The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

I- THE DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK. MT5 WTO1? SSCt!ME*T. ?? _*_!. THKEV MICKEN THIEVES IT BY POLICE ·s. Krantz, Seeing Light In Hennery, Notifies Police. Femininities 0 NEGROES ARE HELD r ,, quickly to a smamons by ·s. Hersry Kraatz, West Fourth street, ended, who saur -astch flare in her ccery. c::y po^ce sabbed tvo ehick- ihieves in tse act Saturday night out S o'cloci. The mes. C-jrtis JPo^ell d Moses Molten, both colored, were to »ail arsd held on charges of acd entenng and Greeny. lljs. Kraatz iras upstairs "x'sez ch« ied froin a TiadoTf and noticed the Sare up ja the chic^ea house. ag suspicious, she isamediaiely led Police Headmaarters. Chief of lice Wil^am F. Ste^ier. Constable arles W. Smith. OScers Bdgar Cruaa. arge Leyiaan and Fernando Ta^iert. Mediately left for the scene, rae officers found Molten and Po-««U the rear of the house. ere the former hvei. He worked for Kranu: faauly. Questioned first by s chief as to u-ho Ut the ntatch m ; hennery. Po-srell sa:d he c:dn't and it if any chickens were takers. Mose ist have been tne thief. Opon this orroatlon the chief told Officers Tal- acd Crurn, ·a-ho were with has. to Id Molton- tn the meantime. Constable Smith ,, Officer Layman arrived and Powell is taScen into the shack. Molton. qaes- » by the o3:cejs. also disclaimed any of the theft but, during the ,,._ ^ kicked a bag under the d. A squawk was heard and tie bag. jughs to light, revealed sis dead lode Island Red chickens and one ar!y deed. The latter rev:ved when sen in» the air. Molton then =on- sed that he went into the chicken use. smothered the chickens and well held the bag into which they ! re placed. Edge Goes To Font-Komen Paris. Dec. 27.--United States Am- ssador Edge and h^ family left yes- xlay for Font-Romeu to spend TSi ar-s. TUE- YOUN5, YOUN6I-Q CWRlSTMAS* 8EL Model" Soldier TUCKS O P4*,'ZL. BUSTLE 6CM AT TnS : UNFAIRNESS CHARGED TO NYE COMMITTEE BY GANNON Bishop Discusses Affairs Following 1928 Campaign. Washington. Dec. Z7---BisJsop Jataes ' Cannon, Jr today charged Jtr.e N e ! campaign funds investigating eonamt- · we wito unfairness and failure to make · a thorough invesigarxin of vinere the . money be coUec«d for the ana-Smith j campaign iii 1928 -ar_5 spent · Tse Southern Methodist churchman under indictment here on charge* of vio^tir^ the Federal corrupt practices act. d a lengthy statement dcn.vd Nye committee allegations that money attributed to the campa^n :_a;i been misused and that proper reports t- tr-e clerk of the House had been irfthrs;? -i , "While it is not proper to cst--r i speckle details pending the cou-t j proceedings," said the Bishop. %?*. the following geoeral s'aiemtats are ui order." rie then touched «i live pouite In ihe report. These were the committee assert.ons ttat ' th rx -Ras ao »eparate- ly organized Virginia comm.ttee of the ant.-Ssntth Demxrats, that contnbu- t-c-ns by E C Jamescn. New York Kr- pubLcaa.' »cre being s-lic.ted for ger- icral use throughout the South -;ha: ·re total Atnount of funds contributed to the cosi3i::tee exceeded $130000. t.lit a '..irse part rf the fun^s con- .-ii ·.-^' SS?3CH.' cf t!.e i'nns . (.s*- *v~c \i to the crcc.t .J t^e K*i- A Mm. Culbertwm Return* to Front. N.-» York. Dec 27 -- Mr*. Ely Cul-"^n tti.! return to th* contract idge war tomorrow night with her oauas side 17.090 points ahead of .sr-f. S Lenr and OsvoJd Jacoby In ntrast to 110 points when *he «lth- * Jroai the match December 15 to ake preparations for Christmas. Sre too£ part in 48 rubbers ace until ^e p i\ -7 more in accordance with f s ..revest that she ecgase 13 at i: 7j o- half of the match. Theocore L ?Vr..r c::e oi the aces of the Cul- j.i ;· ;:e2i \\_Z be on the I Green--Pin* Brown. .velvet wrap, gloves, shoes Mid 1 Brown accessories are smart with a a bag In a toft, rich shade of brown green evening gown. Select your! and you'll be exceptionally chic. 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Did the Mrs. is Say . . . · Don't Forget · To Order i BISER'S CLEAN COAL PHONE 267 ties of the Congressional session, with opponents branding direct aid as nothing less than a cole ! Unemployment Aid Bffl Today. I Washington. Dec. 27--Forewarned of ! ancomproaiisisg W-te House opposi- ( i HOE. a Senate ccnun.ttee tomorrow ·anil j PetermTied young Robert M LaPol- | beg--n considerat-on of direct feaeral j lette, mdepenoent. Republican senator ' appropriation for uzseasployicens retef. I from W-S-onsm, triil lead the manu- i " About, this question is" expected to be ! fac'.urers' coaiouttee's hearings on the i Traged one of the most spectacular bat- j proposed legislation. In real life he's John P. Daltcn, reed cider merchant o: Walpole. Mass id one-tjue £gn:eT under Genera. ister in the Indian wars. But pamt- s of Biblical saajecto depict him as hn the Ba_t-st, Simeon, and even e thief of the foot of the Cross Dal- n has been a famous model for rears r ake - . . 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