Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 1, 1998 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1998
Page 7
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THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood. Ml — Tuesday, Sept 1,1998 Page 12 Book can help cancer victims FOR BETTER OR WORSE Dear ABB Landers: You recently printed a letter from "L.R. in Toronto,* who wrote that she had a family history of ovarian and breast cancer. She said she was fine until March 1997. when lesu revealed cancer of the ovaries in the thin} stage. In April, she had a hysterectomy and chemotherapy. Her oncologist (hen told her she had one to two years to live. The following March, a new growth was discovered. She says she now has only six months to live. Ann, I, too, have • family history of ovarian and breast cancer. I developed ovarian cancer in August 1990. When it was found, it was at stage three. I had surgery and went through six courses of chemotherapy Due to the location of the tumor, the doctors could not remove all of k, and I was given a 15 percent chance of survival. It is now 1998. and 1 have been cancer-free for eight years. I would like to encourage LJL 10 call 1-800-433-0464 and request the paperback book "Fighting Cancer" by Anneue and Richard B loch. Twenty years ago. Richard Bkxh had lung cancer and was told to go home and' get his papers in order. Ixlay, he is still alive and very active. The book is free, very uplifting and extremely informative. It is also available in audio and Spanish versions. Ha-v L-R. Ken another physician for a second opinion? There are so many new discoveries these days. She'should read up on her illness and find out everything she can so she will be able to ask good questions and get involved in Fighting for her health. Ann Landers instead of listening to a doctor's death sentence. Please print this letter so LJL can see it Let her know that my prayers are with her. - DJ~E. IN OMAHA DEAR OMAHA: Here's your letter. Along with L.R.. several million others will see what you have written, and it is no exaggeration to say a great many lives will be saved because you wrote. I hope those who can the toll-free number for Anneue and, Richard B loch's free paperback "Fighting Cancer" will not become discouraged if the line is busy. It's an excellent book and worth your patience. Dear ABB Landers: I don't recall your ever printing a letter about the woes of real-estate agents. You could be a great spokesperson for the thousands of us who love to help people buy and sell their homes. I have been licensed in two states for 20 years. I understand that buyers' plans often change due to unforeseen circumstances. However when that happens, real-estate agents don't make a cent, even though they may have worked for days, weeks or even months trying to find the perfect house. More often than not, buyers ask real-estate agents»o put in time doing "research but then don't have the courtesy to return calls. That is very annoying. The came is true when a real-estate agent spends days showing property to a client who then cuts the agent out of the deal by having his brother-in-law write up the contract Real-estate agents also feel shafted when they arrange several days of property showings arid the buyers don't bother to show up. 1 won't elaborate on my own horror stories because every one of as has had so many, we've lost count You would be amazed at how nuny well- educated professionals, who should know better, treat us shabbily. Please. Ann. ask the public to extend to us the same common courtesy they expect when they perform their own professional services. -FED UP IN FLORIDA DEAR FED: Every real-estate agent on the North American continent will bless you for writing to me. 1 don't recall ever having dealt with this problem before. Thank you on behalf of all your beleaguered colleagues. Forget to save some of your favorite Ann Landers, columns? "Nuggets andDoozies" is the answer Sendaself-addfcssed. long, business- size envelope and a check or money order for $525 (this includes postage and handling) to: Nuggets, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562. Chicago III. 60611-0562. (In Canada, send $625.) To find out more about Ann Landers and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate web page at FRANK & ERNEST Your Horoscope Wednesday, Sept. 2. An enterprise you build on a firm foundation could yield an impressive harvest in the year ahead. Take pains to ensure each brick you lay is in its proper place. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22) You could be extremely lucky in a partnership today. The world wants to be your friend — give it a chance to do so. Vrrgo, treal yourself Bridge North 00-01 S» * K 8 5 4 2 » --* KQJ87S4 * 8 West East * A Q J 10 9 6 * -•» J 10 8 V976S432 * * --* Q J 10 9 * A K 7 6 4 2 South * 7 3 v A K Q * A 10 9 6 3 2 * 5 3 Vulnerable: Neither Dealer: South South West North East 1 « 1 A 4 NT Pass 5 v Pass 6 » All pass Opening lead: * A to a birthday gift. Send for your'Astro- Graph predictions for the year ahead by mailing $2 and SASE to Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper. P.O. Box 1758, Murray Hill Station. New York, NY 10156 Be sure to state your zodiac sign. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Important tasks cook) be easier to deal with today than they might be later on. Put primary assignments at the top of your schedule. and work yoor way down to lesser ones. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov. 22) The secret to success today is to interest doers in your id«M. One* ttwy grasp your concept, they'll swing into motion on your behalf. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dee. 21) Circumstances are unique today, and there's a possibility you might derive a reward in ways you didn't expect/Keep your eyes open for the unusual. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 16) The good you do for others at this time will be paid back to you in greater measure. If a pal needs your help, don't put limitations on your assistance. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) If your instincts tell you you have an edge in commercial dealings today, get important matters finalized as quickly as possible. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) If you're involved in a matter of importance with a prestigious associate today, it could work out wed for all concerned. ARIES (Marcn 21-April 19) A signtficant career objective can be achieved today, but not without help .from your peers. Be sure to properly acknowledge anyone who assists you. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Smile a lot today, and let your sparkling personality come through. Your presence wiil project an upWtiog spirit to everyone you meet. GEMINI (U«y 21-June 20) Joint ventures look promising today, especially those requiring the fullest measure of your imagination and ingenuity. Go for broke) CANCER (June 21 -July 22) Your impartiality and fairness will substantially enhance your image today. To your credit, you'll share equally with others any acknowledgment you receive. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) An advantage could come to you today due to a situation where you helped another sort out a complicated affair. . C199BbyNEA,lnc. Crossword The clearer the better By Phillip Alder A friend from Bradford, in the north of England, wears the dirtiest glasses ever. When I ask her h6w she sees anything, she replies that she has no trouble. But I still think a trip to the local car wash couldn't hurt! In bridge, if you can see the killing defense, try to make it as clear as possible to partner. Always bear in mind inat he might be thinking an alternative plan is better. This deal, if somewhat contrived, is a good example. Look only at the North and East h.-ind.s. Defending against six diamonds, your partner starts with the .;pacle ace. Which card would you dis- ciirfP Clearly, the bidding isn't perfect. But what would you do with that North hand" 1 Just settle for five diamonds, perhaps missing an easy slam? No action is obvious. Once his spade ace wins the first trick, what is going to be West's automatic reaction? Right — to give East a spade ruff. He won't expect East to have two voids. So, how can East stop West from making the somnolent play? There is only one sensible card to throw: the club ncr.. Even the sleepiest of partners should wake up when he sees such a dramatic discard. If you make that play as East, yet West continues with the spade queen, I think you would be found not guilty if you marched around the table and throttled him. Usually I would suggest that if your partner makes that bad a play, you should get a new partner m;xl week. But if you have strangled him, you will have no choice! • C!»MbyNEA,Inc. ACROSS 1 Call forth (memories) 6 Porgy and — 10 Pln« — 12 Insect case 14 Devastated 15 Remove by evaporation 16 Naval abbr. 17 Above (poet.) 19 Like two peas In 20 Beauty contest, e.g. 23 Bad thing* 26 Knlcks' org. 27 Baby's sitting spot 30 Great operatic tenor 32 Dismay 34 Relating to winter 35 Portuguese seaport 36 Cricket positions 37 Charged particle 39 Supply wtth funds 40 Qy this time. 42 Necklace unit 45 Not on 46 — Klppur 49 Infectious canine disease 51 Gypsy 54 Songllke 55 Of the eyes 56 Nuisance 57 C*pe Kennedy rocket DOWN 1 Hosiery shade 2 Pt. of RSVP 3 TV actor Ken— 4 Neighbor of Colo. Dutch town to Previous Puzzle 7 Acclslm a rt comes In • ba f 0 De — (old car) 6 Dylan or Hope 11 Work STUMPED? Call for Answers e Toudv »r» or aa»y pr<r»« »6« pvmnM* 1-900-860-4500 ext. code 100 like 12 Water buffslo 13 Actor Sparks 18 Ending for Hallow 20 Purple fruit 21 Attack verbally 22 Dozed 23 Reverberation 24 Concerted 29 Irritates 27 Fat of swine 28 Choir voice 29 Farm tool 31 Golden sherry 33 Small horse 3« Ship-shaped clock 40 Farewell, Pedro 41 Bushy hairdo 42 Lingerie buy 43 Wyatt — 44 He had an Irish Roee 4« Harvard's rival 47 even keel 48 Dsme — Hess 50 Superlative suffix 52 Oxails plant 53 Coffee hotder GARFIELD QUESTION GARFIEU7 PIP VOU TAKE BUTTERSCOTCH 1 JUST BORROWEP IT BEETLE BAILEY 6AO&E, PLEASE/ THtt I«NT THE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE MAMA, WMV & HE GRIZZWELLS AH APPU MU5TA cftRw man. 1 THE BORN LOSER OAbS, OOP. VOCK5UC.KK.Y CHKu_eN6e woet> FOP. THE use TOQKY'S WOPX> IK DKY *J06 WfvNTCP K KAU.Y F|K6 WK.ITIN6 .' DONT ) FIND SOME FRUIT J_WANT y-TG£T TMIS TASTE /THAT OLTTA MV MOUTH KIT *N'CARLYLE - HERMAN O !»9Aby NEA. Inc -You'r» looking • lot b*tt«r today, Ralph.-

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