The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 13
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1924 THE TTTJTCH' T NSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN Cana Warn. Adk LOST (Cont.) Lw.HT—Onodrloh balloon tire, Mx«x4U, rim unil cover. Hewn id upon return to 1M K. JltRRiT. Li.i ./i'—will iif ledtfer leaves. Ruturn In News office. l.u.s i'"~-.slrlliK of pun-In, downtown district. Phone "0U7. llcwnrd. L' VI'—In Kurnl.aiic,h-\Vtley'a, Cull 3IMJ; rewind. FOUND Vi>l.',\l.i-~Small coin purBo. Owner may have same by calling nt News office, doserlliilie. mime ami paylne; for this uil. FOUND—Auto East. tire, Inqtiira "U 8 PROr-ESSIONAL SERVICES » m For all ochea ami pains. Special ladles' treatment. Prices reasonable. Call 437 11!' West Sherman. C11AS. I. WILSON, cliiroliraclor, 11M North Main. Phone _7:tr». VfU Bpicliillfco in fUtTiiB liiasswi" Ship man llros.. Masonic Midi:,, ltoum T_. CARPtNTERINQ CARPENTEUINU: lng. Pltohe lt'IidJ. furniture, repair- 10 DRESS [tfAKING- MIW-INERY 10 ALTERATlONn, sulls.and drcssmnk- Ins, remodolln, pleatlnK, turner. Mrs. Richards, phono __I!_J IriRST CLASS dress making. Prices reasonable. Phono W-tlW. \v ANTKli-Dress making:. guaranteed. tmtlstnt ion Mrs. Hays, 514 N. Mu'n .12 PAINTING PAPER HANGING Mi 3AS. WHITE wall paper store, mi. S Main, phono 290. Uewldence 4'.ifa ^ANTBD—i'apor hanging. I'tluno .14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 11 ALL KINDS OV | KLECTltlCAL HEPA1K WORK COMER ELECTRIC STORE 4 N. Maln I'hnno B C. !•*. PK1CK, upholstering, phone 'JS4 ISLECTUIC motor, armature rewinding, repairing. Wo buy, sell, real used motorB. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS Phone 202. 7 South Walnut, Volt Pluca and Furnaces call ;illi ?-.vv. tJSEL) turnlture, uphotstei iiiK ami re pairing, turnlture and stoves, tllld yard Rum. Co.. 100 Kasl 71 h. Ph. ltl'J UFHOLSTRKINU—l-'irst class work, Phono 27S3J. J. 11. liiixland. IS LAUNDRY WORK CURTAINS laundered. Phone I6H8J. SvANTEl>— Washing and Ironing. wash In soft water. Call at "West (1th. Phone _S'.»',\V. 16 SERVICES OFFERED 16 TAINTING., conicnt_ estimate free. 21ii work; PUildmg K. U - ftt .latsJ 28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTEO 28 POULTRY _ SUPPLIES (Cont.) WANTED—All kinds of used furniture; one jilnco or an entire houseful. Ciook Purnituro Exohango Co., phone uO. FOR SALE—Whlto Wyandotte and White Leghorn Cockerels, 8739.J. FOR SALE—Uarred Rock cockerels, standard mating from heavy laying strain. W. H. Ward. Nlelterson. Kan. 29 WEARING APPAREL 2!) IBaurdlsy Cmrasla 72S. 317 East Mrs. Ina Kites, phone Fourth. FOR SALE—Olils _1- years; cheap. winter coat, siae Phone SUS7J. I'OU SALE—Some fine Duff Orpington and Huff Rock Cockerels; a pen of about GO Inylng Rock hens, Mrs. Frlnln, Silica, Kans. HIGHEST priei-S for men's clothing and shoes. Phone lir>s.l. • S1NULE COMB Rhode Islnnd Red Cockerels. Phono UNll! John A. Morgan. USED CLOTIlliNII and fancy work exchange. GIFT & THRIFT Shop, 15 Wtst 5th. Phone 175:-W. THOROUOHllRlil) liarred Rock Cockerels; weigh 7',4 lbs. each. Call at 407 West Sherman- Phone 2730. 39 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS JO A SPECIAL Price on a beautiful Consolo Vlclrola, Period style, mahogany. Jenkins Musto Co., 122 N. Mam. PIANOS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. .Star Piano f'JSS: Whiting Slid; Voso J.21'5; elruhswlck Jtlii; Victor Siiti; Columbia *M; Violin $10; Banjo S4V.' V'asy terms. Knrabnugh-Wiley Music Department. REAL bargain In new piano, beautiful Instrument, fully guaranleedi Phone WE ARE ma king a special price on several slightly used rolls. Aak about these, .lenklna Music Co., 122 N. Main. WANTED I pianos for Phone iil!>. buy—Several used cash, II, o. Philips, WE HAVE some bargains In record I'libinot.s. These will not Inst long at the prices we ask. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Main. Wlf. HAVE a few Hdisuns, Sonora and HruriHWlck phonographs to trade Tor good used pianos; Veateh Bros., 120 N. Main. W. M. BALTj Piano Tuner. Phone 4100J 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 "APEX" electric washing machines at one-half the retail deater's price. They are to bo seen and had at t.T* Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 701 East Second Street BAHCJAIN in it bedroom .set. Large size walnut vanity; genuine wal nut cbbfonlcr; late atylo metal bed (walnut .finish), {100. Phone 41)0. Shaffers. BEAUTIFUL Peninsular baseburner, size 1C. Used one season. pnone 1272. FOR SA LP:—Clark Jewel Oas COOK stove; Lorain oven, heat regulator; used only short time, perfect condition; also Radiant gas healer, like new. phone 2",72M. FOR SALE—New Singer sewing machine; oak davenport. Phone 81 or 2471 after C p. m., a-pt. 12. FOR SALE—Maselnirner In fine condl Hon; nho Rood buffet. Call 3744W. HU.1HEST casn prices paid tor an kinds of us'Hl furniture. Nothing too good; nothing to poor. Crook Furniture Exchange Co.. phone 80. MOMK.MADE comforts Phone 2217 l TKAbfriinu !!!.g, nil kinds. I'll. U7S1.I 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT 1/ DUTCH RADIO TUBES—Numbers ii'ii, 12. 2'U-A, 200; guaranteed equal to ::;.\ tubes on Uio market; 12-'J earn t >.*l Clilli.s, phone. 277.".; 201 N. Van 1 .u SONORA HA I HO (With, the rouotatiul horn) "L'J.RAU A_VA UKl*LT Tone rjiiii'my unt?xcol!od, becamie Ha i-.t! wuuii. S:irn« pric*» as others. Phono 3412 for li.'U'tt.n »trail nil, 19 MALE HEL? WANTED I'J •WANTED al once—Ten men with ttanw to hu*k corn. 4V* miles north of Plevna. Son C. II. Plcplow or phone Upss Di,l,uii.<ki._LyonH, K-in. 'NV^VNTED—"Saies'io^n ami collector with far; rapid advancement for the right party; app';y Monday morning a o'clock at Singer Sewing Maclmic i.'o., 16',. j;ast Shernmn : WANTED- •Carpviiteta. D. K. MeL.oiI. Phone 27SU. 20 FEMALE HELP _J ^ A j ____£J _l ETA _ES*_dtes over IS years of ag^ to work with crew. Apply Room 406, Statney. VANTED~_\n experienced girl fol general house ^ork. Mrs. 1-. E Sentney, Ml E. Sbcitualb \V0.ME"N to usslst wini" house worK for her hoard and room. Phone i ''l .1 HELP WANTED, MALE OR 21 j FEMALE C_Eli"K"S~"f , or gov,"rniTieTu"' pJeTaTTTni! other good positions *l.l00-?>H 1 yearly. Experience unnecessary. Full particulars freo hy writing a. «v. ltobblus, civil service expert, 98 . liurehell Bldg.. Washington. l.'.C. NEW and used Furniture, heating stoves, ranges and gas ranges. Our prices are right. Wo are In the mar. ket for good furniture and stovei Hay Workman. 202V_ Is'. Maple. 1'hone 3841—U74J. TRADE your old furniture for now Phone Shaffers, 43<1. WANTED—Furniture, rugs, stoves highest pr'res. Johnson furniture Co., Phone 21'1. 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 3- REPAIKI-D— RENTKD, BOUGHT—SOLD 60S N. Mala Phono 781 34 FUEL <*, FEED 34 FOR SALE—Sudan and cane hay. Farmingtoli Nurseries. Phone llKli Oil SALE—Oas power hay bailer; also fat pullets; 20c a Ih. Phone UFO. 'OR SALE—Fat geese. Phone SIKH. AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cent.) Ford Sedan Chevrolet Coups Hulck Coupo These Are Priced t IP ATOM & mvm 120-1 _2 VIMl ttno Koni Touring l'J24 Olds Sedan Chancier Sport Tourlnff. 1D20 Jlup Uoiitister. (& B A. !B<&___|ii_oca Motor C®. 53 WANTED TO RENT WANTED—To rent, woll Improved piftOQj close In. Adilress U-il, c.ire New f. 54 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENT olose In, furnisiiert or unfurnished. Call 20K6W or 14S1, FUU KENT— Five room unfurnished iinartment, t blocka from K. w. BUIK. I-'hone 2317. M->L»l-;itN sround apartment, coay fire Iiliioi;. gns rnnso. Reasonable; __4 EJIJH Shninan, OR tiAIjE—Turkeys. Phono 1I0J l.\irlow. A. M. Jiowser, 82x4: 33x4; 34x4; prices range from U to $12; good tiHfid tubes $1 each. BARNES All TO SALVAGE CO. 22-2i Went Sherman, ONE 2 and ono 3-room apurtment. ft45 Kn .n tflt. ^Toli*•rn. 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 42 INVESTMENT—Offer $10,1)00 7% preferred stock In amounts of $1,U0() or more. Dividends payable semi-annually. Established concern. For further information, address J-1I. care Newn- Hmilil, ________________ FORD 1-ton trunk chassis, over-sb.e cord tires; this chn_>sls can be bought for $85 cash, and balance small monthly payments; tjio fmniUtRs from this truck will maw* tbo pnymonts. DAVIS & Child. 2nd and W.t^hlngton. I-'OH iSAUE, trade or letiHe, eood cafe doing nice busIncM, Itenson, other business. ZHImnn's* Cafe No. 1, E1K- 45 MONEY TO LOAN Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 6 n< ft of value, you pay back principal and Interest at $13.33 per month for each $1,000 borrowed; we want to talk with yon about It. Coe- Thomson Improvement Co.. Masonic IMtlg., I'hone 752. 1 Ford sedan, good mechanical condition, extra tires, for 1150. 1 Ford roadster, 2 now Urea. $40. 1320 Ford touring, starter, demount­ able rims, new top/ $110. 11)21 Ford touring, first class condition, starter, demountable rims, $125. 1921 Chevrolet touring, 6 good tires, good condition, $125. Brand new Ford sedan, balloon tlrea. Now Ford touring', a real bargain. 1 new I-'onl coupe, extra tires. Essex i:oach, looks Ilka new, complete with h tires. Moon Chummy roadster, this car la a bargain at the prlco we are asking for It. CITY LOANS—Straight loanii; Newlln Manning T_oan Co., 11^ N. Main. h% 6%% 6% We represent loan companies with millions available to place on gooa Central Kansas farms, h% with moderate commission, with small commission, or 8% with no commission. Annual Interest. Consult us now. THE COE-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO, Loans and Tnsnrnnce. GET 1% on first mortgago real estate security, —ask McNaghten! IstNat'l Ttldg.. • "FARM LOANS $1,000,000 to loan at b% and low commission. All central Kansas. New- Un-Mannlng Loan Co., 11^ N. Mam Fi_lM arnr LOW RATES—QUICK SBRVIOS J. BaSlley & Soi 4 East Sherman Bt. Phono 23_4. Established 1S3S. MONEY to loan. Welfare Loan Co.. amali amounts, IfiH North Mam . MONEY* TO LOAN Unproved city property or —ask McNaghten. 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CALL 20F3 for pears, apples, honey nod piimnklna. CHILE, Hut TomaltiS, HamucrgerH. The best In Hutohinson. Try thorn. C. and E. Lunch, 20-A &&at 1st. ! : one 312. COOD Pumpkin and Mliu-e Pies, cakes and popcorn h;*-lls. I'hone 1\44-J. C.not) home Im'klng. t'h. 1U4J. liuM KM AUI0 pumpkin and mince plfH. J*iioim ic.Sit. 37 SHRUBBERY, SEEDS ; 22 SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN 2_r ! SALESMEN wanted for Reno, Harton, j Stafford and Pratt counties to sen ; Blancke'a automatic carburetor control for Ford cars and trucl<n. It Is a • uuccess and a good fceller. J. D. 1UP- ; pey, Slafford, Kati. _________ 25 SITUATION WANTED, i FEMALE tyftffiTTiv^otTiCH^ 23 ^ORIC by hour. Phono _4iiW. < 26 MISCliLLANEOUS FOR 2b JSALE ^ ^T^urTT_elfh*o7nn5ul^ fiiL iiuff Orpingion pullms; 65 liutt OrpTngtun hen.s, >.>ne 40_ egg ijucen Jncubntor; one _00 chick coioiiy bruort- er; ono gnaulino engine and pump jack; ono sot of *ln >;ii; work hnrm 'HK nnd collar; one 10-lnch plow. Phouu -.7F2, 11- M. Gamble. PEON 110 roots r«ia<iy. Now is time to plant, 4o<: each, 54 per <lo_. under- w<K.d Orc*?Tihousrt Co. LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 3S FOR WALK —Big type Poland China boftro. Somo extra good boars sirt;u by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Earn Is Jade by Nortsldo Kit by Ptelt- etta Orphan. The_<e boars are outstanding breeding prospects ull have been vaccinated and are priced right. For frther Information, address Seth Jones. Box 81. Hutchinson. Kan»a_. FOH SAEE~OIIR registered Duroc Jersey bear. P.ithflndor and Orion breeding, a good individual, priced cheap. Itlnrold Pennington, phone 3^F&. FOR HALK—Dandy young cow. fresh with hcit'^r calf; also heavy spring- nr. W. R. Crow, phone 1209.7. Cash available now to repay tho loan you now havo and reduce your monthly payments by placing your loan in the Salt City Building Loan Savings Association. From an investment standpoint, our a lock Is sare, solid and secure; whip your lazy,am lara into producing a guaranteed dividend. Lot us call and explain Building nnd Loan to you. E. CAUEY, LLOYD UltUWJN Pres i de n t. S tary, 603 N. Main. Phona W72. FARM loans. Anderson invest mont Co., Phune -7^j a. aiain, TWO room 522 Firm, TWO ROOM Apartment, down town; "2. 1st En^t. 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 65 Fl'RNlSHED—Two room apartment, ounce ting bath, private entrance; 117 East Sth. Phone 20:tt W. UKNlSHED modern apartment. Hot water heat; three rooms; built-in featiires. Phone 369. FOUR-room apartment. 15 East fith". HEATED Apartment; 12_ East First. MODKRN auts, and rooms, oil) E. 1st. MODERN apartment and rooms, 100 East Fourth. MODERN furnished apartment. 6_y A East. MODERN Furnished Apartment, 212- 7th. west. 506-103-110 West 1st. Phono 3582. 1924 FORD coupe, used very little; you can mako a real saving on this car; wo will make terms for you, Davis & Child, 2nd and Washington. TWO ROOM Apartment fi )rni_heu; private; $5.00 per week. Phone 770. 1 Ford _ourin_r, 1 Hudson Touring^ 1 Itoo Touring. EOHTC:*! m.EB CAWS W7-11I West 2nd. Phono 1.5 2* Dodge Sedans 3 Ford Roadsters 3 Buiek Tourings 1 Dudgo Touring 1 Cadillac Touring 2 Ford Tourings 1 Chevrolet Roadster Let us know your needs—Ws v get tt. THE USED CAR MARKET 22 Kast A. Phone _«u_ FORD cars, sell from $25 to $100. we will give terms; now Is the time to buy a used Ford at the right price. Davis & Child, 2nd and Washington, .OOTSlQfAL VAMIES IN 102* _»odgo Brothers Coupe 1922 Dodge Brothers Tourlnf 30?.O Dodge Brothers Sedan 1!>21 Dodge Brothers Touring ]3P» Dodfto Hrothera Touring 1522 WIllya-KnlKht Touring 1321 Nash Taurine; s 1920 Oldmobllo Touring 1D24 Chevrolet Touring 1924 Chevrolet Touring 1918 Ford Sedan DODGE BROTHERS DEALERS 1 HUTCHINSON" FUR 10 YEARS FORI) speedster for sale, $C0. Davis & Child, Second and Washington. MOTOR SUPPLIES & REPAIRS LAST MOOTffl wo wrecked 24 cars. Windshield glass fitted. Tlrea and batteries. • 22, 24. 26. 2S Wj^al Sherman. GO ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD &U FERNITEUE. Stoves. East 10th FURNISHED 6 rooms, floor. 102 E. ^ 6th. modern, lat FURMSHED room In modern home, 541 East First. Phone 2341. MODERN steeping Sherman. rooms, -lb i_asi MODERN sleeping rooms. 201 W. 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4b ^^^'liO^srTsiT™ Bftrr£tiD__ Driven 8 months, and mechanically perfect. Many extras include lock- wheel, ITa ^sitT shock absorbers, spare tire, gas gaugy and filler, luggage carrier and others too numerous to mention. Priced to sell at $2.10; only cash offers considered at this prlco. 1'huiiM 2-llW for demonstration. MODERN *<)i>iM>in« rooms. Fh. NICE LAUGE ROOM For Rent private home; well located; $la.uu per mmith. Phono 77<\ SLEEPING rooms. SLEEl'INO rooms. 213 West Flttn. SLEEPING room:]. 31S East B. apartment east. down stairs, HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont) §i_Ii^ No. 1— buy In Hutchinson. Flva rooms, large basement, tiarland inrnace, largo coa! bin. Hot and cold uater and sink In basement, one-half block of car lino and scho"«I. North- w-Kt part of town; ?fi.">0 down. No. 2—Four rooms semi-modern, northwest part of city, one-half block of car lino and school. Owner will lakt> in car or lot and some cash as first pavment. Priced for quick snli- at $t,. r iO0. This is a flno little home for someone. KINO BROTHERS REALTORS Phono EiiiS, ovonlngs 1D27W. 307 First Nal'l Bank Bidg. SOMETHING now In a 3 room rurn- Isned" apartment at 2U First East. STRICTLY modern urlvate apt" 2510W THREE ROOM, modern, down stairs furnished apartment; 223 E. 2nd. 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5b FOR RENT—10 rooms strictly modern except furnace; excellent condition. Phone 2255 or 1503. FOR RENT—42S East 10th: 8-room, lights, gas. $12. Call 424 East 10th, or phone 2198W. ' FOR SALE by owner. 2 six room house*, 70S and 710 East Third, inquire 710 EOJJI Third. FOR RENT—Five room house, modern except furnace, $20 month, cau •I;SJ. FOR RENT—Cottage, 423 Cnll at 313 East First. FOR RENT—House at 724 N. Starr. Phono 37C4W. 315 East A, ii-room cottage, on trolley, near frhool, $2.A0O. $300 down. Brown Bros., realtors, J5*_ North Main, phoni* 2S14. 1_[©IE_3 _£s:rrj ?__[_3 1. Corner location West 11th, n«w flvo room bungalow, modern except furnace; $340». t. Six room strictly modern bungalow, En at 13th near Main. Ono of tho largest and best bungalows In Hutchinson, $C300. 8. Five room Khlngle bungalow, Enst 15th one hundred block, completely modern, fine condition. Price, $5250, will take In building site and mak'j trrmj». 4. Two story, six room house, strictly modern, sleeping porch, fine location, paved street; price J4UUU, extra good terms. 5. Six room, strictly modern bungalow, fireplace; double garage, extra building site, paved on both Hide*. Price 54500. Al lines of Insurance. Troy C Maikle solicitor. . Co. - Phone 400. and balance monthly buys ft prttty newly reflnlshed 5 room modern except furnace cottage, within 4/ blocks of Christian church. Brehrp Realty Co., 9 East Sherman, phonoM2. FOR RENT—Good modern & room cottage garage close In. Phone 32_U. FOR KENT— 4 room cottage, 413 P, east. Phono 162liW, after 6 p.m. FOR RENT—Six-room house, seml- modern. 116 3. Poplar. Ph. 22F21. FOR RENT, cheap—Good four-room house. Phone 795. FOR RENT—5-room new, modern bungalow to ndults. Phone 2217. FOR RENT —14 East 15th, strictly modern. Phone 309. A. B, Dull. FIVE ROOM cottage and garage; _1& Sth west. HOUSEKEEPING rooms with private entrance, ground floor, E26 East C. K'EW five-room cottage, modern. S. S. Spanglf-r, phone 3330. PAY off the loan on your home or CH -iy monthly payments, —ask Mc- Nnghtoni First Nat'l. Uklff. RENTALS. 1 So. Chemical, 4 rooms..,, 3 So. Chemical, 4 rooms.... 1st & Palace, 4 rooms 621 West 6th, 4 room 151S East Third, 5 rooms.. If) 00 East 6th, 5 rooms Goo East "F," 7 rooms 422 N. Chemical, 6 rooms.., 512 East Campbell. 4 rooms., 524 East 4th. 5 rooms , 017 West 7th, & rooms furn.. ..$ S,(B ., S.»0 .. 12.00 .. l^.UO ^ 13-00 .. 15.00 12.00 .. 15.00 .. 15.00 ..$30.00 ., 37.50 24 Eaa tSherman, 8 rooms mod. fcO.uo 201 East "A," 6 rooms mod 4h.00 14 West 4th, Storeroom...'*.... 40.uu 100 West Sherman, storeroom.. 100 oo 511 West 7th, 5 room* 2"'"0 024 West "B", 4 rooms 10.00 Steam heated office rooms, —ask McNAGHTENI Healtors. Phono C55. 1st Nat'l Bldg. Call 15S5-J evenings. FIRST FLOOR I_irco living room and dining room, sun parlor that can bo used as downstairs bed room, plenty of bullt-ln work In kitchen nnd pantry, front and rear stairway, oak floors and trim, beautlfllly flniahed. SECOND FLOOR S bed rooms, bathroom and hall, all h_rgo, wonderful closets with each room. THIRD FLOOR Maid's Toom and large attic. Basement, largo, light and airy, 1st class hot water heating plant with automatic regulation. Garage and chicken house of cement blocks. Lots of fine trees. On ono of the best utreetii, north end section. This beautiful home U in excellent condition and could not possibly be duplicated today for anything like the price of $S,500. Reasonable terms, New Dresses Good Style Dresses, Suitable for Winter Wear WOOL DRESSES, SILK DRESSES, $5.75 to $12.75. $5.75 to $16.75. LITTLE GIRLS' WOOL DRESSES, 6 to 14, $3.50, $3.75, $4.75, $5.75. LITTLE GIRLS' WINTER COATS, 3 to 14, $4.50, $5.75, $9.75, $10.75, $12.75. BOYS' KNICKER SUITS, $6.50 to $10.50. BOYS' CAPS, 45c, 95c, $1.25. BOYS' KNEE PANTS, $1.25 to $1.98. Star Brand Shoe* for the Whole Family Infants' Shoes, 2\ to 8, Girls' Shoe*, 81 to 2, $1.48 to $1.98. $1.98 to $3.98. Boys' Scout Shoes $2.48, $2.98, $3.48. Boys' Dress Shoes $2.98 to $3.50. Misses' Straps and Oxfords $2.98 to $4.50. Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers $2.98 to $6.50. Men's Shoes $2.98 to $6.75. Oxfords $4.98 up. ON EASY PAYMENTS COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut Street. 65 LOT FOR SALE FOR SALE—Vacant lots In Business dlsti ., Havllnnd, Kan. Phono «I5W Dr. W. P. Schoor. Hutchinson. Knn Realtors 201 First National Bldg. Phong 855—Evenings 3988W or 410 West loth; modern exc-pt furnace; $20.00. Call 1107 North Monroe. 57 HOUSES FURNISHED 5/ _J«w Cr«»c«uaft Wmrk ___£_ , J©w Flv, rooms, strictly modern, south front, will take well located lota as pnrt payment. Prlco J4.SO0. New five room cottagw, oak floors throughout, built-in features In kitchen, pipe furnace, large lot with extra bulldlngf site, garage, ?3,300. i-'OH cash sale—Two _5-foot lots, 3.10 block East 10th. rhono 2fl00\V. Mrs. F. W. Kaths. _y_* FWI- liulldlng site for salo by owner, or trade for good closed car. Phono 33.1- daytime. 66 FAHMS FOR SALE bb PAUM for sale—South, west five twenty-two six, J18,"00 t 110.000 cash, ja.OOll five years 6%. J. S. Hoke, Ha, H. Ardmore, Los Angeles, Calif. tloo CASH Balance monthly, buys S room house garnse and acre near car line. Llrehm Realty Co., No. S Eltst Blior- man. phone 42. May Locate at Nlckerson. We have 7S acres adjoining Nlckor- son on the north, close to good schools, close to paved road, 20 minutes' drive from Hutchinson; bottom land, good soil, sandy enough to work jjood, all In cultivation, alfalfa, sweet clover, fruit, shade, fair improv_ments, city water ami lights at buusn and bain; prion Jlfl.onii, Inc. Jl,0n0; nlll trade, for improved farm of more acres of e<tunl or less price; will go wt-st; we will be slad to furnish you with details. improved K>0 acre farm in Ktnrir-y Co., will consider good lots In Hutchinson. Also PiO acres In Kearny Co. for Hutchinson lot*. 68 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES 08 FOR SALK OR TltADU, Small Hlock. Northwest part of City. Four Dusineai Lots, 3-_5 ft. One l>0 ft. Six Residence, lots. Four Koom nous-", and summer Kitchen, iJarn, and chicken houfie, will sill or trade all or any pari. What hav« you V 'IVtt'phono _0ii ;s. Foil SALK or" trmltv—10 room strictly modern homo In excellent condition, good location, reasonable terms. Phnnr* 2„r )Fi or l-"<";*,. FOR HALE— Sirtall equity in five room bungalow, will trade for car; 6_1 West 12th. FOR SALE at l.nrguln—217 and 301 D Ka.HU Writo Geneseo. Kan. F East Box 22, FIVE ROOM, semi-modern house; close to car line; harpain price. Anderson Investment Co., _7_ S. Main, i'none FURNISHED—Three room houae and Kara Re Phone. T.W. FUUN1SUKD—Four room cottage; liyhta and Kaa.only. Phona _ut. FOR KKNT— Furnished or unfurnished 6 room cottage. Call 31U_ or R *__J. ____________ NICELY* furnished 2"i West ii-room cottage. 59 BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT 59 TWO slft-ping, for rent; furnace "heat. PhonJ 37(_t>. Ladlea preferred. * TWO NICELY furnished rooms with bath; ISOu W. 1st. I'hone 17S8-J. FRKSU Orcf n, X'oit SAL K~ C lioico Dtiroc matea'. Phone Ui-K-IL'. C. W. Danford. Jer,«ey milk coi Nli'kt-rsoii. Kan. _ FRKSH Holstein cows, lmiuiro Waiter C. Peine, Darin**. FOR riALM—Real estate 8 'y<> coutrac; at discount. —aah McNayhtui'. "TOii SALE— Hcdmun Check / $15.00, regular price $10.00. . j ford Teeter, News office. Writer, ' VOU SALE—Electric Washing Aiu- chlnes. The "Ap«;x," for one-hair the retail dealers uric., at the uuu-ii- lnson Ponded Warehouse, 701 l^ast Second Htrcnt. * i FOR WALE—Ono mahogany llbiary table and ono inahoi;u.ny chair. Call at 610 Ka«t Sherman before noon. FOR SALE—Heavy duty wagon; l gasoline garage tank; galvinized water tank with fauoet and cover. Whlto Lumber Co., 101 W. Sherman. Phone FOR SALE—oiio lutoinational 6-11.P. fgusolinc engine, unf-d two months. I 'lioPf _7s« 1 ' K. _\ 1 1 • L'-r.d^ j-t.'R HAi^—'i-.o ivaT estate 1 1 Th T m.irtnaui-'fci. -aak McNaghliMiJ t-'lione in: SALE- r.Slfi.l. -Manuru lor lawns. Cal •? liJI* s:i\v, fi. .4- uliluiiialiu Reman, oin; V/inclu'SU'i- hummer ran be bought for lialf prica. 13 9 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 39 APCJ' 1 i-nsLEiT^T^ Midland hoi.-l S4, Hutchinson. 1 can pleiiae you. Nov. _5; l mib.'H S .W. of Partridge. !Jt.t head of high-i;rado Jerney cattle. This lilotik is all my own breeding and good milk producers. SPOTTED SHETLAND PONY 6 yr. old, (untie, kid broke. N. A. CASSIDV isisinrisiK lasiBio CAL P .S P>20 Ruick Touring 1921 Ford Roadster lain Ford Touring ,1!M6 Four cyl. Studebakcr lt'i2t) Jordan Touring 1'Jly Studebakcr Big 6 Touring Cadiliac Touring. lUllt Marmon Sedan 1P23 Studebakcr Special Six 1U1S Dulck 0 Touring i 131U Wlllyis 6 Touring \ €H_a=_s M<2>ft@ir €® F'hone 4B0 110-113 W. Second FORD touring car, excellent condition, reflnlshed. good top and rubber; vou can buy this car for J100 down, bal- anco monthly. Davb & Child, Second and Wash In g 1 on. DODt.; E~Sedan. cheap. Phone £1L FOR SALE—Ford Touring; clarfs garage; 20 West Sherman. 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 51 HOARD and room; furnace heat. Fast Sherman. 126 MODERN rooms Lloard. 306 W. _iul. MODERN furnished 5-room *utt« close in. Hoard if deaired. 24 Eabt 6th. Phono "7. ROOM and board for two, 206 A, east. Phone 252SW. 52 R 5 O HOUSEKEEPING MS FOR Hi dJSEIC 10 E P1 N f ! t( iDlhu. HODSEKEEPINti rooms 211 W titn HOi;sEKKEI J l.\G room, 106 \\ cKt Rigger. No objections to children LIOIIT HOl'SK Keeping rooms; ;i;so sleeping rooms from $2 and up. 2o _i P. NICE private oTfico room; heat; furnished; central location; cheap, Roe Realty Co. 63 BUSIN£SS PROPERTY FOR RENT—Rooming lOa Eft M©w2 FOR RENT—Room 25x125 ft., 4I'J ,Maln. Iiifiuire at. 417 S. Main. Surely someone who reads our ad asking for an of fur on 66x16a feet, close in on A East, house arranged for two complete a part menu or for single family dwelling uf 8 rooms and 2 baths, garage, fine shade; surely they realize that should they buy this place they would buy at their own price, just the sama as If It were knocked down to you In an auction. It's a golden opportunity for some one. Lets go. Will make terms on agreed price or might take some Rood lots. Also havo 2\s aero Improved tract on which we want an offer. These places must soli*—wl 11 sell—so see us at once. LAMBORN-MAYF1ELD CO. Realtors. Phone 17S5 3 N. Main. 304 1st Natl. Phone 2278. "ffraiail© YMIT Tmirm Ona Ms €4© Aero Do yen want to trade your 8'1 or 160 a. farm around Hnt .'h!n "i>n on n larger fiM m, and hnn .Ue all tho balance, on easy paym 'Miis? hnvn the ehanea waiting for you. Thl? i,i (Uil acre Improve'! farm in Rood Western Ka.ns._t County. flroiit place ff-r eniin and stock—a combination farm. About 0T1A acrea cuHlvatnl, raises gi»o.| wlit'at, balance in pasture. l.ii>, l»-•,-•1 ». a dining table, all good soil, i'nmi;.ir:i- ttvoiy ii"W house, barn, gran.iry, ei- (Jwncr dot^s not ne._ tin.- mun.-y, w'ii take good S'> to It^i) a. farm In trail" as part payment and curry back the dlffenmee in <:asy paymvnt^. Or. \-.:ll tradi. for g--c-d u-ntal m.-r* until.. b'.i::;. in good IC .*Liis ;is town, Tbii Is a r»-.»l opportunity for farmer bnvn >r. gt-t iwitu a litiger larm, Wilte, or B -.-o u .J. C ©(B" THBO__SO)IDI rcrapn Realtors — \.< ],28*) Acres of good farm land; some Improvements, In Hamilton Co., on crop payment. Aak 81 e w art, 11 V_ -N. Main. 67 TRACTS FOH SAL b/ Ten-acre tract, fine soli; price $2 ,000. Phone 692. lVi S. Main. 64 HOUSES HOR SALE FOR SALE— Or trade, 1'J22 ing car. Phone ;M12. MODERN furnished light huu »ekecp- Ing rooms. .'.04 East (* 'JI»r »2J. NOW wifecklng K-4b Bulok; 37 Olda- mobile; Fordj and others. A. 1C. Johnson, 15 South Washington. TWO, tbrco or four-room apartnunt. Iiitiulro 221 West First. TWO rurnTrfliecl housekc-epiug rooms, $3 per week. 313 East It. A HOOD FURNACE will make your home feel good these days; we have a new 5 room completely modern bungalow that you can move into TODAY and own by a payment of J . r »00 down. Two nice bedroom's with closets ayd bath between them. Good cabinets built -in kitchen. Rack porch enclosed, light, airy V_ basement with Garland furnace and gas, hot water heater, cement floor. Only 6 blocks from 5th Rnd Main. We believe this Is the mo:y complete homo and biggest value m tbo city for $2300.00. —»ste McMn^Iiitel Phone (153 or 39H9W Evenings. First National Building. 3 ACRE tract, close in, 2 acres in ai- falfa. 6 room house, lights ami gas. large barn. Can be bought liko paying rent, 6*4 S. Plum. liisurarj" Tfira _<B Yo_ir Ca'.* H tt. Iiuildlns sit,. ,.ii \V wl.l tiade fo: "r'..rl ca fflsik M«Ma__l®Ds2 Phorn; tr ,'i nr cv Mings. First .National Hull.llng. Good 1th. O'.viier WILL TRADE My Old-smobi.y S <'i !im for efpitty m nitjdern h'imu in nurt beast part of th»> city, fall 1 r._7,T. WI-;i.L impi uvt'd )<(i a.-rt'S, t-sp^ciany ada pied for dairy yi .I Hummer rr- aorl; '•> mtb's from Pi '-vna. cliange lor good Hutchinson r< we:| lncate.l. Address O. H Sylvia, Kan idcrn'e Vust, 70 W'.NTED TO BUS WANTED—-T mojfrn or '!_ ^—-^l 11 ' 1 WANTiilb—A ivo or six room rrit-mud.'rn house. Ad- Siiop, —A f-nv hundred fencft ie me at Rncl; Island Shoo South Main. B room house 700 block cast 7th street; modern except beat, garage, good cDudltion. Sale price $3C'00. Only $1000 cash required, remainder $25. per month. 66x165 fuet known as 23 Avenue A West on the southeast corner of the .streets at Avenue A and Washington. Owner reserves buildings to move off the location. Tho pile*; Is extremoly Interesting If sold within ton days. Corsj? lReall Eaft__« h SOT. (CO. Insuror— Lloyd Drown—Realtor Salesmen: Sanders, Schoonover Buchanan 6 room furnished house. House Is modern, good furniture, location best block on Sth west. This U n bur-Rain in rental property, only $35.00 per month. Must furnish references. No umall children. M B —iv„®_lii.@!r and insurtT. 12 Kasl Sherman HtreeL Cfvcr 60 jeura in Hnielniiaou. phnn. 3103-Af^, . o. m. iqjANK Id I.E. M -.T. Real E .t.-uc. Room strictly modern; 1- bedroom and bath downstairs; ckyant elm shade, lawn and shrubs. Consider small homo on north side. Brehm Realty Co., 3 East Sherman, phono 43. $4,000 ALL MODERN 100 foot frontage on northeast part; 8 rooms, 1 bedroom and toilet downstairs, 3 b"drooms. bath and sleeping porch upstairs; full basement, Karate, excellent condition; si rani buy. Wih pN:ase you. Urchin Realty Co., No. U East Sherman, phone 4". LOW rate loans on buamuss property. McN'aj:bt.-n! 1st Nal'l U! I«r. WE wain redidenco loan.i. Ktial«ht or mnntblv paymcntB ask M^NaKhten! 15-Year city loans. —McNagmeni i® ©if _®nf MY HOME, 1911 NORTH MAIN Two story, heavy tile construction, stucco. Two fire places. Standing oak downstairs; upstairs white enamel. Oak floors throughout. Sleeping porch, breakfast room. Various built-in features. Beautiful light fixtures. Full basement and fruit room. Stucco garage. Should be seen to be appreciated. Phone 63—Evenings 3361. PUBLIC UOb'St'.llOMJ GOODS At 2 o'clock 1*. M., Ktitiirdity, Nov. 22. nt residence Xn. l."J West 1411 Stro-t In tint City of HnichiriKoii, tlu liotis'i'l'.old Koods of the In to LOUIHII A1 V,\*h will be wold at nubile auction. AmonK the articli.s to ho aold aro the following: Uprlfht pluno, bed stcuds, .sfiringH and muttlcisea, conch, dining room table, china cnpboaid. kitchen cabinet. Ice chest, kitchen lunge, sew- inic inachine. kitchen tattle., rockers and other chalrH, ull stove, tlire6 iug», and numerous other artlel-H. O. W. NOI!.niS. DANIEL l-'AliKT. ' Kxei .'Utors. Pete Powcl^on. Auctioneer. 40 IT' PET STOCK 4U Mrs. Ilia tlaiil.Un.s in. tubes S1.1U Llll- Sli.'rnntn. 27 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE OR TRAPE lime cutler, make. Address cows Name sii:e, 't'-ll, care : ^'liitKK To"ts to" iriule"* for i'Jjotl* 363-J, after 1 o'clock ^ s. "oil" liAU'l ll'l.'l. C'anar: one for Xmas. Klft, ^TPcoTors^ Oliy I'hone 74IIW. UU. O. H. llOKtlAN VETEHINAUIAN Spaeiaiizltur in does and cats. 1-1 Kast I'ifte. nth. Phone V Ltl Vl in town for furnitup liouiliy. Phone ;U74>t. north piano, cow 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 ALL KINDS Live and Dressed Poultry ItUNNlNUSEX PHODUCK CO Phono 779. \V,. deliver. l-'i ill S.U,K—UtiMizc Turkey able: I'hcim !lti.!—t.arl..\; F( iif "'if A1.10 —Til rk ey s li,,,, uu lull VJU4J..] OM . i'hone Jlarold FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—No Answer Needed. By Blosser <

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