The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 11
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 11

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 11
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" 9U*f>AY, JULY News Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information »• in or tfc* P*ri* * p. at. t** Tun* 3e 39c. oomb»r oC word*. *•_ or ua*s* **t u» e*9* counted on to* (MLOI* ol *lx. IB tor In tor as or* py tor tfa* mil . ol N»w« «1U voo in »-ordl»* 1»* Announcement* July 2S. 1834 itepresentatu-e Irom ib* A, M. AJJsLtN. JiL, CRe-election Second Tens.) F««r KepresenuMlve SiilhJDistrlct 1C. CX CANON (fte-elecuoa second teri3i.> For Count? M_ D. FRANK D. WEAR HERBERT i- JONES GKAI>V STUKC-EOX- Announcement* LOST—Male fox terrier "puppy, wStite with black face, on* larf« black spot on side ba.dc. An»w«r« to-name of Spot. Fhon* 1521. R«' BLACK shell rinuaed glasses found oa Clarksville street. Get them at News office toy paying: for this »d. Personal S WILL PAY CASH lor a «ood car. Nothing older than *29 model considered, and prefer llcht car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morses, Morse Bee Line Station, corner 23th and Grand Professional CarO* CHARLES PRICE Phone $96 & We«r HoiwtAB G*n*ral Special Notice* 10 LINCOLN head pennies wanted. Cp ?.o' $2 each if more than 10 years old. Certain Indian head pennies ivorth. ?50. Send dime for catalog. Internatiocal Coin Co.. P. O.. Box 477. Indianapolis. Ind. BtDi YOUK MINNOWS AT. L.VJKJJ: CROOK 13c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kinds of bait and give prize of 100 mSnno"ivs'each month for largest fish causrat with our shiners. H. \Y_ EARLY Auto Repairing and Palotinjc 14 For County C. A. MAKTIN J. ii. BRAS WELL, VAX D- For Shertti: CLTDE SKJCL.TON second t»rrtu) NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on iuto painting, fender, body and wreck work. Ask about it. Grand Ave. % at 19th Street Morse Bee Line Station Telephone SOS Automobiles Superintendent l^amar Co- School* i WAJLTEB TURMAN NSS LJXDSAT .. Second Terra-) J, G. 3RUNSON. -CHARLIE R- MXKT 55 AN ESS PIEKCS p. u CHIS:*I- Automobile* for Sale IS For County Clerk i K. V. CBO'S>-HA5IiIACK- < Re -election. Secoaii terra) To* 'District- Clerk :' JKCK3 LATTIMORS. JR- t j^->-*ectioa. second terra.) An S cylinder, fbn-r door sir-, wrheel Auburn Sedan, practically nev.-. - Barrrain ¥or Cash. Cannot Consider Trade Tom Hinkle Cot"Foi Assessor and Taxes: , DOROTHY UA.T1 •M ER-.. | , * CLYDE HUMPHREY | SRAXI5 cevr Ford De Luxe coach, For C<mu«fc*ioacr .Predncf Ko. 1. ] ?? ld *« *'bargain. See Harry VaS- ^ . ^.., ..-nri-> ijsr. Paris Grocer Co. RUPSK.T U BAULASJD <_For Re-«iecticix. Second Term.) For , Precinct 1: TERRY Mattress and Rug Renovating 2S For Commissioner Precinct 2: MRS. ROT BCNAGAN. J. FRANK JOKES. For Commissioner Precinct Three i* R~ ROT CAVTNESS {For R«-« lection. Second T«r i.) KENNEDY NOW YOI' CAN HAVE YOCK MATTRESS RENOVATED OK The Easy Payment Plan! One Day Service Pan* Mattress & Awtxin^ Co. SO W. Sherman Phone S7O Lioestoefc Fwd Plaet* «Ad Seed Queen of Dixie Poultry Feed* Sm Nrff Stock F^d Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies. JDoc and Puppy Food Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep tb« Chisger* Off *terchandi*e For Sale 88 pay cash for good used piano. Write. Box 123, Paris. dozen quart fruit jars. F. J. KuykendaJL D — Several good used pianos. Uenman's >lasic Store. buy 54 H. P, motor, 110 volts, O. B. Thrasher, to buy good second hang pianos. If you have one to sell call me and let me make you a T>r!ce on It. J. S. Trumule at Boa- cam Street e-welry Store. Phone 3S4. Wanted to WAITED — Cyprewi silo in «ood condition, or cry press water tanks- Harry Clay at Heal Estate /or Aeitt Pamisbed Rooms TO GE>m,EMEN bedroom close in. Phonjt 1223. Aparunents 'for Rear FURXISHED apartniect- 916-W. Phone FURXISHELD apartment. Call 1*3. Business Propertjt — Kent 97- modern building in Honey Grove, suitable for almost any business. Beauty for ready to wear. Mrs C. M. Schreiber, Honey Grove. Texasi. . •8 5 Rm_ Fnrn. Hm. and Dup.—-S6*J. FIVE room furnished house, close in. Phone 704 Reaf Estate For Sale Wanted to Rent 102 UNFTJHNISHEJD apartinent. desirable nelsfeboriiood close in- Permanent to desirable couple. Address "Apartment" care -3 102 WANTED — Small furnished apartment. reasonable. References ex- d. Phone 645-J. For Sale or Exchange IOC FOR SALE OR TRAI>E—Fiv« room house near East Paris schooL Phone 2254W. EAST Paris home, five rooms, good street, fine neighborhood. You deal with ou-ner. Xo commission. Address by noail only. "Ifome Owner" care Xews. tor Sale 10* FOR SALE: 4-room house, 129 X. SVth street. Price JSOQ, 550 cash balance like rent. Call 4S ilondaj- cnlv. Officers Find Canned Blackberries Cached ANXIOUS OVER BROTHER'S FATE HUGO. Okla.—Choctaw county officers found 52 quarts of blackberries 'hidden in the bashes on the Gay road off the highway five miles west of Hugo Friday. The berries were canned in quart jajrs and evidently been stolen, and the culprits a-waiting^ their time for moving che goods avray. Xo reports have been made to officers of any such robbery but it is supposed when cellar Inventory 1 is tak^n. the theft will be discovered, i RAILWAY EXPRESS EMPLOYES GATHER Six Towns In Area Are e& At Meeting Twenty employes of the Railway Express company from six cities and. towns ia this area, naet' at the Chamber of Corasecree- building Friday nis&t to discuss improvement oi service w> patroris. The meetings are held each month'- in the various towns In this section, Those attending the meeting 1 here included W. F. 3IcCuHoiicli. agrent, and J. E, ifcDade. clerk, at Bonham; M. T>. ar ClarksvHle: sgreut. T .V. E. Prestors. cashier. and A. M. Hunt and A. it. Sasifea, clerks at Greenville: L,. S. Ghil«s, agent, J. H. -Susinions, cashier, J, T. Barnes, depot agrent, and E- E. Barnes an»l E, X. Buford. e&aaf- feura of Sherman; C. F. Ta&iny- ton, ager.r. anc! C. M. .iglrhart, clerk of Hugro. Okla. : and J, "\£. Harris, asren:. ^Y. C. Fuller, cashier. A. C- B*cker!y. depot agent, and chauffeur? E. C. Gerhiser. J. D. Hoffman and J. E. Enden of Paris. The next will t>e held a- Bonham Thursday night. «st 5. Animal Iiiisbanfirnen f I er a r e- Eiules ajid feors- The brother and sisters of !ittf« Bobby Connor, missing baby -. _., of Hartsdals, N. V^ waited anxiously for h>* return at their grand- i iar:riers motner*s home in Bridgeport. Conn. L.«ft tQ right: Joan, 4^ Richard, ?, f e ? Iiee ^ ed for ~ork In the fields and Claire. C Associated Press Photo) i c ^^ a P^~ zian zhey can be pur- i chased. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE A Monarch's Gotta Have Some Fun By E. C. SEGAR IS / SPff t IT MftV U)IU>' ^T TO GET THE BUNGLE FAMILY Sailing By HARRY J. TUTHILt For Couitsiissic.ncr Precisjcl 4: T. W. (BILL* RUSSELL, ( R<*-elect*on Second Term). • T. H. BOOTH. For Pnbisc « cipher. Pl»ee 1. THOMAS oction Second Trucks and Trailers for Sale 2O pa.—*I track. See at 39ih I Miscellaneous Service 29 | BI.ECTRIC FAN snd motor re- I winding,, Male. S3.1%'R5 r e Co. "6 i N orris Main St. 1523 St ^ooi2 condition. Laniar. For Place 2: CLARENCE SECSSST R. T. t BOB> NASH. C, J. tJ.V"K> MOTK For Justice of tisr Pence Precinct Xo. t. Place No. 1-. A. W, SHEFFIELD. Employment * Help Wante«J, Female 1 HXPERIENCI'D readr to T y. Box K care Ne"*vx- For JfrfMlrr of th*- rcacc. Precinct J» Plarc 2, Laraar County. X A, (Artfcur) JOHNSON. JTor r<*-*iwrtfon. s.'T^orid t P PAHROTT For Con-Hiafalc, I^rcdncr S : ' • i? A M <. A K LA N D. t"R«?-Ei«c:ion. rs^cond Term). J- C. CJOKNV I SPECIAL employment for ma.rried woBier.. 513 we*k"Iy an<i your dresses FREE reprftsentiu aHy kneswn Fashion Frocks. No canvass in 5. No investmerrt- Send dr-??:.« siz». Fashion Frocks. P-SSS*. Cincinnati. OhJo. au-ed to ssjjply customers •witii .famous XVarxins Frtxiucis in Pari?, 3«5{nt»s» established. «arn- ingrs averasre $25 w^k:v. pay jstans in% media: «•!%-. "Writs- J, R, "Was- *c^n« Company, 7£-«rC W. Av«.. Memphis, Tear.. ORDER { STKADY \VORK—GOOD PAT j R*Hrth!« mars war.xed to call on | farmpri% in l*mar county. No «x| today. McNess Co., t>ept. S, Freeport, I JK NO rr A r *-.« A. «. *j«s«i.atifiM»t;<v«» tri<S stvl <rtt F^ri- >n!-ftjr» <•«;-•! rT"""Mi5 T • SO p, Wv fyrestir-s ^.-ir-"!:a3:.r 'n»!!*a I, J. IV" i!.. H O Ttr»nf»m»». fit*. %'<> *S ft.. A K. It. f* NO. 34 •is^'n lr,ft»It^ T'J" p. V«SP*OT5* W»t«0t^«-t. T ! X!-. Ji. <i r SSttry! f> S. C. H jv m Vi*m«ie Prophet* J W ««rrl* Mo»- vT-* THB JiASTKSnN STAB «»rhi *»f *••»<•?' miMith. Vis! torn ir Mr*. M«Dd» ^*;ott. \V, M. Mr». ANOTHER bu5dn<H»s forces roe to swll my p] K stand. Priced right for casij or wjn trasSc for Hgrht delivery trtjcJs. Cra-wfor<3'* Pis Stand. S* Lamar. WANTED a r*liab!e saJcvs repre- wtntallve. on full tirrse ba*is, by on« of the oldest ajnd larcest bu*!- tt«MW or^ARUtAtions in Texas, to h!tndl#« «. product afelllnjc for less than fS. A man with &n a*uiori5o- !•>$>. welt known and well regard- e<I, with proven sale* abisity. c»n command a nice, annual ir.come. Applicant* 5hou!<t *e«a details i- first letter, gix-inp- experfenc-^. ref- «rfr»ce5, ad«5re»s, etc.. to Mr. Buck- re r,. P. O. Brvx 5333. I>sl!aj». Texsus. tn>ttruticv *n<t Bond* C* GALBRfcATH, OEVVEIiSi" AND PROCK iff I WAX" Sa-J£ Or HBO WHO A WH LJ n-S C-iAUFF£UR DO THAT. GOOD-5* ooo-sv AMO DON'T ' K!S 'T IT GOR GEOUS? AhiD UOOK. XT THE , LET'S NOT GALLOP ArTE=l.T>iAT MAN G GIVE P£DP!_=1 A CHANCE TD SAT EITHER- GOOD- DIANA DANE Turning The Tables "(SET WGRKEP aP"? -WHO Lt>MT ijfeT WORKED li?V t H ciLi^ TR^S TO eer \KS TOUCH WITH ^ ;i ^w^< .,.% A HuvvpssJ H ZOR A WEHK JAKID i AJEVER SEE ST <~&S GC5T Me SO I \f\ iF x^ £r TvVE OrF\C£ ^H CMJLJS i~ Kc€^ MY M'MD CM ! $ AMD \F x'AA AAHRE UE <rA\AS ^T 1 A\Y \V J ORK —x CAWT"_-| [/ QFFICH! ,^&^ ^ i STEP our FD^ ) n JAlKStfTeS £g "%^ HH CAVX5 VMH\VE » ^r-, oisr- BUT i MB/ER HOMER HOOPEE ( ~THE BOOBY H^TiCH IF I Z>OAST LOOK QliT^ WHO VS Hfc, AMD \A/H£TT DOES That's The Question SCORCHY SMITH Plans oyruvws -roe t>06 A6AJK5T HS OWM WISHES, ONLY HStCHCff KNCWS Wtto'S T«€ HE ASofter

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