The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 28, 1975 · Page 18
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August 28, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 18

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1975
Page 18
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Police, firemen talking tough in contract negotiations WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Buoyed by the outcome of last week's strike in San Francisco, police and firemen around the country are talking tough in contract negotiations. Striking, once condemned as unprofessiori- al, will increasingly be one of their bargaining tools, they say. Police in Topeka, Kan., talk of * worit stoppage or slowdown if their request for a $75- per-month pay increase is not met when their contract expires at the end of the year. Police and firemen in Washington, D.C., are seeking a 1,1 per cent pay raise from the dty^overnment in negotiations that begin this week. "We'w prepared to take whatever steps we have to take to gain our objective," said Alan Whitney, a local leader of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. In Pomona, Calif., near Los Angeles, the talk is blunter. Since Jon* "We have been In negotiations with the city since June," said Richard Tefank, vice-president of the Pomona Police Officers Association who was at strike headquarters in San Francisco during the walkout there. "If they continue to take the attitude they have, we have no other alternative but to strike." Pomona patrolmen now make $15,492 a year and are seeking $17,808. The city has offered $16,200. And in Berkeley, Calif., across the bay from San Francisco, 95 per cent of its firemen on Wednesday were in the second day of a strike to back their demand for a $15,252 starting salary. Tliis university city has only 12 men to answer fire calls as strikers threaten to shut the city down if state fire fighters are sent. The 150 men who struck for higher wages Tuesday warned they will "close the whole city down" If Gov. Edmund C. Brown, jr., accedes to Mayor Warren Widener's plea for fire protection from the California Divisten-of-Forestryr-Widener has declared a state of emergency. Suspended Charter San Francisco policemen walked off the job Aug. 18, and firemen joined them two days later. The following day, Mayor Joseph L. Alioto suspended the city charter, overruled the city's board of supervisors and ordered the 13 per cent pay increase, twice what the supervisors had approved. Alioto's action has been challenged in court by a citizen's suit, and both .the strike and the settlement drew criticism from many quarters. "I'm not sure giving in is the way to handle it," said Mayor Stanley M. Makowski of Buffalo, N.Y. "If I were faced with the problems he had, I would find it very difficult to raise the money." Makowski said police and fire fighters in Buffalo are "prettj reasonable people." They also can display the type of militan cy that increasingly confronts officials dealing with public em ploye unions. When the city announced plans to cut the number of fire men last spring, Buffalo fire men refused to work overtime a move that shut down some fire, stations. After three months, the city indicated would not go through with the cutbacks. More Expected More such actions can be ex pected^5aid_lNew_j[)rJeans May or Moon Landreau, president 01 the U.S. Conference of Mayors and San Francisco stands as an example. "What the San Francisco problem does portend, I'm afraid, is a growing militancy on the part of public safety officers, a sacrifice of prin ciples that have been a part of their jobs for a long time." Striking is a right people give up when they become police men and firemen, Landreau said. But what Landreau called professionalism was called pa ternalism by Edward J. Kiernan, president of the 180,000- member International Confer ence of Police Associations. "We found over the years that the politicians won't take care of you," said Kiernan. "This action in San Francisco is going to give a lot of people something to think about." DOGS FIND HOFFA SCENT IN GIACALONE CAR (c) Knight Newspapers DETROIT, MICH. - Tests using dogs trained for work in ktdnapings have led federal officials to believe that missing ex-Teamsters boss James R. Hoffa had recently been in a car owned by the son of Detroit Mafia chieftain Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalbne. Hoffa's scent was discovered by the dogs in the back seat and the trunk of the car owned by Joseph Giacalone, 20, officials told the Detroit Free Press Wednesday. Borrowed by O'Brien The car was borrowed July 30 — the day Hoffa disappeared — by Hoffa's foster son, Charles (Chuckie) O'Brien, according to O'Brien and Joe Giacalone. FBI agents seized the younger,. Giacalone's 1975 Mercury Aug. 9 to test blood on the front seat. The blood turned out to be from a fish, as O'Brien had contended. FBI investigators also brought in three dogs and their handlers to determine if there was any indication of Hoffa's scent jn the car, federal officials said. Separate Tests The dogs, used in kidnapings and other criminal investigations, were put through separate sets of tests by expert trainers. Officials said the dogs gave positive indications in all tests that Hoffa had been in the back seat and the trunk of the ear. While some state and federal law officials questioned the use of the dogs to gather evidence for criminal procedings, investigators close to the case say it may be admissible in court. James Burdick, a Detroit attorney who represents O'Brien, when told of the tests using dogs, said: "If that's the case, why haven't they arrested Mr. O'Brien? That (the tests) is what they do in the movies; this isn't a movie." Felt Negligent O'Brien has said he felt negligent that blood from the fish, a 16-pound salmon, might stain Giacalone's car interior and drove to the Jax Kar Wash in suburban Farmington, where he asked attendants to remove the blood. But Joe Spitz, manager of the car wash, said no record of O'Brien's visit could be found and said no employes could recall anyone asking about removing blood from a car. O'Brien said after he left the car wash, he drove back to Joe Giacalone's suburban St. Clair Shores apartment. "Not Unusual" Charles T. Art of Plymouth, considered Michigan's foremost trainer of police dogs, said "it A not unusual" for dogs to be used in tests like the ones on Giacalone's car. "They are called recovery dogs. Given the scent of a person (from a piece of clothing or other object) they can be trained to look and can even find a body in a fire," Art said. Some recovery dogs will dig. some will sit and some will bark to indicate that they have made a recovery, he said. Obituaries , and to complete the seeding within fifteen MRS. JOSEPHINE McCLUNG The Rtglittr'i low* Newt Strvtc* IOWA CITY, IA. - Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Josephine McClung, 76, of Highland Park, 111., a former Iowa City resident who died Saturday at a Highland Park hospital. Mrs. McClung's body was donated to the University of Iowa medical school. Me- moriul services have been set for a later date in Iowa City. Mrs. McClung was a housemother for 20 years at three fraternities in Iowa City including the Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Chi an Phi Delta Theta houses. Survivors include a daughter, a sister and two grandchildren. MRS. ALMA K. O'RILEY The Riilster'i Iowa Newi Sarvle* CRESTON, IA. - Services for Mrs. Alma K. O'Riley, L, of Creston, who died Tuesday at a Creston Hospital, will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the First United Methodist Church here. Survivors include two daughters, three stepsons, four stepdaughters, including Mrs. Clinton Miller of Des Moines, a half-brother, a half-sister, 20 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren; and four great-great- grandchildren. ALFRED H. SHEETZ Tht Reilstir'i Iowa News Service OSKALOOSA, IA. — Services for Alfred H. Sheetz, 88, a retired Oskaloosa farmer who died Tuesday at an Oskaloosa liospital, will be at-1:30 p;m. Friday at Newman Funeral Chapel here. Survivors include his wife, three sons, a daughter, 13 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. JOSEPH A. DESSEL The Htf liter's t«wa Ntwf I«rvlc» IDA GROVE, IA. - Services for Joseph A. Dessel, 83, of Ida Grove, who died Wednesday at an Ida Grove hospital, will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church here. Survivors include his wife, three sons, a daughter, 11 grandchildren, a brother and two sisters. VANE E. SCHEITZER The Rtifettr't tawa Mawf f crvlc* OSKALOOSA, IA. — Services for Vane E. Scheitzer, 75, of Winter Park, Fla., a former Oskaloosa resident who died Sunday at his home, will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Powers Funeral Home here. Survivors nclude his wife, a son and three grandchildren. MRS. JAMES KRITZ rht Rtgisttr'i Iowa News Strvlc* DUBUQUE, IA. - Services : or Mrs. James Kritz, 74, of Dubuque, who died Tuesday at a Dubuque hospital, will be at II a.m. Friday at the Grandview Avenue United Methodist Thurch here. Survivors include ler husband, two daughters, five sons and 17 grandchildren. HOBART ABBOTT Tht Register's Iowa News Sirvlci GALT, IA. - Services for Hobart Abbott, 78, of Gait, who died Tuesday at a Clarion hospital, will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Eyler Funeral Home in Clarion. Survivors include tiis wife, two daughters, a son, six grandchildren, five great- grandchildren and * brother. MRS. JAMES W. WILSON Tht RwMittfi IWM Ntwi Strvlet. CARROLL, IA. - Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the First United Methodist Church here for Mrs. James W. Wilson, 72, of Carroll, wife of the publisher of the Carroll Daily Times Herald. Mrs. Wilson, a former elementary school principal in Carroll, died Wednesday of cancer. Survivors include her husband; a son, James B. of Carroll; a daughter, Mrs. Robert Burns of Indianola; three grandchildren, two sisters and a brother. OMA HULGAN The Rtslster's Iowa News servlct KNOXVILLE, IA. - Services for Oma Hulgan, 76, of Knoxville, who died Wednesday at a Knoxville hospital, will be at 11 a.m. Friday at the Williams Funeral Home here. Miss Hulgan was a native of Lucas County and lived most of her life in Des Moines before moving to Knoxville in J973. She was a retired telephone operator for the Des Moines Police Department. Survivors include a brother, William of Knoxville. THEODORE RYERSON The Register's Iowa NIWI Servlct NEVADA, IA.-Services for Theodore Ryerson, 54, of Nevada, whi died Monday while vacationing in Canada, will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Memorial Lutheran Church here. Survivors include his wife, two daughters, a grandchild, his mother, three brothers and a sister. LLOYD S. SMITH Tht Rttliltr't Iowa News Servlct KNOXVILLE, IA, - Services for Lloyd S. Smith, 59, of Knoxville, who died Tuesday at the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, will be at 10 a.m. Friday at the Church of the Nazarene here. Survivors include his wife, a son, two grandchildren and a brother. MRS. LESLIE R. JOHNSON Tht Rtgltttr'i Iowa New* Strvlet IDA GROVE, IA. - Services for Mrs. Leslie R. Johnson, 77, of Ida Grove, who died Wednesday at an Ida Grove hospital, will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the hristensen Funeral Home liere. Survivors include her husband, a brother and a sister. Military savings WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The General Accounting Office says consolidation of port, repair, and computer and other U.S. military facilities in the Pacific could save at least $10.1 million a year. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R-362) NOTICE NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS FOR THE TAKING OF BIDS FOR CONSTRUC TION OF THE CITY OF KEOKUK, IOWA, GRADING, P.C.C. PAVING. PROJECT NO. M-8077 (802) 81-56 (JOHNSON STREET ROAD FROM US. HIGHWAY 61 TO LINCOLN AVE.) AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED PLANS AND SPEUFICA TIONS AND PROPOSED FORM OF CONTRACT FOR SUCH IMPROVEMENT Sealed proposals will be received by Ihe Cuy Clerk of Ihe City of Keokuk, Iowa, at his office in the City Hall of said Ci|y ocated al 415 Blondeau Street, Keokuk. owa, until- 7:30 o'clock P.M., local time on Thursday. September 4. 1775 for (lie construction of improvements designated 'City of Keokuk, Iowa, Grading—P.C.C., paving Proiect No-M-8077 (802) - 81-56 'Johnson Street Road from U.S Higlv.vdv , 61 lo Lincoln Aye.)" as described in the plans and specifications therefore now on ! : ile in the office of the City Clerk Sui h ' proposals as are received v/ill be public.!/: opened, read aloud by Ihe City Clerk >n! he City Council Chambers, al that time, i Proposals v/ill be acted upon bv the c Iv I Council at that time or at sur.h later lime | as may then b* fixed. At said time a^d i place, a hearing v/ill 66 held b/ said Council on tht proposed dins «na sssc"i- citloni «nd pr«potid form «4 contriet for OFFICIAL PUBLICATION said construction and at said Marina, any interesiBfl person may appear and tin objection thereto or to thi cost nf said improvements. wrffpni THE MAJ Death} 1411! IAJOR 1. Standard or'sfijs fYo'm'p.c. cone. pavement (Class C) «", S.Y.; 1§,«M. 2. P.c. concrete drives 6 inch, S.Y.; «3lt 3. Driveway surfacing Class A crushed stone, tons; 452. 4. Class 10 excavation roadway And bor row (established quantity), C.Y.; 25,ns. 5. Class 20 excavation, C.Y.; 304. ». RA-3 intake, ea.,- 29. 7. RA-5 intake, ea.; 8. '• AA-H manhole, ea.; 5. 9. 20UOD storm sewer 15", L.F.; 3,Ut. - storm sewer 18". L.F.; S54. storm sewer 24", L.F.; 18, storm sewer 18", L.F.; 58. . concrete roadway plp« culvert ) concrete roadway pipe culvert L.F.; 208. InUrtoUAY Home 1?. No, 0 . 1 ) •• the funeral Home Giendni* cemetery Cemetery -REA$ 6, DOT 5608 Southwest Graveside -Corydon, li . , Iowa Cemetery. LE at the MRS. RUTH E. McAUL i in l°li', thw .«JL F i f "' Sff ^po P.M. at fue Funeral Home Highland Memory Gardens ttt-VUS CLARA FRIDAY '31 Mort •V f-l^ lendale LINN, Mother "..Thornton ion Avenue ft the Funeral Home , i-.r,, /un. IS. 2000D concrete roadway Pine culvert, l«.20pb'D concrete roadway pipe culvert I mf-Slst* s?' 3 •- L - F "' "> --- - ! tO:30 AM at the funeral home 'Sunset Memorial Gardens Glendale Cemetery WARD 17. Concrete apron 18", ea.; 2. IS. Concrete anron 24", na.; 4. roncerte apron 30", ea.} \. Concrete apron 34", ea.; 2. Structural concrete, C.Y.; IU.8, 22, Reinforcing steel, Ibs.; 14,652.00. 23. Removal of drives, S.Y.; 141. li' Removal of pavement, S.Y.; 152. "' " drubbing, % of Incidental, C.Y. 26. PC Concrete. «.o. xu. , s. viuiinmc, miiuenrai, I».T., 27. Seeding and fertilizing, acres; 9. 2ft. Mulching, acres; 4. 29, Special ditch control, wood excelsior mat, souarcs; 13. 30. Special compact of subqrade, jta- tlonsur 43.5 Sta. 62'3'St E a irlh shouldpr conslr "ctlon, stations, 32. Stone rubble wall, tons; 10.!. .33. Removal of exlstlno structure .KC.B), L.S.; job, 34. Compacting backfill adlacent to culvert's and, C.Y ,- 91. All In accordance with the proposed drawings, specifications and nron form or contract documents now nn ... with the Citv Clerk and which bv this reference are made a part hereof, as hough fully set out and Incorporated here- n. Each proposal shall be .made on a form furnished by the City of Keokuk, Iowa, and must be accompanied by a certified check In a separate s»»led envelope, in 'he amount of ten per tent of Ihe amount of the hid, made payable to the Treasurer, |tv of Keofcuk, Jpwaj.pr_a for a amount on <h°. wa B.5 r Bond Form BB- City which'shaii' be"considered "as" bid" s'e'curftv and shall be forfeited to the city of Keo'"•'• if said proposal or bid is accepted and .bidder fails to execute the contract and file the required bond as provided In SATURDAY OEORGE H. FOOTE Indlanola, Iowa Formerly ol Des Moine* 12 Noon at the funeral home Interment Columbia, Iowa FRANK L. FOYB 4029 E. 32nd St. J?:» AM at the funeral horn* Highland Memory Gardens BEATRICE VAUGHN Allen MUIIIO 11 ;jv nrvi. Interment Lowman Cemetery. HAMILTON'S 243-5221 LI6GETT -Kate Texas, WTflTf -----•-- for "WS Kl --, w. Llooett of Kllieen, as, formerly, of Stuart, will be held Thurs., 10 a.m. from the P,JSwr i » ' led / .,,,-. ..._,,. SOUTn I metery. LINK SERVICE mscmm -. Churc Grove C ^ttmSn^r- 1 nye, oes Moines Thursday 2 PM ChaW. Interment family >"8j!«»ts remembrances ftft thVHea-r- **& vest AM ~ wllfbt"lo":38 Laren Chapel, In- Ihe contract documents. No bidder may withdraw his proposal for a period of thirty (30) days after date set for opening bids. All proposals must be enclosed In an envelope, sealed and addressed to the City, ^^_. Clerk, City of Keokuk, Iowa. The envelope WANTED - U.S. Silver •nd toll S.^!'-be-marked "Propo.saL.fpr Gnjd- coins. J i P Coin Co. BMBI. terrnent-RMtfeven'Semetery. MCLARENS SERVICE Stamps, Coins NEW FIRESIDE DEN 9M t. Unlv»rsl< Lonely, Tense Let Our Beautiful Ladies Please You INCALL MODELS INCALL ENCOUNTER Ask About Our FREE ENCOUNTERS ROYAL NUDE MODEL CLUB ENCOUNTERS In Calls—24 Mrs. Outcalls—Aft. 6 PM HOME - HOTEL - MOTEL Eoulpment furnished OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS Free XXX Movies o Video Tape while wait ing. Gigantic closed cir cuit T.V, screens. 5209 2nd Ave. Call for Information 244-3531 . Street Road, U.S. 61 to Lincol Avenue." Proposals received after the above specified time and date will tji returned unopened' to the bidder submit ling the proposal. Payments are fo be made on the basis of monthly estimates In amounts equal to ninety eer cent (90%) of fhe contrac value of the work completed. Includlnt materials and equipment delivered am satisfactorily stored on the lob. " monthly estimates shall In no w-. „„ construed as an act of acceptance for any part of the work partially or totally com pleted. The balance of the ten per cent (10%) due the contractor will be paid no earlier than thirty (30) days from fhe fir>,i acceptance of said work bv fhe Cltv sub- iccl to the conditions and In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 391a of the .ode of Iowa, as amended. No such par ial or final payment will be due until the ronlractor has certified to the Citv tha' he materials, labor "and services involvec n eacM es als, lab stlmate have been paid for Ic accordance with the 'requirements stated n the specifications, The work shall be commenced within en (10) days of the Issuance of the Notice o Proceed with an approximate starting date of October 13, 1975 and the Con- ractor shall complete all work except eedlng- within fifty.(50) working .days, ihln fifty (50) working days plefe the seeding within flfteei 15^ working days be/lnnlng. May 19, 1976 ~n dr 40,00) dollars'and no with a final completion date of June 9, 976. 'Liquidated dam me hundred forty ges In the amount of cents per working day shall be recovered ly the City of Keokuk, Iowa, from the .onfracfor for each working day mat elder portion of work remains uncompleted after the end of the allowed working days or the initial or final portion of the work." The successful bidder will be required to urnish a Performance Bond and Labor and Materials Payment Bond as specified n the specifications each In an amounl equal to one hundred cor cent (100%) ol he contract price, said bond to be also executed by'a responsible corporate sure- y approved by the City and sna,H guaran- ee the faithful performance of the con. ract and the terms and conditions theroln ontained. The specifications for this work shall'be he special provisions on jlle with fhe city lerk and Ihe "Standard Specifications for Construction on Prima.ry, Farm-to-Market, "econdary, State Park, and Institution,! FOUND vie. SW Des Moinerj«5. InJOj HUSKY^ lost, vic t Hlckman, _____ ____ _., . ... ioads and Maintenance rlmary Road ._ Work ystem, Series of 1972. on the . as mended, which Is Issued and distributed SSI Hli >y the Iowa State Highway Commission, fbuti sslo Iowa, under Chapter 397, Code of 0960. Ames, owa. The Specifications, drawings and 'form if Contract for said protect may be exam- ned at the officer, of the Cltv Clerk, Citv of Keokuk, Iowa, and may be procured rom the City Clerk, upoji fhe payment of Thirty Five Dollars ($35.00), which amount will not be refunded. The city reserves fhe najiit to ralect any or all bids, to waive technicalities, and to enter into such contract or contracts as It shall deem to be for its best Interest. Published upon order of the City Council of the Cllv of Keokuk, Iowa. Dated this 7ih day of August, 1975. CITY OF KEOKUK. IOWA By J.A. Finortv Citv Clerk st 14. 1975 3ate of First Publication: August Date of Secnnd Publication: August 21, 1975 Date of Third Publication: August 28, 1975 (R-400) LEGAL. NOTICE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF REHORN IN- CEIVER FOR WYCKOFF AND BEAGLE, 4 vrs old, trl color, re collar with tags answers to w!c lost vie. Meredith Jr, High Re BLACK/LAB Puppy clrJly. oLSmouse Schi .,. . found In va [mouse School 255-3410 about Mrdj Mffl found vie. Army J«. 244-4" Y, younq pupp maf I and speed rioht , Omaha c'aM W.Q6 •_ _ CA~f founBT young West Des •' ' — maha lie. LOST 'ij.'s. Merle Tfay R ill collect aft. 4 S.WB, illect undT •s Me "RlNl ur a3r\o, I7>€ and cherry, wTfT toward CLASS RING. braska, men' nes. 22i rag* calico G. University of (gem's. Found vie. Ill . Must Identify. »5 ID', large llson ant and Contact FOUND, in wrklnq I lot '-44 act. lens of Dei 05. 11-i. lack white . TER lost, female, years. Answers to Brandy. In sov, la. REWARD. S1S-7M.MM. »fe Ca TTEN FOUND, orange mole, : mos. old,, vie. <9th-Harwood. 255 HUB. wiur <_07«att,5, IUMT qtl, J. jAB. BlacK female, no collai And VVhite and Brown Brllfan Spaniel female. L LADIE style. ....jny .. vie. 73rd ... 1. 278-4391. tosf: IES, watch LOST, Bracele . Vic. «th Ave.-Locust. 265 MONEV „ Fair. Owner I POM.-CHIHUAHUA mixed male. Jrown. Wearing white flea collar. _OST vie. NE 55th. Reward. 262- man Shepherd with white mark- 20J5RAN rth months. 50th, 2nd Ave. Nortl Wearing halter. 282-1405° 274.1M* Generous reward. .TMGS lostrREWARD. 5 rings ..' J?i.ffi*. room ..?'-iry |(: * tsta i | o | ! rfew aL 0? k «J?o.56. Aug.24, rhoi 'ML? ?r* wedding, rings. F Au ing . Phone__964-38(l6. Ankenv. g r nke CORPORATED AND TO CREDITORS TO FILE CLAIMS TO: All creditors and other persons In. erected. You are hereby notified fhat on August 1, 1975, the Honorable Dale S. Mis- lldlne, Judne ot the Fifth Judicial District of Iowa, appointed Larry L. Wcnzl, 2401 Jmvfrslty Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 0311, Rpceiver of Wyckoff and Horn In- orporated In » case entitled, Climate Dis- rlhutors. Inc. and H. P. Sales Co. vs. Wyckoff and Horn Incorporated, Equity No. CE 42058, pending In the District Court of the Stale of Iowa in and for Polk ounty. You are also notified that said Court rdered the Receiver to nivn notice of his nPolntmont bv two (2) publications in wo consecutive weeks In the Des Moines Daily Register, and that any person or nrnoratlon having or maklna any claims aalnst Ihe property of the Defendant, Wvckoff and Horn Incorporated, shall file heir duly verified claims in the office of he Clerk of sala Court within sixty ($)) avs from Ihe publication of sold notice. You are also notified that unless you so He your duly verified claim within slxly M» days, as aforesaid, your claim will be (isallowed by the Court. Please lake no- ce and qovern yourselves accordingly. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, August 19, Larry L. Wenr.1, Receiver tor Wvckoff and Horn Incorporated 2401 University Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50311 Telephone: 277-6441 Dreher, Wllon & Adams - 500 Stephens Rulldlna Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Telpehone: 288-0247 Attorneys for Receiver Publisher! in The Des Moines Daily Rea- stnr Aunii^t 21, 1975, and August 28, 1975. R-418I-DES MOINES METROPOLITAN! TRANSIT AUTHORITY ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS PROJECT NO. IA-03-0017-1 SHOP EQUIPMENT | Nntice Is hereby given. that Ihe Des Metropolitan Transit Authority receive snalfd bids at the office oti he Authority. 23iO High Shrent, Des Woines. lowfl 50312 until 4:00 p.m. on eplem h "r 8, 1975 for shop equipment terns as follows: D-l One (1) Magnelic Particle Inspec- __. . _ RW6 offReys lost vie 5TOO blk. ot 'leasant St. or 51st and Harwood sGtNSOlETSr FOffNb~Soufhs'lde • ; - Ownijr identify. 282-3930. _ SIAMESE cat, male, fairly larae, ...... white aws, swer to "Muf ins" LOST"vlc. 8 SE 1st and Dun- inm. 2H8-C SIBERIAN HUSKY ilack and white, 60 I L incpln. Reward. 282 SUNGLASSES, bs, Vic. "afnS', -7923, •----' prescription, ound Oak Park vie. 213-4931 ask or Mary. TOMCAT; "graylsh~~6lacK ifnH while. LOST vie. Park Ave. and Armv Post Rd., 'Elmer' for any nformatlon_call244;3_415. WH'fTE"Long "haired part Persian Cllten 6 months old, losf In vlcln ty of 43rd and Forest, 277-3204. FOUND: Black and white female IUPPV. Setter type. Vic. Blrdland 'ark. 244.0233 aftar 5:30. -oTJKTb SACK of Clothing August 23rd vie. K-Mart EaM. Owner rlentify. 212-7394. Notices HIRE a photographer bv the hour for your business or social func- tiona. GET full Information by calling ... PHOT clfement and entertainment at the Dayton, Iowa Rodeo Labor Day Week End. lake Robbins-Woodward Tune Vendors -Sat. Sun. 4 pm—Kennv Hofer, 6-10 J&A 11 * /omes D-3 tlon Mdr.hin. One (D 1500 Ihs. Capacity Mobile Crane. Kwik-Way Model K:liOO or Approved Eaual Rids shall be accompanied hy addi- onal materials as detailed In the Spec- liralions. Bids shall he directed lo the Des Moines Metronolilftn—Tfansil-Aulhor- Iv, 2320 Hlsh Street, Des.Moines, Iowa. 0312, and biildly endorsed on the out- ide wr,'tpocr: : "SEALED BID - SHOP EQUIPMENT" Bids will be opened publicly in thei if (ice of thi> Transit Aulhorilv al 10:00 !i7ee, Q V»ne's, UV 5 ^.™ 0 "**' ™*» "E&V LoiV-friSRlSTfibmi lust 2/, 1975 A| «S ! e terms ol payment shall be: Terms 01 payrnuni sna I oe: j 1J ". ,'' ""• r^~. — in K- Toldl bid price based on paymenl land , fo l cv<!r ,- Thl l,,* ", ^ e terms, of _ net thirty (30) daysTde ?-55' d S y £^^.1 LQy acceptance of each shop equipment item. 2. Exiendod bid price Is for payments Notices made thirty one (31) or more days and Jan. alter a/.cept.ince ot the shop equipment item. This project is subject to the terms of Hnancial Assistance f.ontrart between 10 Der, Moines Metropolitan Transit ulhority and the United SlnlOs Denort- icnl of Transportation, Project No. 1A-03- The Des Moines Metropolilaii Transit uthpntv reserve", the right to reiect any r all bids. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ELIZABETH 50 AIN'T SO BAD __AR ED: Love is corning tL.. _ Urom vacdtion early. To a prom- jise of life together from today - - IB my hap...^ _.., _._ ^_^,.._ .JYtJQBEj. HAPPY Birthday, Dad. You're the greatest and we love you. Little Girl, Jeff, Carol, Deb, Dan, ZODIAC Outcall Models There is Qnly-One-Wa To Be The Biggest That's by Being the Best Give Us a Try and You'll See Why. CALL 282-2101 24 HOURS MAN'S PLEASURE iED SUNDAYS ^b-i«9i CHERI's Your Place or Ours Outcalls 288-8654 or 288-8420, 12-4 AM FREE Encounter on In Call 2001 COTTAGE PROVE PLAY GIRLS NUDE MODELS INCALLS—OUTCALLS YOUR PLACE OR OURS CENTER 19 COUR ADULT DREAM 243-5760 243-0483 Films $6.99 and Up LIVE MODELS In Call and Outcalls Male and Female Books, Mags RED EYE 205-4th 243-9929 FOXEY LADIES Nude Models Nude Encounter - OUTCALLS THE RED OWL NUDE MODELS All private sessions $10-$70 THE RED OWL 43-0736 1102 Keo GUYS & GALS Nude Modeling Outcalls Nude Encounter HOME, MOTEL, HOTEL 24 Hrs. 265-8366 DATE MATE? Single, dlvorctd, widowed Send self addressed stamped Envelope tor quick reply. INSTA-AMTE . D-M Box 4562 50306 'lOW RATES FOR AUTO" Motorcycles—Home Owners NSURANCE. Also for standard, ancaled or reiected persons. 1m- nediate SR-22 filings. E-Z. pay plan. Mike Ananla Ins. 407 Court We. Oes Moines, la. 243-M66 YOU CAN visit a MA55feUi layton, one* turday most anytime BUT the Oi owa Rodeo only comes ach year. 7;M p.m. Sat 1 and Sunday; 1:30 pm Sunday am Monday. LABOR DAY WEEK INp. ParadeJOjOO_am Monday. H.C. FILMS $6.95 ooks, maqs, novelties, nude an- unter, models. Master Charge ADAM & EVE BOOK STORE "II Grand Sun I'M AP the unused power of your mind "Adventures In Attitudes" an unlock that power. Class tarts Sept. 8. Phone SUCCESS VNAMICS, 276-7450. "__ we H^AvfTTrie MOST LIVE NUDE MODE BOOKS, MAGAZINES. DENMARK 40t-7th Hie Nude 215 Walnut MODERN Now Has Encounters K? 5 Fleur Drlye._ _ _ 287-2203 jTRL, Drake arad, desires room ear Drake with elderly lady for ompanlonshlp, household duties nd or reasonable rait. RefT 262- ~S'RTvArrDEfrcTivr Child custody, .accident or mlii- ng person specialists Confidential free consultation Ph. 282-8001 ("tn of InfprPif Men and Women i pet Moln«» Register 17 llthure.. Aug. ». 1973 •* ' Outcalls Only, 24 Hours IOWACITY CORALVILLE DISCREET MASSAGE Sundays 10 AM-3 AM PHONE 319-354-306 fttt ardini Stx ,. . er Att Preference- in Htm-wentttd Advwtijini in accordance with the ruiij M«?!SL, hy Ine low* Civil Rithit — ihe Rtoisier ind riounj, cennot accent Help- Wanted advermino copy which in any way expresses » i«x or a«e preferenee un«M the «dverfi§er 2'*L M , •B <l ,» v " wim «* "•*»- peper iustifylng me MX or age preference en the bttii of t bon- eflde occupitlonii renulrement. (Adver Itlng in clejslflcilloru 1M. m, 210, 220, 260 and Run of Paper.) Affidavit} are available . from me Classified Deparimeni. Advertising DISCRETE MASSAGE Mason City Clear OUTCALLS ONLY 24 HR. SERVICE 515-357-4387 CORALViLLE IOWA CITY Unique MASSAGE 319-351-2067 LADY-FINGER MASSAGE OUTCALLS ONLY 12 PM-4 AM 244-8470 Slick Chick MASSAGE, INC. 243-2430 OUTCALLS * PM-4 Royal A/IASSAGE, INC. OUTCALLS « PM-4 AM 244-0775 PARLORS LINDY'S MASSAGE 5 El^A D Y^ S 24 A ^ E R K S County MASSAGE, INC. 5209 SECOND AVE. TAKE 2ND AVE. EXIT 3 BLKS. N. INTERSTATE 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK 244-3534 ToNeCa BATH AND MASSAGE PHONE 280-8849 3001 W. BROADWAY COUNCIL BLUFFS HOURS 10 AM to 10 PM PHONE 323-3742 FIRESIDE DEN MASSAGE 5-8355 2956 E. University ACROSS FROM THE AIRPORT MODERN MASSAGE Hours 9:00 A.M. 'Till 1 A.M. .. .. 5D75 Fleyr Drlya DES MOINES .110 K MASSAGE DAILY 6 PM to 4 AM CLOSED SUNDAYS V43-0697 [he Velvet Touch MASSAGE PARLOR 10 6th Ave. 2445530 OPEN NOON TIL K's MASSAGE AVENPOR 3 T 9 . 3 6,6 3 /«sh.n,ton St. ACCOUNTANT Growing Central Iowa Accounting firm desires ambitious CPA. Send ter ai ic« to: inri Tri 'lbune_ ACCOUNTANT Waterloo certified public Infl firm has o an audit senior. sala~ -- • • 1153, Ins "firm has'openini'o'n fteff tor an audit senior. Send res 'me and salary requirements to P.O. iox 1153. Waterloo, la. 58704. ACCOUNTING CLERK GENERAL. Must be strong IVP 1st—Some IBM exposure. Salary commensurate with experience and education. Monday thru Frilay 8 to 5, ability to work over- lme_Aonly_ln_oerson_to_Paul : rench CONTINENTAL HOXIE 100 E. 2nd Eouai Opportunity Employer •>tCf. CLK: Llte"tVDinq. "wrttn esmiy, fig. apt. $475. Call Rllla McOade 284-6950 Snelllng J. Snell- Ing an emBlovment - — CERK, Light bookkeepng. Some, •J«Per^egy!r.ed..GENCO, 76S WS ACCTS. PAYABLE TLRKT vlous y commensurate (cations expr. sal with aua I ANTIQUE I DIRECTORY In the Dei Moln«T Sunday Regltter September 7th. Antique Dealer*: Reserve space in this statewide directory today! Call 284-8141 in Des Moines; 800-362-1836 toll free elsewhere in Iowa. Jobi of Interest- Men and Women 195 BUSBOY-DISHWASHER EVENING HOURS Northwest Commynlfy Hospital f>18 «th Street Administrative Assistant To handle business detail, exec tlye contacts requlr good tel phone personal ItY. Typing wpm. some . advertising bac •roujd helpful. . Call Mr. Helto HI Administrative ass't. Live In. Some night duty. (Youn adult residence)-Hawthorn ' 921 Pleasant, num.. ADMISSIONS REPRESENTATIVE Bachelor's degree required. E tensive travel. Write or call M Don Glx, Director of Admission ANOFFERTOTOTrTHE ARTHUR MURRAY TEACHING STAFF If you have a pleasant person illtv and you like people we w train you to teach dancing at n cost. You attend glamorou events, dance contests, travel you wish. Put your best foot fo ward af America's leading socl, jjance schoot. Apply J to 7 PI ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIO ANTIQUE »l— '— prentice. nother «i a.m. Apartment Manager M;t u /e_ couple needed. Apt. pro. vlded, plus sma ARCHITECT Registered and experienced. Good salary with r -- cr — • v Ion firm sr~~ concepts. concepts. Esti telpful. Write WaterloB, Iowa istab IshedepnsTru Talizlng in sfqn-bll ilmatlnn txPerfene rlenc P.O. Box n ASSEMBLER 'erson to help In hand assembl of automatic car washers. M< hanlcal ability needed. 7:30 to , Wo . nd ?y, ftn.FWV' Call 26S 52«, ask thru Fr for_Mr. A , ndrews. ~ "'i. « 5 «.Tor_wr. Anorews. ASSISTANT MA>IAGER""VranTe or 450 sow unit main Job farrow ng house. Wesley Pork. Inc Wesley, la. 515-679-4391 or 679 402. ATTENDANT person 5120 P. SERVICE "N" .ERVICE STATION. Morning o afternoon shift. Above averr wage. Apply In 4th. St, i^fFNDANfpMan or woman ull or. part t me. Good pay. Ap nl» Mobil Station. 5169 Merle Ha in, ATTENDANT, PART TIME/.. nlngs and wtek ends. APR Dave's Clark Station, 3720 E.I4th *7iP7iVriX'i-tis;— --—r-rt- . . .' •••-'•'— AtTfeNpANT;parltlme"lo~r"st'r ce station work. Apply In Victor's standard. 90l-42nd. • In pen ATTENTION Broiler and Counter Vork available. Days and night full or part time. Apply In pe son. Ponderosa Steak House . _ 7420 Douglas An Equal Opportunity Employe UDITOR Des Moines area CPA firm sires senior CPA with 2-3 year auditing experience. Position c e r s partnership potential ' Write 0-16S Register and Trlbun Our employees are aware o eouest. We arc an equal opportu itv employer AUTO DEALER .ot work, combination, to chec i new cars and trucks, wash an etall cleanup new vehicles fo ellyery. Good pay, steady wor or Intelligent Industrious person, pply after 9 AM. Contact Bruce Wlllkomm Charles Gabus Ford 4545 Merle Hay Road, D.M. nd experienced person to can or a (3 month old boy In my ime In the Urbendale area. 271 AB'YSTTYERr~ExperTenced~~f6 ome to my home, Itomcdlatley all after 5 PM !i15-'J95-7342, Al- ontii I A. SBV5TTTEH needed Immed". orwalk are*. 4 yr. old boy. Day nd evening hours. 911-4933. ABYslTfe«7~BMVerda«~area, jVJ. .old boy.. yp_yr._home «. i.S B ?: hoi A B YS I TT E R-our oore Scht. area, M-F. Baker SaladMaker Vegetable Cook Apply in Person YOUNKERS TEA RQOM........_ 5th Floor, Downtown i Equal Opportunity Employer 90 Deaths MA CARD OF THANKS published' [iin The Register and Tribune is. o '• lilting way to express your appre- cuHon ot (loroi tribute',, gilts ,ind joiner kindnesses. Call :'84-814l lor 1 .t,ag,.-sied jrte r > we'>. hUROCKWAY"-"Services tor Mrs -Mary Brock «a/ of 2918 Des 1 ;iMoines Strict, will be 1 p M 'Thursday, ,il Ihe Funeral Home. (Interment Highland Memory ,. PAHLSTROM SERVICE .•'G.lLLlGAN - Services for John T j Cilligan ul 6101 ShcrricK will be I 10:30 AM Friday at St. Pius X 1 Catholic Church, interment Reit- hhaven Cemetery. Rosary 7:30 PM Thursday at Ihe Westover Funeral Home. OROTDT — Services for John o'f r °4003 0 N"'li' n stre d eT f w'n rr be rl I P.M. Frirloy al the Funeral Home. Interment Polk City. ARNOLD'S HIGHLAND PARK FUNERAL HOME_ I STOREY Services for Mrs Mo :•Morey, ol 3401 SW Tjventy-foOrth, •/.ill be Friday, II A.M. af Dunn's [ on Grand. Interrnent Glenjgaie. j rsMr-!-E -- Services ior" Miss |.Catherine M. Temole, daughter of I M r . and Mri Sherman D Temple, of 6310 Boston, will be 1 P M Thurid-)/ at the Weaver Funeral Home Interment Gien (jHle Conir.-i,.-rv Mernoriats tr. : eukcmia F'jr.d in care of Dr J I p Td./ior, Universily Hospitals! • >7AD'V//OR TH" "— SeVvices for S: Gera'd 1 'Jerry) Wadsworth of "'3000 C,rand i'/e will bt Saiurdav , «t 11 AM i» Dunn's on Grand >nt»rm«nl M««onfe Cemetarv. 38th ANNUAL DAYTON RODEO (Approved by UMA) LABOR DAY WEEKEND Aug. 30* 31, Sept. 1 7.30 pm Shows Saturday I Sunday 1:30 pm Shows Sunday I Monday Adult Admission $2.00 Kids 12 1 Under 50c SWING fOI THOUSAND I* luge utvral ivtdtir GIANT PARADE LABOR PAY 10:00 «m DAVIDSON'S UNITED SHOWS ox m DAYTON, IA. ON HIWAY 175 PSYCHIC READER C.pniu'l All Your Prpblemi " 1653 ^. G OR DIAMONbS WELRY WATC 5I5-26S-M1I CASH ANTIQUE JE _ AMD OLD GOLD. MR. LEV... PJlGf.^fLJf'-VyJiUi.EL 3 ' 3 "h QMl ,Low Auto" i ale cycleT owner:,, lire, Irailtri, fl ISADORE RiS5.IEN :W7 E. s th._ Transportation, Travel In txchang BANK TELLER xperlenced for Southslda loca- on. Good salary and benefits, pply in person. EAST DM NATIONAL BANK = • !4jh.and Euclid, Dgs Mqlpes. lNlghts. Rllly*s R Tap! D 255-4447 Ap- lpiy between 9;30AM-11:30AM. ngt f avail, to Utah, r your trans. Cart Ohio, Penn., Conn. , , . . No charge tor car. Som* ga> pd. 282-4396. ~~ _ PASSPORT" PHOTOS 24 Hour Servlct 284-1221 BEST FILM SELECTION Over 200 titles to choose from BACHELORS LIBRARY 919 W-ilnut HOip'iTAl '"' interested in more informalion as per letter of Au. gust 17 Call 265-4033 bet. 7 PM ana 8 PA'. PREGNANT? Need aid, Birthright, 288 7785. Help Is tree, confidential. al Ihe Hair Benders Stud'o 2740909 _ __ .. S'fORE i'f yourself, you keep the key. WestJ)e^ Maine* 225-7144. "DATE A-MATIC I10Q KEO 243-S161 .9jb HOINFS.JA.. 50109 • STORE IT Voufsert! IndTv, bays. You keep the key. Insurance 'available. 24J-5l5t iGElfiN'G" WELl-itaylno wtll. listen fo Healfhline, 212-5235. Instruction REAL ESTATE SCHOOL OF IOWA Prelicense classes weekly In Ihe Mlowin - '- - '' PEPPERTREE RESTAURANT CAB DRIVERS Full or p«rt time. Hours to meet vou' schedule. Good earnings. YELLOW CAB CO. 550-7th Street CAFETERIA HELP 9152 between TOJg CARPENTERS MORE FINISH CAR- wl.llina to travel. Con- .PETERS . tact Ted Renshaw Sandier Bilt Homes Boone, Iowa CARPENTER XPERIENCED. 279-HS01 after RJYNOLDS CONSTRUCTION CATPfNtEp-^E'xpcrience preferred, Des Moines aree. 5IS-449- Part time. Experienced 278-53M CARPET INSTALLERS Eastern Iowa's largest carpet store .needs 3 Installation crews now. We have the work. We have the deal that will make you mon- •v. WJ need you now. One crew must be competent In hard surface also. Must be willing to relo- This is permanaent work. u, TURNQUIST CARPETS DUBUQUE, lA; CASHIERS A-illcaflons now belnq taken for ujl.and Part .lime cashlen. Ex- ptrltnee helpful, but not itry. I n ght and 1 weeken ces- day itry. n gt and 1 weekend day nvolved in 37V; hour week. Seek- no mature persons who enlov meeting the publci. APPLY IN PERSON ROMAN GORDMAN 7900 HICKMAN An_E_qual Oponrtunltv Employe/ Cashier tostess — Cahler for evenings. Fringe Benefits. Apply to manager PEPPERTREE RESTAURANT 109th and Douglas ^AiSHTEl f ood service. *" V a^ r .m. cast. Immtdlate- i conditions iifci'. Pr0flr ""' lime 5:30 a.m. to 2 position avail, '' with fully Paid*"!' Apply Personnel i usImNifEr NOAH'S JB^ """"j^lnaerynll £§S«i5BiL-5»vJ.-:»q^X. on We 5 llvan' Ing an empi CATERING PORTERS Dav shift. Contact Mr. Dowle, 244-2151 Hotel Savery" 4th «, Locust City Desk Manager Position open with growing company f Jsrkal. or aggressive person. Some l. Experience not required. CLEANING PERSON Large south side apt. complex needs dependable person to clean vacant «pt. Hours flexible. 211- ilL : . CLEANING WORK For nursing home. DOWELL MANOR :all 279-0912 West bes Molnea CLEANING pf. owner needs full flmt da- e n d a b I e ptrion. Permanent. 2.50. 274-0434. CLEANING pt. owner naedi full time de> e n d a b I e perun. Permanent. ? .M. 274-0434, CLERICAL AND BOOKKEEPING mmediate openings in nteresting departments or these skills. Paid va- ation, discount on store urchases and pleasant wking conditions. PPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE th Floor Downtown YOUNKERS n «qual_ opportunity employer CLERICAL-ACTOUNTING ed Individual for very rtspon- jle clerical position In our ac- untlng_-deBartment._-Prlmary > responsibilities include haring accounts payable and re- ivable as well as hank reconditions, Tnis position requires od typing 'kills and previous alnfng or v;ork txperlenct In opkktepinH or accounting. Ex- llent starting salary and fringe ntflt program. Amtrlcan Mual Life, 280-1331. j\ Equal Opportunity Employer BARTENDER Ledd evening bartender. Employ co benefit program provided. RAMADA INN MARSHALL TOWN, .IOWA. BEAUTICIANS (400 mo. guarantee. Shampoo assistant furnished. No followlnrj „-,,_ necessary. High volume salon. M hMlrS iflssoM 22^-Op» V^LCKNO BE"AUflcTAN, experienced, full Wanted lor or part time to take over follow-i stores, eve. CLERICAL WORKER apable of running small offset intlng machine. Excellent ben- Its and salary. Ask lor Robert amllton, 244-2177 ext. 31. DES MOINES CLUB 806 LOCUST CLERICAL: Like people? You will love thlsl 1430 Call Rilla McDade 284-6950 Spelling & Snell- 'no an employment agency. Convenience Food and night hours. Mlow.ina areas: Cedar Rapids, Ing, on west wide. GuaranieediGood Day. Ph. 277-5037. 0« r M > nf'n«« -H^J' ^ 1alerf !°? 1 '! 5alar y' P^ id vacation 279-3784 CLERlTTYPi6f» TEMP. pes Moines and Mason Cltv. Ca eves. ' TOP p^v wn FFF toll tree 800-332-812_7_oc.wrlJe. for!-—^ - - • ^ M l^l^ f)S E RLOAD more information RESOI. 3700-lst: Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402. ..MPLOYERS OVERLOAD 506 Equitable ??il!6! United Electronics Insf. Hurry, Hurry. Day or eve. classes starting In Sept. Call at once for an app'. Toll Free 1 800362-2730 or city number 274-2829. Financial asr-I'lance available ' SEMI DRIVER TRAINING MIDWEST TRAINING, INC. Financial Assistance Available Days / lo 3. Howard Johnson Mo- mfKTAII ^FRVFRS lor Lodge, 4800 Merle Hay Rd. V.LA.MHII. OCf^VCfVO BODY SHOP TECHNICIANS BAR, BUS HELP APPLY IN PERSON ROLLING PRAIRIE INN 11001 University Ave Financial Asslsta 536 So. 19th, WDM Matugt OUTCALLS " "THE PALACE OUTCALL MASSAGES NUDE MODELING ENCOUNTEP SESSIONS 24 HOUR SERVICE 753-3389 MARSH ALLJ OWN "STOllXLAND OUTCALiS MASbAGE j PA/ to 3 AA/ lQIJX r.lTY. IOWA 7 PHONE-A-SSAGE LEARN REAL ESTATE IttT CUSS SEPT. 11TH MIIIUMIMHINUI toi* Ida notion*! f«nout W«mr l«d iiiott COUTM IncrMM jrw "coina. tMurt X«ur lvtu«, bgrn g*n«rd rial •tlal* law) »f 09**!, fMA and Gl rtgulotioni, doling HoUcmnli. advtrtiting, r*al •Half Igwi, tgl*> Qtntlaocg. tMr«|llKtttlil||..WS jNeeded Pamters, combination; COCKTAIL 'men and bod/ men. Experience in; ......,nrpcTc u/Airrnc ^truck and car. Above Union scale. WAITRESSES-WAITERS •Ford dSafe n r tiV Appy Wa *" All shifts. Uniforms supplied. ; poro aeaier Appiy benefits. Top pay. i GENE RINGLtB lAppiy I rharlpc. fiahus Ford ! SMUGGLERS INN | Lnaries uaoub ruru , nownirkminRd ) 4i4i Merle Hay Road : ~rn/"Kf All 9FRVFR j Des Mninps. Inwa , LUV.MHIL 3CKVCr\ BODYWORK "'" P M Shl< ' Applv in Derbon d " er s illsed car lot U-14 AUTO SALES.IGINO'S RESTAURANT 2809 6TH jE..MU!_in.d_yniver S ity, -""""COCKTAIL SERVER BRIDGE AND CULVERT Part tjme. Contacl[Alice Barnett .'All including su- ipervision, foremen, crane opera-] ifon. Beginners loo. Good rales,! hours, Iringei. On-lhe-iob Iraip- ing. Immediate employment . Quad. Hotel Savery. 4th and ' COCKTAIL SERVER |Al^s_ Pastime GRAVES CONSTRUCT ION. INC. iff^Me^^^ Melvjn, la. ' COMMUNITY LIVINS An equal opDortujilty employer, j INSTRUCTORS ~" "BDiri^l AVPDC. Instruct handicapped adults In DIvlLlxLM I crvO 'Community and ba^lc livinq Wdnled immedidlely to work Deb skilli BA with 2 years in Social . I NW Iowa. Call 712-736-2341 UC Moines area. Must be penenced ( n residential construction. lit;. For Information c<ll 265- TE i2732. . plover yeart KYLINE __- J0o4 Clint.... ... An ictual opportunity «m- •rvices req SKYLINE CEN zK. INC Box 30o4 Clinton, la

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