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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, January 26, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Resells THE REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, T A X T T T A T J V 9R 1QdR JANUARY 26, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 176 Stassen Jolts Tail Enters Ohio Primary , SIEGE IDLES THOUSANDS OF WORKERS Wants Showdown O n Difference ,,, Foreign Bv LYLB C. WILSON_ Krug Proposes Building Synthetic Fuel Industry to Meet Dwindling Resources 26--U.R-- was 2,000,000 barrels. Forrestal endorsed the synthetic fuels proc -i..«v »,«,,-- gram as a possible solution to the construction" of a synthetic fuel,heavy increases of domestic fuel industry to meet the nation's demands over supplies, dwindling oil resources and to WASHINGTON, Jan Interior Secretary J. A. Krug to- dav proposed "earliest possible 'i_.f._«:«.,» nf -i cvnthotir fllpl United Staff Correspondent make the United States economically and militarily secure for the a report to Congress, Krug estimated that the initial cost of such a program to provide for production of 2,000,000 barrels of oil a day would be $9,000,000,000. should be undertaken now Both men are for an: Max appeal, candidates Taft yesterday by Ohio's opposition to the Establishment of a synthetic fuel industry to provide gasoline and oil is far too large an operation and requires too much time to be undertaken under emergency or war conditions, Krug said. His report included detailed information on research programs and production studies already conducted on synthetic fuels Pro- ' ' -,.--.: GOP Senators Agree to Cut Taxes, Budget House Passage of Knutson Bill Expected Monday WASHINGTON, Jan. 26-HE-- icans agreed today Earthquake Rocks Philippines, Leaves 15 Dead MANILA, Jan. 26.-- U.E)--The Philippine Islands counted 15 dead and 15 seriously injured today in. the wake of eight shattering earthquake shocks which centered] n the Panay Island capital of lo Ilo and wrecked a four-cen- uries-old cathedral there. The shocks began shaking the slands at 1:44 a. m. Sunday when Senate year, senate neyuuiK-u".* » e ---- * to reduce income taxes, the buo get and the national debt this isr. The national debt would be cut by at least $2,600,000,000 «·« year, the senators agreed, they declined but to"commit them- iney uetuucu. i« ».«..----- - .. selves now to the House Republican plan to cut income taxes oy , s t a r t e d fuel industry _ started, The more 'conservative senators *ic wiii hP worked out this I cess ana uie m» C i u«.. -- uecided that the amountot ine rlU£«^° -a, Aversion Presto ,-e ^£ «* *jl £ ~ * - Specific ble--one using an oil ^ " 'cess and the other using different chance S to ^Sse/goeAlon g S? P S, Plenty and freedom. Wants Showdown The Oh,o primary takes place v,v 4 under conditions which in- Ma\ t unae ^^ ^ Republi-1 lows and bend the the primary also synthetic gasoline and oil H rt ^'d'ffi^Ow'toreh ^g^effited thai the project ^^^ f^um^s fiscal Krug said that 2,000,000 barrels * S 16,000,000 tons of budge t and the surplus, of oil daily is .less than 40 PJJ L d ould be 10 1imes, The tax p i ans of the GOP-con of oil daily is less than 40 periwoi cent of current production, and scai Defense Secretary James Forres- the tai recently disclosed that the wo J t V V - A %»»»w ·· -- --- -- | JL 1H? size of the government s t u d ·» «·"·*· World War II synthetic rubber daily wartime deficit of fuel oil [program. right there at home. Stassen announced France Pegs Franc at 214 To U. S. Dollar PARIS. Jan. 26.--«IP.--France cut the value of her export-import would en- j franc by half today, pegging it at \VOU1U V" , ...u__-. : f frvr-morlv WHS v --- _ ,. made most of the ^ « news on Capitol Hill tod^y. three-minute tremor buildings and sent the toppled populace 3 Men Held in Death of Youth At W. Frankfort man Harold Knutson, R., of the House Ways and committee said his bill to slash tax- rushing into the streets. The tremors continued at intervals of an hour more or less, ranging in intensity from five Lo 80 seconds, until 5:52 a. m. The Philippines Weather Bureau said the earth's crust suddenly caved in, causing vibrations. The earth's equilibrium has not been fully restored, the weather bureau said, and further light tremors are possible. Ilo Ilo city, some 300 miles south of Manila, felt the full brunt ot the disaster with 17 shocks reported during the day. Thirteen persons were killed in .Ilo Ilo, another in the province outside the city and one in Asturias, ' ' t o the south. Frigid Wave To Continue Another Week Biggest Shutdowns Reported in Detroit Automobile Plants §1 where u former ly was es about $6,000,000,000 will be approved formally by the group tomorrow. Debate is scheduled to begin Thursday and House passage is expected Monday. New Rent Complaint · Both houses were in session. The Senate met at noon to consid- ier the St. Lawrence seaway proposal *"!?_ ^J^JSSrtSS Most of the deaths were caused by the collapse ot war-damaged buildings which had been converged' into dwellings. Although lo persons were reported seriously injured, it was believed that many more were hurt but were unable to reach hospitals because of the widespread damage. ROOT FOR MARSHALL PLAN. By United Press Hundreds of thousands of workers were idled in six states today by the siege of cold weather which cut into fuel supplies and forced" curtailment of industrial production. Meanwhile, U. S. weather forecasters said sub-normal temperatures would cover most of the na- Ition cast of the Rocky Mountains for another week, at least. The fifth cold front in 12 days pushed southward from Canada. States affected by shortages of natural gas included Michigan, In- idiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, W. Vir' ginia and New York. The biggest ' shutdowns were reported in the automobile center of Detroit and the steel plants' of Pittsburgh. Gas Pressure LOW At Detroit, 200,000 workers in Former Governor Herbert automobile plants and other fac- . _. . * j-« -*±A- - ~ . , i _ * i _ ? f n^i,« HT*rtMi ft *»TI T ^^^^^^^^^J^^S^^C^amK!^ tories were laid off. The Michigan ^an^ Action, appear ^ e * or J=.r iel Hf ri in fa v 0r O f the Marshall Plan. QOO cubic feet per day and cut off WasmttfftOn. Wnere WUtii it-aun^u *" ."« «» ,»,-.-.« m,.l _,,!,,,*,-\ i: i.* ^n TM,,i,-.T- inmtcrriai IIS- Three m e n · - - . . . . , Franklin county jail today -- . . said he had comp iamts Stassen aiuiuu»vv« ~- ~A\A^P. 214 to §1 wnere U lormeny waa tcr one delegate-at-largc candidate ^ ^ $j ^ ^^ ahead with ? m nhio and a scattering ot uis- . mnnnv H;II tn JHVP the Ameri- -ri^ra^ S^^i% ««.j?!^i^J o r fi 23 e time i* an alley near hl * nection with the death of William ft « ous TMJ^*Z^S£te McClement, _20-year-old son of a . . . fam . a new dodge to get their apart 1 ments freed from rent control, "home Woods told a Senate Banking sub- Stas en and Taffs relative popu- Fantv in Ohio. Stassen said he could not find Taft entered m other state primaries and wanted a showdown with the senator- for »hom he said he had high regard 'and sincere ·respect. And he said his delegate candidates would make no personal attacks on the j The {ranc s new rate, effective · ,,.,, .,..,,« J today ^ is 214392 to S1 and 864 ito the pound. This represents an jiameu, "the 80 per cent cut in value which us on both!exporters say w i l l b e reflected Devaluation of the franc was announced by Finance Minister Rene Mayer over strenuous protests of the British, who' fear its effect on the pound, and the mter- .natiop-il monetary fund at Washington. senator--just present the issues. j today is 214.392 to SI apf^ 86 ^ Taft Surprised "But." Stassen explained, differences between foreign and domestic policy represent the major issues within the Republican party and before the countrv." Taft apparently is bristling with J only one step in surprise and indignation. When TMi«t.mi nrneran he heard of Stassen's move yester- by a 50 per cent cut in prices to American importers. , The new rate is for the "export- import" franc only and represents only one step in a three-part de valuation program. The 'second step started today when the government introduced in this market the franc is ex pected to drop to the rate of 330 to the dollar quoted on the Swiss free market. Many formerly pro been filed. [committee-the complainants say 'the landlords are turning m De ^ 11 i/'inS "Phony ' leases on apartments au«=o , - . a n d Robert ^ e r e t h e r e a r e n o tenants at all. Taylor, 20, were held for further Woods asked the senators to ex- questioning after they told county tend rent contro l beyond the Feb. ?..«!.«_;*;«,- *Viot thpv heard tneir nr .!_,_;__t:nn /loto -** i there. No charges had ames Sweeten, 34, 26 States Take Adion to Meet Fuel Oil Shortages C H I C A G O , Jan. 26.--(UK)-Twenty-six states have taken em- Burns Fatal to . Givens, ergency measures to cope with 60? Contests To Spotlight State Primary day he fired off a two sentence, wllct . ,,,,,, e -- -reply, as follows: 'a bill in the National Assembly ·1 bcheve that Mr. Stassen has j calling for establishment of a free made a great mistake from his , market in foreign currencies and in own standpoint in filing in Ohio, j gold. contran to the usual practice among those interested in maintaining Republican party harmony. Of course, he has every legal right ( l l v c ,,,,, ,,*.,.. ,, -to do so. but if a primary battle hibitive items will be put within ground must be chosen, I am de-1 reacn O f the average American lighted he has selected Ohio where tour i st as soon as this market is he has no chances of success." · ·- -Declaration of War To contest a favorite son in his own state is both hazardous and unorthodox. Stassen's move implies the considerable contempt the joung man from Minnesota must have for Taft as a getter of \oies. The suggestion that such a contest can take place without bare-fisted, bruising campaigning i will surprise the politicians. Tail's own statement is the opening gun in an attack charging Stassen with disregard of the park's welfare. " - - - - - - IUCOv*V***»»O ·"·»--- f ^ . ,-* - tCHU AV-AJHi- ^v"**-- «·- -- -- w authorities .that, they heard their, 291^1-^011 d ate - . "?*. companions James- Eddleman, 27,, Marsha u plan--Proponents-. of ell a cab driver he had whip- tfie European recovery plan out- ped a kid" in an alley behind Bar- numbered opponents at Senate rett's cafe in West Frankfort Fri- hearings . Four out of five witness- day night. They said they heard es who went before the Senate Eddleman say he had "hit mm Foreign Relations committee were harder than he had meant to. Ed- n favor of itj with some changes, dleman was to be questioned lat- The only op p One nt was Arthur er. Schutzer of the American Labor Authorities said there was no par ty's New York committee, indication on the body of any m- Relie; complaints jury sufficient to cause death. Po- Fore ig n Relief--Sen. Arthur H. lice were "inclined to believe the Vandenb erg, R., Mich., has asked ^ ^ youth had been knocked uncon- the state Depar tment to look into f ord i na tors, four have scious in a fight and had frozen cnarges o f inefficient handling of .ijittees. and four a fuel shortages, the council of state governments reported today. Many city governments also are taking emergency action, the American Municipal association reported. · The oil shortages are most serious, the groups said, and many slates and cities are creating fuel oil pools to supply hardship cases. · Increased demands upon oil production by home and industrial users have been the major factor in creating the crisis, the organizations said, but transportation difficulties also have arisen in m! £{ghteen states east of the Rocky mountains have appointed fuel co- Robert Marion Givens, 84, died in the Ferrell hospital at Eldorado Sunday about 10 a. m from burns received Saturday night at Equality A resident of Gallatin county most of his life, Mr. Givens had lived in Eldorado until two -weeks a«o when ho arrangedrto-board at the home of Mrs. Carrie Mossman, a nurse, at Equality. At 5 o'clock Sunday morning he was found in a dying condition, lying near the grate at his room in the Mossman home. It is presumed that he got up m the forepart of the night to fix the fire, or to get warm, and fell forward into the fire. He had on two previous occasions had light strokes and had fallen hurting himselt. ,, 000 cubic feet per day and cut off (NEA Telephoto) supplies to 40 major industrial users. At Pittsburgh, three gas companies supplying fuel to users in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, reported that pressure in all gas linea was running dangerously °Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. closed 12 of its finishing plants, and curtailed operations at three others. Republic Steel Corp. also was forced to cut production. 10,000 Idle in Evansville At Evansville, Ind., about 10,000 idle in 26-- u SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. tIP._-Unless last-day filing of can- workers were idle ididates' nominating P e t i t i o n s shutdowns caused by ?n^a« a^aaA^iSs *- can "nominations for state'Offices.; on-the Ohio.riverto astand The contest between Gov. Dwight At Spring Valley, N. Y., g« H Green and Lt. Gov. Hugh W. all industrial plants was cut Cross for the GOP nomination for and home users were asked to set Sernor appeared likely to be - * - »»^-r than 65 thc'sp.otlight primary battle. SSsSrSrfss is J? a* ftS \,!tn consisient idi -- * ^ e nthor ... ,. 0 ^ «. m ith\vard and eastward president and a string *».. · _ _ « i not? wn be the rmostates at no higher than 65 degrees. · . _.. to^death during the night. An m- American re ii e f supplies. The quest was delayed pending the re- comp i a i n ts were made by C. Wil- sults of an autopsy conducted bat- son jj arder? president of the Na- _ _ -- * t« _ __ _ f f*__^.11 "D«^p«_ urday. , _, -,,,,, tional The three men had spent. Fr day nes$ _ Federation of Small Busi- evening together m several Westj Gray Market--House investiga- Frankfort taverns. Sweeten and tors Q - f the gray raa rket were told Tavlor said Eddlenian left them that one manu facturer couldnt for" an hour late in the evening ooerate without it. But he doesn't and rejoined them later. · ·w - _ l _ u j^nVi rl*»l**i like it. Arthur S. Lowell, a New The best brand of world-famous French cognac, now selling lor will be S3. A $12 bottle of . p r f ume will be only $4.50 A dress SBTaV W ^be^ ^^ £. jhe body Raymond Jordan, cab driver who york attorney , said his client, took the three men to Colp early philip j Kurens, president of the Saturday morning, said Eddleman Hil ] side Metal Products, Inc., told him he had "beat up a kid Richmond H ill, N. Y., operates in the alley behind Barretts cafe. . £rom hand to mout h" in getting Jordan said he went back and gteel searched the alley, but did not i was A small five^ylmder Simca car will drop from around $900 to $270. 4 , The third step will be «ternri devaluation of the franc along with ! revaluation of the gold reserve of France. This is expected to be has been ^ t's welfare. If political tempers mar ket. in Ohio fail to become hotter by . , tne day from now on, the political w»o l : will have to be revised completely Stassen's announcement ·*as a declaration of war and the Ta.t campaigners will so interpret lu later stabilized the free Ksown, 73, of Near Gaiatia, Dies Girl Dead, Two Youths Overcome By Monoxide Gas BLUE MOUND. 111.. Jan. 26.-UR--A high school girl . discovered by a truck driver the next morning. , -- -- , name fuel coordinators, the council for state governments found. Plans for oil pools for emergency use are underway in boutn Carolina, Minnesota Virginia, Indiana and Omaha Neb., Raleigh . named com(Rites Held Today are about to Charge Former WAC Suffocated Baby, Prematurely Born NEW YORK. Jan. 26-- MiUtoed Kowell, of New was charged oy police today uith, suffocating her .prematurely born babv by wrapping it m a dress and* stuff ing the bundle in a bathroom clothes hamper. ^__ f f -j The unmarried girl was charged with homicide at Halloran Veterans hospital, where £c former uru w-a M1 \Vac is hospitalized. Police saidj srvcral hours the slaying took place Jan. 13, ^ui;'--.'v ins 11 ov-""" w--- _.__»~ and two vouths were not expected , to live today after being overcome " Kcown. 73. retired I ov monoxide gas in a parked car : "~* a. m. in J ou tsidc a restaurant here h( *7»lal in Eldorado after l7! ,'in'*S Of six Found dead was Marguerite 16. Blue Mound high . n'Rrvan 16 t»UC WWUMU ...*." Kcown - v ' ho hvcd four milcs «-h^T I senior and daughter of Mr. " " ' of Gaiatia. was last cm- at Pcabody 47 mine. He his \\ifc. Minnie, a daughter, M.ian Mcnkosky ol Gaiatia. sons, Emmelt Kcown James Keown of Ga- HFD 2: and Ruby Keown of ] 3. RFD 2: and two brothers. i Kcown of Gaiatia; and Char"""*;i of Fordsvillc Ky. body uill he in stale at funeral home in El.... On Tuesday at 2 p. m. n ri, ^ cnicc s will be conducted J' *w chapel of the funeral home rn « cv - Roy Reynolds, Baptist ' of Wasson. Burial will « fl \\oif Creek cemetery. Mound Her ' O'Bryan of Blue Dean Retired Farmer, 87, Burned to Death ot Home Near Alto Pass ALTO PASS. 111., Jan. 26--OIE-A coroner's jury ruled that George Sanford, 87-year-old retired farmer, was burned to death as he lay- sleeping Saturday in the rural home he lived alone near here. A verdict of accidental death was returned . Neighbors said they noticed the blaze but by the time they arrived ihc heat was too intense for them to get near the frame structure. Sanford's body was found after ·*"- diana, and ~ , - -- · ^v,-_ N. C., St. Louis, Mo., and other P The' Municipal association said that one of the first cities to adopt fuel oil rationing was Philadelphia. Home users can order only 100 gallons at a time, provided the tank is less than one-fourth full u At Baltimore, c o nsum ^t; T . ha .!'' e been asked to reduce their re- T3SMZ G.Tt Wo ef fed in Wisconsin to g^BP He was a farmer by occupation and was very well known in Gallatin county, residing in the^vicimty I of New Haven and r- 1 most of his life. He estranged from his family for 40 the on.y in the natton c City reported 16 ?sg^\tt^ss^S^ i^t^fc^o^ mily for 40 both of Chicago, announced soaae seven above Rg^d. i ' Fla ' 36 of which Eldorado; are: Mrs. vears. members Charles Givens, ----- . Frances Dempsey, Evanston, in., Mrs W D Dagley, Munster, Ind.; Noah Givens and Mrs. C. C. Porter, Harrisburg. Their mother, Mrs. . Mary Givens died about four years use of tank cars. 3, stale officials threatened to shut off oil supplies to dealers who dealt in the "grey market" His funeral was held at 2 p. m todav at the Eldorado funeral home, conducted by Elder T. Leo Dod' 1 of the Primitive Baptist i^"" which was his church a" ilia Burial was at Cottonwood ceme- ferv. which is one of the beautiful well kept country cemeteries in Gallatin county and is on ground donated by the ancestors of airs. Givens. both of Chicago, aTM ou " c ?£"^ time ago they would seek the GOP nomination 'but they had not jet above. filed their petitions Other Contests Report 156 Deaths _ , , . » , ,, ,. , Columbus, ,0., reported six be- Contests also loomed for the' low 3ild Huntington, W \a., one Republican nominations for lieu- fe j Tem peratures aJonK « c fenant governor between Stole Gulf of Mexico were shghtly^high^ Treasurer-Richard \. Rawe ana. Suffers Injuries 511 the Andv Oldham. 63 years old. of South Jackson street K ; in wmSaT H."BTMwn, 'Chicago;^^inornSf. TS? sfabov? a? Mo- audito? between Auditor Arthurj bile Ala 38 at New Orleans, and , ,sa To dr « v» rAsr srs-g-·pa · «^^WB5r«s s±rstfi.aiw5ja for . James Simpson and Col. Elmer Droste MU Olive, U. S. . who was scheduled to B r o s rose to ido tvua«' *-~ . eluded 107 dead from to«L.««g from overheated stoves, -«* from freezing, and 27 from - hospital suffering at thj rainc three miles Mother of Mrs. Ralph Perry Dies Mrs. Rose Ann Nolan. 81. oi: In- dianapolis._lnd. mother of Mrs lire Harrisburg. A mule driv- j%£$'"£" p -^ 319 West O'Gara kicked by a mule' t ' t in lhis c jty. died at 1 a. m. · ' out " " " " Father to Press Kidnap Charges U.r£ found early yes- te^ay^inibVtwo- Blue Mound men who noticed the cars head- Hghts w?rc on and its motor run""Eileen Sutman, l ^TM u £j{fffc Sin-law discovered the infant's- body in the clothes hamper. ' MinlsteTDies In Sleep After Farewell To Congregation toncer because of an inopcr- Lvjf cancer, but that he would continue as minister as long ^Rev ^AHison" continued to ^«» c ^.J aaChg uS ll lita»lc^l» re . * the --**'""* ---- ^^ · f Against Rejeded Suitor of Daughter 1 dav bv Mr. Perry. 1 Sirs" Nolan had been ill »or oc\- cral weeks _and Mrs. Perry had re- m cra mai ncd with her at her home in In- ticket--William Baker, f Bender's "running mate. 4 Republicans in 51st Dist. Race for State Representative d caUfomia were balmy- But California a general ram was needed to end a serious drought Wife of Secretary Of State Edward j. Barrett Dies WINNETKA, 111- Ja«-^ ff ,, Mrs. Lucille Dallas Barrett Four Republicans today were,«ife of Secretory of race for the t«o nornin» representotivc = ,nthestete »» H V- **»· ***r^* m ^,-^--~- _ ^ J" J J. Barrett of Illinois, died home yesterday. - . Mrs. Barrett was ill for the past She failed to improve af- MINES f a _, -'· 6.1. 16, Washer work. 47 works. works Bird works. works. i^iiTrani ^iiu S31u WiC - -- --- , S early- Saturday night and ihat she had gone home, mci Hghtswcrc left burning in the res- taurar.U and her friends, thinking she was still working, ; waited for her outside the was alone in the rear said.. ,,, ... order, he had a long and "t is, of MERRILL, Mich.. Jan. --The father of 17-year-old -Joan; Pcloquin said today he would press kidnap charges against the love- crazed rejected suitor whotoc* his daughter on-'a wild 18-hour ride before returning her unharnv William Mayer. 29. a Dow Chemical company worker, was held in the Saginaw county jail pending filing of charges. "If I can't have Joan," he shouted. "I might as well be in jail. lft The kidnaping occurred Satural. day night, according to Shentt ' William Monroe, when Mayer went cloquin home and found preparing for a date with Robert Bigelow, 23. Mayer broke down the door to the house and struggled with the girl. She fled to the bathroom. Mayer broke do am that door and « . rtr»-anT* ·-"!£ you drive out of Uje state, ,1.- ^-,«,Arf him. "you 11 get 2 T Xolanr Mrs. C. F. Ram- .T. xoia She warned mm. -'""". ",,'," I Matthew T. Nolan. -Mrs. u. r. years on top of everything clsc i^. ^ rs . rau l A. Koth and vou're coins, to get,' _ _ __ f _ rT«*v,"«"i.' Sullivan, all of Inds bring her back home safely, she said. JSSP ·5S. Frank W. Buck, of Grossc Fointc, M:cn. home that mv Savioui "He died early his sleep. terday He drove off as she ran into the house. Sheriff Monroe w£ notified and Majcr ^s^ arrested a few miles from He said that h give himself up Sheriff "-- Conditions Responsible as Auto Hits House , M the. race arc incum- * B Westbrook ot war- and'w. A Vnrhines o. Vienna, Eldorado. Mso filing Paul his petitions at 01 ! a DCS Plaincs cemetery- The Weather ILLINOIS: this afternoon and Light toda v reported that t o . He said that he bad planned to, .^^^^ ;^ r^ongble said the girl Jan auto jc^^** r TMd to nomination for TM$"***TM* ltlC | 24th congressional d '« nc ^ k - o( . this afternoon ana w»^.v A. Griffin of the Sprmg- ^«a; of the Catholic Burial will be held at since she broke her with him more than a year ago. Once he held her captive for six - dragged her out, the sheriff When Bigelovv arrived for ms date, Mayer ordered the couple to nc . 'obey his orders, motioning withsdate " n ! a hand in his pocket and threaten, the shenff. Ch. ing to kill, the girt told Monroe, filed either time. VUtt tic nt«w ··"* ~--' - - ,,._.j nvea wr ..» hours, and another time he alleged- S?couple to ly beat her after she had another ^Tiintf «ith date with Bigelow, according to ·were not nouse 10 » n--v^. --«· -- TT»«i Thev reported that Homer XV al- east on West Poplar lace drixing east hit f «« lost control of the car, guy TM on a pole and hit a house at 429 j Poplar street "VStftfSSfe P-inct com Ohi °v n to^hrrto"6cxccptl2 inear the Ohio mcr. High --- Harrisburg 4 'Harrisburg 5: George Barker R Eldorado 3: John Hic^Watson u Eldorado 6: Emract Hayse K. Brushy 1: Horace R ichc " K Brushy 2: Ronald Moore u. Sunday 3 p. m. --27 6?. m.~_24 9 p m 20 32 mid.-- 18 Monday 3 a. ro._- 13 6 a m 10 9 a. W 18 12 noon-- 3* "'*

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