Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 6, 1942 · Page 11
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 11

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1942
Page 11
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'•' ~ TH|_MORNiN>AVALANCHE . Lujbbock; Texas; War Production Board Criticized (By Thf AEuclated Press) WASHINGTON, March 5—Top officials of the War Production board were accu:;ed by a House committee today of "reckless disregard" for conservation of war- needed copper in allowing construction of Rural Electrification administration transmission lines in Texas and Arkansas. Chairman Donald M. Nelson was act spared in the report, which the Houfe military affairs committee submitted to Congress. It charged WPB Pov.-er Chief J. A, Krug had indicated to the committee Krug was "not amenable to Congress." It said also that the committee members were "not favorably impressed" with WPB Chief Counsel John Lord 'Brian's attitude toward constructing the lines, allegedly duplicating private facilities. Based On Hearings The report was based upon hearings by a subcommittee headed by Representative Faddis (D-Pai, one member of which, Representative Fitzgerald (D-Conn) asserted in a minority report the subcommittee was "subjected to a lot of wild and careless -statements by the power trust which the majority report readily accepted as correct." A third report, embracing the . "independent views" of Representatives Sparkman (D-A!a) and Brooks (D-La) who said it would be signed by. four other members of the full committee today, criticized the subcommittee for not calling Nelson. Priorities Granted ./•Nelson, the majority asserted, issued an order granting priorities to an REA subsidiary in Arkansas in the face of adverse criticism of its application, by both the Arkansas department of public utilities and the priorities committee of the Army and Navy munitions board. The subcommittee held hearings on construction by the REA's Ark-La Electric cooperative of a line to transmit power from Oklahoma's Pensacola dam to the i» n «h» - rr;-' - J HE LIFE OF A HULU DANCER—Ever icn she isn't tossing her torso? Alma Ross, who performs a neat movies, stretches out for a busy 15 minutes of dohig nothing of all proposed power projects, public and private, and declared: "If there is no other way to curb the conduct of the Rural Electrification administration and its wastage of copper at this time than to repeatedly bring it fo the attention of the public until it is aroused to the point of demanding a cessation of its acts, then this committee will do just that and feel that it is serving this nation at a time o£ sore need." Fitzgerald Disagrees Disagreeing with the majority's version of developments leading up to the priority rating for the REA line from Pensacola, Fitzgerald said in his report that the defense plant corporation contracted with the REA for power for the aluminum plant before it ever contracted with the private pool. Fitzgerald said the REA line would require 125 tons more cop- defense plant corporation's big aluminum plant under construction at Lake Catherine, near Hot Springs, Ark. The other phase of the hearings dealt with construction by the Bra?.os Electric Transmission cooperative and the Farmers Elective Generating corporation of a line from .Texas' Possum Kingdom dam, west of Fort Worth, to "Garland. Texas, site of two defense plants, and another from Garland to a proposed generating plant at Gilmer, Texas. Duplicated Existing Facilities The majority report, approved by 17 members of the full committee, charged all three operations duplicated existing nrivate facilities, and urged cancellation of the recently-started- Arkansas line, which it said would "waste over three quarters of a million pounds of copper," charges disputed in the other reports. The Texas lines, the one ta Garland from the dam virtually completed, entail, the majority charged, a wastage of "close to 5,000,000 pounds of copper and vast amounts of other critical materials and gen- erating'and maufacturine. eauir>- ment." > The report recommended a nation-wide survey and investigation -due to external irritation? Try the clearing-up help in antiseptic action ot famous -Black and White Ointment. ts' For removing grimy facial dirt, en- loymildBlackandWhiteSkinSoapdaily. wonder what hula dancer does job of grass skirting for trie per than an alternative private proposal, but would be able to deliver 70,000 kilowatts of power compared with 48,000 to 50,000 over the private line, and would be "a very important and a vital link in the total transmission system of the .area.", He said that contrary to any attempt by the REA to duplicate existing private facilities in Arkansas, "the truth is that the power companies were trying to parallel the Ark-La line that is now under construction." Findings Not Substantiated Fitzgerald said there was no Misery cf UG«D.T«IH5.SALVE.NOSE CROPS CASH For Your Old Gold KING'S JEWELRY 1020 BROADWAY HOW TRUE! HOW TRUE' • HARR5SBURG, Pa., March 3. I/P! —David H. Fiederick, rounding put 50 years as a barber, offered this observation today: "1'vo never yet seen a bald ne?.d on which hair could be rnade to grow—but J/vejiever seen many oalaheacted men who could be convinced of that fact, either." All but eight signers of the Declaration of Independence were born on American soil. evidence presented the subcommittee to substantiate a majority finding that the Arkansas-Louisiana line was not necessary to supply the aiuminum plant and declared: "The majority report recommends cancellation of the Ark-La project, which is already under construction, thus delaying the starting of the aluminum" plant by precious months." The very record, Fitzgerald =aid gives evidence that "the committee cid not desire to ascertain the 13.CIS. He said the Federal Power commission, just as the REA cooperatives, the Defense Plant corporation and the War Production board, was not invited to give evidence and "was tried in its total absence," and that any findings respecting them were "fatally dis-- credited." Ayaigncho-Journa'r Of FJcer/ -\ Lines Is Charged Plant For Utilizing Waste Tin is Planned" DALLAS, March 5. \/f>— H. H Johnson of the Shredded Steel company, which will operate a plant here for utilizing was;1e tin, suggested that ht/usewives within a -radius of 100 miles save cans, to be. collected for processing. The plant, to be built by the de- fonsu plant corporation, will shred tin cans into metal flakes to be used in copper recovery. Similar plants will 'o.e built in Houston and Kansas City. . Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 " Why-BFET^eT Headache £ Neuralgia So Quickly.... The effective, quick-acting ingredients in the "BC" formula are readilyassimilated. —. 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