The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 2
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TWO TH* DAILY MD., W2DNZSDAT, HAT 26,1932. Paul Henderson, Maine; fttanler J- Orauu. Jte Ofeud* Hahn, Mr*. John D. HndrlckMO. M'ntti Uary C. Shipley, CoapU*l nr Cned reanm «ra«lcatM «rosesB*T. MAT Cttvary M. E. Organization Also Installs Officers. 140 PERSONS A T T E N D WABC K*tir«rk T Kttwer* (EASTZBJf BTAXOAXO TIME tfcrwtfll- BBBTBACT oo» boar lor Crstral TUE*. ADD eoe beer for x'Ljrt 8»tj=t Time ) (KASTK*« STATION*) WBAU BALTOIOBX-- »--··· k. t 16-TJO. JS. OOeers who *ere e.ected Jor :b* en- year at a prev^jB aje»Un« »ere nd a T*-. enjo^ab* ?ro- Car^sle, the Calrary church held ladiw .an. at the a=aal of the Mett's Club of Me;hoi-s". Episcopal Tuesday n*h' Ap- :« asembers. --^«- and otber j-jesti were at the Sleeting, one of tbe ever heid by the cl^b The rex*. _^, will be heM -n Sep-ember ABMB Hectoctoon was insta-ed as of the cluh Other oficers X. Hudson. ar*t \ice-presxSea*.. RayiEaed I. Ford. second vlce-?r«s- i4ett; »rmncJ» S Ga:the", secretary and Guy Nun. tre*»4rer The out- prraMieist. EXl£ar K Moore. at the meettag and made a abort address of welcome A banquet sapper was prepared and served br tte Ktar* Daughters Bible class, Mrs Zdvard T Schaeffer. chairman. Following the Mr MOCK* presented Mr Hendr.ckson chairman { eC the program commit'ee. He. in turn. | prMcntad Mr. Wagner, who performed 1 » nua*er of a»agsc*! feau. just a* he did at the annual Father aad Son banquet of Boys' Week a short time ago. 8or*i -rere sung, following the magician's perfonRiace. -nth Mr Hoten leading arid James H Harris *t the piano. Mr. Moore then presented roses to the eonanittee, who had charge of pwparlae ·** lerrtag the dinners dar- nendrlckson n,- the last year, as a token of the j ce ^^^ cf He club 1 * appreciation This committee ( . , on o , .^ f c «** headed by Leonard G Wachter j vrar ··US. John T. Beat, assistant, and ir- , w j til eluded tn* following ladles Mrs Bchaefler. Mrs Raymond Ford. Mrs Guy Brust, Mrs John Best. Mrs Claude Kahn. Mrs William «S: « OO-T 0». - » J»-:e oe S ts-- MouctaUiMtn T "0 -- Detea Bas4 ·T 30-- Bc» t t»-- «ruw Tno 1C 90-- ».=-»! -jm to 00-- Sporu U IS-- OreeUcci to Arctic WCKL BOSTON 50 JO* k. ·VKAT S l»-5 M « J»-t X. 10 1S-M OO t «0-- BiMk-BtTW · »-- r»-t«-' S 3S--H»... r»*U. « I*-- T«a5»« t JO-- BJUM* Or 1* 09-- Xev* Or WBEM. BC»TAU-«0.1-a»« k. ,W«Ajr 505-130. «3»-tJO. lOJO-ll^O t 00-- X»» » »-«!»-U S 4S-- VaieBUae'a Or t IS-- CaaaiSj - Jofcawa k. WTtC «-4JtTTOM--St* »*· WEAT 6 «5-- » HO-i X 30--T-e,b»!or. S *»- B**rt»a 0 W0«. -- WABC · IS S 46. « 00-i *0 S «a aporta * IS-- Coae*rt l-«0-- Baaftrr T «o-Sk«r Or · U-KU. Cl-s » oo-- Lau maieoo t.i*-- i***a f JO-- ttar et«» 10-00-- Onbuua WLW. CWCTXM4T1-- 4ja_TOO k. WJZ s 4»-« is: 7 »-»:ii. :: o-ii oo S 00-- nouns TaWe « li-- Wti!J« · W-BcO ItewhaU i «*- Bmufeia* t «s-- Bo*a* · Or 10 00-- Pleiro 11 * 11 OO-Alr Ttoaatar s ot-^i^t 'iJoS » j»-Q*borgj X. e JO--M» *u Boctctecn · »--Tiu»nt £ 45--D?C9 ' ffft Ttltr^** 7 IV-I^Bz'cnl t J«--D«»plUT«r t eo-rtuh Or « IS--BrwJ-Al « J9-Tt» T-3»n » «S~Owne»a Or. » is--Fa- Ei»t S ii-B'ooi* Adas* IH «--Oi~'e Orth. 19 3»--MCIHEb«»« WEAF KIW XOEK --«*4--CM k. · 39--K t .-.«· · ti--WMiL Kl eS^i*.-« e , l t^5 · 45--Oo eocrct 1 «O--·-. T 34--O 1 Co»iJS* M c* Or · flX--R*T«4ff* g 3$ j c«.j*jr:r« § 90--Orartlmna fclc* · J»--N B C Aruu W 0»-- K«1U» R*««U 10 sT^L/...*! Or SO *S~B«*I KlchU H oo--K 't*rr» IH»--C»i. C»T«itcr» 11 3*-- Afstv Orca. wjz. sr* ro**-ssa--M» *. SCO---TI» T Boi S IV--Pi*no Oao i 3--% iZif ul i i»--iD»*J Tb«B«* « GO--A- .* AE^J « 14--Rjt«- 1^ Ripiev « ^--S'rte its I»7» « **--Ja«* H»xe T »-- «-j«r MOBMBU · 4*--O. Bmrr S ,0--Ji-k B'a-7 * 9»--NoUa BU«cn f S--A{iCr*v7 tt'^t. 9^0--UcicMXy Wave* · 41 p ettc» 8JU;» 1C 3O--B»Hod«« ·e :s---* c Or :o ti--T«t Cow or. 11 M--Ca-cnr Or 11 30--Kjt» Or, W*BC .VEW ro«K-3t»-a«» «u_ 5 $0--C-M-S'* Btxtntl » !S--S«m Or. » «i--B c crci=» c oo-- Mm a MVC* e it--Lit:=T Roa « »--B»»* ACM 6 li--IX-BCPT Yjnt 1 :S--BsotJl »·=» · «v--C ocai Cha^tft S 19--Cr » Club t BO--s*u:r-£« ) t Jo--Soci»tj PUrti · tl--Slr«l 6izttr -- -- -10 jo--R«JBS»O. Duebln * Poll»ck Or*. 13 oo--Hopt-ni Or SI JO--rittOatuiM Or WCAU. VmuiDnrmA--1*»--HW fc- WABC S »i S» W) !" «»-H «0 S 00--Knt. U=s»t. Sport* i 3»--r»«t. SO 00--Boat* C»Ktr 19 IS--Or»«abUtt jo 30--Orcbwsr* WLIT. PHILAOEiriU*--S»--Ml vrKAT « «-B3f. 10 00-10 M S 0--Sonu l»--Coo«»rt Or 8 30--K«rr Or 10 X)--OrcSjottr K D K \ rrrTSBtaCB--to«--»·· k. I WJZ i JO-T 90 ·» IS- t Si. » 10-10:00- 1 1! CO l l 30 I s 00-- Ntw« Sport* ft li--w»Uhm»n » IS--Hooi- Sm»e'» t 4S--Cr»cX»r BUT* xn« cmrr--·UBTHACX MM new tot o«**r»i SUadard Tira«- ADD oo* boor (Ml KTW. CMCAOO-«MJ--IMI k. W1AT. · »«-« 19 wjz T W-T : e »-» ts C OO--Oitto. 8jort». Otch.: Air Ace* 1 U--Orcb*»t.-» · JJ--OrcbtMr. --aporu: I£«K ««·; Due* Or. WXAQ. cmcAOo tii nt k. WCAP ? J«-» OO. It J0-l» U WJZ » 30-« 00. · *4-l:3«-. f 00-» J». 7 OO-- Batl Cl«b t JO-- KU« ··Hill « OO--Uardl On* 10 50--Barhnr Or WHK. OLOSUCCS--SIS 1--1390 k. WABC. i.30-* 13. « JO-* «J i 00--Bu*«a^. RleJj Or * OO--ClialKlo M «*-- Arcbto-BRtto IB IS--Tu* B.«tO n 1C JO--Tom Tuek»r u 4S--CluUBtfu II !»--Omr 1 * Or 11 30--Orfac. Or. VTTAM. ct*vn-*XD--tsa,«--1010 t ·WHAT S OO-» li. ( 43-10 00. » M-ll 00. f l»--O«n»-atenn 10-00--Tr!*l 11 00-orU 11 OS--Mo««-Jon» IS JO--cfrratal U oo--LAndvn Oreli. WXTZ. Drraorr--s« «--WMO k. WABC S *-« 00. « JO-« *S. 1 00-S « IB OO-10 U 11 1S-11 JO "Ybr Tif^wl^Or". 1 10 OO^S^ru To l*^*"*. . - - -- t . . , ,j 10 U-TUU Bitsifier. I trcAE. rrrrsBCjcB-MSJ^iM* k. 19 JO-DOWCT-VIOM 10 **-.Xo!«'I Oreh. ' WEAP 5 li-S 30 « «-7 00. 7 WJ«. DETBOIT--M-?0 t ,, ! * 30-Nrw». D»«-b»ll » S M-S «5 « »-« *4. 7 li-T JO: ' ( 15--Cnuiflu * 00--S'.r H 1 ^, 00 1 °° , «- B «^n! *ff»sftr^SHr~ittM. * li--Crur Wat«r 10 OO--Amoi-Anxlr j 10 «-!! 00 11 is--C»roi L«« 11 SO--Kjr'» Or. j S 15--Silaiiers WWJ. BBT*OrT-*3*-«» *- j * 00--rtatar. 10 wEAr s oo s «s e «s-» jo. so oo-it oo i :o '*--one Or Too--B*M-b*U T«-u-Tbtt e M -- S « w | WC». SC«EXECT»OT-- I* e JO--Daac« Or 9 JO--T»o P»lr» ! WEAK. « li-:0 IS IS C3-S1 U JO-C112WO Or. r« 11 -»»1- __ "t U-FcaUtr* ·JO--JOBS7 tJ«--V*a»en U «M k. , Karcaret Oaither. Katherine M. Rideaour. Oarol B Wall. T.t'.Uan Zlsi- raerman. EsteUa Hoffman, Lydla Bid- Ee, Oertrade C Roelke Jane Be«er- 2y. Kancy A. Boifert, Betty Doll. Gamer and Delaware instructing «ix 'or Frani-in D Roosevelt. The Delaware rote ran Scoaerelt's pledged asd claimed rot* to 474, «· t i Frederick Junction n^^^^^^SL^iss,^ Junior.. May 25,-Mr , £*·££··£J5t^K±^$T ir'en Hagan an! Mr» family --.--" i lne :05 "!ai Peansj^aniaaiirilCe* W^a these 105 iieluded the New York .if iu oianajers said will be j jovemor would Uav« 578. one more J al*r caucuses at Chicago j .han a nsajor-tT. ; Mr* « 00-- l»nc« uutcn * i»--Coootrt Or_ «jo-- apart** so-- If *jodjr 1» «»-Ama«-And» ____ _____ mat ·»« WLB. cmcAoo »ti in *. WEAF « 45-1 00 ( 00-» M. II 1»-U It WJZ » OS-S IS. t «Q-» 0». 1* » li Ittlrmr » n f l Airni* U 0 - CHICAGO Ml iH B. Araby «J»-- wen. BanroBK. Dun On. WOC. DATBTFOKT. u« WBO. DB* MOBfES-- «**-- lit* k, WZAT. Toe-ie oo: i*.lft~i» M ».l* * « - · · -- 11 *S-- M*vk*m 11 IS-- Or*«mlin4 ___ I. UJCISTBUUE-- MM-- O* k. WABC 50»-«OQ. T 30-T 4i. * OO-V.4S: 10 00-19 IS M tS-11 00 · OO-- runm»kiri f 01-- BanqoeUcrr - t u-- Myrt-tfarM U IS-- Tuu Bieodvn 10 ]«-- Downer- woiu U 00-- Mahut* Or . WEAP: * 00 - · «s-- Tciii.; Or 10 00 -- AmM-Aaar urr. ams-rr. Washlrgtoc. rlsi'ed Mr end George W Kjr.aie.: Sunday --Those »=o spec'. Sunday »:th Mr and Mrs Ira Ajsher=an sundar *ere Mr aad Mrs Lewis Lenna". a=d fans- j ···· IJaaar._le. M- ar.d Mrs Harry. Union Freder.cs J-ic'jor; and Mr ' Lester Aushertnan Wa-*r:r^*or. D C --A featiral wi'^ t* neld at 8!a-f- ! and c^ht fcr the aeaefit of caurch i Araby Sunday scooo! attended the Bu'*e"ysWMrn district raUy on | Sur.dav. May 15. and won :he btr.aer iritn Buckeysto»n in second place --Miss Helen Aushennan will entertain the Silver Threads class and Clsjs No 1 of the Araby Sunday school at her home on May 31 ! i --Mr and Mrs I O Wai:* and j 1 daughter. Brunswick. vUSted Mr and , iMrs M Z Waltz. S'-nday afternoon. | --The ladies rf the Araby Sunday! school are rehearsing for a pageant ( for children's day. to be held in the · church. Sunday signt. June U, at 8 j BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brawn an* WUw S C. LafbMnu. f*-lM. Bar. MThU* »oi Bed Box. «nr»aam, B«8 BlMk MiBwrca*. Ccdx. OOiUa WtiU aa4 Siller-Lace* tr^Bdccirs. 18 per Itt J*n»jr Black Glaats. UCBI Brahoa- B*K Orpiait«Bi SIS per hun«Jr«L re. $« a*' iM - 1M V* r erat. rantm! 1 to £-veek-ald cblcki. krr Faults. Mr Dafklini^. Free Catalog rkuM ML Air; 11« BECK'S HATCHEBX Dept. L. ML Airy. MA. Stieff's Silver ROSE. PURITAN CLINTON PATTERNS FC1A LtX£ CAKKIED IX STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOE FBEDEEICK J A M E S E. DOLL Jeweler for Over 50 Years «JO-- La C»b»U*ro 11 00-- D»n« Or, k. s is-- Oktppv ( OO-- alBClBC 1« U-- Orcaatr* WOW. OMAHA . -0-S 13: « *»-· U 00 -- Tbr» - t «»-- Anait: Hr« 10 00-- Amo.-And» 11 OO- Cotter"* Or. -- -- 6M K. 11 tS-12 OO mo-He** o'clock -Mr I Sune-ty --1 r move- . i IS-- Sklp?T » 10-- Baseball KMOZ. ST. VOVtt-- TJI.1 -- !**· k. WABC S JO-« 00: * 20-* 4S. 7 00-» 45; 10 00-10 IS ( 00-- Uncl. Blllr I 4S-- MTrt-M»n« 10 IS-- Tune B!«sa«r» 10 30-- Downej-Wo-u 11.00-- Baaeball and Mrs Ralph Kanode spent in Baltimore and Mrs George Es'erlv have to their new home, this place ·naO a shor: talk In ac- i and Mrs Milton Chrlstis. Mr and Mrs asked the fall co-op*ra-, R chsrd F Kline. Mr and Mrs M K. lib in maiin? the coring '· Etchsor Mr and M's Wi-.*r J Baser. a success The jneet-r.s -AW clrwed Mr anl Mrs C E Hudson. Mr ani .wi'h a song ard bered-ctlon by Rev Mrs Hi-nmo-d C.arv. Mr and Mrs I D T WJIUMi. |M H -S-v" Ma- or and Mn. E«er Those r»senf Mr and Mrs C H F Mi^shov.-r. Mr and Mrs John M 'c Mr and Mrs Edward H Gro-.e Mr and Mr* Hirry W Z.m- Zimmer-[ sharpe "M-' ' and Mr* A bert A i merman Mr inrt M-s Ednard S. M» Leonard Wachter. Mrs, | a : h , oeder " ^ ^ Mrs Vemon H I R.ce. Mr and Mrs Ravroond I Ford. Merbl Leather. Miss Lillian Zimmer-, s^jrev M r and Mrs Robert L Sh-r- i Rfi Dr and Mrs G Ella WJllams. man. Mr». Edgar K. Moore Enter-. .^. ^ , nd Mrs Mcr i, Uinera during the past year Mrs. G. j an j Mrs E R pearl Mr Bills Wllltmms. Mrs Sherman P Bowers. Mr*. Michael J Oogan and Miss Harra. Mr and Mrs. John L Mohler. Mr. and Mrs Holden S Felton. Mr and Mrs Roy L Rhodorick, Mr and Mrs Edgar H McBrlde. Mr and Mrs AWe R Wolfe. Mr and Mrs H R Mr and Mrs L Homer Miller and na\e opened a tea roam HOOVER NOMINATION SURE President Has Not Sufficient Delegates Pledged To Him. WhJe President Hooier d-scossed i prohib.t on ar-d other ma::e-s conr.trct- led xith tne approaching na'joaal coc- I \cntion with three party caders late yes*«rday. he gained th« :ndispuiab p.edge of s-iSc.ent delegates for re- nomination when Texas instructed its delegation of 49 for h.m This "arge blocs of con^ -votes sent M- Hoo-.e-'s iota! of p'.edsed to 63 1 . o- 43 mo-e than the Untuiul Opportunity B«iM a Boiineu of Your Own ^^mmmm*^^^^-- A GfARANTEED MARKET* FKICE H* 0*1 jroo 75e to $1S for e«rb nbblt ralwsl wader UbrrmI ooBtrmcl. ^o ««pcriefic« U n«*d«d ·* wr ·apply PedlcnMl MreediB* at*eiL. ttfxh poo to rater them. «nd the» pa* joo r5» CP p»r poond lor mt*t rabblu. or U to (19 *cb for bmd- Inr (Uck. All you nrvd b a «mmll lnT«tncn' »t»ce in back TarU. emr»s* or »b«-d \»u TOOT banker ta Implicate thl- or ntltr tt* for Informaoan CountT R«prr»*nt»llTC IVinlrd CO-OPERAT1VTE RABBtT RAISfSO * MAKKKTIM. ASj»OCI»TION lac. tO«-o? Colorado Bids. Wash. D. C- We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son FUtb St. at Pa. . B. Phon* IM. Jay. the latter of Hood Col- were also awarded roses as a token of appreciation as was Dr A A. RadeUS. a past preslder.t Her Dr. Williams at this time .n ·talled the. officers elected and CTlne M- 1 our. Mr anc Mr ani Mrs land Mrs W 1C F Gcodcl! Jr ·r. Mr ' Mr and Mrs G^-v V Brast Mr and ar-o, Mrs' Cas- I Mrs Mlllard E Cnun. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mn Harper i C E \V-nrtch Mr and Mrs Edgar K j-.a Mrs John E Rldtti- Moore- Mr and Mrs B A H Brust. Mrs W S Blcntllnger ;Mr »nfJ \lr* Leor.ird O Wachter. Mr George W Helnleoi. Mr ' ar.d M-? Wl'l^m C Zimmerman A Harley'Dr and Mrs j M- iM V Rnr'Ti Lwl* Jr. Mr Mr and" Mrs Casper E and M-s John T Be^t Mr and Mrs M ^ S C U U C . M- ar.d Mrs Eli G Haugh Mr ! Harrv F Will Mr and \L-i James H Coates Air anu ^its JL» nuimri .·*-!»-* j f£ii^ «^/ uj . v_- ^^ ^«^ Mr and Mrs Louis L Wilson Mr and major.'} of 578 needed 'o* nons.nat.oa Mrs R Ames Hendncksoa. Mr and | Democrats selected 52 delegates Mr« B Frank Doll. Mr and Mrs D terday. Texas giving Its 46 to Speaker H Mullsnlx ' ___-- · Messrs. C W Zimmerman Edvrard i H Mantz. WJliam G Oden. Edgar Ro- thenhoef-r. Edgar A. Norris. A. L Naul N E Lightner. Richard Hudson. C , Albert Ollson. Guy W Nusz. Charles K Hudson. Jr Bemhardt Brust. Jr Al\in C Doering Dr A A Radcllff Sherman P Bowe.^, P Luther Rice Charles F Rothenhoefer. Francis S | Oftither W F Mlnntck. Baltimore. · "KLUTCH" HOLDS FALSE TEETH TIGHT Klutch forms a comfort cushion; holds the plate so snug it can't rock, drop, chafe or "be pla}ed with". You can cat and speak as well sts yon did with your own teeth A 50c box gives three months of unbelievable comfort. At all druggists.--Adv. When your children, like the buds of flowers, blossom forth in spring attire, just notice how much they 3 have grown in a year. There should be a new photograph to keep, for all time, this record of change. It must be made now. Make an ; i appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Eclmonston Studio "While You Are About It . . . Get a Good Picture- Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Where Banking is a Pleasure She Needed Everything ... She Had Everything // takes plenty of for*? still to solo across the Atlantn But that\ only part- It takes good u father, good judgement, good instruments, cour- age, ability training And tt takes an adequate tupph of fuel and oil that }ou knou you can depend on. A tram-Atlantic flight takes everything. Extra Value Extra Savings On Your Purchases m · i it JT 1 1 Girls' Styls Nazareth Twirl Mesh A '.ovelv ne^s nissti faonc In !a= paste: shades CO.-TS 3 -e. T AKE a tip from Amelia Earhart. You can't sit on top of the world unless you've got everything. Real gasoline must have everything, too. Quick starting is not enough. High octane rating (anu-knock) is not enough. Mileage is not enough. AMELIA EARHVRT. whose non-stop tcross the Atlantic sn 15 hours »ad ^9 minute*. broke *I! rme records for traas-Atlantic crossing She us4id "St»ndird" products -- btanavo Aviation Gasohoe and Staaaro Avunoo Engine Oil. "STANDARD" HAS E V E R Y T H I N G Check it! CARBON-LESS-- Spark plugs. pi«! 5 vah es stiv clcj': S»vej repur bil · GUM-LESS -- V- dog^cJ amuiolds -- oo sci~k) »»Ucs Ci.a repair bills.. / SULPHUR- LESS -- So corrauon. reptir btlU- / \NTI-KN*OCK.-- Exn^a ro^irr, le« less jpktep cOTt through reduc of piston* aoa bc*rmjt» O-ts repair / QUICK STARTING-- V-r.mua -se «' choVs -- qs'ick pO«rr and rick up -- ills coa- tinicition ot crsskcajc oil / "BUBBLE-FREE"-- Xo stalling ar«J boJc- ITK trona iarxx bubbles ic gis lifle aad car- borctcc-- e«-cn, stcadv LOW OS power 10 ire hottest raotor / ODOR-LESS-- S.^=e3 ' twcst -- oo c j- isrccar*: ua^Is / CRY'STAL CLEAR -Mads clear-- K.VJ 4/ c ]f K -- » iparactse o' oertctt dcaahnest. Savr» UNIFORM-- Sa=tt 5-»\rr aad ro-j!ts al- wavs, cfc^^f^Jr^ Al'« r *" niore cula tor vocr taoocT If vour car bucks and stalls in hot \\eather and heavy traffic, if you're paying needless repair bills for cleaning vahes or carbon jobs, you're not getting your money's worth. You're paying twice for your gasoline. Once at the pump and again at the repair shop. 1932 gasoline must have everything. "Standard" 1932 gasoline has everything. Quick starting for traffic jams. Smoodi and silent po^v er when you need it. Added miles of low cost, trouble free transportation. Read die list at the left. Check it. It spells savings. A sweet engine. Next time you buy gasoline--buy "Standard." It has every thing a real gasoline should have. 3 333cer leg S-zes 2 to re- Sleeveless Suits i"SI, Sixadxri OB Co. « New Jersr "STAN DARD/pilGASOLI N E I For tae .-"le W. Sizes - o | I 6 years | I £f\ j SI 00 B ^\m wf* and *· i *_. i I tlV*- dau i ; 1 Another Sale of 1 Chinele Rugs I Size ffe f* 1 24 by 36 */^C l( sise n 29 24 by 48 A»»S*«7 able A Sale of Fine Hair Nets A3 shades e.\ceot -^Mte and , " 29c the half dozen New Sox and Anklets In styles £r= co ors SJ«S 6 tO S ; 25c Crepe I fects I 39^ y d - 1 A BETTS3. p . Chiffon I Stocking at $1.oo **t Jk Palmolive Shampoo i^xes the h£*r nca a=c zv£f. F--.. 5Cc s-Je D3f -- 39c SHOP Bennett's 1 FOE STYLE AND VALUE

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