The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 24, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1948
Page 6
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Sponsors of the Church Page Dean's Garage -~""HBtom Packard Sale*--Senrice DEAN HILL Bible Curiosities The'ending of the Lord's Prayer, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen," does not appear in the oldest manuscripts of the Bible. Edwards Jewelry Co. Elgin Watches We Give Eagle Stamps Go to Your Church This Sunday Pool Pontiac Sales - Pontiac Sales and Service USED CARS WANTED E. Poplar and Mffl Phone 702 The Harrisburg National Bank Zola Young Sloan Insurance -- Public Stenographer E. Locust St. B. P. O. Elks Harrisburg Lodge No. 1058 LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family i Harrlsbnrg, m. * ' " * Your Cleaning TO THOMAS' First Notional Bank Ford Brick Tile Co. PHONE 97 Dorris Heights Methodist W. E. Shafer, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; War-i ren Evans, superintendent. | Morning worship 10:45. l Youth Fellowship 6:15 p. m. \ Evening worship 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. , Dorrisville Church of God 722 Charleston St. | Rev. Alvah Crim, minister ; Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.;j Kestner Wallace, superintendent. , Morning worship at 10:45. Young people's meting at 6 p. m. Children's meeting at 6:15 p. m. Evangelistic service at 7 p. m. Bible study Wednesday at t 'Weekly broadcast over WEBQ Thursday from 3 to 3:45 p. m. Equality Social Brethren ' Rev. Carl Huston, Pastor ( Sunday school 9:30 a. m. i Morning worship 10:45. j Evening service 7. , ,, Prayer meeting Wednesday / , p. m. | Everyone is invited to these ser-, vices. i __ i Pierson Saline Ridge Baptist Rev. Tommy Cook, Pastor j Saturday services at 7 p. m. j Sunday school at 10 a. m. j Morning service at 11. j Evening service at 7. I Come and bring a friend with you. First Christian i South Webster Street « E. M. Oakes, minister Bible school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:30. Evening worship 7. . , , ! You are cordially invited to these services. The Church of God Homer and Vine Streets Johnny Ganz. pastor ! Saturday service 7-p. m. i"-~ ; Sunday school 9:45 a. m. j Morning worship 11. Evening service 7. ; V. L. B. Wednesday 7 p. m. i The public is invited to all serv-1 ices. . ! The church with the ensign (or flag) which is a fulfillment of prophecy. Psalm 20:5. Mt Calvary General Baptist Gaskins City Vernon Buchanan, pastor Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.;! Wiley Fulkerson, superintendent.; Prayer meeting Wednesday at! 7 p. m. ,' Preaching service on the second j and fourth Saturday nights, Sun-| day morning and Sunday night. ' Everyone is invited. i St. Mary's Church i Kev. G. P. Lally, pastor ; Sunday Masses at 8:00 a. m., and i 10:00 a.'rn. ; Week-dav Masses at 7:30 a. m.! Confessions will be heard on J3at- j urdays from 4 to 5 and from 7 to j o . Everyone is welcome to attend divine services at St. Mary's. , Assembly of God 415 South Mill D. C. Morningstar, pastor Sundav school 9:45 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Prayer service Tuesday 7 p. m. Young people's service Thursday The public is invited to attend. Buena Vista Methodist Even m this enlightened ccy. v/hen there is much talk about .reedom, the amount o! real freedom in the world :s distressingly small Americans who have traveled abroad 'pave beer, painfully conscious of the restric-. tions on speech and on the'movements and activities oi individuals Humanity loday seems to be bound as securely as if the nations were ringed with chains of steel Greed, selfishness, ambition fear, irrehgion and personal and political immorality seem to hold mankind in a state of perpetual thralldom On the international level, the false doctrine that might makes right-the age-old law of the jungle--operates Jo stifle me social, cultural and religious aspirations of the smaller nations and bring them into virtual subjection to the larger pov.-ers The answer to all this is not more power politics, more dictators, more war. or more restrictions on the freedom of peoples The answer lies in the spread of true religion and the spirit of brotherhood among men God. working through His Church, can bring peace, freedom and contentment to a troubled world. THE CHURCH FOR ALL .... ALL FOR THE CHURCH Cnurch. There -«·*. (3) For ··-= r% · ",", lty cnd n(rjcn W For the sake .±.?S C3 ! . LSeI; Wh:ch needs »»* -"OraJ end rnate^d ·.-,- -- r-.anio co ' Sunday end reed your -WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- When We Work With God Dorrisville Baptist U. H. Smith, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.: J. E. Kobe, superintendent. Morning worship and sermon 10:40. Subject: "Some Characteristics Of A Worthy Church Member." ,. , Training Union 6 p. m.: Miss Joy Randolph, director. Evangelistic service 7 p. m ; Kev. A. 0. Hancock will bring the message. . Tuesday, young peoples prayer meeting 7 p. m. Wednesday, boys' and girls prayer meeting o' p. m. Wednesday, regular prayer meeting 7 p. m.* This meeting should be attended by all members. Have l you been attending? If not, why jnot? Jesus has promised to meet | with His children in the prayer services. Everyone living in our community will find a hearty welcome in | any of our services. Mt. Pleasant Baptist 331 East Walnut Street Rev. S. D. Woods, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning 'worship 11; Cordelia Williams circle in charge. Evening worship 7, with a program. , General Mission meeting Monday i 1 p. m. at the church. Usher board meets Monday 7:30 I p. m. at the home of Mrs. Ora ! Portee. · Cordelia Williams circle meets . Tuesday 7 p. m. j Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. i m. , Mamie Brown circle meets Thursday 7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Mabel Rawhngs. Junior choir rehearsal Friday G p. m.: senior rehearsal 7. 1 A welcome is extended to the I public to attend all services. ' First Methodist I X. C. Henderson, minister i 9:30 a. m.--Church school; E. L. I Norman, superintendent. | 10:40--Morning worship. Sermon i by Dr. Sweeten. j "s p. m. -- Youth Fellowship groups meet together. Joseph Crouse will be the speaker. | 7 p. m.--Evening service. Ser; mon by Dr. Sweeten. This is the ! last of our evangelistic services. ' We wish to make it a great day in the service of the Lord. Come. The general meeting of the W. S. C. S. will be held at Wesley Center. Wednesday. Jan. 28. at 2 D. m. The Dorcas division w ill be* I hostess. Each member is urged ' to oe present, visitors welcomed. The midweek services will be ,held Wednesday at 7 p. m. We 1 welcome all to this service. We i believe the prayer meeting service ' a means of grace. You will enjoy lit. · First Presbterian . , Stewart W. Radford. pastor I 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school. 10.45--Morning worship. Bankston Fork Ernest Animon. pastor Sunday school 9.30 a. m. Morning worship 10:45. B. T. U. 6-15 p. m. Evening serv.ce 7. , Our church holds sen-ices on j Saturday nights at 7 o'clock. T I « Into-naticnal Sundav School'simple, the possession and privi-| 7:00 p. m--Evening worship ..i.,. ,uu..^^ ^ ^ ^ I i cg c of the lowly as well as of the i Sunday will be young peoples · Scrnn're- It' Corinthians 5:20--' gicat. of the unlearned as well as! day with the young people m '' "*" " r.-in -oi the learned. But God-like i charge of the choir. V · * V . * » · _ " * . _ f n _.. n .-I t . . » » · _ ! _ Church of Christ 217 South Granger James Brasher, minister Bible school 9:45 a. m. Worship 10:45 a. m. Sermon topic. "Little Things of Life." Worship 7 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. E. GILKOY. D. I). '"Workers together with God -that L- how Paul described him- snd those associated w:tn him. As God loves through human j agencies. so He i 1'oman a?cr.cies. through Lilc is a pnrt i.crsh'i'p between God ar.d man. and much of the trouble with the . powers and dignity are conferred . Wednesday will be P\M\ Cl o olivl u 1*311 «i..» « A » % - w v * » * . ^ » * -- - \ £\.\, I ^/. ' * » · »* t-unv-ox***,,' » · « * » "- t-pon man in the role of creator,; midweek service and at 7 p. m. discoverer, and benefactor of his Thursday the choir will practice. fellov»mcn. i;:iu m u c * i vi n»^- *,*. w* v~ - - - - - - , *, . * u * \\orid and humanitv is due to but God knows best. iron's failure to keep his part ir.j Ibat partntr:nip. ' Gene In some things. God is an active K.rincr. ranking His will and pur- Our Redeemer Lutheran 208 South Main Street Arnold Wagner, pastor Divine worship 9 a. m. Tune in the Lutheran Hour cv- scek. God's ways arc mysterious. erv Sunday over KWK 11:30 a. m.. To work together with God is; very different from what man's j life would ha\e been' if he had' known everything without effort.t ?i,d there had been nothing to Cooper, superintendent. Morning service 11. ££5-7. ' First Baptist R. W. Wallis. pastor I l n I * » H _ i . i t * .!·.···£· »*·» ' - - _ _ _ . 'ii-ose clear through Christ and \ Chnsl-Iikc men. In the moral and spiritual realm it is a truisn. , that ""he who runs may read. The wa% faring men. though fools nesdav 7 p m. Evc'rv-one is welcome. toward do*Jbt an*., men have made grca. Jc*\CH1HK 5t?i VIL.C · · * T+ f* ' ""* * * tl t* ···»···· -·*- - - c* Midweek prayer service Wed-, 9:30 a. m.--Bible school: F. G.| s h a n nol crr therein." "If an i Burnett, general superintendent, j ;nan v ,,n f « o HJ S will, he ?hal. i 10:50--Morning worship. Ser- U , 1OW O f the doctrine." In thci. mon. "Sowing and Reaping." Scrip; in clin:,iion American Sunday School Union ture: Psalm 126. James G. Johnson, missionary Number Ten Sunday 10 a. m.: Miss Wanda '·.«.!«.*. · " - . - . - .. . nprintendent. Renshaw. president. Murrav Sunday school at 10 a. i 6 p. m.--Training Unions: Chas.. , rf ·n" Bernard Ping, superintendent, i L. Mitchell, director. " Chcnault Sundav school at 10 a.j 7--Evening worship. Sermon. direction of Brother Melton. Evening worship 7. Choir practice Tuesday 6 p. m.; prayer meeting 7. Weekly broadcast over \\EBQ Friday 3~ to 3:45 p. m. We extend an invitation to all on the topic: Reasonable." "Christianity is of worship. hool Union ture: Psalm 126. j .p«culatiop. men have made grca.: munity .-ir.d all wi missionary 5 p. m.--Training Union confer-, n:\er;c of much conccrnin regular place of wo iv school at'cnce. ! ...t.iai ar.d spiritual life lhau i i . j " "Waller su- 1 6 p. m.--Brotherhood: H. C. ^. t r», w «i\, of v.orkir.g with mar., i Church of thc j Renshaw. president. .,,, M,IO «*fi'. .s;:nplo. J Corner Main ar nn\ at 10 n.i 6 D. m.--Training Unions: Chas.' i _..,,,, ,,-, or r,- C( * asking or: Ixo Darnell. to wyrshin with us. Especially do "Why Bo Proud?" invite strangers in our com-| Baptist Youth Fellowship 6:lo all who haven't a j p . m. Sponsors ol the Church Page (has. V. Parker Co. FURNITURE STORE "The home of Cros/ey in Harrisburg" WEBQ 2 p. m.. or KFUO 3 p. m. j Each Saturday at 1:30 p. m. thc . [Lutheran church of Harrisburg Arthur Austin, pastor 'presents "Victorious Living" over Sunday school 9:30 a. m. under j WEBQ. The pastor will speak Eldorado Calvary Baptist S. E. Anderson. Th. D., pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:30. Sermon. X ^ I l V l l o U l C OUliVio^ ^^,»»w- -- - -- - -- - i - -- · «-' - m.V Lemuel Pittman, supcnnten-' "A Tuneful Trio. Scnpi'nc: c , in ' dent. Slonefort Ulethodist Robert Gullcdgc, pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. l're?chSnj: first and third Sun, of each month 11 a. m. and 7 Pialm 92. At the morr.ins service the c.n:r will sin« "God So lx»\Cvl t'ie World." soii*i'»cn v-1. thc Nazarene Corner 3!ain and O'Gara ! Ixo Darnell. minij.tcr - ;»ijvui unui.«".. i---.-- i Sunday schcoi 9:30 a. m.: Wil- f-nutalion seemed to ljam Hughes, superintendent. Call rc-rJ ab,l;5:es a""j6SV." for Sunday school bus. of f r u i . ' Morning worsh'p 10:45: sermon 1 .s;:nplo. (i-cc asking or: ri".c nr"about another physi . Evening service 7. Religious · newscast. Sermon. "How Faith Saves Us." ! Northern Baptists welcome you. ·it ' t'pe tab'.c. :-.;· nr. f . .-»o logins -o lie u bv the pastor. " inU Ga«.k:ns City A. H. Rawl ; -t .li \ Free Pentecost 10 East O'Gara Sam Ripperdan. pastor Saturday scn-icc 7 p. m. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 11. Young people's meeting G p. m. E\cning worship 7. Prayer meeting Thursday 7 p. p ,- -t !·» «*·. , m Sunday school :-.':r,0 n m : Midweek prayer meeting each, 20 Reiner, superintendent Thursdav 7 p. m. Worship scn-icc 30 To. . Young people's M. Y. F. each theme, "Follo-Aers of Cr.n- Sunday's p. m. . 1 Training Union 6 p. m Anyone not attending services, Evening worship ~ elsewhere arc always welcome «, theme. "Prayer Stort.s our church. j Revival Firci" Coii s scrrio" Old T;mc m , , 11 I. ,vr deeply hidden, whic. k!' i'-r man's qr.eM. d^ -I rse. \\hy this is «c do nf. ,-.-. and in it is th? real 'riys'cr: · i * ^»**i/' o \Viv» rov a'.ion * MI the moral realm h£ o 'ci*' a"d j«tro:i-, vnile. r "Junior N. Y. P. S. 6 p. m. · N. Y. P S. 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic sen ice 7 p. m. Midweek prayer meeting Wed- )m ncsday 7 p. m. ^ nr/mf , v,^ \ Watch for the free bus. Come Thc Church of the Nazarcnc has g d , , w welcome a record oi ihc hiahcsl per capita . H; - .ivins of all churches. "The Lord t h c puw ' c - .oveth a cheerful gi\cr." ( i C KiiHev Avenue Baptist « i" ^r~u ^ i« ' McKinlcy and Sloan Streets Apostolic Tabernacle ^ yf IUlcr pastor , 1250 South Granscr Street , g d ^j 9.30 a m Kcn . J. U Dunnms. pastor ; nclh M Smjlh supcrinVcndcnL Monday 7:30 p. m.. the United ' Morning worship 10:40: sermon c have services on the firrt,6:30 p. m.: praer mccJinu j. .ut.i 5 .. c: ar ., : « r ,,h has third Saturday ni«hts of thc j Mrs. Gladys I'artain as :hc leader 1 ( , , nrit . frt a ,n.v5ter. month, and a cordial 'welcome is Brotherhood rnJa t 3 . m at extended lo nil. 1 the church. Hick Will Save You from freezing fast like cake of ice 72 all the time. inside hoie NICK'S ·The Talk of the Town" .uui.uu «.."' »·. in- «."». j j .Morning worsnip iu:-»u: sermon Youth sen-ice will be conducted , oy Missjonarx- Georse B. Ivcathcrs. M thc Tabernacle. Several groups I "T ra i nin g Union 6 p.' m.: Koss ;an;»!«.-..«. of ounc people will be present p c ] nan i;.director, discovery ol from thc churches of southern i Evangelistic hour 7 p. m.. fol- -.-n «.f» Jlow. Illinois. There will be special, lovvc( j by baptismal scn-icc. Mis- I'K'ecd ,1 jnv5ten. Ft«-. ^n: Mn-ini: and good music. Everyone - sionary "Leather*, will also brinu r.,or '· ;V.o:i«-oi-.d \cars r-i!J« and urged to be prcs-! lhc mcssagc at ih c evening scn-- IV'7.".! iI?.°^ c .*5 10 vf.'.V \\-irp ."ino ' SuntJav school. Dave Morris, sup-r ' f )1 ·' our modern Lfo cor.-.e in'.o 'cnniendent. 9.45 a. m- [, n ( j' ;3vr .sieam. t-lec- Mornm« worshir 11. ; t-inv' :-i(lio n n l the vWe n e w , E^n^cliMic sen-ice 7 p. m. v.orkls of Ihe tolc^ope aid t h e ; liccjnnnv^ Tuesday / p. m. Yel thee were Bcan! Left on Ground Threshed beans lost behind Ihc "'fee may mean that ihc rack n' ha\i- rot . thr ,,e, *** ,,V, there iia= boon cl M ihi- The men rind aolion. who o snow uv J'PC nf r.ii-.iro. have it I - -- -- - - - -- . . . . * « . u « V 4 4 0 4 U4tJ 4 « U ? k · --*^------". - - , ^ · speed is too high or too low thai there «ill DC .special prayer serv-i ^^ is ovcrio S nR ^^'^ or :.c . . . oi l:\u,-' should Jo cltsr and Tatvrnapie . --···!» -^.~. oua» v« 'scrvioc? wili ! WCcdS ' OT ovcrthr «hing at thc cr7- i 1 mjJV * « J * 4 T » *!-}'! !,,' V t OV* » IVV'J »» 1 1 1 ( iTV/5*»J* Tf ftlcrt V " .^ ' 3x to prepare for our lorthcominc , ; ^'f° " iay J^can thai sieves 01 rcxnal which will begin Feb. 1 » r ««' osca ^ O jnuch or thc openings w w i t h ihe P.ev. Wayne Rooks, of I f logg f°- or Uja ' ^c wind blast K Flonci--. as our evangelist. We ^° slron S or improperly directed. will .'.r-ioiince more later about; p .°° r «can:ng COTT.CS frc.7n loo wide Romemher our regular broad- j cylinder, overloading sieves or not a«.t over WEBQ Wednesday 3 to ' enough wind. -1.1 p m. , Ti.e public is welcome. , The Daily Register, 20c a week. ca FARM SMPLEMENTS · BARHAM-6REEN TRACTOR I M P L E M E N T CO. Locust Mill Streets Phone I.IGH "Vitality Feeds for Every Need" 4 Dison Feed Store 621 North Jackson Phone HEATING -- VENTILATING AIR CONDITIONING / KEITH BUILDERS Corner Locust Mill Streets I'hone 45GR "THEY ALL SAY" HALLIARD'S CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS City Style for Country Folks Country Style for City Folks Corner Jackson Locus; CLOSED ON SUNDAY Hamsburg Printers (Formerly Hooker Printing Co.) LEGAL BLANKS, YEAR BOOKS PROGRAMS GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTIJ W. L. ARM?STEAD, Prop. 22 South Vine Street Phone 11SOW A Union SI PAN KEY BROS, Baked Fine Since 1909 Berter-Keftner EAGLES NO. 2106 nARRISBURG, ILL. W. A. Grant Jewelry Co. Your Sunday Best Keep your clothes sparkling to look 3 best every day. CALL 25 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS

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