The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 25. 1932^ THKJSB H CAJILE !ENB« argely Attended Annual Affair Held In Frederick. AME OFFICERS, DIRECTORS: "-he -x*:e av - and n.e«:^S 75 members from a.S ?nckc the aimualwim- of the Maryland State Ai=oc .aucn in the ard Gr?i room «-- the Fracc.s J,I ~ c f"-W T.-C--- a;id most mteres'.^is · .,, I- , t. -ji',J f,^r · 0^^*155 -r*e a£iS5Jl^.iO" I-ao or-u -\*W ~ -el-s and brougr.t usgetfe-i aia breeders of Kol-. ·-e- ftsnrsjcrg, near lliccle- j ""·s-te-"- pr-j-ced Alter tse -cp-^-a o' the nuuutss of the last ^-C-.T re2 d"bv tr.i secretary. Dr. A j 55-1 Ba i^r-^re. a repor" »as aaace :nV treasurrr Jolm M Denn^. Jr..! au"i:o-'' cour'i. s-i-\.i^S a balance of Th' 120 44 srer e^:eises incurred dur- ' --\vby \\e-e then niaae by L- W ghan: professor or Animal Euaban- itrnswn Ser.rce. Uni\ers.ty of GC. Ecgar M Geriach. assistant LIBRARY MEETING HELD a' -.· .i.ou.or. o! j .(.'4 to4.!o. 1-o-n t l.ic Prvsiiien'. s ^ '·' '.itlini cur,-., NUr, i Ihc n x *»· J^TM^ Ncminatws Committee Named lo Sc- 'dill.- tircu ation d-r a., : v -c month ' · » Du'x: s V".- :N.' '. % '.Ji! -^"^ lect Ofliwrx. j , -. * ,, ,, 1 .10:1 » « · ···' ] - » · A nooLJia'-ri roaix. ::«c »^s sp- .·.a iti\:. 198 , 1 t v-c:iv::a -i-:N or» i'.c 3i r-o* -re. :.· -. ·-'- officer$ for :-· «:i*.i-: s ··«*-· -i- ' -o r-s- 21 -a...-. -: Mi- b u-ar : " ' "" c' 12 o.Trr '. tc h.m u x c Mift rcnci" jn prime ,robk - ms In th" most member of tne new gowmment domcsti · a:id iUiar.ciai iU'Utt since a swing to the left in the elec- l\e veteran l.b-rjl ^talesman has t.on rf a ne» Chamber cl Deputies btui expected t, fUuro a» a lore ' «a\e his party dominant strength. Ui..V ol . Bertni "Ira- ^.-i-ra i: Mr- Bia. J - a: a Mrs F-.»IU.» K CALLS HERRIOT ' T.-ie cox='.' y- ».. -w-trn-.e-d iNr Ukclx To Be Depilated -Vs. Next ,el«t.:ii ?' '-- r»e» ;Jir^.c-b ar-- »i. mlff ^j fran,.^. be hf.d .n Se?.e"r.o-"- ^.,i.^r.aV"d -\ i' A* tie Esee'j.-: Mo:ic» o\e"..r.r M ss Aii as :ir^ Jdirv X**man .-srir-aa r«-r-ea a »- STre-v.i cas-·» GRADUATION GIFTS That Bring-Smiles Make Him Or Her Your Lasting Friend With A Gift From This List r3.~ 3 i -AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE' | ' T FIBE TBEFT FEOPtKTV OAMAGb UABIUT1 c| READ THE 510KV. THEN COLOR THE PICTITKE ·3 f KX»K* »·»·-· · -- --·- i l l ! I } HELFENSTEIN_£URiNER £ · that s_:tb |per\ sh- J . . or U. S nrcbauon system. r-cr. M Cr^sev. Sa'.em. f:°l- repre=tr.'-3t:\e of the Na- e^t-Fr-esian Association; Barker, dajr:-- speciaUss., , ^^j S ^ e -e c"~ojs i·ae'U saij our !i"I« cleanup sons TV.'.'. voa oon» :a call on u*'' *a-d ··-·· you eieryt.ur;g s*.co3! l~jL\e r_cc Hurra.'" Doncy, me We 11 hstea Q--1« mr -.oices ring." ' Oh, ie ar* glad to nieet ne-sr fnescs. Our search for =e»' ones never ends.' store ttens,on Semce. Un»ers.ty o: Mary- D H VanPeit. represenuig - . l-rr ca-t'e"'oods Mr Insham spoke-no^r. we T^es »·,, join o. ·-T,1-V,!-;. he-d a; the University , worked before ana car. aga-r.. SfrrTinV^r-d cescribed successful' handy. ne^«r .'car' enmectal vori there ?Jr. Ger- - * feh'uxik for h-s Jbeme. 'Why Proba- \3E. is a. Faille." Aaiang his reasons ;re t^at people substitute emotions ief '-n 'the efficacy of punishment, e ciscct-r-ted par^limeiic and said re- Jts were ota-ned through intelUgen'- m'jig \ ;th these vrho consniit Trroag. Mr. Cr^sev called attention to the ariona! Holstem convention ui Madi- - Gee, in a- psr-s of t.-.e ^ s...^*.,.^ * e:e 3 ; a d to do the ; naie i»en tling tnat Duncv asked them to Tr.ey promptly started singing ani t.ieir soi.3 ^as very cute. They sans. 'We are the S;ruo-a-dubs Oar job is one of scraoes and nibs Whenexer thinzs neea" cleaning, to this \ery thing *e We-.e S ;oot \\Vrc · we »ash the xindows. ciean tnc 3:o^ in ha'^ses and in great b.; s'o-es \Ve send tne d-jst arunnms. so tsai "Wei!, than'i }O^," said the funny -.ervtnijig can shine. We al'iajs ha\« "" " " . . , - . and. frankly./ when car 'ou see Ti-ork is done we're always sure mat eierj thins ·**'"· e tcoried on looks just said Scouty »ide world ; "3u". come. ?1 the inmss you co I Jia'.e no CO-JD-. that you are kept real o-isj in tr.e spnngtujie o* the jear. "II you haie an;, thing to do mop, ' but ire are tired anc planned to a ; o; O f f-^n sxi? and take a l_tt!« res* vre need one no-s and th«n. -We all wili Sop -roond a: ease and fire " take a nice nap we please (To be cant j»u*d ) h ice n2u .A c ^.--*^^ ^^-^. · ---then. ie vrill be" ready to" go bici to _ ^copyright. 1932. NBA Ser-.'ire In.- , work again Another shouted. · If you bo;.s can m XV^. seginn-ri3 June 1, and re- anmendid thas the delegates from; us county inform the local association I the aroceecings at z meeting after stand what you may tnmk is noise. ^-. the next story) Times help the Scrab-a-dubs ECONOMIES EFFECTED Held Without Bail. Toxsqr-- Md.- May 21 --Charged Trith »e 3-oceecmg5 at a mcci.iAii a*.^- i · *^^ murder of John A Smith. Jr. on "return. He said this meeting rep- Methodists Discontinue Six Foreign one year more of success and City. X J. May 24 --Despite oav opposition the Metnedist. conference to- . e ... day ordered further retrenchments the interest of econocnj. a _. A 16-per cent, reduction in the Ep:s- , DV copal salaries and S3.CM30 slasn ^. tne amounE Me'nodism contributes an- Federa! Council of Uter prospects for the fuuure in the (olsteis cattle indostry. ge stressed le imDOrtance of herd testing and satd permanency of the Eo!ste.n breed *u. been definitely estabbshed. .Mr Barker stated that, the members luld be proud of Lae record made by e Marvknei Ass-iation during _ the £t year The success, he added, is _ie "larsely to the co-operation of lembers srld breeders. He urged more ition bo paid to herd -mprovement making ready for the marker _u.^j he said ^ bound to improve. le said herd testing had increased trills the year and that but four were ahead of Maryland in this hportaat work of the industry. Mr. knPe!t said there was never a better ·ne for breeders to advance more I pidly and cheaper. He recormnend- " that breeders cull thexr herds and M.m. only good producers. Dr. Bell i-.e a report cf tfce act-vities of the soclauca curing the past year and r. Shoexcaker called attention to tne inuai consignmenD sale, under tne isplces of the Frederick county asso- atton at the Fair grounds today He .id the best, catie tha: could be ob- ^.·=0 had been i^ted for the sale, -in begin at 11 o'clock this orrmg. The following off.cers were elected r the er^umg year^ Pres.dent, Mr. emsbers: vice-pres:aeni;. Paul Misner. Lcott City, secretary, Howard C. irker. Laurel, and treasurer. Dr. Ar- ur I Bell. Baltimore The foEoCTng three directors were ected to serve for three years: John Denn-s Jr. F.iderwoc, Baltimore ^.r,y Thomas C. KeEy, C5ermaa- wn. and Wilham R. Witungbam, Icncoe. Tr_e holdover directors. John jesting. Earford rounty. Louis Rey- }!ds, Cecjl county; Ralph Walker, ontgomerr counry, Stanley Sutlon, en; ccunty. S. C. Davis CarroU coun- acd Roger L Dace, Fredenck coun- Appropnate resolu.ions were adopt- tie centre of the late A C. Mc,,--^. a. prominent and well-known ember ci tne association whose death icurred recently. The nominaUig imrmttee wh.c.1 recornmended the -- officers "s-as. W.I jam R W.tJ-ng- Km Ralph Walker. A. H Derr. Grsn- jt Hiobard and Haney Houck. ·be corner and meetuiS 'K'as ui ses- f_. _ ^.^..v A-DU- l.t/UUO Language Publications. a lonely road in upper Baltimore caun- ·y Monday night Clarence Krete and ' Ralph Krebs. his son. were he:d ·» ith- by Ma^strate WilLam T police court tomgn:. The ,,._,, were ordered taken to tr.e Baltimore county jail to awai: action jury ,. Anderson, state's attor- ne would seei to ha\e jurj. Ja:nes c Churches in America w^re the iv.o ma- . ^f-^adj^^i ° "recalled ior steps. The^ adspt-oc provoiea pro- . - . ,,,.-.,,,,,.,. u jr steps. The-r adspt-oc provoked pro- ^'J lest that the conference -was carrying " its economy mo-emsnt too far The committee of sis fore.jti language p-jbbcat.or^ was o: tinned because financ^l ; cessitated^ curtailed of church orgamzat-ons j. Jo _ a qmck WalkersviUe Alumni To Meet. _ _ The Alumni Association of Walkers- trnued "because financ^l strinzencv =?- · · Jle high school will meet hi the school ^:e Thursday n^gnt at S o'clock to elect o£- -ie l.cers and make arrangements for the committee was ccnne-ed. annual banquet and reun»n. /"or . . GRADUATE Underwood or Remington Typewriter Eastman Kodaks and Films Conklin Pens and Pencils Box Crane's Stationery Book for Her or Him Pocket Book or Card Case Leather* Brief Case Majestic or Atwater Kent Radios Shipley LEONARD ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS EXPERT RADIO SERVICE--ALL MAKES COATS DRESSES BLOUSES SILK HOSIERY STEP-INS SLIPS TEDDIES GOWNS DANCE SETS FOR HER BRASSIERES 3-IN ONE SLIPS COSTUME JEWELRY NECKLACES COMPACTS BRACELETS BEADED BAGS BRIDGE SETS PAJAMAS CIGARETTE CASES SWEATERS BERETS UMBRELLA HAND BAGS GLOVES LACE COLLARS CARD TABLE COVERS SILK SCARFS VANITY SETS BUREAU SCARFS EAR-RINGS AND NECKLACE SETS CHIFFON HANDKERCHIEFS MANY OTHER ITEMS NOT MENTIONED GIFTS NICELY BOXED SHIRTS TIES TIE RETAINERS PAJAMAS BILL FOLDS SOFT COLLAR FASTENERS GARTER AND SUSPENDER SETS FOR HIM CARD CASES B. V. D. 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