The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, March 29, 1956
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*' kl Partly Cloudy ""'"""HE WEATHER—Partlv cloudy s change in temperature" through •temperature range, 52-74. CALVBSTON TIDES: High Low For Friday- -8:0*».m. - J2:06ajn. () * 5M1 p.m. 1:31 p.m. VOL. 36, NO. 250 YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Thursday, March 29, [956 world By UNITED PRESS ^y.•ySHr^GT()^—S«nnte-Hou.w conserve* near fina] agreement on striking four more blows at the adminish-nlion's farm program. PHILADELPHIA Rescue workers scare!) for bodies of five men believed buried undo,- tons of rubble in explosion which rocked two square miles. VATICAN CITY—I'opo. blesses 15,000 persons to open Roman Catholic observance of Holy Thursday in commemoration of Christ's last supper. UNITED NATIONS. N. Y.-U. S. gives urgent attention to Israel's bid for American arms despite UN moves to east Middle Ea*t crisis. • ALGIERS—French navy turns hip (run* on Arab outlaws in an invasion that developed Into one of bloodiest battles of the hit-and-run guerrilla, war. BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. Rv* Cents P.r C»py ^_ ._ _ L : • . . '.";.'..•..' HUNTED AT CROSBY Fun's Over Big Problems Ahead For Council HOLLYWOOD—FBI probes threats made in connection with "This If \°" rrLlfc ' Tv sho ' v about a woman who posed as a Communist for tl'ic r* r»J. A 15-year-old .Baylown boy who l>orrowed his father's pickup truck and the wheels and hub- cap.«Tpf a nei.crJifoor'K car before lie run away J'roni home some time Tuesday Jiifrht, is expected to be back home by Friday, police said. The youth was arrested In Atoka, Okla., Wednesday afternoon. His father and the neighbor were enroute to Atoka by bus Thursday to brin^ the truck, the v.-heels and <hc boy back to Baylow/i, they said. Hounds After YOU Pick Men By ED TJOTJOERY Sun Staff Writer .Two very good reason's why Bay. toniar.s should cast their baflots in Tuesday's city election are the additional improvements slated for the city and the increased operating cost of Bay-town, which must D f*i Man Wanted Klin llty In Tennessee will combine their talents with "DC considered. The operating cost of the city has increased because of its continued growth, and some method to cope with the -financial problems that have arisen, and the men you elect in the April 3 election . - 4 • current members of'the .council to seek the satisfactory solution. Though only one post on the council is contested, it is important that an unusually large voting turnout report to the polls, and not only name the councilman in the contested race, but extend a vote of confidence to the incum- •bents who seek re-election to the council. As any city grov.'s, which is certainly what Baytown is doing, the operational .cost necessarily in(See ELECTIOSr—Page Two) THE ROAD TO THE CROSS—The soldiers having mocked Him they removed the purple robe and restored His own raiment. "And as tney led Him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cvrenian coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross' that he might bear it after Jesus. And there followed Him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented Him,But Jesus turning wit* them said Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for'-yauriflyes, and for vour children, Accompanying the procession were two thieves ron- ocmncd, like Jesus, to be crucified on Calvary. Having reach-Col- gotha, the place of the skull, the soldiers "gaW Him vinegar to dnnk mingled with gall: and when He had tasted thereof, He would not -drink. 7 ' Adlai Slugs It Out With Estes Enquote LOISTXXN" —Earl Winterton on the coming risit of Soviet leaders Kkruschev and Bulganin to Great Britain in a letter to London's Daily Telegraph: "]S r o doubt if these Russians had treated animals, especially dogs or feorses, as they have treated human being?, .the nnm- erpus animal welfare societies would have organited a national protest against their visit." * ^ >T ,'!: SUN spots Last Rites FUXF:HAI, SERVICES for Mrs. J. YS". Bradbury, 53, o f Houston, sister of Mrs. \V. A. Traverso of Eaytown. will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday ,-it the Waller Funeral home chapel. Burial will be in Waller cemetery. 9,000 SCHOOL CHILDREN | ARE ON EASTER HOLIDAY ""V Cf- Approximately 9,000 Baytown district school students are on Easter ;,.• \a<:ation ami will not return t,» the clnssroom until Mondav morning. .;• Classes dismissed at noon Thursday for students but touchers had ;; to irnisun for a while during the afternoon to attend a facultv nm-t- i^ Jnjj nt Kolx-rt K. Lf« high sr.hool. The annual holidays mean a long- weekend for faculty and pupils. .Just whi-lher the weather man phm* to hike note of the holiday* anil provide pood weather remain* to be seen ' However, Mouther or not. 9,000 youngsters will be free from worries until (he f«>!l sounds Mondav Program Is Completed Sunrise Service On Easte Big Party C. P. BLAXCHARD. retiring from ci ? h ^."°" lp! ,f cd Ilr ^ r '? m for V 1C £ y ' lhc ** v - -^ul Stephen. , „ , ,, , „ CU J Vldc iU nrisc Easter service Second Baptist church the fcoytown refinery after ,. a at f, a.m. Sunday in Memorial Hv mn for audience aid bn \veduesdav , v >ht i «oirhen, ^"^UrtTv^hfcJd KSS w a c U Dav^,v C S a r° UnCCd by ''Stand Up. r Stod U TJp SVjSu," Democratic cogressman « ' ",'n\* ?**^./,?.?£J,.. -.'" XN 1 C ' ^" ana >. chairman. w,ll precede the benediction by ed a new possibility for his party's 'Plain Mad' Stevenson In California By RAYMOND LAJ1K WASHINGTON 7 ,—UP— Adlai E. Stevenson, bent on a comeback after liis Minnesota defeat, displayed himself: before California voters Thursday as a candidate now ready for toe-to-toe slugging with Sen. Estes Kefauver. But while the "new" Stevenson was showing a willingness to club Kefauver, he was also professing to be "just plain mad" about suggestions that he spend more time .shaking hands and less discussing- issues. Stevenson jrtumed to Cslifornj- Wcdnesday *6r a two-day caiii?' *^paign'-tour In t*ie state where hi : faces Kefauver in their biggest primary-test June 5. And in a Los Angeles .-• television a d (3 v e s s Wednesday night, he showed none o£ his previous reluctance to engage in a personality clash with Kefauver. Stevenson accused Kefauver of trying to "injure me." He said Kefauver did this by labeling party leader? backing" Stevenson as "sinister political "bosses." But Kefauver would not reply to Stevenson's charge. He said that he did not "intend to say anything disparaging about Mr. Stevenson" and had "asked my supporters not to join in an'v criticism of him." Kefauver, wno has just finished a week's tour of California campaigned in Arizona Wednesday. He scheduled stops Thursday at Albuquerque and Santa Fo. N! M., en route back to Washington. His headquarters announced iliat he will leave Sunday night for four days of campaigning in Florida, where he is 'matched against Stevenson in the primary May 29. He will fly next" Thursday to Nebraska, another stale in which he may enter a presidential primary. He already is en- .ered in 1.1. At Vv'inslom - sniem, X. C.. Wednesday night, a southern hall at Fourth and Humble at p.m. Friday. Members of the The Bay town Junior high band under the direction of EJmcr R, the Rev. Clyde Foltz, pastor o'f nomination "if there 1 should b I. O. O. F.. refinery employes and Harris will provide music for the other friends of Blaneharcl have service, which is sponsored by the been invited to attend Council of Open House - AQUARIUS TEMPLE Xo. 1,",6 IK . .sponsoring a grime party and open house Saturday ni^ht at the Xa- t ' 1(> band, tional Guard armory for Knights oC Pythias, their families and friends. There will be no admission charge. Refreshments will be .served. East Harris County Christian Laymen. This eighth annual program will >gin with a call to worship, "Holy. Holy, Holy" presented by Around Town- WHAT'S HAPPK.VIXG to Baytonirms who once tools to the tioap box, and occasionally to .stronger mca.siire.s, 'n the city elections? Kivc out of seven had forgotten election dj:y is only five d.lys away . . , \'eill M. Secley and Hub Bmnuls disc\i.s. ( ;ing taking a cable and poing riround something that belong to C. C. Redd to make some kind of hookup . . . what the heck? 8. T. Weaver getting a big laugh out of the ups and downs of the fitock market. . . . Rachel Williams developing house-building nerves . . . Ervin Flowers still extolling the grandeurs of the great big empty, arid west. Mary Chikicrs discussing house painting and showing her hand . . . Sue Jennings explaining to her bridge partner about how a. tramp can "take a, trick." Ro'oerta McDowell and I/ois Arnold makirg plans for .some summer picnics . . , \V;uie DuBoM- h round town after an absence T-lov. John Ostecn announcing future plans for two oiit-of-iown trip.s The hymn ''All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" will follow with the audience joining the band. Leading the singing will be ihe Revis McGrcw, music and educational director of Woostor Baptist. The Rev. Hooper Haygocxl. pastor of St. John's Methodist church, will give the invocation, which will precede the hymn "My Faith these I-ook.^Up to Thee" by both band ami audience, "ICra of Peace Overture'' by Ralph K Williams wil! be presented by the band and Hargi.s. Scripture reading will he by the Rev. Bill Goodwin, assistant pastor of Grace Methodist church. Mrs. Christine B. Gardner, will sing "The Holy City." She will be accompanied by Mrs. W. J. First Christian church. The program will be broadcast over radio station KRKL, Grace Lutheran church of Chan- nelviow and Redeemer Lutheran church of Baytown will sponsor a drive-in Easter morning .service at the Decker Drive-In theater. This 6 a.m. sunrise service will be 'i-oaacnst over radio station KRCT. e n dead lock" between Stevenson and Kefauver. Rep. Thurmond Cnnt- ham .said he thinks that Gen. Alfred Gruenthcr. commander of lion forces, would be an "excellent choice" as a compromise candidate. •Sfcvcn.son saw ir, his Los Angeles speech that Kefauver's tactics of putting a "!x v .«j" label on pro-Stevenson leaders was nonsense. Autopsy Is Ordered In Childs' Death An 18-months-old child, Pamela Koneo Carroll, who seemed only slightly ill when she was brought to a Baylown hospital by her parents at 2 a.m. Thursday, died four hours Inter as she was iHMiijf rushed back to the hospital. Justice of the I'eace Walter Queen said. Queen ordered an autop>y to vrtermine the cause of .the baby's •ieath. She \va.s the daughter of '•It. and Mrs. James 0. Carroll of Condy. Queen sai,i the baby had been ill since late Tuesday, but apparently was suffering only from an "upset stomach."' She suddenly became worse about " a.m. mid was brought to the hospital for medical treatnwnt- A''out G a.m.. she awoke with hiccups and scorned to have difficulty in breathing, so the parents rushed back io the hospital but she was already dead. CROSBY. Tex. —TJR-• Bloodhounds sought the scent Thursday" of a 35-year-old Houston man who, .officers said, escaped from a Tennessee prison last Oct. 17. The object of the manhunt was Ted Thomas, alias James Thomas Bryant. Harris county sheriff's officers said he was believed armed and dangerous. Officers, said he escaped from Fort: Willow, Tenn., where lie was seat on a burglary conviction. He had recently been living in Houston. He was spotted by an officer Wednesday, but; escaped. Thomas was believed'.'to "have a .22-caliber rifle. He was sought in a heavily wooded area north of Crosbv. Sheriff's officers and highway patrolmen used bloodhounds from the Sugar Land prison farm ia the search. The search Wednesday night developed into a double-'hunt when six bloodhounds Braced .off, into the woods, and got themselves lost, as far as their handlers were con, cerned. The 30-man posse was forced to split into two parts—one to hunt Thomas and the other to hunt the dogs. Six-Year-Old In Hospital With Polio Six-year-old Debbie Anderson, daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. W. 9T. Anderson of 206 Harris Road. Highlands, is in Hcdjrecrtjft hox- pital, victim of paralytic polio. The little girl, first year student at Highlands elementary i*chool. VNM'-brought home ilJ by a 'teacher. Tuesday,, A physician, sent her itmaiedijitely to HedRiMiroft :for observntion- i /Mr*. Anderson natiffed her fanijly early Thursday that Debbie's ' legrs are now slight-] v paralyzed. The Andursons hav* three other small children. Time Running Out For Thousands On Hew License Tags Deadline time is getting closer for the thousands of residents of East Harris county who -have not yet purchased their 1936 vehicle license plates. , A. B. Collins, deputy tax assessor-collector, said the last minute rush will mean long lines at all of the- places where the license -i^.r ORLEANS — (IP* — No headed a fleet of American fish- tags ar e being: issued. So far the signs of survivors could be found ing . vessels, merchant ships and deadline for purchasing; plates will ' Thursday from the sinking' of a Mexican boats which scoured the H- 3 ,?'?', Saturda >'Mexican passenger boat with 50 __.„ <rtm _„ ., ~'- uu "-" ult - \ehjclc license can be purchas- persons aboard in the Bav oc ? rea ' , somc ?° 0 miles sollth °< ed at the tax office on West De- Campechc. " r ^ sur%1 ™ rsn whc « lhc boa t fee. at Henke's. W«ingartens and The Matul burned and sank ffite 'A^co ^ WSt ° f $'. 3 ] M " k > Chevrolet • Co. ^d Wednesday. Contact with the ship ' Hatcher Victor Co. in La Porte. was lost at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when her position was reported about 40 miles west of Celestun Light, a point some 700 miles southwest of New Orleans. The Coast Guard said a fuel tank Jrtacl been reported bobbing- in -y^ERAL WELLS, Tex, -UP plication of the peaceful use of —A Ae«- Mexico newspaper pub- atomif energy " :r challenged Texans Thurs- "Atomic energj-." the fornicr iLa FOES CONFER AT LOTTED XATIO-VS-Four flepr*sentaljve» ot Arab nations at swortK' points with Israel hold a conference before n meeting of the United Nations security council in vT' ^- •?'>• y ^ ar ° m Ieft) Dj " alal Abdoh ' Iran - Om;lr Loutfl » E «Tt; A. Kifai.*-Jordan, and JghvardKmk. Lcmanon. (International) Boat Sinks In Gulf; 50 Believed Drowned ihe Ihc Bay of Gtmpeche near spot of the sinking. The fishing vessel. Capt. Kemus Texons Urged To Get In On Good Thing— Atom Energy i4! ° m 'f Ji ncrSJ "- men ^ Ul bi ? m °"ev. big- initla- The challenge was issued by live and bisr ideas, "i think it is Robert McKinney editor and pub- high time Texas stopped playinr Usher of the Santa Fc New Mex- second fiddle to the rest of the ican w a speech before the an- countrv in atoniic dcvfloptnent " nuaI convention of the West Texas McKinney referred to atomic Chamber of Commerce. energy as the "wave of the fu- p.Inh^T-"' a nat lT C ° f thc Tcxas tlire -" anti saM fett ' People todav chlTi™ of | r hf"v V S . crvea , ; " S """ !y aPP^a^ the size of the probably was from the Mexican Jv" 311 ? 1311 ^ f ™ citizens ix^nol 0:1 driving power of this wave" navy PBV seaplane which was atomi? 1 ^,-^ V?* C * M . nsos ot Hc « tctl ns examples of accom- • •• - atomic energy ot the joint con- plishments already • made in gvessional committee on atomic peaceful uses of atomic energj- XT"?-' ,, experiments which ranjrr from"dV- McKinney called for formation stnu-iion of insect pests to cic- Si,,, efnfr \\v-i i 111' " ' " '- "' •' " llv: ""•'•• il " u T|1 <- fi-'hins: vessel Bovrrlv said ,-"'1 Cl ? ni "V' t00 of teuii '' : .?' Tex - velopmcnt oC drouth resistant Doccmhnr% if-^ MH r ^- . h . a » d -. 1a ^"-". «,m orsanizcr for later marrierf. thc former Miss thc plane's navigation,! li^te ^ to bl "' a f scientific center stains ot crops and range gra-*- ^Dpcembers. 1S.1. .starts just as the Uoodmcn of the World, and Oiivc \Val!is of Wallisviiir «-m-,, ,iin h,,,.-^,- .?«„,- ,tL f '::".T, tor research, ilcvelopmnt and ap- es. ' Shearer Looks B®ck On SB Years As Doctor Delivers More Babies Than Mont Belvieu Has People Tt w:« while working .-us farm sions of mercy that lie mot. and o . .: a ••••---"-'• ^FI- j^-iin.3 "O..V.! v.iiaui.-usi.-u it^ma inurs- "Atomic eners^-" the formr- rad,oea the Coast Guard Thurs- uay to get in on the development Amarillo newsman said "no v is \tont ^ ? ' 1S ° ^l U " C , tank a ? d ta P- Diicafion o£ Peaceful uses just aching to be developed bv aoout oo miles west o* Celestun °> fitnmir PIKM-O-.- .._•.,. ,.• . . t^-. "Light. An inflatiblc life raft also was spotted early Tliursday about five miles southwest of where the tank floated, but it was not determined whether any one was on it. thc Coast Guard said. The Coast Guard said lhc raft K.v KD •Sun Staff Writer forced down in thc bay during the search Wednesday when engine trouble developed. It was believed thru the crew was safe. ,,_,.,, ...,, tt t4 j !«•-•(. i«..i »«««. « r ^r^s^^ ty^ i.(IL *VtJiH.i, itiKJ All^ other days in Amos, lown. but accomp.-inying: his uncle on mis- The address will h c presented THE SUNDIAL Area News Classified Comics tdiforio! n.-ghidnos News , . Sporis Slock Quo'oj Tnch Times , I c! 2 vision Loq Wonw/s World Page 7 26-27 21 12 27 23-25 2 17 5 IS-!6 . , before the day was ended, a child was born on a farm near the village who was destined to attend the births of more babies than the. tr.ta! present population of Mont Eelvieu. the community in which be has lived for more than half <i century. Little did the loving parents of the rod-faced, howling bundle of humanity reck that their son would attend at.the births of some 2,000 to 2,500 babies ri'iirinr;- a medical career that has spanned, to date, ,->S years. Or. A. R. Shearer has .spent his entire medical career in Chambers county, since becoming licensed to practice after graduation from the Medical Branch of The University o/_Texas in Gaiveston in 1^9.^. _T-Te wns'cneonrasre.l in tj 10 ambition to become n doctor by his «rn-le. liic 1-te Dr. Thomas IV. Shraro;- of \V?!lisvil!c. irs whose !io.fii~ tii- ycetig man lived while <T r fi' : -r_. money to finance his education. Olive WalJis O f 'Wallisville. wore still burning after the forced "She's the Dest wife a doctor 1: - m ' ii ?S sr -'J the craft was being I)K. V K, SIIKARJCR BY THE TIIOl SANDS over hud," Dr. Shearer snid as" he -sat i:-. the living room of the comfortable brick home faoin* the main street i n Mont Belvieu and recounted fond memories of a mar. rie;i life that has lusted happily for nearly 5S years, since the wedding date June S. 1S9S. "I didn't, know until recently how many nights she was lonely'while I was attending the sick, and standing nil-night vigils," he added. Babies by the ones and by the twos, aggregate to compile the grand total. Dr. Shearer "remembers three sets of twin girl.?, one set of twin boys, one set "of a boy and a girl, and the numerous individual births, none of which has ever "boon hung or in the penitentiary." Judges. lawyers, cattlemen, serv- fccnifn compose thc array of Dr. Shearer's "babies" including Bay. Town's Les'.ie, and Theo Wilbiirn, Judge Clinton Uutton of Fort Bend nther himinarie.<r who have A. R. SHEAKKR towed by a Mexican gunboat to Carmen. Mexioo. Thc Co-:ist Guiml cutter Dione Advertisers Please Note The Haytown Sun. trying to eive the possible service to all advertihors, is announcing a new schedule of deadlines for advertising copy, effective. April .Monday noon for Tuesday. *» p.m. Monday for Wednesday. S p.m. Tuesday for Thursday. S p.m. Wednesday for Friday. Friday noon for Saturday. a p.m. Friday for Monday: There will be no changes in deadlines for classified advertising. •rage IS) -M—fc^-fcii— ir-nir— — - Rainbow Girls In Top Shape They'll Clash In 'Powder Puff Bowl' Except for a ehippori tooth or Twyman. leftguard; Bctsv Griffi--' two, the Cedar Bayou Puiir.bow <..:u:cr; Marjrarft' Davis, 'right Girls arc in fine condition for the guard; Ann Colt or. right end"Powder Puff" football fair Friday Midge Have, right half- N'ubb- night in the CK school stadium. Wilson, left half:'Suzanne Woolov The Eagles team will be attired quarterback. Substitutes arc'Shi'- in gold je-seyi- ; i:;,; blue football ley Beal. SyKania Otto and Mid;l pants. A fashion scheme of blue Casey, a returnee from last year blouses ar.d gold trousers has been selected by the Boar.s team. Coached by Jack Simmons, the The Eaglex starting lineup includes Linda Burris, left eru!; Gl^- ria Hutchins, left tackle; Marilyn Kaslcs have three veterans from Jacobs, left 'guard- " Pat Wilson last year on the starting lineup, right guard; Zola T\vvman right They are Darlene Cap pa fullback; tackle; Barber Dcndy" ri^nt «nd- !.-:,«;_.-- D ,-ivis. right halfback, and Susie Troxell. quartorback; Ccloon """ "" Kellcy, left hftlfback; Carmen Mav, fullbaclt. Mary BArtoi< ar,,;,' Anr. Pr^tnr Spencer, center. Rack, again <^n behalf c>f the Bears will be Kttie Muliins, left Diane Manley. right taekie; aro . f>cky Bush. fu;lback. Smith, Boars' coach, ,«, U bs. The kiek-off is at 7..70 p.m. M«l.'* ».i)Tje en*er7^?ny>irnf tt-i?; h* ??r/v* :iounc<y) that otters m h* mm vided by the CB' junior"hig-i h^.I are Jane Davis. \?:i taekie, Loia directed by Doujrlfls Vv'a'rUce.

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