The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN. THE HUT'CTTTNSON NEW?, FRTDAY. NOVEMBER 21, 1924 EDMUND SNELL •.IT BEGIN HERE TODAY, xnn. l<l<i]in'-"l' nf til.- .M;.li. » I..-ill tin -I'm, I l'!.'.. in II"- Intl.' It; r,,;,.«-'t iliu- •'..•.iniir ll.-un'.-ilt. Sn.'lh-r i ':i"fi'litf'-r ••>i Hi" I- Mi' | R . II,' .Mitinw.)). , .Tl Utiih'- i ::....t [|-1 f.lw Hi.- I >iilll,l| in innt.-, wlio ii:i;i I", u :il»ilsln^ :i ! 'i.iii\<' U;IIII.',II ;it" iii ,t-:lii |i. Til,- (-•:,';..i ,l net i:t nlM'IiiiM'l.',! I,y M|-.^. M II U I.I- •f'h- i-:iMnln «t Hi... Hi infill, .1,'• •. 11 1 ' 1 M ilmt CoMlllin ..|p.'l"i;i/..' t" '•' ni.-tl... •Wii'.-tj ' .'.i 1 ! JiMn ft II." s Ur '!-• l-'iti'llim ilifV liiivi, "1 lin,ir;i iii l.ilnuui. ' ',,IT it'.',u ruifl Mr.«. M.-illi,'- : 11 *-'< ll^ll'T'.. A'l IlK-y ,TO.'(.M til" ..iiurwav. Ill,' ni .'il, !<!i .'ilu ..i liN ]l„t n' 1 'in ,-iixt ^U'.ii'-- v> ti,'Ni"U>ly. ,\i,w 1 uik 'nii nr., I litn.> Matlnyuri ur, 1 n,.t!itti: pus'. n i "A- ,T I 'lilni'S'i .!,..p;., r-lttl .|.HltT rim 1 IHHV :illi| IlH'll ... . vnniiii,' ill- mil,-; "If"r,..,l ( IT sul" l|:i.4 ^l'|.),i hill" 'I 'lll.-ni'-'llt. Tin.. Mm l,',iiz,'s r< 1* iillt'--!v. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOHY. C 'r>rr 11'iiu anil In-tie Matheson nollr-d jmst t)in nhu'ln row nt I'hinosfi phopF. ptnpplnj: ovpry now iinil tlii'M to exanilno tlio wares dix. lliiycfl for H;I I (S tn line nf tiui moat -I 'opy sol I lt'inciil s on the I'nrtli's •urfac". Tin' tropic mm liliucd r»- i' ntV 'Htily ilnwn from Kn realm or iiiinilo lilue. "Who is your linnlmnd. Mrs. '.i.,llif':.nir.'" 'Mr, Mutlipson!" i *lm .inilk-d buck . Iilm. t-'orricnn pi linu'd. "Or conr-'c'," he said. "1 know ,ii ih .'ii. Hut what's lm ilo, 1 mean? ' iii^lit 'f to know of Iilm ?" "I think you should." sin 1 anlil . i .-kily, KtirrlnK 1111 lite sol! with 'Turfed ly, thnnk you." She. ri<- canl"(l Iilm for a moment In »l- Unco. "Thnn (hero Is hope, for you, after'all, Mr, CorriRiin," idie. •lillll. IK' lamdi'-d alouil. " Y OB, hut what a hope, Mm. M I UI IUHOII.!" "If 1 ever ('01110 acroan her," declared Irene MatlU'Hoti, "I'll bo mire ami lot you know!" "Thanks. I'm «ure you will." Tlio boy placed a tray between thorn. Her brows wrinkled. 'T wonder It you'd mini'"! film anlil musillKly. t'orrlgan pIll-red the fluid In hl.H RklHfl. "Of oont-rto I'd rely on you to JnilKi!—If Blip wore—well, In uny way unliable," ho retorted Mlyly. "It's a tall order, you know," alio told him, "but I'll promise In do that, too. Would you really eome, do you think?" "From Iho ends of the earth!" declared t'orrltjan, bringing both Tists oil lo Iho table—"at your recommendation!" A shadow crossed tho doorway ,'iud Corrlgan looked up lo seo ft iimn, enonnotmly tall, with n small bead perched ridiculously between massive shoulders. He stooped as he entered and stood, -with folded arms, gazing down at them, away* lug from Rido to aide. Mra. Mathoson sprang to her feet. Hutch friend has pre»iinieil to tell you, 1 ran assure you on my honor as a Kfititlemnu, lhal today Is the first on which you wife and I have even exi'hniipi'il a word. She didn't understand you were meeting her here, or she would have waited." He held nut his hand, hut the other man didn't appear to notice it. "Come alonjr, Irene," he said impatiently. "The boat mny be putting out any moment." He stooped neso boy shuffled across tho floor neso boy suffled across the floor ami picked It up Tor him. "They told us twenty-four hours," said Irene Malheson. " I K there really all this hurry?" "Yes," said her husband abruptly, and stood back from tho door to allow her to pass. "(Inodbye, Mrs. Mntheaoti." said CorrlKtin. "Wo shall see you on the boat," she cried. "I'm afraid not." Irono Matheson's heart stood still. "Oh! Out I thought—" "I'vo decided to stop here for a while. I'll enmo on by the next bont, I'm sending for my barang." She cmiiB back and shook hands with hi in across her husband. . "Kver so many thanks," phe said, "and good Hick." Hopo-Mafheson pushed out into the road, fury In every line of his white face. .. "Kroni the ends of tho earth," whispered Corrlgan—and sho was gone, her fnce flushed to the roots of her hair. Corrlpnn fished out some notes to pay the hoy, and caught sight of tho absurd Chinese cat she had left, standing on the table. He picked It up and hold it to tho llgbt. "If sho had your double, you little devil," be declared, "I'd—'." Tho Image of Mr. Hope-Matbe- son dried' up tho remainder of the sentence "J don't know what I'd do," he concluded truthfully. OUR BOARDING HOUSE I GR&CE "TH--3 rtoOSE kio MOPE Wrrtt PPESEklce.'. -..-fOfAOPRcfyJ I SAIL WW PAlXfiOtJk-v!" ALVJlW-5 tE -r rf SE"56.Yt) -fyjfrt' M-V^OP V^OOPLE VIA<5 A GEkJlLEMAlJ AtJTJ A "SCHOLAR! '<31"A-f MAcStJl U0MltJl"5 AkJt) & V\AKA ^AkiTJVJlCU ! flWA-TCOLLAO V(IUL "fAVCE VoiA AS FAR A<3Ttt' EQOA-fort, -Tr\E)J VOLS WOkiV U AVE -fO V3EAR AkN' SUOUfS MACJOR/" LEAVE US VJrlU A SMILE !«-*• (JOES POVJ»J, TOkKLE-fVOOR v ;ev -fo-fvA' V\OliSE GE-f RUQ-fV' yiUA»JV(^(3t\/ltJ<5,| P rAA-^bR,-""^' P BIS TCED'.-I (Te B» Continued.) REPRESENTATIVE OF UNIVERSITY TO SPEAK T. T. Roberts, of l'hllllps University, Enid, Okla., will give an ad -J dress in the First Christian church Sunday evening at 7:30. Many i young' people from this section of j Kansas and several from (his city- are students in Phillips University where there are one thousand students this year. Clean children want clean school clothes. I,et us do the cleaning Phone 1335. Lewia Cleaners, ll -li) • |-VK II\l) ABOUT KXOlXSH OK THIS." Ill-; .-.iiOUTBU. IKK TO UKEAK KVKItY BO.NE IX YOUIl BODY." •i'D •li.- i-nd of her parasol. "Hopc- Maihcson is bis full name." •ilope-.M.ithi'.'-on:" echoed Corri- ;iiu, "Iloiie-Matheson!'' lie was -,',iri:bl!if- In his brain for some- ihin'.' th:tt would account for the imiharlty of ihe num. 1 . SmbU'iily , iilan .il. "Cond Cod!" lie mill- reil iiinli-r bi-^ tireailL They luriied In at the door uf the i-r-hly painietl it*-Ht Hou.-n-, and in down at a table by the window. "It's cooler in here." said Corri- ail, and felt, for his cisarets. The , ps of Ir.s finders touched soine- .I IUIK which lay at the bottom of Ms side pocket, something the • Aiatetice of which be had forsot- ii 'n enliri'ly. He hrnii '.'lu it. out intl placed it on the table in front. •<!• bur. It was a cat, carved In iijiie, with a broad, round head .no! a tail like li Jug handle. The i'uiuure^ bad been dabbed on in paint, there, was a red line run- niiiK round the neck and patches in red and gold on either side of body. The whole nffair was "John'" sho said faintly. "I—" Corrlgan rose slowly, lie thought ho had seen the short, .thick-set form of the first mate of tho Hau- fah. stationary in the roadway beyond the newcomer. He half guessed who the stranger was and .sensed that he had been drinking. "Mr. Corrlgan, this is my husband." said Mrs. Mat.heson. He saw that she was white to the lips and trembling. In the pale, t .'itching face under tho lopee be had forgotten to remove. Corrlgan found sufficient evidence to tell him the reason of hor feur and why he had been counseled to steer clear of Hope-Matheson. "So sorry to disturb this delight­ ful—-er—tete-a-tete," said her husband, dropping Into a chair by tho door. "I must apologize, too, Irene, for my lateness in coming to meet you. Didn't wait very long for me, did you'. 1 " He sat there, grinning Inanely. Suddenly he remembered bis hat, looked around for a hook, and eventually threw it on the Chlorine Gas Stops Pyorrhea The remarkable power of chlorine gas over disease germs has astonished the medical world. Tle- cent reports of U. S. Army surgeons, experimenting with this gas, show TOCo cures in a thousand mixed cases. Chlorine gas Is now available to anyone in a simple and inexpensive Torm known as Jo-Vex. Amazing results have been achieved by this preparation in conditions of Pyorrhea, sore and bleeding gums, trench mouth, loose teeth, etc. Almost all good druggists are now supplied with Jo-Vex, espe- claly A & A Drug Co., anu\ Foltz Pharmacy. If your druggist's sup ply is exhausted send $1.00 to The Jo-Vex Chemical Co., Akron, Ohio, for a full size bottle and complete instructions. Butter-Krust [DocsNot Crumble/ 1 Try it fj :o bigger than the nail of bis Index , f!oun »s„in , 05 'e yo u and Mr.—er- Defective Elimination Constipation Biliotuneta The action of Nature'» Remedy (M Tabled) it more natural Mid thor ough. The effects will be • revelation—you will feel to good. Make the lett. You will appreciate th'u difference. U —4 Far Onr TMrty Ytmn Chip* off th» Old Block Nt JUNIOR*—Uttl* MU | Tht Mm* IH—In on»-third dosee. I caodr-coattd. For children Bod odulti. r _ MLO IT TOUR OMMMST — THE A & A DRUG CO. A WORD TO WOMEN. A hundred and tweuty-one thousand women w ould comprise a vast army. Yet a canvass was recently made among more than that number of womei. who had used Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound for feminine ailments. The result proved that ninety-eight out of every hundred reported benefit from Us u*e. This is most remarkable evidence of the power of Lydia E. Finkhnm's Vegetable Compound over the ills ot woman, kind, and should influence every sick and ailing woman to try it. SULPHUR IS BEST TO CLEAR SKIN Any breaking out or skin irritation on face, neck or body is overcome quickest by applying Menthol SulphUR, says a noted skin special 1st. Because ot Its germ destroy, ing properties, nothing has ever been found to take tho place of tbla sulphur preparation that instantly brings ease from tho itching, burn ing and Irritation. Mentho-Sulphur heals eczema right up, leaving the skin clear anil smooth. It seldom falls to relieve the tormeut or disfigurement, little Jar of Rowles Mentho-Sulphur may be obtained at any drug store. It Is used like cold cream 1 nicer. •What d'you think of that?" he '"imiuded, grinning broadly. She picked it up and let It bal- .iii i' on the palm nf her baud. He did not. notice a uueer light :hal flashed suddenly into lies- brown eyes, nor that, the Image --hook as she held It. He was .•Jiouting something in .Malay to the rhiuanian behind ilie improvised :iur. "There's a tuor> attached to ; bat." he said, swinging his chair •onnd to her side. "You know 1 Hatched up that brown girl on the i'oai? Well, 1 didn't want to take fin; thin*.-, buf she made me have ii. She told me. sh's could read the lotuio like u hook. She declared :!i:it Ihcie were oniy two cats like i hut. in existence - ami iho other np I---" He paused uncomfortably, feel- : ne that her eyes rest-'d on his "wn. "Do e.o on, Mr. Corrlgan," she luploreil him. "It oounds fright- iiillv thrilling." "The other one is in the possefi- -ion of the girl I'm destined to marry. Sounds pretty good rubbish, doesn't It? I've ordered you soda, sugar and lemon-juice, with plenty of Ice. Will that do'.'" thingumbob here—were too occupied In each other to think about your loving husband." "Corrigan's my name," said the other for tho second time that morning, lie did not look at the girl, but knew Instinctively that she was shamed and humiliated. "Irish?" Inquired Hope-Matheson, without any particular' Interest. "Not so you'd notice it," retorted Corrlgan curtly. Hope-Matheson lurched suddenly to his feet, "Look here." he shouted, "I've bail about enough of this. If I were completely—sober, Mr. Corrlgan, I'd break every bone In your body." "If you weren't, hopelessly drunk, Mr. llopi»Malheson, you wouldn't be so damned optimistic!" said Corrigun between his teeth. "I've had to give one of your friends a few lessons in politeness this morning already!" A gentle - touch on his sleeve checked him. He fingered his coat- collar as if it choked hini. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Matbesou," he said quietly, "it's my confounded spleen. Ii always gets me like that." A grateful look in her eyes tried to tell him that it was just Corrigan's way—and she admired It, awfully! "Now, Mr. Hope-Matheson," he continued, "whatever our HARMLESS LAXATIVE All Children Love Its Pleasant Tarto Mother! Hurry! Give Constipated Child "California Fig Syrup" Kveu a fretful, feverish, bilious or constipated child loves the pleasant taste of "California Fig Syrup." This gentle, harmless laxative never falls to sweeten the stomach and open the bowels. A teaspoonful today may prevent a sick child tomorrow. It doesn't cramp or overact. Contains no narcotics or soothing drugs. Ask your druggiBt for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions tor babies and children of an ages printed on bottle. Mother! You must say "California" or you may get «n I-nitatlon fig syrup. Getting Skinnier Every Day Something Mutt Be Done and Done Darn Quick, Too. Tens ot thousands of thin, rundown men—yes, and women too— are getting discouraged—are giving up all hope of ever being able to take on flesh and look healthy and strong. All such people can Btop worrying and start to smile right UOw for McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets, w h 1 c li any druggist will tell you all about, is putting flesh on hosls of skinny folks every day. One woman, tired, weak and discouraged, put on 15 pounds In five iveeks and feels fine. We all know that Cod Liver Oil Is full of flesh producing vltamlnes, but many people can't take It because of its horrible smell and fishy taste, and because it often upsets the stomach. McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets are as easy to take as candy, and if any thin person dofi't gain at least 5 pounds In 30 days your druggist will give vou your money back Until Moon ' ' *"" with "Get McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablet." it 4 A Tough Situation ".My wife and four children were dependent on me for their living. My stomach and liver trouble -ot five years had made me despondent as no medicine seemed to help me, and I was gradually wasting away. It was a lough situation. My cousin In Columbus wrote me about having taken Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and advised me to try It. I am now feeling better than for fifteen years." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflatnatton which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments. Including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. At all druggists. Official Boy Scout Outfitters. Boys' Overcoats and 2-Pant Suits Boy* like the new smart styles in these suits and overcoats; the good looking, long wearing all wool fabrics, and parents especially realize the price is exceptionally low. $13.50 Others $10.00 Up Just In! Good looking Wool Muffler*, just like D»cVs—New stripes and plaids $2 and $3 NUSSBAUM'S sStahGCetfiietp Established 1887 ° r money r>aen 35ri Money to Loan On Improved City or Farm property. No delay —rates lower. You had better see me before placing your loan. D. A. MOORE Phono 2468. First Nat'l Dldg. from the past history oi an organization. It is usually safe to assume that a concern with a lontj and honorable past is builded upon the fundamental principles of pood service that assure the success of any organization. It is therefore interesting to note that ever since 1S86 this company has been .serving—and satisfactorily serving—the people of this community. Johnson&Sons Established 1666 l34E.Sherman Hutchinson Kans •Phone 6 Read the Classified Advertisements In the N'ows-Uerald. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28) N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson THE GUMPS — SLEEP, BABY, SLEEP dots "WW SLfc? \NR«:Kt«. CHKSlN^ ME OUT WENMU*N\> imo -xwe coct>, ^&\MNiiMij " TO ^VNX> OUT \Mr^tcv k cae \Fmrw &ije, COV-t, T^\^>CH BTEAV.-TWS YS TMtOT OON GCNSeP- STARTS ME- TY1£. «\R\> V)HO Vt-WErWe^ ClOCKS SVAODV-fc WM \5 ^.«.ejROW\> CA>tN \N \TV\ /-nr—, /y / MR CLOCK'S, HkVfc CA\>S«> MOfct. M^W^CtS - EMMlMCt -AN kUkfcrA ClOCVS TO NO\J 0? \V\ TWE MWfcVJe cm No\iVi swtscr SLuvA&^fc. \$ OVIST wwt t>fckOi Nou TROeA THE TABUE tMtVlS T\VMc 'TvAt'RE \« A> NVCB z THERE ARE over*. \oo,ooo»ooo ?eovu& m \ TO T>0 TWBVR. SV«0W=. OF TWc. \NCKM,VS fcVG MOfc UVXe TV'AT I'LC N^^JR. fcfc M>SS€b SO VU_ OUST STM NN B^X> fc*it> \.^.T TWE \NOfcV-X> ROU- OM \NVTH0UT M£ YOfc COUPUs OF HOUR'S- •TEETH Natural Looking Perfect Fitting u K rt SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . <TC fin Reinforced Bridge Work ?d.UU Silver Fillings $1.00 Extractions • $1.00 Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS v 12 Years In Hutchinson Office Hours, 8 a, m. to 6 p. m. Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Phone 1386 Make Appointments Now for Xmas Photographs MelNTURFF STUDIO F. M. JOHNSON COAL BUTLER A SONS 615 So. Main Phone 280 Read the Classified Ads in The Xews-Herald. 4

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