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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 14, 1948
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lersburg ^plosion; [11OWS g. Pa., July 12 ..?»-- and fire injured aod caused $300.000 xiay. ·carred in the one- =ervice station op- ·les Pryor. The reread to the adjoin- ·oncrete building of ·sburg Implement ;ejci fay Frank M. i-ept through both vas prevented from tiers by fire com- ambersburg, Green- ppensburg' and the ·nny Ordnance De- 000 estimate on the iaced by Fire Mar- Farcer. 1 the explosion re- s fumes which had he basement frora e tanks. The blast set off by a spark :e motor, they said. ^"oJford, ar» employe station, was carried ?cked building by ae was taken to the Charnbersburg hsspitai where her condition was reported serious. Cleasong Shatzer, another serv- ! ice station employe, and Robert | Walters. Shippeisburg. Pa., a cus- I tomer in the building at the time. I were less seriously hurt The I force of the' blast blew Shatzer ' from the building. Electric appliances in the serv- ; ice station were destroyed. The ' implement store was stocked^ heavily with farm tools and etjui meat, accounting for the heavy loss. ACCIDENTAL DEATH Bethesda. July 12 ·/?,--Montgom- ' ery county authorities have issued a certificate of accidental death of Wallace Crowe. 60. who was fatally hurt, yesterday in a fall down ihe steps of a house near Potomac. The accident occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allen. Crown's farcther-in-law and sister, with \\ horn he lived. He died at Suburban Hospital. «.E ASS ' A L L E D i inU Glass Store- et St., Frederick, Md. . HER BROS ERA HOUS ROW ONLY KM CMFIET WL?H SUE OH K9IIK UTNBNI )DA HOO DA HAY" :NE HAVER D A Y MORROW AY-WARD BOND nses cominj on, your amaker, Etc. IEDERICK MO 5 :count sound 5WN RON s 48 poration AN1 PROTECT ANY * OR * SOU. FILM 35 DEVELOPED PRINTED 3* HOUK SEK\1CE ALLEN'S; J 0 MAIKET 2*J ST. TO-DAVS WIT and WISDOM 125.000 WEDDINGS There have been more than 125.000 couples married at the "Little Church Around the Comer." One good way to make your marriage last is by having an attractive home. Let us help you Sx it up today. CLINE'S FCRXITURE -- STORE ALL SUMMER FURNITURE \i OFF WE '·4? Plymouth 4-dr. sedan *46 Plymouth 4-dr. sedan '46 Plymouth 4-dr. sedan WILL ··32 Chrysler 4 dr. sedan '42 Chevrolet 2 dr. sedan NOT '41 Pontiac 4 dr. sedan '41 Ford 4 dr. sedan '41 Plymouth 2 dr. sedan BE '40 Chevrolet 4 dr. sedan '40 Ford ceupe '39 Plymouth 2 er. sedan UNDER PRICED '38 Packard club coupe LOWEST FINANCE RATES INC. 410 N. Market St. OPEN EVENINGS HOWf K N O W T H E R E S U L T S BEFORE YOUR PERMANENT THE DELUXE WAVE THATS Sprayed INTO YOUR HAIR! Mr. Thomas will srivc an Amazing Off-the-Head Test Curl method that enables you to "Trr Before Yon Bny." This Test Curl pre-deterrnines exactly Jioir Ion? the Circlette Cnrling Lotion should he sprayed imo your hair, to produce the exact tcax-e vou want, and where TOU -trant it. It »: the fastest TValinr Pro- ce«. avprasrinc five or six minutes cnrrlin; lime. FOR APPOINT MEXT PHONE SOS BLUE GREY Beauty Shop i! 106 West Patrick Street AI · rovnmoNF.B Today's News Today ^ FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AAD FEATURES IT Co cook clou nighl f VOL. LXV.--NO. 229. Press Rua TxJa FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY. JULY 11. 1948. RetirClllCOt Fronds Scott /\e/ v. ommemoratrve Stamp Benefits For [State Troops Many Local National Guard Members To Be Affected By Bill Recently Signed A retirement pay bill which I eveatualjy will benefit a large num I ber of National Guardsmen here £as been signed: into law by Presi- This is the Francts Scott Key corru»emora:t\ e postage stasiip ieiu Trumai and some features of vv hich wilt go on first-day sale at the Frederick post office August I the new measures were learned 9 ivhen appropriate ceremonies in connection .vith the 50th anniver- I here today. sary of the Key monument in vMt. Olivet cemetery will be held. Note The bill, known as Public Law tne " g ags 0 ,- 1214 and today, the old Key Home in the left hand I 810. is in three sections and it is the ; CO rner and Fort McHenry in the uaht hand corner. last section which provides retire-' . meat benefits--for the first time-for officers and enlisted personnel of the National Guard and the | Reserve Corps. Since there are many Frederick U.S-POSTAGE Judge Sends 19 Gamblers To Go On Sale To Prison Maybe Thev Won The War Of 1776, Too Key Stamp s | Oratorical 1 Marathon i ' Commences More Will Be Printed If Needed; First Sale To Be Conducted Here On August 9 An uiitia: orde! of 113000.000 has been authorised for tiie Fra::c:s Scott Key 3-cent coiiunernoralivc itare stamp v. inch vvsS! be tSSs- Clark Acquits Two At Ellicott City After Trial Of Rocivay Towers Case Democrats To Stay In Continuous Sessio Until Convention Completes Work -Ma\i- «1! thf Greatest Opportunity Faces Church In Japan, Guild Hears , August £. !t was disclosed today. The stamp w U l we is^-uct! ::i .» of 50. PoiUnastcr General Jeiic 5J. Donaldson saitf ID an, tiouncing thc description o! the 5 stamp, which Is expected to atUact J wide attention a:nons collectors. ] The in-tiai order will coss S3.-530.- ; ooo j The stamp, uhtch s red. is O.S4 ' by 1.44 inches, arranged horizontally, with a narrow light baud border. The central design is a portrait of Francis Scotl Key in an oval, below \\hich appears his was an occupation like that of our , name in white Gothic on a dark countians who served in old Com- -anv A Headquarters Company. ind~ the' Band Section, some prior '· "Japan has been brought to her ! ReiTrine; to the military occupa- I to the Mexican border incident be- i knees. She lies in rubble dust and li(m p r Kriete said thexe never | fore World War I. the law will be j ruin, and the Christian church is of much interest locally. 'he re-, facing the greatest opportunity is pictured a -ia- background. The American fI 3 « S tirement pay provided »s based · has ever facea. How snail we meet ·-- i. Arm «e pictured a .ia . upon the number of years of active j the challenge?" This was tne key- t:on welcoming a conquering army . are dra p cd on , he , eft aad rjgh -. Federal sen-ice of an officer or en- ! note of an address given by Dr." v.-hich had freed them from their " s jdcs of*" the portrait, respectively" listed man and a credit is also given , Carl Kriete, returned missionary . own imperialistic rulers. Although Th e o ij Key Honie appears iii for the years of service in the Xa-S from Japan, when he spoke at the not a perfect set-up, the U. S. mil- jh e lower left "corner. This buiid- tiona! Guard or Reserve Corps. Elhcott City. July M ·!·- mum sentence* uf a vear Hou:e -.'f Correction today on 19 of "21 men oo«v:c!cU of gambling at Rocv.a Tower.-, vsi \V.i.-hiusto:i - Baltimore boulevard u..-;.:- Laurel Ji.tiijc j.iine.-, C l j i k acquitted Sho other t w o licfoidiuit*. after tvio days of testimony in Ho\\ard County Csr-uit CourS. "This is the one v. ay. and the only way. to kfcp gamblers out t»i our county." lie ^a!d m impOMiiR State police inxadcd the roati- hou^e jn a surpri:c raid June 5 , Elaborate gambling equipment and ' S3:; 000 in cash which they 5-eized were presented in evidence a; thc trial Judge Clark said thc state had j left a "reasonable doubt" that thc! Main purpose of the bill. | said, is to give encouragement .officers and enlisted men for length i at Hood College. Miss SVIary Ger- \ a/ , -, ve ;i as the U. S. Army. j Truman. The executive pocket- of service ia the National Guard j hard, former missionary and for j j at)an j c short on natural re- : vetoed a b:U which would have Reserve Corps, with the idea j many years teacher in Miyagi Col! [ ' - .t many of these men will stay in service to qualify for retirement pay. · The !aw nefits do . , , , nc told the defendants- I an, restricted by the C,K!C · l a w s oj Maryland' to either fin- Washington. July 14 -I"--Xow the Russians arc claiming credit for :he Golden Gate and George Washington bridges--plus 'everything that !·« be--t in L'. S musical at5d . :heJt«!cal life." For weeks now Moscow radio. ha been aymg that most modern- i:dutnal inventions are of Russian · orJgm ' Here i !hc S.i'.c.^t Mo-cow cla:*n secoidcd by Ameticaii government · Carnetse Ha?l W^luns'on br:dce o«-*e" the Hudoi r i ver. thc Golden Gate bridge in Sa» Kranos-1 Coliveillloll u a U i. hl i adcSf , co. :,k scraix-rs and a K r«« mini-, J u l y ^ .4-_The Democrat* S acr of dwelling and .ouu,lrU: ed aa oia , orKa , ma raUu;, tod: 111 ' a continuous du\ -and-night : t'w.\ that was .scheduled to R" broken until Ihc bii.iittes of patty \\a.-. lins.-iiett There was a piciinum on durance, Marnina. icsi^tancc lo and hard wooden scats They have been told thai rece-vi will be called, ami Ihal \\ hole agenda mu.-.' be compli · That includes a number of over speeches, the iiominaliui . a candidate for the presidency ' the vice-presidency, and the sentatiosi and adoption of thc | form. So they began arriving ar 10 a. m. with an attitude of t see-it-throuKh-onichov. patic President Truman is sched to get the noininatic:: a soon vote is take.i la Washington. White House said he will conn and accept tonight unless the cccdiiigs run too late. In that i he probably will comc tomorri Thc seriousness of the impen the expc buildings aie thc work of Slav, particular Russian, ensmees?." Allied Note Is Rejected^ By Russians ·Moscow Government Refuses To Lift Berlin Food Blockade Berlin, mililr.rv July 14 ..r--The administration's ne\\ spaper hinted Soviet official todav two men he acquitted \\.cre con- \ German ncctcd with the tiambHni; establish- that Moscow will reject She ern allies' notes Russia lift its food Berlin. The paper. Taeglichc Rundschau. · \\ est- blockade of nara. tormer missionarv ana lor i Japan is shor . on natura i re . : vetoed a b:U which would have many years teacher in Miyagi Col! our c e s but the one great resource ! authorized restoration of the Key ! lege. Japan, introduced the speak- ^.,j , ef '. to t " he veoi) ^ -^ their 'a- mansion at a cost of S65.000. ; er. « | ^ Q ; ' Dili gen C e; oersistence. pa- ! In , the lowe j f ] § lu corRCr is Forl - Describing the aftermath of the ' lience art j st ; v ' a ,; d jov in ' lh e ir ! McHenry at Baltimore, where Key i- provides that these be- . war. the unbearable conditions of. .,. ork ' are ou ^ tanding c haracteris- 1 u -' as Aspired to write "The Star not become payable until crowded living with five million · tjcs of r ; ch and pQor a i; ke Dr . ! Spangled Banner * during the V ar of 1812. The fort will be identi- that some Federal service in the come a new way of life. fast war is required. The bill gives two and one-half i pc-r cent of the base pay of the! Japanese are asking por- Dr. Kriete was one of six men _ trait of a j.i arv lander other than . - °ut his adaress. he stressed in: you $500 or sentencing you to | in an editorial headed "Whom Do business--especially «, c C X u« prison for no', more than one year, j They Think They're Frightening ·" { floor fight on the "platform^--p ' I won't discuss the eviKs of ' described thc western protests as ! stamp on the crowd They we gambling o.- the d?n«ers incident ' laughabJ-. j m t i c , nO rc prompt than i-i to having this kind of establishment · Meanwhile. American officials ; earlier sessions, and they wen in our county. This \\as no small- said the Allied air lift to the block- ! their seats with much less mi time gambling establishment. ' aded western sectors of the city j in the aisles and casual dial Thousands of dollars were bet and ; has built up a four-week food bank that: on the other davs. wagered, lost and won. Thc profits 1 for thc ^.000.000 Germans living must have run into thousands of ' .icre. , dollars a week." · This indication of thc efficiency Easy Money of the plane ferrying service came He noted that some of the men as the Communist press warned who officiated at thc gaming tables : that thc Russian siege may last were paid $200 a week. . \ into the winter. The judge sa'd because of this; The food shuttle to Berlin corv- officer or enlisted man for evenr; tories. libraries and schools Japa- | «« «'? aoaress. ne stressed_»*.:· - . ot llo.OOO.OUO is an average run year of Federal service-the same nese literacy is high. Everyone £°?TM n « 1O .TM l _ TM*^1TM*?^ i ^ C ^^^°^^ ^" p ~:, S ^ ld . I ye pay rate which is now made to re- _ knows how to read, bookstores are the-i regular army offices- Service . everywhere. They will never ask u::.Vr Federal pay arrangement in- £or food, but they will ask for clf-Sc Mexican border. World War.; books. Thus Japan is open to Chrls- 1. V.'orid'V.'ar II. summer training | tian iniiuence as never before. Ten camps and armory drills. · million copies of the Bible have Key Post Elects Clapp As ; Selects Others For example, the retirement pay' been sent over to her and that is of a captain who served inT both ) not eiiough. It is our responsibll- "" isrars for a period of live years, and j ity to establish Christian schools lad 15 years service in the guard. ' and to train Christian leaders, the would be computed somevrhat as ; speaker said, ^n^ollment in Nora: follows: : Japan and Miyagi Colleges has Assuming that he attended sum- : doubled. Christianity and democ- incr training camp each year for-racy are inseparable'and if Japan two weeks, he would have Federal i w ai rerna i n a democracy it must credit on this score cf approxirn- have Christian leaders. ately 30 weeks over a period of 15 -- -- - . -years- Assuming, he attended drill regular!.-- 'there are approximately 5fl dr-lls a year) he -svould have JFeder?! credit for appr a r»50 days or around 120 tnis score. That would make a i summer camp-drill credit of about ' 150 -.veefcs or about three years. ! This would add to his five years i of Federal service during the wars i --giving him eight years of Federal i service at two and one half percent ' of his base pay per year--or in all j about 20 per cent of his base pay. For his 15 years service in the \ Gua,rd. he would be entitled to a , credit of roughly three-eighths of | Sne per cent per year. In 15 years j this would amount to about five per I cent. KE would therefore be en-! titled, in all. lo 25 per cent of his base pay as retirement benefit. It is not clear as yef. but is believed ihe base pay also eludes ! longevity benefits "so mut E.idi- j tional pay for each year of £»3rviceV i Pargeants cf various grades will j probably form the largest group of j enlisted men who will gradually j become eligible for payments, j m .. .11 be figured on the same j 6asi; as ofScers. i The lav.~ Is adrninistered by tne Secretary o5 the Army v.-ho is au- . thorized to put it Into effect as soon as he 5s ready but not later · than January 1, 3949. It is un-Jer- · stood that his office is preparing, the necessary application forms. I Rank Sticks , Commander of the Francis Scott During the war. cut off from allied aid. all denominations, regardless of creed, had to stand together in order to survive. This bond of De- order ! - ! ~- · of 115.000.000 is an average run ' it would do no good to impose the tinned on a round the clock basis. L,. T. Steck. American military government food chief, said laM night that the western sectors of It was hot in thc hall, as u and humid. Shirts and troi tended to stick to the varni folding chairs The lady dele? in filmier clothing, were in right danger. A new face appeared on speakers" platform. Jamcj Ro unity, hitherto unachieved, continues. The United Christian University which' has been thought of f6r ?500 fine because "in a week they the demand exceed the anticipated ' would open up their establishment popularity, more stamps could be again." printed at the Bureau of Engrav- ' Most of thc defendants were ing. It is understood that the post office here has already received many inquiries concerning the stamo. of Washington and its the city now have on hand at least a 28-day supply of meat, flour, potatoes and other staples. . esidents siiburfas. Those sentenced to the House of _ _ _ . . . . . ,, Correction were William B . Bel- Answer I s N o years is becoming a realization, the | Collectors desiring firsi-day can- , field. William Carley. Silvio J. Da- . Washington. July 14. .YP--Hussia mico. William E. Downs. Joe W. ! repiied to thc American and French ; Helmich. Edward J. LaPrarie. Al- protests against the Soviet blockade of- Berlin. Soviet Ambassador Alexander S. P^nyushkin delivered Moscow's response personally to Secretary of vclt. bald, beaming and dappc always, had a chair opposite J. Howard McGrath. chainnai the national committee. None of t'ie other party gi were on hand for the star' !0:33 a. m. speaker said. It will train men ! cellations may send in as many as and women graduates in Christian j ten self-addressed envelopes to the leadership 1 Frederick postmaster -with money %'~"" " "". . . ., i order or postal note remittance to In conclusion Tne speaker said j c£ver ^ CQst of the st _ mps to be I _ . , . _ .. * , fr ed E Meyersr Theodore Mever*. ' "The last word to Japan is not the creative activity of the atom bomb, j the K-v ^ -s Robert E. Clapp. Jr. Robert E. Clapp. Jr.. v.-as named . .. j like other issues, from 350.000 to but the creative activuy of peace . 400 000 starnps win be supplied in tnroughcut the world. j this manner to many of the na- i tion's £.000,000 collectors, i In addition, stamp fanciers will ! buy up some 1.300.000 stamps, cail- i ing in person at the Frederick post ! oiSce. There is no limit to the ! amount that can be bought in this 1 way. , . , - .- , ... I Sale Generally August 10 city cluos and organizations for the , Qther offices wU , t the purpose of increasing tne numoer · Key i=suc on £a]e Qn August 10 of volunteers for the armed forces, j However, individuals no longer G. Ernest Lipps. vice-commander wm be notif . cd by C3rd of t hc new _ of the Western Marj'iand district, j issue ^^ service to collectors. ] announced mat tre 40 and 8 loco- . in effect for manv years, was dis- j motive will Ieav c Frederick on Oc- · continue^ t h e first of this year. | tober 14 and journey to Miami. Fla.. j According to officials, the Key ! where the national convention will j s tamp probably will be obtainable I be head. Any member who wishes j r or about three years. If the out- to make the trip may do so. The j lying post offices run out. they can locomotive expects to return to _ be had from the Post Office De- Frederick October 25 . i partment philatelic agency in School Group Named i Washington. Commander Spurrier appointed ; Extra Kevcnue Provided the following group to attend the : This agency has supplied the public meeting on Monday at the ; government with additional reve- Frederick High School to discuss : nne above that derived from strict- the school expansion program: Rob- i Iy mail-carrying operations. SsJes ert E. Clapp. Jr.. chairman: Guy i to collectors last year set an all- · Anders, assistant chairman. Edwin ! time record of more than S3.500.- ;' Xiksrk. G. Ernest Lipps. Elmer · 000. j Wachter. Clifford Ymger, Wilbur; Jt all got under way on a large ! W. Baker. Bruce Hvatt. Richard | ?caic during the Administration of ' Graham William Kreh, Lav.-rence ' the iate President Roosevelt, him' Willard. Kobart Albaugh. ' self a stamp fan. In 1934 a series A letter was read from Mr. Lipps ' on the nationa! parks was launch- thankins thc post for its efforts in cd 3nd 3 ^ 134 ° appeared the fa- the membersrAp drive and ir.form- ! mous American commcrnoratix-c ' ing its members that this district ! s=ries picturing authors, poets, ed- 1 has the largest membership of any , ucators scientists, composers, ar- i district in the state. Another letter | t: -^. and inventors, iwas read from State Commander; -n e S3ecia! siam P s have comc · Mike Moffett. Martin Murphy. WaT: ter ICovak. Thomas H. Rice." Frank Tolson. Charles Robert Beers John I Geraci. Edward Kail. William C. : State Marshall at the State Depart| Quade. Mele J. Rodick. and Pat- , ment at 9.30 a. m. cst. '· rick J. Clarke. i He acted within a few hours after ; Clarke was identified in testi- ' similar replies had been delivered ' mony as owner of the building, j by Soviet envoys in London and was described as operator j Paris. Novak of the gaming roorrs's two dice tables and owner of a brown paper bae containins S20.000. One of the 30 troopers who conducted the raid found it behind a 1 Danes' Queen 2 Princesses Are Injured Ingrid, Driving Car, Crashes Into Tree ; Fractures Kneecap Copenhagen, Denmark. July Panyushkin told reporters who 'alkcd to him outside Marshall's orTice that he had delivered a note i fP -- Queen Ingrid of Denmark to *he Secretary and that it was an j two of her young daughters v answer to a note of the State De- ; injured today when the Quc j automobile skidded on a shpj . but ; road and crashed into a tree. Robert E. Meyers and William H. i simultaneous -dispatches, the three King Frederik IX drove to Garner. They still face charges of ! western powers sent notes to Mos- ' scene from nearoy Graasten Pal -rambling: conspiracy and continued , cow condemning Russia's policies ir- I the royal summer residence. · free on SI.OOO bonds. , shutting off all-surface travel to the j helped thc Queen T»nd~TfuTcc Daniel M. Murray. Jr.. Howard ! western sectors of Berlin. j into ambulances, in which 1 radiator in a corner of the casino. · partment dated July 6. The two men acauitted were On that day. in separate , county state's attorney, asked thc ! They warned the Soviet Union ( W erc taken to thc state hospita maximum penalties after telling : that they would not be forced out of Judge Clark "a murder took place thc German capital by threats or a few hundred yards away from t h i « place." "Hunter Lewis, an ex-convict." Murrai- explained, "was erftoloyed with William Carlev one of tho^c convicted.t He was so employed at 'h- 'rri- "-' his killing. " » '"That kiilins was a result of thc "Derations in that place, and I refer lo Rocway Tower?." pressure, insisted on their rights not only to be in the city but also '.o have access to it. and demanded that the blockade be lifted. Soenderborg. Their condition described as not serious. Police Superintendent P. Jol sen said the Queen was driving royal car. Thc chauffeur wa her side, in the front seat. Prm , . "Panyushkin answered "yet" j M ar grethe. 8. and Princess 'meaning "no" 4 when he was asked to indicate what attitude the Soviet not.- took toward the American protest. vras passed some time 330 for the TCavy and Marine Corps. , , , -- . newly-elected o.r.cers Police Battle Mobs In Rome elude Alton E. Shaff. first vice-corn- J . , ' zander: Robert H. Esworthy. sec- ' at thc meeting on August 10. Rugcr R , . , , be neld r. Edwin E. Stof- O f\ f \T XT i H. Q. Milier. D V/I J-TJL*! 1 . ond vice-commander: Rice, finance officer. Tsr. chaplain: arid historian Also named were the foliovi-ing seven members \\ho will . |-j iif»f- ! form the post's e-ecutivc commit- - AAILI \- j Shots were Iee: Guy Anders. Wilbur W. Baker. States postage stamps · have carried thc faces of many fa- , mous Americans arnorss: :hc approximate];.- 600 issues s^ncc then. : There have been ail the Presidents. . and more reccntiy Georse Wash- i"t-'o~ Carver. Xearo scientist. Thomas A. Edison, "he :rr. ent^r. and Joseph Pulitzer, the journalist Delegation Pressed For It Pfc. Cnnij packer's Funeral On Sunclay Thc bcxJy of Pfc. Kenneth W · Crumpackcr. who is said to be thc fi:st Tancy·(,-.'. r boy ir be morln'- iy uoundcd in World War II. v.-ii! arrive there Thursday morning for rc-:nterment services. Pfc. Crumpackcr. \\ho was 22 years o ! d at :he time of his death, was killed Ju'v 35. 3944 -vh:;c -erving v.-itb the U. S. Marine Corps in France. Upon arrival the body v. "11 be taken to the funerai home where services win be he!d Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. Guv P. Bread;.- will officiate. The Hessor.s-Snydcr Post of thc American Lesion w:JI conduct gravcs-.dc Cervices :n the P.cforrr^d church cemetery Friends mav cai; Ft thc funeral home Saturday evening from seven art: nine o'ciock. C. O. Fu^? snd Son. funeral drrector^ Survivor? include his mother. ; Peoples Court Cases ' Heard This Morning ! Pleading guiity to operating a motor vch:clc with an inadequate muffler. Merhlc C. Wise. Middletown, paid a fine and costs of 55.5 before" Magistrate Manuel M. Wcinberg in Peoples Court this morninc He haii been arrested by State Trooper Arthur M. Rudy on fv0 Vehicle* Are . Marie. 23 months, were in thc fc seat. Thc crash occurred near L Wood, north of Graasten. Sc Jutland. Queen Ingrid able to -ut of the car herself, although 'r.ipcd from a fractured kncfr jhe carried thc two Princesses of the car. Both thc little girls were bh ins from bruises of thc face, chauffeur suffered the most sen injuries--a fractured skull am crushed jaw. His condition termed serious. Route "1 m Walkersville about 9 p. m on July 9. Collateral forfeitures were made by James E. Gagcry. Baltimore, failing to drive to the right of thc center of the highway. S6.45: Walter E Myers. Ijamsvillc. parking on hishv.-ay at n;ght without lights. SIi.45: Henry Thomas. Ml. Airy, recklc." driving. S6.45: George Pell. Wa~:im^[toit. passing on a curve. S6.-55. Harry O. Paulson. Xew Brighton. Pa., failing to keep lo right of center of highway. S6.45: Henry C Krany. Mt. Air;.-, displaying Jags issued Jo another vehicle. CarKe Cn:mpacker Banker",! SI 3. 45: Robert P. Benjamin. Silver nne brother. Ralph E Crumpackcr - - uo half-sisters. Mis? LaRona Bankert. at home- 'vl:?s Dorothv Baikert. Taievtown: ijvo naif-brother?. Eugene Banker". r.T.T,:Vci3r5: ar.d Dsv:d Bankerl. Mechanlc^burs. Pa teci \vher. sce".e Jeeploads oi lielmeted riot police Lipps. Thomas E. Williams. V ' ' * * eli I Jr.. of the Westport section thc ' {hree hundredth fracture. Mor-j O r {he arriva , 0 , ,.,,,, M a r v l a n j f ernaale. back in- . Colonists on the Ark and the Dove ^v,.. ^ _ Hoover. Balti-j In Ihe Via Xazionale, a main £- wor j- nv Howard Kerchner. Wil- more, shoulder fracture. . QUALIFIES thoroughfare. several hundred j ^~ m OdVn. Ed\vin F Xikirk Car-' He sa "-« they -were taken to U n i - j Dr U G Bourne. Sr. th:s city. Holdcraft: j ^ersitv Hospital in Baltimore. j Qualified today before the Cicrk of Philip ---- ( t h e Circuit Courj Elli; C Wachter ' ;a= a member of the Board of Visi- ' ll ,y.v« s .»«. t: ^Y^*... """"/-" ijsm odsn. Edv.-in F Xiki shirtless v.o; K rnen fe.l back ociore R ^ and j h H a truckloac. of riot police who | s! ^ rnatcs AUon shafr heid tomir.yguns IB readine??. Stores Ihroushout the arse, rang down their iron shutiers. Heavy police re;n£Crcernents surrounded tlie hospital while surgeons operated on Togliatti. Tanks STid armored cars mover! into cen- lioo riWfiqua! icrs. Police !,e":;' the -qur.rc brfore thc Chamber cf Deputies palace. j Winebrener. Richard Grahn:i-, Karry Morgan, Melvin Birely. Paul Wisrer. Elmer Wschtcr. Paul Staley. Vernoii Cassell. James Marrone. Jonn Grice. Edward Draper. George D. Ford. Lewis Eichelberger. AGREEMF/.,'T REACHEH Cumberland. July 14 i/P--Offi- i tors of Kenr"ton Sanctorum' 1 tm- 1 _ ' M I I I * . ' ( V J 1 C 1 I J I * . rj m * * ^ ',', V V I I * ) . . _^ cials of the Kelly-Springfield Tire! °^^ appolntn ? cnt b - v Governor Company and Local 26. United Rubber. Cork. Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America 'CIOi. said Capitol Bti5 Company Hearing Held Today Hsrrisburg. Pa. July 34 ·?--The Caoitol Bus Company, of Harrisburg, called four women x^Hnesses to testify at a hearins on its anpii- cation to e-tablish a ne\v bus service from Harrisburg to Washington. Th" \\o'ncn appeared yesterday before a joint ^talp Commerce Commission All testified That prccnl transportation conditions a'.ong the proposed new Spr:n2. reckless driving. 56.43; Daniel L Smith. Baltimore, passing \\hcn way ahead was not clear. SS 45. Sarah E. Lcppo. Westminster, passing when u a y ahead was not clear. S6 45: Courtney C. Buck. Mt. A;ry. facing to obey automatic Iraitic control device. S6.43. El| ',:· R. McDonough. IjamsvsIIc. pcr- operate vehicle. S1I.45. Arrest^ ', were made by Troopers Rud and Charles D. McLanc Damaged In Collision Two %-ehiclcs A\ ei e ^;iniagcd :he occupants escaped injury i collision 011 Xorth JefTerson sti near the West Patrick street in section Tuesday afternoon ab 12.20 o'clock, a city police rcf indicated today. Gien E Ro'j'zahn. Middleto Route 2. v.-as procecdins north Jefferson street when. accord-Ins the report, he waved Jo an ai dant at a gasoline station and c?r ran into a southbound pick Jruck operated by Louis H. Ra burg. Frederick. Route 3 More u "=50 damage was done to each hic!c Officer James Marks invc gated and no charges were prc! red when Routzahn assumed spor.sibiliiy. it was ^a;d. REFERREn TO ATTY.- Baltimorc July 14 ·?-- ·ion of whether the picture Taxi Wilh 30 Aboard Missing Long Beach. Cahf.. July 14 .1 A water taxi believed to be car ing 30 persons was unreported day in the channel between Sa Qttalina island and nearby IC NO QUORT'M A scheduled meeting of the K A , . Maryland , harbor board of motion picture censors, «. A ,4 , ,. .. . , » . , , , . | i nc speedboat left tne '.siand board of the Inter- * hould Das;: 4on . lKclc i'!'T" P r ,° 5rams . 8 SO o'clock ] art night. v^s put up to thc States Attorney ; X c , o r t ordlnan , v , vould General toanv about an hou( . ' I Two Coast Guard cutters begai search of the fog-bound waters. -The mother soon as th«? fog lift-: the Cu Its trip requ i route are '·inadequate"' and "poorlv j MOTHER PIES 'scheduled" " ' Seattle. July 14 Wilbur W Baker was appointed . ls-t night ron'-act negotiation;. Board of Eduo^tion t-,dr.y xva* do- tbf po^t on th^ ad- Jvijory committee being formed bj ' resulted in t e n t a t i v e agreefr: ,-ed un"l a later date through , sbserce of a quorum. i The company's application N be-11..' thc late Secretary of I.«bor|Gu-rJ t mg oppo-cd bv J h e P n n s \ l v a n i a Lewi* B. Schwt-llenbach. \\ho \ ,1 Coa^t Tj--IrorH liio Greyhound Bu Line -i::"'.^i .-.'lortly a l t e r hr died, fol- io«'iblf ?nd thc Blue Ridee Bu? Lines. J l o ^ c d him in death vpsterUav. I - ovc to ·laiuic-U to send plunes Gunrd omcinls said it thc boat nut into so s\\ait better weather. NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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