The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 6, 1967 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1967
Page 2
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THE NEWS, Frederick. Maryland We4K*dajr, September 6, 1M7 Fashion Show Draws Male Audience NEW YORK (AP) -- How will men spend their time in 2000 A.D. when machines are doing all the work? Science fiction writers may have come up with an answer, "They'll watch girls-because there'll be so much of the girls to watch." This sociological discovery became apparent Friday night when about a thousand whistling, applauding, camera- snapping sci-fi buffs and their literary heroes--mostly men in both cases--attended a futuristic fashion show staged by Galaxy magazine for the World Science Fiction Convention Their rousing approval was enough to make a Parisian couturier turn simply chartreuse wLh envy. A huge success was predicta-, ble, however, for what red-1 blooded space fan could fail to be galvanized by fashions that make miniskirts look like Moth-1 er Hubbards? I About a score of nonprofes- j sional models--some chubby teen-agers and all friends or relatives of science fiction people--paraded somewhat un certainly up and down the runway of the convention hotel's ballroom wearing: --What looked like a couple of barrel staves hanging horizontally--and strategically; --A long, A-line cellophane' gown over black tights and boots; --A short dancing dress o f , tiered pouffs of lemon, apricot and coffee-colored chiffon that bared one bosom except for a pasty; --A gold lame, tear-apart dress that, after floor-length' skirt and wrist-length sleeves had been removed, extended not j one millimeter tower than it had to; --A paper minismock that, retreating, revealed a bare back and brief panties; --An office mimdress that looked demure enough until the tunic came off to present formidable decolletage; -A plastic cape that covered the face except for eye slits; --A bikini of synthetic white fur with flashing lights; --A wedding dress with veil and bell bottom pants, and a Red Chinese Not To Win Seat At UN UNITED NATIONS, N Y. (AP) -- The annual campaign to seat Communist China in the United Nations has not even started yet and its failure is being predicted already Communist sources said Secretary-General U Thant would get a request from some nonaligned and Communist countries this week that the General Assembly convening Sept. 10 should take up an item titled "Restoration of the Lawful Rights of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations." Debate on that subject in re- · »nt years has always ended with the defeat of a resolution aimed to recognize Peking representatives as "the only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations" and to oust the Chinese Nationalists from all U. N. bodies. Pro - Nationalist diplomats heart-shaped patch on the bride's cheek; --A symmetrical costume 1 sporting one long pants leg and 1 one very brief panty leg, one high boot and one sandal, one bare arm and one frilly sleeve. 1 With so much bare anatomy for scrutiny in the years ahead, i one scientific advance seems inevitable. Climate control will have to be perfected in the next few decades, or women 2000 A D. will have chronic cases of triple pneumonia. forecast that it would be voted down by about the same margin as last year. The margin against the resolution at that time was 57-46, with seven abstentions. That was much better for the Nationalist side than the year before, when a similar resolution failed on a 47-47 tie, with 20 abstentions. The assembly has ruled that a two-thirds vote is needed to make a change. 1 The United States, a strong supporter of Nationalist China, has angered the Arabs by taking what the Arabs said was a pro-Israeli stand during and after the Israeli-Arab war of last June. Communist China itself has shocked friends and enemies alike with the riots of Mao Tse-tung's Red Guards inside China and out. But indications are that neither factor will count for much in the voting here. One Western diplomat said there had been reports that, to spite the United States, some Arab countries would switch from abstaining to voting for Communist China, but these had been disproved. A n o t h e r pro^Nationalist source remarked that the Chinese Reds' backers seemed to stick by them no matter what they did. He said, "India has been in trouble with the Chinese Communists for years and she still keeps working for them." Analysis shows that how a ntry votes on the China- ting issue depends not so n.ach on how Peking behaves as on which Chinese government it recognizes, which is the more persuasive in lobbying for its vote and what its traditional position is on the issue. The Communist sources said Algeria and Cambodia recently drafted a memorandum to explain - the case for seating Communist China and circulated it for the approval of the oth- 'er seven countries that put the 'question before the 1966 assembly--Albania, the Congo (Brazzaville), Cuba, Guinea, Mali, Romania and Syria. ' They said these other countries since had been wait'n? for their governments' instructions I on whether to join in the request SLEEPY BEAUTY -- Linda Jo Baupert, Urbana, Ind., yawns as 73 contestants for the 1967 Indiana State Fair Queen title posed for pictures in the hot Moosier sun. Miss Haupert re presents Wabash County. IN... Frederick, Md. AT ... Holiday Inn ON SEPT. 7, 1967 From 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. SUMMERS Introducing THE SMALLEST HEARING AID ZENITH HAS EVER IMADE. It fits in the ear. The new Zenette. Zenith's tiniest, in-the-ear instrument --can help you enjoy the sounds of spring again. The Zenette provides superb hearing help. Instantly. The Zenette slips in your ear, easily, with its own soft rubber tip. No ear mold is required. The Zenette fits comfortably and snugly too. And it is So tiny, it tucks away in a small corner of your pocket or purse when you are not wearing it. Visit us. We will be happy to show you the incredible. new Zenette- and all the big features built into the smallest hearing aid Zenith has ever made. Th» quality go«» in before th« name go«( on. MlAIINO AIM TRI-STATE HEARING AID CENTER 53 South Potomac St., Hagerstown Alcoholism Fight Urged By Governor ANNAPOLIS (AP) -- Gov. Agnew has issued a call for an attack on alcoholism, promising that his administration will de! velop a comprehensive program for that attack and present it to the 1968 General Assembly. Agnew said Wednesday that a report submitted to him this 1 week by the Department of Mental Hygiene had caused his concern. "The department estimates," said the governor, "there are approximately 100,000 alcoholics { in Maryland and that fewer than I 7,000 of these have been treated in specialized facilities -- public j or private. I "iNo effort is being made to j locate, identify and treat the re ' maimng 93,000, including an es i timated 42,000 in industry who are losing time from work. "A recent study indicates that alcoholics and their families account for $6 million annually on j the state's welfare budget, with no specialized services or attempt to restore them to eco- j nomic independence." ' "We have the resources and the knowledge," said Agnew.! "to do an effective job if we' apply the will to accomplish it. j I commit this administration to that end. "It is time we recognized al-1 coholism for what it is--a sickness that saps and debilitates our society, and not a crime! that can be controlled by filling i jails with persons arrested for, public drunkenness. i Riot Losses To Be Eased By Tax Aids WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal government indirectly will help insurance companies ] cover some of their riot losses this year because of the mechanics of income tax laws. The Internal Revenue Service says payments made by insurance companies to cover claims are part of the cost of doing business and can be deducted for income tax purposes. This has the effect of reducing AND THE REAL TWIGGY IS NOT HERE -- Ten girls, finalists in a Philadelphia contest to find the closet "look-alike to Twiggy," the fashion model, who really is England's Beslie Hornby, pose in in a line-up in Philadelphia. Winner will be decided later. As the case of the real Twiggy, all these girls are a bit on the, uh, slender side, with their weights ranging from 85 to 92 pounds. again this year. The informants expected that all or nearly all of them would do so. Communist China sometimes alleges that the United Nations is merely an instrument for U .S .-S o v i e t collaboration j against the world revolutionary movement. But the fact that her friends keep trying to get her seated here would seem to in- J dicate that U.N. ambitions are not entirely excluded from Mao's thoughts. the income subject to taxes and thus the total amount of tax to be paid. There's nothing unusual or extraordinary about it," a spokesman said. The corporate tax rate is now 43 per cent, but like individuals, corporations don't pay taxes on everything they take in. An individual, IKS noted, can deduct for federal income tax purposes the amount paid in state income taxes. An IRS spokesman compared an individual's state tax payments-and deductions--to the payments by insurance companies cf claims by policy-holders in riot-hit areas. But he emphasized there's no provision in the Internal Revenue Code for it to pay money directly to insurance companies to cover riot damage. James L. Bentley, Georgia insurance commissioner and president of the National Association ol Insurance Commissioners, said in Atlanta earlier this week that in some cases the federal government will pay as much as 48 per cent of recent riot losses through income tax refunds to insurance companies. IRS said Bentley apparently referred to the 48 per cent corporate tax rate and the fact that payments made by companies to cover insurance claims are deductible. The service said, however, that corporations can obtain refunds only if they have overpaid their taxes. Castro Seen Playing Final Card CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- ·'Fidel Castro is playing his last card in a losing game, but he coesn't know it. He just doesn't know how d e s p e r a t e ly bad things are going for violent revolution." The speaker was Ramon Vargas, 25, former comandante or major--the highest rank--in a Castroite urban guerrilla unit. With him was an equally disillusioned comrade in arms. Julio Romero, 24. Both were arrested last March in a crackdown by Digepol, the Venezuelan secret police. Wearing casual c i v i 1 i an clothes, they sat in the office of Dr. Nelson Lehmann, 30, the boyish-looking head of Digepol-- General Directorate of Police-and talked freely if acidly about Castro's program for hemispheric political violence laid down at the recent Havana conference. The pair also spoke authoritatively. Vargas, a university sophomore, had been in the urban guerrillas since 1960, he said, and his superior was Douglas Bravo, Castro's No. 1 guerrilla leader in Venezuela. Bravo and Luban Petkoff head what's left of the battered Armed Forces of National Liberation or FALN, the Castroite guerrillas in the mountains. Romero, a militant in a Marxist splinter of the ruling Accion Democratica party, said he served a two-year hitch with the mountain guerrillas before joining the urban ranks. Neither has been in Cuba but their colleagues' experiences there are well known to them. Venezuelans attending the Havana conferences, they said, ?ive their Cuban hosts distorted accounts of the situation at home. "Fidel gets a blown-up, inaccurate idea of what's really going on," Vargas said. "The whole thing is being done only to justify the enormous subsidies they receive, as much as a million sometimes." A million dollars? 'Yes," he explained, "and sometimes less. Petkoff once returned from Cuba with 60 men pnd $700,000." The entire Venezuelan guerrilla movement, Romero estimated, has less than 1,000 men under arms and split into small proups. "The movement will collapse of its own weight," he said. "There is a poverty of ideology with bitter rivalries for hege mony among various groups. Everybody wants to be boss and few want to fight. Finally, an in- fant''? left has moved in, young fellows interested only in terrorism." The revolutionary movement suffered its severest reversal in late 1965, Romero said, when the Venezuelan Communist par- ty's Politburo, following the Moscow line, decided on a peaceful revolutionary course. "This split the movement into various factions," he said, "and seriously weakend the national liberation forces." Despite this, he added, there are plans to intensify urban and mountain warfare in December in another attempt to disrupt the national elections next year. A similar effort failed in 1963. Eartha Kilt Collapses During 'Peg' Show SILVER S P R I N G (AP) -- Actress-singer Eartha Kitt collapsed Friday night during a performance of the pre! Broadway musical "Peg" and , 'A as rushed to a hospital in this suburban Washington community. A hospital spokesman said Miss Kitt was "having back I troubles," but would not elaborate. She was said to be in satisfactory condition. Miss Kitt was starring in the musical at Shady Grove Music Fair, a theater-in-the-round near G a i t h e r s b u r g , about 18 miles northwest of Washing- ten. The play was billed as undergoing final tryouts before heading for a Broadway opening. 243 N. MARKET ST. DIAL MO 3-3811 REXALL DRUG STORE FREE HOME DELIVERY AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS Back-to-School SOO-ShMt Paek FILLER PAPER 71 Fine Quality Paper With Rounded Corners, 5 Hole Punch. 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