The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1932
Page 8
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TUB DAH/T KEWfi, fKEDCXlCK, XD., TO BSD AT, MAT 24, 1932 MAYOFFERS25, IN EFFORT Blame It On The Back-Seat Drivers! Mew Jersey Legislature Clears Way For Passage Of Bill To Make Offer Legal. MOORE TELLS OF GAPONE AGENTS STOPPING HIM Peacock Telis How He "Negotiated With Three Tough- Looking Customers." M» 33 --A S25 000 | he*3 o'. the MOTHER FRANTIC AS HER : DAUGHTER STAYS MISSING. rexard l;rr.«d bergn basy £--Itrs tor..ght a^ trie;, open- ed -_? r.ew cha.r.=*U of ir.q-- ry av mail ' state le-riilaMirv. -ar.icn recv:i*.r.^d passa««- of a b.'.l empoierir.s Goi A | Harry Moore to o2*r a. reward Th«- , .vemor prepsireQ to act immediately. ; Wn.le he pointed cti" tne jtate of Jersey co-li not mate a grant of ir.sty." hi said :r^ rr.easure. au- Zatitude' rf;arLr.i its payir.^r.t trier. the. statute :.rr_i.r.s r-::f.n* rewards to ' Sl.OOO throughout the nation were circulam- ej with specimens of hAnd^nt»ns. , contained -n two rar-sc«n notes belie%ed i -- w haie been revived :rom abductors of . Harpers Ferry Child Last Seen the infant thro-srh the age-d Dr Jjhn | ....... .. A , ·· P Condon i Wlth Man A § ed 54 Two intersstins ficelis-ts were an- --_ other strange ne angle by Dr Con- Obsessed w i t h apprcaens.on that her don. the ransom pa:-er. and a detailed 14-year-old da-i^ntor France*. A ho story from Go\ Moore o! ho* ambi: . ;s i; ?w i nas las: ie':i :n the au- tious igents Of Al Capone aporoached ·^^^c.f of J D VanSant. 54. h.»s Nvn v.-m personally with a proposal regard- abducted. Mrs Carroll F Grove, liar- ing toe case. pers Fer-. W. V a . ^ :n a frantic Meets Capone Agents. condition. GOT. Moore said tha; -anile walking VanSant's chAu2Icar. a r.esro b-. t h e . home near midnight a short time be- i name o ; CoraeLus Reeli-r. was taker. , iore flnding the-baby s body lour men lnio c^jody near Hazersto-An late Sun! suddenly appearec » front of him and da .. n;it j,i cut. according to Mrs. Gro^e. toki him uho they »err. ' n as told se'.eral diflerent talcs rejrard- "*l had just pasec a _.._ ;he s ^ C reabout5 of his employer Thom I knew," related the ^o-.ernor -Frances, who is a freshman :n th-. "And that nas a bit of comfort. I '· ; oca ! j,lgh s-hool. left honw- at 8 an Flopped ·arhere I was and decided to ( xhursday mom.n« " ^a:d Mr^ Grj-.o caK Tvm if necessary " ' Monda;-. dre«.«i in a jello 1 * il crepo · The quarter proposed to render as- ;j ress bc W Jar .dals anJ licht tan h^e slsUooe a obtaining the baby's return carr y, RI a t,, ;ge pockctb--os Irvrrt -ir.icl! provided "full credit" should accrue to , -vas'protrud.r.:; an. orch.d har.dkeri.hiof T^»r imprisoned leader. The governor , ^-j.^.', s he did not refim *t her u.-jal ' said be toW. them he woulc convey the .. me 0 » 3 o clock 1 arcame alanned offer to Col. Charles A Lindbergh. · anJ " : ^-_^-^^ 3ri investigation at the . which, he did. h^h school but. apparently, nobodj -.a'A Truvelintr at a high rate of speed. · nf; , ; ea%e j. aa V n3 ;. un t.'. ; a ;t Kr:- ' ihich had characterized his motor j da} .,. a . j^ mfn divu'.sed the Infor- joamey inv that section Saturday. Dr. · - r ^' Mn ·^· :lli - ; v, c y j^jj 5se n her cross Condon left his New York home in the . . he Bloomer;. bnigc. on t.-.e Virginia ^*» *·* \ - s~'^ ^~^ ~- / L J P - r \ i \ ^f\ \ L*^^^r"V X i. ^ V ' - ^ A ^=*5^ ^*^ I Ck '^SteSS*^ M FINED AFTER ; The Class Of The Poloists j Many Minor Cases Tried In Po-1 lice Court Monday Night. j THREE CARS IN ACCIDENT DAMAGE BY FLEA BEETLE More Farmers Report Harm Done To Growing Corn. HOOVER PLANNING FOR MEET WITH PUBLISHERS Rcpcr-s of i orn by *!ie ' to rowing Party Leaders Reaffirm Non- Partisan Spirit. damage lea oeetle are s:.:i be- UIK mad-- to Henry R. Shoemaker. ' «.ou»ty agent fr T. different sect.o:!S i of th" r.i;:r.". Three fanr.'-rs ln!o r m- \ f\ Mr Shm maker Monday that ihc · ers o; beetle had iiif--si'd u\' S comf.eldi au-i partisan spirit gu.din; them on ftnan- had causcc C'VB d - ra.'.* damage Since, cial legislation today while President ttv- M*! 1 , of Dr G*o.x L/msford. as- , Hoover perfected plans to confer ' -Utant state esitoiiv.- o?i*l E-et-:v.lon! newspaper publishers Wednesday Marvla:x! last' search o! new means to encourage the Washington. May 23.--Party lead- tile Senate reaffirmed the non- Strxire 1'nitcri.ty Thur.aa--. »· ruim! c , ^.plft'nevl n./ou: b-. · he insert. Dr Laniifoid c: ;!;«· rixjuv.t of Mr Shoemaker lie had roco.'. cci r pors ··! c :jir TOCJ! of farmers .".ate country. d image cai--ed , Through Uie 30 publishers invited , here. President hopes to mass to at publ.c opinion for "co-operative com- .-.Jtir mumtj" support of economic and legii- z e ' latlve courses that he considers point directly to the way from un- of W.ilkervlile. ' Mark.r. L.v»k,'.*n ' certainty Tnafs the -.\ay it was ex. , pre-ssed in quarters close to him along aith an emphasis that partisan ad- ind mar U-LS c.ty Dr Kniiqferd. oonipan.fd bv Mr r^hix maker. -. ^....f-U a :i.:mbcr ·; '.eld., -Aiicre 'he bet'tlv r.a_ I x o ; n" -A ark ,'nci found the corn cam- aced In a ni.mbrr of instances !arm- orj. liad harroaed their cornfields for replinti'iK Others wre infornit'd that :.i-s is t.-.r r:Iv remedy in cnvs -.ncre the cam IK'- «.» '-er pronounced M: S icenukor s'a'ed Monaav that s-jmc vantage -A ill not be sough:. The publishers' names were The letter, which Alfred E. Sns'th Nicholas Murray Butler and nine other eminent men addressed to congressional leaders yesterday, urgm^ speedy non-partisan action to b*l the budget aroused resentment -.y concerning a three-car ,'. *h:ch occurred late Satuicay · j .g:r. ;iv«. e^st c! Br .-'. -.he :r^ of op«-i'xir» or; '.o.ved «-ai conclud- 1PMF31 Encounter Opposition From Dry | t Organization Leaders. j ALL PROPOSALS TENTATIVE? t^r. May -3 -- Prosper:: Re-, are cr.Cc-a-.or:;:? :o shape a; | i. -.\D^! insure The . sjppor: -jr. so far !^ve -nit op?c^; 'r^a: tirv or- lexers xio ns'.e oe*E cos- I ustlce Al"-n Y. Ben-ie'.t convicting one \ criier and acquitting "h" other fro : r case »-as beg-in in Peoples Court, ji the mom-ng. Bn:ce S. Kepicr. MiddletoTir;. v-as t he rdjudged gvuity of r*ckle=»- ; .ess and he dre.v ? ime of S230. Elmer E. Sumaiers. aiso of M.ddlr«»n,! .nd Curtis Quackejuush. thia c.ty. the I other car operators, -sere acquived. \ Testimony 11 as t.-ra: trie car drr.en; by Summers hcd s-opped to a clogged fcsaohne f e*d l_r:e. Summers. ijjd several other occupants of the Cir' iiad pushed r. up a sice road and were ' coasting down at a «-:CCA raie of -pred. attempt'ng to start the engine .'.hen, the second CEJT, drr.en by Kepler, came ' along and bumped into the rear of Summers' machine A short tirce later. '· the third machine, with Quackenbush driving, piled into the other :v.o Little damage was done. A »iuiess to the accident. Floyd ; Reeder. Braddock. said the tail light; of Summers' autooiobile «as Sighted, i arrested the tcJore^ ntan said n; which the magistrate deemed sufficiens' druri and re!«ise-l w co otf t:v i".e to free h-rn from any blame Kepler v.hen orccred to co so. "My mot.".?: previously had t«tifled that tne light r nd father pay ta\«s ?nc I'll "tay or. \sras not burning and he didn't see' Jne street tint.! I pleise." 'I'.:- ofi.'-cr Summers' machine until he »as near- quoted M^tel ai sayjiK. The c-jlor- :y on iop of it. No one was injured _ e ; man olamed his arrest en a remark : in the a«-cident, tih-ch was mvestssat- ! »-hich he mace concerning the (..fl.cer ed by State Officer E R. Quicdt. This IT:LS di^rl-wed :oda\ si tne H ! detested ar_;thrr eflon to legate and'" : ti-\ 2 75 per c.-at ceer and as no pro- i h:b.t.on orgir-zattsn principals cla^h-; |ed o-.rr -sr.rt.ier Frasilin D Roosevelt. ; -a-as reilly a: hear: o- a repealer *ni "OT «Ud-'in Colleze. Cambridge M=-=s . !n:r-i-.?vi a airl's polo Mare as a" 'a^ina-L-.s p3rt o.' the~sp;r-= cu-r._- tl-.rr. ll,-=i^rs o: the ool; cla^s are ur-" tH*ir £rs: workout of tnc jc-u.-n o.-., ----- ight Officer Fernando Talbrrt. v.r.i n -,.i "-- 'Y A Tras tn'uroa ! Leu-is A Y-oun^. Doubs. colored, First Parkin: Case t'p. · fin«rd SI 'or no re3ist.~uon csr-i in :xs- The first case In connection inn session, a charge brou;nt by State Of- _ ^ . r _ the new yellow curb line. 15-rainut* '· ficer Quandt. Ray Mcore. v.-ho Officer : K - :;? ··'·"~'"~ s sr -" *:-J-*-d faou-evara. parsing, ordjiance was heard in couri | Roy itltner testified was a "itaj^er- =""^--- : Co.r.;:dt=t ^.th tlie r?^ i vne of trij man:. Rev-'oLcan plaais oe- 1 ];·:.-. Dr E - - . . n C D.~ -..iJle. secretary ; .: - .^^ x Dual P'^.i.-'.'.ivn Board o . Strates}, said -^ n±d se.'n wnsuitec 3. deaf ear ID all s^gjer.iorLS All Rjpjblican plan* proposal can sid^red thj; f-r ha-.e been tentative H-ep. Snell. New York, the Hotsse lead ei. nho u -r. l_n? for permanent chair nun o: tl~e national tcn-.ention. pre c.cted today the pl3,tf?rcn ^otild con tain a. liberal plar-k on prohibition. b-J no one cjtild tell 'Anat tne detail ] w-^'^ld be. Deets ?i:kett reiearrh secretary o ·he Metr-od^t Bsard ?' Temperance j , rrjhiottior. ar.d Public Mora:s. starte- I S Man Uiliniured In :-* argument, over G-r.- Roasevelt'H or?a-0-tior. stand wtth pjbl.caticri o an article 13 ar. April 5 iss'-ie of th Vjice." a board organ, The article said if Roosevelt is com inated and elected the drys "will hav. ro reason to fe^l that prohibition ha. been rcouciiat^d.'' Dr. Dinwiddie etclatmed: "I can" I can"; see how any consider. I STEERS LIBERATED WHEN AUTO AND TRUCK CRASH Baltimore Accident. six sieers rtiotor truck on -.liicli tliey v.'ere ·rajisportexl Calli-ed .:n an automobile v.ere over- and a woman defendant. Mrs J C \-- drunk" Sundar mcrnjas. f-:tcc. Doyie. fined SI Officer I^ter H o f f - j s 2 5 0 and ccsu. Lloj-d and Clsr^acc man icstii'ed that. 7 car operated by t aarcsburg. Lev. 15 'Bridse. J V.'. Fa-.or- ' c: ; Mrs Doyie T/as parked about 35 TOLII- , M end William Tracey f^rfe.ted SI a '~; on parscir.g \io^ition csiarges utes on the yello- c-irb line a; the j each southeast corner of Marke; and Pa- , Assault Cases Up Tonight. tuck streets Monday morning. Mrs. j Ernest Line. Roccoe and Clirer.c? Do!e didn't believe it v.-as parked that j Duckett. all colored, were -aken in cuc- !on £- ' tocy Mor.Uay en charges of assault and Quoting her husband as saying tha: batterv for hearjijs tonight. Lan? he didn'; whether the "sheriff, j charges -he Duckelts v.uh a^s^ult and undertaker or anybody" came along, he RO-.COC Diickc-tc charges Lane -a :h a intended -o raise a disturbance, Mrs 'similar offer-so. Officer Talbsr: ar- Charless Jackson, colored, fumsshed t h e , rested Lane Monday and Deputy clinch ng testimony aeains: her hus-1 Sheriff Orman Harris served warrants bind, charged isith drunkenness and · on the Ducketls Tlw affrsy alleged- able number of drys can call this a cor re:; statement of Mr. Roosevelt's proil hibition oosition in v-.ew of wha 1 1 _ -a^n'bv Another "mot- RM^evelo 'hunsei: has --id I can't se tne" General Hos- ' them clLnzmg '-o the =xi3a tha: Ropse '.VnJe :.Ia^rl;e 3907 Bsrnr.g- ton road. Baltimore, the driver of the velt is dr.- when he hiaiself says he"; ;ral. B'l-miore. to be treated for cuts ir.d onttscs. Merlj F Keilhoitz. Rocky ?"et." KiJ-e. unin tired cl-su^r-ir of trie motor ~"~ ~~" -_.._V .,-,;,; - j -y^-i uo --^ sc="«re-5 AH the = nes of the wor.d. curm -" 3 I. 0 .- 5°^-, " , the 435 years from 1-J93 to 1923. pro \Vo"-ker^ Become Con-boys duced S21.120.293 527 worth of gol- The a:r-icat r-.ap?:r.ei abstit 7.30 ', and S18.521.C20.049 worth of silver. o^lori. 'A.-.en ni,n v^c-re st--1 plentiful; _ j i -- -i ir. the ne-gliborh^od Tliey turned out j in large numbers and *ith- Fatrolman · I;a^c Mi.ler. of the Nort,h«estem d^-1 j daord«rlv conduct. He was acquitted. ly carr.e up curji? a baseball game at .; c : ^,f,"";.".· - ' " ^ . - ^ - - ^ ^---- played CDTOO;.- -mth 11 first count, and fined So ana \u Pleasant S'.inci-.y. Frank "Juke" Grove. o:d offender. ·as arrested bv OTicer E~s-.r Cmr.- 1 z. chirce of in jail ir. o- !,,,_. f^lds arc .-tl b e u j q i a r r o t t e d f o r r e - i C3 ?!tol Hill Both t ne Republican and Democratic Senate leaders. \atson . aad was driven to the summer ; road ; eaci: . lg ;J \vashx.;to:i. ' jl.i:j',:r.? Ho adciM that a fea da;,s of .vsrin AAithcr «:i: qr.f ihc corn iuf- hoto* of hi* friends in Massachusetts' Thursdav niornmc in Mr VanSants »h«a Us said he planned to fish. He I au . on , ob:; j. t ;her. got :n to;i:h ui--h , i-rplataed that he wished a shor. rest i M . var.Sants -.\if-- v.ho informed rr.c frorc Use strain of recent days. ' .v.^,. ., c ,, ad . c ,d ner - nc was : 0 a\.n; ' Horwwrar. he found time both en route ,.,, iv ash ins tor. n a business tr.o and oe hia arrival for a series of crj-p- -j-harsday n-.orr.inf: ana «hea .'-he re- ·Jo statements similar to the Q.,^.^ V,, n; ;o · 1 s t! a; . r .-iir-n? he tv.'.J which have attended mar.v of h^ ac- v e , , o . fA .,_ . ;r .-_' j, c ^-nt to tr.- oar.i t.TlSi»». :o cash a check ar.d he nc'.er ro"irr.ircl At one point, he said he ^as con- ; rc:n the oank · -,lnc«d the ransom of SoO 000. which According to Mrs Grote Mr Van he paid April 2. now ^as in the pos- ' Si= . ,_, OP . Hsslon of a group of fishermen at New . ves 0 ,,. ,^ o Bedford. 3^feard-s Bay. -aho ·* slraid to get nd of it tin-.e f.,-.,-:-.; Dr h'st by June pcr.r t "o ben 1 the the at- :· v .t hor.t damage ·i-ii-id the opinion jj.'-ec- -.'ould Q_iap- DEMOCRATS MEET and Ro'ouison were aninog thoec who critici7«c it as uncaHed for In a vote regarded as deciding against general tariff revision in the re-.enue b.ll. the Senate late today rejected the tirst of the 500 amendments by Sen. Tydiiigs, Democrat. fault "f tonight. S5 c-Il^ttral for a hear_r.; on costs or live days oa the second. Mrs.. Jackson laid her husband threatened to kill her and v.-ent after a gun. after · Monday ·xhich she sought the police. Officer J c : runkenno5 an;'. Isri-^c Arthur Hoffman made the arrest. Jackson couldn't remember anything ' Anna Brown, colored, was found no; Suilty of cn:iikcnne5i but guilty of dis- ' orderly r-n:iuci and sent to Montevtie | hcspita! 'or th'rty days. Officer Geo | Layman raid the colored woman was noisy on West Sixth street Sunday year-old dauehtcr of Mr. and :-.Jrs morning and refused to qiuet do-.ra. '· Thomas F Frch at the h?me of h-t When brought to headquarters, she' grandparents. Mr. ano ilrs. E2~a D cursed the p:l!ce er.c! tussled tilth thTM j Hoffmin. Park avenue. Saturday after- M-.-an~,--:le tha truck :iad been righted j and tne steers tvere loacec again. [ PanltE nas no: sertatisly hurt, acccrd- j tl-.e ?;li:e. Physic-ars at the i trer.ted hj^i for cuts on the' if his face, h^ head and his Wednesday Special Birthday Party Given. A delightful bii.lsday part--- v.r_; ctven for Miss Dens Jean Fitch. · T o- 1 There ·aas no dcb.tte on the proposi- j officer The admitted the nccn. Those pr?3--r.t. Hamett, St.r- tion as tlio Senate started to work out cursing =na said the officer Flapped ' ney. Ann N;ecd? Susanna J. H. Kennedy Named To Succeed Late- I_ C'. Barrirk On Committee. Dean Peacock Quoted. iCcpi-.jM, ".331. bt TSr As«rc:j-.rd Prc«' Ottawa. Canada. May 23.--How h« tneir neighbors an.-; s from -..-.'·ir h^civ- It had seen h-', custom she -sv.d. :~. ta'-te her ;»o dau;hters Frai.r"' 14. anc Baroara. 9. for in his car .riven her brother. Georcc Kern J r . nas r-s -(her. Mr Kern left VanSar.t'* eir.p^y about a ·rr.eJ;. Frederic-:, waji on iix-:i e'-"t'M a mcrr.oer of -_ more r.r." ?..·. li.:r.. .i.':-.~-4:i tel for :ne return of tue Lindbersr. f then; had informed ' t'.i'.t r.e a:- said, demanded S racketc-ers he .T H.-.rr\ ! M^rida;. .itiorr.t.x -.10 Dcir K-r-i-lr ·e-- o: Fr-iler c-: j-«ar.t\ '-j succeed the ",1'e I-jimr-i C Birr.c'p;. \Vo«iboro Fo."cn.r:s h_- e:c:t..n was iin- v^A^ed Mr.'. r^.^nod as cc- retar. cT'»o. and Jshn B F^nit Br.:i;.-.M~ ^x; e'.wtcd to that the Marj lander's threat for a general tariff revisi in Another compilation was injection of the farm relief controversy into the tax debat-,- by introduction of a com- .Thias OrrisDn. Harry Sanders Cr-r'.-x= - Adjudjed guilty of drunkenness, the Hay-sard. Herein \Vaskey. 50 Farlcugh-il At Brunswick. An^otir.ccment f '^ cade Monday thr." 50 acdlvicnr.1 employes of the Esl-jr.cre end Oh.a Rsiiroad at Brans- vick ha- e beer, furlsushed. effective "7--^/"i * MV~*Y* -^c^ f.-i-."^.^ ^- was be-- ;:c'.-?d t -^ix tris v a= only a temporary j ; .rlc-.a'n. T!-.; a-.citior.a: furlough, it! .= ET c. rtdttcis the v, c^rim; forces ac j Br..H3-.-:ck ;."-ds to less than hslC! -.10 err.p".cres ji normal tjnes | brose off segotist.ons. SHARE IN ESTATE takir.s her to S.I er Spr.r;- f '· _^.t 1-er father is cnTl-^jed thr-'' ' As relates a %Jr*. Grv.^ Vvr.Sart wa. :r.5trurr." .r. yt^-7-n; .t r..r- ir»-av team .n Iron: o: an »·'. T.icr.tar. Tne -i$t of olta.nran of Ha-r.c%. -A.'.', a iin'il a .·.-..-{· «uor to '.".· lato Mr 3arr: .-i *s chovn Mr F.m -\.-.o v-^ e.ert-^! «~re:ir.- « '!'.- s:.i'e ct:"rx. r.-mmi"ee. was a Mnc.iav t- t.-.c H -u^o of Delcca'^s in IPS 1 bc-ii:: ^-rc---'.ed by » raargir. of blnat.on cquilization fee export, de- = jenture plan as a rider to the ta- bill Tlie House rid itseif of the beer for revenue qjestion as did the Senate last week The '.ot- against the O'Connor- Hull 2 7 5 per cent, beer proposal 22S to 169 Bac ir. tne shadow nas the reliel tjiie«tioni w i t n Sen Barboor. Repubi.- New Jersey, introducing the ad- n-.-.r.^tration plan to raise the recon- 5'ruction corporation capital to S3 - l.i'.i- ^ n-nvr 000.000.000. half of which couki be Mr, C Will used for self-liaaidattrut construction ·ce-c'i.i.rr:iar. ^or. through loans, to states, cotn- or pri'.ate companies. of C H E C Pr'uiieo 0/2 l ieer · By MALLINSCN Jans Named In Win Of ^f-^ -^Ited*"iri \-omp:et/"rV^»:'-^.s heroic foat. tl" ·"-"·' ' % '«! h.m arn-rt5"- T~.- Fr^der.cktor.ians shared .n the -.a "o^ ^-1 S^oO S66000 rotate r-f Mrs Cr.rist^-..i L M . da.;;'r.;er .« "e- q . t-' aid ·-·' Myers, W2ih.r.g'on according 'o ·.-* ^ rr-T.T.f ~- ~v.'.^r.. ' -·-a.; M-? C--v.,-. petition of h' v r --:e^u-or Frsr.k C 3 -,,, _,.j ,_ n/ ,- ri n ,- -.-^^5 :or ; -- c Ebaugr:. for prr-jarf cf her will in -rw ,._u srn To_ cii.vs N-.t'n: ' ^h.c'r. _-. · - cap.tol Moncav Mr.- Myers T..VI d.?l n '-^April 25. o-rr-.'-; ^r-.rr._vs 5t 6 Cypretf Sr , -id^^ -~ 3 ~ Vir.S,ir,t had rever.t- ftree:. Washjr.r.rr. tir.i had p»rs? . 3 «-. a -,ed -J-'h a rn-i---. nr.d h\s v- property c*t-rr..»vd at S-iSOOO sr.d r»3 conw a -Aor-r -i c.-.-r-h ··."'{- 5--- »^tate Tslucd ?.t $16.000 .· io 5 - ^ . s - a F»--il 11--a: · " cljde $3000 t.- a bro'hcr Kar-y R --.v. c -j ·----. Kn:-T"-^~~- '··:'-· : ' W.«.-..r.c---r. S2 SCO f* T^r.. W V? --W F " O Charles F ilvcr^ S."cr Srr.r.£ SI ^V _ -._ _ to Criar'T- T: .c".:. Frc-cer.c£ SI 5C-" :-- MolT.- G l!-r;rj Pla r-f."li. X J $1 000 to Karry L-hrrvar.r Blad-. r.^-in; S^-P WcodjbOTO pcp.fc, TO tc r~iiaryt.-. Karr.rne ' tris '.ty ?_.-0 v Jlo-ser: F^".-r.^y Ky 2 ··_·=-..-..-- 5SCO '-·* ton Cat--:er.r.f C a- ·.- ;.'- $:W -3 M--'- -,tr. An-°n:r. S'.acor--:; .n ar.c S.SX* '- .~.'^J^:t:^ r."!l:T ^l, d :i-;, d0 ^ r--^-M:"Mr- :,i\r k"R^rV ^ r ; a-c Cr;---5";r.a Ir.r.£: cf Traffic ofScer: Hi. there' You can': -- cr:\ e a;.v.-.» here Didn't you read the __ 51^71'' This is only for traffic going r^ on* way ' r^i Truck driver Well. 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Carty Incorporation Sale Cold Storage Refrigerators Designed and constructed to provide perfect refrigeration. All steel used is absolutely rust-proof. Cold Stor.vce refrigerators have nothing to break or wear out. Patented glass trap. The patented Ice Pan is turned from one solid sheet of metal without cutting or soMenng, therefore cannot break or leak. IXCOKPOK \TTON -s \tF rKICtS \S $15.25 for Electric Refrigerator C . C . C A R T Y Telephone 398 4S-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. ^3 Any Spring Coat in the Stor» Wednesday Only Ary Sprinc Coat in the Store HENDRICK Exclusive Ladies' Shop

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