Sciej-.rode Addre« f Frederick. R. F D. PreSerJci Tanej-.o-as Freier..k. R. F D 2 Kcya-j.' Color W 2 W W W Female Bfnsa^ Fentale ir. BrldLg* Freciencit, R. F. D. 3 Urbaca Oracebam Frederick, R F. D I Fredenci Fes:al« Female Ma Pemal-e Mai* Mal-e Ferr.ale Frederick Union Bridge Frederick Thurmon: FrederSci Monrovia, R F. D. I Ma Male mrLst'-rt::^ --r..^ -Aorcl v.nrd- EXT'-T-f-lat..-: -Alt: 1 . .1 r^r: ?n '-r; t grew so fiercely that the lawn r."et. . s:j»'^is twice a week, but a f r = spurt hai rxhausuxi itself, the tired ' En rrt-'.-ouri;. * roots may refuse to send out any more "^ ' green, and ti'.e Snwrt reverts to barrenness. But you can't expect ar.v kinc of Emmitsburg Co --Firemen's hal! :hv 'reni- of a card party T'-ie.-^.:.- :i a'.icticn ar.c! contract H--Mr. M:.-. Clarence A. F-.-gle ·*.).-': thre* i :"--M-'. ajici Mr*. Charles C. Of. us ^-.rr-ise '.S--Mr ar.;i -%!rs \\a\. J Albaush 13--.\tr. r» Mr.- C. '.Vn:. Ar.drt"* ;Q ,-.. -4;;.^ MI^ H--A:;r'vi Ci rric. 19--Mr. and Mr: Arthur A 111--.Mr. ar.d Mr,. R'iv^ 11 J Want! LV--Mr and Mrs C.irl D Clay 20--Mr. :t::d Mn. R'^v-n Srr.ith SI--Mr ar.d Mrs. Je*.*: Wi-es r. v --Mr. Mr^. Pa-'. A. Uobbs 2L'--Mr. and Mrs. Myers -2--Mr and Mrs. E.-iyar Rhinicker 2"--Mr. and Mr.- Chs.*. R Stair.baugh 23--Mr. ar.d Mr.%. Jonies \V. BroM'n Male Female Mai*Male Male Male Female Male Female Male Female Female Female Male Ma Female Male Male Female Washington. D. C Frederick. R. F. D. 2 Frederick Frederick Frederick. R F. D. 2 Frederick. R F D. 1 Frederick Ne»- Midway Thurmom. R. F. D. Emuutsburg Thurnwr.t Emaiitsb'urg Knoxvil-e Walkersviile statescw/ and jur-st. bom; j ^i Orange county. Va Died in! ' Washlngtoc. February 25. 1841, j : 1803--Ralph Waitio Emersoc. esayis-. i · ami poet, perhaps Amenca't great- | i e*. tii'nier. bom in Boston. Died ui j ! Concord, Mass. Aprs! 27. 1882. t W i 1803--E. Bulwer Lyttoe. English nov- ' W ! «!ist. bora. Died January 18, 1373. ; -X ' Unitarian clergyman, reformer and j vy i author, bcm is Boston. Died :2 L»:- ; w j c-n. December 2S. 1884. j Vf : 1847--John Alexander Do»ie. foui^ier i W l of the Christian CathoJic Apoitwlic ; W I Church in ZKH:, prophef, heaier, i ·w I preacher and nxuctebank, bom tn j Scotland. Died in Chicago, March j 9. :907. I 1860--Price Collar, noted Asie.r-csii j author of his c*y. bora. Died ~ j Dennark. November 3, 1913. j W · Today In History. j W ' 1539--Df- Soto landed at Taaipa, j C ' Florida, a search of gold. j W I ITS'--Unitec Stages W j Convention began. W j 1819--The Savannah, a wooden W ; craft of but 350 teas burden, a "side | DP ! wheeler," started from Savannah. Ga, W use first steamship to cress the At- W larittc.--Under steam ajone only part W of the way. W i 1870--500 armed Fenians invaded C | Canada from Vermont, but cj-jicily re- C ; turned -Ahen r C W W ·A" C W W W v: w Birthdays. i John R. Mbtt. the most notec Y. M. ' C. A. ieacSer in the country, bom at L:v- mgstori Manor, 67 years ago today. j John T. Wiiiterlch. not-ed Ne'.v Yo;k : magazine editor and author of books en | books, born in Middleiov.-ri, Corn., 41 years ago today. ; Henry Breckjrmdse. onetime As- 'sistant Secretarj' o' War. origtnaior Cur ^a ugh Female in! W. Cro-s! Fvmale ·,,, .-... --..,..« ^, .-,,. .-...-., ,,^^- r .;,. !-'·«--Mr. Mrs. Harry D. Eckenrode Male product from sell. ,,-.«* you put bark j ^^^ ,J ^ n^rv^^v^ | «~«r. 3 :=i Mrs S.muel B. Keeney Male as much -iar.t fcod as you t.ik? cut. A : Th ,^ 1 ^, ! . f..^, table ,, f '» 5 no " f o u - j 24 ~ Mr - 3nd Mrs ' chxc: - S Rhodes Ma "- e garden c a n t rrc^- without food, any of P .t,-h. of o.,n:r3c- and t«o o f ' -*-- ilr a n d -^-" s - Sj.irit-1 B. Keeney Mt. Airy Jefferson Frederick Fredenck. R. F. D 2 Rocky Springs Mt. Airy Rocky Ridge Midd'.etown Thurmor-t Brunswick Ro;ky Ridge. R F. D. W Thurmont. R. F. D. %V ·W i the first Navy Day. born in Chicago, W ;-lS years ago today. W ! Dr. Selskar M. Gitnn. lanitariai. W ! of th^- Ry'i-C:i'er Foan\V : dation. born Ji En;.anc. -59 ve».rs ago W : tocSay. i W | George Woodruff noted Chicago / DiK'T I p /ffif /' // " 1 // HEALTH By DK. MORRIS FISEBED*. ptor. Josrnit OJ A:=S7:ci3 M«itcal is- j SIDE GLANCES By George Suffering And Money Saved. Ir - crde -" :o f:nd ° UT - "°' v snaay chll- W ; banker, bcm n Joliet. 11!.. 51 years ago j TIT ! 'i-iMit' I S dren :c !h!S' su£er vrlUi de- W i today. j cayeci teeth. ofScers of the United more than a boy. auction br.dse Wr.r-n the rw-ureU ',:" . ! number of *.:»« '.vere pUvod. refresh- i -6- M -- an!i M '- s - J 905 ** p - h: ; d .f ar Sments ^ere served, after which the . -'"^]"' **: ?-»· *'-*" ~?:*:_. Male : i 2B--Mr .ir.ti ^!r.';. Homer Alien Female rbrand Male Female chr-ir^ ar.d tab!'-.'! mrv«'d avray . 23--Mr. arid Mrs. St.-p:-.o:i G Mvcrs j ar.rt the floor occupied by danctrs. nZl^i '*Vf k t*ft j O.tivCS 'VC't* 1 ? JJ^V^*J^ MVV tO rs of the cake walks. Music I fi:mL-h"d by tr.e Eider orchestra. 28--Mr. and N!r. G J V R Oh:cr 29--Mr. ar.d Mrs. Rujseli C. F^her t»--Mr. and Mry. John Murphy 29--Mr. ?.r.d Mr. Rudy E. \Vatki".s I lionons \vere~ :iuct-on bridge. ^3bcrt ! P.'.mp?!: t.":strti(" nntirre. Dr \V. R. j I t w u l c b e a better idea to *ir* out ' C n d : " 30 °'".^ Mr3: M ' !c W " ::v: p ' tc!: ' ' rirae ThiT- T.-v T'3» OUt C---- -i'tU-C* , Mr5 J °- nn E - d r r ' Th " C °° r pr ' J!e '· X ' 3 -'- ; " " -·--VIT. by Miss Sara Anni White. ! 30--Mr ar.d Mr5. Cha.-:. K Cashour : 30--Mr and Mrs. Harry Robinson Male Female Female Male Male Female Female Lewistown Lime Kiln Frederick Li'oeroyto-ji-n Libertytovra Taneytown Rocky Ridge Frederick Mt. Airy Frederick Frederick W j Lcrd Beaverbrook. a Canadian who i StaKS PubUc Health · Service arranged W i has risen to prominence in England as j for Ehe ·xaminatic.i of the n:ou!hs of a statesman and newspaper publisher, I children in four states by a personnel born at Newcastle, N-r.v Brunswick. especw^X traced in oeatistry. Canada. 53 years jgo today. '-, The states included in the exazmna- . " ' tion were Georgia. Illinois, Missouri and Today's Horoscope. [ Maryland. Twelve ihousant! four hun- ·hilciren -.vere ex- W W ! Some days are weli balanced and thU ; dred and thirty-five C is one of them. It carries a kind and amined by the cental official. W ; noble dispositiont magnetic and fan- The,children who suffer Tith decay- W | clful with considerable talent. It is a j temporary teetii ^re mostly in the V.' 'day that usually leads up to positions j gr^P '««* seven to eight years oltlt W . of trtist and the person bom this cUv j those -xhy are harlng diSculty because W ;\viU rise by his or her OV\-Q merits, per- ! of reajainiiMt roots are in the group W i haps to a considerable eminence. It is j around eight years of age. It is found W : not a day cf great, wealth, though is ! t ha t- children si years of ags have the W promises success. Th.-- :".'. ···.-.i::; b.r.h.- -xx-urred in Frederick county during previous months -.v-;re n.-.t re;x-rted unt.l April. 1932 Lubitsch. irs^vie dirW.-v-. The Rev. Mr. Davidson k_5«xi his lar.d- ; lady. Ke kisi^jd his lancil.tiys d;iu?h- i ter. He kissed tiomen in aistresii. He t ! fcisssd those trho did is for him. He kissed all sor» of jeop. I admit j that he is a very unusual mar., bu: he ; is not immoral H:s kisses v.~ore al- "K~ay5 on t.l".e ch':ek or forehead. --R. P. Il^-.-y. attorney for Rev. Harold Francis Davidson. English rertor being- tried for "immorality." We sho;ili look to tr.e f u t u r e .uid ' pro"', by ir.-stakfj o' the past. K_-'.ory shoe's th^t v,e ha'.e b«xn thr."'.;sh try- ins "ises before. --Dudley S. Ku.T.phrc-y. 80-jcar-old pop-corn Clevolatic The prospmty o: our ·.···" cs- per.Ss t:tor. 'he prosper.ty of .ip- yrosircate half of our population ··\ has it4 ?-?,: hopo o: prosperity :n the ·selfar-e o: arrictilturc. --Ccit-croi^ Jones of Twenty Years AgoTQdayln Frederick . September. l*31 · 2.1-- Mr and M" Frar.i-i^ I. Kenr.edv 1 l January. IflSI j 7--M- ,\.-.n Mr«. Of..= E Laiuhman h 14--Mr sr.d Mrs;: E Beall i Marrh : 5--Mr. a»ii Mr^. H.irrv Adkins x;ai Items from ;h« Cotumns Ot j i l O -- M r and Mr--. F. P Tin-.mcrntan The- NOT.S. M.iv 25. 191-." j ' -~--Mr. .UK: Mrs. Irv-.n \V. Miller 1 -- ' . ' J l -- M r 3::ri Mr.=. Richard 3 Kelly GOVERNOR GOLT5BOROUGH AND · J-J--Mr ar.d Mrs. Jam-,-3 E. Biney !-.·_·; r--.-'.:-in.«rvctaic party wore per- · 20--Mr. and Mr.. \V-.lbur M. Fox y t n f i o J h«-r»- '..- n..-tor fr-m Frt-sicrick ' 2S--Mr ar.;i ".Ir-. John Carro'l f Tnurn.'nl J .nri --:ko tr.e Br.ltur.ore , 23--Mr. :»r.;: :.:r5. My.v;n Bt:s.-ard tins cily Male Female Male" Female Female Female Female Male Female Male Male Male Male highest percentage of temporary teetb m-jth cavirss. | So fsw children haci the cavities of i their temporary t?;-:li propsrly attenci- -, -.r,.- ·- a ^,., r , · . ed to arid suitably fiiied that the nau;- ^. Ma.. _o.-- A pojnc part;. . ^«, ; ,,;v,- n w-e-eas -ho e '----=---- W.A.C^S -tie K « a B necKsary West Falls j V.'eit Falls. May 25.--A pot j tvas held at the hctne of Mr. snc Mrs. Frederick MUdletosr. Jefferson Emmitobur; Thurmoiit. SabtllasviKe Hope Hi:i Middlc:o-»Ti Acamsto\vn E:r.m:t5burg Adams to -a-n -Mr .in!* Mr? Fr.-.r.k J-. -'-isc:-. In rio.:-.:; .-i t::?y f.nir.d the piite to ! SI--Mr atfi ^.ir?. C'.-.yr'.^s \V. B^llui T.-.urr-.-ir." the b.".-t stretch of r«ai . 3!--Mr and Mrs Ch-irlcis S. Kr.isnt thc-v had travtr^rd in tlie 152-msX-. '.-·ur from Onklanci. It. was on this | ^ Ia v ·r.p that the.tu^Cs-f.on ar.-^e- t.- nuiia 1--Mr and Mr?. Erlio.r Bo-s-'.tis Male Middle-town 3, ne-.v .'-trip -.\-*t cf the Penr-sylvjn.i I ^Ss tJf ^mr^^ro'c' 1 --^ ««-::·---«-^-c---'. -'^ April anci sixteen Tor prov^u. months. Trere i Thomas Smith, of West Fails on Mav i °. £ tile ,. . - ; tiie cernitment tt^tn nre to be prop- j er!y spaced and suitably developed, the , v imart B!arl-tten. Me'nrle Norwood. M . j t«=Porarj^ teeth __once lost, there sul' K : Wright. William HotTman. Those pres- I r . eniams : " e Pos^^'-y « * v i e n t . : the permanent teetn. ! "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith. Mr. and l Unfortunately hoover, there *ers j w jMrs. Sterlin? BLacksten. Mr. and Mrs. j J 851 , c ^f s cf cat,=rcn 14 to 1=; v;- ; Herman Biacksten. Mr. and Mrs. Ra!phj- ears °' t §e w | Mullinux. Mr. and Mrs. John Pline. were near ' J " \V ! Mr. and Mrs. Karry Myers. Mr. and i \V ' Mrs. Eiir! Myers. Mr. and Mrs- Thomas j ·\V i Stuitz, Mr. and Mrs. Allen witrkham. : w : Mr. and Mrs. John Liudsav. i c . ou : , . . . . C ! Misses Margaret Seller. Marsaret ! «ammatioi« made by tae school tn- W : Pline. Grace Pline. Catherine ^.-,. ! ^peetors are mere:y casual c : isan. Ethel Blackten. Eveh-n Blacksten. j " 1OI ? S ^ no ' 7' 3: ' l ° , w (Elizabeth Mvers. Grace Blacisten. \TM a l " e ~'{^ OI exanl ^ a v on d c j Charlotte Wirfls'.d. Marr ««--,«- ** ^-^ b ' a Pn-'ate centis ! Bessie Schller. Garnet , «=« e i0r i 'f : ;' .. ^.Act ; 90 f r . ccnt - 01 ^ tne ChLCrSn °' ~ ages haa one £ ?" e leeta C? - r fi - kd ' e-xamma- ! ter Whip?. Mildred Bowse) tta Smith.' Hte-i » p ? ial ?»««»«-?·. f-» wse!. Louise Gar- i aad ex ?- crer - :o aic K ch as mirror n detecting cav- "Well, boys, I graduated here myself in 1912." IN NEW YORK LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ,,";"". ^ ,,,".",,"' '.',.. c ..,^-~ 'on.- wvre lo;it.a'.3t-c and three -Acre illegitimate. ^"Ti'.a""TM'^^' ^ ^cnc'in- . and ihreo ^orc stillbirth. received at the Health OfTice during Ninety- Nir.ety-or.e were livebirths W ! ber. Delia Crooi. Marv B^r.e. Mar- | IU ^;, -. ^ J Hail to a Horse , · ja-e; Beard. Susie Smith. Helen Smith. I . -*?' .' n - s .'^ril . P t'". ^! snou.Q see LO i Rachel WUson. Viola Smith. 3".,"-"" ' ·« tjl3t every child has its teeth e.-cam- Xe^r York, May 25.--As Broad-say's | trudfe Poole. Messrs. Wallace W::ksr. Henry Clary. toire! William Palev. rating- chieftain. 1 ] WA3C. firures now in romance o f ; heart, having written his pag-e in ci| and oldest animal i ness rojna^:*. Just the other cay. ; oddly ingenuous and ' '·'-'- recall, he ma--isi the former 1J ] order to make sure ihai decay will be ] untemperamsntai. She «tli still ac- | J ^ - Hearst, follcwir.? her Reno . detected at th- earliest possible moment i cepi mere cubes or greei^ from a gut- | «ece=tjT ine., -,=re spinning ti ' -- s I around the broadcast office and so- er- Hannah ays Road Grader When Morrd Over Improved Rnail. Has Caused ilravy To the Ec..:rr o: I".:- NVws. S.r. Mr. %V;i:.r-ni J. Gr./.o c.»mp:a:r.J the CITT rcsr-^ l^ ".vcrko^i by a rrcji I~;^h ?.n": c.lf.c'-i'/. :-~i tr^iv-:-". c-'. or ng arc · Ier aajoming a stage entrance. Yet. as i s -'°- l:a -- * oroaa i horses go. Hannah has everr right, to' o r -- «caUsd tfca: At i .?..· .11 :!-.·- . - . t ' held .!'. rv-oti Cro of America : head of the D;; of Rural Life ' : °" Poj»eY- James C^rj-. Albert Hor-| - f- 1 -' o ---,-^-., e De ~ou="Si T-.-.-I..I-. :»'-: Pennsvl^n.u St.ite Coileic. and Dr. 3 - ^ran^ Reese. Charles Gartrell. ; ·"* Aou - "-" ° *~ e De M - -- , __ _" _ T ^^. . ... ?TS**^* flT»fi STT-Trfsn^ r^-Her_-\ TC"^" : Ja-« · i . ^ t . ^ !*.-· »s^.v» ~S. Wi*V -it-, iii-i^ t^. . . -\ ; S-c^ i- head of the Deaart- E^'3 - ar - d Eugene Grlsso. William : - ^i_; -_ y - i w ^ ^ i - ^ f--.----- ·« ^ _ _ - ^ _ "·!_;_! " · · :;;;....;.;;s ; , ;a , :d ' ".;. i; : ;/' ;s ;;..,. ;V'"ci : . : /For«t- n-.t-nt ^ Amcultural Education of bhio,^-- Charles Schller. Merton Shipley. ___ -·- ·- c 0"'-' KV- -' F-"-vcw" *·.* r-.'ve-="v" j Ray Koefcr. James Clark. Robert-We^h. , A °' STRUCK BY AX A'j TOMOB1LE. ' ' 1 _ : -: ^ _ j Veracn HSi L. PickKt Charlie Cos-) / \ in V ,X.-,- i---,^ 5 ·; -· -^ :.-,;rd ; v.n~ _^ . | n««- Clyde Holland.; ^~% ' - V . V I . . .. . 1 - . » C - . * I ' - - - V » « . v i . , * * - » --. - . - - - - - - ~ -- - - ^Q D.-j^-»--- ^ -,«· ·£ -- -. l. ·. Ti^. T . I ir»r*__ T_~ 1 BM-BB^^KIB SJr %\TM:.£?r^TM:. I MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP i B. Brown. Roy Bro-^n. ?sul Pylss. Ira j i Kaines. Oliver Buc-kingharn. Truman j j Franklin. C-ilvin Condon. Mehrl Nor- j I. Ira Poole. Clifford Bearc. James ! Miiler. William Sugtjars. Herman i Wright. Charles Wright. Fred Wright. ! B. Wright, Wi-rnar ?rar.:O2. John Frltr. '· Woodrok Grimes. Paul 3r; Rayirtor.d Brashears. Emory Connor. ting- horse! And for 13 years she | ^ ^-^ ITM'- "--""-- -i^r girls, who · j has been going around the circuits. : p n ; " r - e ~'=h steals tumir.j out sto i ; Whenever a show company has -K-a"ec* n _ 2d gone on strSrc. The situatior ! a nag in that period of time, the phone ! : ^ e a ~ts--- --as acute. j request wosld. usually be -What's Han- i A -^"^ da l-"5 liter, they might i BY BRUCE CAJTQN has been i pendabie. never has missed a. cue. never i ----?-$ arrc-in-arzr.itt; it --tth the i deniaadec spe-Dial billing ar.d eir.'t -care ; ^car-old cc"g;e lad. | much whether or not her name i-as on! ' ^p^" ever ciS you ao it?" ite ) the program. j as-.?::. j « * * "iss..--I iu--, t;cl-t 'err. out to Itiactj i Anti she cas appeared ~ith most c-f ' -^° r -'^~ ; -cr nis father maie hir ; the great, stars of the theater. Insofar : hustr.ess partner a f-;~ y:ars la'.erH EXPLORES 3IYTH OF FREEDOM ON as her biography has been asaar.blei. j SAVAGE ISLANDS. j l" s s^ 315 '^ haTe 5rs - =»^eu ir. as Paul ; icrse in an o!c staj= spectacle, i Luf s Stuff a* SEQUOIA NATiONlAL PARK TKK I \ROEST NUMBER OF GRAD- UATEv ir-ii: HAT ws?e ouo 60f?N. CONSCIENTIO WCflFFINWAC Darrassine moment. Harry K-r.ler. boc-Sin; for Lopez, had tied Hannah to ?. fi"T)luc In front c-f the theater -.hile is fir Shapley. Gilmore Schll-er. Flapper Fann Savs -- CLUB HOUSE BURNED "\ ] checked the Chtca;o rer-^txr.; j-.e f eft al:r.; ^."lirut ;-jj- befire e v e r t h i n that up"-n a venerable A horse --as entitle d v:--^ 1 :-^. -v-ic* A -- -- --...vs..._.^ mA.*5.. »..M . v. cin^.r;cc. ·J -_.-·- FORTY-SIX NrT. Bible Thouht ......C..J- ....^ cetnar.ced Keller, could a iTitchir.-; rhe cltibhou.* nas nr. the 3ro?er*v ! of Al-rt Msrcsr. West Patrick_str?et' .^ b ^ rn ,-y r ^. , Ar.2. seem- ~, c _ - , _ ... _.. .^ .., r __. ; ... _ ,, z i.iere ·sras no ansvs- er. c ~ cj ?^ -^ ast- Tlt«n. arsrucd Kellsr. since icr-s nre tt ic-us or:r.r.. belir.?c to have beer, ir.- "'~.' csrxiiary. 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