Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 20, 1972 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1972
Page 7
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CUB Offers Suggestions On Happy Vacation Trips Worry Clinic With the j*rt summertime vacation season rapidly approaching, now is the time to begin making plans for its success, according to Joe Fischer, president of the Paftipa Association of Independent Agents. The automobile figures in the vacation plans of most Americans, the following suggestions for safer, happier vacation trips are offered by the Consumers Insurance Information Bureau, sponsored by the National Association of Insurance Agents and the Pampa association: •Adjust the distance to be travelled according to the period of time available. A shorter trip, allowing for frequent stops and sightseeing, is more fun for everyone. •Consult a reliable touring service for the best routes. Many oil companies provide this service free. They can also offer directions for scenic or direct routes and indicate hotels, motels and camping sites along the way. •State tourist bureaus, located in the capital cities of nearly every state, can provide valuable information for making vacation plans. -Keep your car in top operating condition. Pay special attention to tires and brakes and check wheel alignment and balance. High speed driving builds up heat and takes its toll in tire wear. -If renting an automobile, Bowling Balls Bowling balls are generally made of a hard rubber composition. Balls made of plastic materials can be used, but bowlers cannot use metallic balls. FILMING IN JULY NEW YORK (AP) - Clint Eastwood will star in "The High Plains Drifter," a Western on which filming will begin in July. GATHERING OF BANDS ARLINGTON, Tex. (AP) The American Bandmasters Association have accepted an invitation to meet in 1974 with the Japanese Bandmasters Association in Honolulu. The bandmasters also announced their 1973 convention will be in Washington, D.C. Hosts will be the four armed •ervices bands and theiSousa Memorial. ' ! make sure it is equipped for the type of country and climate you will be visiting. -Plan what you will take along. Overloading the car means extra wear and tear as well as low gas mileage. Wash and wear and permanent press clothing is preferable. Even the smallest towns have coin operated laundramats where laundry can be done quickly. •Make room reservations in advance. It's also a good idea to reserve camping sites wherever possible. -Don't carry large amounts of cash. Travelers checks are readily available and accepted, and are refunded if lost. Credit cards, including most oil company cards, can be used for rooms and meals, •Always lock your car and never leave valuables untended in it. •Check with your independent insurance agent to make sure that your coverage meets the minimum financial responsibility requirements of other states you will be visiting. Also, if planning to visit Canada or Mexico, you will need special insurance consideration. •Above all, drive carefully, ovserve the basics of highway safety and use seat belts. TV Log «:30. 4-Ponderosa 7-Mod Squad 10-Jerry Reed 7:30 4-Imagination: Father of Invention 7-Movie. "Two For the Money 10-Hawaii Five-0 1:30 4-Leonardo: To Know How to See 10-Cannon 9:00 7-MarcusWelby.M.D. 9:30 4-This Is Your Life 10-Wrestling 10:00 4.10-News. Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather. Hotline, Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie. "On the Town" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett Diary Of PHS Students On Europe Choir Tour Editor's Note: The following is the second report of a group of Pampa students touring Europe with the Nimitz High School Chroale of Irving. The Pampa students are Monte Bryan, John Fitzgerald Debbie Norton and Carol Rose. The report is taken from several letters by Miss Rose to her family. By CAROL ROSE Thursday, June 8 Wow! I think someone had better pinch me to see if I'm dreaming all this. The first few days I didn't have any fun. I didn't like New York, and the plane ride was so tiring. By the time we got to the city, we had already missed a lull night's rest, and then we had to go all day again. But now. oh I love it. We stayed in Freidburg, Germany, last night and then today we came to Switzerland. We got into some of the Alps, and they are so beautiful. We ate lunch in Lucern today and ihopped some. We came on to Sarnen and went to our homes. The people we are staying with are so rich. Their home is just beautiful and ao are they. Right outside their house is a lake and, of course, the Alps. You just can't believe the beauty. I only wish you could be here to share it. I'm trying my best to take in everything I can. I can never express in words how much I have learned already from the experiences and how grateful I am for it. Believe me, this one day in this one place has made it all worthwhile. The people in Switzerland are so kind. I think it is supposed to be one of the mo»t peaceful countries in the world because it's neutral. They never lock their cars because it just never happens that someone breaks into one. They never hear of rape or murder. It is just unreal. ' Our concert was at 1:30 tonight •nd the audience was so great. They appreciate music over |*re. We did four encores. Then they had a big celebration for 'US- Saturday. June 10 Today we got to Rome. It is really great. This afternoon we toured the Coliseum, the Forum and ^Vatican City. It was just so weird to stand in a place where you know Julius Caesar once Mood and to see things that were built before Christ. In the morning we are going to mass at St. Peter's Cathedral. The tour was really fabulous. All those things you see in books is just like it looks, except pictures just aren't like being there. We went to St. Peter's Cathedral this afternoon and it is out of this world. I really loved it. We didn't go into the Sistine Chapel because we're going to do that Monday. So far Switzerland has been the highlight of my trip. I think if there is a perfect place in the whole world to live, Switzerland is it. It is so beautiful and so peaceful. Italy is so different from Switzerland. In Switzerland they don't even lock their houses, and in Italy you can't even talk to anyone without being afraid of them picking your pockets. These Italian people are weird. Especially the men. Listen, anything you ever hear about Italians trying to be Homeos. believe it. Today every time I bought something, the man would ask me for a kiss. Men go around all the time pinching girls. Its really pretty funny. I saw my first opera tonight. It was a comedy by the name of "Don Pasquale." It was really so neat, but so long. Sunday, Junell This morning we got up and went to St. Peter's Square to hear the Pope give his blessings. He gave them from his bedroom window. Isn't that strange? Then after lunch we had the whole afternoon free. Tonight we had another concert. It went a lot better than the last one, but the people weren't nearly as receptive. I'm going to be a lot more sure of my music now. It sure makes the trip better since I'm finally knowing my music. Editor's Note. The choir was in Veinna over the weekend performing at the Renaissance Symposium, sponsored by the Council of Intercultural Relations and the American Choral Directors Association. While in Italy the group also visited Florence, Venice and Ferrara. Other places on the tour include Salzburg, Austria; Munich. Bad Wiesse and Stuttgart, Germany; Metz, France, and Luxembourg. The group is due to return to New York on June 27. ByGEORGE W. CRANE PVD.,M.D TH fctatft to Y AF, witch has almait III.NI delicate! members. Their seal heat* that af the ytwg ctmimMlsta la Red CfclM M* Ruila! 9a help them by gtvlag a copy tf the hethlet aantetf hetow, to every new yMMgveter! CASE U-514: Tad J.. aged 19, belongs to the YAF. YAF means "Young Americans for Freedom." It has over MO college and high school chapters throughout the U.S.A. And its members are courageous patriots, dedicated to the preservation of our Republic, with its "free enterprise" system. The most radical Communists don't beat them in zeal! "Dr. Crane," Tad began, "we oppose playing footsie with Russia and other countries that are committed to the destruction of this Republic. "For instance, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT recently stated that Russia kept furnishing 350 new vehicles EVERY MONTH to North Vietnam! "These were obviously used to help kill and maim our American boys who were sent over there to preserve the independence of South Vietnam. "Now, alas, Russia has asked us to come to her support and help her build a S2.S BILLION truck factory! "But our YAF chapters opposed this. "For that factory could easily be converted into making tanks and other war vehicles, in case Russia attacked us. "So why should we be so naive as to aid the enemy?" PRINT WEAPONRY Newspapers have widely spread the story of the YAF. And newspapers are the major protection of America! "Men wearing rapiers," said Shakespeare, "are afraid of goose quills." Which was the basis for the adage: "The pen is mightier than the sword." Remember, despite our tremendous military might, newspapers are the best protection for this Republic. For newspapers ferret out the schemes of would-be tyrants, of whom there are many right here in modern America. Hitler took over the newspapers before he could rule Germany. For psychology, as represented by public opinion, is more vital than military hardware. "Morale," stated Marshal Foch in World War I, "is more important than munitions'." And morale is based on word-of-mouth talk-up, fostered by independent newspapers! In fact, psychology is even basic to the stock market and our currency, for depressions are based on fear! The same tangible assets are present in depression years as in boom years! So emotional produces panic! And it is "faith" in our currency that makes a $10 bill buy eggs, bread and other merchandise. For that f 10 bill is a worthless slip of paper unless we have "faith" in its value. Its intrinsic worth is nil! So "value" depends upon our mental outlook! So does morale and even military might. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight," runs a truism, "but of the fight in the dog that really counts!" TV newscasters can "slant" stories and propagandize our nation by their brief, ephemeral words against our eardrums. But newspapers run columns on BOTH sides and put those rival arguments into permanent ink form, where we can read and reread them till we sift the truth from the propaganda. So back our youth and give all young voters a copy of the "Common Fallcies in Logic and Political Tricks," enclosing a long, stamped, return envelope, plus 25 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane, Hopkins BMg., Mellott Indiana 47*51, enclosing a long, stamped, addressed envelope, and 25 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) PAMFA OAIIY NIVW J PAMPA. TEXAS «8th YEAR Tuesday. June 20. 1972 Top Cowboy To Take Part In Amarillo Rodeo AMARILLO - America's top cowboys are expected here to compete for one of the largest purses of prize money in the 30-year history of Will Rogers Range Rider Rodeos when the first go-round gets under way on July 1 at the Range Rider Arena west of Amarillo. Rodeo chairman Cliff Lowrance reports inquiries about the forth-coming rodeo from not only Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming and California, but even as far away as Australia. "L.D. Ward's top rodeo stock and the excellent performances of the most colorful cowboys in the country have made this annual rodeo an Independence weekend tradition," Lowrance said. The Will Rogers Range Riders have also joined with the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce to sponsor an Honor America Day Parade at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, in the downtown area. Riding clubs competing for first, second and third place trophies will join with floats, marching units, elected officials and political hopefuls to ride a parade route starting at 12th and Polk Streets. The parade will follow Polk north to 4th and then proceed east to the Amarillo Civic Center. Inasmuch as the President has declared June 14 through July 4 as National Flag Days, it is hoped a sea of American Flags will greet the participants as they pass. "This parade will be highly publicized and pictures of the parade will be sent to our President and Representatives in Congress in an extra effort to promote the Golden Spread as a choice example of patriotism alive in our country today," Lowrance said. Weekend festivities, in addition to the parade and rodeo, which will run Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, July 1 through July 4. nightly at 8:30 p.m.; a rodeo queen contest will be held during the afternoon on July 1. at 2 p.m. in the Range Rider Arena for girls IS through 19. Infos Got Yoy us ?)» Try Our Vacation BRAKE SPfCIAL 95 ALL AMERICAN CARS We Do All flrit: ^rlvIvJIl nWPf VWIIlW HnlrlVv/ l^rTn ^TUm*/ QlvvU W^B fink brake system, inspect all wheel cylinders and mtiter cylinder, brake km* md lines. We special'ne in Disc Brakes — •rim Tow Diu irah Prafctom to Uit Use Yew ImkAMtriciH — We Love It! UTILITY TIRE CO. 447 W. Brown 669-6771 CAPRI BIBBBBBBBBB^^^ ^--——-Ad 1.25-CH50 7:30 « 9:35 Last Nitel NUT OBEY l SOUhOffiAC* iVAILASlf OH vizi* ntcofOS! 06 •> tt/81 Top o' Texas DHIVE-IN Op«n8:30Ad. 1.25 Last Nit«! 20f> Century-Fax presents Ifc.;. FRESH DAILY ... IN 3-LB. PKGS. OR MORE Ground Beef .IB. ROAST-RITE BRAND MEAT-WASTER BEEF PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1972. NONE SOID TO DEALERS. SAVE 35 3 TO 7 LB. HINDQUARTER ROAST BLADE CUTS LB. LB. ON 3-LB. CAN MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE WITH COUPON BELOW: VALUABLE COUPON •]£&•&;;; GOOD O FOR J MAXWELL HOUSE LIMIT 1. ' A|| ON 3-lB. 'C Ott CAN OF COFFEE QUARTER-SLICED PORK LOINS HICKORY SMOKED, SLAB CUT 2 TO 3 9 TO II CHOPS .LB. BUTCHER BOY SLICED EXPIRES 6-71-72 HICKORY SMOKED, SlAB tUI 7 TO J $ Sliced Bacon.... l . B . p .^Lb 69c Lunch Meats 3 ,U 1 LOIN END Pork Roast 00 IB IDEAL FOODS' FRESH, IE AN , Pork Steaks .......... *. 79 C MEADOWDALE n . Ol . _ Sliced Bologna ..... Pkg ODC BOOTH BREADED, PRE-COOKED Fish Sticks ............. , b 79c ENRICHED NORTHERN WHITE AND ASSORTED COLORS ^^ ERN Pillsbury Flour 5-LB. BAG NESTEA ROLL PKG. Instant Tea 2-OZ. JAR MANZANlllA MANMnn» 5 j /4 . 0l . — — Durkee Olives BU D/ ADDIAU WAV ArrlMn Tw^I 191/9 Ql ^ ^Mk Pizza Mix *. 49 e BAMA Apple Butter ASSORTED COLORS Gala Towels 44-O«. ,„ 83 Vienna Sausage ! 4-OZ., ....CANS NORTHERN p)lg Paper Napkins....of i«o 32 C JELL-O, ALL FLAVORS <v Qj _ Soft Swirl .0, 33C OLD SOUTHERN ,,. Ol _ Barbecue Sauce j., 59 C WELCHADE 46 . Ql A t\- Grape Drink c.» 4o LOW CALORIE GRAPEFRUIT OR ORANGE Wagner •Sx • • 54-O Drinks BU NESTEA ncjicM _ _ -_ Iced Tea Mix VJ'I Lipton Tea B « b ^^ c Lemon Juice .'M. ^^ STAFLO ' . 22-0«. T\ Spray Starch c. n /o DISH DETERGENT Ivorv Liquid s GOLDEN CAESAR OR 1000 ISLAND Kraft Dressing... KRAFT French Dressing. THRIf-T DISINFECTANT Lysol Spray. ALL PURPOSE Lysol Cleaner... 7-Oi. f. Cm U. S.NO. 1 NEW TEXAS Red Potatoes FLEISCHMANN'S TWIN TUB IBS. CALIFORNIA SANTA ROSA Soft Oleo 1-LB. CTN. Plums LB

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