The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 12
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'Iff .'"» ^GF. TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce CASH CORN TAKES BIG SLUMP TODAY Three lo Four Cent* Lower— Wheat Prices are Also Weaker Today. ('liiefiKO, Nov. 21.—AlthoiiKli Miff, wlioat tunrkc). opi'nocl with sonic- tlitiiK "f n downward tftnili-Hcy lo- diiy, prlrcy noon rallied to nbovn > p p. u tonlny'K finish. Offprints wiirp ri'iullly absorbed mid trailers took not Ire nf tho fnet that orornlglit (iiilcs to Europe wero in oxueas of l.non.O'JO ljuslifls. On tlm othflr h.iml new export im.ilnn ^H thiri morninp was said to tie slow in do- VflopinK Initial prli'cs which Ynrli'd from unr.linnKod figures to '• s o lower with Men. $1.4'.Hi and May fi.r.OTa to II.ST -li. tvero followed hy a little further suk ami then hy Mains all around. Siibseiiuently reports of rain in jiorlhfrn Ai-Rentlnu where, harvest Ins I* goini: on anil dry weather In tvanlod, helped to uphold value!, despite llhernl arrivals of wheat liern from Omaha and notwithstanding weakness of the r.orn ninr- \rl. Whent closed unsettled at the same as yesterday's finish to '•'.(' higher, l"X;e. tlMM to anil May Jl.uT'S to Jl.TiT-);. Corn lacked npgressive tmyinp. KiipporL Assertions that I iob feed Ing operations would he nnprofit- nhie liad considerable bearish effect. After opening at to 1c lower. May Sl.M's to J1.21, the murliet rernvered somewhat then ileclincd ucnln. Sethaclta in prices >;rew much Jojiuo pronounced later as a result of Increased heiU-e sales of corn. The close was heavy, 1' 4c net lower, May fl.13', Onus wera easy. In/I a en ceil hy *v>rn weakness. Ktarlliic; un changed to %c lower, May BSVi to RSVj, oats continued to average lower. 1'rovlslons had a downward trend, in lino with corn and hogs -1.49 V». hut new to to RANGE OF OPTIONS Fur n lined By Grain Marketing Co, 810 Rorabauah-Wiley Budding AT CHICAGO, Whom. —Closod— Open High Low Toilay'y I.S»«« 1.4*8-. I.e."), Pee. .. l.4'.".» High Low Toilay'y I.S»«« 1.4*8-. I.e."), Mil v. . *.*•»*» IM% 1.&7S i.n% July.. 1..19 l.V'i 13S% 1.311 •» l.Ws Corn. ]Vc. ., l.l.i'.i I.K's t.18',4 l.l-'i 1.184 1.21'i 1.19 1.19'v l.lMi .May.. 1.21 I.K's t.18',4 l.l-'i 1.184 1.21'i 1.19 1.19'v l.lMi July.. 1.21H !.!«• I.SO l.'J" 1 * 1.58'.* July.. Oats. !>c... .SHU .62H .82H .53 llnv,. • l -j .«». M A* .W& July.. .07S .tilli .:.GW .57 Rye. IV e.. 1.31 1.32«i I.M'-i 1.33W May.. i.:ir, 1.3«U 1 »4>s 1.35?ji J."»T4> Julv.. i.-.m i.:;->4 1.231, i.viiii AT KANSAS CITY. Uee. . Ill .1Hi l.V'i 1.41--i, 1.41 VI M.'iv.. l.lT'-i 1 1,'j Lis July.. l..'11'.i 1-31'. ; » 1.31«, 1 .31 July.. Corn. I if o.. 1 .ilS l.i'-i., i.asi-i 1.03W May.. 1.1.1 i.t.'i-S 1.11H 1-11H 1.13S Inly.. 1.15 1.1;.', 1.13 1.13 1.15 V. HUTCHINSON GRAIN FEVERISH TRADE IN STOCK MARKET —i Heavy Wave of Profit Taking, However, Checked Advances in Price. LIVESTOCK MARKET BARTON CO. FACES BIG WHEAT LOSS Hessian Fly hat Invaded the Wheat Fields in Country 1 Near Gt. Bend. Kales of hard nnd dark wheat generally unchanged with an occasional car selllns one cent higher on account, of tavorablo hilling. Slow demand for corn also tnilo and kaflr. Heavy Increase in receipts of thesn grains. Hecolpts of wheat here today: 53 cars; corn 9 cart: kafir und rnllo 22. One week nsn today 104 and one year ago today i:> care. rtocelpls of wheat nl various other terminals: Salina fil; Wic-1- ita 70: Kansas City 1S2; St. Lotils Omaha. 57; Chicago 49: Min- DulutU r.S5 null OS; neapolis 2R2; Winnipeg 132E Sales here basis: 1 car 2 hard sniutiy 1 ear 2 hard . 1 ,-.r 2 hur.l . 1 2 hard . 1 eur 2 hard . 1 ear 2 hard . 1 ear 2 hard . 1 car 2 hard weevil toilay Kansas City s 4 1a.oo 13.»s 12.'1" 12J2 12.00 :.s. f, K- C. Cash Grain I Kansas City. Nov. 21.—WHEAT *~Hecei^ts 1S2 cars; unchanged; ^o. 2 dark hard $1.4S«1.50; No. 8 dark hard $1.14fll.f'3; No. 2 hard SI. 135'/ 1.54; No. 3 hard $1.42(^1.53; '.No. 2 re.l J1.55«jl.5»; No. I! red |1.."idiff l.r.5. t'OHN—2c lower; No. 2 white Sl .USVati 'l .OS; No. 3 white 51.07; No. 2 yellow $1.10«1.10'i; No. yellow fl.i'Vi; No. 2 mixed J1.07; JCo. :i mixed $l.(i04fi.or,i'j. OATS—Unchanged; No. 2 white f ,:; , ii ,'.:!uc; No. 2 white fi2£jE>2V &c- KVK--$1.2fliJ1.21. 1IA11LEY— s::i; I .K5c. KAl'F'lll—$1.70 ?i'l. 74. .MILO MAIZE—Jl.SO^r'l.S3. Detailed Sales. Sales of grain, in detail, at Kan- Mis City today 1 car 1 ear 1 car 1 c:ir 1 car 1 car 1 tar 1 ear :! hard 3 hard 3 liard 3 hard 3 bard 3 hard 3 hard kaffir 11. SS -.7 11. Ml 9 11.1« 7.7 13.21 7.1 130S ,7.S 1212 7.5 11. nt ,T.r. ii.m Sl.RO 1.4!' 1.1b 1.40 1.45 1.44 1.31 1.50 1.1S 1.45 1.44 3.6" New York, Nov. 21.—An enormous demand for low priced railroad shares which resialeil a heavy onslaught of vroflt Inking and milled to fresh high levels, overshadowed nil other developments In today's stock market—the ninth 2.000.000 share day .since, the election. Realizing sales impeded the advauce In the Industrial list although brisk rallies In numerous Hpeelnltles partially counteracted the heavy soli- inK of" leading shares. New York. Nov. 21.—Trading; In tho stock market, today continued at the same feverish pace which hns been maintained since the election, but the advance in price was checked by a heavy wave of profit taking which spread over the entlr« list early In the afternoon. Before the outburst of realizing sales more than two score Issues had scaled new peak prices for the year on it turnover of 1,050,700 shares In the first two hours. Railroad Shares Hlflher. Railroad shares, which had been swept to new high levels on the early rush of buying, crumbled 1 to 3 point s as profit-taking ' invaded the list, and then rallied again as a vigorous bullish demonstration In Kock Island lifted that stock 3 points to a new high nt 4G. Other new high marks were set by Union PacHic, Atchison, Northwestern. New Haven and Northern Pacific. U. S, Steel reached a new high level nt 117'4. with the General Asphnlt nnd Maxwell Issues. Texas, Gulf Sulphur and Otis Elevator joining in the upward movement. Cotton prices rallied slightly, following publication of the govern' ment's crop estimate, and then re' acted in reflection of a bearish ginning report. Coffee prices declined about *»c a pound. KantM City Livestock. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 21.—CAT. | TLE— Receipts 3,000; calves 800; killing steers steady to strong; lew loads short feds $7.25@0,00; other classes generally sleady; butcher cows nnd heifers $3.40®5.50; call; ners anil cutters $2.25@3.25; practical top veals $8.00; stockors nnd fooders slow, steady; bulk $5.00© 0.75; stock cows and heifers dull; S2.75iSl.50; calves steady $o.00# 0.75. HOGS—Receipts 9,000; opened 5 tfjlOc lowor closed mostly steady; shippers top $9.40; packer top $!).3o; bulk It sales $S.8K@9.35; bulk desirable ISO to 300 pound $9.00i7j) 9.35; light lights slow, 25c lower; packing sows t8.2547S.G0; Btock pigs steady, $6.50i!?7.00. SHEEP—Hecolpts 1.000; Wiling classes 2u57:35c lower: best native lambs $13.40; others $13.00® 13.25; top owes $7.50. WHEAT lit 1.16. 2 I lark: 3 Hark: 4 Dark: 1 Hard: 1 « 1.49; «it l.lii'i; ut I.41S. 2 Hard: 1 I Dark—1 at 1.51; 1 1 to 1.50. .1 at 1.50. 1 at 1.49; 1 at 1.45c. 1 at 1.51; 1 at 1.50; 2 nt 1.4S; 2 at 1.46; at 1.47; 1 nt 1.44; 1 2 at f.50; at 1.52 nl 1.4!l; 3 at 1.4,5. 2 Hard—:: at 1.4S; 1 at 1.17V4; B at 1.47; 1 at 1.40; 1 at l.4r,'-i; 1 Hi. ].»r.; 1 at. 1.14; 1 at 1.43. Smutty, 1.39 to l.4fi. 3 Hard—I at 1.4S; 1 nt 1.47; 4 nt 1.45; 1 nt 1.43; 1 at 1.41, smut•>•- 4 hard, 1 at 1.15; 1 at 1.4 Hi; I at 1.14; 1 at 1.43; 1 at 1.42. 5 hard, 1 nt 1.40 S. 1 mixed, 1 at 1.55; 1 at. 1.45; 1 at 1.44. 2 Mixedt 1 at 1.60: 2 at l.l'l: 1 • t 1.39s. Mixed: 4 Mixed: 1 3 U i.m I; 1 -1 Hod: 1 COIIN—Vi J.IU. 2 Yellow: 2 White: :No. 2 Mixed i.05. No. 3 Mixed—5, 1.00'.''. X, l.ict'-i. ;<<>. 4 Mixed—2. 1.05. OATS: 3 red—1 at. 51; (I at 50; 3 white, 1 at 51. KAFFIR: 3 white —2 at l.h'S. •.MILO: 2 yellow, 1 car at l.SU MARKET GOSSIP The growing of wheat in south- w-est Kansas is coming fine and as yet has not suffered from the lack of rainfall. Reports from some sections show that a good rain would do n great deal of good. Tho wheat in Oklahoma was materially Improved by the rains last week which only came as far north as Wichita. Bome addition -wheat acreage is being put out in Oklahoma now that the soil has ample moisture. An Argentine cable received this morning states that the wheat crop in the southern half of that country has been destroyed by the drouth. Julius \V. Jockusch. a typical southern gentleman, who has been i tho grain export business at. Galveston for the past 33 years, was a viaitor on the Hutchinson Hoard nt Trade this morning. This is his first visit to the Kansas wheat fields and he says that he likes the grain men lu this territory verv much. Forelfln Exchange. New York, Nov. 21.—Foreign ex, changes firm; quotations In cents Great Britain demand 4.63 ^4; cables 4.f.3Vi. France demand B.2Sj cables 5.2S',i- Italy demand 4.84; cables 4.34H. Ile'gium demand 4.SV/ 3 ; cables 4.S5. Germany demand 23.S1, Holland demand 40.IS. Switzerland demand 19.30, Greece demand 1.78. Poland demand "9V*. Ciocho Slovakia demand 3.00. Call Money. New York, Nov. 21.—Call money •teady; high, low, ruling rate nnd closing hid 2H; offered at 29i: last loan 21;. Call loans against acceptances 2U. Time loans firm; mixed "collateral 60-90 days 33?3% four-six months 3 1& 3*4. Prime commercial paper 3^0314. NEW YORK STOCKS. nePM-lM l>v .lame.s K. ll.-nnott & Co., . m G lOirahHtmh-Wlley building, by wire from .New York. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 21.—HOGS—Receipts G2.000; moderately active; steady to 15c lower than Thursday's average; tinder weight 25@ 50c off; excessive supply; top $9.60; bulk good and choice 240 to 360 pound butchers $9. t0 «59 .60; packing sows nn-stly $S.75J89.00; majority strong weight slnughter pigs $7.25©7.50; heavyweight hogs $9.30579.60; medium $S.95®i9.60; light $S.O0@9.20. CATTLE—Receipts 5.000; killing classes generally steady; medium grade steers predominating; moderately actlvo at $9 .00, downward: best weighty steers $10.25: mixed steers tnd heifer yearlings $11.50; no choice yearlings here. SHEEP—Receipts 14 ,000; dull: few early sales good fat lambs around $13.50; asking steady to higher, best held at $13.00; fat sheep steady; handy weight fat ewes $7.75@Si00. Wlehlta Livestock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 21.—HOGS —Receipts S00; looks 10c lower; prospective top $9.25; bulk $9.05© 9.20. , , CATTLE — Receipts 500 including 100 calves; slow around steady on light supply. ' Great, Hand, Kan. Nov. 21. —Barton county Is threatened next year with a tremendous /heat loss, pro'-ahly the greatest In It history, as a result ot the invasion of the Hessnn fly. Early sowing, gocd weather, nnd carelessness in ro> gard to riding the country of chance ot the fly to lay its eggs where they could mnture Is: going to cost hundreds ot thouannds of dollars to farmers it nature doesn't provide the right kind of wenthdr next spring. County Agent Wllllmns and B. G. Kelly, the latter extension entomologist from the state agriculture collego ut Manhattan- huvn Just completed an examination ' or some t.wonty fields of wheat near Albert nnd they found that one third tho plants are ;nfostod with the fly. While they hn\e mt investigated other parts of the county, it Is likely that the condition there is similar to it at Albert and tho other fields are Infected loo. The percentage ot tho fl. found at this time ot the year Is greater here than it has been nt any time since 190S. All fall the state argrl- culttire college has been sounding a. warning nbout burning oft the weeds and trash piles and getting rid of all places where there would be a liklliiood of the fly getting a start. The condition that exists here will probably be found to exist in other sections ot the stat- as well and (ho early sown wheat will sustain a big drop in production unless nature provides soe weather along in April that will help kill off tho post. Ton days of good weather In April, followed by a good freeze, will do more to get.rid of the fly than any device of many, the county a=cnt said last evening. Several inrmers have l-vestlgat- ed nnd found that there Is f'y In the wheat when they did not bus- poet its presence and that number will probably be further increased this next day or two. night from nomo unknown caused the fire department to make a fast run, Fortunately tho basket was not located where it could sot fire to anything tlnmablo In the building and the glaze was quickly extinguished. The cause of the fire Is unknown but it Is have been started by a carelessly thrown cigarette butt School Pupil* Give Food For the Needy • r The Hutchinson school children will bo asked to make their annual Thanksgiving donations ot canned fruit, vegetablns »nd other grocer Ion to the Salvation rmy the' first three days ot next week, according to Ensign W. F. Eevltt, who distributed barrels to each of the schools today to be used In packing tho food which will bo distributed to the poor of tho city. Every child ot school age Is asked to bring some little' donation. Ijast yoar several wagon loads of groceries were secured In that way. Tho Salvation Army does the work In distributing the food to the real needy ot the city. DISTRICT MEETING ENDS WITH RALLY Young People Had Charge of tho doting Sorvico at U. B. Convention. PRODUCE MARKETS STEELS: Bethlehem Stc?l Corp Kiiil Iron Co . rib!,. Co Close ... til 1 :; ...137 V 1 nt 1.40s. 1 at 1.44H. at 1J.2. at 1.49. •Mow: 1 at l.luVi; lat Mr. Jockusch explained that there there is a large European demand for wheat. He reported that 4.0U0,0Ol> bushels were exported from Galveston during the first 1^ days of October. Shipments for the entire month amounted to 03,000,000 bushels. 3 at 1 .09; 1 m l.07 1 -i. 2 at 1.09; 1 at. 1.08H- 1.0S; 4, 1.07; 1, 4, l.Ofi; The reports from the milling authorities and the jtrain dealers as to the export demand for wheat are conflicting. The millers state that the. export demand Is lagging nnd that the foreign countries have plenty for present requirements. Authorities among the grain dealers report that the expot demanu is on the. increase. Winnipeg Markets. Nov. wheat: l.til'.'i. Dec. wheat: l.rj'.-j. .May wheal: 1.62'i. Minneapolis Markets. Dec. wheat: 1.4S. May wheat: 1 .53%. Tho export of domestic wheat | and flour from July 1 to October 31 i jgregato 12,000,000 husnels, in- I eluding r,3,J0O.O00 bushels cleared •' r<; "' | In October. On that basis the Unit.. ! od Stales will ship as much wheat j and flour for the first five months of this season as was cleared during the ntlre 1923-21 season. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Nov 21.—Hens one cont higher, 20c; springs one cent higher, 22c; turkeys one cent higher, toms ISc; hens 23c. Other produce unchanged. EGGS—Firsts, B0c a dozen; seconds, 36c; selected case lots to local buyers, 69c; Bloragu No. 1, 3Sc; extras, 42c. BUTTER—Creamery, extra, in cartons, 42@44c; packing stock, 22c. BUTTERFAT — 34c. a pound; premium for extra quality, 3c. "B" Wheat traders believe that tho j market should respond to heavy ex- i port bitylrj! on the breaks. Until December the "longs" nru through selling and the market Is not expected to he favorable to the buyer. LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 10c; light hens, Kic; springs' Kic; stags ]2c; Leghorns and blacke, all weights 13c; old roosters 7c; turkeys, No 1 ISc; No. 2 fee; old toms 13c; ducks 10c; teese Sc. EdfiS—Fresh 40c. per doz Local Grain. WHEAT—lynoted by Wm Mill) wheat fl.30. .SHORTS—fl.liC. IIRAN— $i.:id. Swift & Co. 1 IUTTF.ltFAT— No. 1, 33c; JOc m 'TTKIt— Creamery 4uffj, II EUUS—I'Vceh, 4Uc\ Kelt) No. t Corn and kaflr Is beginning to arrive on the lncal market in larger quantities. The quality of both crops is very good and their moisture content is testing as low as 14 percent. Last year the November corn tested from 1!) to 22 percent moisture. Ca-st Irett I'ipe L'o ilulf St;»ti'.- SH';el i!r< Northern Ore l'.epul.llr Iron Stenl t: s Med I'orp Common V) s st,..-l Onrp Preferred fi'ilM-KKS: A inn .Sin-fltinr; &. IteflnlnB Anaconda (.'opper Co Cu'ilahan Zinc ,V Lead ... Ohimi Cupper Co Oil da Copper C tlutto ,t Superior In.-plratlon Copper KeunoeotL Copper Kay Cons L'lah Copper Co OILS: Sinclair Consolidated Mnrlund Oil Co I'aeltlc nil Co I'an-Anin Pet & Trans I'uro Oil Cu Phillips relrelturn .... C'.s.lm .V Co Vliival Dutch Standard Oil of Calif . Shell Unlen Oil Ti'xus Co Whit" KaKlf fl & it .. haji.koads: A T ,v H Iljiliimore .fc Ohio Canadian I'ueitic Kriv Uy ilrt-nt Northern lly ... IHinoi* ITemnil K C Southern l..,aisville & Nashville .Mo t'a.-illc Common . Me l'aelfie Preferred N V Ci'iilral Northern Pacific Pennsvlvatila. Uy I'.ci-lii'ifc- Uy Hook Island Uy Southern P.v .SI I. & S K Uy Pacilie Hy . Union l-.u-lflc Ky .... MOTOPS: Crin-ml Motirs ....... Siuil'.-halo r .Uutui-a ... Hup .Motors pur:o Arrow Iludson Molom OlKindU-r Motors overland .Motors •* Mark Truck lc: W »'.a Ki-llv Sprlnslleld Tire Co V. S Rubber C C.onilrirh Unbher Co M;ix UiiMter Co Aiiiii-llosrli Magneto Co Alps Chalmers Mfir Co •• Maxwell Motors "A" ... MaxweU Motors "13" ... Moon Motors l-NH'Warl Warner Mtg Co j Snoiubeii; Caib O Timl:-ii lliilt-r Itearlius . INMCSTK1AI.S: - A inn Heel Sutrar Industry! Aleuliol I Anoi i ';m Co - • Amu i'.o - & Koumlr; Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 21.—BUTTER— Higher; creamery extras loc; standards 42c; extra firsts 40'ya @43c. EGGS—Higher; firsts ordinary firsts 42(K45c; utor extras 3C(!J36Viic. 48(ff56c; refriger- The district conTenttonotUnlt- ed Brethren churches o'fThTs ^ihT trlct, held here yesterday at the Calvary IT. B. church, closed with.a rally last night by the Christian Endeavor societies. Rev. n. C. Russoll ot the First United Brethren church presided at the meeting and Walter Harris ot Pleasant Grove, led the choir. In dividual talks were made by Mrs. Dora Klingman, of West Salem, and the following from this city: Mrs. Audrey Barnes, James Mo- Mullen and Harmon Harrison. Approximately 200 people attended~the meeting all day, including a good delegation from Hayes, Pleas ant Grove, Palrvlow, Liberty chapel. West Salem and Sylvia, Marriage Licenses. Curt D. H omo, 22, Hutchinson, and Helen R. FrouBe, 19, Burrton. Vernon Krhtupp, ago. Hutchinson, and Grace Walsteln, legal age, Hutchinson. John R. Webster, lesal age. Arllpit- ton. nnd Mrs. Margaret M. ITettyronn, 1 legal .age; Partridge. ^ Deeds. Jonnn Ringer to J. H. Dyck, lot « Ilk < (i O Millers South add Hutchinson Jl .Oi), J. H. Dyck to Conner-Dyolc Inv. Co.. name $1.00. William M. Heck to Anna M. Beck, und 1-14 Int S\V}4 &SH of NWlt 24-23-9 & S\V« 19-23-8 13,100. NEW ROCK ISLAND ROUNDHOUSE HERE. The Rock Island will commence the erection of a new two stall roundhouse at Hutoliinson within a short time. A. C. Coon, civil engineer from Dalhart and B. H. Mc- Naroara, master carpenter, were here today laying out the work for tho construction of the new roundhouse. Baby Oot Hold of Lye. The baby ot Mr. and Mrs. Herb Clark, 411 East Carpenter street, got hold of some lye, from a can left on a table, last evening and was severely burned. Fortunately the baby did not eat any of it. "Fiasco," meaning a failure, la an Italian word, and originally meant a flask. Allege Trust Funds Misused Pratt. Kan., Nov. 21. —Hearing of a suit for 1514,400, brought by school district No. 42. against the Croft State Bank, tho First National Bank of Wichita, and C. O. Mclvee, alleging Illegal conversion ot trust funds, Is being heard today In the Pratt county district court. It is alleged by tho school district that C. O. McKee, treasurer of the Brown-Crumruer investment -company of Wichita, drew chocks against a school trust fuud with' the sanction of tho two hanks named. The fund was created when the investment company purchased n $15,000 bond issue of the school district for ?14,400, it Is alleged. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY HUDSON AND LINCOLN COLLIDE; NO ONE INJURED .... 3li>.s .... 4S >,i 111'. ....12'JS .... SI J i 3>?, 4 .... 244i .... 33 i ?v; .... 2-\ 4S .... mvi so 17 ton r,4'* 27 SOii ~' : !n If. 61 >4 201 b 112 7111/, ir.4' 31% 7e ;i , iir .i, 311 2 1041.1 Potatoes. Chicago, Nov. 21.—POTATOES —Trading limited; market about steady; Minnesota sacked round whites, No. 1 I1.00CT1.10. Chicago Poultry. Chicago. Nov. 21.—POULTRY— Alive, unsettled; fowls 14 1 ,Aifji20c; i.prings 20c; roosters ISc; turkeys 27c; gceso 15c; ducks ISc. LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the Mc- >"aghteu Loan company today Both cars .were slightly crippled up when the Lincoln touring car, driven,by Mrs. Tripler Child, •123 First avenue cast and the new Hudson coach, owned by Harry Davis, 404 Thirteenth avenue east came together at the corner of First and Poplar yesterday afternoon. The bumper was torn oft of Mr. Davis's car and tL Lincoln's fenders were somewhat damaged. THANKSGIVING dinner with everything homemade. For menu and advance reservation, phone 1144J, SZ6 Kast 8th. MAKCKLLINO. Marjorto Cuckner. 721 Knst 4th Street. Phone 2103.1. 1-XiH SALLl—Fox Terrier pups. Also man's macktnaw, and misses' coat with fur collar. 208 West nth. NICK Bleeping rooms close tr*. ftlone 1261W, 112 Kast 4th. ST11AYED—Toy collie pup, about 8 months old. Answers to the name or "Mickey." Return to 42S East Q and receive reward. HOME BAKQAINS 5 Rooms. Sth E., newly papered, rented }15; price SI,550, $560 casn. 5 Uooms, 4 th E., modern except furnace, fine shade and lawn, garage; price S3,000, terms. Have strictly modern 5 rooms and garnlTa close to Main Street on 12th tor rent., J35. A. A. Miller, 10 Sherman E., Ph. 8630. Striped Shirts Are The Vogue! More men than ever have bloMomed forth with the now novelty pattern* thU season—and here's a selection for quality and prices that is unbeatable. Starched collar to match and plaited bosom styles in Ide, Emory and other makes. $2.00 $2.50 $3.00 Foster & Main A Loan to France. (By The Associated Press) Paris, Nov. 21.—Finance minister Clcmontol lias arranged with tin Morgan Interests for a loan to Franco of $100,000,000, nt iwve» per cent, 4 Offlssnifkdl —AgDs— PHONE 4400 AND CALL FOR CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. A-10 —1 C-7—2 C-ll—1 13.11—3 J-10—3 K-ll—2 L-9—1 M-9—2 BLIND AD REPLIES O-U— 1 P-9— 1 q-9— 1 lt-10—8 \ S -10— 2 V-7— I Orders to chango ut discontinue advertisements for the current day's issue cannot bo accepted later thany 12 a.m. for The News and s p.m. for The Herald. All changes and kills recived arter those noun will take etfect th folelowlng day. Th Hutchinson News-Herald la • member of The Association ot Newspaper Classified Advertising Manaira, which includes reading newipapera throughout the country, and naa for Its aim the elimination of fraudulent and mliladlng classified advertising. The Hutchinson News-Herald aa well as every other member of the association, endcavora to print only truthful Want Ada and will appreciate having Ita attention called to any advertisement not conforming to the higheat standards of honesty. i All classified ads will be'lnae-ted both morning and evening Issues or tho paper. An ad which la accented for a single Insertion will appear In both The Newa and The Herald. Classified adverllalng terms are cssn. Phone orders are accepted for convenience, but with the understanding that bills will be paid on presentation. RATES ON CLASSIFIED AOS • or oonaecutlve insurtiona aame copy, Minimum charge ......... 1 Day —Per lino 3 Days—Per line a Days—Per line 4 Days—Per line 6 Daye--Per line 7 Days—Per line ....... 8 Days—Per lino 10 Daye—per line 8 Weeks—Per line 1 Month—Per line ..I .!! .. .18 .. .80 .. .80 .. .38 .. .48 .. .58 :: 3J !:.§ Spftcia! lodtre rate, per line for both napt>r» .§7 EVERETT'S CORRECTION OF CLASSIFIED AD ERRORS The News and The Herald will not De responsible for more than one incorrect Insertion of any advertisement ordenl for more than one time. Errora not the fault of the advertisers which clearly lessen the real value of the advertisement will be rectified only by publication without extra charge within FIVE days after Insertion. No republication will bo made when the error does not materially afreet the iUiQiiMfiij,,A|iB mil ;o AEOnjnd jo esuoB WORD AND Li~E SCALE 5 Words or leas 0 to 11 Words 13 to 17 Worda IS to 82 Worda 23 to 88 Worda 29 to 33 Woidi 34 to 39 Worda 40 CO 4.1 Worda 40 to 60 Worda DO to 55 Worda ........ l l.lne ........ 8 Lines 8 Lines 4 Linos 6 Linen , 6 Lines 7 L.nea S Lines 9 Lines 10 Lines For more than 10 llnea figure 3 lines to each 16 words or frnrti.m thereof TELEPHONE ADS The News and The Herald will gIVf careful attention lo all ads received over the telephone, but cannot guar. «nif*p sornrsrv LEGAL NOTICE Cor. 4th rnd Main Phone 410 840 East 4th Phone 621 I Cor. Sth and Plum Phone 616 GETS HUSBAND ARRESTED THEN SHE IS THROWN IN were: 3\iV* ... 1st 4>i';i 2nd 4«4» Kni 4 •lib 4H\t I. - . S. 4> Head the Classified Advertisements In the News-Herald. flM.ifi-:i2 101.21-112 101. a-:i2 ini.H-:;» VC. l-f.2 100.10-32 In her effort to set her husband locked up, Mi-i. Arthur Hester, colored., 519 South Madison, succeeded, but she talked so.much that the police threw her in jail on a charge of drmkenncss ohont C:10 yesterday evening. She charged her husband with assaulting her. BASKET ON FIRE AT CURTIS STORE. A'fire in a small basket slttlns on a stand in tho rear of the Curtis Store, 314 North Main,* 11:4a last 71'.117 47-1i ..102 ..IIS .. 6S\ .. 4 (li 3 .. llil, .. J0U 2* B « ..'31' a K. C. Hay. Kansas City. Nov. 21,—11 AY—He- ciipts 02 cars; inichuimed. PHAIKllC- NO. 1 IflB.DOf/13.00: No. 2 J10.5UW 12.00; No. a ilM'it 10.00. AI.F,lbl''A.-N'o. 1 S20.o0((i:22..",o; *tnnthird $17.50<d'.!0.bO' No. 2 'Il.oM fclT.00; No. J {.12.00(^14.00. Cotton Crop. AViwliinstciu. Nov. 21.—Tho cotton crop was cHtinialcd today ut 12.W2.00il equivalent .100 pound bales by tae ileparlmcl of aurlcul- j •"•""i '•'"•.•;" , .?' ,Vo inriii. A crop ot 12.S 11.1,001! bales I ^„„"sl.-«l KounUriVs' wan forecast a furlnlKlit ai?o. Lust | Ainu 'i'-i Tel's crop was 10,1311,07] bales. j Amn T ; ,i«i.-,-o i A mil ^\ nolell , .V,-i<H'!:ited m'V I,-elds Salmon Are Centenarians. ; MimtRimn-ry Ward ... l'ibh have tremendously long | J;,^'K.;,,!*r!'an ' liven compared to many animals. J l/,".',,,, 1 ('»,. Salmon have been known to live mure than 100 years and some in- lerealitiit experiments In marliinu them and keeping lab on them :u;;j 33*4 . 62>i . 7S'i . 31\ . s\% . oai-j . 30 . 40Vi . >i4 .153H- .nai-j from year to year have been made even lu open waters. I2els live to be 00 years often, and carp, like the salmon, are centenarians. Pike is said in live longer than any of tho llslt family. Head the Classified Advortibe- munts in tlm Nuws-Horalil. KIVIIIOJII Oiemleal l'o .... I'-.Ill Piotlueln Kerlllilil; ... ]'*aiuouH Pliiyeni l.a.'iky ... I'ntu '.oh llln Co Oil'an Amn Suuar Amn A ki I t'iit-ni IMipool He Nem Amn Astilialt ''o Ueneml Klcttrie lull itarvosler C' I lull Paper Oi Pullman ''e Sem> Uoel.m'k W,-.-tiiu;lioii.-"! in-' .\ MI k lll'lli; l'-' Weuhvorth Kayser (Julluni Silk i:o .. ... el'il ... lu' ...1291,ji>i iiiiiloTi ... 40 ...124Ti . .. i*t'.l : ' 4 ... 7»>i ... 41'-j ... .Iiii,, ... li, 1 ,^ ... 4XI.T, ... 29H ... 14'i .,:i|ii_ ... ;»2':i .. .2711 ...ttlf.'i ... 47'.. ...183?. ...14" ... l!4 '1' ,..101 ....11411 .... 24>.i 2 lbs. Pure Lard Until Noon OP _ with Meat Orders SIRLOIN STEAK, LB. SWISS STEAK, LB. 15c 15c SHORT-CUT STEAK, LB. 15c Rick Boiling Meat 07-08c Lb. Choice Pot Roast .. 10-12c Lb. Spare Ribs ...15c Lb. •Pork Sausage, 2 Lbs..- 35c Dixie Bacon Squares 21c Lb. Best Nut Oleo 20c Lb. 1 Pound Box Bacon . ..35c Lb. J|| Fresh Ground Hamburger * 10c Lb. MEATS—3 Stores-GROCERIES Fruits and vegetable* that should be crisp, firm and tender, are always just that way at Everett's. If you are very particular about head lettuce and celery, buy your next supply here. Price* are lowest, too. Free delivery order* of $2.00 or more. Please order early. Ben Davis Apples, bas. $1.35 Mammoth Bleached Celery 15c Everett Head Lettuce - - 25c Cranberries, qt ... .ISc Hickory Nuts, 4 lbs 25c Black Walnuts, 4 lbs .. .25c Pecans, lb 25c Florida Grape Fruit, 3 for 25c Queen Olives, pt 49c Bulk Kraut, 4 lbs • • • • • -25c Hills Bros. Coffee 2 Lb. Can $1.05 Saturtlay Only Lewis Lye, 2 cans 25c Light House Cleanser . .05c 01c .15c .07c .45c Pencils with eraser* Cotton Gloves, pr, Bull Durham ... Drano, 2 cans ... Saniflush, 2 cans 45c No. 10 Syrup 59c Green Bean*, lb 20c Spinach, lb 18c No. 1 Comb Honey..... .30c Strained Honey, qt, Nut Oleo, 2 lb* Eating Fig*, pkg. . Layer Fig*, lb New Dates, lb. ... Sunmaid Raisin*, 2 pkg. 25c Hippolite Marshmallows 1,0c Lee Pimentos, can 10c Virginia Sweet .49c .45c .15c .23c .15c an Cake Flour. ions, 13 lbs 10c ...10c a a. 15C ...15c ...20c Jelio, all flavor* 09c No, 1 can Corn No. 2 can Corn Large Post Toattiea No. 3 can Tomatoes.. (First published November 19tb In tho Hutchinson Nt-vin.), Notice to Property Owner*. Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Commltmlonefs of tho City of Hutchinson, Kitnaas, will meet In their Chambers In Convention Hull, Rt 3:U0 o'clock p. in.. Friday, Nov«mbor 21st. 1?24, ns a Hoard of Equalization, to adjust anil ctunlUo osse-Ajimf'nLs of tho properties Imhln for the coat of curhliiK. iiutterinK nnd paving yeconrl Avenue l-jast from Plum Street to 365 fe*n east of Clpvrlnnd 8tr «*t. Wltne-so my hand this ISth dar of November, 1 i >24. i lit-* WAl.TF .n JONKS. Mayor. (First "i'UbHahod In Hutchinson News • Nov. mi,. 1924.) Notice to Contractor!. I 'tid* will hp received by tho itoard of CummlssionorB of th* City ot IliitohinHon, at tho City Clark's office up to 3:0(> o'lim-k p.m. Tueaday, November 23th, lW-t, for. J ho construction of 21 U-ad wiUer rv*,rv!c«» on Kast tforond Ave., from Flum Street to 165 ft. east of Cleveland. Bidding sheets may be obtained at the office of City Engineer.. Work to b« done In accordance with the plana and specificatlona nf tho City on filo In tho Clerk'a office. A certified check for 550.00 muat accompliny each bid. The Board reserves tho right to reject any and ull bids. iy : 3t KD METS5. City Clerk. SPECIAL NOTICES CHRISTMAS sifts Ralore. Good books, ' a thousand or more. A book club. A cozy reading room, at Janeway'a Second., Street, Store. DKAD stock removed free nt diarists Phone 481. Guafatnteca repairing. Nellie K. Williams, 216 A. vsBt. DOLL Hospital. Uail IF 1 ™* ISxamhiatlon of any stove KlvlniE trouble. Will buy stoves and aecona- hand furalture. Stove repairing a fipeclnlty. Phono 5U7W. MAUAZ1NK sub-script ion a at rcduteti ^ prices. Mrs. W. H. Howcr. Phone yr XliY ALMA OIKT ANU APRON SHOP ^JfeP.yywnrk "xchnnge. 527 r ;ast 6tn PHA''TIPAL nurseg r R g'«'' , rtn«^33iag!' jtUMMAGj-l sale, 111 South Main, Sat. (jersey Grove — Bet- j ter than Butter, Lb. 32c 1 1 Plenty of— DUCKS, GEESE, and . TURKEYS 3 Poind Bulk Sauert Kraut— 25c , Baby Phone 1784 Beef A Free Delivery larket 319 No. Main TURKEY shoot Nov. 24th, Hi a.m., at Q. L. BrucVs farm, 4 miles cast of parkins houso and 2 south. Everybody >velcomo New Tans Tan Russian Calf Pump* and Tie* in Lew and Medium Heel. Tan Dixie Ties tf J Af Low Heel .... «p -T*i7v Tan Cutout Gypsy tflj* A|* Flat Heel ... «9 J.«7 J Tan Cutout Strap, Med. Heel .... Tan Cutout Oxford, Med. Heel Boys' and Girls' Shoes Brown and Black, at Popular Prices Bostonian Shoes and Oxfords Famous Shoe* for Men. Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 N. Main MAIL ORDERS PREPAID PHONE 414 THM Jillmer Jl. K. A. will havo a food sale at SWllnirer Drug Storo Sal. afternoon at 2 oYlock. XVANTKU— 1'asnenKBrs to Callfoinln to Bhnro part of cxniMise and car. Phone 1354.T. 703 East Sth. XMAS cards, ongraved or, printed. Wclla TrlntlliB Co,, 110 W. Sherman. BEAUTY CULTURE BEAUTV WORK, all kinds, any time, your homo or mlno. I'hone MAHINKLLO DliAUTY SIIOI'l'IO, 4H4 W. Sth. Phont? 523 for ani'olntlm'nt. MAHCKLLIN'U, day or evt-nliiR Mrs. [.i-nvltt 8^0 Kaul 4th. Phone raut). MAKITKI.I.INO. 723 K .«l Ph H7IW MAttriol.l.lNf. r.l'i- Phonp 8CB.I MAHCfc:Lt.lNG, BOc; also facial lieat- mctit. 101 West li. 110. MAUCEI^I.INU. Mra.^. li. Kaihary, phnnn :i2- r >fiW. 321 N'orlh l.ngan St. iiAlicELl.INU—Day or . vi-iuiiB AlrbT Talhott. Ki:t R. 4th! Phone lum.l. 'ma)' .~8M K. nth. pn.TimT MAHCB1.LINO. COii. Pholln «77 "wT NK1.L.IME1.LO UEAIJTY SHUPl'B" Paper curl a epcclalty. 420 Eact 1'lrat. Phone 3700. LOST LOST—New Kelloy-Sprlntifleld yabria ,llre. SUxlt'i. with rim: finder pleaeo phone 3684W. 1.6BT—Ilcralngton l'*ord tiro witn tulw on rim. 85 reward. Call M. ti.. Street, phone 14!

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