Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1953 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, 21, 1953 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Nutwood Lctcc District Asks SI21,383 Damages from V. S. By 9, If. PAOB Telegraph tomanomfent WASHINGTON - The Nutwood Drainage and Levee District of Jersey County, Illinois, asked Congress today for $121,383 for damages sustained from operation of U. S. Gam 28, at Alton, 111. The request was mttde to the Rivera and Harbors Subtommlt* let* of the House Committee on Public Works at a hearing granted to a Nutwood delegation headed by Congressman Sid Simpson of the 20th Illinois district. Other Nutwood spokesmen were Russell Senwarz, a Jerseyvllle landowner, and Jack McDonald, attorney for the drain* •II thin without ifliibimfi! Pfif MWI PHI MI fm Mloiooi PPAPP* — j «nrf we the most remarkable sewing perform* •nee since the invention of the wwlng machine! With Pfaff Dlal-A-Stitch, you Jo»t did He uitch you went end «ewl It's so easy to learn to sew on » Plain Kemtfftbet: nmita lull rotary machine! 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The purpose of this nine-foot level, McDonald explained, was to provide a continuously navigable channel from Minneapolis to Alton. This was done by Installation of a series of 28 locks and dams be- twet?n the two great river ports, with Dam No. 26 located just above Alton. McDonald pointed out that Congress was aware, from the very beginning of the project of its potentially adverse effect on vast areas of river valley land, and had made what were thought to be adequate provisions for averting such effect. These provisions Included drainage works to supplement those al- rettdy Installed, plus; Increased pumping capacity to take care of \Vater seeping Into farm lands from water pools caused by the dams. Congress voted for the establishment of funds to be placed at the credit of the various drainage districts, with the interest from each fund to be used by the district to which it was credited, for the pay- ment of Increased drainage and pumping expenditures. The tipper Mississippi districts were satisfied with the amounts assigned to them, but the Nutwood district along the Illinois River was •not. The Upper Mississippi districts calculated that the sums offered them, with ah average Interest yield of four per cent, would-pro* vide sufficient revenue for the purpose. So they accepted the preferred settlements and signed waivers "in perpetuity" guaranteeing t h e United States Government against further claims arising from a nine-foot channel. The Nufcvood district thought the sum offered was Insufficient and refused it, since acceptance would have involved signing a "perpetuity waiver." Nutwood has therefore been paying its own costs since Installation of Dam No. 26 on August 8, of 1938, and is now seeking to recover them. Chairman Angell of Ihe Rivers and Harbors Subcommittee and Congressman Simpson were in agreement, at conclusion of today's hearing, that new legislation will he required for full payment of the Nutwood claim. Congress has provided a fund for the purpose, as previously stated, but the amount assigned to Nutwood Is only $58,750. A new appropriation of $62.633 will accordingly be required for satisfaction of the ,Nutwood claim for $121,383. Subcommittee chairman Angcll has promised to study the Nutwood case history carefully before reporting to the full Public Works Committee, and through that group to the House. Material to be studied will Include Attorney McDonald's statement, a large map of the region prepared by Congressman Simpson, verbal testimony by Simpson and Russell Schwarz, and a summary of legal action brought agaimt tnt United States hy flit Kansas City Life Insurance Co. That action resulted from damages from the U.S. Dam 28 to real estate owned by thr* company in the area. The U.S. Court of Claims found in favor of the company and its .judgment was affirmed. 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' Keehner- said Monday morning that he had been on an inspection trip in the wild life refuge Sunday wflh Federal Warden Edward Davis and there were large flocks of ihe smaller duck^ remaining in the area as the cold, inclement weather continued to hang on in the locality. There were very few mallards n evidence, Keehner reported* for his species has moved north in heir annual migration Journey. Jut the small ducks are hesitating apparently about heading too far north until spring gives more j satisfactory evidence of having re- urned. The severe gales of the past veek did considerable damngo to newly constructed nests of song and insectivorous birds. Much nest building htd itarted during tht warm days preceding tht late blizzard and such nests were almost totally blown away by the gate. Some nests had eggs in them, and these were destroyed In a major- Ity of cases. ' Cam Crush on ftt. ID ,TERSEYVILLE-Gar* driven by David Pethtel of Hardin and Har- ry Biflty ef Saturday ftvtntng on Hk If seven miles *at of fltt Durfiflge resulted but tht occupants minor injuries. _ Some 935,0001 Imfltns fit tht and" Alaska receivw! medtcil ment from the government HI Opposition to Motnrbont Bill Legislation Bill 452 which restricts pleasure boats using motors of t£n horsepower or more from operating on any lake within Illinois, except Lake Michigan, between the hours of 12 midnight and 12 noon on Saturdays, Sunday and holidays, has aroused strong opposition among boalowners and sportsmen, The bill was introduced for consideration by the stale legislature in March by Frank C. Wolf, 4046 W. 26th St., Chicago, representative from the 19th senatorial district. We asked many persons for their opinion of the bill and all were unfavorable to the proposal. A sportsman commented that the bill shows favoritism for Lake Michigan boatowners and lack o( consideration for central and downstate water recreationists. Must Be Voted Upon A boat owner said that if some persons find pleasure in sleeping late, why should they be allowed to penalize those who arise early to enjoy water sports? Many bthers^ stated slmiliar opinions. Reports are that Wolf has learned of the Bill's unpopularity, which according lo a spokesman, was suggested to him by a minority pressure group. The Bill must be read 'three times in the house of representatives, and likewise in the senate before it Is voted upon. However, a legislative member suggested that boatowners and sportsmen should write to Wolf or to Leland Kennedy, 926 Wash ington Ave., representative from this district, so that they, as well as other legislators who are unfamiliar with boating pleasures would realize that such a law Is not desired by water recreation isls. Suggestions Welcomed Legislative Bill 436, introduced to the assembly in March by Kennedy, would license all boats for hire and limit the passengers for safety precautions. Kennedy said that he will welcome suggestions or criticisms on either bill. He introduced his bill as a means of preventing boating accidents and safeguarding lives but said that he may amend the bill to include every pleasure boat. Both representatives prefer to receive their official mail at the Capitol Building, Springfield. Many Water Recreationists During the past 20 years there has been a substantial increase in enthusiastic water fans. Likewise, there has been a greater tendency among them to buy larger and faster power boats—especially in this area since Alton Lake was created A more powerful and faster boat is required for surf-board riding, water skiing, all-day picnics on islands and sandbars, distant fishing trips and other water outings. In recent years^Rnany boat clubs have been organized and many harbors built. Some clubs and harbors have waiting lists for many newcomers in water sports. Proper safety regulations are welcomed by boatowners and sportsmen but to curtail their activities is another matter. First National Bank A TRUST COMPANY In Alton Capital and Surplus $1JOO,000 Third & Bells 8tr«fttl t Alton, tUtnote MtMBBR rWimAl, OBPOSIT INSURANC1 CORPORATION America today produces onl.s 1 about two-thirds of thf lead it IISPS annually, very link- of thf nifkcl it consumes, about -10 PIT ront of the antimony nordod and loss than S pop com of I ho rion-comhiisliblo asbestos which has manw slratcgi • applications. It is believed that the first moveable type for printing was cast in Korea in 140.". fOLKS WE'VE WORKED rOR SAY THAT WE KNOW OUR BUSINESS THOROUGHLY/ Purchase! Repair! 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