Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 20, 1972 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1972
Page 6
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Business News 6 PAMI'A, TEXAS ««th YEAR Tuenday, June M, 1872 'ampa Parts And Supply Ready To Help In Repairs RIGHT AT HIS FINGERTIPS Bob Burrows, co-owner of Pampa Parts and Supply, 525 W. Brown, looks in the price lists at the store to help a customer find the exact parts needed. And at the best price for the customer. In addition to being able to order any parts for autos.the firm also keeps a stock of parts ready for use. (Staff Photo) It doesn't mailer what kind of car you have, whether it is big and beautiful or .small and economical, il is going to have some kind of trouble. Thai is a simple fact. So why burden yourself with a sky-high parts bill when Pampa Parts and Supply Co., Inc., is in town. Pampa Parts has parts for your car if il is major engine problems that plague you or just a rough windshield wiper blade. A small sample of the products at Pampa Parts include Monroe shocks, Delco batteries and products, Pram and AC oil fillers, Black Hawk tools, Black and Decker tools, Gates hoses and belts, AC, Aulolile and Champion plugs and Victor seals and gaskets. They have parts for most foreign cars in addition to all American-made autos. Added to their new parts, they have rebuilts under brand names of Texas Rebuilt, Space Shuttle Transportation System To Involve Texas Companies, Workers DOWNEY, Calif. —Development of a space shuttle transportation system, the world's first reusable earth orbiting spacecraft, is a nation-wide project which will involve Texas companies and workers during the program's six years of research, development and test. This is the report of Stephen H. Nelson, director of material at th' -.pace Division of North American Rockwell. The California company is one of four under consideration by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a prime contractor for the shuttle program. Nelson, in contact with both of Texas' U.S. Senators and the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Texas, also reported that five Texas firms have already been sent proposal requests as possible participants in major subcontract efforts on the Shuttle. This represents, Nelson notes, only some of the "long lead time requirements, as we are deeply involved in the process of determining what the total potential for subcontract work will be, taking into account labor surplus areas and small and minority-owned businesses throughout the country." The preliminary survey of subcontractors available in Texas was first undertaken last year by the Space Division, and the results are included in its competitive proposal submitted to NASA in mid-May. Nelson also mentioned that actual subcontractor awards will be dependent upon the competitive selection of the major contractor and subsequent approval by NASA. Nelson estimates that in addition to these major subcontracts, a total of approximately $500 million will be subcontracted throughout the nation for less complex systems, on a competitive bid basis. About the shuttle, Nelson points out that the Orbiter is actually a space "carrier" which will work like a well managed trucking operation. Us purpose is to take satellites, laboratories and scientists into earth orbit on a routine basis where they can perform Dealership Set For Autocycles DALLAS |AP) - A dealership is being set up here in July for the distribution and sale of French-built Solex au- tocycles through 44 of the nation's 50 states, it was announced Monday. More than seven million of the cycles, which have a twocycle gasoline engine to take over when the rider tires, have been sold in Europe. Five are already in Dallas for demonstration purposes and a first consignment of 200 has been ordered by one large Dallas department store. Nick Zelios, who heads Sol- U.S. Imports Inc., the new distributorship, says the machines will be imported from Velo- Solex of Paris. ••With the economy and the ecology kick we're on. it should sell very well here," Zelios said. In Texas, the machines must be regUtereo"M««*<* bikes ' he said, but the rider does not ha ve to wear a motorcyclist 3 helmet. research, data collection and a myriad of other duties which will make it possible to manage our earth's resources and problems. "The shuttle," he said, "can carry up to 65,000 pounds of cargo in earth orbit, and one shuttle Orbiter can make up to five hundred round trips. Such reusability reduces the cost of space flight by a factor of 10." The space shuttle program was announced by President Nixon last January as a major objective for America's space activity in the 1970-80 time period. Subsequently, Congress has approved development of the shuttle program in passage of the fiscal year 1973 NASA authorization bill. Nelson, in a letter to the Texas Senators, explained that NR's Space Division, as a principle contractor on the Apollo-Saturn Lunar Landing Program, awarded more than $21.466,000 in subcontracts to Texas firms, more than two-thirds of which were to small businesses. One of the nation's aerospace leaders. North American Rockwell also is a major manufacturer in the automative, electronics and industrial products markets. It has strengths in research, development and systems engineering, and has a growing position in a number of emerging industries and in international markets. IN THE SUMMERTIME Lawn mowing time is now with us, and lawn mowers sometimes get more than they can chew, cut and handle. Radcliff Electric Company makes a specialty of repairing lawn mowers. If rejuvenation of your mower includes a new engine, check with Glenn T. Radcliff. He has a complete line of replacement engines in stock. (STAFF PHOTO) Radcliff Electric Specializes In Repairing Lawn Mowers The household head who plans to save a little money by mowing the lawn himself can get awfully frustrated when he finds that his Acme Super-Duper Rotary doesn't click. The frustration can be shortlived, however, if he will stick it in his car trunk and take it to Radcliff Electric Co. at 519 S. Cuyler, where lawn mower repair service is unequaled in the'TopO' Texas area. All makes of lawn mowers are serviced and repaired at Radcliff's. including Briggs and Stratton, Lawson, Tecumpse. Wisconsin and Cooper mowers. Perhaps you got a good deal on a lawn mower in a garage sale two or three years ago. It's returned its investment twice already and is getting a little tired. Do not go to another garage sale. Buy a new engine at Radcliff's and have it running like new. It's a great way to beat inflation. Radcliff's services are not limited to lawn mowers. The business also repairs all makes of magnetos, in addition to repairing and installing electronic ignition systems. Complete diesel injection service is offered by Radcliff's. where they specialize in Rossmaster and American •Bosch_diesel units. Radcliff Electric also services Robert Bosch and CAV pumps and can service any pump for John Deere, International Case, Minneapolis Moline. Oliver or Ford tractors. Small engine repair service also extends to centrifugal KILL ROACHES ANTS water pumps and chain saws and a complete line of Homelite chain saws along with Cooper, and Lawn Boy lawn mowers are in stock at Radcliff's. If you can't afford to not have your mower running, check with Radcliff Electric at 519 S. Cuyler or call 669-3395. Grayrock and Borge Warner. These rebuilt parts include brake shoes and clutch plates. If Pampa Parts doesn't have what you need in stock, they can special order it for you and have it in a short period of time. The do-it-yourself mechanics who have saving money in mind should drop by Pampa Parts and Supply at 525 W. Brown and get a helping hand from Winford Swain, owner, and Ronnie Patton partsman. Price No Object For EPA WASHINGTON (AP) - Discarding its old use-your-own- judgment approach, the Environmental Protection Agency now says all industries will be required to apply whatever technology is broadly usati«, regardless of the cost, to control water pollution. A "best practicable" yardstick will become a nationwide bare-minimum requirement says John R. Quarles Jr., EPA assistant administrator for enforcement. Where water-quality standards demand more money, time and effort to control pollution, they will be applied, Quarles said. Quarles explained the EPA's new, unpublicized policy in an interview after The Associated Press obtained a copy of a letter he sent last May 25 to state antipollution officials. He also disclosed that EPA is making a new attempt to give its regional officers clear instructions how to set discharge limits for each major category of industry. ' EPA's first attempt at this collapsed last summer after The Associated Press disclosed that guidelines then in preparation .were to be based on secret company-supplied information. This time, Quarles said, when pollution abatement''require- ments hinge upon information on company production, "that information will be made public." Instructions covering some industries have already gone out to regional EPA chiefs, he said. EPA is currently awaiting action by Congress or a-federal appeals court to let it begin issuing industrial discharge permits—the administration's chosen over-all method of controlling water pollution. The program was stalled last December by a court decision requiring an environmental impact study for each of 20.000 proposed permits. Asked to explain the "best practical control" concept, Quarles said he meant technology of demonstrated reliability, whose cost is low enough tor general use. Adoption of this policy, along with the instructions now being drafted, would give regional officials a clearer target in writing the thousands of industrial discharge permits, he said. FRAUD GOES REMOTE MBABANE, Swaziland (AP) — Police in the remote mountain kingdom of Swaziland have found it necessary to organize a Fraud and Vice Squad. PAMPA PARTS ft SUPPLY, INC Features A Complete lint Of Delco, AC, Monroe, Champion, and Borg Warner Products. Fast and Efficient Service Guaranteed. 525 W. Brown 669-6877 FLflfe armac] $AAfE ON HEY, CULLIGAN MAN Getting tired of dingy clothes and films on dishes and spotted silverware? Soft water by Culligan Water Conditioning could help you to get rid of all those problems. Among the men ready to help you obtain soft water locally are John Cox, left, and Clifford Pulse. For your own needs call the Culligan men at 665-5729. nttnvn (STAFF PHOTO) Softened Water Is Alternate For Detergent Phosphate Use . ."Some Suggested Solutions to Pollution", from a speech by Max E. Fuller, director of field education for Maytag Company. Softened water not only provides better results in laundering and dishwashing, but also offers a valid and effective alternative to the use of phosphates in detergents. In 85 per cent of the United States, water supply ranges from hard to very hard. And even with the water softening plants in many communities, 65 per cent of the households in the United States are using water that ranges from "medium" to "hard." Now soap reacts with hardness minerals to form soap curd. This curd is visible. It clings to fabrics. It deposits on dishes and glasses and silverware. If this curd remains on fabrics, they look dirty or dingy. If it remains on dishes, it causes what is known as filming or spotting. An often suggested solution to eutrophication (fertilization) of lakes arid streams by nutrient phosphates is to return to the" • use of soaps. There is no reason why clothes washers in use today cannot be used with natural soap provided both the hot and cold water supplies are truly soft, and that means less than three grains per gallon hardness. LABOR ADDS TO COST NEW YORK (AP) - It is the cost of labor rather than the cost of hair that determines the price of a wig, says wig designer Richard Hartwich. The finest wigs are made by hand and it takes an experienced worker about one week to crochet and hand knot 135,000 hairs that usually go into a fine wig. The Hebrew name of Jacob means "supplanter; follower." A precipitaling water softener like Borax or washing soda will not work effectively in an automatic washer. The reason is that a precipitating water softener precipitates hardness minerals right out of the water in the wash tub and they join with soap to form a curd and this soap curd gets on the fabrics just exactly Ihe same way they would if you started with hard water in the first place. The laundering results when using soap and washing soda or Borax are not acceptable to mosthomemakers. A non-precipitating water softener added to the automatic washer (two of the national brand names are Calgon and Spring-Rain) contains phosphates to approximately the same degree as the detergents currently in use. So while they work, it is obvious that softening the water in the appliance with these products will not solve the problem that is concerning so many people about our environment In those communities where there is a municipal water softening plant, the water supply usually comes out of the tap at from five to eight grains per gallon hardness, and this is too hard to permit the use of soap in an automatic washer. So the only way to insure water of zero to three grains per gallon hardness for laundry . purposes is to install a water , softener- in the home, making certain that it is connected to both hot and cold water lines, because both of these are used in the laundering process. This suggestion is an almost perfect solution if we are talking about individual cases. For if you install, buy or lease a water softener and put il in your home and operate il properly, and if you go down lo the grocery store and buy some regular soap, you can achieve satisfactory laundering results in your home without adding one single bit of phosphate to the environment from laundering. It is not necessary to redesign current automatic washers, for natural soap products can be . used if truly soft hot and cold water is available. To summarize, it is possible to use washing machines currently in the home with soap, if soft water is available. In those homes where soft w.a.t&r, is. available, th.e ;i homemaker can make a choice*, If she decides to use soap instead of detergent, she can help solve our environmental problem by eliminating her detergent phosphates from the wash water. ...For any of your local water problems, call 665-5729 and say, "Hey, Culligan Man!" or drop by at 314 S. Starkweather. Have You Heard About CAPILLKULTEUR? We Have, You Should) ASK! CLEMENTS BARBER SHOP R.O. Clements, RSK 310 S. Cuyler—665-1 Specializing In: Body Repair Auto Painting Glass Installation Free Estimo'** FORD'S 111 N. Fratl BODY SHOP Pho. 665-1614 Seat Cover Headquarters • Carpet • Door Panels • Ready Made or CustomJ Fitted HALL TIRE CO. 700 W. Foster 665-5751 A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Letterheads • Business Forms • Wedding Invitations FUGATE PRINTING CO. "Quality ii our 210 N. Ward 665-3431 Dixie Parts & Supply Muffltn t Tailpipe*— Storten — Generators — Shock Abiorbera — Fuel Pumpt — Srake Sheet All Auto Accessories Auto Air Conditioning No. 1 417$. Cuyler 665-577 No. J l«l N. Hobart 665-1615 AUTOMOBILES SUBSCRIPTIONS PHONE 669-6896 OUR 10OTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR 100 Plus The Tray-Keeper that maket and itorof over 100 Ice Cubes Ask Any Service Technician or At Our Service Counter Phone 669-7401 Extension 48 Lawn Mower Repairing SMALL ENGINE SERVICE Factory Approved Service — All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF ELECTRIC CO. 519 So. Cuyler St. Pampa Phone 669-3395 lonn i. King & dons Sales & Service Authorized Distributor Sales A Service! • Fisher Natural Gas Controls e Magnetos—All Manufacturers • Murphy ft Kenco Controls e McCord ft Manfel Lubrications 918 S.Barnes Pampa, Texas 669-3711 Quality Water For Home or Business-Call and Say

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