Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 69
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 69

Phoenix, Arizona
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Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 69
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Page 69 article text (OCR)

To tell it like it was in America: 3 historical films To millions, the name of Irving Wallace, gnest columnist for today, is almost better known rtian even his timely successive best sellers ("The Plot." "The Prize," The Chapman Report"). The latest of these is his best - selling novel, "The Seven Minutes." which appears in paperback this month with a first printing of 2 million copies. His next book, to be published early in 1971, sounds delightful. Its timely title is "The Nympho and Other Maniacs, or The True Story of Some Scandalous and Liberated Women in Recent History." PARIS — Lately, our brave and patriotic leaders in Washington — Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John and Martha Mitchell — have been exhorting Us to stop looking at the bad side of America and to start looking at the good side. They keep telling us that it will be greater. These leaders keep telling us to look back upon our glorious past. They keep saying that our .history is something to take pride in. Well, as a novelist whose books are often made into films, I've been listening. I think live got the message. Away with the dark side of American life. Bring on the bright side. Take pride in the lives of our forefathers and foremothers. So recently I've been won- .dering how I might contribute ;to the general uplift. I've decided I could be of some help, Mf oar leaders in Washington ;would cooperate with me. ; I've had this fantasy: What if Richard Nixon, Spiro Ag,new, John and Martha Mitch;ell took over the movie industry — I mean, why not? — .and each of them agreed to 'Produce a picture about !America's happy past if I |would write it? IN MY FANTASY, they 'Would call me into an executive conference and say to ;me: ' "Mr. Wallace, we have $6 • million that Mr, Nixon saved ;by not going into the stock market. Here's the money. [Go out and make three fea- ;ture - length movies about personalities in American history. You pick the subjects. Only one condition — we want true stories that will restore, our pride in our national heritage. Tell it like it was '—andGod Bless America!" So OK, after giving it considerable thought, here are the three historical movies I'd like to make about America that would tell it like it was. First, my movie for producer-patriot Spjrp. I would call it "News Is When a Dog Bites a Man. "The true story: In 1897, 40-year-old Dr. Charles Sheldon, a pastor in Topeka, Kan., wrote a novel called "In His Steps, Or What Would Jesus Do?" This was the tale of a young minister, shocked by social conditions and behavior around him, who pledged his flock to give one year doing what Jesus would have done in all human relationships. This novel sold more than 30 million copies, exceeded only by The Bible and Dr. Spock. BECAUSE OF a fpul-up in the American copyright system, Dr. Sheldon didn't make ;a dime out of his effort. But he did gain fame. As a result, the publisher of the Topeka Capital, a daily newspaper, made Dr. Sheldon an offer. ,He told him to take over his newspaper for one week and iprove that good news and a Christ-like policy would in- 'crease circulation. Dr. Sheldon confidently accepted the challenge. Taking over the managing editor's desk in the name of Christ, Dr. Sheldon banned all liquor, cigarette and enter- .t a i n m e n t ads despite the ;groans of the business department. All news stories of scandal, vice, crime were played down. Society news was dropped. Editorials were By IRVING WALLACE Los Angeles Times Service the 1540,, 10,000 WATTS 116 GOSPEL SOUND OftiAT SOUTHWEST tWtn Oo/'/y and Si/fK/oy For Program Information CALL: 276 4241 moved to Page 1. Also, Sermon on the Mount. For the first time in newspaper history, virtue and goodwill became hot news. For two days, circulation soared. The novelty attracted re a d e r s. But only briefly. Soon it put them to sleep. By week's end. t,he experiment proved that good news is no news. And Dr. Sheldon, defeated, crept back to his pulpit. Now there is an American story for you, Spiro. Next, my movie for producer-President Richard, who asked me to call him Dick. I would call it "The Bum With the Beard." The true story: Joseph Palmer a religious man. a reformer, against slavery and liquor, came into history in 1830, when he bought a farm outside Fitchburg, Mass and moved his family there. HE CAME INTO history because he wore a beard. Since the founding of the United States 54 years earlier, no American president from George Washington on, had worn whiskers. The faces of all American males were beardless. conformist. In a clean-shaven Joseph Palmer was a non- land, he insisted upon sporting a flowing Old Testament beard. For this he suffered. In Fitchburg, even in Boston, he was jeered and people threw stones at him. When four hooligans attacked him and tried to shave his beard off, Palmer cut them up with a pocket knife.- He was thrown into the Worcester jail. • His letters from prison made men wonder: Did the Constitution say anything about cutting hair or shaving? Palmer was released from jail. An oddball hero, he was befriended by Thoreau and Emerson. When he died in 1875, he found himself vindicated. Abe Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Robert E. Lee—everyone was wearing beards. And over Palmer's grave today is a carving of his bushy face with the legend: "Persecuted for wearing the beard." Let me make one thing clear, Dick — that is a real American story for you. FINALLY, my movie for the Mitchells. Since John may be out entering rooms Without knocking, I offer my movie to Martha with the title "Women Should Be Seen Not Heard." The true story: In 1838, Victoria Claflin Woodhull was born in Homer, Ohio. She became a spiritualist, prostitute, Wall Street broker. In 1872, she ran for President of the United States against U.S. Grant. Her platform advocated free love, no death penalty, short skirts, vegetarianism, excess" profit taxes, world government, better public housing, birth control, easier divorce laws, sex education. No, she was not elected. She couldn't even vote. She was considered a nut. She was in jail on election day. There is an American story for you, Martha. Yes, Dr. Sheldon, Joseph Palmer, Victoria Woodhull all lived. They are absolute fact. As for the other persons mentioned in this column, they may be considered fictional — and any resemblance they bear to persons living or dead should be considered purely coincidental. RANGERS 10:00 HIGHWAY PATROL 10:30 WORLD IIYOND "Castle of the Living Dead" 12:00 CINEMA FIVE "BOMBARDIER" 2:60 JOHN WAYNE THIATJI "LUCKY TE.XAN." Cowboy ttrikos it rich on • gold cl*lm. 3:10 LAWMAN 4:00 COMIAT 1:00 ItUHAlE'S NAVY 1:30 CALL OF THE WIST 4:00 IUCK OWENS 4:30 Illl ANOf RfON H«yw«rd Calhoun, "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART Movies playing on Phoenix TV 10:30 a.m. (3) "Night Riders": 1963: Alma Rosa Aguire: Lawman aids a girl whose land is threatened by marauders. 10:30 a.m. (5) "Castle of. the Living Dead"; 1963; Christopher Lee, Gaia Germani: Wife of a German nobleman finds terror when she spends her first night at his ancestral home. Noon (5) "Bombardier"; 1943: Randolph Scott, Pat O'Brien: Men are trained for missions in the Flying Fortresses in raids over Japan. 12:30 p.m. (3) "Stronghold"; 1952; Zachary Scott, Arturo de Cordova: While engaged in the Civil War, there is trouble in Mexico. 2 p.m. (5) "Lucky Texan"; 1933; John Wayne, Barbara Sheldon: Cowboy strikes it rich on a gold claim and is accused of murder. VISIT TO YUGOSLAVIA BELGRADE (AP) — Premier Suleiman Demirel of Turkey will visit Yugoslavia Sept. 1-5 at the invitation of Yugoslav Premier Mitja Ribi- cic, the g o v e r n m e n t announced. 4:00 Catanooga Cats 7:00 Hot Wheel! 7:30 Hardy Boyt 8:00 Sky Hawks 8:30 George of the Jungle 9:00 Get it Together 9:30 American Bandstand 10:30 Saturday Matinee I "Night Riders" Caston Santos, Alma Rota 12:00 Pets On Parade 12:30 Saturday Matinee II "Strong Hold" Veronica Lake, Zachary Scott 2:00 WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS Grand Priir Steeplechase Motorcycle Race from Gardena, Calif, and the World Outboard Motor Boat Racing Championship from Lake Havasu City, Arizona 3:00 PGA CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF 4:30 LET'S MAKE A DEAL ' 5:00 NEWLYWED GAME 5:30 LAWRENCE WELK 6:30 ENGELBERT HUMPER- DINCK. Guests: Elke Sommer, Carl Ballantine and The Four Tops 7:30 BIG 3 CINEMA t "This Happy Feelinq" Debbie Reynolds, John Saxon 9:30 ABC WEEKEND NEWS 9:45 BIG 3 CINEMA II "Cariolanus Hero Without A Country 1 ' Gordon Scott, Alberto Lupo, Lillia Brignone 11:45 THEATRE AFTER DARK "Two And Two Make Six" George Chakiris 6 p.m. (12) "Masquerade"; 1965; Cliff Robertson, Jack Hawkins: Spy spoof about a pair of British Foreign Office emissaries who are assigned the challenging and dangerous task of kidnaping a young prince (c). 7 p.m. (21) "Bring Me the Vampire"; 1965; Charles Riquelme: To receive inheritance, heirs must spend time together in the castle of murdered benefactor. 7:30 p.m. (3) "This Happy Feeling"; 1958 Curt Jurgens, Debbie Reynolds: Comedy about a young girl who fancies herself in love with a dashing older man (c). 9:45 p.m. (3) "Coriolanus, Hero Without a Country"; Gorden Scott, Alberto Lupo. Best-of-Show: 10 p.m. (21) "The Lodger"; 1944; Merle Oberon, George Sanders: Old Couple accepts a new lodger, whom Scotland Yard suspects is Jack the Ripper, the murder terrorizing London in the early 20th century. 10:45 p.m. (3) "With a Song in My Heart"; 1952; Susan Hay ward, Rory Calhoun: The film biography of singer Jane Froman and her comeback after a near fatal air crash that left her almost completely crippled, (c). 11:30 p.m. (10) "Gunfight at Dodge City"; 1959; Julie Adams, Joe McCrae: Bat Masterson is elected sheriff and begins to rid the city of violence. 11:45 p.m. (3) "Two and Two Makes Six"; 1962; George Chakiris, Janette Scott: CITY PtMnh, Sat., Ai«. 15, am Ox The Arizona Republic 87 American airman, a girl and a motorbike encounter a simi- trio and swap partners, (c.) Midnight (12) "Heavens Above!"; 1963 Peter Sellers, Cecil Parker: Biting satire about a do-gooder clergyman who always manages to make 11:00 BASEBALL Minn. Twins vs. Boston Red Sox. 2:00 WAGON TiAIN ... 3:30 NBC SATURDAY NIGHT NIWS. 4:00 SOMETHING ELSE • . . Filmed on location in Arizona. B. J. Thomas tings "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Ht«d". Alto, The Turtles, David Houiton, and Jody MilUr. 4:30 COMEDY PLAY. HOUSE . . . Barry Nilion, Janet Blair and Roddy MeDowall ttar in a domestic farce about a young advertising executive. 5:30 ADAM 12 ... Philadelphia Eagles football star Timothy Brown ii featured. 4:00 SATUHDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES . . . "Masquerade" . . , Adventure-comedy itar- ring Cliff ftobertion and Jack Hawkini. 1:00 BARBARA McNAII SHOW . . . Tony Mir. tin, Bob Nasser, Jack Carter, Kim Sisters. 9>00 BIG VALLEY 10:90 SATURDAY NIGHT Bill Stull, Dave Fisher, joe McConntll 10:30 SATURDAY TONIGHT SHOW 12:00 MOVIE 12 ... "Hteveni Above" . . , Peter $ell»rs, l«n Ctrmichael. 11:30PM GUNFIGHT AT MD6E 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 6:00 6:30 10:00 10:30 11:30 WITH JOEL McCREA JULIE ADAMS DASTARDLY AND MUTTLEY WACKY RACES SCOOIY DOO ARCHIE COMEDY HOUR THE MONKEES PENELOPE PITSTOP . SUPERMAN JONNY QUEST •UGS BUNNY/ROADRUNNER HOUR TARZAN MAN PROM U.N.C.L.E.—"Moonglow Affair" VOYAGE TO THE IOTTOM OF THE SEA PASSPORT TO TRAVEL CIS SATURDAY EVENING NEWS WITH ROGER MUDD < MOTHERS-IN-LAW JACKIE GLEASON MY THREE SONS—A glamorous special secretary innocently enters the lives of Steve and Robbie and sets domestic crises in motion. GREEN ACRES — .Oliver unwittingly inspires his nooteryille neighbors to get an illegal payment from Internal.Revenue. PETTICOAT JUNCTION—Steve and Betty Jo have been trying to sell their cottage for months, but when the state wants to buy it and demolish it, it's « different matter. MANNIX— Mannix investigates a series of accidents at a carnival that look like attempts on the owner's life. THE SAINT—"The Persistent Patriots." The Saint plunges into blackmail and murder when he saves the life of a British Colony's Prime Minister. JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE—"The Gates of Cerberus." Judd fights for the distribution of a film exposing conditions in a mental hospital. NITELINE NEWS WITH MAX SMITH PERRY MASON—"The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece." MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE—"Gunfight at Dodge City." Bat Masterson is elected sheriff and proceeds to clean up the town. Starring Joel McCrea and Julie Adams. things difficult for his parishioners. 12:45 a.m. (5) "Invasion, U.S.A."; 1953; Dan O'Herljhy, Peggie Castle: Tells about the end of the world via atomic destruction as told by a famous hyponotist. BANKRUPT INVENTORY SALE!! 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