The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 1
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Last Edition VOL. LV.--NO. 189. (AP Means Associated PRICE--TWO CENTS T HE WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND" Generally fair toalshl and Thu-sday Probably '.oral tljundrsho-i-rs Thurs- nigh;. Little change in temperature. FaQ NEA Service, FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY. MAY 25. 1932. ACCEPTANCE OF II LEGAL 350 STRANDED YETS ; UNLOADED IN INDIANA Taken From Illinois En Route To Washington. Auto And Talking Machine Sell For Five Cents Each At Sheriff's Sale Woman Bids No Higher Than Nickel To Repurchase Goods Levied Upon--Total Proceeds SI. 12. Defense Holds E. L. Coblentz Not Bound By Actions Of Bank's Agents. Tire* hur-^i and ntty Wcrld War |f|_ { |,}]!1i ^ \\\ \\H\_ Fi^-cent i'--- »«* U* ^ °' . Itr.cer in e\ch.*JJge J«jr a h^Hise -° IJ ----» f furniture »h«i I'Serrd a*, a . .",, _ C J BSIE-W "rTeu- Appointed TO Washington AS JHargr,ie. a: Suuny.:tx. ea*. .,,.; J?Sn- couch. thr« ·si. Tu?scay aftt-r-ix«-. Even John L ihAdee-. rus Successor To Bishop William !DU«O». -.e-.^au au^o-nvr. . . . . . . . - v a , nickels COURT TO RULE THIS AFTERNOON ON MATTER 1 iunis alon-.; the -.racks of tae and Ohi\ railroad her^ · derei ho% they art to con ; -circh to the national capital. , : Tne Illinois trucks that brought then; : ' her*' at 3 o'clock ths -nomins returned | jj^Msiiately after tbc-ir passenger* had · been unloaded and the llltnc-is ool^a- : XpS be* 3 !* *UljClll'*Cl. i The -.eterans nad one dominant icle-a dozed Mi arid a:.d in b:d -Aas pu- up -d-ir..-. Iv»lft«i in oa-h .r.varie* Mrs IE NOT OF KIDNAPPER, SAY POLICE OF CLUE ADDRESSES DEMOCRATIC CLUB WOMEN HERE TODAY F. McDowell. MARRIAGE AND BURIAL RITUALS ARE CHANGED "by the Dutroa, »:x ha* oe^rn crying sil* i h* sas. for nxre than nfty years, went ; -rafe "Deputy ShenS Williara E Fore- rcsn to seli the personal property of Kanrra-.e bi,i :ix- ens* tie A cor»ii-rab.e lv-i f«-nsi as. a i::iii x-.d po^t^l vne .:" and me-t, of thr bonus. Just hour they 1:^.1 ",-^r^i from here neither the ing llQ'-lor -iM! -Ah.«=. 3xd »*re .e\.ec I on 111 a ^uit Jor deot brought by EUw: G. Boy*r. The ans.-l'-s That -ia -Two t-:rj:i.urt- "Sold." di*h«. »er* o f - 1 **i Usf *o". In · u::t» ' .-JIG M's ll.\--i:ra\e a.d A-:--..o:nvr Dj:'.ro». by Not Discouraged By Dr. Condon's Futile Identification Attempt. LITTLE DOUBT CURTIS WILL BE INDICTED SOON PART! !N ELECTION IN FALL Nominee For Presidency Will Have United Front, Says Executive Head. NO QUESTION OF REVENUE BILL BEING PASSED SOON .hid been given a xaluitjon of $3005. 1 The rtrst article oSewd HAS a talk- Hearing On First Of Charges Begins Before Three Cumberland Judges. The ·--;? into Indiana last night ou ^ : ar: ^ -"-.ever-if-: and t=e ·a ere orderly. tion ·r-and. Md.. May 25.--A :s expected to ques-j nave; ,,' nc-. Sr^l bearir^ on j " the outcome of the case against L. Coblectz. charged with accepting j money lor deposit in the Central Trait , Company when he kre-a- the bank was j insolvent, -aas beins considered by the j three judges of the Alie^any county ; Circuit Court -.vhen it recessed soon ' ^^ after noon today. A decision was ex- . peered to be given this-aftemoon. Mr. : Coblentz was president of th* Centra! · Trust which closed its doors last September 3. The question is whether or no-t Mr. _ Cobleotz, not being present, in the bank ! ·xhen the deposit -a-as mace, could be j charged, with accepting it. and also j whether he is liable for the acts of his j WALKER HAZY LEI1ER Trend Of "Much Literature" Scored At Meeting In At- lantic City. give r.-.e lor the- quick ropl j At^nti: City N J . May 25 i A P -. The M«:riodLst Genera'. Conference. -,.,,,-, . , , , . , K. 1 --^ -^.-..e o. rv...onj. - thai !!!!se tou ^'r.iki-:'. ashis*. w j^.' :i:;;ch a:;*:it:o:-. :· :hv difference. Finally the ^_* partv came to u-.e H j Counse | Shown State's Evi- family autcrr. .bile .1:111 tiv auctioneer and deputy hid \.^. .r.s hero of mafc- ir.g up for all '.;c pre\i' k 'is low saloj. But Mrs Hu!xra\r »:f» adamant. ! dozen prospective purchasers No other 'Five cents"' .!·.· :_ jX'c No other sia .bid* £oUo\\*-d Tfe tilkmg ntiac'nirte WES to be had and Mrs H\r.rra\e tool; ·mas sold to M». Thomas Hargrave. , the car Next oflered TV as a ciresscr , "She a!s-j tak^ the cak-\" Auc-.:-::eer "Fi\e cents!" Mrs Har?ane lost n-J Dutrcnv murmured JOrETT SUOL'SE the \endor, "Fi've cent*.' jfrooi a rccrr.ber of '.he group of half de-ice And Exhibits At Hopewell. Mr. ·.-.-*· iv:r:u.". «· o «.·::.* 1 r,'i!-.:r..f.-- :i,x':i lx : jr.' "M \V-:i:c :-. ·- Cl ibs FraiK-sa Si. -f. K .ic Na- Predicts Prohibition Referendum Plank In Platform To Be Adopted. N. J . uon reducing the $_» of a'.I -- :ilre ! adrenn^i conferences. The reduction -xas e2Tect-?i by a cut in rc-2res?atat;on rat.o trut vcill nia^ tone about her ojddmg. Auctioneer j The officer and his sellitiu bodvijuard Bronx 3: ,.Jn r 'DUITOW commented that he had ire- brought back ;o th.» .vhenlla v:nc^ is · _ ^ ..^ qtieativ heard ojvnme bids at i.iil receipts from the -ale the sunt c{ " ' Sgxire. but the sale didn't stop there. . dollar ar.d twr:-.e c..:-.t^. to p.-i J5 - A P . -Th* Dr. J.iha F C-nd^r.. :: the L,:id'-rsh ksc- ··«:·. abl- thai f i r MaVOP Testifies TO ~ re 5-'« sea a "°= -·*-- ---»· ^- -^e » 1:1 J U1 Il " ;l vo ; . e ;o:a: r ^^tra::cn of :r.e next cor.- Hofstadter Group. ; ference 512 delegstcs as compared -sith I the 845 -A ho reg-jst^red at the present ; convention. pnrPO 1TTM mrHTTfkVI 1 ^ :h opening hours of the final ses- GIVES HIM U V A l l U r l Uon the conference voted to co-operate · irith other Protestant sects in Europe ' : in a program for ^evanselizinj soviet Vork. May 25 A?i.--Mayor _ R-^^ia, A proposal to create a central agents in accepting It. ; James J. Walker" testified today that .conference 'in "the Pr.^??tne Islands The case is being tried before Chief i he had nei«r heard of J. Allen Snutn. j E j -.hereby grant e:clestiasti;al auton- Judge D Lindley Si-Dan and Associate ; b^s company agent ivho previous v.-it- , ^y was defeated. Judges Albert i Dotib and Frank G. ! nesses said had bought a S 10.000 letter. Waeama-i wkho-'- a. jurv. The hear- of credit the mayor used to finance * Bishop Hughes To Preside Here. inz began soon after carlvening at ten i European trip in 1927. · Bishop Edwin H. Hughes, of Chicago. o'clock this rco-"ir» -s-h-T all of the ! A fe-sr days aga Ri:hard R. Hunter. . ^.^ pre = : de over the 14Stn session of sixtr-odd -R-^esses were s?.-orn at. one i a banker, testified that Smith. *ho was . ;he Baltimore Methodist time i a contact ntan for the Equitable Bus ; Epucopa! church ts be heic in Calvary Opening: tion was James where the ease berland, who reviewed the stock ex- j to operate btis?s in three of tr.e city s . Bl5hop Hughes to Washington to suc- parision of the bank, claimed that the j boroughs. : Cv-ed Bishop -Williarri F. McDowell, re- bank was insolvent and that Mr. Cab- i Hunter said the mayos^-Jsed up tne . ...^ = -_,hp. xvas received here from when the branch at i letter of credit while abroad and over- . Atlantic City.--here the 31st Gtiadrannial d.iy. C: H N ^rr-'.j!'. S.-h«.»rzk »p' a: '-- Made Ready For Season. :uu:-. k ed i : , h_^ n^n : u,g -juiieti:-, t.iat Park Property Renovated And ; Dr C.indo:-.. the "J.»f.e" *h- paid S50.- . : I'OO ransom l:: a fut.le attempt tJ ob- j tJt'.:i rvtxir:: v' thv baby, rtad p.rked vut one picture in hta iearc:-. Jor a WKae " ° r lhe Joh "' w ^^on^PAVILION REDECORATED indcd the ransom mt::ey In a Bron.i r^'-'fry the r,i?!! of April 2 j Loyalty Chapter, Middletown, Dinners And Dinner-Dances' s ^f fdp .:^.. T^^'o^hn^e^! pun An Invocti^at'ion by state pol:.-e vf f orn ial ch.nrm-in of theexecu- ; tile Dorr.O-rat.c Ka. "jc:;..-.«s th* wcri :i^t b* cc^^lo-lcci tn J ::-.e b.t hv .·; coaftder.t. he stated here · t'jda-- ::::tt Co::ires.s ?.ill pi^s a revenue ! y:ll -A:st-h ' - A i l l be f a ^ l y adequate and f ill r-5.:lt ::-. practical economy " P_.r ;l;f De:r.'v.-rit. t - part.. Mr. Shouse · IV..SMOS the :-..-niine«? selected a: ' Ch:-a;o ar.d t!x- o'atform adopted there :vMi; h.v.e the oas.' of a mtlitaat ! party array He thinks the platform i -A ill be bi.-ed on practical means of j economy ar.d that it mil contain a p'.ank callir.g for a referendum on prohibition. The v-.t-ws of thf executive chairman. Observes 11th Anniversary. ;· rL-.«-' ...iid. distlosed j acre »iven early this afternoon ic a are b---:.-.; co-npl.-t.-d f jr t:» j i ,,,^ " ;n ter.'ie-.v before he was to ad- :)^ ··' Braddock Heights j dress the Ur.ited Democratic Women's i for the Summer scisor. Monday May '· Clubs u: Mjirjloiiu ai a iaa-Iicoa at i tl;e Francis Scott Key hotel- in i f P K A n T K T IN MhMUluAL For Early Season. i Sc.i^arxk'jp' .-...«. -*...^--« ^ . , . -- r - -- . _^ . i,, . . t «...-.-*,,^. «..M t me rTaucis ocon ivvj H.\}\K-had no postal? coi-.ner.:on -.\t;h lisa j ^'a - »--- 1 -n - c a - -...-x-mi M ^_^ ^^ ^ hundred Torncn . re p- ijiiiij n A , c a j " " ! *" o^ 0 "^ :n"l'-«a;»K '"^ dancir.s pa- i :ese:i . a .., vos o ; afT^iated Democratic d U u L U\J Police. ho7.-e\er. appeared ur.dismayrd : vilion. which h.-vs beer. r,-ie-orated ar.d- clubs in this sUi:«. were expected to by ihis develtpmcnt and p-i:»tcd out I l , ans / o ,. 1 .,. d j., to ,. AO p3r -_,_ ,-. : h the' attend the .-incheon and address, at ! that Dr Condor., now or. a fishing t r i p ' ' ' . . . Middletown, with 200 members of the , .r, th e near future. number of dm-'' c '" ·'·· : '' vo "-^^ rouzhly anlten or. ; pa-.slwn. which twn r»-r.ovated and n'rute paper and fosir.d in the pocket of i redecorated One sect.-" 1 .-, of the :antic City, where the 31st quadrennial order present from many sections of ners win be served in »nnect.ort wi'h _ a ^" 0 ~ e _^.' r-.lV.^ir.; on"a ter.te around ! -".as been ·neral Conference of the Methodist .j,^ s ; n r^. The Worthy Grand Matron ! tn e sessions of the Baltimore Couler- ; ^ children's home at Camden. A bab^s I vines ant of rhe bank could not accept a deposit, tha: it was nx- in his authority to accept deposits, and that he did give an accounting :or his stewardship x ,en the General Conference of the uthoritT : as citvs chief executive. . Methocisr church met in Baltimore and v.^.^ . -- . Harly in the day he denied he had in- ,-35 ; orTK er;y president of De/Pauw Cnt- know the bari was insolvent. Mr. j Scenced members of the Board of A.C- rers»:y. He is a native c-f Moandsviile. vote for the franchise. : W. Va.. and will not retire untu 1340. courtroom crc-wd frenuently vo»»d to Vose ! cheered the mayor, laughed and fre- of "the closing ; quently hissed at committee ntembers was elected or. Tuesday as one c-f the two corresponding secretaries of the Board of F3rei;n Missions o? the Mayor WalSer was given an ovation ' c h urc h. : - ne O :her beir.g Rev. Dr. Fvalph r York. Rev. Dr. r of the Baltimore ·:iii attend the ses- aad caused a ran on the bank to star When this situation was put before the | directors, he said, they v- the bank. At the time o: said Mr, Brady, the bsnk was not insolvent but since its closing: securities ' when he arr.ves. _ have so depreciated in value IKS.-. :'. ! Police estimate tnere were = 000 _ _"- Edwards is a m, would proably be insolvent now. | Bsley Square, oa wnica tr.e out.Gmg . conference and Mr. Brady touched upon the indict- I fronts. ^ ment of Mr. Coblentz by a. Washington j -- " I FOUR CLEAN-UP DAYS ARE £! SCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEK fKI has read in the papers. Counsel for Mr. Coblentz r.QL only. c{t Divided Into Districts For :. .. Th - committee on stated that he had. no authority to ac- ' 3 nioition ana Pub.ic cept a. deposit, but thai if his bank Collection Of Refuse. had refused to accept a deposit he couM have been prosecuted . ,.,. cVar .-^ ^-n" 's- Frederick for disseminating information harrr.f-al "'" - -- - Matron "of the chapter, was the presiding \ After preliminaries to the opening : Experts Cnr:is Indictment* , pennants, streamers and fans In . _ i_i M.C ^r.^.onr^n ! «.«. T i _ _ . ·!,.« t^ft ^.t-r*'\-\.\- ' "ST.-v^'-nllf X" -3 \ t o T - '^^L i A D v __TC* f* ' iA**« rf\* r\T PitmVl!."n .4 f idtlS AI.tTl V Shouse arrived at the home of . c Winebrenner. 3d, Secretary deroratfd a.: a Karc-rs witrv o , g. a . e ea ,- y . his a ; Urnoon ^ct ar _ and flowers intertwined tiirough ; r , vcd w ..' b M __ W mebrenner at the hotel at one o'eiocii, the hour scheduled lor ihe- luncheon. Tariff Has No Place. Granting the request, for a newspaper interview. Mr. Snouse discussed briefly of a pair The entertainment ^..^ ,, ._ . _ evening . alum:!! JiL-.ner-danc«. Tuesday :v.sht. j portur.i'y -souid be given t preaarc the r-axaphonc. H David Ha;an. manager, j _._. a:e a:jc j it ^i; a ^ o u t e i^ nieas-ores was as follows. Numbers by a male | Mav 3i. v-th an acter.cance of bet-Ae.-n j defense He added that should a true saxaphtsn?. Sperry L. Storm, saxa- T -;ch will result in practical economy."' quartette. A. R. Renisberg, F C. Rems- , 50 g^,,: so persons. . . . - i-. ·-. o -,,,,, ,,,,,, . . _ . . _ . berg, H- O Schroeder. and Virzi! W : Approximately 60 ministers ana oth Dotsbt a one act comedy. "Hen Peek ' ,,,.,; have made reservations at Hotel ·I H r V*-- - ~ ·»».-» i*T- O-UX^Ctl . · * * ' J . J ' ^ / J i J 3 , . U t "" j-..^ . -- j , . i bil! be returned fa-re *ss doubt that {phone: Donald Stephens banjo: John , n . '· the case -s-ouid come f trial on :« ', Cramer, trumpet: Irving Kefauvcr. j Sees Xo Dreak In Party. ._ ... ._. , Questioned as U party diSerences merits if his interpretation of New ' trumpet: Donald Murray, trombone: j Xl v i:c ;, jm-, e cropped up especially in Jersey la\v s-as -orrect · Davis Moblely. bass horn: Clark Devil- | . he pas - r.-. y ^^ o e - ;he tariff · The trial n-i:i not be held In June \ 3'-^- Jr. drums. W.nston Shipley, piano. | qUJ tion. Mr. Shouse declined tx see in , - , , ' bo^is '··ne ~ee'=: front lo-iay. to a bank oecause of the imprsss-or. "-=-'- - *· _-rr . . thai ^ould have been cr-ated by refusal to accept a cepos.t. Berton C Kile. o. .t ·sras announced from City Hal", this morning. and the citys corps c-f g-_rbage tr-cks ^ ^^ ^_ __ ^ __^ ^ ^ _ , . _ . . . . and coll-ectors wti: oe on hand to help *-_'. ^^^.^.t^'~~**~"^"'^~^^~_ \ coKume. Mr. and Mrs. L-esla C-oblentz e - %enu , e _ j une 9. a t 5.45 o'clock Taylor -s-as tae first witness ana to.a _"... _._ ^, _.,,_, .--v,. .-.^ .^ ,. , n b "- -~ e cv^-*-..«e en nxnpe.a^ve. y ro- | .^ - - · I . =Sered an amendrr.erT^S^por ^''^ Wa,hin S ton both in George am Tith Mrs. Albert Boileau Washington, and Mrs. Harry Gross as colonial L lO.^ ..... f -v., ---J,- V--,-. of of tie deposit mace September 2. r.Iiss. ;j"_7^r,,,_"--, "-^1^""" Shipley, empioyed in hj Ellicott City ~" -* c -'-- - -- "' ' i ' 2 JOD ._/ The :lean-up pertc2 ~3r~ continue for four cays, each cay beinj devotes to a section of approximately one-four.n o. the city. Usir.g Market street as the cast---est and Second street as ~ cays has been arran^ec r 31. south-ystt resdaf. June I. north-vest. Thttr* -Tva-cat-D tr.e rr.amaze vov.-. clawed :he period as clean-up time ^^^ Sdlr. SnJ^^ in? to the Says assigned A reasons a.e amour.' o: refuse ^.ill be collected from =r.v res-d-cnce. Rubbish, ^raste papsr ar-d refuse of every kind which is catis- £^=£ 82.300,000.000 DEMOCRAT BILL GOES BEFORE SENATE store, took the stand nest and told of taking the deposit to the bank. Mr. Coblentz. she saia. iras not there. Here the'defense objected to "he admission o' the pa-~. testimony bu- the court acumtted it subject to exception. This --as then srjrued before Judges, the defense cor-tencLng tha-t. Mr. Cobientz ^as not at the bank ar.c could not kno-s- of the trar^ The question then came up vrhe'her ac- leptance of the deposit rr.ust oe per- Kiial or cfScal. Mr. Brady citin; su- thorities and Mr. Clark for the stats citing a case in Nevada, and also o:-l'.er cases in trhich he clairr.ed the president of the bank is held responsible for the acts of its agents. Final argument for the defense or. this question Tvas by !_£·· Weinberg, ~ho admiUei that tier* rre tv.o cases ·which actually uphold the s;at^ s -cn- i?ntfc-n. but that The Maryland O-urt c-1 Appeal 2nd th« Unitec; Sta'es Court, have held -Khervnse. Ke said authorities th^t Thrre ?iirjlc r strict c"n?trucfion Df th« rnmina. is ·arhere the lar.rua^e is -^in not ~ _ , ambiguotis. The Ko~3.rd cour.-y ct-ur:. Wagner, Introducing it. Taxes ·ffhere the ir.c.ctm."nt -sras returr.--J. . »»i-ii_ u ,,,.. has no jurisdict:-- over Mr. '^SUe Hoover, said Mr. Welnberc. oecouse r.2 ~as r.ot. There --hen the ail^g-^c; violation of .z.^ toofc place, ar.d because he vas r.ot 1.2- "cle for the acticr.s of tr.s ager.t- of '.he corporation tr-la-«-,«. r.e sho~s- that the president r.s-cl r.o r.Eh ;o acc^p: «?-«ts. tli^t this :-:r.c-.or. ·ras up ··-· the trsr_-t.rer ar.c; ot' of- Sctals. Jarr.*5 Clark. State's Attorrv" c-f Hoxircl cojr.ty. s.i:c -'r.e sta'e acnt.t- ted that Senator Coblrr.t* 1 ?-? r.c?" .n Serator Cooler." l-.^c r.c. rxr^tral kr.c---- The rr.ot.or. to ftr.k? .:·: -.-.;;. "We mirht A5 --ell ha-e ou; na*- wrKther :he acceptance must be personal," s?.:-1 Ch.e: J id:; At the :?..-n '-f t .ose arg.sment.- at 12 ^0 ccurt rtces.d » J 30 tilts afternoon. .._" lation-" The motion encc?un;«red opposition and iras ordered ba rcittec for rephras-r.?. The attitude c-f the Methodist r^"^- . copal -htirch toxard divorce --as liberalized -s-h-t-n tne general cc-nference sanctioned as rtl; com-s MILLS AND MEYER PLAN 7TH RESERVE ORGANIZATION Olson, of Baltimore. ^!!1 pres.cj as George -j^,,. u'tstminster The-r!.-gscal 5c-:r.i- nary A':'irnr.i Assoc-^tion v. ill h-jid a cir.ner at Hotfl Frederick Thursday Ap- prosims:.-!y 150 p--raons are expected to a-tend the luncheon of the ?.Iir.:s- ·ers Wives' A-,sociA-..on of :^c Bal..- rnore Conference ?o b^ held Fnclay June 20. at the ETjert Hcus^ Mrs G Eiiis W-lliams. this city. i president Hot"! Frederick will c?.;or for the ban- An adores., by Rcpresentatr." Jhr. Mirhirar. ^:i: feature Mount Airys *^ ._.,, e ,-,-..,- S i a::n , nas returned i ~ : ^'^T~. O "a~j:sl "m"jus miad that George Wasnir.gton B::en'cr.r.:il celc- . ; -- --- -- · br-tisn next Mondar. The prjzram -s scheduled t- .=:art J . to p-ipjlar favor :; .h yntin; anci ! .^ par? p-j-.form -s-ouid carry such a '. old. it .5 expected that the sport ^rill . pan -- Tho Chicago. May 25 iA? --Order. L M.lls. Secretary of the Treasury and -.f -_he r i rnce of :he Baltimcrt- Gor.f^r--r.ce to be , held -n the Evar.qehrsl Luiheran ;; -. 3 ' tal or 3hv.=i:al ;rjeltv or physical oer.1." er3 - Reserve Board, s?.-. co-*-n at the Mayor MunsliO~er has c-fficlally ?r-3- · A . V,-^^B s.rvjiiu^. .:--L- jr^vi.ti .;. A.ii_\xs. ii uen- j ^···' p.r.5 has arranged to nsv* .ne ga.b. e ; approved in the i reser-.e distnct --..-._ :- -y. p £ j_rT--'-ent s^-'tiora accord- T - *^ . ,,-..-^ ... ne i c... «;-. _ _ ;ace ; r _ ea .. (f? '?es"--.-xi --htcr, urged .=.v» ! cankers ard btisir.ess men -ocsy :-.- -jpon forming a seventh federal to utilj-e church at o 30 ?c~.y' even.r.r. June 11. ^. --r.ic.". " p v-11 be present. Tl-^ Union Bni"'-' H;-;r 5s-:rda l r^r^-x-j, a: 1 30 p. in. xhcn a parade .-: floats ' u ^,-..-. and decc.ratri fars v.ill m^.-e clasr. Mair. ctreet. Ha-.Lv^ i-ill b» dTorated Kr.d the '.yvr, -J-'ill take on a hc-l.cJayliko ap- p^aran-e 7.:th th** cls^ir.g of al. bii.-:- r-ess cJtabls-'hns'.'R'ji a-t r.-xn. ForMT.n? ihe parade a pageant. ' The Boy \ Bvcam" Prj- ; .der.t." *:!! be park by a lar;" cist The pacear.t. ir: fj-.:r op^3i"s cepirts .rr.por'.tn: phases of \Vashir.2-jr.'s l.fc--tr.e cili of tr.- · m-'x?-'. -v;-.-i ippr"ia. ar.'i ;.~. A number of distmr-^iied g-Jeszs ;r. tl-.L OK-..--.I The rink. t-3. - rcre ;o ·-,.-, p rwen; for the luncheon. ,-.f t.".? lirtcst :n -h« -=tat ! n ;;-j(3--cr Cor.zr; David J. Le-sis h.-^.-" '-. fresh^v and pr:scr.-- a Hr.c ap-^earar.ce ' I: r.a-s i"cr. .n ·_·:ration for the past the Sixth diotn;t. M'incaT. Jtine 13, 2.', Th"- E^ the to follo~ ether n-:r.omiri- 2ti:ns ar.d t:- 50 balk totr.e Ne-sr Test-"' for r---ar.ce on d.-.orce. reserve oans credit and speed ous.r.e=^ "I have r.y magic Ir. rny brief r.^?e ?.nd no rabnit :r. n-.v lia- " said "he Th" Middletown Ahirr.n: A-vociat.ors '-i dan~o at the Ebert J^r." 14. 7it.-, a Hich Schor-. hold ;·- c.r.r. a r- 'us^ Tuesday ar.t.-.r-i ^ r.-- Th-? :3nfsror.ce also deleted frorr. the j Treasury Secretary as he s-,epp*c from tondar.r'* of 150 per.-or^ Byroii G O-curial servi:; the phrase 'ashes to j 2- Washington train -srith :»yr. .".5hes. cu5t :t- di;t : frorr. the mar- ! They Trent immediately to the Fec- riaze somrc ·-*:'- ~~ ~irl-dly re-Ms · fral Heservc Bar^; ouilr-ir.g there a I tht^ cncl~." 'rc-m the 5^rra- ] c-.frie c^f Chicago fir.3r.c-3l leacers -f the Ir-rd's S-ispcr t-i-e --orl ' a^.ai'ed -rrr: · -nne." ir. everv ir«=ta-ce ss-cpt "-tc · ^rever c-f :cr.i^crat:-:-r.. ' Church Memorial Nervier. AK-: '.fj re.-;-*t.?r.s .-..v.c seer. ' The service a- -he Firs: Bapti.-t ~..- 3t T.e Prar.:.; Scott Key hotel. ! church at li o'clock Sar.clay morr. r.s p---r:3Vr.- t-carn ar;G D.\ma=^-u 7/ill oe called immediately af"r tr.e -.^^car.t R'_pr^.^er.*a".i-.f Ketcham ~\'.~. t : ryak '.r. Cal-arr Uethoclis: Ep-=_3^al church Patr:^':^ ,=-n?.= and appronriv.^- r. irr.'cers HOUSE PAYS TRIBUTE TO ITS 16 DECEASED MEMBERS REV. J. EDWARD HARMS TO HEAD LUTHERAN SYNOD B--.ltirr.Tre. May 23 -APV--Rev. J. EdAard Karrns. D35'or cf St. John's L':'l?ror; cnurch of Hacjsrsto-A-ii, ?.as rl-. :.-.-1 -r-^.ctrt f ti:3 Lutheran Synod ·:; Maryland today at its annual I Nine and five laymen were ! c.-.os^n "o represent the body at the at Philadelphia in October. T- F. McXnlty Dead. Baltimore. May C5 i AP; -- Thomas br -- rhairrnan ."c-r "i 1 ? »ntJ- -- c:;; T::-- Al-.n-ni Assoc.a'ic-n r.f S'' tr.i- cry. -s-i'l hav« z. dar.ce ·h-- r» -en W^Jr.'^d.-y 15 v.-h an --f "-c'~- ar.-l 50 -xr5-,nj. Th«- Bc-vs' Sc'.:---.! Alvrr At Ceremonies. the en:.r a.-^n-.ola;e si" --·rcpris" Mrs. LongWOrth Among Those ?- r3r . c ^ McXuity. sheriff of Baltimore frorr. 1513 t" 1923. irhjirf r:cb Insi tenor 1- - pf d sir.g Gro-. er Cleveland into ths --."h :e KCU?J and ~ho composed "The Tr^e Lu'l'erar: \Z^ "-«=r.- l.^ar^* It^l-l Wa.-."r.r. -rt Mc.y 25 - A P - --I" he -."- re^ .-3r rr.^":r.* M:n-a". r:.c~.c it ·*: -* ; ".^t. «'^- *-".^- He :s --f H--: old Grcr Mare." ctrd at his horr.e here An ________ " " ' ' nter.t r-l.c: ar.d revival of industry ^ras la.d tc-cl?.r iefore the Senate ~th the S-'^-rir.r sr.d ?ol.~ corr.m:tv-c- and state the number Ho .«e a"- Br'.dcc-c-t Hti-hts for c'-rjr- member ^-Ili r_5 = ! ^ s2 30C - men ano ctr.rrs ^.10 T.I; attend tne of years he has befn a member -f 'he ^ % _ ur .e^-,;ov- Sa' Confcrcnc-:. o^t rr.c;r.y otr.ers congresnti'-r. When tr.e church ~as are expected to b; rr.c-de U'er Appro-- in !90j. there '·rere 13 mem- irr.atd:- 3" u-.-r.-sters and laym-cn are I bcrs. anr: at ths present ".me. the e-3-ct-:rl t o be -r. Fre-c!-c--iC"t tltrc ijr.oj'. ; '.-.urch c.f ~nach Rev William C. Hvra.". .=c*?.-ns ; :-- p^-tor ha? 3 membership ·-*. 46S "b,~tcra : .."x.^"Yc.rk."cc."oe- L U C E H O M E L O A N D I S C O U N T j ^"^ken 'later to'the graves of "deceaV-" -:,, fi ve ^^--^«^« BANK BILL ADVANCES TODAY i e d ^^ . ·a-t^ --.,-- K-vi-.c-'s ob-ft:ons t 3 a bor.d ' Holds Home-Coming Day. .^.-.e :;r su=l.c T»rk.= t:...r.c: the Sen- "K'aj.-.njvn. May 25 A? ^Ifce 1-^t | ip--^-:al mom.r.? and af=-rr.cor. ate -here" -= r.c» tr.c-r.t in '-'.s Pres.ier.t's -: ;:- .?dr.- i .r.--=trat.;.r. = pro- j .=^---lc\s. Koine--Dm,r.? d^y I?-E o'as-'-r-.ed --tt.-t.=rr. -hat rju'ol.c ^rorks pro-'.;«· ^-' -xsa'.s--- the Luce Hcrr.'; L-;an iisccunt ;-r. the M. S. Church, at rj=.- aar.. b..l---^ advances a vp today j Clarlcso-irj SunCay The rr.-.rr.:r.g cser- /. ;^s --"r^* ***2i~""~ed DV a c*--*^^o-- rv G.rjjy, Tho ^ concuctir.? rev.-, a I ser-v.ce? in the Kx-k-.;'.le H.;h School auditorium ar.d in the a::rron a ' Fur-.iemt--e federal xirsA clo r.?t o-fT-'r .n that -c-jpect f-jrn Ic^-O 1 '.oil bridc^-i; and tunnels ~'r.tch are asreea to hy tlic Preiiaent " VTajn-cr . s a:d tlic- bill offered as con- ,.-.- .---.-r.--. M tne preset.! caiTg-T.:,. [ r^; perai.W ; 1.000 nomes Bnrned. ?cr.a~ar. India May 25 i"AP) --A sor.g service wa-= fo'.loweri by an id- :'.-.^..-ar.c l-.c.-_«fc5 a-.d shps ;n Charsad- OI^AS jy Dr Jam;s B Ranck of the JAC- d = - . c r.i-:r-» ov nr? today Sol- ..--.-n- Ki'fl cy.:;» Freder.-' R".- E ae:ore r.^-qaering the Cair.e^. j pres.oei and ai£«ted at each scr\;c«. ( and ..i \ ~. rr.r.- nr»«ii-r.'. M'r:--. S cPn": G'j" R Cr'-rcr r-'r*" dj5 / "5.fd f^.r tr." "·»-·*-' Fch'vl ".lurr.r.i and ·-*· H:er. Srhc^l A'uarj-.t "'. T.: Ebcr- Ki' i». t Tr.f Cr.-.r.-- Mini^ ··rial Aj.v-c.a-i'-.r; -.1". hold -.··; rr.c"»nc: .-r.rl lunci-^-n cf "ho .-e?.,vr. J ;n" -·"· a' ""Cfd *v-;« n lf'0 and 1-5 ni-:i-.-;-r.= arc th--jr ?.;\os -J- li £'-.» s r.'1 Tlie Marrlar:,1 Bar,t^t Summer A=- scrf.biy urill hold its annual SCM;O:\S at Bradc^.-k Hr.eiit^ July 8-17. dur::.g -^hich *:rr'- rrari'- nf -h^p ri.t-'r.'l.*- 1 - t:» h---ntc r.a*.-^ .-3.-d .-·".-· t-r-^ .a^" .=--^^.--n ir. tn* ..?-.·· ^.v^r. 3* 7*5.x- B*--I---r * i f *.'!-? ?.-:oot- ^id.r.s: *" f.r3. r-" c a -, "irr.e". p.r. .r. r:c-?r;.t.-n --.f r.^r --"rr- u?..' a . -.«- ««^. .»^ « K- - .**- i---ct:c--. c--rri:r. -itr.c arc "x.r.^ ;h.lirtrr, s.._ -Id zrir. shsjld no" s-"-_- OfS-.^r^ -.f r d Cla- "r^-rjr^'o.- .".c. s ;c. :rr.c2 r. O'.i-:tl-..--r..:d fatr.-r ' I ^as -;jr ar-c J r.n. rr.y parent; never ha2 Mxierr. sc-r. Well. 1 c^in't say Tv« THE WEATHER TODAY r-'itc^c: o'er ;v Mrs T'r._r2a ?-.-' r.c^'.v-'-'.ectecl presidrri". afte- ar. ;^3.r:. otirs ending at to data houses a.; the Market A»a ·- Y ^ r V.y 2i f *u ^ -"".3 T. ) IT/I* t 5.U-XT-. S -\ of sell.-; tid.iy A of t.i- \-ad..-., ir.c-i.-t.--aj; .d u p ' j- t .«. ... .:.-·-- :--"d sriir-j to- .ir.r. ra.l- ^s" -' " 3d half a cent n-shcr ai ?3 59. Ix.~h'. W NT rro7,\- r.c.r;-.c l:e.'..1e^ ite Sira-^ ' ^ t of t.trc? S'...". o:-,:- .' :sl; aole '. j aixad. ~"' Prectp.'atwn for 24 a m . today-- r.oie. Prcc.? ution May Nc-rr.ta. Mc.yprec.piiit.on -- 3.80 inch- s. actual -fav. 1931--352 inches. Excess in 1932 precipitation to May ;-- 2 4 6 -r.ches H.;.i -empera-tur? yesterday -- 34. H.-r. temperature a year ajo -- 77. L.JT temperature las^ r.-jhf -- 55. lo* ten-,p?ratare a year ago -- 51. Sun FS.--» to-cUy -- 7.26 p. m. Sur. r.--v- fr:orrc?'s -- 543 a rn Mc-.r. r-rfs tArnorro-r -- 12 3? a so. ie* »-aarr---r -- 11.02 ». ~o. \i pLfifiRCsiVcs

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