The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Monday, July 23, 1934
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., ,T.,."?ce".5t^-,,rrte.i;^.—..,.,.i- v ,!.'...,., "...-. "*"..",...-",.'..?.' ^-.—...:-.".-,%.-' " r x -i, r . " ""-'•" '"•w .* ~"-,- . "^ '"•"-•* i NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA^ If Y«* F«i» N*«. I, N* O* Y«wr tact By StlS o'Cfecfc, Cdi TW Nm Offic* ft o*Oock For Prompt 164«r 14ft. VOL. LX V NO; 133 Full AMociatod Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Region* I and Local News Coverage PARIS, TEXAS* MONDAY, JULY 23*1934 EIGHT PAGES HOME EDITION ESTABUSmT BIG DRAGNET SPREAD FOR HAMILTON x FEDERAL GUNS GET BILLINGER Phantom Gunman Is Killed On Streets Of Chicago As He Leaves Picture Show By WHJLIAM CONWAY <C«Jpyrl»i»t, 1934^ by Associated Pre*s,> CHICAGO, (fr) — Diiringei^s dead! -.•.••• He swaggered from a-neighborhood theatre Sunday night} into the raking Src of government guns. Too late he saw the? gleaming steel of the tmp set for him " * 1 His hand went lor his gun. Too late. Three bullets tore into j his bodv—fine in the neck, iwo in the bodv. He staggered and j f ell. " " 1 It was the end of John Dillinger, : The hour -was' 10:4'0 p. m. The place was just outside the, Biograph Theatre, a i.eighb&rnood movie at Fullerton sand Lincoln avenues, on ik€ ">{orth\vesi side, in territory where the blood of many a Chicago gangster has flowed before. Kad the climax of this bank-* — — robber-desperado-killer"s 1 f\ K7/ 1 FT) IN Rfl 10 AILLEU in DUO Three Killers Escape From Death House At Huntsville Races Have I Texas Candidates Take To Outing Groupl And Three Others Are Shot career | been prearranged it could have been no more sensational- Tbere was even an audience. loitering about the vicinity of toe theatre, drawn by the presence of .so many department. of justice agents that for a time some believed a. holdup was planned, pilUnser. his hair dyed a darker hue, tell-taJe scars on his cheek* ifted by plastic surgery. KOld-rim- spectacles rramiag his shifty hi& nose straighten <id, a. carefully groomed black moustach* Trail Ends whorls of hbr finsrertlps by acid, ssrode througb -"the lobby and sauntered do-arn the "He pass«d. apparesily recognition. Mslvis H- oliie* of the Chicago bureau or the department of justice. Purvis, seated in a parked car. moved fcis .rigrfct arm fn a casual signal. Several agents leaped forward arlistening :IT ihc ,000 In County Expense Accounts Range From $2 to $385, Re. port Reveals With, one canctidate for county judge and four for county com.-" missiorter having failed to file their second expense account, with County Clerk R. V. Harnmack. 3-a- mar county office seekers had spent more than SS.t'O'J in their campaigns. Mr. Hammack: said Busy Week Is Mapped By Aspirants As They Enter Last Lap of Campaign ; Five More Days Left Before^Election Texas candidates took t : n stump Monday in the final found j Houston Tuesday. His schedule j as five days remained for them j wiU take biro Tuesday to San An- * to tell their views. ... I tonio; "Wednesday to Houston; 1 } Two candidates for . governor j Thursday to Dallas and Friday to) planned to use airplanes in taeir f Sulphur Springs. f Monday. Kxpense accounts ranged from.. $2 to $3S5. These amounts do not include expense of havins names printed on the official JDe-aiocratic 'primary ballot. Assess- Eceats to cover cost of printing the ballots ranged from $1 for state candidates to JI25 for Sheriff C. -O- --'SheUtin who was unopposed for' reelection- Candidates who failed to file their second expense accounts according to Mr. Haun- rnack's records. Monday, include ,Vaji ; ,..J>, . .. Anderson, : J- for com missioner " Frecinct ±: Tony Bo^th, candidate for coirsnsissSoner in Precinct 4: George Terry. candidate for commissioner in. Precinct I; and ! Juhnson. candidate for com-r missionc»- sn Precinct 3. ] conference with ius advisors in i Bad Brakes Held RespOnsI- - = His schedule ble For Horror of Sunday Outing firearms and a rr'.pid and apparently successful escape from the penitentiary area In two automobiles. nd Hamilton, Joe Pa.lirrer in (BlacHiie} Thompson es- last-minute appeals for votes. James E- Ferguson, husband ol Edgar Witt, lieutenant governor, [the governor, planned t h, r'e « { planned to take off on a trip -that | speeches .in McDonald's behalf, at j would take him to AmariHo. I*ub- i L.ubbock Monday, Wednesday at j bock and San Angelo and Tuesday I Coleman and Saturday at San An- j to" Brotvnwood, Bryan and Aiistin. ! tonic, j Witt planned to spend Wednesday | V. AllrecV attorney sen- carry nis pl«a for the and Thursday in Central Texas j erai and close his campaign witU a. j <rubematorial nomination to Sous- \homecoming rally at Waco. lion Monday nig:ht. H^ planned to j €hnt Sma.Il planned to fly to | . speak Tuesdav- at Gortzales,Se-1 Beaoniont and Port Arthur Mon- ; g^^ an a ga.n \ntonio- Wednesd'av | day and, to Fort Worth Tuesday. | at cuero, HaUettsville and SehulV! from where ne will nop to.Bl l?aso \ enburg: Thursday at Galveston•! to speak Wednesday night. \ ; j C. C. McDonald had schednl-D<I*1 See TEXAS. Pag:e S. CoL T i • ! Candidates 1 See Greater OSSIXECG, X. T- • GP) — Sixteen bodies lay in the rnorgne Monday, victims of a. Sonday afternoon, on tins: tliat ended in horror and flames when a motor bus. its brakes allesetHy defective, raced over 9. 3O-foot embankment. . Twenty-tbree of the busload of once-singitts: men and women of a Brooklyn "Democratic Yoang: Peoples* Ijeajrne •were in hospitals, two of them Critically burned. Twelve of the dead died in flames, caught in a, death trap •when doors and -windows of the bos -were jammed and Crashed in the crasli on the Xew. YorTc Central railroad tracks, at the foot of the em- " At Liberty " *nci or the trail lor John er. America's Xo. 1 public ^ enemy, came Sunday nigrht as the p«.nses including; the mask. of. insolence • ba,dman t«-ho had , boen sought • nations. eling expenses, stationery and I printing, newspaper and other ad-1 vertisinjji telegraph and telephone tolls, tEjpSoyiaent of clerks and st<.-no£ra.piierE, postage, procurins lisiii 't>* voters, a^id incidental ex- reats" aad ^io- fice Enter Last^ Lap of Contests and Current; Tax Collections Alike | r Large Gains i dropped from the phantom free- f booter's countenance. He darted j into an aiJey. reaching for a pis- j 'oi for a due? to the death. As he lid so, a five-shot, fusillade cut .titn down. Three of the tml!ets *tr«ck him. Two missed thefr mark whizzed into the terrified near the tbeatrc. of t-^o 'With Itss thaji a. week in which candidates may press their claims for office, the first meeting in _ , . „ . _ . _ , ,- , .- i Paris will be held Monday night ce ne fled the t-rowu Point, In-J Total expenses hsted l/y caxtdi-i ^ jail with the aid of a wood- j dates filling secvnd accounts aritii | at S Q n h a m Street Method far en sun, was. felled by a g-un in the j Mr, wfcich cover all «x- | caurch. Speeches will be niade by ."With collections of delinquent; iaoc accounts in I^amar county for} the year closing July I surpassing; all previous records and current j ticc collection showing aa ; --^The ous. one oC a earaxa-a en route to a Sins? Slnjr^peni- tentiary. careened "down Main street hOJ aiid shot over the ramp embankment at the railroad, station plaza, into a lumber yard below. District Attorney Frank H- Coyne seh&ecl four ot the seven buses which had transported the 2SO merrymakers to Ossining. terming them "junk" and "deatli contraptions-" The driver of tbe bus, Frank Imperator. 3S. -vvas killed. It \vas estimated that more than 40 persons were in it for the drive to Ossinins:. of an unnan^ed federal op-1 penses to Juiy are or ulniost S10.000. it is probable » that the proposed county bad£et» erative as he strolled from a Chi- cagro theatre. His death put an end to one phase of perhaps th« most intense miinbuist ever launched by Ibe, Usiited States szovernmetat, but the hunt for others of his gang will go on relentlesssly, Eovernmei:- tal outhoritics have announced. This does noi incluue assessments 5 OJ nsore than SI.SO'J for printir.e |" ih« o: , jthree candidates tor count-v jud=e J J - include tlic f< J. ii. Braswell, SIS.47 traveiins ". A. Martir Sraswell. county attorney: > r aii L>. Anderson. fonuer .Candidates ft»r county at- 5 who are scheduled to talk M I?* incri * • i Collections of delinquent taxes-""- i- county expendittires to se-2 som.ewhat nex: year. { o Jiily i. i?S4 totalled S40.907.04.] according to records in the office j of John S. Baker, county auditor, f recorcs Frazier Long Held In Paris | eaped from the death house Stsa- I day and fled to freedom. Cnarley | Frazier and Roy Johnson. life f termers, were wounded by the fire i of sruards, Fraxier seriously. "W. J. , (Whltey) Walker, notorious .life| term bank robber, was 'fcOied. 1 Peace officers throughout South I Texas • sniarded highways on th* [ possibility that the fleeing trio j miffht come their way, toward \ Mexico. Even in North Texas, t&e j haunt of Kamtiton. heavily arm^d I officers maintained vigil. Along the | Mexican border Texas rangers | Nevertheless, reports of .tb« i slgrhiliisr of the fugitives were few { and "unverified. Officers ^ere in- j-vestisratius: . tips that they .might e been seen In Houston. Fort ana San Antonio and , m points IB Bast Te-cas.- e; Simmons, manager of' tfee prison system, amiO'ajieed a ;rh investigation v,-onld k b-a s.t once, but said a preliminary check had revealed no "O? course, it .roes without say- Raymond Sarailton Texas youtn- ing- that the men had outside aid j fnl desperaiio^-fStniGay afternoon j arsd that mere 5:1:1x5 v,-ere readv f or {made good bis second escape in [ them in the waiting automobiles." i recent irionths from the state peni- j Simmons said. Kuntsville when he ! - Eac n of the cars waitis* for | scaled "the walls" with two com- ; the ^^ »., d a m&n driver ka*-a [panions. Hamilton long has been } ^ oman was ir! one of them Some| a source of much trouble to Tex- ) ^ her e down the road th<?v picked 1 as !a.w enforcement ofiicials as j rr p another -vonian." | w-Il as to those in several other | w , A. Paddock^ chairman of the } states of the southwest- Monday | Texas prison board, and W. R, 'T>tr- [his trail was b^eir.§r sought by of-| laney. s. member, left Houston for I ficers all ever xexas an-2 ever;-' pos- j Huntsville to participate In the ia- j sible avenue of escape \vas beinj ; vesLication. I Batched. < -w e don't know a thin ' " the ^SC.XT^"? 'hft :nfan»o«» fugitive ^; the pa vcTni^n' iu it j», TJs«rc a tense silence, the scores of horritted wlt- i;». th*s aprc-nts. two Chicago de- a.nd five ofGcers from Ka. 1 ^ »7hScB|ro, Indians*, rushed •forwsrd. A cordon. w»s thrown about the tH>dy. The curious were herded away, despite th«rir cforts to crowd closer for a glance at th« broken j^nsat«r. KcrJc rays of biinttinsr | wisirqtt«e l»r«!?« flickered ov«r his | srn*y vj.««ce. Dark !»plotch«K! spread ] ov<?r the brc-rtd expanse of his ?ilk t r-hlrt and natty tir and soiled his 5 • lanjEicl tr*u. % «.*t-.v «nd white sports shof*. Sirens' shrinked and alarm hefia clanged as a patrol wagon, an arn- butane* end a n«mS>«r of police Dillinger Tip Secret But Official Credit For Deadly Climax Goes to PoBce ' advertising, totai C. A, Martin, $S1,5 avelitiiC expense; ? printing '. JS^l n other advertis-ias;; ; tne pre- Mrs, Mary Jonee* sitationerj- KS J~ stationery >a.p«r and $3.ii in- i expense; on, Herbert Jones and Frank D, \Vear. Caadidates for { vfoes year. county school superintendent will ( The "increase in current tax col- also S*j on the prosran: for talts. lections makes a ^ood record for These are Mrs. Mary Jones Uad- KTIP^TI ed Huntsville Break Had Operated Around Paris Boy Dies Of about t we anu CHICAGO. sVPV — Th* tip thai brousrht death to John DilUnser was o'ficiaHy a. secret Monday— but the credit went to the Ka*t Chicago (lnd,> police. M*5%-in H. Purvis, Chicago ageni cars raced ap. Mrs- M«tta for the d«pa.rtment of justice, said Natalsky and Miss Theresa paulus « both is o«nd«tJ In the I<Mf, wore carried to the ambulance. EH!!in?:«>r, tor*«t.hinE. sn the and by the furore, swarmed ap by hundreds. BurJy opened narrow avonoes the thronier* and th^ wnarte-d fJc to firet the injure! to the nearest infirrnari«!, The «vehicl« Alvxlm.n transporting th* mad* for the He di«»<! PHANTOM. :. Col Will Rogers SANTA MONICA. Calif.— Onft of th« funniest ancles to the. «trik«r in San Francisco, bar tender* h*d out of work for 14 years, ix^en !«icV in for six months, th*"n called o«t again. workinir and mtaeetl alt th« lunches they gave my friend Jtm Farley. Everybody in the statf. but Baby L«,Roy la running for governor, so Jim endorwe*! L*Roy. H* Arrived nt -I o'clock In the mornSnsr. an unearthly Hoxir. But in »»it« of thnt th*r» wa« 20tt men there, everybody « n>»Jl;tcr. It's a mighty poor town that J!rn ir. hasn't jcot «n« ataunch Tourw, W1LJU could not disclose the name of the irsforrnant, eiisrsble to receive more than Jl 5.000 in rewards. Kobert A. EstlH. I^ake countj (Ind.) prosetrutor. was or.?e who gave the credit to the East Chicago police, who were present at the slaying:. Police Capt, Tim O'Neal! of the ICast Chicago force and thre« of hi* men wero in Purvis' of*ic« when the squad» dashed out to the neighborhood theatre where I>iJ- linger met his end. Accompanying O'Ne-aU Mrs, Mary $277.^0 Including $7i traveling expense; 113,30 cards and stationery; *77 newspaper a.aU other a-iver- tisiTig:; *i incidental expense; and ^T.iV t'..»r a voters* isst, J. CJ. Brunson; $34?.Sl» Jnclud- and printing: a.ud stationery: $!20.ii 'vr newspaper and JUS print- x-ertlsini:: and telegraph or $it» travtliKu expense; ing an4 jjiationer;-; ^ p;ip^r and other adx-e *" for telephone. Walter Turman $S^i s S^4 traveling: expense; $130 printins: <*nd stationery; S131 newspaper a.nU other aJx-ertisias; and J23 tor telephone, telegraph or Charlie Dxig*«r. S3IC including trsvellns expense; $120 ^ and stationery; $32 news- i.vaj>*T and oth«r advertising. M. ix fclmenson, ?25».C5 includ- irt*: $15.40 traveling exp«nse: 5J^>.li printing »« dstattoisery; S*nreani» Walter Conxvay. Martin } §i»5 n«wspaper »nd other adv^rtis- Xarkovick. and Gl*n Stretch. ] u ^; and $1».50 telephone, tele- "They h»d jh« information." I graph or postage. w«r* ; said E*till. "They Had be*n working on th« BilJinsrcr caw since h* ei»cap«d from th« Crown Point 3»i? on M*rch S." Purvis jn»id, **GIvif« plenty of cr<s!it to the*« K«»t Chi«»ffO boy«." Grady ia- T\'f»HOII> FOLLOWS FLOODS WARSAW, v^r},—Outbreaks o Poland wer» reported Monday a» •«*t«r was polluted *nd nearly ctsding $rT. travelir.g expense; $25 1-rintins and stationery; J74 newspaper and other advertising; and $&.S$ incidental expense itsclud* drinks, c^ns and donations. Herbert Jones. $70 including 514 traveling expense, $2$ say. incumbent, airs. Mary Maisess Pierce, J. G. Brcnson. XValter Tur- tnan. Chariie !>ug§;eT aud P. "L. Chisn\. R. 1~. Tl^.ttin-!ore. Jr.. district clerk, and A. M. Aikin. state i representatjx-e. 5x>tJi unopposed for reelection, are alternating *»s chairman of the cattdidates" roundups. - Monday night belns: the first siseeting: to be held in Pa.'-is and indications of increasirss: interest in al} county political can^paigns. th«> largest crowd of the season is expected at the meeting:. There is plenty of room on the church lawn where the nieetfns: will 2>e held, and everyone is invited t" attend. In addition to canfUdates •* h-> will pr*ss thesr claim* from the speakinj: platform, all otfcer coun- Sc« KOtrrCDtJp, Pas^ S. Co?. * the county l>ecau» of the fact that valuations curing the s decreased Charley Frazier (E'-drid^c John- } Valliailt Youtll Fractures son), who engineered the Sunday j JV^ When He Strikes roTn ?-J;r.9->o^»2 to S±2,-* afternoon escape of tiav-nond | T> , T TV. . i Hamilton. Joe Palmer and "Black- j ±VOCk in JJlVLQg h assessed property { i-e" Thompson from the Texas i valuations have steadily decreased (state prison at Kuntsville, was a| James Moore MeKinney of Val•dorins: the last five years witb a '• "tnode!" prisoner while held in | hant, Okla^ died at the Sar.itar- correspondinj- decrease in incoroe. | Paris jail several xveeks after his i i^ra of Paris about $ o'clock on coant> - expenditures have been { capture in Red River county. A!- j Sunday evening, his neck having kept within the income, according f though kept in solitary confis-5- j been fractured and his brain into iir. Baker's records- There was; nierrt here, Frasier gave no trou—j jured when he struck s rt?ck a ba.lance :n all funcs at the close; bl« and when rra«sferred to [while diving In a strea:u near his of the period ending July I. all j Ciarksville for trial from here, ex- • home Saturday afternoon. g funds were at par and aJ! \ pressed his appreciation for good [ The IT year o!<2 youth suffered c' interest and principal j treatment accorded him here, l no izrtme«ii3tw effects from the i«on county indebtedness had V**>3 ! Hovrever. Fra^uer who "was per- | 7 UI -v and it was not unt'l i?u:ida.v met. I haps fatally Bounded Sunday aft- ! ^no*'r: ; n. J>elinq«*nt c^!I-*ct'o*!«= were lars-- ' «ruoon and recaptured, was de- j er during the last year than ev^ 1 ^crfc«^ ^ Prison authorities as j Iwfor*', ibonsrh during the year ;• oae OI the mcst J nc o^«5^J« pris-[ endinc July i. u*32 a'wta! of jss.-i 03 *™ 1 {n H «^^ v J"e prison. He was j agro in an i collected. Current co!- hat paralysis set in and he became unconscious. iun> about ^ o'clock Sunday afternoon, when, examination reveal- reak from the same Li ininates of ther than K- F-crsruson. husband- of commented "It's tt.'*"> bad tha.t those : prisoners e^t-ar-ed; the governor just sp-?rst S30 1 '- In specittl prwseca: tic-n or Haniikou and Palmer." j Hamilton and Paim'.-r were • cror.r«s of Clyde Barro*v and So-n; ni-e Parker, desperadoes recently - '^^ *>.- -\ *i ^r* ^—i»- "VTI j^-*" - * ; i?i eonnect-i'-'ii with their e=seaj>c : ago. in ^ hich. a guard was killed.. -• \Vh*t!i-?r Hamiiton. Blackie ; Thozjipsur! an<: Jt»e Palmer drove i 1 0'? or 5'.'*> 7i?i:es before wits : not knv'-vn 10 officers, f'<r. in th*; past. Kainitton and ass-oeiated i speed stolf n. cars to put themselves i in isolated refuges. I Probability that the fugitives ! nucht have passed through. Kous; ion shc-rx!y after »*scaping from \ The prise>j> -.vas studied after H. M, I I>ry. of Houston. n<vt:!wd police : that a car he believed to con- Elaborate Plans Made For August Farm Trades Day After leading: ^ ««««. TO ^. ti « } nooa> Th ^ feriv state prison farm at j ^ a ^_ . .*.>,* La., la & sensational es- j 1 -""" cape in xvhich, he received- a seri- [ ous leg: viroand. Frazier and Dallas [ _ ~ Hunter robbed fwo stores at I>e- | ^ alter port and kidnaped Clyde Barbara. I nisrht •watchman, and a passerby, j ' ! ec the seriousness of [ The body was later returned to : ta:n the d ^ peradoes col lifi*d wit j \aiaaiit for burial Monday after- : K;< rich school s:u- >f Mr. and Mrs, s afternoo a .Drv ; at the tim*: of th-s accident but I when he saw pictur*,s- of the fagri: :.:ves irs a newspaper he recognized | che driver of the car as Slacfcie rw-ak* peaKa- stationery; and $-S newspaper and other adv«rti^S!\jf. i Frank JX Wear. J322.10 including J2$,95 traveUns; expense; f 104,35 printing ant! stationery: ' Elaborate Town Carnica.]'' to b^ 1 held in connection; with the August Farmers Sal««s and Trades I>ay, ore b«-'.ns: mad« by members of the Chamber of Commerce and th« R^taiiers division of that organization. One of the feature attractions xvi'u be th* high-wire • wa!K by th^ famous Bunny r>ryden« v-alkJng and performing: stunts on a wire stretched from the First National Bank tcv th« S-ib*rty Xational Bank several tinnes during: the day. At nisrht >.<< wiJl walk the \vtr«! with a torch ir> cotnnaerce officials, "Cominj: :n contact with floods. $51,,6$ ntwwpap*r and other »d- {xcorkud out, but the committee tet««- ! oha.rsr« expects to mj*.R« IT the b?«t and I attraction o? th* summer for Tarts. d«attitut« The threat of *n epidemic j v<rtl»ing $1& for vow UM; throughout the flood ar«>« ouu«ed j j.honr, t^l^srraph. postau*. Apprehension whil« Warsaw aw»it- typewriter r«nt, $»4.2&: and fSl ftd with fear a fourth flood crest i ^e^x M^ inovinc from Crwcow down the 1 — - ~. — ~, rtver. f S«« l<ac««. Dt«c *, CoL * his* hand. The "home town carnival" is a. n«w feature *nd is expected to dr*w a larjte crowd. Full details of th* carnival have not been in T, B, Resell chairman of the program committee for the K«tail- co- releasing them near Paris, Th* i 5 pair, -with four woTnen were cap- ! tfco t tur«d several days later in Red ; farmers as I do, I think I know Kiver county and brou.srht here for I \Vccd^ard. candidate for j ey seaeral cf Texas, will j »ak in Paris WecS-ne-sday even- ! how they feel toward Fariirers: Trades !>ay," Jarnes. M. Caviness,! cashier of the First National Bank, j o'clock, he said in a tele- said at a ir.eetin«r Monday mom- inir. "They appreciate this day set aside for them and it seems to me every business man should en- of robbery with firear>r*s. They wer« taken from here to Clarksville and 3at*r to Crockett, beinsr given long: prison terrcs ait each place. support th* day and J 1-oot taken froro the Export hr.prove and en'sarsre it frorre month | storeai. includins grans and clcth- tn snonth." h* sa:d. Mr. Cax-iness s Jnsr, was recov«r*d in the hill coun- alao called attention to the fac'ttry ot Southeast that reports from throasrhoat Tex as and adjacent stat««s yhows Lamar and a few counties here in North-east T^xas to be in the b*5t snaps of any. do not seem to appreciate Frazier and Hunter were! in « lonsr prison terms in charsres P^one conversation Sunday even- j See FKKK. Pas:-? S, C«>L 3 WEATHER ins from h:s Dallas hotel, where f Ho * ^'*at«^«" **•* relented i he spent the day resting- Mr. f what m Pans d ^ f ^S the ias Woodward is making his first a p^ ]<lays^.Since Thursday wh*r* «, r&c- pearance in this section since th« eampaist* started, having re-arranged his itinerary in order to visit this section. He will speak at j Bonham Monday afternoon and in f c»rd hisrh mark for the season ot 105 d«a^e«« was reached. the maximum has not pajssed 10O de- gnrees, thotisrh rher« is little mor» indication of rain. Friday's high « - {Easletown where the desperadoes how fortunate we aro ;*<» compared to other sections .tnd we are tak- ir.|r no H Cavineiss said. ge of this fact Mr. operation with th« Chamber or Monday ix»yrnin» S, Ormand, chairman ot the at the me«tir»s Oklahoma near j Greenville Monday eveains. The \ *>* Ieo d*snre« was followed t>y a \ will take place on the I maximum of S7 for Saturday a.»d had a hid--out, ! west side of the plaza, beginning J 9S for ?«sday. Saturday** low was Fraxier, born and reared near | promptly at S o'clock. Mr. Wood-!. 74 decrees and that of Sundas CUirlcsville. had escaped from the j wwd ^i" *>« introdticed by Judge was 7 V. d *£T?f*. __ ^_ . ^_ Arkmcsas state prison before stas E L. Mayers. | EAST TEX AS: Partly ctoiMtj ingr the br*ak from the Angola [ j to o«se«*«l Motwlay n*^ht «mi farm. He has a long record as a j TO REPLACE BCIU>ING j Tncsday. moderate v*rt«t>I« wtiwf» crlmhoal and is regarded as one off CORSICANA. (^.—H*h^,bilJta- j On the most dangerous desperadoes j tion plans were launched Monday ' ' ' ~ — - - tor th ^ Hardy-Peck bulldi»ff in of th» Southwest. He is cool under «Te and is saM to kill deliber- #«« FRAZUCR. Col. t OKLAHOMA: Partly dto«4r ntght ami the heart of Corslt^tca'a business j So«*r»rf»at district after the, *tructiir» was I tton-'T»<» by a fir* of und«terrQiued

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