The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 26, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 2
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t S : » 1; i* 6 PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY. JANUARY 20. 1948 The Daily, Register (EiUbllihefl JW9 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor, and Manager. Will the Third Time Prove the Charm? .Entered,as second class matter »t,the post office at.Harrisburg, Illinois, under, act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, , - S5.00 per year' in advance; $1.50 .Jfor three" months. Outside Saline iand adjoining counties, $7.00 per 5year;/$2.00 for three months; 75 ! cents per month. ' The Daily Register is a private business institution. The manage- j ment reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance 1 or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. HWMfiEOLO KP INlftl* BOONS BIBfcE.VTHOUGHT FOR TODAY -·-Envy'no one. Rather" claim all 'that- is 'our own and within your j reach!--Luke 6:35: "Your reward shall be great, and ye shall be sons o'f the most high." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY ' . Jan. 2G. To Preach and Lead.-Matthew .4:12-22. " ' ,, The,Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. ''Blessing on the Day I found Tru-Aid"-Heri Rheumatic Pains End? One'lady recently took TRU- AID three days and said afterward , that she never would have believ-; ed such a "wonder medicine" ex- j isted'. She says she couldn't raise j hjer* left arm more than a few i inches. Rheumatic pains afflicted the muscles of her shoulder and arm. She could hardly move the fingers on her left hand. Now this lady's rheumatic pains are j gone since she got TRU-AID and she says she can use her left arm as well as her right, in fact she says she simply blesses the day she got this medicine and she feels like an altogether different woman. TRU-AID is the new liquid formula containing three valuable medical ingredients. These Three Great Medicines, all blended into one, go right to the very cause of rheumatic and neuritic aches and pains. J.liserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go OB suffering! Get TRU-AID. Sold by All Drug Stores here in Harris- burgl ly » f t t W f l A R S O N 1WKW PEAKSON Says: Genci al .Motors-Mellon alliance stymies little business; Urewstcr turn.-, tables on Tobey: Atom w o r t h proves weighty problem. WASHINGTON. -- Small manu- 'factuiers. at their \\tts' end for lack of steel and blaming their woes on the black market, should take a look at the now board of directuis of General Motors. It might help them to understand \\hm- all the steel is going. What happened was that General .Motors recently elected Rich- aid Mellon, of the famous Mellon family, to its board of directors, i There was an interesting reason for this. General Motors manufactured the staggering total of J5.{58 passenger cars and trucks lat year--nearly half of all the automobiles produced in the entire U. S. A.. Obviously. General Motors had plenty of steel or it could not iij\e hit this record production. But apparently it wants more. For Richard Mellon and family are the bmuest stockholders in Bethlehem' 'o leave the realm of Mussolini, and all except Amaldi succeeded in reach ing the United States where they again applied for a patent on Oct :, 1935. It was finally granted July 2. 1940. As early as 1937. Giannini tried to form "a company to produce isotopes, but couldn't find a backer. Later. Fermi joined the U. S. Army's Manhattan group which produced the atomic bomb, and eventually it turned out that their patent, which no one would back in 1937. formed the basis for the bomb which astounded the world at Hiroshima. At that time the Army approached the Italians and offered to buy their patent. But before negotiations were completed. Congress the XlcMahon act, turning all authority over to the Atomic j Commission and cxpro- all atomic patents. The plans U. of 1. Cautions Business Against High Inventories CHAMPAIGN, 111.. Jan. 20.--U.R --The Bureau of Economic and Uusiiiess Kcsearcii at tlie University of Illinois today urged bust- iiessmen to use caution "in accumulating inventories and extending credits" clurinr 19-18. The bureau said that although no "important reversal" in business activity was considered likely in the nt.-.t ;r.v months, "sooner or later a substantial readjustment may be expected." "Major changes in the trend of events usually occur when they are least expected." the bureau said, "and the higher prices soar, the more serious the slump will be when it occurs." The bureau said the "dark cloud" in the nation's economic picture today was the "maladjustments in price and income relations." "The incomes of millions of families have not kept pace with " ' are ·asini'ly forced to cur- "My Whiti ie p a t e n s seized tail "their* purchases," the bureau said. "An even greater reduction in "demand may be expected when the pent-up demand for durable goods has been satisfied." The Daily Register, 20c a week. ·i-iv,s Genera Motors should i P rofessor al thc University of Call- have^en'norelte^rus §£! JjTM ^"fhe^nh^Tcfi al for 1948. Thus. also, independ-, p n b i c s at t n c ^ n n t i M i y 01 -,m ;ent auto manufacturers such as Kaiser-Fra?er will have a tough- r er time. Also, there will be less , steel for all sorts of other manu- j Much Fat Saved NEW YORK, (U.R)--The Ameri- facuirers. from filing cabinets t o ' can Fat Salvage Committee re- bicvcles. ' Ported that an average of 422,000 THOS. D. GREGG Graduate and Registnid Optometrist Permanently Located PRICES REASONABLE Second Floor Gregg Bulg. 72V.' cr 265R for AppoiT.nsi I ' V'hy feel old at 40. 60 or csore--why b« the victim of the older years? If life apparently has lost its zest, you atrais may be nbie to tnfoy life as jou did 13 your youth. If added years have slowd down your virn, vitiKty ar.d youthful plo-wures. hero is a simple method that may change your whole outlook on life. V.'hy not try j and retrain the pleasures of living you once enjoyed? Why be discouraged--why not regain the verve and ses; of a much younger man? Many men are obtaini.-g aroaung results with Eeytron tablets. Just ask your drassist for Btytron. (Each tablet sealed to ret-iin potency.) Vomoa too find Elytron helpful. ^ STIMULATING TABLETS ,,,,,, bis companies are either buy- covered was 810.631.613 pounds, in" an" interest in steel plants or of which 184.758.846 came from maneuvering to put steel mag- the armed forces, nates on their boards of directors. All of which is why allocation of Vets Turn to Church steel becomes more and more im- ] CONYERS. Ga.-- L'.P --p 1 25 portant--if little business is not to men who have applied for volun- be choked to death. tary admission to the Trappist ! Incidentally. Richard Mellon order at a monastery here. 13 are happens to be a close friend of World War II veterans. Another Secretary of Commerce Averell five ex-GIs are waiting to get in. i 'Harriman.. the man who has been . tearfully pleading with the steel companies to adopt voluntary steel allocations, but so far has refrained from getting tough. j Note--Dick Mellon is also a di| rector of Gulf Oil. Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Union Switch and Signal. 1 Aluminum Corporation of America. Melbank Corp., Mellon Indem- 'nity Corp.. Pullman Inc.. Union ,Fife Insurance. Carborundum Co.. iWestinghouse Air Brake, and Kop- jpers Co. ,N£W ENGLAND HUMOR Senators Charles Tobey of New- Hampshire and Owen Brewster of [Maine, both Republicans, were (questioning John Alison, new un- jdersecretary of commerce for air. plus Chairman Wayne Coy and ^Commissioner George Sterling, 'jiewly appointed to the Federal ·(Communications .Commission. The ·\f ^._.. M H 4 - * A . « . I n * r r*f f*r\l f \ n £ k 1 A I l e f t ft "ClYi Colds DO THIS TO RELIEVE DISTRESS Rub throat, chest and back thoroughly with comforting Vicks VapoRub at bedtime. VapoRub starts to work instantly... and it keeps up its fine soothing action for hours to relieve distress even while you* Mtj+tfg* sleep. Try itWlVl\9 tonight! W VAPORUB 1C SALE 30 HORSES weight weight weight PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AGAINST HAZARDS of WINTRY WEATHER Keep a supply of reliable home remedies handy. Our drug store carries a big stock of drugs and medicines. ':- ^ NEW GOODS ADDED DAILY - *«· · t EZRA and C4RL L. HARRIS PHARMACISTS CARRIER MILLS 1948 CHEVROLET.' The over-all simplicity and massiveness , of Questioning of Colonel Alison, an the new 1948 Chevrolet is well shown in this three-quarter view "ex-Army Air Corps pilot, was brief ot the Fleetmaster Sport Sedan. - Fenders, hood, body and door and disinterested, until the end. , panels all blend" and the crease moulding, below the windows, is "Just a minute, Mr. Alison, i wiriPr than that'used in previous models. Note the new T-shaped Tobey's sharp voice rang through; v. eight black team. roan team, bax.l team. sorrt-l team. grey team, wider than that used in previous chrome center bar on the radiator, grille. the Senate Interstate Commerce j 'Committee room. "Where do you stand on the question of a chosen 'instrument for overseas airline op- The new 1948 Chevrolet models.' incorporating design changes die-! tated by a minimum change-over 1 period 'in order to insure high, production flow, were announced i today and will be on display r . t j most Chevrolet dealers throughout; the country during the next f e w j days. The 11 models in three series j 3ll feature a re-designed radiator! grille, new color harmonies in i i interior upholstery, and engine t changes providing a more crankshaft and more bearings. A minimum of time was returned to the' liable to face'Tobey. who was act-' "'*· ;ing as chairman. He could feel j I Brewster, leading congressional j -"exponent of Pan ^American Air- · 5 ways' chosen-instrument policy 1 ·and a great pal of Pan American. · 'eyeing him. But he gave the .answer Tobey wanted: t ; "I do not think at this time that; the chosen-instrument policy is a i sound one for our country.'' Pair black and grey horses, weight 4,000 Ibs.: pair grey horses, weight 3,800 Ibs.: spotte'd team. 3.000 Ibs: black team. 3.100 lb?.: 2.800 Ibs.: 3,300 .Ibx; 3,000' Ibs: 3.100 Ibs.; weight 2.900 Ibs. 12 head of riding and pleasure horses and ponies, most of them gentle for women and children. 8 good saddles and bridles, some new: one Mexican saddle: 2 sets single harness: rubber tired ;gy: 2 rubber tired jog sets work harness; col- other miscellaneous 150 CATTLE I am closing out my dairy herd, consisting of 40 good dairy cows. 20 Holsteins. 14 of them fresh, calves by side, as follov.s: Hoistein. 7 years old. giving 0 gal.; Hoistein. 5 years old. giving 9 ga!.: Hoistein. 5 years old. giving 8 Brewster remarked upon Tob-' gal.: Hoistein. 6 years eld. giving iey's straightforward questioning.' 8 gal.: Hoistein. 4 years old, giving ibut did not pursue the question so 8 gal.: Ho stein. 4 years o a. giving '·dear to the heart of Pan American i 7 gal.: holstem. o years old. giving BE GoodrieK 6 gal.: Hoistein. 6 years old. giving ISO (stile 30 Horses MORE FOR YOUR OlD TIRES |Kr. We can give you a whopping trade-in "allowance toward the purchase of new B.F. Goodrich Silvcrtowns if your old tires can be made safe "for further use. Your old tirci may be worth more than ou think. IN YOUR NEW TIRES B F.Goodnch Silvcrtowns give and safety than HARRISBURG TIRE BATTER\ l,!ovd C. Horn reany in iieeu ut "«;w ti.i-n.o.y C are iias created a serious suua- i-»;,,,i cr .rr/h -c for T ;oan T^. three series o£_new motion." thc hospit ai association said, t^j 111 ^ Xd that "hethought and Guernseys., most all fresh. calves oy side, giving good flow or milk. 20 head of Hereford cows. 20 head of Hereford calves, thc rest , ·· he be- ilock catllc Dairy equipment, consisting of Chore Boy portable electric milk- er, good as new: electric cream separator: new wash vats: !0 milk cans: and other ments in the economy price rai^e. ab!c but hc cs ,: nlatctJ T h c total The re-dcsigncd front-end gnllc, 1 would bc aboul 16-0000yo . ;cnl;: WOU M has been changed by Ihc addition The problcms confronting hos- i ir - n r c d he of a modernistic T-shapcd. chroma,; pital . which havc a short ^ c of New liampshirc assured the gen center bar which extends upv.ard f c o d s d cmnhaVizcd t l c n f r M a ' ' to the base of the Chevrolet r.ame, Plate on the top horizontal grille then, what rate do you a broadcaster would All series feature the head engine, unitized front wheel suspension chro-mesh transmission dels is more rigid, with ciank- !*.rm thickness increased for great c- and for increased sor of Eisenhower's candidacy for you charged him. Humphrey while hi, pr,ro:us v,ere h d ccrtainlv '^ , vor ih it. I'll »aiti.^ toak the niaor f c r h c l p t H vou tha ,;- Tobc y declared. n toir.inz nonunion to '.-.c hos- Thcn - hc sna pped: "These soap op" ~ _, , ., ,, eras aren't worth a damn--ar.d ^v«; uv*v*»-» - - -- -99 arc "best in the long run . Xcw precision, interchangeable., of r of es ' 150 HOGS 100 shoats. weight GO to SO pound*: 50 brood sov.s. due to far- row in March and Apni 3. IIo^ feeders: barrel of hog oil; minerals, and other items, l.OCO CHICKENS 500 While Leghorns: 250 Drown I-csfcoms: 150 White Hocks: 100 Ihbrid. Waterer.s. feeders, and other poultry equipment aJso lor ISO Hogs 1000 Chickens Farm Equipment 1509 Bu; Corn 160 Acre Farm soinc IMPLEMENTS Hart Parr tractor: 2 bottom 18 inch plov.: 10 ft. disc: 10 ft. tractor binder, with power lift; hnrrow: 2 rubber tjref) wasons: 8 ft binder: 309 rods Red Brand wo\en \\:re rr ds * \ U n i * * \ » V * O A U I I « · * · * · * - » V ··%···{-.*.-*-«.·».. · - . « j l . m m ** * m X-1 i . main bearings with thin-wall bab-^pHal association until 1944 FIRST ATOM PATENT bin will have more than double wne " it dropped its membership. · On ] v a f cw people know it. but the life-span of old-style bearings , An ^Onicial of the association a ^ic patent for atomic energy Connecting rod bearings also will.*?'" 1lial procedure for admission xvas officially roistered Ijy .six be of thc thin-wall, babbitt type. :ncrs widely m \anous ho^Sals. ]} a ijans with thc U. S. Patent Of?rd also will ha\c inorc than »«t thc association's ro^u?at:ons ^ cc 3 ; C arly as Oct. 3. 1935. As a loublc durability. 4 require emcn;c-icy cases 5o be rc sult the "Atomic Energy Coir.- So that garage and p.-irkin--I:.l ha-dled imme'iiatcly. l:i opcii miss-on is ricbalin" how m-ich Un- mcndanls may drhc thc car w i t h Maff hospitals, where n rsticn: c j c s arn O wes in rovaltics to these th( key removed, a new r,mlior. can choose any doctor. a:r. member j,i x patent owners for use of their l..~0n Rt'SIini-S YELLOW CORN .switch* has been introduced, of oi the !oca3 medical society can basic patent. tl.rec-positior design. Th" kc authorirc admi«-ion. In hospitals The story goe K-.cV to 1930 in may be removed in an poMimn with "closed sta:f." where p.-.tients Rome where G. M. Giannini (no --unlocked off, unlocked on :r.' normally are treated onh by doc- connection with thc California 'locked off--and ihe isnmon max tors affiliated with that ho.-pilal, bankers'). Enrico Fermi, Hdoardo Tel. 174R11 be on 01 on w « h the cnxrccncy ca.-es are trcaled at Amaldi. Rnmo Pontccono. Franco switch in cither of thc firM fwo-oncc by a physician mtil thc pn- Kaselti. and Emilio Srgrc were 'positiens. · Junt's regular dortor c;.n be noli- schoolmate*;. _--. f ]C( j Together they evolved a nuc- Ice cream was tir.-t served in j car 'reaction procos which thoy D. ANKROM OWNER Lunch Will Be Served Not Responsible for Accidents L'ICK UOADMASTEH. 4 door, in cjood condition. I belieio tins is the cle«in»t u.'ed car \ou »\;il :ver cc. 160 ACRE FARM I v.ill offrr my 101 r,(re farm for sale. Improvemcr.Js constM of 6 rooii honre: horse barn: dairv thc United States by Dolh Madi-' A human can di-tincuMi more called "process for the pio.hictioii ' f : '°' , ., son. says the World Book Encyclo- than 17.000 colors with thc naked of radioactive substance." and for h " rj }- «ouoie corn cnb, plenty f pedia. She offered this strange eye in daylight, according to Dr. which they filed a patent in Italy fro?en dessert to cuc-sts at a White ' David L. MacAdam, color vision'on Oct. 26. 1934. House dinner in 1809. she.iv lights sn b;ii!dir:;-'s. 2 gowl electric pumps. -^expert. About this time they decided j. AtTTIONEERS KILL DORSOX MALCOLM PRICE JOAB HICKS CLERK REX PAULEY CASHIER HENRY BIEDERT Surgeon I will sell at Public Auction at my farm. 8 miles northwest of Shelbyvillc; 10 miles northeast of Par.a; 3 1-2 miles southwest of Wester- velr. and 1 mile south of Jlen.ten. on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 28 Beginning Promptly at 11:00 A/M.. the Following Property: , 41,5l'6 persons are being rusl 'to hospitals today. This y 1 out ,of,9 persons in the I ' will be hospitalized. That me j 1 person out of your famik j your : neighbor's is due to becc ! a hospital case within, the n i year. And 60% of those c i will require surgery. More'tl ! 25,000,000 smart persons h already t?ken out some fom · hospital plan. · No Rate Raise 1 Rate you start with is one keep. No raises or assessmi on any policy. Even if you s ! at the 75c children's rate, it i not increase when you beci an adult, as long as you sia; "your original policy. You still entitled to your 100 da · year; Surgical Fees, Opera :Room, Anesthetic and o i "extras". i : We Pay Your Hospital i Your Doctor or YOU! | It's "your money" and sut I to your orders.. You just te J where to send your check. COM PAR I See how^nearly 70 years' e rience serving almost 1,OCX persons enables Bankers to such liberal benefits as t hospital room meals up to $8 per da to 100 hospital day: year, per person. $ JPflyS Surgeon's Fees $5.00 to $150.00 for ' ations in home, hospil · doctor's office. $ PayS for X-R0ys, n cines, treatments (as s .;.' fled) given in hospital, ' tfiough not bad patien $ PlCK any Surgeon any Hospital. Also: "Wag Insurance'' You can have, for a few ccn more per day, up to $200.C per month ... if you're lai up by accident or sicknes at home or anywhere. Get Full Detai j Mail tliis.cou- j pontousnow-- paste ? t on a , post card tor put j ilinan envelope. i Don't let an- j otherdaygoby. MAIL THIS .COUPO BANKERS LIFE CASUAJLTY COMPANY 3'3i. PJUJ' 1 St. Locri }, Jfa Send me all inforroalion ab , amazing new WHITE CRC j Plan. This does not obligate i 11 II n t: 1EWSP4PERS NF^VSPAPFR!

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