Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 29, 1961 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 11
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First Half of Tear Only Uncertainty By SAM ftAWSON AP Busjn«t» News-Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-For most Americans the first half of 1961 has been like a daytime TV se- ri^p They have gone from uncertainty to uncertainty, each episode ending in a question affecting their jobs, incomes, cost of living. First it was: What will the new President really do? How long will the recession last? Will taxes be cut or raised? Who can steer us to a miracle stock that will go up and up nnd up? it is: Can the jobless prob- really be licked? Will new < machines take over more jobs? f Does the recovery mean a new ;boom's coming? Can our pay rise [without bringing another jump in ?the cost of living? Will the government broaden its control over our private lives? The year started with industry contacting and unemployment spreading. Tt brought a new ad- m^istration to Washington amid •considerable confusion as to what could or would be done .about Hie recession's problems. Some emergency- -measures brought more cash into the pockets of the unemployed. But Washington is still talking about how to find work for the unskilled, for the young and inexperienced, for the older workers whose skills have been replaced by machines. 'ihose who were employed went on making about as much—while work weeks of some contracted, wage scales of others rose. Consumers went on spending about as much—the total outlay rising as the population increased. Spending was more on a hand-to- mouth basis than on more long term commitments. Talk in Washington about stim- uJAting economic growth led many in* the stock market and in business to think a boom, real or artificial, would come along, and in its trail might come inflation. The stock market generated as many questions as it answered. sNow the market is a real cliff •hanger. ', By March people were asking, 'how soon will the business recovery gel going and how fast? By JfflSy the optimists were saying the upturn was faster than had been expected. In June the pessimists are pointing to the slowness of the rise in retail sales, to the hesitancy to take on more instalment credit and the rise in savings intead, to the fairly sluggish seasonal increase in home building, to the cautious approach of business to ending for new plants and ruipment. At midyear the cost of living hovers around a record high. Prices of many consumer goods leveled off, held down by competition. The cost of many services continued to creep higher, but for jmany families this was offset by jn downturn in some food prices. At midyear the outlook is clouded by questions. Cjfv Food Dropped Inside Cnina TAIPEI. Formosa (API-Chinese Nationalist air force planes dropped 60,000 food parcels over n wide area of Communist China about 10 days ago, the official. Centrtil Daily News reported today. Don't Turn on Red LITTLE HOCK (AP) — Don't Says Film Capital Is Fading make that right turn on red unless you sec a sign permitting it. That is the word from the stale attorney general's office. State Sert. Knox Nolson asked if right turns on red or stop signals are allowed. County Inc. Hope Brick vs James Martin, Works, Garnishee. Action on account for $170.31. Judgment by default for plaintiff for $170,31; Garnishee dismissed. Buck Rogers Fina Service Sla. vs R. C. Reed, Hope Brick Works Garnishee. Action on account for ($105.55. Judgment by default for By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP>—Hollywood is dwindling as the world's film capital, says Anatole Litvak, because it has become a rut lit. by fading stars and no bright new ideas. "Slowly, slowly, the American film industry is losing ground abroad, losing prestige, losing audiences, too," he said. This decline, the famous pro ducer-direclor insisted, isn't basically the fault of the competition of television or any other economic reason. . "It's because we don't progress —we stick loo much lo the same formulas we did years ago. We don't dare come up with anything new—either in terms of subjects dcpemtl too • much on stars,_ of spectncular gimmicks su*h swTlhe wide screw, which provoko the jcuriosity of people, but only lew* •warily." II is (he tlnlinns am! (he •Vendi, Lilvnk said, who now •hallcngc world interest with pic- urcs daring in theme—and often nade without stars—which arc irnving both artistic and box of- ieo successes. "They arc willing lo lake n chance," ho remarked. "Some- PEACH QUEEN - BLONDE Brenda Echols, 18-year-old Nashville girl, will resign as Queen Elberta Saturday, July 1st when the Nashville, Arkansas peach producing area celebrates the 1961 harvest. A daylong festival will include • parade, band concerts, contests, speeches and street dances. The major peach pro- during center attracts truckers and buyers from a wide range, and some 3000 persons work in the area during the two month harvest. Fears Worse Strike to Come in Fall By NORMAN WALKER Associated Press Labor Witer iNITY HOUSE, Pa. (AP)—The leader of .one of the unions involved said today that a government Taft-Harlley injunction to ptop the current, maritime strike could lead to a much worse shipping walkout next fall. Joseph Curran, president of. the National Maritime Union, discussed the 11-day strike with fellow members of the AFL-CIO Ex- eculvie Council at their summer scXiion here. President Kennedy invoked the ; Taft-Hartley law's emergency • provisions today, setting in mo| lion the machinery to obtain an ; 80-day court injunction to halt the [shipping tieup. Before Kennedy acted, Curran, irtio^e union is one of "six involved |jn 'the strike, commented: "Sailors can't be pushed F ind; we might hit them twice hard after an injunction ex- I'pires." *••* Curran at the same time sard | that if an injunction is obtained, |his union will obey jt and go back i to work. He said, however, it was ; only postponing the day when the strike issues must be settled in • negotiations with the shipowners. The NMU leader claimed he had worked out a complete agree- Court Docket City Docket Jerry Goad, Improper muffler. Plea guilty; fined $10.50. I. B. Elliott, Lonnie Mclntosh, Driving while intoxicated. Forfeited $5G,50 cash bond; served l.day in jail. William Ware, George E. Perry Hazardous driving. Forfeited $10.50 cash bond. Doris Jean Findle, Arvis Cannon, No drivers license. Forfeited $11.50 cash bond. Harvey Baker, Disturbing peace Plea guilty; fined $31.50. Herman Frierson, Transporting unlaxed intoxicating liquor. Tried fined $56.50. Oliver Nelson, Possessing excessive amount of taxed beer. Forfeited $56.50 cash bond. Dan Daniel. Possessing unla'x; ed intoxicating liquor. Plea guilty fined $56.50. 1 Eudell Warren, Augusta Williams, Jess Atkins, Drunkenness. Plea guilty; fined $16.50. Frank Smith, Bill Dillard, Augusta Maxwell, Pelvin Cole, Joshua Prater, Gene Boyce, Robert Hickman, Drunkenness. Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Arvis Cannon, No State car license, Dismissed. Jacky While, Improper muffler Dismissed. Jimmie Lee Criner, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor. Dismissed. plaintiff for $105.55; Garnishoe or methods of approach, dismissed. | "We stick lo the old ways. We times they don't click, but often :hey do, We must bo willing to lake a chance too. "Mechanical tricks are- not the answer. We must show more real daring, more real originality." "Tola," as he is known to his buddies, is renowned for such films as 'Re Mino Tonight," "Mayerling," and "This Above All." He isn't against stars— so long as they can act. His latest film, "Goodbye Again," is built around three stars—Tngrid Bergman, Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins. But Lilvnk feels strongly that AMVETS Eke* Ft, Smith Man LITTLE ROCK (AP) -Delnnoy I.,. HinUm of North Little- ttcfck was elected commander of the (\MVETS Sunday in a convention here. Elmer Morris of Fort Smith was elected first vice commander and his wife was elected president of the auxiliary, Jewell L. Scott of El Dorado was elected second vice commander, is training in the swamps of K | nl ..iOrganization elected Urban Shnr- . , . . . um of Fort Smith its president da for commando-type advr-n- | Snm|ny ng (|MJ g| . m||) otl( , C(i ; its HITS in Cubn. Miamt newspapers convention. Jane giobenmorgcriiof 'cport. KOI-| Smith was elected vice prdsi- in creating the star system Hollywood like Frankenstcih, fashioned a monster that might.lend to its own doom. • . • • ', "In making n motion; picture <hp story is really the most important thing," he insisted. "II may not help my popularity with some people to say this, but It is true. •'But here you can't get. the money to make n film unless yoti have some kind of protectipn*- such as stars. First you slgiK n star or. better yet, two stars. "All doors open if you have the right story for the right star. This is the era of the dominance of (he star." Soldier* Training in Florida Swamps -MIAMI, Fin. (API— An interim- iorinl group of soldiers of fortimo Cotnolic Group Name* Of f ict r§ , FORT SMITH, Ark. (API -Ihc Arkansas stole Cntnolic Voting 'The -band, led by n B-fonl, 7- inch mnn called Jerry Patrick, is rumiposed of North and Soulli Americans nnd Europeans, II is called the Intercontinental Penc- trn( ion Forces. In n copyrighted story today, lite Miami Hernld said it pul>- lished news of the force onlv after Sen. George A. Smalhers. ID-Fin., disclosed its existence on a nationwide radio network. Until then, the newspaper said 'it felt the story was within n sensitive area of national policy. The Miami News reported Monday that the anti-Castro group is training without weapons, living dent, Helen Znlnudck of Little Hock was elected secretary 6nd .Jo Ann Wit-tic of North Little Hock was elected treasurer 1 . '- — the of Ihe off the land and forming small boat teams to make commando raids on Cuban military (argots. May Hove to Meet Force LITTLE ROCK (AP) national commander AMVRTS says the U.S. soon tt)ay have to meet, force with force in Laos, Berlin and Cuba. Harold liussell of Walertown, Mass., told 'the Arkansas AMVETS convention Saturday night, that Berlin is the key to war or peace and if the Soviets move into the city, the U.S. has no choice but to "meet force with greater force." aaci wi ITiSlt ' rriwit with shipping owners a few I days ago but said the owners didn't go through with the agreement. Curran was accompanied to the AFL-CIO meeting here by another L leader of the maritime strike, l William Steinberg, president of I the American Radio Association. [That union represents the strik- |jng ship radio operators. •krran and Steinberg camjfr here to explain the situation to AFL-CIO leaders and seek their fupport. Leaders of the AFL-CIO are peeling in an effort to heal in- ernal frictions that threaten to plit the merged labor move- ent. Stats Docket Euradcll Warren, Assalult wiht intent to kill. Bound to Grand Jury; Bond fixed at $500. Marvin Me Kinney, Driving while intoxicated. Pica guilty; fined $86.15, 1 day in jail. James Ringo, Aggravated assault. Plea guilty; fined $71.15. Earl Carllon, Wm. E. Miller, Drunkenness. Forfeited $31.15 in cash bond. Wilderspin Truck Co. Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond J. M. White & Son, Overweight. Forfeited $46.15 cash bond; $25 suspended. E. W. Wilson, Walter McCormack. Jack Elliott Trailer Co. No ACC Authority. Forfeited $121.15 cash bond. Dale Thomas, No Ace Authority Tried; fined $121.15; Notice of appeal. Valley Produce Co., No ACC Authority. Dismissed. Greene's Grocery & Market vs David Nelson, Horace Anthony Lbr. Co., Garnishee. Action on account for $22.98. Judgment for Plaintiff by default for $22.98; Garnishee dismissed. Greene's Grocery & Market vs Will Johnson, A. G. Martin, Gar nishee, Action on account for $38.08. Judgment by default for plaintiff for $32.63. Greene's Grocery & Market vs Chester Spearman, J. W. McRoy Garnishee, Action on account for $102.73. Judgment for plaintiff by default, and garnishee for $102.73 Baker's Food Store vs Wm. D Billings and Mrs. Lucy Billings his wife, Action on account foi $82.52. Judgment by default foi plaintiff for $82.52. Greene's Grocery & Market vs Owen Gully, Hope Brick Works, Garnishee, Action on account, foi $160.50. Dismissed with prejudice Garnishee dismissed. Irl Herring vs Willie L. Wesley Action on account for $60.00. Jud gment by default for plaintiff fo: $60. Greene's Grocery & Market vs Aaron Smith, Action on accoun for $158.48. Judgment by defaul for plaintiff for $158.58. Credit Bureau of. Hompstead TO MAKE YOUR INDEPENDENCE DAY OBSERVANCE Ji MORE FESTIVE & THRIFTIER... We will be Open July 3rd Prkes in this ad good through Monday, July 3rd JAN€ PARK** Apple Pie ~ - E , 39c JANE PARKER Spanish Bar _ E , 29c JANE PARKER TOPPED Jelly Rofis — *.29c JANE PARKER-SOW Rye Bread A >-P Mel I or i lie 3 T A & P Tuna Paper Napkins Lemonade Briquets ANN PAGE 25< SALE! Blackberry Jelly 12 <».*«. Salad Mustard aib.jar Peanut Butter SOL Jar Italian Dressing t -o-, m. Hot Dog Relish 12-01. j<» Sultana Ujc. SluHvJ, S-OJ. tat Tow Choice 25* ANN PAGE SALAD ANN PAGE CHERRY OR BLACKBERRY DRESSING ANN PAGE CHERI PRESERVES ANN PAGE TOMATC KETCHUP Ot. Jar. 2-lb. .Jar. 2 14-oz. Blh. PURITY COLORED Brand Bag Loaveo American Whole. JANE PARKER Donuts of 12 21c ,„„ JANE PARKER oto FASHIONED Cookies »».39c JANE PARKER Potato Chips 19c °-s 43c JANE PARK£R HOT DO© Buns _...s "Super-Right" Grade A Fryers 25c Pkq. s 27c "Super-Right" Thick Sliced SWEET PICKLES A&P STRAWBERRIES WHITFIELD DILL STIX PORK 'N BEANS , , PAPER TABLE CLOTH MORTON ICE CREAM SALT PLASTIC SPOONS OR FORKS q 22.0,. $100 W Jon I & piw 2 *<z 55* 2 2 4-lb, Pkgs. of 24 PAPER PLATES 2 DIXIE COLD DRINK CUPS PURITY HOT 39* DRINK CUPS FOOD WRAPPING PAPER SARAN-WRAP WAX PAPER CUT-RITE 2 WHITE OR COLORED KLEENEX 2j 4 29* DELSEY of 35 .of 40 .of 24 45< 55* 39* 79* 39* 43* J25-ft. Rote Boxes 400 Whole Lb. 15* TOILET TISSUE GOLD PLATED Bacon WHITE PAPER PLATES ^ , '& 79* SCISSORS r^T 95c WHITE PAPER PLATES,,* ^21* Peanut Butter ,^ 49* 47* 45* Lb. Pkg Shank Half ........... Ib. 3-te. Size. "SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED HAMS Butt Half W TO 16-». AVC. Shank Portion *. 35< Butt Portion .*> 39* 1 Center Slices •, 69< Center Portions «,. 65< I PATH'S CANNED HAMS 2 4* 5-lb. V* Size «J GROUND BEEF Size "Super-Rigfct Fresh 75 39* **• 1 fe. «J^T Pkg. • Cooked Hams- _ ",-;79< Hen Turkeys rsHtl ..35* Rib Roast 5KC. ,49* "SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED LUNCH MEAT Bologna Spiced Luncheon Cooked Salami Variety Pak Cooked Sliced Beef Bologna n" Pickle Loaf nl\ Olive Loaf p^ Liver Loaf nl': Chopped Ham n"" Chub Liver Sausage 16-0!. ,.-. Pkg. 8-ot. .... Pka. 8-oz. . Pk«. 12-01. .. Pkg. 55< 33< 33 < 49< 35< Your Choice 29' Each Produce Features .IFORNIA Cantaloupes SEEDLESS Grapes CALIFORNIA each 25c 25c 19c 39c VASELINE Hair Tonic BETTY CROCKER OR PUFFIN Biscuits PkK Tan O Cons NABISCO SUGAR HONEY Grahams. Mb. ! OOC LAWRY Seasoned Salt...?sS 49c CAMPBELL'S Pork&Beans 2 '£ MORTON'S SANTA ROSA Plums LI> CALIFORNIA Lemons Dozen CALIFORNIA Salad Dressing Strawberries 3 Boxes!.00 FRESH Cucumbers > CALIFORNIA Nectarines 16-oz. 01 r Jar OIL FORMAN'S Chow-Chow "Suptr-Righl" HeovyBoof Bgn*le« Frankfurters ,, RW 2 Ib. Mb. Pkgi. 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