The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 12
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sf-* ~ PAGE TWELVE TOT PARS Drive .Continued trom Page One? 4Ud rangers to Borger by Governor' Moody. "Nobody jumped on ihe attor- 7i*y genera! then and said he ought to do something abont it." A2h-ed declared. "It is the duty of the local officers to enforce the criminal laws of this state and, if the situation becomes unmanageable, then the governor act*, as they did ia the Mexia and Borger spisodes. OFFICIAL BALLOT FOR DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES PUSEKxB—I aac a. Bemocrat *nd pledge myself t* support the nominees of this primary. For United State* Senator JOS. W. BAULKY. JR., Dallas Co- crrr B. FISHER, San Augustine Co. TOM CONXAiLT, Falls Co. For Governor CLINT SMJLLL, Potter Co. TOM P. HUNTER, Wichita.-Co. C, C- MCDONALD. WlcMta Co. EDGAK WITT. 3£cX*cnan Co. EDWARD K. RUSSET.?- Red IUv»r Co. MAURT HUGHES, I>alla» Co. JAMES V. AT J.REP, Wichita. Co.^ CHARLIE R, DUGGEtR liCARY JOXES UtNDSAT TSTAI/TSR TURMAX MARY MANESS For Public "Weigher at Paris Pl*c* 1 THOMAS Kor lieutenant Governor JOHN HORXSBY. Travis Co. BEX F. BERKELEY. Brewster Co. TVAl/TER F. WOODUI*. Harris Co. J. P. ROGERSv Harris Co. R. M- JOHXSOX. Anderson Co. JOE MOORE. Hunt Co. "My opponents are saying that It is the duty of the attorney general to do these things. In the next breath they say if they are elect-' ed governor they -vcill do them. It •eeias to me that they are either talking wrong or running for the wrong office. And 1 believe they're doing both." "For Attorney General Allred said he fully recognized} WAI/TKR WOOI>WAR!>. Colemaa Co. the importance of the law enforce- j CLYDE E, SMITH, Tyler Co. ment issue. Declaring that ourj \VILilAM McCRAW. Dallas Co. agencies are far behJn-3 the times, j b*> advocated a complete reorgan- i For State Comptroller of Public Accounts MAXI^EY H. CLARY. Tarrant Co. J. J. JACK PATTERSON. Dallas Co. DOLPH'-B, TTLTJSOX. Henderson Co- GKORGE H. SKEPPARD, Xolan-Co. isation and modernization of the state police system TIMPSOX. Texas. (•?} — Bfi^ar j Witt carr>e back to i.his Shelby | county ti-svn. where he once taught ! school, to ask support ia his cam- ; paig-n for governor. ' Bade in 1900 the cs_a<3idaie -was; knows here as Prof. "Witt and I some citizens who turned out to" hear hir52 speak still called him by \ that title. He tn-as introduced by Gary Sanford. a former student i tznder him and a. member of the '. legislature ciirirsi: "Witt's years in the senate, where TVitt served.; three terms before election zo the i iie"Ui<eriai2t governorship., i "H^re is a man," said Saiuord. | "tbe one man -who can rid Texas j of the factional feud that has costj •as so much in the psst fventy > years. \ tor State Treasurer CKARLtEY LOCKKART. 'Travis Co. GJEORGH B. TBRREIiL. Ballas Co. KAY GRIFFIX. Tarrant Co. DKNN1? 3. WAXJL.KR, Trinity Co. r or Stat£ Superintendent of Public Instruction L. A. WOODS. Travis Co. Fi?r Commissioner of Asrleuitxire. K. T-ErvRHLLI- Floyd Co, C C. CCXXUEY. Willacy Co. J. E. Md>ONAl_D, Ellis Co. FRHD \V. DAVIS, Travis Co. For Conr.nisiioner of the GeaercLl I-aad Office J H. VTALKSH. Hill Co, TYAL.TKR E. JOXHS. Gregrs Co. For State Railroad Commissioner \V GREGORY HATCHER, Dallas Co. JA3IE-- L. McNEES. Dallas Co. H. O, JOHNSON. Harris Co. JOHN PUNDT. Dallas Co. L«.»N A SMITt£. Travis Co. "•Edgar "Witt has served throu~h j stormy periO".?s ITS Austin an.c he '• knows fcow 10 meet snua.tior.s- { Witt can bring- results in his pro- ) sram and he is the only man in \ th-s fi-^t-J -who can do what he says: lie -will dc.*' ; for Associate Justice ci Supreme Court ."Witt then took occasion to ex- i JOHN K. SHARP. Ellis Co. press hi" opinion that "the people • K. S. LJV.TTIMORE. Tarrant Co. and not propaganda \vj!I decide j JAMES V,~. ilcCL.EXI>ON. Travis Co. the srovern'~»rship in t.h-e rsrimary • jtin^r i3=orr Satur^av " i For JuJ^e of the Court of Criminal Appeals -Some special interests havej ^V. C- MORROW. Kill Co. ,\ sons au'd -orodlcal stet>- : sons in this race, but all their - - el "~ moaey hasn't been enough to buy j 'the friends of Edgar Witt. People j ^rant s.a era c-f political grood -nril! | j- o _ z^zms*. First Texas Dist- arid economic rood will, and, as! TTJilGriT PATMAX, Sotcie Co. £^>Trernor, Sdg-ar T%"itt trill bring ] these about.' 1 ? Fcr Representative 37th ±>istr=ct I A. M. AIKIN. JR. SA^ ANGSIX.'. Texas. (J?; —i. •Texas voters must demand o f .; For Reprf-senraiivs 3Sth District the -governor and legrislators they; -.ate Justice Court Civ!! Appeals. 5:h Dist. ^ ™,,^. ,^ T , ,. - ~ RfZT'BEN A. HALJ* Harrison Co. ~ For PubUc "VV'eigher a.t Paris Place 2 R. T. (Bob) NASH C, J. (Jack) MOYE CJLAJUSXCE M, SECRESl- % or Chafcnaar IXena. Rr. Com.. ZAznar County W. H. P. ANDERSON For Comity Commissioner Prec. 1 R, L. HAT.T.ARD GEOROE TERRY Kor County Comzniasioner Prec. 2 J. FR^NK JONES ROY H- DUNAGAN For Coupty Commissioner, Prec. I I*. R. jRoyJ CAVINESS J. H. JOHNSON MARK KENNEDY For County Commissioner Prec. -4 T. W. RUSSELL T. H. <Tony> BOOTH I- or Jrzstit-* of 'Peace Prec, 1. Place 1 A. \V. SHEFFIELD For Justice- of Peace Prec. 1, Place- 2 CHARLES PARROr J. A. JOHNSON tor Justice Peace, Prec. D. C- WEAVER lor Justice of Peace Prec. 3 A. F. ',VALKER F-.'-r Jusrke 01 Peace Prec. 4 \V. B. WEST B. K. DOUGAN p'or Justice 01 Peace. Prec. t D. S. MOOP.E G. \V. CAMPBELL For Justice 01 Peace Prec. S W. A. NOBLES For Jusz:ce of Peace Free. T P. B. iPow) BAILEY ED T£-RRY J. E. PHILLEY For Jus«. : ce of Peace Prsc. S L. E. TURNER A, E. HL.T.TS J. B. BROTHERS W. T. WOODY tor CciiiiAbi^ Prec. I J. C. (John) PHIDE SAM GARLAND Fair (Continued From One) making an extensive and that he was depending in a. largd measure upon the efforts o£ his supporters. The spea&er said thai a scan's accomplishments are the only true means of measuring his ability. la this connection. l»tr cited his record as district attorney ia Dallas and as a practicing lawyer. Mr. McCraw is the only man to be elected to the district attorney's office in X>allas for three consecutive terms. He mentioned his record of service in the United States army, saying that this service- acquainted hint with conditions in all sections of the state, j having: served with men from all parts of the state. r Mr. McCraw said that one of his opponents had charged McCraWs administration as dis- j resolution was adopted directing [ trict attorney in Dallas was too j the sergeant-at-arms to bring in j expensive. He answered this ] those members—heedful ' of Ol- j charge by saying: that his oppon- I son's cancellation ordt-r—who rv- I <?nt was a member of the stafe j fused to attend *. special sitting, j iL Coaftt Rouge Notking to $553 Expenditures by candidate* *eekin«r office in Red River county range from nothing to $353. accord- irs^ to the second report on campaign expenses being: tiled with County Clerk Frajak Smyre. The candidate reporting no expenses is an aspirant for a. precinct position, and several others for precinct office filed accounts of five, doi- lars- Several -were well over the $200 mark, while next to the lowest was that for $2.25. who liave be«n politically active; in behalf of I^anger. dismissed . several associates of the deposed f governor. \ | In the senate where only 22 of j that I the 47 members were present, a! Senate at that time and could hax'e cax:sed an investi|rat!ori if he wished. Ke, saicj that with the cooperation of the people of Dallas I county, he made an outstanding ! record while district attorney in I Dallas, He- pointed ont he did ! not lose a single civil suit against C. -IV. Fine was the first to W apprehended. He was found in The acting: governor's office- Fine || immediately retained counsel wh>* indicated a, habeas, corpus proceeding might be brought before tne state, supreme court in an ef- f Ort to fc a v e that tribunal rule on th€ county and that the county j t >j e legality or the special session, ' ] audit of two years agx> showed he! Firtc vras later released by the || senate, subject to call. had a clear record. The speaker said that his op- Both houses then adjourned un- ji | ponent was attacking him because j til 2 p. m. Monday. } of the fact that a politician who | oi son ordered audits and inves- i feels he is about to lOsse a race will j -j^^tions of the beer comraissioa. i [invariably attack the man by! center of criticism in the recent; j whom he fears he will be defeated, j campaign. and the regulatory de- 1 \ In answering a charge that he had j partment. where his appointee.- I | never rried c;vi! suits. Mr. McCraw j took caarse Saturday. • i quoted from a letter written by j His act i On came as Senator Xye I Judge Royal R. Wat kins of Dallas. |. charged in a statement in St, Paul ; saying: "McCraw^s wide expert-1 lhat .. an , un told amount of graft" j } er.ce in actual practice of civil and j ex j sts j n various departments of i i criminal law fits him for. the at- j the s t a te government, i ) torney general's office." ! Tae announcement that Mrs, \ j Mr. McCraw said the real issue I T^r^er would probably seek gu-i i in the present campaign is the | bernatorial election in the fall \ I selection of a mars for the attor- j caXJSe a considerable stir. . { j n»y srer.eral's office x\-ho owes al- i legiance to no corporate interest- t He stated that Senator "Wood| ward is retained as a la-wryer by a i subsidy of the Xx?ne Star Gas com- I pany. quoting from reports to | show that the vice-president of the j Coleman Gas company, which re- j , ( i tair.s Senator "CToodwarvI. is also i I an official in the !x>ne Star com- ; " Police (Continued From Pas* One) For blo Prec. - FPANK DAVIS C. C. C-iNON. Fannln Co- elect in zhe forthcoming primaries ; the risrht to a on e litsuor : Fur Couij-.y Judge. County c. A. M J. M. DR VAN D. ANDERSON - heriff jLarnar County C'.TDF SHS1.TON M D. KMEHSON FliANK D. \VEAH HHRl^fclRT 1- JONSS Gl-LAr?^ STURGEON : Bob > HAM3I.--CK Fc-r Assessor and Collector of D^'ROl'HY i_^TI?.IER irnar Co. •which may arise. Maury .; Hughes, candidate for governor. ; •j?aid in a campaign speech here ; %r cr Sa-£urd2.r night. ; "If you install in our legislative : halls £-23<2 in our governor's office Fvi" poIiticaJ hypocrites, you can -ex- last 1131? to grive 7c?-j a ri^ht to ( _ vate on rej>ea.lin.s- the stat-e's dr;r '. r or '----•--• ca.nd;.-fate iu tins race ksoi^s that the liberal Democrats are in the rKajority in Texas, Yet , , _ mosz of them, are s-Lra.ddiing "he fence, and courting ihe favor of F^-r I^isrrict Clerk. I-arriar Cousty th-e Anti-Saioon League i z 3."* : R. I_ I^ATTIMORE. JR, * J A liberal must be put into the I run off. -Lhro-jsrh consolida-uos of ' ^~'-"' r Couity rr-asurer L-£.mar County Iibera.1 strengtr... : - T - ^-- CASTI^BERRT • "The lio.u-or question today is ,-, •sn economic-. noz a moral issue. : r '" ^s an acii-prohzbiiionist, J charge ; :hax the intemperance and the ; j, >r Cc-ur--y --up.erlritend^nt Schools I^aaiar County svils that go t^ith liquor today are j, o. 3RUX5ON chargeable 10 zhe drys tfeemselves. • *z> T_ CHI55' "e the ones to refuse to . ~ into the open. Tr:ey refuse to -£a.x it, and trjereby enfranchise For Constable Prec. S FRANK BARNES For CeiiGtabl--* Prec, 5 KUGII LYNCH J. T. DENTON For Cor-srabic Prec- S J. A. BfcIGGS Tor Cc-ns'abl-e Prec. T TROT BUSSEI.i, For ConsTable Prec. S E. D. JORDAN ror Puolic Weigher Prec. 2 at Sexton. against my head he if I had a gun. I told him no. ; any taxi driver who carried I 1 -" . . ,, ... „ , , gun was just trying to get him- In closing, Mr. M cCr a.w pledged]^ ^ m ^ He ^^ . youVe Hght _I told him he was welcome to 1 search me. but he didn*t_ "•XTbcri we got to Pittsburgh w« stopped to get gasoline. "It you weaken rso-w it'll be your last: 1 time." he told me. He did all the the man at the station ; himself to build up the permanent } ; school fund and to enforce the oil { s conservation laws if elected as at; zorney general. , I An attentive ; speaker. Heard the Lanser talkin (Continued Fr 5-KSD JUXiAN XEEL,£,T SHADDOCE: J. ii. /Marvin) COOPHR For Publff at I>epon J. vT. TSMPKE CROOK Jr or Member Dem, Ex. Con;. Prec_ 4 L. TT. JACKSON For Member Dem. Ex. Corn, Prec, 5 J. TV. MUSGROVE i. Free, 31 Com. Prec, 50 i but he made me pay for the gas- I oline. f "I told him he could have my One) i car. which was; insured, and what | money I had and I would gladly • United States senator from North : ?e * ou t o* the cab and give it to Dakota.) to the end that they : him. I told. Mm. I -wras just a. plain might destroy not only me but : working caan trying to make a. liv- '- our nonpartisiari organization ia j jj-.^ for my Tvife and three ch,Hd- j the state. "<T h e • Nozspartlsan | ren an< i explained to him I didn't j Lieague is a faction of the Repub— • vrant. anyliiinR to happen to rae- |lica.n party in North Dakota>, "; "'You are about the fairest fel- f "The supreme court has dis- ; ; o ^. j ever saw/ h% told me." I qualified me but I am still your When they reached Paris his f governor. ; assailant directed him where to ! "If I have been guilty of any I drive. Buchanan said. When Offi- 1 corrupt conduct, if The v.--rdi--t of! cers Baker and Taylor picked up j guilty returned by the federal j the. trail of the car he continued i court }ury and the sentence (IS \ Driving directions. saying "turn < months in s. federal penitentiary" right" and f t-urn left" as they 1 an-5 ?iO T «C"3 fine* given me -is; drove over the streets of Paris. | proper and JUST. I want no uncer- | Bucfcana^n said. < tainty about this matter." | Senator Nye has bfen aligned : in a, police patrol car in iront of I | wltli those opposed to Langer and r the station Trhen tlxe taxi passed, } Baker remarked to Taylor some- i thing -was -sfrong In the car. Ke _ associates. | and Taylor began trailing The car. | attention to j finally stopping it on South Twen- J ty-third street at the intersection { of East Austin. f "ir there ever was a. time iri f my lif& I -seas relieved this is It," { on the ballot much a« Ma \ v.-as Buchanan's first rem-ark on ioavins: his car at police headquarters. His next act -was to relate the i; Baker asd Taylor -were sitting: j; -; is a. suj>po~T?r of Acting Governor I Olson. I I-ariger's political I mea-ntime 1 , turned i the fail campaign in j er was nominated for reelection as I SL candidate and discussed the fea- ; sibility of Mrs. Langer taking his rai in Texas after Jlni i>a.rre<3 frorr. 1 tht g-overnor Olson, ip. " ?rer ' e on str ^ te ior riie •na tune * the cost f evaluating at .Danville. II:-. i company's properties, TTI^ER, Texas. <^i — Clyde E. : Smlih of "vToodvl'ie. candidate lor : attorraey gener£.;. saic here Satur- : cay Right be intends to enforce : all laws :f ejected. particclariy shiprnen*.. "The dire r;e«d js to demand ! tbe oil lavis are evaded and will i not be content to take somebody '. el-se's word. If :Heg-aT operations ' esdst, 1 shall r-?,t The lid on Them ': ers rei«jtj*s5}--." : >res:cent"s labor The nadoria.i g-aard on strike duty received verbal orders to prepare for v,-;thcraTral from Sa-n 1 ?"r<incisco- Shots rs.n5 oat asra*n •whets a sentry said ihree men stopped to naraa&ue him, fired a.; him and resisted arrest- The sentry fired sit a tire on tfie n^en s s. ; jtotrio- r»tle £.iid arrested them, One naiionai gruard officer -A&* broi,-=-::- on by strain attesdir-s *^« Vacation Cliarcli J5. h '-- School tO Begin ! by a rr^n^c I over demands for the removal of • relief officials and the payment of I i ent for the unemployed. ! Dancers asd c-vher entertainers ! imported ronr; r"r3,nce uspacsc-ed I tielr belcng-irig^s again and vs-ere ; ready for the reop^nirLgr of the \ since Tuesday by a strike of wsit- \ trs and other union *rnpiOTei-. j Strikers at the Harrima.ii Hos• iery rrjHls ia. Tenness^e*: refused to I approve as agreement under Twhich f ih*s Slue HL&gle was to be restored | the plant, closed after the emo'err: • was r'srrtoved. ; the 5 In Ea*?r St. .JLouis. III., 60? alurn- ? inum -wrorkers said they would Ore.. 1 a proposed nstion-Ti<ie stnt sum in auttaoritj" i story, then telephone home and :e ax of ex- : report to his partner and Ms >ri appointees : wifc. The churcb t>or a; PonIari-3, blocJvtf.d'5-5 f'-.-r tea v.-ef»ks ; th*: indust.rj""» planned code is "A'orlc*?rs" strifct, '^VUJE • into eff^ct- hy Mayor Jo**>h K. ; sor., who promised be held each frorrj S:3t to 20:20 o'clock ur,';! Aufnist 2. Mrs. H. M. Hut- -*-}•] i>e in" charge. AH chil-drer:, from the asr'-s four resru.lar.jy attcr;/; t.h* First ?«'erh- : f, odisft church or r;-.t:,. Mrs. Clark r^si^s -si-jM b*- rector c-f Jh*- Int^rra^cia.te d*:>a meat i.,n.d she w-;ll b* asssisre-d Pickets and police Batched * ; Seattle, where Friday 2,C«M» stnk- ; Jury Froit? Our.) company spent a larger preparing for the scit- 1 An eighi-month rate hearing 1 ,1 1&32 at Fort "SVorth, ?rece<l-d } order. After enforcement of the! rc.te ha.d be*n enjoined in fedora! j court, the attorney general's de- J partrrsent filed suit in state c-^art I October 5. 1&33. The federal court i remanded jurisdiction in the liti- | jra-tion to a state court November ? 17. K-33, | The Ix>ne Star Gas Corrs;>ar,y i^-f I tbe largest hi the southwest. It | j_ • Ci?*rra.tes an integrated pij>e line | ., j sy%te!sf of 4,00 f » n^.iJes, tapping 31 | .j • s-a-s fields with 1,000 -wen* sn j ,. j Tt-zas and Oklahoma, Distributing j .« The stale,s victor in the fsrsi I ''•- utility rate ca^-e tried t>e'ore 3 t I Texas jury. It involved dorr.«-«;c | i S&R rates isi tie city of L-ar^do, It..} : ii no"*' on appeal- .« f -wsrc r*-t-'«irrse'S 'n marstisr!* strike, he Jlowabie. I PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CJ>.-'] the lar^e*; • Convinced that Robert Jone--. the i - Arthur i ; The 'rate case * <" attempted by the railroad coTft-) shjf»"a steward, -was ?"• n, through its jras utilises} C. \Vll«oij of Oevela.n< .. .-. ->n sn-d the attorney general's i Toy«* for morder, :3 iPr'*™3l.* s fyn t : " "* "" I <4>p:-trtme:;t B The Jesris!atur^ mad*- * Saturday Or<3*:re j d h&s continued at PortUtcc under heavy « ^ ^.^^ approj>na ; JO:T to ^ rray ' .„ . hja ^ altr<J Ktalcs ., fa weavjng str^d co-nstructlor. of •?i"ho will have cliarg-e o* r^cres- vi-&s; SJise JTiLnc E!iza.beth GiHt^n, ie science, a.nd Austin Caid- who will orjrantz.e and di- a fcarmonica. orch*»t,rs. Dwr- th* »cb<x>*. Will L4^rh?fo<Jt wsV. lessons on church ar- rect MJs* Veriinda Titles. th* di- rcct'or of rh# bcglurjers* <5epirt- •KO3sam<»n-d SiIorjrAn. Miss; E'.eanor Moc«rc- «.o<J Mfes Virginia. Ge'rv*r» \v.if|. .br directors of the primar;.- depart t»«ut» le threats c/.f rniJitary in- • terve^tioiJ «nd a ^-en-era.I strike • hur.g; over the city. In the face of J tiie denunciation of Vt'lIIiam A. J Green. prejsi<!ent of the Americas i Federation of Labor, of geuer&I | strikes the latter -was not expected j to rna.tsTia.lize. : T.fc* loss to bxis^news an<J corn- ; rta«-}>-r from th<- pjscstsc »;.c»a*«. Ktrsk- -j feress... gftnerai ntnk*«. *-a« «»t!i»at- ; at $;*?«!.<•><»0.0^0. \ Tb«? Am^w-B&M'Vt in - Wyoming 1 to*,.*3 ^ orks at Pairk.*rr-«i>tJrgr. W- Va.» ' w/ay pj<-k«?t«rd after 550 v struck in a. tf^TRarcJ for a Two naorc itderal mediators« <j»«»tr>- tshn> will bri to; fall to lecture wiih her AUee , I in tJic. coHcctlvc bargrs4toin« eittxa.- I i M- j in bis efforts to settle ?ta« strike-of j union •workers a.i the KoWer Man. 'whom many \vfeo , Mtia K«»hlcr. Mor« company p!ant» 1,2K* relief *t rrs SUPERIOR CREAM Cho««lat». VanHIa, Str5**iHsrr>' Tti*t: Fruittl, Crerry Nut, Butter Pecan. Boartoa Pudding, ai».,«> Pioeapp'e Sherbet. PINT 20c QUART 35c One Adolt 7V;ket To Ajjy Pari- Tlwactrc- J 2 ^** Wttft — Sunday Only Special Fresh Peach Sundae ..... IGc PHONE 37-3S~~-FREE DELIVERY WASHABLE SILK CREPE Full 39 Inch, All SOk W«h*ble FUt Cr«p« Here's a buy! A real h r i f t opportunity' call's offer this beautiful quality Washable Silk Crepe for a limit- rd time at only 49c vard. Display . JUtT 12. tt34 S D ummer uresses Clearance Priced In Our JULY SPECLAL PURCHASE SALE Values to $19.75 Printed crepes, pastel crepes and a few solid cofor sheers make up this big group of bargain priced dresses. There are li^ht. medium and dark colors to choose from .... manv suitable,for early Fall \vear. See them Monday . — they'll hurry out at this low price. Second Floor Foundation Garments Sale Priced 69 Special Rowing of eHsiic girdles, and Gossard MIsSim- pllcity ^aLrmenis in summer weights; Every one of these g& merits have been reduced from much iiigher prices. Ske ranges incomplete . real values. Seeo*ul Kloor Priced to Clear! 23c Fm« Quality Sheer we^nt fabrics arc printed pique voite. printed organdy, tgypiian Tissue* Powder Puff Muslin, Dimity and Novelty Broadcloth. Dots, stripes and flbrals in a bisr assortment arc all shcxwn. Heavier goods arc niso shown such as Seersucker, Waffle Cloth and Pique in wide or narrow ^a!e weave in solid colors and prints. Rare value here. Main Floor Permanent Waves iin«* they k<"*p ih«*ir ont. Individually Styled I n d « I sr « ^yourself, phon«s Monday for *n on« of Perkins" uriopw wsvW. Kv^ry on* 1» dp&icnffd to brttig ottt your 5>«^»t points* , «-•'» ». until th« last wave has Per fei ITS B rofc V^ < <> /V\"~F=> y^ rs] ^y •._ ^x ft»e I>*"j«*irt«>cnt of

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