The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 4
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TOUft THK DAILY HBWF, FBEDERTCK. MV., KOITOAT. DEOEHBXB JC ; 1931. MR, ROGERS FINDS How Political Writer CHRISTMAS DAY IN CHINA "^"^ * ""fu^** vwit^i IS A DREARY AFFAIR To the Editor of Tbe Sew: Shanghai. Dec. SB.--I didn't know thai C-ir-stmas did mean to much you PUPILS ENTERTAIN P. T. A. Up 1932 Outlook Christmas Fiwjram Cites AS Street ScbmL NOTICES c: «.BJ ktod p»rt»kia« e! tte a»:=r« o! *8ve.-u*:=« SSUK i* r mi* niiitctf rr xst :c t~» cat* T cot be l*l*a CJ wlepbcse. »ve to sp:nd one away oil like this fxscc home. I den t fcnew when these Chinese £iav« Chr sucas bat It wass t on tie twenty-fifth. C;u»e. Shanghai. w£ere I am no*. » supposed to be the liveLe^t town east oj Su«, but all tie fali* whoopee in the world don't raaie up for the olci Christ- zns tre* »t i-oine and there i* ihcusancls cf 'em out here feel the same way. Yours, WILL ROGERS. 1 WHICH ONE WILL WIN THIS HOME? The Wai* House and presidential possibCltlw. as iriewed at | the present by Rxiney Dutcher, are i ihovs here. At the right is Mr. Hoov- 1 er. certain to be a candidate for re- 1 election, below, tiro leading Democratic ! possiaCitire. Newton D. Baker !eft) ,' arid Frariiin D AST EHSDSBCCS rrflfCCCB cr. ar O5«S tb* ' HEALTH By DR MORRIS P1SHBKIS. .i. T£« HcaiUl MOXDAY DECEMBER 2S, IM1. · A GOOD STAKT. Congress has sprung some very pleasant surprises upon th* admin stration and the public. In the first place. H got down to work at once, dispensing with mast cf the pyrctechr^cs and pea- PnrnmonU Reqalrrj The Pr-fxirDcnia, called by Os^r "the ,p:a n cf ui* nicr; of Oath." called ·the friend of the aged." it is a means of quick death for those who have su-vived to the point at which tcieir life is merely a burden and no longer a pleasure, continues to be a cii-ajc cf great mortality among all c viiizea peoples. j Th~ c_A-i£e Is caused primarily by j but of former sessions. And then having knuckled down to business it actually accomplished soratth'ng of national consequence without wecis and months of cheap oratory, political bartering and futile debate. Search of the records *f3 disclose few instances of action by congress on coctrorersial Issues during the two or three 'n'M** weeks of a new session , * _ *^ o'. the lungs similar to i -M politics cuxomary In the early days Freu: .. or a ^y ^^p following the i invasion of other genus. Tr.e dlsf.ise Is trazism tted from one re-son to an:tr.T or by materials confining the secretions from the now. ·hroai and lungs cf those «ho are In- r-'-ted. Our prcssnt condition cf hous- .r.3. the crov.dlns th»t takes place in :rjf street cars, trains, elevators, motion p cture houses, and similar places, 'cads to such intimate contacts of human beings that transmission of respl- ratory diseases is exc*eUngly likely. ^: tits rear there seemed to be a * * * tauiition forbidding such a thing. May ' Apparently the ctls^uc develop* two i»i~u^ v --"o . or three days after the germs get into the present congress smash many more , he langs . hTOUgh ^aiat^ provided bad traditions. ' that the human body Is not possessed It is to be hoped that these first few of enough resistance to throw off the The disease Is more com- s^ns^of ;ty to the house, a Republican majority when resistance ia towered due to con- in ttv senate, a Republican admlniitra- itant exposure to unfavorable weather weefcs have not been the calm before ^fectlon. the storm. W.* a Democratic ma**- «£ « tion n^rf a presidential election less t+im a year off anything bat "peace in Washington, good will toward the other side." was to be expected. The situation is one better fitted for playing nationa: politics than for passing helpful national legislation. But congress may continue to spring agreeable surprises upon the nation. AH sides may decide that there will be ventilation, and 1 mcLtlons. to bad .« jr.ihr factcrs. .Vtempts have been made to control ·he incidence of pneumonia by isolating cnr-~s of the d-seore and preventing contact with ether human b»ings. Is unfortunately fo diifiruit that she exact va!i:e of the mcn^'irp Is not certa-n'y established. However, enough 's definitely known to warrant the advice that the patient with pneumonia should, if possible, be attended BY RODXEY DUTCHES NEA Service Writer iyrii-1. NEA Service. Inc.) r.Ston. D.xr. 28 --According to accepti-i gaucc'. 193! was a Democratic yetr. So was 1030. Now CO.T.CS 1932. all-important be- -ntisc i.'xt NT. "nit.-r a president as ·iri! as anath'T C3r.;r-"is will be elected. Aitrou-jn n!!jr..in5 hold their faith in Hir'ot'it H'V.iT .i:irt the Republican party, such b.iro:i!ct ·." as exist seem to indicate that :liU al=o will be a year of Democratic \ i;.. Political prcairriins 10 months ahead must iae'. lla'jlv be accompanied by Tbe pupils of Washington Street :hcol en - .*rta.3ed LOB Parest-Teaiher at its regular sneetinj De- :t IS- Taey were welcomed fey- i Mary Evelyn Tioaias. · Tns tb-rd grde* presented a piaytet . entiled "A Vls.t Frxxa Santa Ciaus." i O= Santa's arr.iral he *a* entertained i ay the flrst and second grades, with · tae following program i j -Tne A^nast-Wasn't Christmas." new , toys, Mary K. Kamey. Theodore Wolfe. Kesnp. PhyOs PooJe, Erelyn old toys. William ' WMliaoj Null. Calwn SwomJey. ;iSrailey; children, Jean. Geraldase ·Goodjairt and Ted. Richard H%r- · risen: songs. "Santa Land," and ··Christmas Ev«": recitation, "My Re! par*. Card," Henry Ft»*.; exercise, |' Greetings," Ktthaieen Baraee. Jean | Lewis, Bessie Jraes: recitation. "A Joke oa Santa Clans." Benard Deems: reci- u::os. "Santa Claus is Coming." Ren i Dev-io!ss: recisaoos. "Christinas Can- j die." Sewy Ssworthy; song, "Jolly Oli "· S:. Nicholas"; reci-.atios. - "Chnstssas " Lights." Foster Blicienstaff; recliation. i "My Chris-.mae Tre.." Rulus Oden; i song. "Chr^tmas Be"." | A pagtar*. eniitlec "O Holy 5 ; was preiented by ' gradas. The characters werei Mary. j Lllli* May Sirces; angels. Betty Herbert. Marjorte Harnson: wae seen. Ro- I bert HoSnoan. Garland Hoffman. Wil- ·liain Kreb: shepherds, Malcolm Dodd. ' Kenneth Woeraer, Joan Milyard, Paul : Ernst. Choir. John y"g. Marion MiBer, l-Ruc^en Mathews, Catherine Coci. Vlo- ! 1;; FUh-r. James Ll'.tle, Lincoln StttJl. I Roland 'Villard. Evema Norwood. Mil| rircc Keller, Joyce Dodd. Mary Louise i Butler. Janice Winner, Ir-.inj Branden! burg. Michael An-d:rs. James Perry, j C.intsn Rhoades. Thelma Linton. Anna ! Riv Suter. Margaret Kera?. Hilda King, i Dr-isilla Hyde. Vtrr-=-» Welry. Mary' e"in Fawler. G«orge Lewis. Sadine Ulalke. Liroy Renn. Be::y Etzler, Kobhs ! Hideniaugh. Gladys Dennis, Donald Diriis. John Fischer. William Willard. Melv-n Carbaugh. Walur Stun, Gertie Hildebrand, Evelyn Bussard. Pauline ^arbaugh. "Lufner's cradle Hymn." was sang by Mary Jane Waldschmidt. Hattie Michael! Elaine Moberly. Rath Ahrecht. Betty Barth!ow. Pearl Sie?ss. Miss Ella Kreis, the principa!. made Political precedent and tradition are ! a few remarks and the meeting ad- tr. when a pirt; in pc.cer loses the j .'earned to meet Friday evening, Jan- liiise it loses the next presidential j uary 15- iJC'.ioa. There have OAII four excep- · ,. -- Lns. ! of CAN YOU BKAT IT H / 'LL LOH^TEVER. rxe c fierce AH* tfe 's grave oaUonal emergency has been met rcom Ln C c-tag;nus cart-s. and who will as far as it is in the poor power of con- L see to !t that th? d shes, the bedding : griss to do so It would not go well 1 ar - d other niatcrtels to contact with velopn er.ts. p-rl^aps entirely unforeseen, may crapl '-'.y alter any political sk- ^ census of prophecy poUtic.1 pa^ even by the people of obstructing urgent measures designed to relieve existing economic and financial problems. Daily Lesson In English say. contact with other people. «· * * Pneurnon'a, above nil of the other diseases that attacfc mankind, demands gcod medical attention and the best of nursing care. The diseese tends to run a limited course. Durjag the time when the Jungs are congested it is necessary to support the action of the heart by now is t r a i t I. The Democratic nominee, probably Frauil.c D. Rsoscvelt of New York or Neitoii D Baker of Ohio. wiK defeat PrciiJ.-nt Hcoicr. :. The Dcmscrats will win working majorities in Congress. 3. The chief issues ^vill be prohibition, cicpression. tariff and war debts The I trick Is to stick uiat hi your hat. sit back and watch to see what, if anything, happens to upcet the dope. or CO years Democrats have been so Words often misused! Do not . Tou have an exceptionable oppor- proper measures. OTj-gen admm'stered . sanjuiae. Republicans so despondent Bmity" Say escsntional .properly tends to relict e the strain on i Nor his t- 6 TM been »W -' ;il - h approach ' to ur.ariimily in a fsre^-st that Thi economic depre.^ion. in its third "' t yir, deepened throu;:: 1930. It is po- | rne moveni..- axUaiatic tha-. prosperity keeps I a p-rty Li pr*-er. Depression doesn't automatically forre rj; an adnuilstra- t!v n. but tht* tililihc^ci becomes, greater * * * Hoover's lack of popular appeal, his political ineptness and his failure to mike a more convincing impression as Ijider in tune of cl-strcss have also nlr.biit-ed to his predicament. His micsares to combat the situation, however ·Rise and profound they may oe : have not caught the popular Imagination. Thus far faith in them, for the mass of voters at least, requires 1m- rnei-ji'tc results or else abiding faith in HDover's infallibility. Although hero- w^rchip remains a national sport and commands tremendous respect, one observes no popular warmth toward Hoover as one observed it in the case ol ·he human Harding or the crusading W.Ltcn. Hoover's best hope is that his meas- urc3 wll! bear--or seem -3 bear--fruit isrue to ch \ill b-zar watching. ·jf -=r · Democratic procedure on the tarts ls- sae in this Congress ^-11 K'-'-'e us a bitter idea lie*- and to what extent ; Si will be in the campaign. j The party has consistently attacked the ; Hawlsy-Smo3t act. The Democrats will also be tryins to set up a record on such other Ir^ues as taxation, unemployment and farm relief, 'ihe war casts and the if^us of cancellasior. or revision may become a mare eSectr.e Issue than any of chem. cspending on European cevel3?men_, curing the next nine msnths. The Eoaver moratorimn was hailed list Jan-; as a master stroke likely to : put the world back on its economic feat and also re-elect Hoover. It per, haps avoided a general European crash But the public reaction, if Congress re' fleets voter sentiment, has been violent, although the measure has just been approved by both h uses. Democrats are being closely wacched for those stupid blunders which the the country can once be convinced R ; pub usariS eicp^cl, especially in the Today In History Today's Anniversaries. 1708--Charles Wesley. English Methodist clergyman and hymn-writer, bom. Died March 29. 1788. 1789--Catharine Maria Sedjrwick. writer of popular tales for the young, bom at Stockbridge. Mass. D'ed in Bcston. July 31. 1867. 1739--Thomas Ewfag, Ohio. United States Senator. Secretary of the Treasury, first Secretary of the In- ier.or. bom near West. Liberty, Va. -Died in Lancaster. Ohio, October 26. 1371. ISIS--William H. Herndon. lEion's law partner of Abraham Lincoln, born at Greerssburg. Ky. Died at Spring- fidd. m. March 18. 1891. 1 £23--William B. Tallaferro, Confederate general and lawyer, bom in Be"ev£le, Va. Died there, February 27, 1898. 1335--Will am E. Chandler, New Hampshire United States Senator, Secretary of the Navy, born at Concord. N. H. Died there. November 30. 1917. 1835--Archibald Geike, distinguished Scottish gecloglst-wnter. born. Died November 11, 1924. 1855--Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, bom at Staun- tcn, Va. Died in Wash'ngton, D. C.. February 3, 1924. aation. gratuity, bounty, benefaction jstich crmrllcatiorus the phvrician has Word study: "Use a word thr«-e times ' er.e of his mort important functions. and It 3 yours." Let us increase oar ·vocabulary by mastering one word each lay. Today's worct Credulous; Inclined to believe, especially on slight eviderx*- -II TES nothing but credulous supcr- Luf s Stuff 5Ir Wish For Too, This year will jocn be end ag, and cease Its long extending. add tlscn another year will come along. Ard whc'her s; wJl sting us or b:g ^nprovcmeats bring us. is something I can hardly put in song. Quotations This (Xitiosal Socialist) party is absolutely under rcy control. My win U done. --Adolf Hitler, leader of Gerscar.y's Fascists. * * * Tr-e wo'ld no icr.;ir safely or I wlsc'y carry the burder-s armaments :;nols. Ol'..?. inn. Either or both, coupled with the chantry's traditional normal Rel publlcanism, mljht Ir^ure Hoover's re- o!?ct:?n. AnXher p-ss:bility is that ilj-vc-, now t?ratcd. may come to ap- j p:ar as a mar;-, r and t:ms attract wiclc ( papular sympathy. * * * The voters themselves have provided the most authoritative index of the presort trend. In 1930 t' wiped out the Republican mijsrily ot 100 in the and neirly captured the Senate ortant states su'h as New iork. H- Massaclm^tts. Indiana --Alan*xn B K^'ur'-t^rj. fcrmer am- bas=c.icc to Fr;l3-i and Germany. ·* * * any ir-an whe gets for you, hcwever. that when this year shall serer Its contacts ·with the year that's crcae be'csie-- you issy ha're less of trouble and Xys and plefisarra double encourage meets and ha?cin?-s galore! --N. A. LUF3URROW. Bible Thought Judge sot. that ye be not Judged--- j Matthew 7tl. I * * ·* Make not thyself the judge of any I jicr.t knoT , a thr^l cut of h. | --Eclrr.ur.d LcTe. screen actor : ·» * * 1 W; hive to 5U«talri our cuftorcrrs as for as we can without po- i Patrick J H'.rlcy Secretary of War. I * * * ; We are now at the edrc of a r*w re' na^wn-e of the soirit. ---Dr Edward Howacd GriiTvS. former univcrjirr prcfc^rc-r at Stanford. Connc-t!--r -- a n d even Republlcar Kansas .and S-v,:ih Da'-tota -rcturr.ed D?mo*raU; v.-tones. During 1931 In elections to fill :' va- rinc!t:s. voters cave House control to the Dem^-rato. who hclsi all their own seats, won ciyhc of the 11 and tooi Republican seats in Ne-w Jersey. Michigan ar.d Texas. t '.it :t is perceptibly going uphill again. '.11 is likely to be forgiven forthwith --.j Hoover may ajain shine as a na' · -1 r.ero, a physic-in for ecc-nomir : 5 -vlio brought the patient througl" x vd crisis. M-inv. hile, however, trie prohibition :r. nice frizhtens eastern Republicans Hc-cvcr is clrj- The Democratic nom: ee -A J.: inevitably be wet. New Tori Il.ins.-, Massach'oje-tts, Ohio yj J»ew J."s:y have indicated more or less "' \*·!;.· that, other tlilnfs bein; equal. · -y prefer wet candidates. A catidid- z. -· can hardly be elected even it he 'xcs wet New York Uc-ne. Sln-e the Republicans hare lost their t?ra=pcrlty arr^rnent It notv seems as if "other thinzs" raitht be considered equal The Dcmc;rats -ail! :o:e popular vc-tw en t'se wet-dry t*r,:e because of thsir -~-t --.'rd-clite. but they stand ·-- irair. c':-'.'r. - ". votas ar.rl stil! to re- · - n the r.-- Dcrassratic S ·''.£ Ssuth. .:-·? v.r-'ch no one expects Hoover to oc-v-c again. T.--!'. althoush bc-th parties are badly sr"..t by prchibitlon. the setup is decidedly in favor of the Democrats. That is why there's a strDz;; movement in Republican ranhs far a platform for sab- MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP i · ! Flapper Fanny Savs -- Twenty Years Today i-^s "rcrn the ccl'.'.mns Tr.c N'Wf. Dec "-"" ~"_T, ""^TJrV? V- -r.d Pctomac Tc .^_-_ e cc~r^- ' ~" ~ ut n:l it5 _ r _ * s"-»Co?o pr:c-arr c I lmpro^ ersent 7-drr i-.s r-c-n: chief. Walter F -"-." -^- T.-C ".S COO f"«t o! ?f wire ^ cny cr-rr.e dc v-r ar-d co-r.t ·Fre d's-TO-ed the tanlt barr! on | j -.'-e farm or C1.-.r;--;t B-^r. r.ear Jef- j ^,_ ! . c _ . tr ^-.f£ cv his son Matsrtce 3.ser. Tho tsr-. -K^S rrp'aclng one wr..:h «a$ cu-r-.fd cuniut the i.mrrcr All "he s*oc% was saved. ! C--.7ir.- A ^rc m- -. -es-«l in the M" before Coneress rV--.din; f-r psv -o the crcaossw: ~i^tj! F-CI c-~ ;-- oictr- - -' ^ ' ""··"· ·""'" ti»l --* ^e 7 " C.--'Cr n ·" M.'.r .arc. Scor f-r tnc D - - - . T'-» -i--r'.e to gr- U3 their ho~."s 'er tr.e holidays received a £L". cf candy and a present A gjrl clo.^n - t .^-e to be iaie io cut a prett? tgure- good nage licenses ord. h* ic rnar- 56 on rec- wbsce tr.ey must shape legislate policies and a" liie politicians "31 10 rule." Thus far they have given -he Republicans no opening for at- ;.ick. They will nsve plenty of op- p^ however, in Conrress, in na- ·lornl coavcnticn and 12 the campaign. Tns Repu-lican National Committee recoritly me: and voted to hold the jcjrty's national convant.on in Chicago. ^OTinn-r.g June 14. The meeting vras --Isr-rny. The party, urjnlly well in . mis. was found- to be temporarily rroke, l; for money to keep na- t.c-na! l-.eodc;uartjrs open Depression. proh.^ and lack o; inc»rest were blamed for failure of contributors to · produce cas~-i. | The Democrats, heavily in debt to i de-airman JD.IH J. Ka=kob and now engaged in a for money to pay him ' off, rc-cet here in Jar.uiry to pick a ' city. Bouc.g Dsmctcrats. they are likely to stace a hot. Siht. especially if Ka-'-iob ins.-^s that the corrnE-t- ! tee declare il=clf in some vray on prohibition. ! * * * ' Although ur.'-.aooir-ess and discontent .·'.ve producod rumors of anti-Hooyer -- ·'vcineiits in Republican ranks. Hoover ·s.ll alrcOi?: ccrta-nly be renorcinated a; Chicago. His control of party ma- clunery is Siich thai no one has yet , ircag.ned any comolnation of progres- I sives and ot-her dissenters which- could "-ake more than a high maximum of ' 20 per cent, ol '.h.e dele;at*v» from him. ! Calvin Coollcge's o-s-cliimer only rr.j^Je lie-over's nomination more cer- ; t-am. The G. O. P. convention Sght, if any. -xill be on the -yet-dry L^sue. Democratic politics now center arC'tins Governor i^voceve.., .ar ahc-ad of other aspira^tc- for nomma- -ion S^~e of the n30=t p-owerful Dem- ocr-ilic leaders expect to prevent him fro~ -nlk.r.i away w i t h ihe prize and sewefl one is or; no Today In History. i 1846--Iowa admitted to the Union. and. · 1908--Earthquake : n Chicago ! Sicily took a toll of 120.000 lives. 1917--The Government took control of the railroads. . -jp at crnvenutK: time. Bui nj ' or"~lr ,-l.v-h.ns st the jc-vc-- Today's Birthdays. Prof. Frank W. Taussig, noted Harvard University pcli;ical economst, j born at St. lxU-s. 72 ysars ago today. j Rcbecr H. McEiroy, noted American I historian, professor of American His- jtory. Oxford Tjaivecs-ty, England, born jat PerryriUe, Ky, 59 years ago today. 1 Prof. J. M. Powis Smith, em'sent , Univercity of Chicago professor of Se- jmitic languages, bom in England, 65 years ago today. Martin A. Rosaaoff . Pittsburgh chem; ist. bom in Kuss a, 57 years ago today. i Sir Anhur S. Eddlngton, noted Brit- ! iri astronomer, bom 49 years ago to- ,d2y. ; St. John Ertine. noted British 3ra- matist-rioveiist, born 48 years ago to- jcay. Henri de Regnier. French author, ' bom 67 years ago todav. I _ I Today's Horoscope. i Thus is an aSect'oaat*, sympathetic ' nature which will be deserving of a much better reward than it is Uiely to .receive. There is a concentration and a ·K'hoie-hearcedness of purpose that '·BE go far to oSset some of the deficiencies of the character, and help in the strugg'e for success, wh ch Trfl be ultinately atta-ned. CATEXTJAR. Monday, Defember 2S. 1 Statehood Day in Iowa -- admitted ' IS4S. ! Woodrow Wren's bbttKiay. 1 Amsrican Library Association meets in Chicago. · Airiencan Scoaoruic Associai'on meets is Wash-ngton. D. C. ; American Sockyiogical Society, meets in Washington. D C. American A^yociat-'cc For the Ad- · var.cemsnt of Science Xe~ Orlearis. · American E-stoncal Assocasian. u s PAT. © 1331 B'f · £A SEHVtCE. INC.;] "--And I say well can a taxi. Tin not going to take a chance on to get out and change tires." IN NEW YORK I I ; New York, Dsc. 28.--For a few brie: , wsaks a tie hoi-day season, Manhattan goes in f3r mar.oriettes in a largs Legions of puppetears open shop in a cozen sscticns of the city and oldsters start th-nking up "circ-tis esctices" J for taking the I f -7^1111,- ch-ldren. Tne ran-e of puppat snows is from trie eaive.y ' Winnie t^e ' ?ooh" :o -Hansel in= Gret-sl.' znsy · trcuplng m- , stricfs: gay bits of doH costume are under wayt ds^irns are being £ ctitecl for future prcrsactionst discad Pnacies ana Judys, pirates frcrn T-] sure Island and gnc--es frcm Kip \ Wldkl3. and cci^irs of assorted ines are t3 be dlscsvered after a 1 C'f searching. Just a tew steps a~ay from an ; vatsd plntrcrrr. tcurh cf the big to~n b2cc.nces all th_ cr.3re ; real. ! . ^ - .V,^-- ^.j^-, y ^ _ ,,' . \.\ -»i jnc* s"?tx^sr snti Down i -'visa o/ja trarlore'.te r a shew to keep ' tion of the year Lifesized figures are | used and "he plavs prcrenten are often 35 anc^-,t as th; nc.:ion frcrc which they are xnpcrtecl. One lead:n; de-artraent stoce seeps ' a costlv p-jppet show; in its w-n- ~3~s tie Christncss sl-Cr-3T3in2 Ten- £_~. who also serscls scv»ca: puppet troupes out en the read. 3ncl the ' b-jilctins arcl up-teep runs Into the tens "of thousands. ; Anc! rn: tcld -^jat the ?u??et rogue i has "oeea sprsao^:; over the country Better artists than one rinds ^; the Ptiopets of ivo-y and wcod -are b| r D--~d '~ t-CjCTDS 2t. ThC'l£3 ^nd ^*^'."-"; j j T3ricr.i*iTe pcc~. ; ! i Jt. crSNAU.S~.THe "... HAV^ NO SHELLS'. iiL Biker -? the rcil-y -~.p-or.atit threat \r»in** R^k:*?ri: at 'cic. t-m*. He has rer^vd to be a c.».r.d.dat?. b.t n«xt to Rocvt- - .cl' he ,i"rs---,= rr.ore 5-.ippo.rt im-n; D?--. v ri".: p-o . .~iaris and ra^k sn^ ft.e t.i^n an^" o"^i*-r man r.Any bcl^ve he ·scsild be a stronger cantL- d^te th-^n R;^C---I' raror-.i-e sec ' cl?leratic.ris are being since; leaders l,ok k-ndlv .-.- Governor Aloert C. Rli-h.s of X!a--land, --ho 1 -o.-m.' likely t^ c-s to Rcose- i vol T" .~~-r f=.iT."e s, - or.J R't'hie t' - t : ^ ^-.^.rr.^ '. i _ -." -~o.-.-- v rc-rairi- *^ It "o -T "· ; "s i ~c._- -- ry -r. j l^dors w;.. cu-.e great, difficulty iCt-p- inj :ne nominat.or away from hira. T.i"y proraolv iro-ulclr.': f=are ,ry Prejidcr.tcal r-r'~.aries TT -; be held in 19 stjVs c :nre M.»c-r A~r.l ar.d May. I" is r. ·: y-"t K7-or-- -v.i.^.-, rr.:* RovVi'- 1 veit and other candictet-js plaa to eater. Zeta Beta Taa "'Jewish College ttrmty) Bostxr.. Tnesday, December 29. · Centenary c.r the b:nh of Adain Ba- 1 ckau 1S31-1S95^. American sc£disr. anther, arc cipltvmat. ' statehood Day to Texas-- admitted · 1S45. SOth ar.rtTgrsary of the f-rst Affler] icar. Y. M. C. A . at Boet,:snAnencsr: Phlklc«3cal Associates meets at Richnac-d. Va. Geological Soc.ety of America, Tulsa Oils. Ast.v.-;-r. .if ^t--^c T a-r.--s. Detroit A~» Pc-Utica.1- Sconce Assoria- tlcn. Washlncic-n D. C. I American Physical Society. New Or- Sigma Delta Kappr. Baltirrsore. 1 are allow*: 1 Tnd-e latitude Cleveland anJ j Chicago has boasted o: TWO part.cularly i facnous ejcperimerjwrs in puppetry t , · Harzconcl O*Xeil. ~ho o-ce pretested ; _ serious dra-- ^s on s:tcs«t scale, and ' Ela Van Volienburr. who pio-ssred ; ir. Ch-cago but later moved -z-esc-- acd ^Tie C.e-reland Play H^russ ccnt^iuid. ' .ic^s^Ter. to lead m exper^ceraiics ancl ,at one tize the schosls cf '.-s.: ciry ; · "xere using mo-re rs^nc-ne't-ss in class- ' . room -- ors ^han 2-7 other ic; ir..c c:un- trv . ; Yorkers ace : .--37^ .-.ckled --'. j --e heir they re aca.n ; Com fed in st cr.e cf a nsw da^ch · iri Italy is furnsd out in the fc cf a completed loaf of bread in 20 23 Sticklers ' - _ -x 15 -. . ~ 'i-i^l.t.; -SC ~~= XL. · T(.-- ? ; · - · W ednrsday. December 30 Rizal Day in the Philippines. I fr^n: re.=idsnce On:e the dc-cr is c~en- jed, a world of wonderland opens with j Droll wodcn heads 1 c about or. tailic tings are be.r.; set up. staden's are ;r. j other rooms, learni^i to'^e \_cr v-_ c.--- -^- t'-r r.Y\t ^- tha- re-ii j. a nu .T,-' TSt ;:"- are no 1 "' ~ V Answers wiu be fotuxl oa last psa"

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