The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1956
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, March 2S> 105G 'Hi-Fi 1 Becomes Big Business $500 Million Take On Records, Phonographs By f'KKSTON M«;UA W DALLAS »-rP The- high fidelity business', in'.'Huiirig recording's, probably gropes an>ui',d SSOO 'million ft year, .', Every week, U)p hi-fi ruidiets re- end!.,i new triC'inw-r*-. OMC .. th''.v npj>:-::<r to tovo j.-oiii'ii swnr-ihuig 'h.'ti ihev M>I'; _c<,'i ni<t of ur;t>! "douf <fo sw p.'i!'." VVi'.ll, it ::•- !'•!«• ih.-.t musl I'j'.i'iK-rs of. hi-fi oquipm-;>t P'MIV it considerably lout'lor lh:m !;:•;•)• wolilti tho loJevjsion rfrcJvjr. or n.' titbit' i-adio r«". % rivt:T. Tin. v ihiish it .^oiind.s better. Why is- U hu:h •fi.iciuy. B£airi.«t the competition of television ::!!•:! cosi-.mfi'ci.'i:. r-v.lio. i.;'i!i sHract --'o rn;-r;y poi-sons? Dor, Yjn.~H>>1, <w<? of tht> .IKSO- wair-c i>i Hoj :';<•' .Musk: Associate:-, n loading t>rt:l;j=: high OiieUfy retailer, thinks <t is the AmcM'iw.n !ow of pacIjEi-;-: and yui.wlj-y. pins a Invp of nvi'sii'. In the long ran. good anisic proiit.s. bee.'i'Jse In-' majoriTy of, fa'-fi fans sooner or later ioin the rank? of jrood JT.MSK- lover?.There riro th >•'.<* things ;i hi-/; rip' l\:v ihsi r>. commercial jwono- jrraph or rarijivpbfmojrroph oor/ibi- nation dors no', have. Thrv are a mjnirnum of elision km, a wioe frequency ran.g-0 and a balance of tone. To .got i-ig'nT 'loim 10 it. what Jiiph fidelity mrans is The repro- oijriiofi of sonno as niisch iifcc iho origins! as possible. In thr- last 'v.-o or three yo lj >-j.-. This has come pretty c!o50 to a f.'-iesiivsi.'f.. Even-thins: ihsi is railed hi-fi is not, since \h'.' ww;3 lias bc-c-.n picket •up as an ac.vertisinjr cimfnir.k- 3; is probably r.ot possible io eel hi-fi in a nolishfc! cabinet for 5-IOG. ES seme iTsanuiiiCturer? claim. Vinsar.i thirfss P.. new adciiei couid gei. hi? foo; i.r ; The water for $150. but th;5 -would be cvnlinr corners prrtty c<c?e. A boginner •will ni' amazed bv how 'much bet- Icr Sl'iO worth of hi-fi sonr>d> than ft., commercial phonograph costing two or ihiro times as 'much. What the beginner would pef for 5150 v.-o;ii-:l bo "a 10-\rai{ .anfpnfier. " controls bu:lt in. a record speaker. He'd have to make an enclosure.'for the sportiret himsc'C, Yinsant thinks thai a beginner can'! afford to. get into The higher br.irkels !."oni the *i;;vt. Mcdiutvi- pnced rigs cos! about S40Q. Curve Drops .Viler SLOW The grestosi oiulily inc:e:iso ee,iy:e.s iv'ween MOO :i:vi -S-iOO. Afie:- ;) hi-fi inns spends SI.000, the win; of (iimintehing returns sets in, To Iv honest about it. most hi-fi ad.iieis don't •.think nixv.;; di- Kvcry 'imc a hi-fi ruidic-i n piece of new equipment, he nirauiy ha--. Usually, i; it costs inoiv. lie finds wh:i; lio^niv h;ts wanting and bends heaven .'•.nil earth io fret the now amuii- iier. pre-H!T)p!ifier. woofer, tweeter oi mid-r.-iiige speaker Siu'ih terms, though shcy j;U! from a hi-fi :uMu.i= lips at tho tfVop of .1 cJecibe!. are not necessary for op.joymcnt of the hobby. A i-ecriut t.o the ranks will pick them u» as bf- ffoes .along;. Most of isis music. ..jtnloss lie lives in areas \viih hiph fidelity FM stations, will come 'from iW- onis. From will oomc SOUIKIS he never heai\i rcprotiiicod before and some he has never hoanl at all. if a person • wains to find out what hitrh t'itlolity sfjunds like, the !»l p!:tco i.'' to sock out an ai- refliiy confirmc't O'.J'iiict and talk ro him. There is nothing; most of thorn hiw beiier than demonstrai- in.s 1 his rig". ' ' ' • Or. S'.c can go into n hi^h fidelity s'ore. .makinjr svire iirst that die slore's iiien of hig-li fitieiity is not a mere labeling of wha; is on the floor as that. 07 - if he lives in a ;own Jiot onough for a hi-fi ivtail stm-e. be can get what he wants by writing; :o Ailicii Rsdio. .100 N, Western Avc.. Chicago. SO, for a i'Sinlog. Bv.t if tJiore is. any way for a 'person to hear what he is buvinst. before he disrs up the clown payment he ough; to no it, nntl i'l his own home, if possible. You Wouldn't Know The Old Farm Science Has Revolutionized Agriculture A 35-FOOT trailer lies on its side Li the Los Angeles river bed in Los Angeles after breaking loose from its cab. running wild. narrowly missing a car, smashing through a guard rail on a bridge and failing 120 test. Driver Anthony AJves, 32, escaped injury as '-Ge trailer whissed past him. (International SmtndphotoJ PARK DISTRICT police officer -Morris Woodman inspects the wreckage of a stolen car which crashed into a Chicago light post and uee chirmg-.s pursuit .by police. The driver, identified as Louis Pmllipe Masson/was injured sexiousl?. (International Souttdphotoj Britain Orders Work On New Super Bomber LONDON — U'P—BrLiaiji Has or- nients in thv: .sisiucd niisslc pro- ^k>rcc! dcveloumcnt of R surjcrsoiuc S 1 ""- 1 - ' ! ""-:•' "<> Britain's l:i:-=.t. nn- -siiper bomber." ii %x-a s rc:>ortea '^"^^ ca>licr ' !0 be piiotcd Wednesday, tsecnusr- ot ilovolop- 1 The !-e.i»r* by the Manchester purmhan .*.i:d the be fooled! * If you must scrape the freezer chest.. . it's not fully automatic defrost! FAj'i scraper is . standard equipment on many so-called i automatic defrosting i refrigerators! I rniie-up.-hoin- bomber wo'.iUi fil! a £-ip forc.<?(>n for !he early 1%0's when Britain's new bomber fleet now entering service will be obsolete. • QUOTES From The News Bv UNITED IMIKSS WASHINGTON — Rep. Charles E. Bennett iD-Fia.» on the approval of a ''code of. ethics" 'by p. House Civil Service subeonimiuee: "I take n sack of potatoes. . . and I sent out' Flori'ia eitr:, 1 : fruit. Now, if -j congressman gets some- thins '.vith star sapphires :ini| din- rnoncis. that's ;u;o'.her matter. He knows it's more than just a t-'ouvc- nir." WASHINGTON — Nilcohii 1C. Kliohklov. former KU>M:III int''lli- {rencc offifor. on llu- ivrcnl signs of nnrcs; hi the .Sm'iff f'tiion: "Tlio people of th" Soxirt I Dillon, .sooner or later. . . an- K<ihi£ to risir up and free ilifiii»<>lvi>s from Com- nitinisl rlili-, Thi? revolution has al- r<:ady iK'RUi'." CHICAGO - The V'-ry Rev. H, !r o. !i i \V. R 'fnc-y. iir-!d (nr four vears it: ;i Reii Ch:n ; :••: pri'on i:;>m\>. .on wli;,t he wi.*iv;'s ;o tell Amcricaris: "I will tell them to trust no Communist. A f;;iso rcjis.- of sr- i;•.!!•!';,• is (l.-ui^crwis for thi.s i;oiiii- ti-y." HOI.I.VWOOI) — <;!ori;i Jf.iliday in IIIM- divorrv tcMinx.ny ^ UKiiilisl Harold J. Trary. IIn- lonni-r "(iral (iildcr'.lfcM'" mi nulio: "My litlshand \\as :i lirpiihliran. I I'.as a Dcinoernl. Hi' tried io make a Republican out of me." JACKSON". Miss. — Stale Son. fleo-Ki-! Owr,n.<; <;n !-,iising the p:,y of .vn.s.s'iwippi l"^isl;!'i'j;-s: "I don't think i--«jij;i,-itiji's should have to ent r,;in-,i>i:r.L''.-r.s ;md hot Oogs when OVY ircl h:;narv.'' lly .IOSKIM1 1.. .MVI.Ki: WASHINGTON — UP-The old liomojjtoni.1, like Ihe old gray mure, ain't .what it used to be. It's ;i darned sight bettor, ac- i-ordini; to Dr, Byron T. Sh.'iw of the U. S. Agriculture Department. Tin: philosophy tliat what was iiood enough for i)aw is gocxl enough for'us'us has all but 'dis- upixxired. Science and iiu machine luive revolutionlzcil agriculture. .*;nd the rovolution is still going; on. In colonial days. Shaw said in a recent discussion, 9 jwrsons out 'of 10 luiii to work the land to provide, enough for themselves and the 10th. "Today," ho added, "one farm 'worker provides enough for himself and IS. others." In 1939.-U. S. farmers produced ".5 billion bushels of.corn from SS in I! lion acre.?, l.nst v'oar they produced 30 per cent more from only 80 million acres. •It took SO.5 million acres to produce "On million bushels of wheat in 1939. Last year 47 million acres produced 900" million bushels. It's' the same story for cotton and other crops, and for livestock, too. "For every ;wo eggs a he.n laid in 19-10. her descendant is laying- throe today." Shaw said. In genera!, "we've been producing up to -!2 per. cent more farm ronmiorihies on virtually, the snme farm acreage." And with smaller manpower. "In World War I wo produced our farm ctnii modi ties with 13.5 million workers. . . today there are i-niy eight million farm workers." Shaw, administrator of the de- partrnent's agricultural research service, gave much, of the credit to the country's 12,000 state am! federal form research and educational workers. He gave credit also !o> "new machines of all kinds that do the hard farm jobs faster and better." There are nearly five million tractors on the farm. Nine out of JO farms are electrified. Better fertilizers n.'u! new chemic;d weed and insect killers arc helping 1 . So are hybrid and discase- resis'ant plant varieties. New products rind better m.-irkouns: of old ones filso are doing their bit, Shaw asserted that powdered Rock'n Roll Is Termed 'Tribalistic' HARTFORD. Conn. —UP— A noted psychiatrist described "rock- and-roll" mimic Wednesday as a "communicable disease" and another sign of "adolescent rebellion." Dr. Francis J. Braceland. psy- chuttrist-in-chief of the Institute of Living, c.-ilicd rock-arsd-rol! a "c;ut- nib;Hi.s;ic and tribahstic" form of music. Common ting on disturbances ,|m. ing the weekend at a local theater which led to U nrresls. Dr. Braceland said roek-and-ro!! is a "com- nv.inicablo disease.'." ' J ,ppi*;ilinjr to "adolescent rebellion" and "Insecurity." "-if it isn't ro'-k-and-roll. it's something" the psvchiatrisl slid, It is insecurity and "rebellion." t>r. Rracniand said, that impels ;-en-;i£ri','x in nf('ef' (luoktai!" hair'••'its. wear xoot-suits and c.'irn' on boisteriousiy at rock-and-roll" af- t'Mir.v. es^s. remembei-pd wltli loathin.i;' by World Wat" II veterans, hmv* l.ieen S'iven "a new personality," The old objectionable flavors have; been eliminated, ami'"today's product is so ^ood it has made the new eake- niixes a rousing commercial success." 'One of 'our newer products," he. added, "is orange juice powder that dissolves instantly, oven in ice water, to make a juice with the color, flavor, and nutritive value of fresh orange juice." The Army likes it so well it is iakinsr "the full output." It was (Me airrteulttiral researchers who discovered streptomycin and its relatives while studying; soil microbes, They also derived a dextran blood plasma substitute, from corn sugar. To Itelp solve the still troublesome problem of surpluses, research is sjivinp special attention to development of new uses for farm products. They also have invented mai-kijis for faun waste;;. Take "soft »nt"-l)lnstiiif: to re- iti'ive hard e.arbon deposits from cylinders and pistons of aircraft engines without wnariiiR- away the metal, It's done with ground corncobs and rice hulls. 'And so it };"e,s," Shaw said, "If you haven't been on a farm for 10 or 15 years — or even five years —you have .some surprises in siorf: for you. Science has made a difference. It has changed farming for the bettor." WIIKRK TO BUT TVs & Appliances Kovar Appliance Co. "UV R«»lly Service What We Srll" Al' wool u>;.--c) in American carpet? is .'lon-Aineritnn. \Vhil.' It. ?. shfirp ):i: Dfiticr- V.'OD! that is irieai for rlotiiinx and biank'-ts. onlv itnportfcf wo.-i! is toush and "springy" .-noiiRh to -.viihstsincl •You're Get the FELTON DEAL when you trade with FELTON FOR A NEW 1956 FORD FAIRLANE FORDOR 201) II.r. V-S KNGI>t 5-yl.loi. Sdf«!v Pa Ei.title Ciocl o;t i«(h Ai.-'o-i-f $^ 2069 Thli Car Of, Dlsploy NOWI Before You Buy! ONE WEEK ONLY - Till MARCH 31st OF BAYTOWN ,\t "rnoi{i/.Kn KOI: i) DIC.VI.KK SIXCK PHONE 8 1 86 622 W. TEXAS and Refrtgefator ^o fast, it mclis r>nl\ the frost, never the food! Food stays hard in a Crosley to protect the flavor and precious vitamins week after week! Don't be foolc-d about automatic defrost ... only Crosley »ives you Hi-Speed Defrosr . .. in both refrigerator AND freezer! CROSLEY SUPER-SHELVADOR. MODEL CAH-130. J2.5 en. ft. rcjri^cralor u-'ilh 7(> Ib. jn-czt-r ALL nilh Hi-S/xtd Automatic Dffrvtt Ko ice scropmg cr chipping £VtR! No io wofer po fVff.! Dtfrosts without Amoving foods [Yffi! SEE US FOR THE BEST DEAL (N TOWN REYNOLDS MAYTAG 2412 W. MAfN PHONE 5009 \'irgini;i and Ti";nc:--sef" hc:!d pop.:t|:ir vote's or; secession a; I'm: tirnf of the Civil *.V;tr. Virginia la- vnrpfl jicoMsion f.-ii.r to on? Ten- r.i/:-sfc by only slightly more than two ;o one. DEMONSTRATED by an unidentified miss, a nsw-type. liplit- weight, emergency fog and signal horn can he lu-atd more than a mile across open water. Pov;crc<I by ihexptnslve, disposable r&ns of Frr-on gas. the pO'tmJ - at\'\ • n - h.-iir horns de- voioperi by thft Falcon .Maim r-^.T/pany of Surnrnif, N. J., r.-i'-f'- i'. s. CM?" (r.mrtl ro- . (Intcr/ifitionnli Group of Hat Beauties at a Special Extra Low price! Whaf <i wonderful selling of hats. Just when you need ihom for Easier and after. You'll love the hats . . . big and little brim, light and dark colors, tailored and dressy stylos. The savings arc so exceptional you'll choose several hats. Beall's OMAIITV

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