Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 22
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 22

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 22
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-D—LUB'BOC)( J ^VXl A ANC^E.JOURNAL~Safurday Morning, April 5, 1975 LUUOCIU *ffieneral CtairiftcitWm arranzH nu- 'marlcjlly with tub-clatslflcallori unrfer each.) Anmuncarmnts 1. I adit t * I. Ferimtal . 3. Card t Omcfeir I. Lntt am) Business and Financial $ . t. Fr«nrh,lM», Uveilraent Ooportunltlei , «. BuiJMu Fur Sal« 11. Butlnen Wtatod 11, InrektmeDta It. Loan • IX .Moner Waali* Business Services li. HulMI la. Rullnlnt Material! 'IT Mlsrellnnroui Herrlcefl ^Ifl Professional Hfrrlr** 'IS. vTnman'i <'r>lnmn 20. Cnlld < ire IVlhf SltOn( Employment 27. 01 lat era 11 M»l» 23. Of (ntiTCit r'eman 34. Male OK female ;j. Axmts—Ralt> B£». 26. Alluatloa Wsatwi J Slucation-Training 19. School, 30. Kfjitlerifarle0 31. Child Mirw.rj 2. Personal Nonet* MAKE moncs seliln; tmall vending niac-Jilnrs (!a)l ui nmie by Hishlan-j Hospital. Room 306, 793-HSt. 797 4W1 (ram 69 Platitmion Anartmcntt. Rc»i» 101. (••AMU.Y Kun World iceclil Ttte rnke wit>i hot doi or r<m dog while they Ian All for 50 cents. Soulh Pliln: Mall UP TO \ neoptc m&y u&e ihn-cou- pon. £oo<l lor 50 cents discount oer peru>n ctl regular green fees -- miniilure «oll, family >'«n Wnrln foulh Plami Mall CHRISTIAN Home Nursing Care for rltlerty laojei. 16 years experience Verril* Miller. '.125 66th. 763-27M. k Steam Sauna til In my home by anpointmenl only before 8 PM. 799-7S42. 1VIIJ. keep v elderly lady In my home. 737-0919 or 799-7473. Expert- en':ed. 1 WILL Not be Responsible For Debt} Incurred By Anyone Other Than Myself. Charles I. Oreen. I.«il.i¥. Call Brady: Service. VUil our S*wer Jlooler I>o-tt-Youi>eIf Bo»in««* 'and Financial $ I. Fran., DJttr., Invest. 10 YEAR Fire & Csiuilty Agency In Lubbock needs working partner with small amount of capitol to invest in Agency. Apply: Rox 43. i-o l.ubhock Av*lamh< Journal. PORTABLE fail food builrlmc. and equipment for gale. (40,000 caah- Will move your prepared sjle anyplace in Texas. Box 3. Avilanche- Jnum&l. DAIRY QUEEN D«ir>' Qu/=en (or sale! In good ceil. Intl Texas town, with excellent location, modern building It equipment, minimum $3,^.000 rash: Plus note assumption is required. Contact Box 3, Avalanche-Journal. 9. Business for Sale IX)T-A-BURGErt Dlive-lri building and equipment for onl>' J1,5DO. Owner muinz. See at I!W5 19lh St. Call IVallfr (806, 374-0HJ8. TOURIST Court!:! 14-Unill - Small ri town • E.nbbock aica - Good.poten- -- -i tial - Johnston Realtv - <?06f-74i- M HOUR Mfwer r.«olrr .-i*rv!(.T. Zip iJX/J. SIR KnlchU Ma^ase-SwdMsh Km- gertip. Vibrator. Oil. 10 AM *o 9 PM. 1'^S •'Mlli. 797-<*X#, IF ynu drink, that's vour buslneis. If you want to quit, that's ours- 747__ ___ __ KX"Ef-Trn\'E"cTub Massaie" - "s-'i'n- ger-Tjp. Vibrator. Oil Open 7 rfay.s. 10am-9pm. S501 C. Avenue Q. 747- 64M. BXPERIENTEO seamstress—Western to Weddlns- Reasonable. Have material, or briny own. 747-7359. MASSAGE and iteam sauna *1".00 In my home. By appointment only- 793-7^2. SARA VANE Astrologer — confidential, truthful readings, persona] Horoscopes. Apppomtments necessary. 744-2203. .SHOP Daisy's Antiques for unique, one of a kind gilt itemi. 4013 34th, 7K-3688. Recreation sx ROOKY MOUNTAIN COUNTRY CAMP Happy Outdoor Happening — ' Separal« Sessrom for NORMAL, RETARDED, HANDI- iCAPPED. BLIND — Box 181 — iSoiiiSFork, Colorado 81154 — i 1303)873.9980. POOL Hull fur Hale. 1.1 la Me, olcu all enuiiuneni. Thjs ntace U a real Ijnreflin (or 515,000. Ttiererore I am not wailing or Imlittng \Ms font Hal) fnr ftnyone. The flrjil one wilh a CBkhlerx <'h«-K fgr il.VDOO Rfls II. KCP Owner,' J-rsler Willingham, n/tor L'l'M «l Ooldrn (4. • nilliartU. AVCIUJP Q I-tihhfM'k. Tc.SflJ-. TiBKSS SHOP, sell or trade. XmalI Invenloir. \V-50lh. 79 nbLiu , established iftslHuianl in prtm* location. Owner retlrluK- Good terms. Located in Booming EnerRv area. Call Grtcf &. Hqqrf, Inc. Hobbi, New Mexico. (505 f KOR lease-— Bmal CDunlrv zmcer>' Jtore. South ol Lubbock. Buy »tock and fixtures, small monthly lease, 863-2595. local. CREDIT Bureau and collection aseno.v with complete off-set printing equipment In area town. Doing good business. Ideal fnr couple In own and operate. Contact Ray Burke, •J6S-S726. or 744-0473. CONOCO station A zame room, Shallowater, TX. Phone 832-4310 after S HM KSRTIUZBR business - 500 tons (appio.ximntelvi composted Bat r.H.i/ln (cum I'arlsbari Caverns. Call i lifts i 3"«--"U-t or write Mrs. R L. Hft^-lnyi". Bnv S7fi. Kuidn-'j. New Mcsirii f'ffl't. 34. SpoMa D Jiodla A: 3«. Hunting 57. HimrlnE lyease^ 3«. Trzrei Tralleri 39. llnMllet * (.raft olon Flthlnf snpplli- IELLA FOX MU.--'!' Sell my lire white-walling buaineA.s. Coiuidnr some term*. Make offrr. 79.1-3332. ' : M*rchandtt« 42. tarm Equipment ti. I'ted. Seed, Grabi 44. Uvellock . 45. Poullry—CUBCillUi 46. Auctloru 47. Mlw-tUaneeoi 48. Garagfl Sales 43. Furolbua 60. Appliance* SI. TV--Radio—Slerto (2. Musical Initrumroll 61. Anllqoel ' 64. Pet> 5i. Machlnerr * TMb 5«. Wanted AfJscetluieoaf 61. Office Marb. & Sopphn it Miirlnc ^ Slorajt "THE WOMAN WHO KNOWS 11 Com* >arn why you hav« Tailed How to succeed, how to overromr slumbjin;: Wo^fcR and enemifs. How to Influence others IhquB-i mile* apan. s»he ts sincere. AJI fib? asks Is that you be in earnest IT you an seeking entertainment she U not for you She will tell you the unvarnished Irulb, b« It rood or bad. She does no I try lo please you with a <oi of sugar coaled lalsehoods. She docs not charge a JiUle more lo tell a lillle more. One modest /« coverg \t\n (Mill re consultation. She ralla name;., discusses subjects and wives problems in all walks of life. Houra 3 A.M. to S P.M. 2112 Ctovis Road (Olovis Road Trailer park) FOR Sale or lease: UUIe r;1am Food SI or* ant) DrlicaUcssan. Lncat- rd B6th and Univtrstly. L/>ne lease available, \>r\ rr-a.vjnahli". Contact ] Carl Webfri' 79S-S1IV2. I BIX bedrooms, four baths vriih in- 1 come of 51200 month. Ideal for any &K*. Writ** Ftae IP, Ava)*ni"h«-jour- nftl. Rentals „* el. el. F3. 6<- f>5. 6«. Benroomi Furnttbed Hoaut Unlurnlsbed Apti. FurnJ&bed Aeli, Slnbll flntnet— Pmrkl Resorts— Rentals Ruslnem Property Olllte Spaeo Wanted To Rent Farmi For Bent Real Estate for Sals fft 74. Buiinui Propfrrj •,i. Income Prvfatj -,t. Loli 78. Fanh» 79. Out of Town Preverty 8Q. R0Knrt Frocerty Bl, Rest) Eslali to InA* n. Real EstaU W»n(«) <!3. Oil Land * Leasei M. Hontei 8S. HVr 8H. Hnnsen — BNif. to MOT* 8". Mnnllfl Home! SISTER SOPHIA AND ADVISOR Sh» art vises on flli a ff a Ir^ o( lif«. Th?re '* no problem V) creai slip ran i solve Sister Sophia has n>voi- prt a lifetime lo inis work, Prm't fail to see lhis Ridfd woman whn will hrMp >ou. and invttps you to h*r b^mr. Why put of I until tomorrow what ynu can rto today? Sisler !-'n- phia !5 flhovft all i carters. Othei i rpa<t<vs liflv* iriPd to rumpcte with ! h**r and failed. ' :-np will trll ynu Ml you nceri lo j kmnv. Rh* will mnvmrp and ^aii^f.v I ;.ou r.n aM rp.idincs, Sh* will hdp ; you in love, marriage, homp proh- l**m^. Ail work guaranteed. Open 7 1 da'-s a week Xo apnl n»*sdfft, 7 A.M.-10 P.M. i PHONE 7??-?124 2263 34th Street Lubbock, Texas • 4. Cemetery Lots RARGA1.Y rnrf! Twn spat-cs in Rc'-ihavcn -Mausoleum. Call 793-OS59 3-STAI.L AUTOMOTIVE OARAGE - Folly equipped, plu!< 2 br. mortem hnmt, priced to sell quick X. IJI.OOO Hilh W.OOO down. 1200 mo. DRIVE-IN one o( Lubbock's most winled deals in town, first lime ever offered lor sale, seals 2< with 2 drive in window, 1 walk up, 'best, equipped eic. business, owners ige [o-cej retirement. COIN-OPERATED AUTO-LAUNDRY 2S wishers, 10 dryers, rum Jijoo lo JI.MO mo., a Itrrilk buy it 115.000 Terms. »-UNIT Mobile Home Pirk 4V> A. on LubbocV trading hi-way, out of town, owner reduced price to 115,000, has 112.000 loan. SJOOmo. GROCERY STORE with R» station on heavy Inveled throughfare to Lubbocfcs leading rewrt. Runs »400 to 4400 day, cou- plr can run DRIVE-IN HAMBORrjEB STAND for man t wife. M'xJfl' bldg . bis 2*' canopy, srjis 70. no competition with In 5 mi., btdg fn i equip. RO only 511.000. DAY A .NIGHT NlTlSERY-infanl* In hiirt slnrm 5hTltfr. IS yrs in bu<inf«. s.w. loratioji. owners age forces GEM; INF. BAR-B-qtjE t, HA.MBl'RGKR slanl idpjl tor roupl« seats 35. very allractive bldg. ei- KIMi COMMUNITY GIWKERY i <JAS ^ x«0' hlop wjih live. c,trv, only 5tore witlim 20 mj . next dnor lo po<I office, Iinesl irr disl. old lolks need lo relire, bldz-.lanii. lixli equip zo only J22.300. WARNER H.HAGOOD McFARLAND-MAISEN CO. 13IS-l3lh7S3-<6Sl Rcl. 7J5-111I t .4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING WORD AD DEADLINES S»t«rdiy, Sunday and Monday 4:30 P.M. Friday All Other Days 4:3* P.M. Precediaf Day All Ads Placed MUST RUB a Minimum of ONE DAY. CANCELLATIONS — CORRECTIONS — CHANGES CAN BE MADE S:M A.M. TO 4:M P.M. DAILY TO THE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT 763-9311 710 Avenue J Lubbock, Texas 7*408 P.O. Box 4»1 Cancellations and corrections can be made on Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:M A.M. —Display Advertising Deadlines- Saturday and Sunday 4:M P.M. Thursday Monday and Tuesday 4:30 P.M. Friday All Other Days 4:30 P.M. Two Days Preceding Business Service ] 5. Building Services EHAllPKN'INr, . Saws. Carbides, Sdssors. tools. Jack* Sharp-All Sen'- ice-ZM9 U«h. 744-0395. PAINTING, interior, exterior, spraying, carpentry panelling, acoustic ceilings, sora}', tile. Work guaran- Iced. 747-MSR. CARPENTRY-repairs-sla&s screena- lofks-fences-contracts, liny Jobs. 7412464. Lies Berry. ' COMPLETE painting service, minor reoalrs. screens, glass, paneling and (enc* repair. 747-8096. INSIDE and outside paintmz. Free eslimalfs. Sltlsfactlon guaranteed. 763-65S1. 762-5988. COMPLETE Remodeling-Roofing- Cablnets-Kormlca Tops. Work Guaranteed. Free Estimates. 792-5.1SO. 7I7-13B4. SPECIALIZE — Taping, textoning, afcnuslical spraying, painting (Interior 4 exterior;, all workmanship guaranteed, Gulhut 79!l-i:»6. CUSTOM cabinets, tops, remodeling £ additions. Satisfaction guaranteed. References available. 747-BS7K. PAINTING inside and nut, carppntpr work free estimates rail Boh 7VJ- U R7. Business Services 15. Building Services STOIUI shelters, bulll out at S s.ick concrete. Installed. »(DO comnlete. 789-7BS1. SAVE On Concrete Drives. Palto. Curbs. Walks. Graver Howell — 744-2823. CABINETS-buitt-lns. fixtures-formica. Hush Oden Cabinet Shoe 2315 Bust 50111. 744-78S. PAINTINGr any kind, Very reasonable. Tree estimate. Work guaranteed. Call Kollingsworth. 763-4839. TAPING. Textonlng, Painting, Acoustical, Spraying, Sheet Rocking, Paneling. Repairs. Reasonable. L*w- Is. 799-5186. PAINTING Interior, exterior. Experienced painlpr. Call 793-4'Jll lor estimate. itAIl Pprtahle Cleaning "Chemically} - Brick. .\\istin-stone: Roofinc. Pan- etina. Brick Painting. 792-2022' Lev- olisinrt. S94-12S3. ROOFING - all kinds. Al.w, root repairs. 23 yeers in Lubbock Ralph Ileati.erage. 745-3634. 10. Business Wanted to buy small yrocet-y store livlnc tiuarters. 744-341!!, 12. Loons Call tiulay. Pays. Transportatitm Bit. Aulnmnhtles Bl. Plct-upi 82. Trucki-TralliyT 93. .Motor Cyclefl—Scnoteff a Alrrlanej—InrtrULtlcin »5. Wanted IJarn—PliJt-tjpft— D6. Repair, ^Arti. Acceu. Legal Notice* n. 5. Lost and Found U3.-V1": bares mall- Wcirmnraimr doc Phone number R17-641-SK* on collar. ••' <'all ~i024Vf}. Reward. ' LOST! Miniature schanauzer rcmali 1 . - ; il\er-gra> 1 ^liaKR.v. Farran K.-talL---, i5oulh nj mai]i hflj rhokp Cham, hut .in collar. Reward! "9!>-CMcO 79'J-*-n7l', I RKPRBSENT inurrpji that some- timrs pui'fh.isc Jintes on real rstalc jal cli^rnunt; loans on (arms, ranch- r.", mcdme pro'llKrine pronprtlff. No j homo:- Djnti 1 M.mre Anen{-.v, 1'OS Business Service* I.OhT: Black and While Female Bnsiet Hound. • Vicinity 21M and XaAhville, April 3. ID'S, tteward. FOUND: While fcmali noor.le. Vicinity 80th tnd Indiana. 7-37-954S. LOST: smaJI hmwn male Chihuahua. Larxe reward. S311 25th. Call ;r,-' hefore 12:00 noon. . 797- Classified Artvertisementa originate In The Morninc Edition, then apnesr In! the Eveninz Edition of the Rartie rfay. Advertisinz aoPearinK In the Saturday or S;mciay Avalanche-Jour- xaJ comiU KB one full iosertlon. [ 12 WOTir> MINIMUM i 17c! i.O.-'T: black and tan German Shep hcnl. Answers lo Collar and ta^.^ shy of slransers. Lost Thurs- cliiv. 7K.'-1!I73. S23 reward. J'OUNn — Beige female puppy — Oilliff family — 22nd A Chicago •' 15. Building Services HO.ME AMI COM.MERCtAI. Paintine. paneling, carpentry', bolt locVs. general maintenanrc. quality workmanship, ,\ed Uffoid. ,. SHELTERS Call R. L. Wiley Cants. . For Casf, Also Repairs & Additions On Your Home. j (Meets afl state-city requirements.) .. -Mr . S2i- J-'rrp . . J (C tr» 5*1 jnhrf nri^ a! oaraaranhtnt r;.m- ! tyf>« are deatrerj. rilsnfay! 1 day. prr word 2 riay.v per word 3 days, per word 4 days, npr word A olays. ncr (vnr/f fi days, tier word 7lh day 15 ri*>'3. per wy?r ?-0 riayi. oer wnr These rates are sprticns and ant only If r als or I rates ar- Out of Ulwn «d« CASH IN ADVANCE. In case of error )n an «d no* in* 5 fault of the advertiser, the sarne will he reouhitshed if nntice s zivpn wilhin onp day foltowini nuhliratir.n Th« Publisher-will not b* resnonal- ^l* for purely lyposraDhical errors nr misprints beyond cancellation of the charse for the space of me item affected. . FINAL CLOSING TIME r FOR cLAssrrren WORD ADS Dally Erillloni •<:3fl P.JI. BAIT.? Fnr Next Mornlns'ii Edition Saturday. Sunilar and Monrtar •«.30 P.M. FRinAV CLOSF-D AM. DAY SATCR1IAV. ; Lubbock v' Avalanche-Journal 7lo Avtnug J P.O. Box 491 M IS:-"IXG V >L. Hornnrd puppy, vu'ini • i>^!:^J l|k ' - >? ' |f| --"t-pnvwprs in Brn • 744-6372 — Day or Night l.OST \Vi]l nnf nf HIP .1 lioy.s in the ' v, hi if Mahtm \vht> pn'kffl up my ! nimk coiit <m Ur.i\ (M'sit v and l.-th SI. ! pIorT." call 7!..V!*1,VJ. " ! I.O^'i': Hlark -MrtLf Poodle wilh sH- • \fr mlxrrl. l.nvi arnimtl ^i-n i* r.rl ; 1 ,f >HT >Vn j t h &• K H IIHII>I h olrl i fil J^nchrr I'iipp>. I Wnlffnnh. One P ! ms]p Jioh^rmnn j Kf \\ arrt offered. TORNADO SHELTERS GUARANTEED Call or Write: STORMASTER OF LUBBOCK Announcement* ,',o.-rr Pnntli A- Ens! \Vnlff.-irlh. One fi innnl'i old icrt mafp Ifohprmftn Pmriirr Pupp' . Rpivard offerer!. " ' vi»ar.s n!d, Giccn collar — COTTONS OVERHEAD DOOR SERVICE ,i| Commercial work our xpecIaN !ry, Call anytime — LOST: .Siamese rat. (crr.alr. ar, roT 71 C.OQnT qii C Pp P 4,,= Isr or lags. Reward, l^nvs rnessaee 1 ' ° 3 "' u ' 7 ) O C. reraUC _ NI). small female Brindle ter- j'jnr. No collar, about, four months o!il, Ixist in the vicinity of '.'600 Muck ^I_£J£^ J-l-l-^T. __ Female frish Setter- reward: WATKR HKATFRS * Hv M?htcr Plurrh^r on oas menls. See at AfiHa's, 2Ro: Ca'ih disicounls. lodges & Societies S'X) BKIVAAI) - .small hrn'.vn .Shcltie. 'miniature roflici Near Uh-Quaker. "l.a.lrtlf." 792-!>Mri. r.osT. Male. Old English . u hccn(lr;K. nrwaril. 7n2-!)S1"), 747-07Ef). 7!tS-r>',TiO IX1KT: Mnle Tov Podrtlc. unclipprrl. chornlajc. Rpwa^-ft. TO!».4310. ^ LOST: ma]p silver and hrnwn ,pon i -lie. nrnmv rihhtin jinrt unils J/Mt in' w> also rfn iCiM'ons anrl rommrrclnl No ln ii-« 0 '747-!fl!!fi" n M-'Ar.' 5 ' """' i """""-"™"'•' ' ..'•'•-.. I ^p , j, jj. s f- on ,(, |;,, STORM SHELTERS Prirerl J1.200 and lip. r>"n'l .Wait - Be Safe ' I FL Class every Tu«l. Sut(!< irecrlnz [«t m \ Cei. B. Mtlnl, W.M. Shannon Kciiz, a«c. i. rjezref* Annl llrh 6PM D Dcgrcei, Annl ISih 6PM W Desrees April 23[h 5PM Mn mccifnK (Arccnl on Youth i Irtl 29th 7::>OPM MACHKNZJLE LOUOE NO. 1327 1710 42ND Mated Ueetku tti rrt D«v1d G. White. W.M. T.R. Slaplej Jr. Stc. IT. Cla?) exery ?,*F.C. Deireen. Friday. April fylth. *: 7:00 P.-Vl,' .' '.-' \ • »5<tM. De?r«(>!i, Monrtay. Xtrll 'nth'. Vmtini Mnnnnii W^lcoma WAKT ADS WILL FIND YOU A BUYER 2. Personal JUAREZ DENTAL CLINIC •t $50.00 Op«n Sundays and Holidays '' -'Apjritdr dt Orthodontlz A'semosvoi trab*ioi •' r jCr»dlto. FEMvaCARRIU Juarez CMyMtxIco « J, _ l-3»Mai«. HOME OR BUILDING DAMAGED! W« »r* experti In tlie re-*iull<1inz bullr.ejs. • • W* do the fob In the.nhorteit period at Um« and at )et» rest to ynu. We furnish re(«rene*ir from our n»st and Tirexcnt customer*. For inspepllnn of <r,mn|«(»<1 John and e.sllmaltfi. are* rovcrajre, call; ."Tht rVW« if rh« Plalw" JAMES COLSON-GENERAl CONTRACTOR , Phnna (AMI CUSTOM Concrete wortt. Kiniihlne by the loot. 2 other contractors Bonded-Insured, call Oress 744-813: AIR conditioning t Heating Maintenance Repairs. 762-2217. AH, types brick and block- repair. 28 years experience. Free estimates. R06-873--J457. P- It S REMODEUXG Carpenter and palnlin* Inside and out. Call ~B5-«21. T44-0517. HOUSE Paintinc. inside »nd out Free Estimates. E.p. "Johnny" Glarinry. Talco. 763-8311. W.-CA42 SMALL house repairs and paintlnfr. Kree estimates 7B2-2217. rARPKNTRY and painlinu. jimall Jobs. Call Lew R»y. 76Z-S6S5. i rou \\ r ant Done? Call Tru; Handy-Man: Plumhing -He»[in« - Air fonrlitioninff - Rooler service Inc.'furlert. TharlPs. 747-IO.ifJ. PAINTING, inside and outside. Roof- ins. Alton Hohbs 744-4793. SHELTERS - S750 for metal underground shelters also have concrete t Rlnr-lr available. Open shelter 2101 " _ K. C. K. Maintenance and Repair] Electrical - Painline-PIumbin.i-Kond- cd. insured, free estimates. Call M-333Q. 744-U732. 747-56W. — Guaranteed contract labor or contract. Terry Sanrlen. "9'-1025. if no answer 7S2-20H. SOBER. Carpentry, remodel i n~fT paintinz, ceramic. Commercial, resl- den'.lal. Bonded. 7ftS-110S ROOFING -•- Specialize In lenV.s Bnd flat wort. Reasonable rat<?s Povu 7^7-3701 ELECTRIC wiring for homes or business. Additions, remodeling, ranzes. dryers, pluis. switches, etc. Erneraency repair service, sunset Electric, 797-572S. Licensed and Bonded. ROOF loaks repaired. All kinds. Composition shinalcs installed Free esl,mates L Parnsh^TGo-iWS*. FORMICA cabinet looV^-Tt^iyi ^»n7 linoleum floors. 793-8703 CARPBNTRT, (re« estimates, In- surcd. remodeling repairs, addltlntu, palloa. work sriinranleed 74X-139S AliD & room. Home remodehni: con- tr&ctor Call anytime. 767-4271 or 705-5915 ARNOLD'S Sandblasting, rnmmer- riai, residpntial . svrimrmn;: pools, machinery', etc. Also have sand 7M.U61B. WE iio plumbing, painting, carpeiv Iry. roofins. minor electrlcltj- repairs. Free estimates. 797-3W5 CONCRETE Work — WalkTs — Drives — Patios — Storm Cellars — Slucrninz — Dashlnz — Blor:ks UilA. 744-J003. i:BLJABLE, sober, reasonable prices. Full painllnsr service, panetinir, some carpentry. L, W. (Dub) Ca.stleberry. 735-5029. CARPKNTER - Repair Service — RiHifinu. add-ons, paneling, electrical, cii.siom cabinets. Free estimatei. PMNllN'O — Taplnz — Acourtlct \'|n.v[, fTpvld^nlml — Commercial. nrior-K^lrrinr. References. Mien. CONCRETE Walks, drives, patio, exposed rock, stucco, danhlng repair work, .lessie Dillon - ROOFINO — leaXn repaired — Wood Sbmcels, Gravel »nd flat roof. P.ic« Roofins. 762-92Z4. PAINTING, orusn. spray, commercial, residential. LPO Baker. 8U-W9S, local. REFRIGERATIO.V, Air. Heating, Plumbing. Klcrlrjr ^otar?- Spn-rr Service. 21 hours. 7'l-I-9fSI — 7!i7- 177S. HOUSE Pamtins. Quahtv work for a fair price Call 797-0152 after S:3» P.M. ROOFING - All Kinds. 20 years Lubbock. Guaranteed. Don. 747-153?, or 763-9631. KIP'P plnmbine and hcatinK, new construction, remodel, and .service work. I-'ree estimat&fl. 7B2-599-I. BATH-ROOM Repair and rernoneiint: -• all kinds ot plumblnjf and tile repair, repine and sewer service, l-'ree .estimates. H A W Plumbing ft Tile. 7S7-171.1. 7D2-8SI2. SPECIALISE & guarantied In rr- paii'S. additions paneling & cabinets. Inillt-ins, r'eramlr tilp, storm win- rlnws A dnorn. Free Kstlmatei!. O van 717-0.1X! Work, patloi. jla slrlewfllks. curbs, porrlies, p'rpe " CON'CRET~Work -"ciirhlng. Patloi rirjve-ways. Exposed Agitregiiie. Free esllmates. B*n Concrete Atlr- •IM3 local. _ ROOK Leaking. Prompi rrnair work. Spcclnlfzlng Wood >hlnRlf.i. flat roofs, fioy. 747-S637. llns, walks, hauling, (ill dirt. 7i)5- 1!)M. Kenn^ih W. Wrtsht. CKHAM1G TIT.E shnwnr ««)b. tub balh'i. unil en- triei New or repair. OunrintMd auallty work. Reference!. Ohirlej Pevehouse. 806—745-HOi). FtREfUCCS IY ' ARTISTIC DESIGN A firenlare de.ilimM lo malrh yc'ir tlernr. I2i?iii_ 7S5-00! 7 •.WO-7M-IO<ir> PIIB-OAST 8CTTJO TANKS Munufanurei at nur nwn plnnl Ccmalrlr f.evlic lyittmt ,'nitlxlM Mecl» »II requlreinenti. Also h«»e- ments. r«ll«r«. seneral tiacVho* * . Comolet* RepUe syXemi Tnrnado Cr.ncrele Shfllerl Installer! HUNT'S Refrigeration. Sales. Service. Rentals. New and use* 1 ice machines. Phone 795-fi893. PAINTING. interior. exterior Acoustical cellinss - Paneling . Minor repairs Guaranteed - Re/orenw*. Sonny, 7(52-2274. PI-tAINS Construction — General Construction. Building & Remodel new homes, room addition, painting ft cabinets. We will An rural homes !o 50 miles. 744-0351. 747-5SOfi. BICKNELL Plumhlng — 2320 SSrrl — 732-115','. Electric tewer sen'lce. Evaporative air-condltlnner« sen-Iced A installed. RON'S Remodellnz. carpentry work, additions, sldtnsr. p«lnllne, roofing, ceilinz tile, paneling. 762-5903, S2S- PLUMBING and heating repair hour service. Overtime alter 10 PM and Sundays. Work guaranteed. Ray Davit Plumbing Company. 799-6011. li. Building Materials Business Is Good ifllubbock, and Broadview Steel Is Givinow 3 discount . 3/1 B" xl 1/4" rtfl' fill 3/16"xl1/2"x20'flat 3/18" x 2" x 20' flat One ton lifts picked up on our yord sell (or SI 7. 50 per 100 Ibs. Truck loads available In all the above sijes, delivered. Broadview Steel bone down the road, 2 miles west of our old location lo serve you better. 5re EL 2 mil«i norlhwesf of cify Ifmifj | on Cltvit Reid Bon 5525/763- S4<1 Lubbock, T«x«»79417 3-21 CASH & CARRY SPECIALS!!! IV Gypsum Board 1.49 ... 6.75 13.59 15.39 ... 6.99 16.95 29.95 ,29.50 30.95 ,2.39 99 74.95 .23.95 ,17.95 . 49.95 82.50 23.99 15.95 ... 8.99 27.95 n»ulfied Ads Get Results 783-iBlI ,lo« Bearert Asptijlt #1 White sell #\ While lit Locks ... ff\ Felt Vi" Rebars 48"xl" Poultry Net.... Picket Fence 48" Red. While Commodej ....... Portland Cement KD Fir studs 30 Gallon .healers.... 58 Retms 2x4 3'tftru 16' Remesh 6 ga. EO" 150 Remesli Bjrbed Wire 8 J 15 Box Nails 50# I/' gJlv. pipe 21' r?9 blk, smooth wire Ho. 2 18 inch cedar shingles 48"x2" Poultry Net. ...$16.94 60"x2" Poultry Net ....$19.89 72"x2" Poultry Net.. ..$24.99 '/«" Plywood Panelriif.... $3.99 SLATON LUMBER CO. 828-6255 ... * ROOFING* Shlnglei ................. U.Miq RollRooflH ......... RMroll FcllPip«r ........... »Z. 75 roll * LUMBER* LxURtMWi ..... txISludt . .......... ..fromttt t" Rough Oak ......... In itock IxlYPRoufh ........ In Hock U<YP ................. inilock i i * STEEL * Need a Load? We itock Rebar andRemesh WEED CUTTING WITH DIESEL MOWERS 763-4421 «t PAY CASH AND SAVE 747-3118 STUDS 2x-( PRE-CUT JTi. Eoch ..................... ....;.'... 4 / STRONGBARN CORRUGATED IRON AMERICAN MADE Tulf-Tempered 29 Goge Weight Per Square 77 tbs. ' LENGTHS 7-8-9-10-11-12 14-1618-20 01 QO Per Square ........... L I . DO COMP, SHINGLES \ l\ "I «l . I U. / 0 240 Ib. «1 white Self Seolers First quality 1C "T ft 24J Ib. Tee Locks '. I 0. 73 SCREEN DOORS 2/8x6/8 5-Pansl 1 (1 QC 1-1/8" ThkV I U.vJO GYPSUM BOARD 1/4"4x8 No. 1 1 Q7 ""RUFF FENCING 1x6 Yellow Pine Per Linear Fl. WATER HEATERS" 30 Gallon Glass Lined PRIMED SIDING 12"*16fl. While /) pn Per Piece i.O" PICKET FENCE 50 FOOT ROLLS 3 Ft. Redwood 25.44 3 IT Ft. Redwood 29.50 4 Fl. Redwood 29.77 5 Ft. Redwood 41 25 6 Ft. Redwood .....;.... : 49.55 WALL PANELING Ne. Two 4x8 000 Per Sheet /./ 3 ECONO-PANEL 0 QQ Per Sheet L. t) 0 PLYWOOD 3/8" 4*B C.D. YcUOW PINE . 1/2" 4x8 C.D YELLOW PINE 3/4" 4x8 C.D. YEUOW PINE , .3.99 4.69 .6.98 PLUMBING Close Coupled Q1 I White Commodt ...0 I .1 INSUIATION . HIGH DENSITY Full Thick 16" Per Bag Full ThicV 24" Per Bag PLASTIC ROOFING (4 Colors) 6.92 6.63 8-(oot Sheet 10-loot Sheet . 3.99 , 4.99 12-foot Sheet ............ 5 99 PARTICLE BOARD 0 1 C 0. I Q 3/8" No. 1 4x8 Sheet 1/2" No. 1 0 J« 4x8 Sheet ..................... 3 Ai 5/8" No. 1 0 DC 4x8 Sheet ................... J QQ 3/4" No. 1 M « c 4x8 Sheet .................... 1.30 CEILING TILE )2"x24" While PerSq.Ft ALUMINUM WDW 2/0x2/0 Slider 0 ^C Heavy Duty ................... O.Tu STEEL GATES S. PA\Ef, W/HfJW. 'i font ........ ............ 1.1.15 8 fnol 2.1 1R 10 fnoi WHY 27 10 ss 16 foot ................. ... ,19.90 BLACK SHEATHING 1/7" Tnsulotion •! Ofl 4x8 sheet .... . ............... I .Ud HOUSE PAINT Exterior-Latex n M r While, per gol. .......... .. O.*tD DOOR UNITS (Pre-hong) 2/Oi6/8 Interior -f n n i Wilh Trim ................. I 0 , "4 2,8x6,8 Interior- Oft Q J With Irim ................. ZU.U^ LUMBER ,100 linear h ................ D.wD 2x6 Q OR 100 linear ft ................ 0<wJ CEMENT Portland & Meuonry « "I ft. Per Bog ....................... Z./g 1 STORM DOORS Aluminum w«lded Heavy (pre-hgng) ...... II ^ ou f hi (-.ish W,- H.ivi- !h.- I'ri. r VEAZEY Cash Lumber Co. Dial 747-3 118 2701 AVENUE A 713-4421 MWDIN6S FKDM4C ' * R/L lU.fcw; .............. J *CEDAHPOJT* rxr ......... ...„.;;:....;..., .- + CUSTOM ^ CABINETS^ Riiill Iw >Mf Klicta tt Bilk ^REMODELING * D*»'t frUve, Improve!^ Frte £»|fmite* *MASQNITE SIDING* Smooth, Prime. ...... i ........ Smooth, Primnt U. CORRUGATED Sb*«t Iron, Pip«, Lumber Plains Comprtu on W*b«r Drive behind V«rm-r»c. 7i4-ltlS, 797-82*7 Trailrr Hire In Slock 1 1 1 *»IM Wire Jack Try : INFLATION FIGHTERS CASH CORRUGATED IRON i t s *, Galu Heavy 29Ga.. ; S'lolfi'. ij< nn I Per 100sq.ft L 1,90 • STUDS * v Pre-cut 2x4, each i WALL PANELING • 4x8 All Wood n ii ..* jClLight^ea O.v I PLYWOOD SPfCIALS • APAGRADK 1 Exleriorulue •^ w/o TAO v^ly^v — _ _ . No. lYP.ea ; 3.99 \ HYPearh 4.98 \ V<x»CDX c na '. II YP each 3.88 • 5T "4x8CDX C na i *lYPeach... °'*» I UOYD A..FRV. ROOFIH6 • No. 1 White 3-Tab • Seal Down. -«<i nn ,' PerSquare 13./9 . No. 1 White • i T-UxPer -jciq . Square :... I3./3 1 15- Felt. . Q . 1 pcrroll n.30 \ CEDAR SHAKES v W««f«rn Red ' Medium hand-split,-. _„ s PerSq 39.88 : BARBED WIRE '• Heavy Galvanized ' 2 Point. )2'z Ga . • nit 01 i 80-KodRoll /<.S4 ^ WIR£ • 32"j(14 Qa. Hof ; Wire. JJO'Roll ......36.45 YARD FENCING ' ( Penta treated forLongcr lite 7'.x6'Section. n nc pointed lop. ea ... I 1, 93 i^j'C'edar.ea 2.87 ! FENCE POST « Penla Treaitd i s'j'xr.'iop. M ......... 1.59 •. 6Vx3Vj."top,ea ...... 1 Og i 8'.x4" lop. ca ..... 3.45 1 ... BARKCEDAR' i nc • 3 xi>'! .pa ............. I.U3 INSULATION ; 2"xis" c nc . Prr IMsq fl ......... 3.3U i LUMBER SPECIALS * '2x4 per fl - LH ........................... 9C 1X12 f Per Lin. Fl ?C T HARDBOARD SIDINGS 7 PRIME COATED v 9 xlB' Smooth. i| net per piece I , QQ J 12-X16 1 Smooth ,, .• perpiece 2.69 [ 4x8 Smooth No- , nc ,'(jroovp; ea '..,.. 4.83 ^ 4x8Smoolh with . «v i;n«ivo.e« 4.88 ^ 4x9Smooth, r QQ * w/Groove 3.89 • 4X» Rough r nr ^ w/Groove J.3J ! GYPSUM BOARD ' - each 1.37 PARTICLE BOARD 3.16 3.65 Pr-rSheet •-.••4x8#). PerShept . . PerSheet... ........... §.30 1' WALL SHEATHING " '•• 'z"x4x8 Insulated. . _„ ; ea.rh ...,..• ........... ; 1.89 ; SCREEN DOORS ., \\ooden-large shipment A just rereived f ' 2-?x6-Bxl !•»". • 2-Bar.ea ..... 10 55 - PREHUNC DOOR UNITS .' 2/0x6/8 Interior « « . , • With Trim. ........... 18.94 . 2/8x6/8 Interior i« .. ; With'trim ......... ....70.94 . 2 '8 artd 3/0'Kxtcrior « r -nr • with Sill '..." 35,95 t PREriUNG STORM DOORS . 38" 4 30" Heavy „., * * IV Glass ............ 28.88 * Heavy !'.••"• ;• Tompcrerl fllass - . •„• . wh .............. ..-.. 34.89 4 3 fl B'd Tempered Glass -. . Anodizcd „_ '' ' (Jpld.ea ------- 1 ....... 65.49 1 ALUMINUM SCRfENS , tw w*W wMtvt ; 28"x39"ea^... ........... 4.05 t .28"x55"ea .•.;.!.„:.. ,.4.§0 J-W'x39",ea ........... ..4.65 i 36 v *55".ea : ..../.,.L.5.50 J-. CORRUGATED PLASTIC * ''' ... , Clear. (;rccn,8' . , fift « Shrrt. ra ........... . J,'l7 J "SEE flY BEfORt YOU tin IB01 763-6413 WF BUILD ROOFTRUSSfS CASH A CARRY PLYWOOD z"4x8C D ' J I Yellow Pine ........ ^>l STUDS 2x4 Pre-Cut economy MASONITE SIDING 12"X16' A MA No. 2, each,... £.03 WOOD SIDING 1x8 No. 3 YP 1Q CO PerlOOfldKl IJ.OU STORM DOORS Alum. Pre hung .qr jft Safety Glass Ow.43 Gold.Anodized M.I. Safety ' jJC JQ Glass 03.'13 PANELING Extra Special 4x8 Vinyl Faced 0 QQ Pecan, No. I ..../.90 PAINT. OS Latex Per Gal';;'.. Boiled Oil A 4 ir 5-Gal I ..i 1,13 ROOFING 3-Tab Sell- 1 0 .*f Q Seal, No. 1 I 0. / w 151-b. .1 Qft Kelt. : 4.30 GYPSUM BOARD 4x» V -t n-t per sheet 1.0 / {CORRUGATED IRON Heavy29 ga. n •€ QQ persq. t. 1.30 CEILING TILE 12x24Twin A 7fi 48"Sq. Ft: box *t. I 0 LUMBER HEW STOCK 2x4 Economy C fl C PerlOOLft 3.3J POSTS r-x6-i- 4 eg Penta.each I.J3 2'i"x6'Cedar Each 3.! x6 Cedar CTA :h O/C FARM GATES 10' Galv. Steel 0 7 1 fl w< hardware ...... i / . I U WIRE FENCING 26"Ho£ 90 OK 330' Roll ......... . Z3.Z3 BARBED WIRE Heavy 12 ! /zGa. n Per Roll ........... 4 Located next to airport on Plainview Highway 76^-6413 3.js "Qvr Aim... To'Save You Money" Coih A Carry Spwialt YARD FENCING 6'W«>t«rriR«dCtdar, All N»c«»ary Material, P.rft 6' Ptnto Tr«al»d Panels, All N«cenoryMaleriol, O rtfl Per Ft O.UU STORM-DOORS 2-Ut» Aluminum l\t QQ Safiry Glass (34.00 1-Litt Gold Anodii«d. CAQQ Saf.ryGlaii.......O*T.OO ' HOME INSUUTION 3 %" Unlaced, J T P Per Bag , .f t / 3 6"Unfaced, 000 Per Baa 0.0 J CORRUGATED FIBRC6LJISS 8'-10'-12'Lengths, ; 3 Colon, 'LAHX HOUSE PAIHT Made wilh" DuPontTifanium, White, Per Gol..., ROOFING 240-Lb. S.lf- lealing. White, 1 0 Tfl Per Sq. 1 0. / 9 CORRUGATED IRON 29 Gauge, 01 QQ Per Square......... A l<30 GYPSUM WAILSOARD 4'xB' !4"No. Y. ' 4 in 3.89 890 Eoch..............:... PARTICLE IQARfl 4W 3/8" No. 1, 0 1 C Each.. 0. I 0 Eoch.. '...'.. STUDS 2x4 9J-S/8" Pr»-cut City Approved, EO. : .....; PANELING 4'x«' Frtfiniilwd Hardboard, A | No. l,Jo<:h ..,.4.! PLYWOOD 4'x8'3/B"CB ; 1 QQ Exterior, Eo. ........,,Q • O8 4'xrH"CO J CO Exr.rior, Ea *t<U3 BOWMAN Lumber Co. Inc. BUILDrNG MATERIALS SUPERMARKET PHONE 745-3333 <•* S301 South Univenity li, PAINT conlr.ctini A interior decorating. Frc* nil ma let. lUiwaablt. • DRIVER'S S4l«t. Must have.^ra tor's llreiiM, good drivlnl rtcoid. S-d«y week. Qooi tac«m« I«t aj- gnsslvt person, who likes people and outside work. 8I( Red Caterins, MffI Avenue C. • . •,". : WIU, do un»U concrete jobs, call 743-8080, or 76W152: . -"•• ' U. GAUGE 'nlTaniiCd iheetini, »»sorted lenjthj. ' fX.SC NEW CJMln-IJnk <enc« /ihric. 7M- OS03. .".••"• PAN-TEX PLYWOOB IU Itwt 42*4 Sf.—747-2541 PRE-FINISHED PANEL PEK SHEET 4x1 '. .-.-—-. 7 Particle leard SMIvflKJ, ' , VtxiV/ixf S1.74-4M. STEEL BARGAINS Large Slrx-k at A>«rt«d (JAUGE SHEETS 12< PER POUND Good Aisortmeiit ft VEW STXEL. LUBBOCK AMERICAN IRON & HETAl, 1HC, 13rd t Quirt- • ABERCROMBIE LUMBER CO. 4lh St. H ATI. H PLasllc sewer p4ix. 4r»ln |dt» ,..'... DOOR? $0 7 c«? 18 Gal. \Vnler Hraters *<tO Q? Clan UnM OT.V3 CX).MMODK.S . »^ 1 • Q C T»nt * Bowl <9ltTf9 17. Misc. Services TREE work, clean alley*. clean-uD jobs. Light hauling, mowing.- 7393593. Free estimates. •'-. ' RICHARD'S Lawn Service. Ltwns. trees. A shrubs. 763-3664. Free estimates. • VAIID Service, want steady maintenance. RotoUDing 4- ti-ee -removal. Fre* estimates. 795-5386. 792-3080.' YARDS Wanted for summer — tech .student — Reasonable — 3 years experience — 763-8630. 744-7+d. YARD Work: Hauling, flower 'bed cleaning, pruning, clean ' *alte.vs. stump removal. 762-3924. Cisneros. . ROTOTIUJNO. yards scalped, gardens, flower bed. 1 :, etc. Free- estimates. 17.30 min. 795-9614. • FORD Tractor, shredding weed*, lots, acreage. Undem disc, plowing. W. K. Wright 795-18SJ. ... . . LIGHT HaullnJ!. Call 765-736S. •• HOUSE-cleaning. Rental-New 'houses-yard work, mowing, cdgln; /lower beds, light hauling. Odd Jons-etc. 7(4-1675. - ' ' CUB - cadet tractor with rrfower or tiller for rent. Call us for your garden or lawn reeds. I-ubbocls Im- nient Company, 7-15-3500. - YARr> work, movrlnc, edziiUf." (Calp- hz. 1 elL'. Free estimate*. Tech jtu- dent. Very reasonable. T97-O3J1. COI.LEGR student will do. yard work and carpet cleaning.. 744-135^ after R pm. . , . mowinsr, edxlnR, lazrfe and mall yards. Flen.sonable charge. Call MitUln. 762-44RI. - ' PRO Baseball xrounds-keeper. -»cAln- '. haulinir. edging, alleys, roto-titl- iiiB- Bxnerienced. Kstlmalea. 79527«2. 79M486. ' YARD Work. Any kind fence repair- inR A: tree removals. Free estimates. 7S7-S574. PLANTING. Landscaping -Prunlnu. and Spraying, by Nursery experts 15 vrs. experience. 799-4.976. REPAIR, remodel, all types of car- Pinter work. Will worV in 'final areas. 744-0065. FENCE Repair - Shrubbery.' trees trimmed or out - Gulter, jfeneral clean-up. T95-7S14. •- • • SCALPINO — Fertlllrinit — Tilling rens — Fro* «ttrn«t«j.. T97-in«S. Your Busme^x U AnoreciatW: . VV:v Servlo tranled, . in nil types at yard wnrV 'S edging, openings for * f«w summer job*. Prce estimates. New MUID- mrnt. 7S9-X.MJ. YARD-WORK — I^Khl haullnl or you name It. No lob too sroa!!. ROTOTIUJNG.- tree worK, llsht home improvement, fenrxs r.epalr. 17.SC1 minimum. T92-4HR. RjcJinrrl Belter. JACK of nil trades, master of »ll. any work you need done —, y»rfl enncrele, home, call J.R, 793-7<73. ' FALL dean-Ups.. Flowerbedi. Prun- ^w. Fertlllxln*. J.B.'i T«rd Bervfct, INSURE SPRING BEAUTY AERATB or roto-tlll your compacted lawn NOW:!! Free estimate;. The Ijiwn noctor •7fC-USO 797-HM-nfter KPM. ' BARNYARD FtPflllZER I»Hd 5 yjirds, VW.'-% v»r<fs. KS. 'i tinwf, 117.50. Dumped only. yards. W1LCOX LAWN MOWER StKVICI 7W-S48I •• 16- Building MC COY'S CEOWfrtCIKG . 4*4*7' ......... ............. . 2 4 2x3x8' ,- ............. . ............. ; Mil PICKtT FtNCE ^ ' .............. . ....... ...26.33' ' ................ ; ........ 30.88 " ...... .Corr. Iron, So .......... -..- Borberf Wi, e , 12! Go .............. ... . Goiv. u Post ............. ,... PARTICLE BOARD 3/8" NO. 'i .......... . ...... :.. ',: " No. 1 ................ ;5/B" No. 1 .................... Aspholf, 100 Ib. Ctn ^Portland Cement \\" CO Plywood .... '/-. " Sheelrocli ' , I 9.95 ;- )";59 ~ 2 2.»9 ;4.49 1,59 '' WOFINC 535 Ib. Sell- !i or 70 Lb. Felt, Roll \*4*$ No. 2 Pine i 4200 LOOP 289 \ \ PH 792-4484 '6 §8 ; FREE Dirt. iOood (or If In- J tn-esied. please call 747-1601.. i OLD YARDS MADE NEW [.owered. Leveled. Kntotlllinjr. Dirt hauled. Dump truck A'tractor work Alleys cleaned. . ' J. B. SMITH JR. — TOS-5062 . A>T WHKRK . , ' ANT TTATE

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