The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 26
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 26

Des Moines, Iowa
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Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

/ D** Meinas R^tfer May 7, 4*S For Exacta '.-••' (Special Dlswtch to The Register)' . OMAHA, NEB. - Heidi Win's victory, in the final face returned' $71.40 Wednesday and, paired with Sir Laddy's sec ond-piace finish, .provided a $$94.96 ejfacta payoff " at Ak- Sar-Ben. Longway Home, from the Denver stable of John Norton and Frank Kirby, notched her -third straight victory— two of them here— in the Ladies' Day feature. It was a $5,500 chase for 3- year-old fillies and .Longway Home trimmed favored Chilipin by five lengths. She returned $15.60. FIRST RACE - 1UOO, 4-up, cUlmlnS .,000, « furlonasi ,, . . „ .uster Beam .(Younsi.) 31.80 5.00 ^ul «,OpO,«.furion^ Ofl Kidi (King) 3.00 2.6} 't'Dirio'n'Tculbe'iso'n) Al ~ ran- lokaT'sir' Snkk', Wllss "sfrkkr'VaDple's' ing, Texas Tea, sacemup. My Babuka, air Margie, Rose O'Mahmoud. SECOND RACE — $1,«00, 4-up, claiming M.OOO, mile end 70 V*rds: ' will! Baton (purousseau) 8.60 5.00 3.80 Good Ijylnfl jLeellng 4,00 3.00 • ¥ime, fTtt 4°S. Also ran - Sickles Char- lev, Pelon, Jet Smooth, Feisty Red, Renewed Faith, Marty's Gem, Deen's Re- Daily double (program' numbers 2 and 1) paid $110.40 THIRD RACE - $3,200, Neb.niKa-br.ed maiden2-yeaiMJIds, 4V1 furlongs t _ ^ ^ iye"l"co}{eyj Ill's iec - ., .40 3.oo ' FOURTH RACE - «,«0, J-yMMldf, claiming, i furlongs: ..», sespes Jest (Powell) , 8.20 5.60 4. Stanley Steamer (Herreral- 5.60 4. Lady Jofley (Young) ,_ 10.6 Ti trol Stanley Steame Lady Jofley (Young) ,_ 10.60 Time, 1:12 1-5. Also ran - Charger, Patrol. Joy Fox, Satan Kathy, RindyTTInce, fines Doll, Retarded Chick, Here Boy, Terrlflre;, Comlna Some. , FIFTH RACE-S4400, 3-4-y«ar elds, al lowancc, 4 fur onjs: , Camel Train (Engle) 5.40 3.20 2.80 Warning Sun (Lew's) 4.20 3.00 Llttletown Lad (Petersen) • , ,, 3.40 Time, 1:11. Also ran-Natlve Shuttle, Sandal Charger, Relzorc, Western Boy, Malapal,- Noble Stone, Chief Elmo, Test Ruh/LlqUld U S6Tde>." SIXTH RACE—$4,200, 4-UP, claiming Count'Little (Durousseau) 8.50 5.20 3.60 Blackfancy (Kino* 10.80 5.40 Triple Sun (Whlted) .. Ji.OO Time, 1:11 1-s. Also ran—Merry Kern, I'm.Jax, Drawbakanub, Bessie W., 1 Laddy. Foxy Cay, Wanderlrij Kid, Singing Mark, Ivy Lane. SEVENTH RACE-14,000, 3-4-year-olds, allowance, « furlongs: ~~ '.'..' Deceptqr (lacobell) 11.00 4.40 3.60 Klster SUferJLewis) • 3.20 2.60 King Peso (Ecotfevi , _4.40 Time, 1:10 3-5. Also ran—Golden Deed. Duchek, Tommy B., Shesa Cutie, Romans Jacket, Llttletown Lass, Billy Bobo, Victory HOD. EIGHTH RACE— $5,500, . Its, allowance, s'/i lurlongs: Longway Home (Lewis) 15.606.204.40 Chllioln (Engle) 3.60 3.00 a'rgak) (Smith) . ...... 10.00 Time, 1:04. . Lo Chlliol Ma'rg . ...... . Time, 1:04. .Also ran— Rosv Bux, Amo- net, Royal Frances, Shesa Booger, Miss the Road, Merry Command. NINTH RACE-$3,700, 3-year-old», claiming $4,250, mlle-70 yards: Heidi Win (Turner) r Led Ecoffe) , „ 71.40 30.40 18.80 10.00 .40 18.80 '•"ifca E'i'Wa^Vlo.TVnd 2 paid J5?4.90. Time, 1:44. Also' ran—Swan and Shop, Sweet Manhattan, Miss Lo-Npte, Li'l Deedee, Froo Eyes, Jan's Nly. _ Attendance —8,286. Total mu- tuels-JS43>384. State tax-S21,735.36. Returned to the public—$459.867760. '" today's Entries (Horses listed In post position order) FIRST RACE. — $2,WO. 4-up, claiming Bold Soi -J-jVe?) 11, NUfi tes: (no .....Wes .ibhal (Herrera) boy) 107) Tom's Buy it—Line—( (no boy) 1.1.7,- Bt 'he?e S (HerFera). 1)7; Biru.- 12) Nearo. Barrp (Lively) 117; ; Aryei ... .114! Flvlng irsolee (no bov) ,. .. ..4; Plepann (no , ^alrweil (Anderspnf 112; Go _. •r) 117; Stalk Cotter (Petersen , Also eligible: Three r M*. I', (19-boy} 17;. Banff iTTno boy "!17;MiW 'Carry 'Back (Ecoffey .112; Port of Honor (Munsell) 114; Smoke Pounder (Stallings) 117; Bookie (Madrid) 114. SECOND RACE — $2,100, 4-up, claiming S Vhf F ftH?sVt (Calderon) x-112, Mr. Nordllna (no bov) 1)9;. One J«x..(no boy) Luckx Para .Dice (Durousse =ightmg PIT -i le: Flflhiln (Jones) 114 ar Master vely) ,114; :E — $3,200 Helens" More'(Burns) 118; Brokers joy Bookkeeper (Anderson). 114: (Lew s) 114; Fighting Phil (O Also eligible: Fighting R 114; Brackets (Jones) 114; Re • Bar Master (H [Lively) ,114; Old THIRD RACE — S3.200, 3-year-old maid • lurloi boy) 117; Bar Master Hackreln (Lively) ,114; boy) 114. ^ Bold'Jester :OOD) xxx-109. lev (no boy) Rova Rule (no fHerrera) 114; Old Rivers (no ens, 6 iurlomi: y). 118; Miss Harvest. (Culbei 113°;. Yagtobra's .'.STstV 'TJones); 1 Perfect Pay (L. Lady <no u boy) 113; 118; Bombor Gal. (Blrzer arvest , (Culberson) (Jones) 113; Miss boro rzer) < Ch boy) 'vnf'c'hamaifo (no rner) 113; Omaha unior Fov (no.bov) . Young) 118; Mikes Summer Baby (no 118; Carrot Soup (no boy Unda) 113; Prldespum Tuxs King (no bov) 118. 113: Mar- 3; Toplans ) k (Barnes) up (no bov) 113; Grace Blue Prldespume (Blrzer) x-108; FOURTH .RACE .-. W.500, 2-ye.r-olds, ililmlna $6,000 4tt furlongs: . Cherire.GIrl (Ecoffev) 116; Miss (no boy). .1.19) Jov Honey. 7 Bboet1a y iHerre>^ Wi'Li nes) 122; Ed N Mert (L. Ti ilte Man (P. W. Whited) 114; iwland) 114; Saturday Tryst Panhandle (Anderson) 116; B (Jones Whlti (How 1-114; Pn Lord (no boy 1l ilsp_ellqlble: Better Red.lD. W. Whlted I 14; HI f, 114; .eap Ahead urner) 119; Rods Doll .... (Calderon) .j|c (King) Wp Campus 119; Frisky Man (Chavez) .$H" (Lewta) 1 . omer M _____ 114; Toeyo (Lively) 114; M»th- ew B (Petersen) 114; Swoonln Ladv (no bov) 111. FIFTH RACE — 13,000 4-up, Claiming 12,000, !'/• miles: somp 114; ' SUB '/• m The sment) 114; Mis.s Na Soapy The Boy ., . Barnes) 112; Barbara Loaf (G. Housjhton) 117; Steel ir iAndi ...Jllngs) 11. !?.• ?««C?hus. (Black) 119; Little. Richy Clair (D. ' (Pi' arbara Bam (Indal . ...UBhton) 117; Steel K V 117; Admirals las Jo e n e esWp%T- W » kV ' • ohnnystr, TTCW _______ _____ ._. -. lted) 114; Wa Mask (Petersen) 114; Too Little Man (L Turner) 114; Eagle Debutante (Ou rousseau) 109. SIXTH RACE — $4,500, 3-veir-oldl, la fwb nsel al. nsr Mr. skv ._ 112; Go Lover (Leellng 112; CoaminB (Smith) x-112; Y«urailpn (Ciilberson) 115; Purchaser (L. J. Du rousseau) 117; Valldlus (L. Turner) 112 Pa.l .(Fredrlcksen). 117; -•'7; Peiouse GOOD) xxx Running Scared (Lewis eason to plicy.(Ei i urnerj 12 n) 117; SWISS i Party (live- x-1 OS; Amle's 112. -"M 109; Jul ely) h %. , nd 1 /Mini Atiw lacobell) ... . ,, Own (no boy) 114; _ov«l's Express (D. Rettle) 114; Plum Rum (Strauss) 114; Solo Pass (Celderon' x-1 14. L EIOHTH RACE - 3-up, Ne- e - u,m, 3-uc "Golf 'Rais T fLew"s C )**'l09; G^Ued (Ecoffey) 114; Bobby Dorene Uones) Husker Ace (uFvelvi 119; Bo Dorrln .bov) 114;.Sonnys Dellohl ;fHerrara) _. (no rare) 109, ra) 1 'riT= ree -rban'B(ilTL'."ReHeferii4;"gbafh (D. Rertele) 112.. NINTH RACE - H,OM, 4-up, claiming I2.JOO, IVi milM: Kan Battle (Straus xi12; fSlaflin (Madrid) 117; Toramana lly Kay (Smith) 109; Ella 09; Miss Olyrnpia Sax (D W. White) 112: Goldalvn (Calderon. xi12; Maneak (EeoHey) 114; Nertitas Sis -' inqs) .109; Whlrlanqo iJone*) 112; Ballet (Cooo) xxx. x ZT"5 pounds apprentice allowance claimed-. xx — 7-oounds. xxx — Ii sounds- RIDER- NEWER TCfOMAl Roosevelt registered its eighth tennis triumph in. a_s many outings Wednesday, a 9-0 Metropolitan Conference romp past Hoover at Hoover. Mark Wessling socked Jeff Pierson,-6-0 and 6-1, in the No. 1 singles contest and teamed with Dave Hemminger for a 6-3 and 6-2 cruise past Pierson and Roger Stetson the top doubles match. Singles - Mark Wessling (R) boat Jeff Pierson, <-0, «-l; Dave Hemmlnqer :R) beai Roaer Stetson, 6-5, 6-2; Steve keinla (R) beat Bon Hosklns, «-0, 6-4; Bill Vutt (R) beat Dennis'Smith, <-2, 4-2; Dick Dorzwleler (R) beat Rob Carlson, 6-4, «•!. Doubles - Wessllng-Hemmineer beat Plerson-Stetson,>3, 8-2; Helnlo-Nutt beat Hosklns-Smlth, 8^s, 6-0; Mark Proctor-Dar Fisher (R) beat Jim Chrlstensen-Roy Pe derson, <-1, «-0; Chuck Llebold-J«rry Lie- Mid (R) beat Am Grotenfelt-Dennls Johnson. «-<. 6-4. Lcs Beck guided Lincoln to a W) rout of Newton at Newton. Beck bumped Doug Brown, 6-4, 6-3, in the No. 1 singles match and then teamed with Geoff Gray to notch a triumph in the top doubles contest as Lincoln hiked its over-all-mark-to 8-2.- Singles—Les Beck (L) beat Doua Brown. 6-4, 6-3; Geoff Gray (L) beat Dan •tolnnes, 6-1, 4-2; Tom Sample (L) beat Bill Ryder, 6-3, i-2; John Haloh (L) beat Jack Swanson, 6-3, (-2; John Whaley (L) ' t Myron Hard, 6-3, «-2; Jack Textor beat Mike Rucker, 3-6, i-2. <-4. Jbubles — Beck-GVay (L) beat Bmwn- Rvder, «-0, 4-4; Haiqh-Whaley (Li beat Holmes-Hartz, 4.«, «-2, «-2; Samole-Textor (L) beat Swanson-Rucker, 6-2, 7-5. East boosted its over-all record to 5-4 with a 4-3 non- conference girls victory over Indianola at Birdland. Singles - Bin Campbell (I) beat Kathy Davis, 4-6, 4-4, 64; Stephanie McCormick JE) beat Janet Radaki ' Sherri Weiss (Eb) be« ~ S-2; Linda Russell ._. _._. .. McCord, 6-4, 6-3; Roxanne Kinqcrv (I) beat Peggy Simmons, 4-4, «.). Doubles — Debbie Mlnor-Arlene Robinson (E) beat Sonla Barger-Ronda Davidson, 11-9, 7-5; Llsl Cedeno-Joanne Seymour; , (I) beat Jean. Severson-Sherrl Faust, 10-8, 4-6, 6-2. / Newton whipped Tech, 9-0, in non-conference girls action at Birdland. Merrilee George downed Teewanda Hill, 8-0, in the No. 1 singles contest. Singles — Merrilee George (N), b--; Teewanda Hill, 8-0;. Barb Zaoornlak (N) beat Sherri Thomas, 8-0; Sam Sumptnr (N) beat Karen Hutsen, 8-3; Debbie Palmer (N) beat Pat_Purdue, t-St Cathy Hermsen (N) Tieat Taunya Peavy, 8-0; Karvl Ferguson (N) beat Pam Wiles, 8-0. Janet Radakovlch, 6-3, 6-2; < rNb) beat Cnrla Lundahl, 6-4, ussell (E) beat Connie *««\ • *p » l^*\ ,- « v -S s ' . -ubles — Georqe-Zagqrnlak-beal HII- Barb Taylor, 8-0; Sumoter-Balmer beat Thomas-Purdue, 8-0; Hermsen-Ferguson beat Hutsen-Peavy, 8-1. DOWLING GOLF RECORD-TO 6-1 Bowling mauled Tech, 162 187, in golf at Waveland Wednesday and boosted its Metropolitan Conference mark .to 61. The Maroons are 1.0-2 overall. Tech's Dick Ury edged Paul DeDoncker of Dowling, 38-39, for medal honors. Dowlins (1*2)' — Paul DeDoncker 39, Dan Rowen 40, Tom Tlppins 41, Brian Holllnqsworth 42. Tech (187) — Dl 48, Craig Wilson . ick Ui 50, Gl irv Marc Geroen Peters Mike Day and Dennis Wheeler-fired 43's at Terrace Hills to give North Polk a 185-187 Heart of Iowa Conference triumph over Bondurant-Farrar. Glenn Stall of Bondurant-Farrar nabbed medal honors with a 38. _... ,._J) —Mike Day 43. 43, Rich Wheeler 45, Mark Bow- Dennis North Polk Wheelc " Ifondu'rant-Farrir (117) - Glenn Stall I, .Rusty Goode 46, Keith Paine 51, Carlon Stall 54. Return of Bantam Ben After two-year absence from tournament competition, Ben Hogan works on^ putting in preparation for today's start of Champions International golf tourney * at Houston, Tex. Hogan, golfing great of another era, has leg problems and walks with limp. He has been working out for 12 "days trying to get ready for today's ' WIREPHOTO (AP) Continued from Page One back Mark Votfoubek (also the Drake ftelays 120-yafd high hurdle record holder) and, Oakland center Scbtt Harris. Northern Iowa, which had high hopes of landing the talented Moses, settled for his teammate, halfback Mike Woodtey, and. West Waterloo quartcfbackiMike Knox. !n- dianola tackle Mike Noble, a first-team all-state choice, also is expected to join the Panthers. Four fjrsHeam all-staters, however, jumped on out-of-state offers. Heelan of —Un- -serious—considefatlonL Creighton. ..._._ . Godfrey to Drake by. st.^Edmotid^^pf Fort Dodged Jim CoUins. ~ : ' That goes as' a major victory for new Coach Dick Schultz. The 6-8 Collins, who averaged" 28.9 points last wmterVhdd giv- le. Drake~also landed a top-notch eager, sfgning Mark Godfrey, Knoxville's versatile 6-6 center. Godfrey, a second-team all-state pick like Collins, averaged 2t.5 points. Mis^ouri*s Norm Stewart had a profitable day, signing two-all staters, Spflngville's 6-5' Al Sioux "City end Steve Schreiber, an all-Catholic all-American selection, signed at kissouri, Regis of Cedar Ra-J_coach at Arkahsas, who was in Springville Wednesday to speak at the school's athletic pids tackle Mike McCue at Northwestern, Belle Plaine fullback Joel Junge at Arizona and St. Albert of Council Bluffs halfback Vince Leber and Atlantic's Dennie Lantz at Kansas^ Drake Gets Pair Two Clarinda standouts were among Drake's early signees. The Bulldogs landed speedster Dennis Behrhorst, a second- team selection, and quarterback Mark Tarrant. Two of the state's top basketball prospects, two-time-all- staters Jim Heck of Washington of Cedar Rapids and Storm Lake's Ron Kennedy, remained unsigned. However, the 6-foot 11-inch Kennedy has apparently narrowed his choices to Arizona State and Southern Methodist and Heck is wavering among Iowa State, Minnesota or Rice. Neil Fegebank, who guided Paullina to 76 straight triumphs over three seasons, earlier announced his intention to .enroll I at Iowa and he'll be joined. His signing of Eberhard came right under the nose of former Iowa assistant Lanny Van Eman, now the head banquet. Van Eman wasn't a complete loser, however, as he signed Regina of Iowa City's Gary Velger, a third-team pick. Van Eman also is in the running for another all-stater, Jefferson 'Of Cedar Rapids' 6-8 Tom Holland. Jefferson Coach Jim Lockctt said Holland plans to wait three or four days before picking between Arkansas and Oklahoma, where he did sign a Big Eight Conference letter. There was no official word on West Davenport's C. J. Schroeder, a first-team all-stater, but it's fairly certain that he is going to sign with Illinois. N.Y. Grid Writers To Honor Sir am NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs will be honored by the Pro Football Writers' Association here as the leading performer in the 1970 Super Bowl, it was announced Wednesday. *¥* ' f #»• • § j rnrefe Stnke 1 INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (AP) — Mario Andretti, winner of the Indianapolis 500-mile auto" race last year, doesn't have a car for this year's May 30" event -. •, Andy Granatelli, owner of a new German-built McNamara racer to be driven by Andretti, sent wofd tpjhe track Wednesday-that— the- nationwide-truck- drivers' strike has delayed delivery of the car by more than a week. Granatelli said the delay also will p'revent-Andretti from running in the Grand Prix of Mo< noco Sunday at Monte Carlo. Shipping difficulties also have held up his second new McNamara car in Germany, G r a n a t e 11 j said, and An* drctti's 1969 Indianapolis winner, a , Hawk-Ford, will be prepared as a possible substitute for the defending U.S. Auto Club champion. "A considerable number of essential parts and spares have been lost or held up at shipping points because of the truck strike," Granatelli said. "These delays in getting parts have caused other delays which have thrown our entire schedule over a week behind our planned calendar. v Granatelli said he now ex- pec t s the first, of the McNamara cars to reach Indianapolis Saturday and to go through the required technical inspection in 'time for Andretti to get on the track Monday. LIVES UP~TO NAME .CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) - Bold Favorite won the feature at I Washington- Park Wednesday. cores OF ALL SPORTS Baseball JUNIOR COLLEGE Keokuk 9-5, Robert Morris J-7 Boone 11. Marshalltown 2 Boone 11, Marshalltown 2 Klrkwood 5-8, Ellswprth 4-6 COLLEGE Dordt 1-7. Midwestern 0-1 Warlburg 2, Northern Iowa 1 'Basketball NBA Playoffs Los Anneles 135, New York 113. best of 7 series lied 3-3 A.B.A. PLAYOFF FINALS Indiana 117, Kentucky 103, Indiana wins best-ot-7 series 4-1. Golf GREATER DES MOllilS Saydel dumped Urbandale, 179-185, at Woodside and sent ts record to 6-5. Saydel's Doug Dicker fired a 40 to grab medal lonors. Saydel (17») - Doug Ricker ;40, Rjchj Sleseke 45, DarreTl Conrad 47, Guido: Sa Ur§andal» (185) — Tom Miller~45. Dave! Sadler 46, Andy Cook 47, Kent Bargholsi Hoover's girls ran their record, to 9-0 with a 198-213 victory over Newton at Ponderosa. Barbara Merrell led Hoover~witrr a 46. — • Hoover (IN) — Barbara Merrell 46, .ancv Lv - - - Danlelson Gooctf 52,"jb'vce "CastonduaV'sy,' LTnda Maddex 57. Steve Foster carded a 41 for medal honors, bat Southeast Nancy Lvnner 47, Sue Carlson 52, Ann Newlon ?21.3) -'Rita Lorenien 5.1, Kathy Dowlino U2. Tech 187 North Polk 185. Bondurant-Farrar 187 Ankeny 172, Southeast Polk- 182 North 174. East 185 (elrls) Hoover 198,.,Newton 215 falrls) Saydel 179, Urbandale 115 Saydel 231. Urbandale 233 (slrls) 'HIGH SCHOOL Audubon 152, Harlan 155 Audubon 197. Denlson 218 (qlrls) Hubbard 158,.EIdora 188 Hubbard 241, Eldora 253 (girls) Tennis GREATER DES MOINES Roosevelt 9, Hoover 0 Newton 9, Tech 0 (girls) East 4, Indianola 3 (girls) Grand View 6. Clarinda 1 •r COLLEGE /Parsons 8, Quincv 1 Midwestern 8. Buena Vista 1 Track COLLEGE Wisconsin Slate-La Crosse 87, Lulher 58 Wartburg 98, Upper Iowa 45, Lea 37 WHITE- Continued from Page. One the Boswcll incident, led to Billy's being dumped. I asked if Martin thought this, a just _camplaJnt. "I've never commented on anything Calvin has said about it and I don't intend to cony ment now," said Martin, speaking very carefully. "I don't feel what happened between us tii^-vtM* <*uiiw» tj) f-fbtu ityv/v«viiv><b>uv| , ii'i • t i ii 11* it Polk was trimmed by Ankeny, 1 should be aired to the P ubllc 172-182, at Woodside. Doug Schreurs shot a 42—low for Ankeny, 4-7.' which sent its record to , Schreurs 42. Ed m 43, Jim Goode 44. Later, at the luncheon, Billy said: "Calvin Griffith gave me my opportunity, \rnan I ever met," the finest Saydel's girls edged Urbandale, 231-233, in a nine-hole match-at Woodside. Urbandale's Laurie McCutchen was medalist with a 53,and Saydel's Kathy T OOK1NG ? BACK, would J_J Martin manage differently after one year's experience if given another chance? One -of the criticisms heard, related to fighting with one of his players Va Slv 'd«W (cch I »l>-;K«,*tov Conrad 54, Bellvllle 61. .JJrtaniMt- -;, , 56, Marilyn Romlne 60, Anne ad ln Urbandale (233) — Laurie McCutchen 53, Jan Seward 54. Debbie Payton 62, Susan Sykes 64. Debbie Sawhill fired a 40 to lead North's girls to a 174-185 victory over East at Grandview. North is now 5-2 and East 1-6. Conrad runner-up with a 54.r j outside a tavern, was that he Tvas^'too close" to the boys. "What's too close? What's the measuring stick? Who made the rule?" Martin asks softly. "A manager now has to be a big brother, f-ather, policeman baby sitter'and psycTiologisrio North (174) — Debbie Sawhill 40. Kithv QCt the TllOSt OUt of his players. tacbc At Callu Ii indnh7am&c AJ JudV " ' «... WQ y y^^g^ 'Hflw were the results? I P o?,e k r S 47 43 ' East (185) - Pal Bowes 44. Nancy Bowler 46. Charlvn Kutchen 46, Linda Hl ~ ------ ---------------- . lndal 49. _ Jean Hoxie Dies; Great Net Coach MIDLAND, MICH. (AP) Jean Hoxie, whose tenpis pupils included royalty and beads of state^ died Wednesday in a freak automobile accident. She \4-as 71. Mrs. Hoxie coached more ., than 300 United States national - c h a m p i o a s and one -world Olympic Group That's the name of theiame. 'I don't- care how many storms Honors Karnes\ y ™ encounter ' '**? brin * the jship in ... said the owner to DratoAthletic Director Bob i ^ tain Karnes Wednesday was named! ' ' honorary coach of the for~Tetarded children. Some 900 district meet winners will compete in the Special Olympics at Drake Stadium and the DeTUoines" Y. M.C.AT swimming pool on May 21. Cedar Rapids No.l In Soccer Standings CEDAR RAPIDS, JA. - Ce-; ffhsmpiofl.- " Among her pupiis was Gea. Francisco "Ftanpo;: the Spanish chief of state. Her star pupU ^ Rapids, with a 4-0 record, wasi. Jane "Peaches" Bartkow- lis leading the Upper Mississippi -icz, whp served on the U.S. §Qccer Alliance standings. Wa- WigbtanaB Cup tfiajrfl in 1968. ,terloo (3-1) is second. Iowa City ',''.' . ....'•'. ." anrj Des Moines (both 3 - l) are WHO NEEDS SHERLOCK? third, CeotraJ (2-2) is filth,! "They are .not gutless. 80STPN, MASS. ,(AP)-<]!reat Drake (W) is sixth, Parsons \ar e not major leaguers. They Mysterjr woo tte^afere at Suf- (0-3) seyentt and Iowa State (0- 'arg Wife boys. Let them enjoy (oJi Bowns~Wednesday. ] 6» ej|btb. ! the gang." he urged. -I'm not sure who quote should be credited to, al though it's safe to eliminate Griffith, How about managing again? ._ JTm not saying 1 wouldn't want to, but I'm not seeking a job," he says. "I couldn't do it unless I could come in with both feet and my heart. Eight now I'm gonna stay out of basebaJJ." Near the end of his formal some advice for managers, etc., of THE NEW, WIDE SILVERTOWN CUSTOM BFG's great 4-ply nylon cord tire • 20% better mileage plus better handling and stability • Deeper tread for quicker stops on any road — wet or dry • Comparisons based on our 1969 New Car Tire SIZES: F 7S-14 G 78-14 f 78-15 078-15 REPLACES 7.75-14 8.25-14 7.75-15 8.25-15 Puces above blickwall plus Fedeiil Exciw T*« of II .$6 to 12.87 per tilt, depinding on lite, with Hade-in. Whiltwills $3.50 mote pei lite. BUDGET mHS AVAILABLE HOT POINT APPLIANCES-ALL ON SALE FOR MOTHERS DAY ELECTRIC .. $O OO COFFEE MAKER f EUREKA $« VACUUM CLEANER 6 PC. STAINLESS $ IO OO GENERAL ELECTRIC COOKWARE ; IQiQQ TOASTER BLENDER *1A ftft COLONIAL .WfilHP TiAKETTLE . MQQiHN STYLING 100TH LIFESAVER RADIAL ASH THAY i * Atvictivi gift for office or home Pne«d W shown «t B.S.CoodiiCh Stoics; competitively priced it B.F.Coodnch Oe«lers. THI RAPIAL JIBE PIQPLE AA9-12 8th & Grand Ph. 244-7278 JOQthAnnrtmtry

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