The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 2
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Today's News Today KEA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weal her Forecast Considerable cloudiness a n d cooler tonight Thursday mostly cloudy with showers likely by night. VOL. LXV.--NO. 229. Press Rua Todsv \ws--7050 J osi --S.579 ] Total--51- 6-i FREDERICK, MD.. WEDNESDAY, J U L Y 11. Retirement Benefits For State Troops Many Local National Guard Members To Be Affected By Bill Recently Signed A retirement pay bill which eventually will benefit a large num faer of National Guardsmen here :as beea signed into law by Presi- ent Truman and some features of the new measures w ere learned here today. The bill, known as Public Law 810. is in three sections and it is the last section which provides retirement benefits--for the first time-for officers and enlisted personnel of the National Guard and the Reserve Corps. Since there are many Frederick couiitians who served in old Com- ny A. Headquarters Company the Band Section, some prior to the Mexican border incident before World War I. the law will be of much interest locally. 'he retirement pay provided is based upon the number of years of active Federal service of an officer or enlisted man and a credit is also given for the years of service in the National Guard or Reserve Corps. Main purpose of the bill, it is said, is to give encouragement to 'fificers and enlisted men for length if service in the National Guard a*"i Reserve Corps, with the idea ' - ,t many of these men will stay in service to qualify for retirement pay. · The law provides that these benefits do not become payable until the officer or enlisted man reaches the age of 60 and requires a minimum period of service of twenty _ years. It is the understanding here t hat some Federal service in the ast war is required. The bill gives two and one-half per cent of the" base pay of the officer or enlisted man for every ycar of Federal service--the same pay rate which is now made to re- ·ite'i regular army offices. Service u".-.Vt-r Federal pay arrangement inch-So Mexican border. World War. 1. V.'orid'V.'ar -1L summer training camps and armory drills. For example, the retirement pay · of a cajjUin who served in' both ·te.-ars for m period of five years, and ·TiEd 15 years service in the guard. would be computed somewhat as follows: Assuming that he attended summer training carnp each year for two weeks, he would have Federal credit on this score of approximately 30 weeks over a period of 15 years. Assuming- he attended drill regular!/ 'there are approximately 50 dr:J's a year 1 he would have ,Fecier.~l cre'Hi for appr ximately 750 days or around 120 weeks on this score. That would make a slimmer camp-drill credit of about 150 weeks or about three years. This would add to his five years Of Federal service during the wars ---giving him eight years of Federal service at two and one half percent of his base pay per year--or in all I about "0 per cent of his base pay. I For his 15 years service in the G Gua,rd. he would be entitled to a ^credit of roughly three-eighths of ·ine per cent per year. In 15 years I this would amount to about five cer I cent. Ke would therefore be entitled, in all. to 25 per cent of his base pay as retirement benefit. It is not clear as ret. but is believed -he base pay also eludes longevity benefits 'so muc additional pay for each year of service'*. Sergeants c£ various grades will pro'bafaly form the largest group oi enlisted men who will gradually become eligible for payments. Ijferiich ".vHI be figured en the same basis as officers. The la\v is administered oy tne Secretary of the Army who is authorized to put it inio effect as soon as he is ready but not later than January 1, 1949. It is understood that his office is preparing the necessary" application forms. Hisrhest Rank Sticks The first v.vo sections of the new Jaw apply to officers in the Regular Army and Air Corps and one pro- jjpision authorizes tne:r retirement in the highest rank they held in World AVar 11. A similar provision was passed some time a?o for the Navy and Marine Corps. Police Battle Mobs In Rome Rome. July 14 --Shots were fjired in Rome's central Piazza Co- today as riot police battled a mob of youths, angered o\er the shooting of Communist Chief Palmiro Togliatti. A policeman was x-.ounded. The origin of the shots could not be determined. Piazza Colonna. near the Mon- tecittorlo government building where Togliatti v. as shot, was a sce-ie cf cor.fusion Jeeploads cf Uelmeted riot police, ^·winging clubs, sped through the area, scattering hundreds of demonstrators. In 1he Via Nazionale. a main thoroughfare. several hundred shirtless v. otkmea fell back before a truckload of liot police who held tomrr.yguns its readine?* Stores throuahout the »rec rang down their iron shutters. Heavy police reinffircements surrounded the hospital while surgeons operated on Toglistti. Tanks pd armored cars moved into cen- ' police hei'dqi.arters. Police Francis Scott key commemorative Stamp ]J5 MilllOll Judge Seilds Key Stamps 19 Gamblers To Go On Sale To Prison U.S.POSTAGE on?? This is the Francis Scou Key comiHemoram e postage stajnp which will go on first-day sale at the Frederick post office August 9. when appropriate ceremonies in connection A-iih the 50th anniversary ol the Key monument sn *Ml. Olivet cemetery will be held. Note the flags of 1814 and today, the old Key Home in the left hand . corner and Fort McHcnry :n she i ight hand corner. Greatest Opportunity Faces Church In Japan, Guild Hears i · "Japan has been b rough i 10 her \ Referring to the military occupa- · More Will Be Printed If Needed; First Sale To Be Conducted Here On August 9 An initial order of 115.000.000 has been authorised for the Francis Scott Key 3-cent commemorative ' postage stamp v. hich will be dis- § played ors first-day sale in this city ; August 9. it was disclosed today. The stamp will oe issued !:·. . ^gets of 50. Postmaster GesseraJ i Jesse 5J. Donaldson asu us an, nouncing the description o! the ,,. .^ ^.,.. I stamp, which is expected to aiiiaci ty'cii--un Court". } wide attention a:nong collectors. j The in'tial order will cosi 53.430.; 000 j The stamp, which is rci. is 0.8-5 : by 1.44 inches, arranged horizori- · tally, with a narrow light band border. The central design is a Clark Acquits Two At Ellicott City After Trial Of Kocway Towers Case Eihcott City. Ju!y 54 ·}·--M;s\i- uiri sentences of a year in :ise ','f Coricction \\»:»e i!iip:^etS today on 19 o£"Jl men convicted of gambling at Ilocv.a\ Tower* tut \V.t?hmgIo:i - Baltimore boulevatd lie*" L;iu:e! Ji-dSe Jau:e Clark acqusUeo ihe other t w o defendant** after two days of tej-limony in Ho\\ard Coun- Wellington. July 14 I* -- Xo\ '. the Ru^ssan-. arc claiming credit for ' the Goidcn Gate atid George Wash( tttgton bridse. -- plus ' everything ; that is be^; in C. S musical and · theatrical life " , Kor \\eeXs now Moscow radio. hs"; been sa ing that most modern . industrial inventions arc of KU«MSI ' ! Oratorical Marathon Commences Here she !.»!e~: M by Amos lean br:dfie over she Hud*oi: i -ver. the Golden Gale bridge in Sail Krancss- ' co. s.K scrapers and a great siu:u- vM'v of liweSJmit;. a:«.d :iuiu.-lria: buildings aie ihe work of S!av. in particular Russian cnsuies?!*-." \vas an occupation like thai of our . name in white Gothic 0:1 a U- S. Army. He pictured a na- ', background. The American · note !Carl dark flags the period of 18K and today draped on ihe left and right . . . _- -- portrait, respectively. Kriete, returned missionary , own imperialistic rulers. Although ; The old Key Home appears in "This is the one way. and the only way. ;o keep gamblers out of oui" county." he said :n irnpOMiiR the M'litcijce*-. State police iisxatled she toad- hoUfC in a surprise raid June 5 Elaborate gambling equipment :md $311000 in cash which they seized were presented m evidence a; the i facing the greatest opportunity IE · has ever faced. How shall we meet - -- -- ^ - . ·" the challenge?" This was :he key- . t:on welcoming a conquering army ; Allied Note Is Rejected By Russians Moscow Government Refuses To Lift Berlin Food Blockade Democrats To Stay In Continuous Session Until Convention Completes Work Convention "all I'luladeiphia. July l~ .1'--The OeKioerais starlet! an oratorical liiarutho-i todav -a continuous la-aiid-niKlu ves- ·sio-i that was .scheduled to R« unbroken usisil the bUMiieM of she pcnty \\a.% iiui.-hed Tliere was a iie:!iii:;i) on eii- durauee. ^iainiita, icsi^ta:icc to hea; and hard wooden seats They Slave been told that no rcce.v will be called, and lhal the whole agenda nuis! be completed That includes a number of leftover speeches, the nomination of a ca:ulKi.i;e for the presidency, for thc vice-presidency, and the presentation and adoption of the platform. PRICE--THREE CENTS Togliatti Is Shot: Young n Student Held Italy's Communist Leader Gravely Hurt; One Bullet In Neck And Two In Chest Rome. July 14 -,f.--A joung Sicilian law student pumped three builei.v today ii;o Palrmro Togli- a:tj. Italy » leadir.g Communist, uouiidin:; him gravely. The Com- i:iu!i:vt-led Labor Confedeiatiou called a general strike in the city of Rotiu- ihis a'tcmoon. TosliatU via.-, eul dov.n a- he emerged frozn the Chamber of Dep- u'iO" buiUiiiig. As hc fell to the crourrrtrie^a-sailaiit iireci two^lsior-: buiiet-i. bm both mi-.-ed their msr'.:. Tosliatti \va-; rushed to a hospital. suiTerim; j'ravely from lo^3 of biood. A^ surseons begun oper- atins. an Attending physician ex- nre.---ed belief the 55-year-old Communist chief would live. of an address given by Dr. '.... hich had freed them from their' Judge Clark said thc state had left a "reasonable doubt" that thc Berlin, militr.rv i from Japan, when he spoke at the not a perfect set-up, the U. S. mil- ' jhe lower left'corner. This buiid- j Tuesday evening assembly oi the . itary leaders have a prime interest j ing. i; ts understood, is the one in is Women's Guild conference of the i in the future of Japan. Our chap- j Washington whose restoration was i Evangelical and Reformed church j Jains voluntarily serve the Japanese ! disapproved recently by President The executive pocket- bill which would have restoration of the Key at a cost of S65.000. ; at Hood College. Miss Mary Ger- i ar , - %ve U as the "u. S. Army. hard, former missionary and for; * many years teacher in Mlyagi Col- ' . lege, Japan, introduced the :er. Descrifaing the aftermath of the I Truman. Japan is short on natural re- j vetoed a " ^ Q V~ - ources - k"* *^ e one g reat resource i speak- s . iu , ef . {Q tne peop i e j s t h e ir la- Diligence, persistence. mansion July 14 ·/!··--The Soviet administration's official two men hc acquitted vv.cre con- ! German newspaper hinted today nected with the gambling establish- that Moscow will reject she west- ment. crn allies' notes demanding He told the defendant?- Russia lift its food blockade of ' 1 an. restricted by the cxlc Berlin. "laws of Maryland' to either fin-j The paper. Taegliehe Rundschau. ins you $500 or "sentencing you to I in an editorial headed "Whom Do bu»iicss- prison for not more than one year, j They Think They're Frightening'" j floor fig "1 won't discuss the evils o f ' described the western protests as ' stamp or gambling o.~ the dangers incident ', laughable. ; bor. tience. artistry and joy in war. the unbearable conditions o f . ... ork ' are ou ^ landing characters- j ^ as ^s? 5 "^ to ., w j ite "TM C ^ In the lower right corner is Fort { ° - lav ' I! K this kind of establishment · Meanwhile. American official^ . H " ! McHenrv at. Baltimore, where Key "" our county. This was no small- said the Allied air lift to the block- na- crowded living with five million tics people hungry and homeless. Dr. ; , - . · Kriete told his ! Japan is gone. audience that old = of rich and He poor alike, that the time sambliii; establishment. ' aded western sectors of the city ^ 5 ! Spangled Banner"' during the War Thousands of dollars were bet and ; has built up a four-week food bank *-**·*· I _ F . f, . rt *ri f i i » i i - i _ _ _ . T \"1 trr*rf*r1 Inerr in^t «.^i»i ft. ^^ «._.,»./?*_. 1 r A » * t« A · f\l\f\ f\t\t\ /*· ^. H _^ K _«.^ t;..; -- _ ana m its place . . ! swer to a new Japan is the indus- j springing from the wreckage, must : come a nexv way of life. try of her i Dr. Kriete was one of six men of 1812. The fort will be identi- s aed with dark Gothic lettering on a ribbon. It is the first time that the por- rait of a Marylander other than wagered, lost and won. Thc profits : for the 2.000.000 Germans living must have run into thousands o f ' .iere. dollars a week." Easy Money He noted that some of the men This indication of thc efficiency of the plane ferrying service came .is the Communist press warned The change in living is already ', chosen by the United Foreign Misa naval hero will adorn a stamp. who officiated at thc gaming tables ; that thc Russian siege may last evidenced in new educaticn. i Japanese are asking ; tories. libraries and school 'nese literacy is high ] knows ho\v to read, bookstores are everywhere- They will never ask -xr food, but they will ask for ; books. Thus Japan is open to Chris- itian influence as never before. Ten 1 million copies of the Bible have ' been sent over tc her and that is I not enough. It is our rcsponsi'oU- j iry to establish Christian schools ' and to train Christian leaders, the 'speaker said. -^n r ollment in j Japan and Mlyagi Colleges · doubled. Christianity jracy are i i will .remain , have Christian The : £«on Board to go to Japan According to a /Post Office De- ·' were paid S200 a week. the initial order \ The judge sa'd because of this i into the winter. The food shuttle to Berlin During the war. cut off from allied aid. all denominations, regardless of creed, had io stand together in order to survive. This bond of unity, hitherto unachieved, continues. The United Christian University which-has been thought of for an average run stamps. Should it would do no good to impose the ' tinned on a round the clock basis. S500 fine because *'in a \veek thev L. T. Steck. American militarv the demand exceed the anticipated ' would open up their establishment government food chief, said Ia:"t " popularity, more stamps could be printed at the Bureau oi Engraving. It is understood that the post office here has already ^ received many inquiries concerning the stamp. again. ' j night that the western sectors of Most of thc defendants were J the city now have on hand at least residents of Washington and its ' a 28-day supply of meat, flour, po- siiburfas. tatoes and other staples. Those sentenced to the House of Correction were William B. Bel- Answer Is No see-H-thrcuKh-somehow patience. President Truman is scheduled to get thc iioniinatis:: as soon as a vote is takc.i In Washington, the White House said he will come up and accept tonight unless thc proceedings run too late. In. that case, he probably will come tomorrow, 'he seriousness of the impending especially the expected ht on the platform--put a tamp on the crowd. They were a | little more prompt than i-i thc ( earlier sessions, and they went to their seats with much less milling . in the aisles and casual chatting thai: on thc other days. It was hot in thc hall, as usual . and humid. Shirts and trousers . tended to stick to the varnished folding chairs The lady delegates, in filmier clothing, were in outright danger. A new face appeared on the speakers' platform. Jarnej Roosevelt, bald, teaming and dapper as always, had a chair opposite Sen. J. Howard McGrath. chairman of the national committee. None of the other party greats were on hand for the start at 10:33 a. m. identified him as Antonio Pallante. 25. of Randazzo. Police said he told them he had long planned tt^ attack on Togliatti. The assailant was d^-cnbed is an ardent Na- entered tm i the nock just br-lov.- the the skin. Two bullets chest. Physicians extracted thc two bullets and declared the operation "satisfactory " The assassination attempt put the Communists in an ugly mood. It threatened serious consequences for the whole nation. Premier Alcide Ds Gaspcri said "it is thc v.orst thing that could years is becoming a realization, the ! Collectors desiring first-day can- , Reid. William Carley. Silvio J. Da- [ Washington. July 14. ;,T---Bussia : Weaker said. It will train- men ! cellations may send in as many as ' mico. William E. Down-; Joe W .' replied to the American and French ; and women graduates in Christian j ten self-addressed envelopes ^oi the j H e!m icli. Ed ward J. LaPrarie. Al*~ ~ ' * ' *~ - -- " " ' E. Meyers." Theodore Meyers. leadership, has I In conclusion the speaker said I Frederick postmaster with money i order or postal note remittan [ cover the cost of the stamps i t o | be; !, Murphy. Wn TT il. -n*^ i r rank protests against the Soviet blockade of Berlin. Soviet Ambassador Alexander S. PAiyushkin delivered Moscow's re- Key Post Elects Clapp As Commander; Selects Others * . . , _ , --. . , . , * v^t^vtx ui. bw^u WA. it*^ ^i.c*. :-i"The last word to Japan is not t h e } -- , . , ., ,. K c» a T-. n ·;!-»."·, ^.V ~, " "' ""--- *·«··"· - - , - , - , i ,- .- -. ., ^, _ i . _ . , T. i amxeci. Am. u K.ey^s^arr.p .s Tolson, Charles Robert Beers John ' sponse personally to Secretary of i"A nnn * · » · -- - - · - Marshall a t t h e State Depart- at 9.30 a. m. cst. acted within a few hours after festi- ' similar replies had been delivered inseparable and if Japan creative activity of the atom bomb. !£; ^ther issu^Irom 35VlluOO to ; £££ *££%* Kan WUKa T State" »n a democracy it must but the creative activity of peace 40Q OOQ sta wi ,, be , lied in grac.. Eaward Kal 1 W ilharr, C. - SUtc , istian leaders. jtnroughout the world. j this manner to many of the na- | ^ j cf^ke ' d Pa '" j He a ~" i firm's ? 000 MO collectors. ! ^. ", ' ., . . . i - -,_ I Danes' 12 Princesses Are Injured lion's 6.000.000 collectors, j In addition, stamp fanciers will ! aarke was ide ntified in buv UD some 1.300.000 stamps, call-, Kl " "T* °J ^ building. | by Soviet envoys in London and . _ . _ - , _ - _. t ^- Tr_-_,-_fl,- t | A o v a k was described as operator Paris. i ing in person ai the Frederick post ! office. There is no limit to the I amount tt way. Sale Generally August 10 - ;n i- in of the gaming room's two dice tables and owner of a brown paper bag containins S20.000. Panyushkin told reporters who to him outside Marshall's oflice that hc had delivered a note i De Gaspcri summoned his cabinet into special session. A resolution adootcd by thc ministers said thc attack aroused "the horror and indignation of all Italians" and expressed the government's hope hc would live. The assasbina'ion attempt came at thc height of thc Italian Left's r e n e w e d drive to unset De Gaspcri'? predominantiv Christian Democrat government from which thr Communists had been excluded Togliatti had b^cn vitriolic in recent criticism of DC Gaspcri'- alleged "enslavement" to the Vatican -ntl the United Stales. IJe Gaspcri's concern over Tog- "iatti was most apparent. Hc followed TogliattiV ambulance to the ho-pit.ii and visited him in the op^ratine room An official o." Catholic Action. Ihe Ia3' group which observers "redited with a major role in the "hrislian Democrat victory in thc April elections denied that Tog- liatii's attacker belonged to it. "It is the act of a madman." ihe Ingrid, Driving Car, Crashes Into Tree; Fractures Kneecap Copenhagen. Denmark. July M ·fP--Queen Ingrid of Denmark and One of the 30 troopers who con- to the Secretary and that it was an j two of her young daughters were city clubs and organizations for the j ^Q^r"a'os't"* offices' 3 Vill put the ' ducted thc r a»d found it behind a answer to a note of thc State De- injured today when the Queen's purpose of increasing the number ; Kgv j_g U g o ^ ,; a j e on /\. u -ru=t ^lo" racii ator in a corner of the casino. · partment dated July 6. automobile skidded on a slippery of volunteers for the armed forces, i However individuals no "longer' Tne two men acouitted were j On that day. in separate but road and crashed into a tree. G. Ernest Lipps. vice-commander j wil , be not jf mCd D y card of the new · Robert E- Meyers and William H. i simultaneous -dispatches, the three | King Frederik IX drove to thc " rnR1 ="t of the Western Maryland district, j iss j e That" service to collectors. ' Garner - They still face charges of ' western powers sent notes to Mos- ; scene from nearby Graasten Palace. ^ ol " ! '"~ ; announced that tre 40 and 8 loco- ; j~~ e {f ect f o ^ manv vears. was di$- " arp -blin2 conspiracy and continued , cow condemning Russia's policies ir j the royal summer residence. He · thc Scn r 'te suspended j motive will leave Frederick on Oc- j c ' or! ti n Jcd the first "of this year. ' ' ree on SI.000 bonds. , shutting off all surface travel to the , helped the Queen ~and~tf in cesses j F tober 14 and journey to Miami. Fla.. j According "to officials, the K e y 1 Daniel M. Murray. Jr.. Howard i western sectors of Berlin. j into ambulances, in which Thc attack came at Ihe height of a new drive by Italian Leftists to upset ihe midd!e-of-the road gov- of Premier DC Gaspcri. chamber of deputies and their ses- they | where the national convention will j s { an ,p probably will be obtainable , count ' state's attorney, asked the I They warned thc Soviet Union ( WC re taken to thc state hospital n't' SlCaflilv Tlicrca^ilio' , be held. Any member who wishes i f or a - oou t three vears. If the out- maximum penalties after telling ; that they would not be forced out of Socnderfaorg. ~- - - - - - - -- 1 to make the trip may do so. ;ocomotive expects to return Frederick October -5 . School Group Xamed years. ^ e j lying post offices run out. they can t o , be had from the Post Office Dc; partment philatelic agency in I Washington. , . Judge Clark "a murder took place the German capital by threats or fev -" hundred yards away from ' pressure, insisted on their rights not " ; only to be in the city but also *.o described a.= Their condition was not serious. Police Superintendent P. Johan- J sen said the Queen was driving the ' Commander Spurrier appointed ; Extra Revenue Provided the following group to attend the ; This agency has supplied the public meeting on Monday at the (government with additional reve- Frederick High School to discuss : nue above that derived from strict- the school expansion program: Rob- i ly mail-carrying operations. Sales ert E. Clapp. Jr.. chairman: Guy i to collectors last year set an all- · Anders, assistant chairman: Edwin ' time record of more than S3.500.- ; Xikirk. G. Ernest Lipps, Elmer · 000. j V\"ach:er. Clifford Ymger, Wilbur · It all go*, under way on a large I W. Baker. Bruce Hvatt. Richard ; scale during the Administration of i Graham. William Kreh. Lawrence ' the late President Roosevelt, him- Jf imeral Oil that the blockade be lifted. "Panvushkin ansv.-ered thi: place." _ "Hunter Lewis, an ex-convict." ' have access to it. and demanded | ro ..-al car. Thc chauffeur was Munrav explained, "was emoloyed with William Carley 'one of tho=:e convicted ' He was so employed at 'r-^ 'ifn-i "' bis killiri?. "That killing \\a? a result of thc "Derations in that place, and I re- orotest. fer io Rocway Towers." · at Inflation Reported Washington, July 14 or.--A steadily increasing inflation--\viih : her side, in the front seat. Princess at !east onc brake on high prices "" ct " i Margrethc. 8. and Princess Ann due { ° 'ocscn soon--was reported . . ' meaning "no" 1 when he was asked ji ar ; e 23 months, were in thc back lo indicate what attitude the Soviet - cau Thc cras h occurred near Lave note look toward thc American \Vood. north of Graasten. South Jutland. to Pfc. Peoples Court Cases Heard This Morning V",_:. p : -VaV-ead fro-! M- Lioos ' on the national parks was launch- ^ J ! l c OOT " ' «c. Kenneth W Pleading guilty to operating a Alette, \ds ,ead iro..i ..!.. Lipps ^ ^ . f ^ . ^ Crumpackcr. w h o is said to be the --noior vehicle with an inadequate Willard. Hobart Albaugh. ' sesf a stamp fan. In 1934 a series national p ed and in 1940 appeared the The body of Pfc. Kenneth W Robert E. Clapp. Jr. thanking thc post for its efforts in the membership drive and ir.form- ! m °«s American commemorative ing its members that this district i ser ' es picturing authors, poets, ed- ;-nas the largest membership of any I ucators. scientists-, composers. ' district in the state. Another letter ! tists and inventors. Pt- I to the rheumatic fever drive, which i .during the regular monthlv meet- i *« »'·-· ui-cuiii^iit icvti u.avt. ,,,..._..- sjn ^ e ;he fir _ et j ssue ^. a 5-^ cn ' ing on Tuesday evening at the Lc-'as the greatest amount received . Benjam;r! " Frank!ir " and a 10 -cent gion home. from any one post in the state. : Gcor2e Washington.'both in 1347 Other newly-elected ! Installation ceremonies for the : --United States st :he August 10. 3 Of M. Hurt At T riding fasicd to negotiate a curve on the road to Taneytown. ff- tre! elude Alton r.. Shaff. first vice-corn- ) mander: Robert H. Esworthy. second vice-cornmar.dcr. Ruger R Rice, finance officer: Edwin E Stol- Tsr. chaplain: and H. Q. r^Iilier. iiistorian Also rjarned were Vhe following seven members ^ho will · form the post's executive cornrrjittes: Guy Anders. Wilbur IV. Bacr. ' Joseph K. Holdcraft. David M · Kemp. Guy Routzahrs and . Past Commander ', er served as chairman of the election committee. The following delegates were chosen to attend the state convcn- · tion which will be held in Ocean ; City from September 8 to 1-: Commander-elect Clapp. Past Commander W. M. Ray G. Ernest Lipps. Thomas E. \Vilhair.s. George S. Rodock. Jr. Joseph H. _ Nestor. Jason Yeiton. Samuel J. ris J. Brown, r erndale. back in- Weston. Edward D. Storm Robert iJured: and Charles Hoover. Balti- E-worihv. Howard Kerchner. Wil- more, shoulder fracture. iiam Oden Edwin F. Xikirk. Car- ! H « ^' : « they were taken to Uni- niey Reeder and Joseph Holdcraft: j vcrs:ly Hospital in Baltimore. alternate^. Alton Shaft. Philip j Winebrener, Richard Graha:r:, rTar-1 .\GREEME",«"T REACHED ry Morgan. Melvin Bsrely. Paul j Cumberland. Julv ]4 i-p. : _ . , f^, ... , , , , newly-elected o.r.cers will be neld , havc carried thc faceq of manv fa . " ( mous Americans among the approximately 600 issues since then. '. There hax-e been ail the Presidents. . and more reccntiy Georce %Van- :""t'o~ Carvc~. Xesro scientist. Thomas A. Edison, thc ir.ventsr. and Joseph Pulitzer, the journalist. Drle?ation Pressed For It But or.'y nor,-, -ondcr pressure who have been so honored are t-.». o r.aval officers. Stephen Decatur The mishao occurred shortiv aft- '' * *i- * -J z .1*1" _ -, . _ ,,__ -i- ~^..± i A ' a n d »*im1e,d Scott Schlev. er 3 a. m. rear Tyrone about 3 0 , mils' from here, -.vhilc the men were en route to C?mp Ritchie. State Trooper R. E. Stallings identified the men * a.? Col. William Fri i 7 - -Jr.. of the Westport section of Baltimore, knee fracture: Mor- i Two other Issues with Maryland connections have aopeared--one in 3936 in the Army zr.A Xavv fcrics payins; tribute to the Xaval Academy, and another ;n 1934 marking the hree hundredth anniversan-' first Taney"f,-,\ri boy tr. be morto 3 iy v.oundcd in World War II. will arrive there Thursday morning fore-interment services. Pfc. Crumpackcr. who was 22 years o'd at the time of his death. was killed Ju'v 15. 3944. while .-crvins witb the U. S. Marine Corps in France. Upon arrival the body v. :il be taken to the funeral home where services win be heid Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. Guv P Bread;.- will officiate. The Hessons-Snyder Post of the American Lesion w:JI conduct gravcs-.dc ferv.ces : -"_"ie Reformed church ccrnclery rr:e.ids mav call si thc funeral home Saturday evening from, seven until nine o'ciock C. O. Fur? and Son. funcra' drrector5. Survivor^- :'ic3ude hi.s mother. Mr« Carrie Crumpacker Banker,, onc brother. Ralph E Crumpackcr L-.ti:cto\vn. P a : t w o naif-sisters. Miss LaHeir.a Banker!, at home- Miss Dorothy Bs-.kert. Taneytown: two naif-brothers-. Eugene Banker:. ETTnif.cburg. and Davxi Bankcrt. Mechanlcsbur;. Pa muffler. Mcrhlc C. Wise. Middletown, paid a Snc and costs of S3.7a before Magistrate Manuel M. "Wcmberg in Peoples Court this morning. Hc haii been arrested by State Trooper Arthur M. Rudy on Route 71 in Walkcrsvillc about 9 p. m. on July 9. Collateral forfeitures were made by James E. Gagcry. Baltimore, failing Jo drive to thc right_of thc center of the highway. S6.45: Wai- Queen Ingrid v. as able ·tit of the car herself, although she "r.ipcd from a fractured kneecap. 3he carried thc two Princesses oui of the car. Both the little girls were bleeding from bruises of thc face. Thc chauffeur suffered the most serious injuries--a fractured skull and a crushed ja\\. His condition w.. termed serious. y by a Congressional economic committee The monthly -Economic Indicators," issued by the Senate-Route get Committee on the Econcnic Report showed an increase in income for Americans but added that it "hardly kept pace with thc rise in consumers' prices." Wha-.'= more, the July report *aici. one of the big anchors on in- \ chicle?; Are Damaged In Collision Two vehicle, 1 - were Damaged but · he occupants escaped injury in a coiliMon on Xcrth JefTcrson street tcr E. Myers. Ijamsville. parking near the West Patrick street intcr- Capilol Bii? Company Hearing Held Today Harrisburg. pa . July 34 3--Thc CaoitoS Bus Company, of Harrisburg, called four women witnesses to testify at a hearing on it? anpli- _ ^ cat'.on to etablish a new bus scrv- oualified today before thc Clerk of ice f r o m Hamburg to AVashington. Colonists on the Ark and the Dove on highway at night without lights. 511 45: Henry Thomas. Mi, Airy. rccklc'^ driving. S6.45: George Pei!. V.'ashing'on. ps«?:ng on a cur»c. S6.45: Harry O. Paulson. Xc-,v Brighton. Pa., failing lo keep to right of center of highway. S6.45: Henry C Krant?. Mt. Air:--, displaying tags i^stJed to another vehicle. SI 3.45: Robert P. Benjamin. Silver Spring, reckless driving, S6 45: Da-i:el L Smith. Baltimore, passing when way ahead was not clear. 56.45. Sarah E. Lcppo. Westmin- .-ter. passins v.hen way ahead was not c'.ear. S6.45: Courtney C. Buck. Mt. Airy. ;s: ! inj to obey automatic traffic control ncv.ce. S6 4-3; £!- | ".15 R. McDonoush. Ijamsv.Iie. pcr- n tt.-", r-.'i · T i - t h ^ r , ··;'! pc- 1 5 "o i operate vehicle. SI 1.45. Arrest* | were made by Troopers Rudy ' Charles D. McLane. -cction Tuesday afternoon about 12.20 o'clock. ?. city police rcpoi: indicated today. Gicrs E Ro'Jtzahn. Mitidlctown Route 2. was proceeding north on Jefferson street when, according to ihe report, hc waved o an attendant at a gasoline station and hi.- c?r ran into a southbound pick-up truck operated by Louis H. Ramsburg. Frederick. Route 3 More than ^SO damage was clone to each vc- Tbe Treasury took in from the Dublic. in thc six months ended June 30. a whooning ?~ «00.000.000 more than it paid out. These are C3th transaction?, not thc conventional budget fisures. But the next six months, the committee warned, will brine a "close balance" bc« iwcen government income and ouJ- 20 Tne month of June saw economic records toople on all sides. Fric==: and cniolovment figures 7oom«d "o new neaks. and post-war hich= vcre hit by profits, production and national income. Ti:c report wa- comoiled by Preiiccnt Truman's Board of Economic Anv-sor? from figure? sub- netted by government agerscic?. DEEDS RECORDED Deeds were recorded 5atcd snd no charge'; were preferred v hen Routzahn a.-suiv.ed rc- yporsibilily. it wa? jaid. QUALIFIES Dr. U G Bourne. Sr. this citv. REFERRED TO ATTY.-GEX. July 34 ?--The jn tns hide Officer James Marks mvcsti- clerk's ofScc for the sale of several oroccrties. H. Clav Putman ^as fold Jo M-. and Mr?. James H. Trussell a tract of 79 acres and :iiDrovcments lying partly in Carroll and partly in Frederick cour.- ::es. consideration being ;n the roiehborhood of SI2.000. 'according to revenue stanios. Mr. and Mr?. 1 Charles T. A"ermi!lion and Anna X ; Lucas have sold to Mr. and Mrs. j Owen W Ayers a property on th* Brick School House rosd in Petesr- ville district, consideration beins i.OOO. Valer Taxi Wilh 30 Aboard Missing | the Circuit Court Elli; C | a* a member of thc Board of Visi! tor«; of Henry-ton Sanatorium yesterciax- , . . before a joint board of the Inter- Mlould P ass on Qffi- i "-" ^ "' n e n i v u»n o a n ^ i o r i u m u n - AVisrer. Elmer AVschter. Paul Stal- ] cia i s of the Kelly-Springfield Tire ] ^ g appointment by Governor | \\a* put up to General ey. Vernon Cassell. James Marrone. oonn Grice. Edward Draper. George D. Ford, Lewis Eichelberger Company and Local 26. United Rubber. Cork. Linoleum and P?as- i t i c Workers of America ''CIO), said NO QUORT'M A scheduled meeting if ~»i" e 5 ; J.e'c' i!ic before thc Chamber cf Deputies palace. Wilbur AV Baker was appoinf'd | U-^t iiigb.t ron'-act ne^oliatior^ · Board of Education tnd'i.v agree-I foi re-l un"! a l a t e r dste isbserce of a quorum. t b r po«t on t h r advisory committee being formed bj resulted in tentative of the wa« dot h r o u g h ^ts'c Commerce Commission. All testified that present transportation conditions along the proposed new i route are '"inadequate" and "poorly j MOTHER DIES ! scheduled" * j Seattle. Ju!y 14 The company's application i b e - I n* thc late Secretary mg oppo-'ci by the Pennsylv.ima Lewis B. Schwellsnbach. who FJ-"lror'I t n o G r ^ y h n u n d Bus Line. ' t i : ~ ' . " i .--'irirtly a l t e r ho died, l a n d thc Blue Ridse Bu.' Lines. ilo-.ve1 him in des'h vesterclav. Long Beach. Calif. Jaiy 14 T* -A water taxi believed to bs carry. ing 30 persons was unreported *o- · day in the channel between Santa i port harbor. ! The soeedBoat left thc island at . . '"'330 o'clock last nishl. Its trip to j RAILS FLAGGED DOAVX c s A t l 0 r n c 'Newport ordinarily would require' New York. July 14 .P--Profit .about an hour. . t a k i n g sales tlagged down the fast- I Two Coast Guard cutters began a , rolling railway group in the stock i search of the fog-bound waters. As . market today Losses /or sow ·The mother I soon as the fog lift.-; the Coast ; reoenUy popular rarrit-rs ran fw uf Labor 1 CHi«.rd plaiiiictl to iend planes fractions to more than a point. E' \ a Coan Gunrd officials «aid it is where prices penraHy ·showed · fol- i-'oe-iblp the boat put i n t o some cvo i mrauro of adv?ncc? *nd « l ' i v * to a w a i t better weather. I chncs, mostl;- fractiorsal- NEWSPAPER!

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