The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 2
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TWO THB DAILY HEWS. FBSDXBIOX. MD.. MONDAY. DEC 38, 1931. INSATTEND Rev. Dr. A. J. Traver Preaches To Local Lodges. L RADIO PROGRAM Mr Caned mtvie EraSe»t«i XOXI*T. MKXXBEX t* BEST FEATCBCS »r»-- WJZ H*t«crk Th* G^4btrj.-»tAT Nrtwort Aaat a- A»iT-V.JZ N^'wort k«al IXk»-- «JZ S*twtr-t Ge» l«««fc»r«»~» ABC Network 0--|. n-- KTAT Nttwu'k ·SASTSSN STANDARO TOtX throofS- -^i, £' BTPACT oae tto^: lot Central · L \MEKN STATIONS) . BtLUMOfct-- S»S-- ttt ' " "*\ B / \ BOSTON. ST. JOHN SERMON THEME 1*3 A F membership of *S ^r-d Lv-cr. Uese =s A M . a-erJed * 39 " :: CO · ti 1 '-4 OTC. t JO-T.O. »TBi:\ ,«F t »» " I! -- MKl!c»I \f*t Ccar»i Or OlFIALO -- SJ3 I-- »*· k. L.:.*r-t. ch-rca. ^r:^ ec a: The temp* p* *t oc.-oci ~ the * mv.ii ·c-ea'-iiec b~ ti"* p 5-hn Tra-er ·*·!- the zc=jory cl St Is par: Dr Trsier ·In accorc. ·».:·; « of ir.e '! ^d ! 13 tie ch'^rch lac [ A Is-cela. sersci: t D aa-r Tjzer* . t- %ir -^j. c _s nua E t r r A L O -- MI-- M» k. 6 »" « 50 T 9C-» :i * 3« _"*.a r«*r Mtrrore* Or CINCINNATI-- ·«*--·»* - · :v-:« DO jc WTJC. WXAT « «i-7 li ( VC 10 00 « OO-- ttldcat* S»-«l»;fr» 7 IS-- Stv£lo M'^«lct!r En-fn:b!» 10 0»-- Soaciaixt aiilbiilla Trio 1! »-- M«3c»s» Srtf'rt WOK. KCWA«K -- t±S-- 71* k. « OO~t'stJ Ooo. SSprru pjiu 7 :5-- «t«ch Sucr«s Si t C.»rk» 3 00-- Of «jad EES» Je*» R.«r ur. s oe-- r»*tarr 10 09-- Tr»p5«rs 10 IS -N-we Or WEAI. KtW XOKK-- MS-- «·· k. C OC-- E.--?"» Ro« Or H.',!»!!T:!t« 6 45-- t'tbU-lil BOJ* T 00-- La- frei ,'«u. tjinin Or . Quar- wr H' * 45 -- Go "t-trsi. Drmniat!; Erwa e JO -- bj-^-"« « O- Grptie* v 30 -- rir^ttc c: fiu.t« ic eo-- S-MJ 11 ae-- M'si or 11 30 -- I«"w« C-m»fO*! C»ao»»T Or 12 OC-- H-CM Kcg*a rr» WJZ NEW 10SK-- SS-- 1«» k. « X -- Eiis.-i» .'ui xr T«»::'n Or I «-L£»'' T!-i;i^ Aai6« a 7 '^ -- !· -t" f" ' Coci 7 4i-- A-arr s O' Gibum t 1 O-L)fi'a V»' f» B*ITT Or a j -o- ·* ot*" i. i v A'ifo Rev Dr Anw» | lor hSs ·£«=:* | F.«ti«. Sport WHJl ·WASC Johr. ' -esswsi .c.snt custom the IraterrJtv as- n the Sun- jav c*-c.--c to tr.e =:en:o-J' o! St tie E-arg«:.£t Swetimes a fed ior whica t^e re»- ca-ce a loet We do cf the Koly St John's c: M250T.T BJ' it ^5 B r_ e to note some of j __ -Ses of the :^e oJ St j Johr: the «vargcUr. traits of per- his £ay to be ,5 S '.} * » :» 3fl. 18 -e 59. 1C «-'.· « »c^ « »-- ipert. Jattmtw the C 00-- » « Ji P »E: OrcS. t j5_j- j«^o; 10 JO -- Con»*TT«torT 12 C0~8 -- " A. v^c»r.jc Orcfcj WTAM CLMtUlND-- »»t-- !«· k. «TtAl* » » 30 « 4J-" - :i » t 30-10 45 t "»-- J»ct T-"5«r 7 0*-G*s« * G'rno 1. » -- M-i.c P.«r-». Orcti MtloUe» wxiz. orniorr-- I4i »-- ii4« k. WABC · 41 I! 90 J l 1»-J1 M e so-- Scwi \. a«» i **-- organ wj« DrrmoiT -- «·*-- "a» k. wjz « oo e is - oo ·: is. » oo-« ». t c" :: i» S! JO J oo * 15-- Tc«n T»ik Terse "There "Our :T iii-1 be found in iu own el the I3th chap-er and the 23rd "Ther »ts at the table, re- iu* bosom, one or the «iac.p5 wtwir. Jesus :o*»d* This text comes from the story of the last supper and "the disciple whom Jesus loved' John Who Teas this fatored o: Je^Ui' His father was a flsherman. hs mother a cousin ol Marr, the mother of JesJS H^s best iaown brother was James and with Andrew and Philip, he carried on the fbasfcess of 2shSng on Galilee All Jour were lovers of Lberty and hearing of that other John, the Baptist, they ·west to the wilderness to hear him. ·Won by hSs gospel of practical llv- iEg they fo-owed him till Jesus came rthat war. Then leaving »H their !a- terests of horse sad business they ·ioHored Elm to the end John was the yoongest, and U\ed the longest. ar^ to ihe end of the f.rst century. aves to us a gospet three letters the relation. "Three character marks seem to tn* ·to be specially tatresttng and Instructive Strange to say John was a man of Intolerant temper Christian art 'ctoes not so picture hbn deVlncl In fcis Janious picture of the Lord's Supper shows an effeminate rather weak young man. But' with his brother. James he was called ' Son of Thunder- He came to liis Master objecting that some one outside the apostol'c circle ·was c^tjng out demons in Jesus' name and wanted It forbidden Refused J JoSgmK In a Samaritan vJJage he asked that fire from heaven burn up the place. He was no weakling, but every Inch man. intolerant but teachable. See what fellowship with Christ d!d lor the 'Son of Thunder' Instead of Intolerance with men he became in- tolenutt with sin. In Acts we find ;bi» carrying the message of the gospel "to a Samaritan town. Our age needs men wilLng to fight, not sinners but *in- We have a too easy tolerance, ·with things as they are and permit them to hide things as they should and Tnlght become. Berolntionlst At Heart. "John wss also intensely ambitious Se was a revolutionist at heart and first followed Jesus because he thought He would lead to freedom from Koine. He and h-s brother sent their mother j to Jes-js with the ambitious request that thev have places of prominence j on the right ar.d left hand of the King i Amb.;icn":s a great trait if it Is cVrect- ' ed towa-d the right oc.'ectlxes John was to lesm frcm the Great Teacher , that we do not climb to power by , graspiny. Rreedv steps We stoop in { the husnCitv of service and find the throne is at the bottom rather than at the tcp John learned the lesson o' life wh»n he c^ianged ha derot.oa from seif-sh arrbstlons to the great cause of tr.e Kisgdaaa of God. "The thj-cl t~a.t we mark tot^sht was his 'IrcTEajcns: Love' I suppose few could 5ee tr.e ros^ib. t ! .»s of th.s rough Gal^ean f .sherman. B-t Jesus aw them ar.d cult-vated him. noadc h^a an intimate And bow he me-owed un£er h^ infl'-ience Frcra lean'np on a^s breast :t was tut i step to the Eiceptanoe of the greatest corficf~.ce Jesus could show As John stands by the cross the dvinst Christ sa-s to ha mother "Woman, b"bold tsv son* and to John 'Son behold thy mother " We ~eed moce courage more strength of corvictJon. more intolerance of a sort, but we need as ranch the rncl- lowiig power of 3cr,e that redeems the strong tra-ts of the hsro the loi- shle personality of a fr.end. MD-C than great»fighters for creat causes we need warm frlc-ds that can be trusted F^th tn a God Wio ^'.ves and shares hfe wita us wu transfcnr. rough and reaav cnarrp srj o' causes "ie disciple --horn Jer^s «i\cc II 15-- R-T»rt*r wwji Dermorr-- »t»-- »ti k. WZAP 6 « 1 'i - 30-» 00 · JO :0 4» e oc -- Tfc'J ft "^M" !····'« Newt 8 00-- Ko-t-itrp as H W-- Or , C --t WABC NEW !i-- B if aw Or TOKE-- SIS-- «· k. Or R?l» £l UUCn 7 V -- IS ' % Cro;t Bo»we'l» 7 ts-:o*rry wou. Couabuc« c :i-S.r:f r Sun. Kat* SnUUt e «i-- o- ii ^i Broa. » 4-- Ur"o^oUuc« 30-- Par!* Bra 10 CO-- lc*3ts*rao O* : Toaca 6*klel Or :· :s-S:w SJ^T-. Madrixcrra Or :i -w-- B«r-.v 6-islt Ins ft B»rr Orm. WCAC. rJULAnttPHIA-- SS«-- 117« k. WABC « 3 0 « 4 1 0 0 7 JO. 7 41 -» 15. S 30-10 30. 11 11-1 BO ( OS-- Voca ut !«e»« « «-- Ho3r»oxl 7 JO-- Ent-rt«ln«ri · IS-- Pmt- ·0 JO-- Otch 11 0» -- Orc«»S'.atl WUT. ricn-tDELraiA-- «*- e«* k. WEA S 45-7 4J. « JO-11 SO t 00-A ' B'rs 8 IS-- Hopper 11 00 -- O.'CIXXUU KDKA. rrrrsnricii-- «·--»·» k. WJZ 6 4i 7 4S t 30-11 00 12 00-12 15 7 45 -- BoHjwoo-J. Znseccblo 11 eo -- Sport Sa" Peanuu Bx«t4r'« Or. WCAE. rtTTKBl RGB-- !«S^-- 1R« k. WEAT * OO 8 10. « 44-7 IS. 7 4i-« 00, e 30-10 «1 « 39-- ·««»« 7 IS-- P»t · Piano- Sparta I OO- Frat. 10 44-- B gt *. Mofce V T H \ M KOCBTSTtK-- MO T -- 115* k. V ^/ « ,· e IS C 4S 7 !i. 7 20 1! 00 t :j I b! R " .5-- Mu»Ie » OO-- Trie U OC-- woy. M?s«gcT*or WEAT £ 41-11 IS. 11 W-1J 00 11 :s ek*t a oo-- orcfccctn* CKCW. TOBOWTO-- »7-- M* k. TT^Z 7 CO 7 15 20 * X-* ta r Music 7 IS-- Vwttcal Prat. 10 39-- OreS. VltvTTKJC STATIONS* IE3T-- StTBTRACT 1 Hocr for Ontrml btaDdard Tucc.} KTW. calCAOO-- a»4.j-- t«M t WEAP « 44-700 Vijf. « 30-14 M. 1* X-ll M 7 00-- Or Sport* I-W-- Orefa. » !S-- Pr»t 21OO-S:»tr St · Ktw«: PcaU On. HMAU CKICACO -- M»-- 4t» k. WEAr 8 30-» 30 WJZ 7 4! J 00 II ja-11 45 3 K . » ' J Co^tert Or » 38-- TtM, :o 50-- K.a-.-iice Uc«lc' Amo* 'n AciU ·i :5 -- T- omu deb. Or WEVB and WL5. V.'.'i f 45 7 OO. 7 30-7 4». :: oo-i oo «EAP « CO-« 30 7 «0-7 M, » 3S-11 «· 11 oc-- Ai=o» "n Audi WCn. CHICAGO-- 3X IT* k, I WE4F 11 J9-12 60 7 W--O' Tails Pe»t-: Labor Or 19 oo t^cts. Orzu. Jotil" suxtn 10 i-- O-- U M -- OrjaB WOC. DATENPOmT. aa4 WBO. DBS MOINES-- *·».*-- IM* k. WCAP 7 H-1 10, 7 4S-» M. * 3*-ll W; i: ;s-i: yt; u 3*-i «e 7 3O-- Peat · «*-- C»T»H«r» WRAJI. UCTSTOU4C-- »*·-- *Z» k. WKAP 7 4»- 60. · 30-t M. » -30-10 00; 11 li-ll 30 WJZ « IS-e 30, 1» 30-11 M * JO-- Uhl Partr On. 6ooc« * IS-- lUrsoalc* 10 OO-- Ofc Boot OtU tl OO-- A2£o»-Aatfr. Back Hotot. Oreba. WT3U. MttWArKCg III all k. WJZ t 00-1 JO 10 00-11 00 WEAP- 7 30-7 4). * 30-10 M. 11 45-12 M « 00-- Dinner Tabl* 11 OO-- Amos- Ana* .1 IS-- Jguilc. Pact. 11JO-- Clah Orcba. KSTP. MPU-ST. PACI^-MS.4-- !««· k- WJZ « 80-« «. 7 09-7 30. · 00-9 JOT 10 00-10 30 WOW. OMAJiA K* IX k. W«AP 7 IS-* · JO-11 00; 11 15-U-W * M-- Or eh.: Omar · 30-- HM« 12 OO-- Prolle. Orch KSD, ST. LOClg-- «7»-l-- ItM -^ WEAP « 00-i 30, 7.4S-7.i»; · 00-12'J*; 12 30-1 OP 1 OO-- Aonn, Hlrtbmak*n' QuartM KMOX. IT. IXDI»-- «7»a-- 1*M k. WASC 7 00-7 It; 7.M-* M; »,1»-10 JO; 11 OO-H-lt 7 19-- aporu 1O 30-- temnbt* 11.15-- rfjera: Boiot: Or . Onan t f l i p * Fuss And Feathers Galore ' WORLD WAR V ANNIVERSARY · o START RAILWAY CONTROL. On December 28. 1917, the UaiX government assumed control ol all railroads in the. country. Secretary oJ the Treasury William G McAdoo was appointed by Presiden! Wilson as director general. President Wilaon declared: "This Js a war of resources no less than men perhaps e-.en more than men, and it is necessary for the complete mobfliza- lion of our resources that the transportation systems of the country should be organized and controlled under a single authority and a simplified method of co-ordination which have not proied possible under private manaB*- tn"nt and control" Padua, Italy, was bombarded from the air and 13 persons were killed anc 50 injured French troops repulsed a surprise at- tacs by Germans near Veho on the ·Acsiem front. Br.tish repulsed Ta-kish attacks lorth and northwest of Jerusalem, and advanced two and one-hall miles on 90-mile front. Cupid Outpoints Coast Star Cupid caught up with Jesse Mortenses. too. The former Southern CWttoraia athlete was married recently to Miss Irene Bass, a secretary at RiversSd* Junior CoHege. w^ere Mortensen has been coaching the past couple of years. Jest* Is the jouag T"«" who set a TrcrM record for the decathlon competition In track and £eki la 1928. He also captained the Trsjan basketbaU team and played on the football eleven. At one t*TM* he was national intercollegiate Javelin throw- Ing champion. DOPE? WHY RISE Stop Your Child's Cough Safely I m /Mil frown COBS atsd caU. I pat him ta bed rtfbt atrff Right atrsy I ^rre bias Smtsb Bro- tbfn* Go*g Syryp. It teicd the const. soesttJ tn thrift, mad 6e /ell *lleep. In the morams be mit up uifnil of teahb M mr." r. }. 1S66 E. 92 St, UnJ.O. 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SMITH BROTHERS TRIPLE-ACTION COUGH SYRUP contain* Tea can cos: to Ef=p s AFTER CHRISTMAS SAiE Mpectlss excep:.s=a: re-; VALUES For when we tell ye j iSa: dost o: these coats «r« BRAND NEW r-st p-^-has^d «o- *his Sa e. that they are identical *o %t e coa's we so (I ar"er in tie season at VERV 2£CCH HIGilHR PRICES you w!U rea ^e -»hi; a ?-"sderJ_l opportaaSty this !s to buy a real.. Sue coa: at a LOW PRICE. Tiiese coa:s are tr^EJEed a::h beau- t'Jcl Jurs You n:av cjioose i-os black, green or brosrs Is »o-^e=s s.sti 2-^ses' SIZES 1* to 50 Whe-her j o j b-jy or ao: be s-J-e to see these coats TODAY Kemp's Coat Shop--Second Floor After Christmas Sale Smart Silk For The $5.95 Kind There's more fuss and feathers to a neT evening coiffure than most women ·srould bother with This new coiffure. Lc Coq ! Or. really Is a w!g of toe feathers which comes in any color to match one's «\cnlng gowns GRANGE ELECTION HELD Members Of Gcrmantown Orcnnlxatlnii Meet In Grange Hall. Roicr^e, Dec 27--A'-bert A Adj, assistant co-dtT sgrlcjl'.jrai agent, 'sras rc-e.e.'cd n.aitsr cf :hc Gtrmaa- toin at the annual e'ectloii o! oScErs la Grange Hat. Cersiac- to-srn The o'.Tr cllcers chosen tre**- Overseer. GeT--a Klni?. iec:-rcr, Mrs Ruth- Robe-tscr.. steward Jacoo Lea- soa, John Sti 1 ^ and Charles T John- ion It was announced tnat the new , officers will be installed at the January . rear;. c"ipa.-^. Francs I^ajnar.. trcas- «rer. Mr^ Leah Ip.e"art. secrc.arr Mrs Si-ra- S epncrs. ga'Oa.ce'ocr Robert K;t -- or. cerre. Mrs Jnrrfi D s- « - .- M jo He --n H .c x o^ - in- i Doors of an inclosed motor truck of n j;' M- Et"c B-CTrrirg c\cc-'ic'haalcr rt Portland Ore swing down- ·rcvnr- · "· G^~oa Kins. Roocrt Hobf-*- trarc! to facIMtatc loading The meetjig was conducted by Master Ady and was at;cnced by ab3ut 30 members Report Trom the recent an- rual meeting o: :he S:a'.c Grange were submUted b. Mr Ai\ ana M-s Jan-.cs D K.njr 'rat al ^e rcrrrcr -ns arge.y with tnc att't^dc o! tTe ftatc o-garJxi'.on on taxa'..or a reso ui:?n «^s adopted favoring acQviis.t.or. bv the coirt" boa-d of cda^at or. o' **e Ror-;- \i».c Fa^r Grounds 'or p^.o Panxses, and a gencrv djc_ '. eloped it to be tr.e fee .^3 ol those presort that -he S^c.n JL^ig^e or tl-c co m:\ sh3.'d *cr aorat-orj of tr.e srar.Rc 'o- r.ceav of :he co- school -n ce- T^J! of SSTV..C Wbat a icea-isn icr o^r ;rat- csor-s bsca- --'h a r"" ^-f otnsr CT-^stn'-s v.ccto-j; in- tre arlben: ' G ;-T to God *r ^^=s-. ~ tri a bass s^..o »-,d 'Cr=e to i- 5.Une»- " '-- rr, -ais. ' B-tr-lehen: Mrs Ir^r." .: =g ' Hc'v X ;r.t - » th obhsato ty JDS»: V . Sfphe^s c_^nec: ·sr.-h ;ie pcct- Ir Bet,-_ehs="s TOTT_" ACUTE INDIGESTION strikes late at Night! Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clabs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. 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