The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, December 28, 1931
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Last Edition rnHB WXttrOBR FOHKU8T FOR i. MARYLAND: Cloud?, possibly occasional light rain tonight. Tuesday cloudy; not much change in temperature. )L. LV.--NO. FREDERICK. MD, MONDAY. DECEMBER 28, 1931 * * * 1 TEN PAOES PRICE--TWO CENTS IES OF 3 DAYS ISSI1J 1 Congress Race Drivers Fined $100 tac-h When Before Magistrate Bennett. i MAN SELLS OVERCOAT TO PAY PENALTY OF $5 ro Who Drove After License i /as Revoked Is Jailed Two j Months. DANCES Ml BE HELDJHIS YEAR Cotillion Club's Annual Function At Francis SCott Key Hotel Tonight. ! Brings V. S. \Christmas Gift \ To The World D A I L Y ' WASHINGTON LETTER JAPANESE OPEN NEW BATTLE ON First Woman Peace Envoy FREDERICK HIGH ALDMNI AFFAIR ON TUESDAY NIGHT he heap of oost-Christmas the $1.000 mark this morning, Uke a local record for three 1 Mrs. Cornelia Bryce Pinchot, above, 1 wife ol the governor of Pennsylvania, ! has announced her candidacy for Con- 1 gress from the 13th district, opposing fines Representative Louis McPadden, arch Other Events Being Arranged i To Take Place Here During Holiday Season. The annual Christmas dance of the Joe of President Hoover's debt morator- , Frederick Cotillion Club wUl be held am program. OF ADTO LAW IN COUNTY of msgisoraies' court in two ; ece 'SSS' £?. S^y; MANY FALL INTO MESHES it's by J'JsSce Bowers S310, and morning's by Justice Bennett $330. ail the money was counted out j 4r*L£ «*£«££%£*£ '. Penalties Imposed By City And i certainly no Santa Claus around courtrooms. Seven offenders went JjaG. for aU of 1931 and aa-ap- | Iciable part, of 1932, one man sold · Mncristrates iTias'^"«* · · tn the ballroom of the Francis Scott llCey hotel tonight and will be one of I the largest and aaos; brilliant events . held by the club for several years, it '·sras stated this morning. The largest out-of-town guest list noted for five years was not complete before noon, and ' there were indications that it would ^ iz . creas , e ^ by at, least a dozen names BY RODNEY DITCHER · XEA Service Writer. \ Washington. Dec. ^ --One oo» c oa the House floor and realize* i i»:th a star, that aer.oag tae rainy . , thujgs '-hi* congress brought »ai the _ e Torn Blair.on of Texas, j - Advancing On City Half Way He bellows on all i^'-ie* ar.J ; ; nearly all bills The issue dearest ii» ; 'x-art is '.he BlaK'.oa i^ue. He has j j spent many days and used acres of . i space in 'he Coiisr«Mic«iil H.sxr«S · i ·» hi arguing his owr. i irvues. He has ; i cor.v.ncxi many of as that he is In| cu»ar»a». shrewd and sincere as »ell as i coisy. irr.'-jting and ridiculous. i Tom tried :er the Senate Ui :92». . ! lost ani »is off :ne :eJeral payro"- I R. Q. Lee, the man mho got his House j i seat, died and h-s widow ran '.o succeed : ! him. B'aB'.en jh'.ekea at such **n*..\ mentality, pointed out '-hat Congress , no'-ild pay Mrs. Lee her husband's sal- 1 ? ry for a year and brandishing flgiirec ' v::o»'ing ho* much money the govern- j !-n«Jt "spent on bury-as congressmen Many persons held :h?ir noses, but Blanton defeated the uudow and came back. * * * Between Mukden And Chinchow. MANY DEAD LEFT BEHIND BY RETREATING FORCES j Last Hope Of Condemned Slay| er Of Anderson Is Commu- I tation By Governor. JURIST-IS "COMPELLED" TO ADHERE TO DECISION _ , · - . * - ! B-- · ! Mary Emma Wo-!!-y. ab^ve. of Today Elected PreSI- f^mj," Hadley. M.w . rsr*t \\omau in dent Of National Government At Nanking. Mukden. Manchuria. Dec. 28 (AP).-i Japanese drive In the direction of i be chosen as a dtVaate to aa !:iUT- i national di*armam«'Nt conl*Tfnce. is one of the country s |oremo»t jx«ace ai- i -.ocates. She was .vU-c:el by President | Hoover to take part m the parley at . Geneva !n February. She Is 68. Defense Counsel Expected Ti Go At Once Before State ! Executive. Spe^d an afterr.oon »a'.ching him on Konpangtze bepur. today with three ·.he floor: Tacy re debating a new :c R i:sienis of infantry. one bttahon of , tax b:U which W-ild soak residents o! artillery ar.d two troopo of cavalry 1 Washington. Tore participates, being ; rr.arching on that city from ! an old hand at bossing this oppressed , ja= g. a L Tiench- NEW WATER PLANT TEST AT LINGANORE IS BEGUN Baltimore. Dec. 28 (AP) --Herman \\Vab Duker was re-ser.ter.ced to hang :or the murder of John \V. Anderson, by Criminal Court Judge Joseph N. VIman today. The judge refused to alter his prev- i capital, but more often he i on the i u-«r,..-n i«:» or something else extran- i Blanton issue o leoas. (Blanton is heavily built, short. : cur'.yhaired and iooks more li . irishman than most Irishmen. t'.l* Is on ll"lf more -- Engineers On Hand At Pumping ious decision in which he imposed the h* Pf:p!n«-Mukdr: c'.oaih itr.tence on the youth for tne :« b««rcn , Station For Preliminaries. than When i The Motor Vehicle Commlssfoner's .- Elaborate decorations of lighted bal- arranged in tiers across the ceil- if the ballroom and in basket form- Car-.-irg a document of worid-wide im- he isn't fighting or boasting he^ isus- , Dx . ; ort "owse Bovd. of the disbursing uaUy tossmg blarney at fe.o* members. ^pa^ rt. l for B e ., 1 ~ X_ , . «, «h^^T, T^at:-5 hour he sets most of hii *P-.._'. ;.,,,,,,:.. , riable part ot lao^, one i^^~ av.* The Motor vcua^u: i^mmm*--". i--- , ^jg or tne oaoroom ana in OBEKC-. iorin- · coat for S3 and another was look- j ^^^ for tne ^ek prior to Christmas ! atioas about the chandeliers. -Kith special ' up fraternal connections in the ; ' ^crease in fines over the ; decorations in the form of a fireplace | today. ! showed a crease in .,,., i-wre arranged by the committee in j nt led it. nearest approach to Sals^ Nick - week before. The total was Si.4ea ana e .. aafge ^^^ ^ ^^-,10,5, o - Raymond ! · sake of the holiday offenders · ; nc i u ded the following in this section: ^ Town, president of the club. Music ! office of the U. S." Senate, here is shown That's how at the White House. He delivered the ; plause.) -=-·-- moratorium measure for the Pres( Blanton ldel ,, s signat ure after the Senate had Ume. a policeman who saw the good j p-eder-icfc--Emest Abrecht, exceeding | ^j,, j^ Burnished by Louis Becker's THBftliT OF IIR^ OF ARMS }· a bargain and purchased a, | 25 mCeSt S5 . j^y Alexander, no li- i j^-a Baltimore hotel orchestra from """J"* vt """ w .er's coat. Samuel Seiss, Johns- ! cense S10 speed too great, S3: J. W. i Baltimore. A buffet luncheon will be | . . $10 s , , Pa, who Tras being shown the j Broothart , speed too great, $10; L. ^ . to PiKsburgh by Frank Geib, Wash- ; Burras parked without lights, $5; Os- · Many ; oca l persons have house guests ' · m the ballroom about midnight. . D. C.. to a car ahead, found Geib was showing the way wita , much gusto, and slowed down a. j In time to gei off _witn a fine o. , ° , operating under toflu- · * or tne Casse]]L benween Chrjscmas and · jissaiXf $100 nassing when way , Xelr Year, and quite a few will have reckless driving. $1: M. : «,«sts merely for overnight. Buffet sup- without lights, So; ! ^ prior to the dance will be given e UIT\V DV r T SNTlHI IN SPEECH t. fllAUIl Dl UAJlUm 111 OflilJUl. , Says He Will Not Hesitate To cans, breaks into a fulsome Speaker Jack Garner as the nation's sartor, introduces for the Record one "ewstJaper editorial praising Gamer and another attacking Hoover, then an- ouaces that Congressman Beedy of Chinese Forced Back. iAP).--A Rengo News from Tienchuangtai '.said Japanese troops fought a battle with Chinese irregulars today near jsanchiatzu and Matao and that the ! Chinese were driven back leaving many jdead behind. The temperature was 20 below a old debating team hero, a profound Heads Nationalist Government. China. Dec. 28 IAP).--Un Id president of the legislative Yuan, today was elected chair- ;-tal shooting or the mUk company vvili-ctor in an attempted hold-ap last April. Duker's only hope now remains in the hands o! Go\eraor Ritchie, who alone has the po'xer to commute the sentence. The 22-year-old condemned originally sentenced to hang by L'lman last November 3. heard the sentence reaffirmed when he faced the court agftir. today. In reaffirming his original sentence Judge Ulman merely stated he was :he nmir* and coagulating basins of i -compelled to Adhere to" his original fli'.er piar.t. The pumps :o be used . ( The ftrst complfte test of the new Linganore water purification plant ias beg-an this morning under the direction y'. City Engineer Maxwell. Consulting Engineer G. J. Reqaardt, and repre- . .scntati\*s of the American Water Soft- ae Frederick Iron and S'. Pretimlnaries of the test passed off Sacrifice Million Lives. ; b v mejnbe r3 of the younger set committee, headed/by our splendid col- ;o send the water to this city had not . Although he had shon *****£ ..^.^ : r.o emotion throughout ms trial or tfle Thc'rtwl' no immediate plan to turn J '-wo supplemental heoruigs that fouow- this splendid i _. I{WM he who succeeded Chiang Kal- j the new "^^f^^- pa ^ ^ I ed it. and then jumps enthusiasm over Wisconsin, citing sime of Prear of the latter's resigned as government Canton faction. As chairman of the government Lin -word BU- he Is onlv warming up for Sen has virtually the same powers as g^cn . ^^^ acclaim 'directed at Mrs. {the president of the French republic. Blaaton's bright young son. His con- at short notice. FIRE RAZES HOUSE The ! H. Holdoraft, Ray S. King. i Chester Knill, parked without out to be that of i each $5: Clea Hutchins, no license, $10; Dykes, Mississippi, oral Bloom's motorcycle, which was ! fictitious markers, $10, no registration, 55 miles. "I guess the cop j$i; Raymond Lee, no licr -- """ right," Geib told Justice Benaett I Rob^t' !=. ^Nass, Dr. James ; moming. "He also lacked the fine, j parked -without Hghts, "$5; had no bargain to offer for ?25. j Ogle, passing with "way Virginia Man Fined- A. D. Phebus, exoeeding Irvtng ert; Boston, Mass.t Miss Mary P. Crane, i *"fp" t jj e -35-" aghr members of the lights, Korida; Mr. Y. D. Lot; and Mr. Charles Rationalist congress had to face lathis «i receive "Sieb: copies of it ! QNE DEAD AND THREE H U R T i Home Near RIdeeviUc Destroyed Satur- j p:c a dcd ! him by his belt. i He was returned immediately to the i death house at the Maryland Peniten- y. where he has been held since he and Mr. (Slaves), he said, but the nest time stituents "soMSSan 12 years, says Tom. ! IN PHILADELPHIA GANG WAR j He spent ail his time during recesses :~ day NichU to the murder with Dale i H. Lambert, sentenced to life imprisonment. Flames from a chimney fire destroy- xhe commutation plea before Gover- _5tlsfied that he was inescapably ttnin the fetters of the law, Charles ide, Cherrydale. Va.. cheerfully _ en- j S5; a plea of guilty of drunken driv- j jj. before he was informed by the ige that State Officer Rist's evidence, tich seemed to be the only evidence [ the case, was not enragli to convict n. What the evidenoe lacked the plea ; ^^^j=^ E 40 · -up. the judge informed Stride, and j 2- CeeamE ?_. Virginian. left for the jail witii the | Riioderick, parked S5; Lee Bisttch, 20 Robinson, no A. Six, parked OiA, JJiLiCkCX. «ifciiw«s» I s ^^ :. Stickler, exceeding 40 Worthingtpn,^ Washington, Otho J. Kell;25: John Stauffer, exceeding 40 ' " S25; Charles B. Wastler, afc j las Scarborough. ' erased him for 20 years. man who was under S3.000 bail as material witness in the killing of Mickey dependent Hose Company to be in read- Doaaid Doub, Wilmington, Del.. Dr. C. ·L. Mullen; Leslie Samson, Washington, i officers of Frederick Chapter. S5; Harry White, S25 - MUiard Harvey The of- «ooo. Harrion G. GriSith, Gailhersburg . R. Tho m Bockville. Dec. 28.--A large re riven by Mayor Wii- v. Denny L. Frmger, The Gaithcrsburg Girl Scout unable to halt the flames. ! He added that had the state had Fears that the fire might spread re- [ aaT institutions for confinement and suited in a call being made to the In- lrea tment of such prisoners he might Stride was parked with companions. . drunkeniiess was more apparent j Ian his operation of the car. j ·* ·James Aibin Jenkins, Jr., young \ loodbine barber, was the only person i great. SI: Waiter 3 pav his fins and be released. The i driving. SI. . S s was dnniken dnvrng and the i Middletown--Evelyn Becker, reckless j lie S100. A reckless driving charge j driving. SI; Harry C. Condon, speed too have had recourse to some action other than imposition of the death sentence. FOG PREVENTS SEARCH FOR MISSING AVIATOR the i ed temporary suspension of the aerial search over the Blue Ridge mountains for a missing army flyer. Sis army planes from Selfridge, Mich., were unable to take oS from then- base at Hot Springs to aid in the search for Lieut. E. H. Bobbitt, Jr., 24. Weather conditions also prevented J. ,r of Epworth Meth- | M. Gaston. of the White Sulphur Ernest C. Gartner Springs airport, from continuing his search by air. Ground searching parties continued ithcrsbarg Chamber carols were sung. g been revoked this Fa!i, James Bran- .son, coiored, Adamstown. paid for the ' with 3. sixty-day jail sentence today lieu of a fee of S100. Corporal -loom traced the case through the In- ·rmation of Charles Page, colored, who 3d -warned Brannison 10 stay away ·orn the wheeL Brannison pleaded Uilty. He had been convicted by Jast:e Bowers of drunken driving, follow- sg an accident in September. Reckless driving charges agairsst Enos HioX Hagcrstown. and John Ross, plored, this city, were dismissed. E- -ow's car struik and damaged the an- Troop to tramp through the wooded mountain f'on SI" H. C McAdams, speed s . M^. rakers S 10. using dealer's tags K(JX , _ .. " ^-- -».-, Si: John A. idler reckless dnv- the list of those receiving refunds . ' ir ' ' ' ;. Schenectady. N. Y.. E. , ^ O. Garber and O"Hara this city. H. C. Gilbert; Black. Jr., Baltimore. Eugene ing, SI; Jacob H. Nad, failing to keep [creed. Jr.; Thomas Loy, Hagerstown; to right. So: Lee B. Ostermyer. speed ; Daniel Leonard. Towson, Adrian C. Me- , too great, S5: James T. Vantiergrift, j card'H- Charies Gundersdorf. Balti- j failing tc keep to right. S5: Howard ; more , an( i OrvSle Wright, Baltimore,; Fast Masters Night. W. Waltcn. Jr« passing on curve, S5: j Richard Ramsburg: Kenneth C. Proctor, i The amraa. oaaquet o. pas. Towson and Lewis Woodward, West- of Masonic .odses tn t/ns j= master, Elias B. Ramsburg: Gordon wil: oe ne.i at 6.^0 L^wis, "The Plains." Va., Charles S. "-n Masonic Temp.e. ie, TTT- jack Hiackey, Hagerstown. , paper publisher's sales tax junket Included Canada. to Brussels Belgium, demanding one half participated. Mrs. Harvoy Selby. presi- ' country. Bobbitt. missing since dent of the Home Demonstration Club, | is believed to have come down south or Mile. Wendel states she is a direct i was in charge. Elkins. Bobbitt left Selfridge Field. Mlrn, Christmas eve to spend the holiday witti tending will be ocioc^ Amorc -~-ose a.- the reccnt.y erected Avencie inio West Patrick street v nigfcc. TestimoEy of occupants ers, S10. tae two cars diSered as to «rheth- the way was clear and the judge f lassed errors of judgment by the op- t. So: Nia: Heare, swinging mark- Bryan, no Taneytown -- Charles cense. SI. Tiarrcor.t-- Mottcr C. SchaeSer and Thomas, ex- rs as responsible. ^gated. Officer Rist in- ceedi^g 40 miles, S25, expired license, ·S10. Thompson Lane: Dr. Ralph F. Bowers, Cincinnati, O. William M. Storm; Albert Dean. D. C., Chester E. Heisey; Lieut. O. Thomas Conjey, Fort Howard, Haines Herman Le*is was held in jail. tfrbana--J. W. Bessey, exceeding 25 'and S. A. Delame, Jr., Richmond Va., m *· . __ ^«... f,- ·« _ _ TT f*-vft ^xi-- TV-- .vlT?i***^ TT--i ider $500 bond for a hearing tonight -n a charge of drunken fir ·y State Officer Neelc. rniies, S5: C. W. Miner. Dr. Charles H. Convey; Dr. inadequate -- ing brought muSer. S5: Paul Stambaugh. exceeding Blackford, Charlottevilie. Va.. , ·5 miles S5 . Gor^lev; George Henderson. Curnoer^nd, - -" The foilowtag liceases were revoked: ' and Hardy Dillard. Char:3ttesvi~e. Va.. Maurice Ebv, Rockv Ridge, operating Charles McC. Mathias: James Dor^e^, under influence of liquor and reckless PhHacelpriia, W. cr^axm -VcSherry. Five Miners Killed. South Elmshali. Yorkshire. England. Dec. 28 AP).--Five men were killed in an explosion in a refuse pit at the Fricklcy colliery near here today. Struck By Antomobfle. Strack by an atitoaobi* when he _^^^ ^ ^^ ,, ^-- _ ^. rossed the street while the Taseyto-am jri~sg: Reginald Snowden, Monrovia, ^award Winso. Was^ingtor;. M. he Hi;h school Sroin 9 until 1 o'clock, with rntisic furnished by Floyd Mills and his 12 piece broadcasting asd recording orK-Kstra from Cumberland, TO HEAR LIONS PRESIDENT Julian C. Hyer To Speak Here At District Meeting Frf. 23. · Members of Lions clubs throuchout the Twcnty-.tecoTid district, vrhich includes Maryland. Delaware, tfcs Di.s- irict of Columbia ar.d part of Northern Virginia, are pxpected to att»nd the d^trict meeting which wiT. or- "neld here :ore contends i February 23. Preparations have been i-ega!. 1 begun by the Frederic!: club to receive the delegations. Julien C. Hyer. pTesider.t of Lions International, w-.n be the speaker at the meetinz. A dinner ir. his hor.or -JnH be held. Mr. Kycr fir be the wx^or.d rj:c- resEive president of Lions Intrrna- nonal to visit the Frederick rl".ib. the immedisie past pre5toer.t. Earle W. Kodges. hav-^e al* spoken here. ! descendant of John Matthias Wendel, ; brother of John Matthias Gottlieb founder of the fortune esti- j, rr Entertain At Dinner. Mrs. Melvsn L. Shank. North ; his parents at Hot Springs, Va. mated at between $75.000.000 and $100,- Market street, entertained at dinner on j COO.OOO which Miss Ella Wendel. be- ' Sunday the foliow^ig guests: Mr. arid '· lieved to have been the "last of the ', ^irs. Waiter Stone. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Gor- · ! don Stcne, Miss M.ldrcd Stone, Mr. ( Earl Stone, all of Baltimore: Mrs. j Sarah Warner. Mr. and Mrs. Charles r tune on the fact that John Matthias u p pv and daujhtcrs. Isabel and Anna. Gottlieb Wendcl provided in his wi£ - "-- -- · *- -' T ="---~"~that the property should always re- left to charity. A letter from a Belgian attorney states she bases her claim, to half the for- _ SUBJECTED TO o n « O i n C D A D I C CONSIDERABLE a _ d jj-.. Cnarles Smith, of Frizze'.burg: Mr an( j ^5^-5 Wl^iarn Focie. Miss Irene "" New York. Dec. 28 (AP).--With the time growing short in which securities mav be sold for the purpose of establishing losses in 1931 incomes. raarke4s main ..-. the". family. Sr;e there- G - 5t xsr'-tnwr.: Mr. nrf! Mry. SaB-.uel ' -n/cre 5-:b;ec-ed to considerable pressure ~ Warner. Lad.csburs: M-. and Mrs. as traiing was res-umed today. Luther' Shank. Miss Ethel Smith. '· News over the three-day ChrlstmM Miss EZ'-a's will Js TWO ACQUITTED IN BABY SLAYING BY GANGSTERS i Johasv.lle: Mrs. Mary Mahor.ev, ?-.liss · week-er.d was scarcely of a character to Liniar. Mane Bazze'.l. ar.d Miss Ella provide any fresh sustenance for £be Ho-ack Frederick: Wi^iam Warner and market and save for a short-lived «p- Mr= Amos Warner. Frizze:burg. I turn in the rails prices drifted aJmost . ' steadily lower, getting close to tae bear New York. Dec. 28 "APV--Vincent Col! ar.d Frank Giordar.i were acquit- Leree Breaks. . M^s.. Dec. 28 Members ?f trie committee are arrang- S'nttdon. Washington. W. Harry ;j Thomas. Washing- .,,_,, Ti--^^s a-^ was D~o"j*^*^t r^rs after .aving been treated by Dr. C. M. B-n- THE WEATHER TODAY Kevmar: John Stauffer. Walk; Matter C. Thomas, Middle, town. , Licenses were refused to Clea Hutchins,, and Raymond Lee, Middletown. Jr.: Cadet Fred Wright. Hajerstown. and Simmons jameson. Hagerstowr:. Eev. Dr. Henri L. G. Slieffer: Lieut. Bedding. Washing- tori, and John Byerly, Washirston- invited to attend, addit.^n to mera- 'SErs of tbe a'.urnr.i ass:iat:on. wno also may have g"-'---ts other -han their partners or e:ar,=. Officer? ar.J directors nave charge of tr.e v.:£e:^. Cresaps RiSes TTI:: hold its ar.rj Precipitation for 24 hosrs ending at a. rr... today-- r.3=e. Precipita^sn, December to date-3 Normal December precipitation, 3.11 Inches: actual December, 1930, 3.54 inches. December This year's --2.17 inches. High terr.ptratJire yrstcrday--43. Low temperature last r.ish;--"4. Siir. sets today--4 55 p. in. Sur. rv=5 -.o-.crr-sw--729 a. m. or. r ^c. 5 frr.crrow--101 i p m. toon sets tomonow--10.53 a. m. Mayor of Westminster Stricken- Georje S. Matthews, one of the mast prominent men in Carroll county aad now serving his fourth term as Mayor of was stricken vlttt an attack of illness at his home on Christ- morning. Several members of his family had attended early church services ar.d had to be sent for. His younger daughter. Mrs. Helen Matthews Smith, found him on the floor in an unconscious condition. Mr. MaTnews has condtjcted a very active adrrt-nistration as the head official Charles Bverly. Jr.. Copelanc Morton. v 3 -. :daT '^ ar . ce wedsesdav r.ight la the 1 Jr., Baltimore. W. Harry Haller; Alan Lor.g. ar.d Leslie Bryant. Slmira. ^. Y., Robert L Wartjeld; Russell Allntltt. Pooiesvil'.e. ar.d Tr.orcas Holmes. Pooles- -,ille Wil" B. AUntitt: Jack Allntrtt. Wasii:n?to-. Ecwta C. Marke'l; and Bemhafd Williamson, Cynis Gambnll. Other Holiday Dances- In addition -to the Cotillion Club of a he Catoctin Country Club which inaugurated the season's local dances. about 300 persons are expected to attend trie annual mid-winter dar.ce of the Frederick School A'.umr.i As- Ha coadiuoa w re- . sociatior. to be held Tuesday r.iaht The K State Annorr. Members of Frederics chapter, Order of De Molay. are being ir.vited to at- ·end an informal sponsored by Hagerstown chapter. Order of De Molay, to be held at the Masonic Temple. Ha?- erstown. Wednesday night, from 9 until 1 o'clock. The event w.ll be featured bv m-js:c by Al Rer.r.ard and his Paramount Clua crrh-K*ra. of Harrisburg. ?a. Fred Mixer., Hag e rsto"vr., is rhair- of the car.--?. The New Year's eve £-..-e of the Ca- "ctir! C'ub. I"c. ~:11 ta^ place on at '.l-.f Franc-' Scott Ke\ hotel ar.d T,H b" arr.'tr.z the last ·o jail for lacs -if S10 collateral for a rrcarsie In PV..ce Ci-rt ton:sht He ·j~as arrested z~- 4 o'-cli:;; S" afi- '-rr.oon bv Off.ccrs Cmrr, and Shaff Torr. Br-'-sr:. colored, charwi bv Officer ShafT TltJi disturbing the Deac-. --ent to jail for a hearln? tor..cht. He ·vas arrejtec Sur.cav afternoon at 5 4?. Carl Washinc^on. D C . tj?:ed S10 colla'ersl ov S'ate Officer Ne-l-d. for Saturdav ntornins. He was^cd havia? no operator's card. ted by order of til!- court today of the The Gler.dora le-.e^. acainst which the swollen Tailahatchis rr. er has been beatius for day?, crumbled today and ·sator began pouring Gier.dora to a depth of f. - . e feet The busji'v^ s"ct.or. ~as flooded b-jt tl-fre ·Ras r,- less of life arid if ·jas b*!:evfc rr-irh of the rcs.dential riid sir.ce it is protected by the era- barikrner,t of the Yazoo and the Msss- .ssippi valley r^.ilr"«c. E"'"er"" s'ire ir. the tO'STi of several ':r h-s arrest a h"anr.^ m-jrdcr of Kve-resr-old Michael Yen?al;. slain ^i a Karlern *trtt;l ia^t Summer by a earc-stor f'visil'jvde. The pr.r.c.Dal 7.tness for the prose- t.--n TX= Gi^rge Brecht, of St. Ixuis. --.10 po-.--;-;ly .=T,tiS''d Go" and Gior- ^ir.o aj :r* :-: irs TJnd"r rross ex- j t r. Srecht sdnt."^i h*--lied-n his ·Cit.rrw:." ~hen he said j» had never be«n a witrsess ^ri prer-.ros Tlis defense cons.dered the state so -*--?asered by :h^ adrr.ission that it offered *o er.d the case to ·s.thatil s-jmrr-at-on. This -^as not per- atitiei by t.Te court and when .t reooen*-d t-oday after the holiday recess the proe:t:t-on made the motxjn that an asju.ttal be directed and Judge Josc-p'r. E. Gsrrisan complied. market lows of December 17. Sterling cables opened at 83.41%, o5 Call money renewed at 3 per cent. BLAST WRECKS BUILDINGS BUT OCCUPANTS ESCAPE Sn5eeT--T.e. Pa . Dec. 28 CAP).--An ext;:;5:on Trreeked tfo tltree-story frame bu^ and a CTe^n? In Essea 5trcet. snd srnasnec windows ta scores of homes early today. The entire to^a was shaken. Occupants of the dweli- l-.e jury h^drVd "pop-'-ats'-ri'Vas flooded and a in? escaped ar.d tie other buHdiags conftdorabJe n'.irr.ber oJ rs^ic^nces ~ere In thc water. A -arse portion of the ;xp;;~.a-.~3n had retreated to the r..? section of th city. Apparently were A-jthorit:«s cauld not determiae tha ca-ise of the exp'.osion. Fire broke out ar.d firemen iron; nearby towns Monnt Ainr Masons Elect. Officers of Prusesro Lod;e No ISO. A. F. A. M of Mvjnt Airy, r.ave been e"«cted arxi th* -.r.'taV.2t:-".n.' xiH be maot or. Jar/js--· ".9 The r«s'-!". - ed as fo'.'.ow;--'. rr.a.='«T. Matthew Pickett: senior ?.v.rc^r O-^n- alc Watkir^. jjnLar warder.. *»Vrr. ^n H £h:rcy: sccrrta~-. Je.sse P. Kir.»; treas- I ported as senous. (event wJii taKe place M UK audiiorium , of tac dances scaeduled for we holidays, j urcr, H. P. Bordetie, THREE MORE KILLED AS AUTOS COLLIDE Grter.-.^:-d. S C. Dec 28 f API -- Tr.rce rr.n -sere ir.llcd ani four other tyr=oii=. cr:e a scnouslv .njurcd ·xr.-T. "V3 a itArr.-sb.les crashed r«3u-oii :.-.-? rr.,:-.s from here today. The c^ad -vere identified as Ben F^ rs. ar.'" Ollie Da-is. ;9. of _ Grctr.a.--x: ar.i Will A. Atkinson, 25, i of Ninety-Six. S. C. Company Elects. Seven c.roctors of ;he Berlir Lovettsville Br.cge Coir:par.y elected as follows this m-amir.? at the , Ci.-'T. 5 .' National Bar.k: Joseph D. i Baker. K-lrr:es D Baker. Johr. S. Xew- Eme,-t Kolfer^ste^.. Joseph McD:v:;. J. Tra'.-rs Thorr^-s .-.nd Parsons rr.°s D. Baker, r.rd t7--.--.rcr: 3. Tra'.rrs TIicn%'»«. 35- s.s-ant serretary and assis^n; trcas- THREE BURNED TO DEATH , IN RESTAURANT BLAZE Coytsvi:ie. N" J . Dec. 28 (AP).-Three pcrsorj -sere otimed to deatil .ir.d fs'o otlTcrs soriDusly injured today n a. Sr» v, "r.ich d--«rATsd the new Vea- ·ro rfstaarant. Til" 'hree victims wera "r-.p"oyes. Tr^j o' sai-1 they wers ·. ~ - ^ p on tl'.D sec^r.d floor ar.d trapped ?.s the flAnies enveloped (building atcp the

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