Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 21
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 21

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

*Saturday Morning. April'5, 1975 " f^iiSi Analyzer Trobes Body, Mind' : . _ _ _ „ . _ _ _. .r :„ : ,...< :— .. .^n^i.ii Anci tttit T*HI " Vir.! t »Mi4 hTnliv mi^h as his; iittme. him. "You're iust n 1 . HOUSTON (AP) •-- It's not What you «iy, but how you say 1 & that talks to Uie tatlletale machine of Dr. Harb llayrc. i'pr. Hayrc, a professor of *]ectrtc engineering-at the Uni- iycrsity .of Houston, has devcl- . -aped a tlevico which he says can analyse ths voice and tell Because or this, said the pro-j'H'c ossor, cnt typos of .stresses, would be one, lying another amll^e " iligDG anothsr." Dr. Hayrc visualize more about a person words alone. .Properly applied, says the measures ,ot impairment, in a menial institution," hc|u-uthrully, such as his name. him. "You're just nol suited for .. ' ,. - , - • .1 j.tir^t ii>: „ •„..,* ~.— 4-U.*...!rni>~... ±\+ n fii,-,\r\r /-in rtcnnnc jiSMilH I-MO nr\*iirir»n I \\a rrtaf'rimfi Sfl vt» ISC Ol thlS Sclld lh(> m*O-'««tf me<lSUr(?.S ,0l JUi JUirnit:m.,,iii it tutuim iM.Tvivw-'v v !,*«»,»*«»*,, » .""• — •;. - •ve CB^separate diroT-lvvhich is really the factor in,said. "With this system, they Then, tlie sticky questions could separate *'«£ fcly ," he sakl ."You couldn't jean follow his mental stateUtart. her anc care less how much you drank. I from hour to hour and day to I All of the technology tor pro . the position. The fnachine says I You do care almut how able youjdny." .'arc to handle the car. .Ml the! The ol FQR SALE SWAP OR r,.p.rty-167S l»(h . 0000 •AvradoriMr.1'1' unrt-Apt. t«, 7 «r 3 B*»ro*m DupUxM-TwmV* ,* Make a D*al, >• rent, trade, l«a»«, or buy; LONNIE HOlUNfcSWpRTH INVESTMENTS 4616-34th i 795-3896 ducitig operating models.of the device could revolution- device has been developed andj analyze the voice for twflcnilon stress rffocis in Dr. register on a dial or gauge llie'WOt a period of tim instant results. ability to drive, not just thf: al-lprovide proper care lor mental cohol' content in liis blood | patients. stream or urine. "They're very •much inter- "Xonp of the current tests jested in how uptight a iierson is "<=, measure the professor, the jriachine could: , —Detect a drunk driver: • -TeU who in lying and who is (oiling the "truth; i--Determine if a pilot is too tired to fly; ','• Tell thf precise condition of a 1 mental patient; ];--Or determine if a person is under the influence of drugs. | Exactly how the machine works is a patent secret, but Dr. Hayre said it analyzes several different qualities of the -voice to prolxf the inner workings or the mind. And, he claims, his device \\ould be more foolproof and accurate than tests and .systems now used. •! The voice, said Dr. Hayrc, is,' A-J Correspondent , fiction "like a test, probe into the boclyj gNYUKM—Paintings of \\. 11.'1912 to ind mind of a person. ByjQ Koerner, called the "icono! \Vest to pleasuring the precise qualities the voice—no matter what is measure howji/.e court trials, he said. 'Ac-iis part of Dr. Hayre's pending! took in. Tlic voice!cording to Dr. Hayrc, there!patent. ' will measuro the Mutual impair- : would never \w a . question! Further refinement and; rnent " ('about whether 01- not a witness [study, he siiid, could producei The same technique can.'to: was lyiiitf. .. -even more uses. I ! "A person Jc!lin« a lie is go-; The 45-year-old professor saidi device,jn»'- a psycliojogical'tlie technique' can one day be, ;i Pilotjsuvss to tell something oilier! used for .'.job inter views. ... tlc ' l ^:ithan UK- truth," he said. "This: "Companies, now are often; '' Hying" jis a uninuely diffcirnl slrain:usinK '.handwriting .analysis to; Jt ,ni-'ht also help doctors!Hiat sl«»ws up in Hhe voice and : as.scss . |«vs6nncl," he said.^ motorist'sibettej- understand and iK'ncejcan be identified." H' ."The voice is U much more ac-; when a highway patrolman can^' 111 ' 1 ' 611 ^ stop a driver, ask one qucslior '" and determine imniediairly i the driver is drunk. The patrolman would he car-.., ' V^f ^"nilnu" vying a small device that could d PP hcdl( > I )lloU - Hayrc the said voice . ( George O'Toole, ex-CIA, agent] curate indicator. One day, \ve, who has written a book about j should be able to use^speech forj Ai'tists' Paintings Of West Slated For Snyder Exhibit the John F. Kennedyssass ina a = n a my • " - . :. r! wnen mat ciay arrives, lion, claims tape .amuy.ifcs. ofi intcrviews possibly rK\\^in i " T f\'oice! .. • ••• - <i-- , could job; £0, !jaid--Uie device can determine Ijhe mental and physical state ol' the parson. "Tliis device follows a natii- i ..v.. -«.— v..^ study its people and r of. the American West,"! scenery so his paintings would cx- anci art United go on display Sunday for a ; he authentic to the finest detail month-long show at the Scurry j His paintings have been County Museum on the campus Uiibitcd in museums of Western Texas College. j centers across the . In conjunction with the ral individual ayslem impair-) it Mrs Ru{h Koemer Oliver ot j [T1 C01 trent determination' said Dr., s ta Barbara. Calif., daughter j Havre. "It Jays, 'Hey, you're| or the late arlisl> wiu bc in oi.iu e. the _ - e Harvey Oswald a. -woice [ something like this: proves he told Uie triUlv. Avher^ . <Hi ., •• th& . job applicant,. 1 he said he did not kill the l J res-.,. Vm ' John JSmit h.''- 'dent. ......; "Sorry, Mr. Smith," says tiiej Hayre said he IS: •familiar]. }C) . sonnel clirector, looking atf (with the machine- ol •• which' 1 and dials in front of lO'Toolc talks -but says' the•,=—-?- ——; il-Iayre <'C|uipment is two or. ' ! waiters ol the period j three sieps -more ,'uivunoed. JX SOUTH AFRICA .192t> and traveled Uie Police know that a sociopalh ' or a iiatholofieal liar can beat JOHANNESBURG, South Atthe polygraph die detection (rica (AP> — Former U.S. Dc- machihet or make its readingsifense Secretary Melvm R.i inconclusive' [Laird has arrived on a private j Dr. Hayrc said the voice sys-i visit. His host. H.A.D. Murray, j (em is much more accurateiis managing director of the R than polygraphs w'.uo.h depend jis managing director of: the upon changes in pulse, respira-Reader's Digest Association • • , |SouUii : -Africa Ltd. Laird will be to influential busi- not samt-. Your system 4-ays so. The voice, he said, takes on Snyder Monday to discuss her lather's works. Mrs. Oliver will speak in the museum at S p.m. and will show slides of her father arid some of his other paintings. conjunction with exhibit the museum will open I lip Ko-i lion and perspiration. Diamond MJ He said pathological liars or (introduced to commodate area visitors who come to see the WTC show. The exhibit will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. .-Mondays igs. through Thursdays, from 9 a.m. the jto 4 p.m. on Fridays and from different qualities as the body and mind are put under different stresses, "It is more than one item in Uie voice that chansos—it is notice program is open to ....... , onlv the tone not on!v the fre-(P UD lic. .1 to a p.m. on Sundays tnrougn Vlulll „„_•,,.,,..^ >„, ...^ , - fluc'ncv not only the shift—it isl Koerncr produced notable il-|May 4. There is no admission inal, the first question could be much'niore complex," he said, lustrations fo^_grcaj,^csjc^|c'liargc. __ [E^-Hll!!?—-^ sociopaths can lie without major physical changes but still will he betrayed by their voice. "Even though the lying would nessmen and will be "playing a lot of golf." not cause physiological symp- it would ali'eet . the voice,'' said Dr. Hayre. 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