Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1965 · Page 6
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 6

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

, ">*,. Local News Features CLOVtS, NEW MEXICO, Tuesday, May 11, 1965, Page 6 Senator Will At FFA The Clovis High School Fu- lure Farmers of America chapter will hold its annual banquet Friday at 7 p.m. in the CHS, Cafeteria with Sen. Joseph Moru ! toya as guest speaker for the affair. j About 250 future farmers, their; parents and special guests are expected to attend the banquet where annual chapter awards, will be presented. ' Honorary chapter degrees will be presented to various area men who have assisted the chapter. Chapter awards will be presented to FFA members for outstanding work in leadership, mechanics, rural electrification, sheep and other livestock. Highlight of the banquet will be the naming of the star farmer of the year. Sen Montova who will address the nalhrrinu will lie introduced by Vernon Mills, superintended! of C'lnvis schools. Presiding over the banquet will lie John IV (.iarnett. |nro- dent of the local ehapter. Hun Harmon will give the ueh orniiu- address and his father. H. \V Harmon, will dHiver the response. Mike Wall. Wevlcv Hm-van. and Steve Kay will be in char:;c GATTIS AWARD WINNERS — During an assembly at Gattis Junior High today awards were presented to' the outstanding athletes of the year. Standing left to right are Coach Jan Richards, Doug Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Carpenter, 100-1 Kathie, winner of the E. G. Abernathy Award, Mike Willmon, son of Mr. and Mrs. W C. Willmon, Route 3, winner of the Most Valuable Player for track; Robert Bus, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bus, 704 Sandia, Safe Driver Award. Back Row standing left to right are Coach Norman Dillard. Coach Leo Brittain. and Coach Bob White. Outstanding Athletes Three Die ^ A A • * ~ . lOn State Get Awards At Gattis Hiahwflv . Gattis Junior High held its an- for their future careers. Lang- Mike U'lllmon the trophy for the •*J"I ™ U J a nual Sports Assembly today to ston said, "In order to be a good Most Valuable Player in Track Pv i•„:,„,, i> , , present awards to the outstand- leader, you first have to be a Willmon led the track team with L " v ™^ I ! ltm . allonal ing .athletes of the year. -Rood follower." a total of ::i points to win the ,, ' f ?,' Moxican s ] ° s ' Dcwcy Lanfiston. Director of Douglas Carpenter was select- award : JlIVCS -«™y m separate Health. Recreation and Physical ed as the Best Ail-Around ath- accidents on New Mexico hi.4h- Education at Eastern New Mex- icte of the year for Gattis. lie ico University was the guest was presented the Iv G. Aberna- speaker. Dr. Langston spoke on thy Award for football, baseball leadership and fellowship of ath- and track. 1 -5.-!!_ an AJ? ow il P^P^es them Coach Jan Richards presented Bid Opening Set On School Bonds School Board Schedules Meet Tonight The Clovis School Board will set up procedures for revising ! the school board policy manual during the regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. today. , The boahd also will discuss policy concerning the dri vet- training for adults, federal programs, a land option on East 14th Street, the impending school construction, and regular activity, cafeteria and financial reports. Other items on the agenda included the recognition of retiring teachers, employment of six new teachers, resignitions and sick leave. ; Doctors Hold Conference gl'QUCP Thieves Loot Vehicle : i' i < K Some Clovis doctors are WINNKK — Col. \\Y.iuim A 11 •. J among doctors from throughout Canricti AFB, j.ic'-i t\',- .N.iot! : ii .:. the slate attendinc the \r-w i;in. with ;i S!i«. check v.t-,;i-h v. - •• Richards introduced the track \ v a>'*team and told the assembly that Victor Barehi. 42. of Tortu^as he \\as real proud of the team ^ -^ • NV ^s killed when his car and that the team fought against *ho( off Interstate 10 six miles hardships of injuries and sick- ^"uth of Las Cruces and rolled ness and that they ro-e up and twice. came hack with the Clovis Jun- Police said Bare la was ior High track title. tnnmn from the car and died n ,. ,-,, • r T „. . of head injuries. Police said li- Pobce.hie Lawrence Rhodes nr was involm , m , . presented the Safe Drivers (ll , nt Award to Robert Bus. He uavr a short, talk on safe driving Dean Kilmer is the driving instructor for Gattis. Bus received in addition to the trophy a Mexico Medical Society rm-t-ting now being held in Santa Fe in conjunction with the 1.1th hien. nial Rocky Mountain Medical Conference which begins \V<nt nesday. Physicians from Clovis attending the Medical Scx'iety meeting inelude. Dr. John F. Conway. Dr. Allan L Haynes, Dr. \V D Dabbs and Dr. James B. Moss. fur iil.ici Library ch.t-e ii tii-s. 11 'S.-\F Deaths Dryer Burns Two C!c/ r s Doys STI:\ I.KK,O\ I ,,r A Santa Fe man. John Edward Cramri. f>8. v\as killed late Monday when h:s ear left \.M-4 west of the I' S -B.'i junction at Pujoacjtie north of Santa Fe Police said Cragin. who was \v ink' x football team to :;<; -t'.il;. 'it victories ;ind Scored ov- r a HKIO |n,i!:tx j n two of his last hive \ ears. Bids on the sale of $1,600.000 in 6-1 by Clovis voters last March eeruL'te oM" C "iL^f c- bonds to help finance a new ele- i. luiitiLat. toi .>rj gallons of ga> rnentary school and other con- They will bear the date of Dr Langston has been tin. struction for Clovis Municipal j un( , j\ 1^5 j n denominations of backfield coach for Eastern for (ravelin.: alone at the time of Schools were to be opened this $5.000 each and mature serially -^en years and the basketball !he accident, died at the scene afternoon. j n regular numerical order ( ' 0iir!l bir eight years. Langston of ma-v,\e internal injuries. Qumn-& Co., Albuquerque, is Quinn & Co. explained. is fl '" m \\'ink. Texas and during Cra^n a retired Army ma- the fiscal agent for the bond sale T hi swill be without option ot !lis hirh sHioo! years he led jor !o-t control of his ear on and was to have a representative „,-),„• redemption S.r>0 000 on the at the meeting scheduled ior 2 t,,-.) (t;)V ,,t .j,, m , t . ach y.-:,-- ol p.m. today at the Administration th,. i%(M<!70 period, indu-ivo tu ' i / lm ;- both principal and interest bein" AIvy Smith, president, and oth- ., a vable to the State Treasure, er board members were to at- Santa Fe. or th tend the session with Vernon Tr-'a-urer Ahll.-i. .superintendent of Clovis T!.i- general • schools- Davenport Ucasley. as- ( r<. .,-;•',•,(,!,. 11-1,1 s'stant superintendent, and Rib- ... i,.. '" ],.:,-. 'i,,! [,-.'. ble Hclloman. lm.-,me--s manager |i;,t;,,i, ;j , > n ,, Quinn & Co ha-, distributed a pro>p<-i:tu.s jnd niillce of sale to piospirtive bidder* o v e r the state, iovitmg bids to be opened tod:.v Tin- Sl.fiOftrom is the first phase of the $2.250000 bond purchase The remaining bonds are to be Tl'Cr.MCAIU "Staff al services fur Donald ^ ' Expected to attend the cnn- Lei;:ini. \'.< «!.., u,,- k;!:n! ference are doctors from New da;, m an eh-\.itn:-ace,•),•.- Mexico. Colorado, Idaho. Mon- be held at 'J :MI j. 1:1 t'-'i. tana, Nevada, t'tah and W\oin- Dcmghtv l-'uru-ral ('hapel u ing. ' Ke\. l'.u;l A. V»i.-;,: <-i; Two Fined A I'iie c.attis cheerleaders were (urrv (ount;. ,„„,„,,„,,] I)V r:jr , )lin(l w ., t - ; i I a!e i \.o,-.r p;)vn!i]i. !>•• semiann'i.-dlv 1 'sei i !if-t ila\ s of .lime 'ier <•'!' h \ ear ; ! cne:';i! | WltilO n] ai ! uiit ;,r jp(e i' fi )i- and DI .e prevented v. nn their j. .'• ti.ix \ear on the cheer- letters of M-lit curve and i' went off 2o-!oot embankment and over- ;;rned. A New Mexico woman w a s ill'-d and eight other persons jj;;.'i'i in a collision at the in'•:•-•-. •!;<•:! «f N.M .'.'M and I' S ;:••. ivi-i \-.: i Mr- V. • K.irer .,.•:•! >• i:i'an a b: '••". Vs. grar:!i;i,i'. \V C,,f71i M:- W \ ! . : Mi- 1. 1! A: t 1 sold nf-xt The bonds \\ere authori/ed it; a re-pondfnc margin of nearK o a f h Area Nurses Elected To State Offices south of Ship- wax Ma' 1 '.'an 1 ! .- labn^. \ M '!':!'• dr :i .er . Mexican H .mmv Simtn. ',','•'. , (la:,, receued :>.cad injuries. Pohce said two c!..i:drcn in tin- car. ,1 i rn m y Siiiil::. 3 and one-year-old Fred' crick Smith, receded cuts and ! i ru ises, ()> Mi \\ ; Clovis Livestock New York Stocks lie,isiii,-r |,j| Hie \V W . ii I i ri.-;ed Practical \u/- A .-.-.i n i. it nil at Us eomeiition UcekclKJ Hussel! s, cretarv and Dulf. Santa Ctavisite Out Of Hospital A Clous man wlio wa> injured when an automobile overturned Portales ^"^'l thiee miles east of Melrose Mrs Fc. on I S W-M Sunday was released from Memorial Hospital Monda-.. t A llariA 'ilc. \\a-, Too Laie To Classify \U:F T» SMALL The druer of the auto is still with ti,,. officers will M)lll , hl „„ u t .|, ur ^,. ,,f leaving i"- Mi- l.n-i lli'iii-ia AlbiKjiiei, the Mci.e ot an accident. : i'"' '• '•- '• I'M- idi-ul Mis Huby 1 'I'.'.i p ! ' at:-.bad s;-coiid vice pre-iueiit Mr-, Frances Hanna. La-. C/iacs third vice president ... . ,. , ... , ,,-, State J'oliceman Dick Gibson Neu directors wilj he Mrs s^iU Jtubinson was a passenger Luctla Akin Santa Fe Mrs "' U "' 1%5 auto he said was dri ' \en liy Ronald Kincade. age and V, nulled Con v, ay. Carlsbad and addn--., unknown. ti KoMiistH). -1!), 1401 ki'ii h.^ (iold Mai bulaiii e to Memorial llo.spi- ubeie he was treated. Subjects ranging from the r-f. i) nn ,,id i- fects of smoking to the latest re. r(>nls \\j. search on cancer will be discuss, ',, tin ; j,,',| •,..•(.!-. ed at the conference. ~ in ' ' o( j^',;,,,,. VOTERS M l r' < -''»'i "' : '" 1( and Mr a; '! M: (Continued From Page 1) U'l Lev.!!.!' d !• year include continued study of ", f the Constitution of the State of unified court system, adequateK financed, with centralized ad- "'' ministration and fiscal cotrtiol '. and with (jiialified personnel, recommendations ior an improv. ed system for selection, reten- ,'. lion, promotion and dismissal of ' !'.•!•• onnel in the .state govein- ment. support of improved election procedures, and the de, \e!opment of human resources ' : ' with evaluation of policies- and ' !- pioi'iams in the state of \ew Me\u o to provide for all persons ""' eimabtv of opportunity for edu: cation and employment. ''' i Action will be taken to approve •> 1hi-> pifjposed piogiam dunii;. 1 Jhin.xd.i.s closing session. ; Mrs Bernard (iamera), C|o\i- i. inembei ol the state boaid o! i directors, said 50 delegates a ,... expec-U-d at the convention, in eluding delegates from Albuque, SXVDFR Tev 'Staff -Fun que, Carlsbad. Gallup, Las U-g- ,-.,-,; ,,,,„,., ,,„- Mr ,|, !; n lr-.un as, Los Alamos. Rosudl San- 7, ,.,„, ,,„„, ,.,.,„,,.,,, flf ,,.,. ;il ,. ; , UiovaMuuntv, Santa Fe and.SiJ. ;mi , |1Iai ., 1( . mK ,,harm.viM |... ver City leagues. ,.,„„. ,,, an ^ years wj ,, h( , ,.,.,,, BROTHERS " it:!»^;" n o!,"h sltthl ' KlI!>1 (Continued I rdia I'a^e I) Ue\ (innlon will ofnc. le-s I/R- defendant- ,,•,• ic-.'iain 'at.- ami burial will he in So-.dci ed the lii.'i.iMix u, . („. irii.p,n ;i ei-ini-ti-iy under duection ui iil> dam.i.-fd tii:,-,. n the loss ot In-llrSeaK' Funeral Hume Public Record Hospiiai Notes Ml>\|)\\ \|l\i|N- |,,\S i I:\NK .IMIIVSOV I 'l'i\ :>- f ; •-. we;-,. ( .i\ at Mti I!., me ir -'lia si,.-A ,.,t ,, d.r, ' t' i- f:n"•(. ,-n"! C-\ in Fh.nd.i .JOH\ i: irnviN Divorces Buildinq Pprmifs MnM)\V \| v. M - I 1 .. .'-- . i; Traffic Accidents ]>erienced »e tors. The suit contends the alleged price di.iciirnmation based on ,. Ignac . Segura. Las N'egas. Marriaqe Licenses \.j- . ^ :•••:• .•• :'; i' • IV I UK KAI.K: • i f fif- l.i.i-- » N{Li~> i>,jM r; Dow Jones Moisture In Clovis 37 "j 01 ,77 I 12 1240 2 267 1*1 \ An »ul.uii»li MIM »** l»W« <fiDvti-r'~ To Date In May . . T« Dot* In I9</, loiul toi M.J/ 1964 Mu/ iovi Muy Hi (1941) 54-Yt Avg for May Total For 1964 Total Th.g M oy 1964 12.25 2 36 Gibson said Kincade is charged with leaving the scene of an ac- '•ident and has not been appre- d Woman Hurt . r \Jjl itnljr f;7, /i/i,j<t'.ir>% « j, til Ii. Mi-fiini lul HI.- pll.ll Mulldui MUllfl lllf;' I I HIM ,1 11 .K lured i i^ht hip leceived in an aci ident She wa.s lepoi led in I,ui ciiiidil inn "**•" di i,nix of I'm ai (nielli ..s, w ( . x J()V LEW , S CAST v Maiiou ojiera- Tl'Cl\\ICAKI (Stafd - Mr Joy Ix-wis Cast 4d former lesi- dent of Tucumcari, died Saturday in Miami Fla average purchases has cost the Ingram firm $4500 a montr. Mr Cast is survived by his kj-.l^d.^^ QtnrJont It further alleges the puce parents, Mr and Mrs Doc Cast, THUICMIUt? JIMUtrni Jiscr:jn;naiion perpetrated by Quay: three sisters, Mrs N ore-en Agfc lie deleiuiants and other firms, Gunn of Gallup, Mrs. Marvin , * inknov\n to !/,e fn«rams, was Keller of Albuquerque and Mrs or tnc purpo-e to in-ale a mo iLora Kiker of Tucujncan and •lujHil \\\\u tiiolhtri'j Do\ le ol Alburn- jijui-rquf ami Fl'j'ni ill Qua' . I ih: aiit- e J COn- J-'uiU-iai -.fUKfi W iJJ be hflj '•' t,'i n .11 i i.jiipb ht-d <ii ;; ;j(j p HI I'duisda, HI lJuii. ii iin-iii-, <iiid ondt-i-,taiid 11\ l''ujieral Cba|iel with J(<-\ „• tbe dcicndaiit.- to fix B M Dennis officiating. nl L'axi>line m UK- area Home 'J\n\!i.- Ml - \'erile\ I I !,r ui .11 I in' ,I.--K tin ci MM i I •uuidmu'h tia Utinal wiJJ bt- in tlie Mennn ial enjoin Park <»'ineleiy undei dii'ilioii d ti'i

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