Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 24
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 24

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

Morning. April 5, 1975 3 BEDROOM in T Bouthwest lor tellled couple. Fenced. 795-6725. NICE three bedroom, carpeted. Couple with child. No pen. 2810 2tth. _7.13-I71I. SIM monthly. UVIUiE 3 room house. Fenced jard maintained. Water paid. t!00. JSJ7 Avenue L / 1603-B 66TH — »h«rp I wo-bedroom hrirk duplex, numbed.. JIM plus hi lit 7!*7-i74». 4'_'15-A 35lh STREET. One bedroom farpeted duplex. G&rasc, HIS plus him. 7!)2-2743. COUNTRY LJv-lni: ITxSS' Mobile Home. Wafer furnished. Cooper community. JS5. 744-&509, TU'O bedroom furnished houses J7S-JIFS. Normnn Realtors. 79V9M4. -N01 COLGATE. 2 bedroom. Carpel. riumb»ct. wired (or dryer. JIM plus bill*. ";.S.7B76. , CuLH'LK. No pet*. Two bedroom, new carpel, plumbtd. Yard kept. K'Verences. 741-7S59. ONE male roommate wanted. Mid- rile ace. preferred and I'andu-ap appreciated 763-fiMR. •l-13-n .Win. 2 bedroom duplex, <arpcl, >135. plut hills. 792-2743. f'ARUnLE — Two betiroom al) hills paid 1130. Married couple. No - .Rer\talf 64:bnfurnished Apts. FOR Kent: 3 bedroom. 2 bath. 2 car sarage. Fouthwesl Hbbock. J2so per rnomh. Sllnsons Inc. 792-373,1. 2 HKDKOOM. y liatii Dunicx Plrcrilaco — Patio — 1235. 4521 G5lh 79J.2193, TO-IP97. tiPANI&}{ duplex, two oedroom, two b»th, electrin kitchen, carpet, dra- perlen. earaz*. 702-4S91. O.NK Bedroom apartment. P.elnger- alerl air. Carpeted. H35 month plus bills. Well loomed. 744-524S. Al'KIL rent, one-half prica, Immediate occupancy. One bedroom. Tennis courts, iwirrunlng, parly room, 797- UNFURNIXHKti and furnished Iwo tir-droom duplexes, J125. SU5. Gas, ivaler paid, lirnosit. 7!I5-2CI3S. }tEAL NICK One bcrlriKim house nut side c-ilv limits, no children or rr-ls-76:l-3Ffl7. MOBILK home in Wolffmth, M x fis. 2 bedrmm. washer-dryer, sliau car-i ppt, nru- orapp.s and furmturr. on/ private Int, JIM plus bills. 765-972SI or 744-7RW. 1UUS PETS, KINDLES OK APTS. nrrl.FAKS. IIOrSKS. ATJL PRICES. ALL ATCKAS AV.Ut-ABI.F, NOW. RENTAL IIOrStNft IllHKCrnRV OXLV KELLY'S PLACE T BEDROOM, furnished, rmflrlra- p!<*x. near Tech, Reese, and Method- is! irnspita!. IndfvirlunI ratio, slnr- a^f. All cleclrir. Rpf. nir. ''n^le TV. TirnpPd. Carpelerl. Ot( strro( pni»- ^•z, 5:00 maiilily-blils paid. VILLA DEL NORTE APARTMENTS 2 & 3 Bedrooms $126-5 I'd C.irpi>lcd stove «e/[ifcrator rcn(r3l heat & air 1913 Baylor 7«2-Z4I4 UJilson UJilson 795-9345 Tanglewood West 27th & Slide 799-8274 1-2-3 BR. furn.or Unfurn. Granada 21st. & Raleigh 795-6963 1-2-3 BR. Furn. or Unfurn. Ren tali 64. Unfurnished Apts. THIS FUNNY WORLD SOUTH Lubbock. Townhouse. 2 bed room, 2 bath. Bullllni, relrlserated air, excellent condition 7S74316, 795 8061, NOW leasing: Two bedroom duplex- en, carpel, drapes, appliances, ca- rage. 4421-A. 4426-A 75th Drive. 7955516. 735-1531. OflEAT location near Woolco, 2 or i bedrooms, 3 baths, duplexei. Dish washer, washer-dryer conoecilom pnvata fenced yard, fireplace, ca- rage. All carpeted. J265-J275. Call 7H7-039J or so by 31M-B 54th. BRICK Duplex. 2 bedroom, refrigerated air, carpeled. draped, uullt-ln kitchen. . 1180. water paid, yard maintained. Also mv furnished apartment available 15th J260. 7954058. .VOIV Lcasinp -one and two bedroom unfurnished apartments. Bill) paid. La Casa, 2903 Vlcksburg, 792 CLOVER Garden Apartments. Unfurnished and furnished. 1 and '.! bed- loom. J70-1S5 nionthly. Phone 763 SS01. 5CI Norlh Avenue U. AVAILABLE Now. Luxury 3 bed room unfurnished apartments, pep pertree Inn. 5302 11th. 7S5-S08C. DUPLEX - Attractive two bedroom, plifmbed. air-ronriUioned, stove. Ra- rate. Convenient. 1709-A. 21st. 747- OMB hcitroom apartment, nice, all conveniences. Washer and dryer. S'55 nor in-nth. Call T93-W33. OUTH1GOEU - Quality at lower cost! 'J Bedroom. Sl-W, plus bills. Carpeted. 24U -lolli. Jacon Enterprises. 744-09:7. MODERN MANOR APTS. bedroom j-i f>8 2 bedroom j]|7 3 bedroom 1133 Close to shopping Center 4:00 Boston — 795-5515, 795-5514 IV. 17(h 793-J378 . Unfurnished A&ts. ABERNATHY, two bedroom, brick, ilunlox-. rarpetsd S125. "47-4M3. .NEW 2 bfflroojn riuplex. t:,irpetPri. rirancd. P.elriRcrated. Fireplace. Ranee. rrfneernter, dishwasher, riis- nosai, wired, plumbed. Water paid, yards maintained. 52U-A -!Uh t£2~ ji-'T, 7'XMFv.l. GOOD location, Inrge 2 bedroom dup]R\-. central, sir. double car-1 tr>'-i ic^cpd yt-.rri. nntio. 797-^^fi. NEWTOWNIIOLSE APT!. CLOVER GARDEN APARTMENTS 1-2-3 Bedrooms. $65 and up All Bills Paid! 501 Avenue U. 763-8801 7\VO b.*!rmni dupl-ix. nc\v sto\e P.-.'l rrfrlpcralnr. M-nter ivTid. no pels. Deport required. Jfill-A 35th Direct. 714-5S76 - BKHROOM. caiTctcd. rclvicprator and rsi^cc. di^nosal. relrij-'ovnlpil air. nff-atrcef pnrkinB. r!7S monthly all b'lls pa:d. 6 monlh lease. ST5 ict'un- tv deposit. 1515 5?nd Slrecl. Ant. D. Shown bv anoolntmpnt. 74^fitil^. RE-KECORATBD 3 Bedroom. Ap*>- anccs. Utilities paid. Carpet. J131 tip. ' J rd-Avonuo Tl. 747-9461- NK\\' '- botlroom. appliflnrc.:;. central air. 517,1. bills paid. 421H-A ISth 7fl9- ' TWO H?drcom (lnolcx. Inri-'e hotl- ro •.-us * bath, walcr <t ir.ii pal* J?l,-> monthly. 5fil7 13th strorl Sec Bt SRIS lllh ?trrrl. rail 797-r».T<. BREHTWOOD •tlli.OOlo«JO.OO-Bllli M |d • Wood burulD| llrt;licM • Ftoccii private puloi • r>libw>ibir,(jlipoul,rV. • Panlrin. Linen cloiitl • z rloielt In ranter hftlroorn • No* building: iTTlnmlnn pnnl. lau&dry. rterMUou room «ih STREET BETWEEN AVE.TiTEMPI.EAVE. OFFICE ATMti 4 TEMPLE AVK. 7U-M10 7-10 SKYLIGHT nUPLKXES Unexcelled location 2-.1 nedrootn-2 Baths Skyllsht Living noom-Privale Pallo All Elr-ctric Kitchen H'ood Burning HreplaceS'Oatslde Gas Grills 1-rce Lawn Care-Oulside Sloraye Space Pets And Children Welcome 37M 3735 Kim St, Mer. 795-0144 or 79>-filD6. HALLMARK PLACE TOWNHOUSES 1 A .1 bedrobfn. 2 story, »H elec. kitchen, doqbfe carports. Private backrarrl. lots of space and beautiful. Inquire 4310 A 35nrt. The Manager. 787-1451. Assistant. 7!g-17<j. BASK ABOUT OUR FREE RENT FKO/O.VT PLACE rp.-ii-ir.ur, I wo bedroom brii-lt duplrx. sir con d 1110,icd. (enced yards main- lampd. Off Hrect purkinir. kitchen furniMicrl. washer-drvnr ronncrUops. All bills paid, SIGO. Sec - Manager M 703-B -17th St. or call: 717*:?,; 74M>2fi 795-15U Member of Lubbock Apartment Association FRENCH QUARTER APARTMENTS 1 A- 2'Bedroom. FMrnlshed pr Unfur- ij)sh«<i. Ml E!f«rlr. Hcntert Swlm- m:np pool - year round. Chirm-glo rni broilers. Safe and Secure. Oflice Jiours. !) AM-6 PM 4520 66th 799-4^3 ! > LARGE 1-2 BR. 3 BR. TOWMHOUSES S95-S135 Bills Pcid New furniture. Shag. Centrol heat, afr. Laundry. Heated pool. MEMBER LAA 747-3547 luxury Townhouse living 3 & 4 BEDROOMS ONLY 3!?-i5 B fi?n<f, ...... 7^-0909 + Private Kenccrl Pailos * Dotiblo Gar»ces * Cas Cnarcos! Grills * Fireplaces * Ice Maker Refrism-alors * Fully Cameled * Draped * All Electric Kitchrns * Hot. cold port Water •*• Heati-ri Pool * FurnMiire .\i-.illnble * All Bills raid * TCj;iie- k nryer r'onnectlr.ns SIKMHRR: rrRRCKTv \r\I;TMF:S"3 ASSOTJATIOV Townhouscs 6900 fRIMONT 2 Bedrooms 1 Both $215 2 Bedrooms] 14 BafhS225 | • Shog Carpet - Drapes j • Range - Refrigerator T Dishwasher I * Fireplace I • Beamed Ceiling jj • Double Carport • • Refrigerated air £• Pantry-Washer a & dryer Conn. QUAKER APTS. 7410 Quaker 797-2828 1 & 2 BR. All Electric, air & heat Dishwasher, snack bor Furn. & Unfurn, Al! Bills paid $155—5225 Servire of QuaVer Manor Nurslns Hnm« Is available as an option. c O197S McN»ujht.Syod., Inc. "Came on. get up! I want <o change (he bed." Rentals 64. Unfurnished Aprs. "LOOKING (or a Home?!" Us here I Talioka Traffic: circle Area Low weekly and monthly rate* Maid service, telephone service in- closed swimming pool. Ked Raider Inn. Call 747-Mu BR(CK duplex, two bedroom, carpeted, draped, like now. plumbed built-in kitchen. Garage. Cross tented yard. WJO 4inn. iu5-4(B8 or 7S9-W3S. TWO Kedroom trailer. Pet^ \vel- rame. fcoulh of town. 745-1351. Alter D:30 and weekends. J tifcllJUUOM dupiex. iNo [ieij. no children. J'JQJ bills paid. Deposit, Ui^tURNitiHHU duplex lor rent you pay bills, call 885-4DS3 or 744-30tiO. UUi J Li;x —2 bedrooms, 114 baths, fireplace, small backyard. Available Hay 1, 4303-A. 58lh. 797-5433. DUPLEXES . 'J bedroom, refrigerated air. built-ins. carport, No pets 4407 A. 31st. 7BO-6S42. ONE Bedroom, close to Tech and Methodist Hospital. Jnouire 3511 21st after 6PM. BRICK duplex. Two bedroom, refrigerated air, central heat, carpet. Married couple. No children or pets. References. 75'_ ) -204S. BEAUTIFUL two bedroom luxury- duplex apartment. In ilclo.'ile Oar dens. *2oi. VDtauiS. NEW! One bedroom, ujifurnjs-hed, fully carpeted, all bills paid. Covered parking. 6503 Ave. (J. iltt-a&!7. LUXURY duplex, two bedroom, one & one-half bath. K50. Shau carpet, drapes, ranife. refrifferator. disli- wasuer, fircpiace, rethscralcd air- washer • dryer connections. 700L B Geneva 74V-'.'3i/7. .NEWLY nidecoraled two bedroom duplex, carpeted, fenced, plumbed for washer. See to appreciate. 2iU Avenue T. 799-3-17^ or 7S3-9193. TWO bedroom unfurnished apartment, J145 plus cas. 795-2330, Caprock Center Apartments, 4606" Boston. NEW Luxury Duplex, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, all electric, earace. vv a s h e r -d r y e r, connections, club MUSC privileges. {215 plus deposit. 103 B. 7olh Drive, 744-1461, nicllt- 792-2749 324 Highland Twins !\'ewly Remodeled Duplexes Model 4307-B 38th .•iik about Free Rent GUSA APARTMENTS 6517 AVENUE T NEW • SPACIOUS • Furnished or unfurnished • Washer & Dryer connocKom • All Electric Kitchen O Soundproofing • Refrigerated Air Now leasing 2 Bedroom apartments UTIIITIES PAID PHONE 747-8757 ALTURA TOWERS 747-5236 • Rooffop pool • Party Room • Electronic securily • Underground parking Ml DTD WN AT 1617 27!h KING'S PARK: 795-4146 • 2 Tennis courts ( • 2 Pools • Pjrtv Bouse i • Wisher and dryer In every itaitntetit • Charcoal {rills III every jpjflment <•> n • Parsons • iVjnj. Sclioo* • 1-2-3 Bedrooms OUTHWEST i 9-5:31) Freshly Decorated ? Bedrooms, furnished, SUS plusbills. 2 Berfrooms, unfurnished, sm plusbills. Range and retrioeraJor furnished. New shag carpel, freshly decorated. Most with garages. , Wilson, Corona do school districts. Super Loc&tion 792-2749 BATON ROUGE APARTMENTS 6504 Quaker Avenue NEW • SPACIOUS • Furnished or unf jrntihid • Pool • All Electric Kitchen • Refrigerated Afr • Soundproofing Now Leasing 1-, !-. and 3-oedroom apartments- UTILITIES PAID Phone 795-9096 ATI'RACTtVB 3 bedroom quadra- plcx, bmll-ins, rctriscralor. dishwasher, washer-dryer connections, carport with storage room, J275 plus hills. Call 7S5-Oa:3, 762-0615. - A.VH 3 bedroom Town-^ou^e apartments. 2107 49th. Dishwasher, disposal, private j'ard with shads trees. $225 und J193.Waler paid. "•17-5730 - 793-5S6S. NEWLY decorated one bedroom apartments now available, three blocXs from Tech. 765-SK!!). CANTERBURY - 2-story spacious 3 Bjdrrmm. 2 l i Bath. 2 Kireplaces. Carpeted. Dishwasher, disposal. S2EO, bills paid. 4401 20th. Jacon Enterprises, w-saa. LUXURY Duplex - 2 Bertroom. Fire- plac-e. f243, water paid. Vards main- tnincrt. 793-4248 799-2121. HJALOU — 10 minutes tram Luh- bock. 2 bedroom brick. J110 — t!23. 7-17-49J3. 1 AND 2 BEDROOM, furnished and unfurnished. Shaff carpetinir. rcfrie- er.ilcj air. Danelin:, S1W-S165 bills "A STONE'S Throw" from down- tnwn-Tccii. 2 bedroom contemporary. Electric kitchen, dishwasher, disposal. Carpeled. Paneled. Pool available. $200, hills paid. 2101 11th. Jaron Enterprises. H-l-S^Z Ele-ctric Firftplocei Pool/laundry facillliei 1 bik north SP Mall-loop 289 Furnished i Unfurnished 1-3 Bedroom 5300 ABERDEEN CALL 795-4252 |APARTMENT FINDERS Apartments-Duplexes-Houses No Charge — Why Search? 744-4505 2304 AVENUE Q AFTER HOURS 799-337 1 797^662 795-9736 195 00 1 DiOROOMS OIUS PAID AIL IUILMHS LAUNDRY SWIMMING POOL FURNISHED CLOS£ TO RAfl & LCC FRANKFORD SQUARE Aportrrtenfs CISrTWASUR DISPOSAL SHAG CARPn, RET. All CM. HEAT FEHCEO YARD MANAGER 795-9804 795-3671 -—-jjSH YOU Writ ENJOY.... RED OAKS 5308-A38th Beaulllul, luxurious, new brick t bedrooms with refrlgerslor, contlnuouj cHanlng ov«n, dishwasher, disoosal, ignarale utility, cutiom drapes, beaulllul >hag carpet, rolrigerated air. Slil + •Itctrlclty ^ 792-070? % Ifna anjwir, W-M51 Wostarn Oaks 4601 52nd Luxurious all brick 2 bedroom quadraplexes. Total electric including relrigeralor, continuous cleaning range, dishwasher, disposal, separate utility, custom dra pel, shag carpel, relrlaeratedair. S195 all bills paid "2-V423 Ifnoanswtr, )»»-»J5i i LUXURY Hire* bedroom studio. Two hntus. tlisliwasher. rfispowil. wn slier anrl dryer connections. Bills pair! S\vimmini pool. Across from park. •(•Mil Avpnuc X. 65. Furnished Apfs, J I512DROOM — Studio type apart mcr.t. Near Tech. Bus route. Fu]h /urnishcd. Bills paid. Mack Oshorn 744-1151. After 6:00 P.M.. 747-1100 KENTWOOD 26lh & Avanui R. l_* 3 Iwfrooms witi : full battij. Hirni;hr<lorun!urnished. f'ovrred parking. Quirt-Convenient «l«)lnJ2.1S.AI.LBILLSPAID INQUIRE AT CAROUSEL OFFICE , I"02 Avenur R. \i>. I ' - Ktntals 65. Furnished Apts. fUo PLUS $10 Electric'.!! Attractive one bedroom - Sharp - Kerriserated - 1907 Avenue R - 744-3322. CONVENIENT Cowntown-Tecli — Extra clean. 3 and 4 rooms. Refrigerated air. Carpeled. 3 Lame clos- . 1710 Main. 762-3006. 76Z-2SM. ONE Bedroom duplex, carpeted, carport, bills paid, no pets!: Depos- I'J, 5123 monthly. l«n B JSth. 744 FAIRWAY West Apartments. Sum raer rates available now. 2 oedroom ruralshcd. Central air. Shag, panel- Inir. Dishwasher. Gas srills. Bills paid. B blocks [rom Tech near bus route. 2013 8th. 762-15*3. CAREFREE Adult Living. New Etli clcnctes, 1 & a Bedroom Convenient to Metnodist Hospital, Tech Reese & South Plains Mall, via Quaker i 411), or 4th & Loon T&9. 4706 «n street — 798-1308. CLEAN ctticlency (or single only JS5 monlhly, hills paid. Close in 762-1-149. 795-45SO. 2 BEDROOM. 2 Bath, Lt73 Mobile home. On concrete rail, bolted. Ucd-down. J1S5, bills paid. N'ear lio.; nitals. Tech. Back of Mini Tree Restaurant. Ted, 795-33S3. 3 ROOM Apartment for rent. Carpeted, air-conditioned. 120B Wrd come by 1305 24th SI. 744-SU3 NEW! One bedroom turnlshcd . fully carpeted, all bills n.iicl. Covered parkins. 6505 Ave. Q. 76^-3627. EKFICIB.S'CY — S73 plus bills. AP- ply Caprock Ccnlcr Apartments. 4SC3 Boston. 793-2330. 4 ROOM Duplex. N'car rinwntown Unusually nice, coralortable. JlOO Phis bills. 7D5-«77. C5UADRAPLEX, one bedroom carpet, paneled, drapes, very nicely furnished. S130 bills paid 1U9-D 43rd. 7.19-03SO. NEAR Tech. Downtown. Efficiency, hills paid. J9S. SOI Ave. E (rear). 792-9236. SHARE my nice apartment, with a working lady. 4403-C Canton. Call ^r l:0fl p. 792-50S-! ONE or two bedroom furnished apartment In South Lubbock. Private balcony or patio, party room, tee machine, lovely grounds. Call 747- NORMANDY Terrace and Orlando Gardens. 1-2-3 bedroom apartments available. 5145-S2M. 792-35S4 or 702- 3 BEDROOM furnished townhouse. Near Tech. On bus route. JIBS, rnme hy '.'OgO 5th nr rail 7S5-7On. WOLFFORTH - convenient. to Ilcese-lIall-Southwest Lubbock : Bedrooms, Brick, carpeted, plumbed block elementary school. J170- water cas paid. 747-49I3. COUNTRY Club , Townhouses. -t Bedroom. P'enced. Washer, dryer connections. 2 Baths. Furnished Unfurnished. I200-S240. 747-3571. 744.53OJ. 1 AND 2 BEDROOM, furnished and unfurnished. Shatr c.irpelins refrls- cmled air. panelllnc. J100-S165. bill» nald. 744-6209. 2-BEDROOM DUPLEX CK furnitnrr. carafe. Convenient to Tech and Reese. No nets JMo hills paid. 4103-B. 15th. 7.19-)53^, I . EAST-lfilO 5JIJ) One ncdro.<;m. nicely furnished, car- D?tct). dishwasher, rtlsoojal. »»lf- ctennlne ovn. l^iundO'. No pels. No clillrtren. 747-0656. PLAZA APARTMENTS 2 BP-. BILLS ETJRNISKED UNFURNISHED F.L VUiA AITS. - Hcdrotim furnished. Full electric kitchen nnd central air. and heat. Utilities furnished. J200 minimum 715-3083 $150 MONTH Go our West 4th ^o Way Grocery. Five minutes from. Tech. Newly redecorated. jBil's paid. One and two Bed- AVAILABLE NOW - Most unusual one bedroom, studio, attractive, different, spacious, central heal & air, 1175 monthly, bills paid. Also Iw'o bedroom-all electric kitchen, di$. hwasher, disposal, fully paneled, shag carpet, laundry, pool-2 singles- S210. Marrind coupe-5195 monlhly. Bills paid. Tai-Sh«n Apt. 1906 10th 795-BM9. 4-3 NEED AN APARTMENT HEST VAI.CE - SMAf.L IIEPOSIT Efficiency -1-3 Br. Furn. Unfum J90 up, hills paid. Dishwasher, disposal, washer, ilryer connections. pool, laundry facilities, some kins size. .1 locations: Near Tech. Downtown. Tahoka Circle, students, children welcome; : 651h Drive CAROUSELS KENTWQOD BETTER BUDGET LIVING $150 to $182.50 1 *, 3 bedroom, furnished i unfurnished dishwasher, disposal, spscwus rooms, closels. Very quiel. private. Close to downtown t. Tech. Close lo downtown 8. Tech, all bills paid. Apply ct Carousel Office 1702 Avenue R. No. 4 0011765-518-1. •" fever Spring Fever ij somelhlng you'll want )o calcb »l tfmtitul El Chaparral. Luxury leatjrei include n poolside club house, fireplaces, balconies, Indiviflual healing and air condilionlnj, And enclosed enlryways, additional storage lockers, laundry facilities in each building, all electric kitchens. El Chaparral is close to South Plains Mall and offers quick access loihe loop. 795-9755 52ND & BANGOR rooms. 797-9388 763-4475 HI1IJSE APTS BACIlKLOn APT. I 9,).riO EFFICIENCY APT. J103.00 ONE BEDROOM APT. tl' All Units furnished, central neat air. plus Bnr-B-Q Grill. Laundry All Bills Paid 763-7572 Member LAA Ili29-l(ilh SI. <(h * sih St. BADIEV RENTALS UDPI.EXES A.VD APABTSIKNTS Purnljhul and Unfurnished "lenn on« and two bedrooms, llvlna room, kitchen and bath. Carpeted *at^r pr-4. from JS5 lo SIRS t •nonth. For Inlormallon call r«.n.M Mtnihet i.ubhncli Apnrtmenl Assnrt.iHon ENCOUNTER APARTMENTS 7 Locations lo Sen's You encounter I fl05 Ave, T. enrnunter U 2D20 Sih St. encounter /If 2107 5th Si. encounter IV 230D 9th St. encounter V 2124 7th St. encounter VI SOD Ave, S. enronnlrr VII Irm 511i Off. IBM Sin SI.. .\o. I 753-3B77 BACCARAT APARTMENTS 3115 — 3Sfh . Kiirmsherl Krriciencv t Bcilrooni . Rodroorn No ChiJdrrn Mature Professionals 792-8424 tnri no 'T>iVoo ' LIVING IS GOOD AT THE ELDORADO MOTOR HOTEL ._ One TToom rffidency nnnrlments SjS.OO per week or »15S.(IO per ,.,-,. foalurc.i . , Free mnld servic- , . . free lau'ndry facililics . . . Free llnfn nervic'e . . . rolcc IV ... 2-1 hr. telephone ^rvire . . . «vimmlnz pool . . . Re.-Oauranl nnd Hub Jrjratr-d on premiers . . . COME LIVE WITH US AT THE BEAUTIFUL ELDORADO MOTOR HOTEL 2120 Amarilfo Highway 763-8221 Rentili 65. Furnished - closa lo Tech! 1-2-3 BEDROOMS, carpeted, paneled, tlld monthly. Call 799-0033. hill! paid. AdulUJ tCe- 7«-lS7o! RMUIt 65. Furnished Apts. Th« INN-CREDIBLE 1-2BR. •I II •!• l>^ Civic Cenl.r BILLS PA ID • llfllrd Pool • Sound-proof • Shif Carpet 765-6768 • P«rty(!rlllt ' Ctnlfil lull, air. • Laundry r, Uiifniul NOW LEASING 6TH STRtET & AVENUE R 744-3029 ComeUvt With l/i, And, "The Summer of '7 '5" WillB* One To Remember THE APARTMENTS •Ccunlrr IM«| «lm ntplitri •Omir-SpgiueiK ?aitits 'Helled Swinmin! Pool 'Ulilitiet Piid ^ 'lirje Su« ( t\ii «ni 'Conyinlnit Itcilitn \ 'Cis Bjrbeque Ciills •SeliiiintnUii f / Efficiencies, 1 & 2 Bedroom* jj^ Furniihtd & Unfurniihed JlZiondup 4th & Indiana 763-3457 Senlr y Property Management, '«• RIVIERA Highly Presligious Living Yoa ore Invited to come ond see our beouliM show oportmcnt, No. 11, decoroteci ond furnished by Speor,. Now j, the lime to choose on oportmenl and JIOVB it decorated to suit your needs. 1919 34th 744-0434 BEST DEAL IN LUB80CK FURNISHED ALL BILLS PAID 1 Bedroom - $105 • 600 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedroom - $115 - 725 Sq. Ft, 3 Bedroom Townhouse - $150 • 1100 Sq. Ft. (Unfurnished Available) > New Laundry Facilities » HejLed Pool * Children, small pets welcome • Convenient Location - v MEMBER L.A.A. £^47-3647 • Outside Slorat* •Quiet Neighborhood COME JOIN IN THE FUNl v« KOMFORT FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM - $110-$!25 UNFURNISHED 1 BEDROOM - $125-$!40 UNFURNISHED 2 BEDROOM - $140-5200 ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALS! V'AU COME! FREE^FIND FREE RENTAL SERVICE • APARTMENTS • DUPLEXES • HOUSES 762-0126 200S BROADWAY AFTER HOURS CALL 792-8186 SAVE. 75 YOUR RENT Sl31v$J36 TECH VIUAGE 7622233 , $134 UNIVERSITY VILLAGE 763 8822 I BR FURNISHED UTILITIES P B LARGE CLOSETS 5141 VARISFY VILLAGE 762 1256 k (MONTHIY.NOIHSE) • 3£&yojfflo** Casa^,^^ Because we have a well planned home for you — w/d connection, fireplaces AND 11 acres to enjoy summer with planned activities for all age groups. 1-2-3 br. F & Unf S160.00&up r like io see your LATE - WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS r« lru>i i ^POCO APARTMENTS ORIENTED TO YOUNG PEOPLE , OF AIL AGES 1 Bedroom & Efficiencies Efficiencies Also Avoiioble on Weekly Rol« or J55 All Bills Paid •Reiident Manager & Moinltnanca • Swimming Pool • T«/«*iiion Coble • locolly Owned & Ope'oled " i'y Perionnel Welcome W* Al» Col«r To Tht Hanflicopfxa 799-2274 U* 4501 Brownfield Dr. 1 BH $«ulh of •rownfield Highwty Rentals 65. Furnished Aprs. ONLY 175.' 1 Bedroom. Carpeted. Draped. Fenced. Kids sin sips O.K. A-l R.S. Referral Service, fee, 763- sea. THREE rooms and bath. Nice and furnished central heat and coollni. No children'or pels. Upstairs. South rad Texas Ave. |M n<>r month. All bills paid. MS deposit. Cull 79S-S051. THREE Koonu, bath. Carpet. Utilities paid, quiet. 1007 Ave. s. A»l. 1. Adults, 390, }40 deposit. ONE, TWO, Three Bedroom Mobile Homes on 4th Street. Week-Month. LA PLACE NEW QUIET Larje one bedroom — walk-In closets Central air and beat. Al! electric kitclten-dlshwashordlsposal, etc. Convenient to hospital. Tech and Reese. 4305 loth Apr. 14 792-2489 BRIERCROFT MANOR SPANISH FLAIR 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished/Unfurnished « Heated Pool • All Modern Conveniences • Free Cable TV • Beautiful Grounds 1321-B 65th — 747-5344 RentaSt 65. Furnished ONLY (75. 1 Bedroom, i'eiipejii. Kids, pets, stnsles O.K. RHD Refer., ral Son-ice, fee. J63-4S21. . -. - - •>:< J130. 1 BEDROOM, bills, paid. C/81V pcleil, draped. Fenced. Kld»'. pels; students O.K. A-l R,S. Refer Ice. Fee, 7«-56.>2. AVAJLABLE April U. small aparU menu Single woman. 2000- 22nd; Sitreet. 7«-T4S5. -" ..'1 "WHERE UvinE is Great!" -TaholcS Traffic Cirdo Area. Low weekly A monthly rates. Maid service. ..lelcJ phone service, rnclosed swirnmlns pool. Red Raider Inn. Call .747.5111; NICE Garage Apartment. 1 Adu]t:> Prlval?. carpeted, near 3Jnd '.ftrA Memphis. 792-2897. .. "". :..; NKAR Tech. One . bedroom .duplex;Carpet, nice furnllur:. alr-condin tioned, Extra clean. Ko children or pels. J135. utilities paid. 74S-3269. : Lu\RGB two room, bath, wate paid, clean, liils storage, coup pets. 3711 20lh. 744-7963. .. H^T^'. NICE Efficiency. Carpeted. Draped. Air conditioner. Fenced yard. 3008 31st, rear. 7!!5-166Q. > 1-2 BR. APTS. 3-BR. TOWNHOUSES $105.$! 50 BILLS PO. New shag. Singles, couples families, students welcome; Small pet O.K. BEST VALUE IN LUBBOCK! MEMBER LAA 747-3647 SOUTHERN MANOR APARTMENTS Luxury IhlnR at Its finest. 1 bed' roan and studio type efficiency. fu|y lurnlsned. Walkinz distance from st Marys and Methodist Hosnilnls. Clofe prnvlmity (o TTU. Now com plcted and leasing. 79D-1SSO. UNIVERSITY ARMS APTS. Dlrecllj- Across from Tech & Jones Stadium — FURNISHED — Efficiencies — 1 & 3 Bedrooms * Sent You Can \ttord * All Utilities Paid * Heated Pool — Patio •* Volleyball Court — Laundry + New Oss Bar-B-Que Grills 409 University 762-8113 LA PAZ APARTMENTS 2304 5th St. 1 & 2 Bedroom FURNISHED APARTMENTS Beaulifu! landscaped pailo area, with waterfall, and pool, near Tech, 765-9804 SPACIOUS. COMFORTABLE - ftgft BARCaOHA , x APAWMENH J-I-3 IEDROOMS FURNISHED - UNFURNISHED 34!» SMi , 712-4M _MOn>E« UBOOCK «W. ASaM. 1ST ATI S HUJT MANAGIMINT orocco SHILOH, MECCA, SNOOTY ?OX • 1 Bldrobm • BeoutifyllY Furnished - Ouiet • From $145 lo 5200-BilU Paid • Shoj-Pantled - Huge Clos«ls • Convenient lo Downtown, Tf<h • Couples - Single Business - Pr»fe$sioiwls • No Pels • Mo Children • Apply I6TH 1 R S 743-U90 Aflir i PM 744-1370 or H9-7446 Put Yourself in CASA GRANDE pool surrounded by lovely trees? One look at Casa Grande's serene courtyard, and you'll be moving in! • Complete, kitchens with separate dinln; area • Huge walk-In closets • Redecorated SMlnr Propirty Miujemi»t 762-5725 1802 ! 5th WE ARE MOVING TO THE PATIO APARTMENTS The Polio emphoiizes its rec- reolionol focililies ond "bonus" conveniences. * • Gameroom with mochinas •2 Swimming pools •Ice machines •2 On-jite 1 & 2 Bedrooms Furnished t Unfurnished 3333 Toledo 795-5605 JU5!!! CUTBBT small one - refrigerated - You will-lik«:lr 1907 Avenue R - 741-3322, li BEDROOM. 1185, hills pain.- nearly new! Carpeted. 7fl2-4SSt. OW.VKR'S spacious. Uvo Bedroofri duplex. beautUully furnished,.>Ft«J£rl Provincial. All accessories IrtpjudirM?. paintings. Fully carpctetl. Lar£e la- rage and private backyard. -Uariri- scaped. Water burnished. AIL maintenance. j:>75. -iBs-IOoS, or 709-S133. TWO bedroom. 111)0 monthly -r utilities & deposit, no children or-ppOr, 1114 -15th til. 7R5-<MSO. ' "" PRIVATK. clean, furnace heat, rt-' frifferated air. carport at doer, Ons person. No pets or drinkeri. ^115 271 h. ONLY Jll>5 bills paid. 1 Bedroom. Carpeted, draped. Alr-condiUoned. Kids, pets, students O.K. A-l R.S. Reierral Service, tee, 763-563?. KUHNISHED n x 60 mobile h-ime. 2 bedroom, dishwasher. 4702 4th No. 3S. 799-K4T. THREE room duplex, private :bath. bills paid, conveniently located, 7630.">S«. 1312 16th. TWO room house, olt-street partatiz. between Tech and town. Bills paid. S70. W5-5I71. .-.( GREAT! JS7.00, bills nald. J .Bedroom. Draped. Air-conditioned, ' Students O.K. A-l R.S. Referral-Service Fee, 763-5622. TI " EFFICIENCY Apartment. Panelled. I arse closeLs. Bills paid. $95 monthly, nlus deposit. 752-5?OS. 1003 AVENUE R. Lane 3' neat f\25. .No pets-childron. 74 765-D523. TECH - 3 Bedroom. Carpet- cd, draped. Kids. pets, students O.K. S130.50. bills pa:d. A-l R.S. Referral Service, rce. 763-56!2. ONE bedroom lurnishcd apartroisnt. 3M3-B A^'enue P. Apply 1521 30th>». TECH students: takins reseffa"tlgns for His month of May at Mipth sti-cct I.v.v — 2 blocks from campus. 2301 9lh. S170 month. 7-17-9J27. manaeer. 7S2-0632. office. II no answer, 709-2152. -Vi ONLY 535. bills paldl 1 Btdroom. Students singles O.K. A-l R(S Referral Service, fee. 763-5622. NEAR Tech — Centaur Apartments — 2 bedroom — Bus route — Bill* paid — Pool — 2M3 10th. 747V5S02. 7«-3023. .-. SPACIOUS Or* bedroom, fully paneled, all electric with dishwasher, disposal, refrigerated air • healed pool ft laundry. S165 monthly. J50 ienosit. Near Town & Tec*' 19W lOth. "I ' ON'B bedroom JIOJSP. In Carlisle. JS.'j mnntllly. Rills pair]. Couples o.nly. ONE bedroom duplex, funiisK'ed, carpet, paneled, clean: 2115-B Ave. u 792-7453. "- '^ AV.ULABLE Now. Kfficlency.>-one Si two bedroom. Furnished and unfurnished apartments. Total Electric Carpeted <t Draped. Refrlzerateti Air. OFF Street Parkins. EhRIDe Apartments. 1606 Elkhart, T33-S464. Sunset Apartments. 5S01 2ii<l"StrMt. 732-94ri7. Pool It Laundry facilities at Sunset. FURSEHED 2 bed room *__„.. home, fenced, call 7-l7-73S9.»gi;jug-j KFFIOIE.NCY. Bed, sltti Kllehcn. Balh. 1718 SOth.v "" deposit. 765-5033. UARGE, nice one bedroom. -Kfecttlc huilt-ins. Olf-streef parking. >eon»*n- ient to Reese. LCC Tech. All u«n- ties.paid. 7.12-6103. JUS. PRIVATE efficiency, rarpelej ^il nald. West ISth. 793-7501. SSSiOr.S w-rkl TECH Student.! - One bedhiorti nparlments - Jl« monthly. 2WS "3rd Street • WHdon Sikes - "92-32SI ~ 2118-B BTH Street one bedroom duplex apartment, furnished. ,aH <hil> paid. tHO per month. Call Sentry Properly Management, Inc.. 762-S775. N'O Fun Apartments. !K)7 Avehfr- s. one bedroom, with fireplace .dishwasher, disposal, and jiallo. JM per month, bills paid. Call 74?-<795 or 76^-5775. Sentry Property ManaEe- ment. Inc. ONE can can open the door to » jreat aparlmem. For detnilf call Marsaret. 792-6165. '* • UNUSUALLY Spacious one hprirobm fircolacc. bar. benutilully [umi«hed. r]llict. private Adults SMALL fiirniiherl apartment for rent. 747-fri:>5. 2U3 26th. EXTRA nice bachelor's quarters, JOS bills paid. ;;ia nth. TSS.noM. Nice Mmishcd apamient. O.VB bedroom. J'-IO month.' 510 deposit, hills paid. 717-IMo. 16HI SSUi. MCE clean eara«« apartment. Csr- pcted. Garago. No pets or cnldren. Couple. Call 7S5-684.?. , , '^ 8 15TH ST. Effictency. Honed, f^irpcted. new find clA^ri f*) Plus ile^sit. Most bills paid. 7T>5- bedroom ap;ii liiuml clean - p " " 1 "- hllls p SITZANN Apnrtmems — one- bedroom — JJ40 month. Txvo bedroom ' — ?210 month. Phone 743-1741 or " CONVINCING Preslice contemporary llvlng>4,B<d- room. v . K , APPAKTMEXTS iSOJ ,\\f. P 79J-M31 MONTGLAIR Married Couples d 1 Ix-droom wllh rnflntb courtyard. Very quiet and private. . $130 8th ami Avenue R Res. Mgr. N'o. n — T65-S98« ' DeBUSK APARTMENTS 1 betlroom ............ 18.00 weekly . bedroom .......... 20.00 we«kl* Furnished 1 bedroom ............ 51.0(1 weelthr 2 bKlroom ............ ^.M weekS f. ' *'?""• sas ' wrl»" *- *• aur. paid. Convenient Downtown.T 226 NORTH SHERMAN^ 74J-35J2 ' HAPPY HOLIPAY — APARTMENTS — ; Sfflnienccs - 1 ft 2 Bedroom « Fireplaces - Panelinz - shag? Sulllm Bw — Bookcases ' ]arbace rompactors — Pnnlrifs ' Seated Poo! — Rec real ion Area '•' -aundry has steam & pry Cleaning Air Artulis it Pro'wslonils Only \ . 4lh Sf. & Toledo 7994308 - — __ ___ _ jh^. -, i PLANTATION 1-2 BR, BILLS FURN. ALL ELEC. PARriftG ABLE TV SPACIOUS' 5204 50th AT SlliF I 799-3662 Wj

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