The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1956
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, March' 28, 195U f" <", Sun Classified 41. Houses For Rent K 1mu«e° wn V ~"^' IC ' Jurnilillt ' 1 3-bedroom Keystone Realty Co ^_K ; J>:XAR ^ P1 , :( . 172S HiriHLANDS -•-"s-i/i.lrijTmr'iMiriirnWKMl masonry T|| e finors, double K.-.r- «r.e. (.•ampleltily rerinislici) inside. Plmne IttmK Ph. 3-2II3I, 508 Pearl Street _ Z-lieilroomjunfurnlshe.l. I'h. SSTI. iltamv.\Y Wi— 3-7ooiir"''un'f.7rr'niiiiiid"'"cor tCK', earnKr. wash lions.", >:. mlin f fit qr<«.by.Hl*ltll.nU» R(l. Ph. after l'nm Crosby -fj.^7. " HUMBLE, Sm">T ' Moiijw. T,xtrR I mmiiii. 63. Lost and Found in i '" 0<:ri -- ! BI-UBUM... brown. bin.,* in.) while aimi if r|, muther nn.l 9-wn-Un Mr.i ''•'• _ slr!| Ve'l from Wright Immc In •»u-, : i \-T"r R ""- v "">»"»*• Chll.l'K pent. fl """ . Sill' 7701? i!lbOW ' Wl " 64. Special Notices AI f'OHOI.ICH ANONYMOUS— rrl-Clliea Uroui. — • Ph. 21'Jg !)83'' :;,'*' " a >' ! " w " r.roup — PI,, oicn HIUhlcuiils^ExchanRi! Ph. 'J-1022 or 2-2731. i voiu. .\ ; OT~I;K~ riKSPbNafsLE" "for sell S "y^Kei" a " yr)nc °' hl!r than ra >'- S3."> ilO ' I1IOII1,AN»R— O.ilc Sir«i."~'u-oTt)«,|rooin all modern lions* („(• rent. .«i-« J 1, Prince or i<hont? Hl(;hlnn.l3 'J-HJ-i LKK HKfruiTS— 812" (•arnclijc! sVbedroom" unfurnlptietl house and Kiirarp Plume •tKIl or 3-11591. .ANn. 2020— T*le«"VleaV":j"-be()^oom imdirnlshtil house. r;or:i(»e. vwtiani monili. Ph. ,S526. O»y or nlsht in your home or my office, 8 Lane .1 Lrid. p],. M3i. Douit Walker, 51.95 it OIIO AN '3 PO I NT~"'MtTr' Street 2-t) mom nnriirniiilieii ' luiiisc Waxr mill Plioi!.. I. u l>iirte Wlsa. NORTH MA!N--'-Nice 'lar«~3-r.,o.n ""furl nlJhc.l h.myr. riurngp, rriiced van! q>,-,'." an.t cooi. Must are to :i|iprec!atr I'll . NAZRO. 5-rcwm furnished housp, 53fl.n« mor.Ui Phone 7311. PARK. 501 — r.-r.iorni nml bath -,vi'.!i garace. For Ir.formMion phone 3-1152. SKWLS'G MACHIXF. SERVICE Any milk* or model - cleaned - ollsd - ,-niju.iteil - "n vour hom« WORK IJUARANTEED ' SHEHMAN SEWING CENTEH 102 W. TKXAS PH. 2004 IT'S NO DISGP.ACE To Have Roaches But It in to keep them: so let us get rid of them lor you. Ail Work Guaranteed Ph. 3-MU1 65. Monuments-Burial Lots CEMETEKT. I.VO 1956, King Fearu.'es Syndjcitc, Inc., World rights reserved. SUfERHAN »n« SO THE SENORITA HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO GIVE US A BREAK ,' YEAH/ AND FROM THE CO-D SHOULDER SHE'S BEEN GMN6 US, THIS INTERVIEW IS GONNA BE'TME SHORTE5T ON ~ •RECORD' •**^--__ •—^^M Wvy^V MnM| HERE SHt \ ELSE >OU CAN COMES// SAY ABOUT,HE*, SHE'S SURE GOT LOOKS'.' AN APOLOGY HAVIN<5 PUT OFF THIS INTERVIEW SOLON<*.' BUT I MAKE IT UP TO YOU ' BUZ SAWYER -- furnUheil hoii«f. 2 Karages. wnt«r paid j:ir..o» month. J. J. P.i!ty". day ph 8SJ3 niulu* MH. WILLOW. I3t'«—3-room bouse on 50*100 rt. lot. Reasonable. For Informntlon pbor.e 2121. FOP. SALE OP. RKNT--"wo09ttr. flST Rurnet Si. Small I-berlrootn house, carpet! ns in living room and bedroom. 1,-arKe Kamce. J47.W. montb. Will consider trade for equity. 5:;7ro tainnre. P))«.'i» 8764. 4.ROOM llOL'SB reeemly'TeTitil! 7:;tT. ON BAY—Very nice 2-brilronm DflcK hdnip. Bc.iutltul lo!. Thane Slid. , location. Beautiful trees irnined. Just outside cltv limits" -rnU 01 " • """ cr •'"•'"opment now! ; >ow A' V S SAVE - H - D - "ar-Jison. "•' 2s 1 - Haj ' s ' Salesman - ph - Phone GRANITE, Marble. Bronze. Monuments. JtarKers remetery work. Easy terms. • a, i:ar.-vm* i-harces. Tri-cilj- Monument Co.. .Market Si. :it Wes; Main. Ph. 471)2. BI.-T DIRKC'F-From iar^3"r""KUiTr"m(m-" . umen: manufacturer In the world M--k!«i, monument*, maiirolmm. Granite bron "- "oi'M Monument " y 14 °' CCr '" r 68. Lodge Notices 42. Bedrooms-Board CF-EOEK 3IOTKL—Oean. qultt, home- ".;kc. Com! beds. Kas heaters, tub and jiiiGivtfr bailie. Low rates, free purging lot. Phone :338. Business Rentals ALUMINUM WAKEliOl'SK FOR P.ENT— ,W1 South A?.hbel. For details phone 50. Help Wanted ICO.oti DAIJ.T -- S»ll I.ti.tilnom Dnor P:-iU.'. U'rltf Rrflvti, Attlfboro, MM*. 51. Female Help Wanted KEPK!! WANTKII—3 days p^r Knr n;>|X'i.i'rr.pi-,i c-il! 1713 after p.VR \!.MI> W.\NTF:D—sc to 3:1 Hours AM>;y :«l! X. r.'intmerce'." SfATED MEETINfJ Of Trl- nty Chapter, O der of Dt- Mola.v. WeUues.lay. Marrn ^S. IV.'.e a: 7:.';u jv.n! .\ii niembtT5. faster Jlas.ini and visiiins Urviliren cor- 1 rJlallv Invited tr. attend. Kill Laiij;lilln. M. C Hobby Oiiphint. Scribe WOODMAN- OK THE ->VOP.WI. ..amji .\ 0 . 1922. meet.', i^ch rtiursday at Die W.O.W. Hall. Sast Texas Avenue at 8:00 Jack Hinej, Consul Commander LEGAL NOTICE E'-'AI'TICIAXS—If you want n cood tu- ;>-.'. j: n "»i nu»n^v. KIKJI! cstablishfd riler.tH- .\tevrr Bro«. Bnytown Btatily S:I:'.M ?'T« ''jK'nitipjs In ?tvllnx. rrcular Ut- pi-ln-,-!;'. Phgiif J!ls» Rrtly. S143. EX .'• KiT: K :>r K iVs'KAMSTREssTwANTK"?!" \;-n!-' :n prr^on, Orinil C'.eanfrj, 315 Nor 4 .!: MPi.'i Str*. 1 !, .Bnyto-.vr,. 52. Male Help Wanted Established Local Agency V.Vnin jrvr. nien for intensive In.«urnnrf (nunine I'rO!n!«» hanl work hi:', K'>'.<1 :ne -m^. N<> r<:it)ert!<>:i«. Write K'.v'nc rmp;a> :ncnt nin'."r>, tirec loral references. P.O. Box 315 HK1,P r« FIND THI.S TKACHKR -:irr.iri(: grm^r tr ichir.* nr 525, OHM nnnuaUy ! ti'.ir-r i-:ijt:i ilns {"irpnnalMy, c a!>;!iiy, Jli- may ::<r tils ' ,! 1 v :iml ;i; ihc s»rn* linir v,:.;o in ^on on 1 !. to IUix clvlr.i; full A.-f 'if The nns is TIIH .SMALI.KSTAI) but off CM thp jrreat'^t "t>i>f*rt«nity. Contnrt W. S. ftotirn.«cin, Kciini Ki3. U'oods / rUKKKFlAKT-Y FAMI \v in i I:KSPONSIHII,ITY T-'-r Routr Sales iv!;o nrcd to tnako Rood Ivinii.i fnr tficir f^.mttlr* nml *-nut>H*h Jiemsclvrfi In :i buslnr«s f?f ihrlr own. Cniv l.i n KOOii lime to si art iv,'!i .in »5t.\bIlMirf! company xvlih rx<*ol!fnt rom- >.iny brni'fif'i tnr you. If you nrf hrtwern tl nnU H.l, .inrt want jonirlltinc pormnn- ir.t to htiil'l your Uiiut't* nn-- apply tn ?cr?on to Mr. MrClelUin, K a.m. to 1 p.m. The Carnation Co. 400 -S, MAIN 53. Sales Help Wanted Heavily Concentrated *:iMl route np#n. Must have car nn<l coo<l •«frrpncp,n. w ithiim hustn^5S U KIXX! for thoii.H/Nul dnllnrs profit finr.unlly, f you qiMltfjl Al5o, n'J°<l fitV route open, n'ritr Hox fiW. rarf i>f Ra> town Sun. ~~MEN~OR"~WOMEN ~~ riili OP jmrt tlmf, ri:oo!ie your own honrs. 5ood r a mines from start. \Vrllr Bay town Sun. Hox ,"»»!. „.___„. if TpHrpmrnt aK'P who \vnnt pood y*nr tmuntl Incomr. J-^ull or pnrt-tlmp. Aver- i^c yS.ISO p«>r hoir. Younger m«n or vomen con?UIrred. Write Hox «V)0. carr if Bnytown Sun, 55. Work Wanted TiABY STTTKR AVAII.AHLE ANYTIME. ANYWHKRE 712 IWI.STKK. PHONK 70<9 PEST CONTROL TERMITKS. KOACHVIS, ANTS All Work Ou.iranlced For Best R»«ulti Ph. 3-2601 McShan's Button Shop Eustom n«lti, kuttnns. buttonhole!. Corter Ptfcrct i\nd S. Third. Lawns Cut P.KASONAI1I.K. PIIONK 3-30SS Monroe's Day Nursery TV. KOO.) \vlio1esomfl irtenb. larpe illiuly t'cncf.l, Kutn'rvtsed hv expeil- in, s e.'l nur.«. k . innpi^ttoti or * |>i"i!nilse.-. wel- :ome. Nurnery 51..V .lay. .1i(>r> Wiaronsin. > hone .'t-'^.HS?. BPEC !A U Zl NTi—'l"n "repair I nrTrikmoiiel! m:." new :>d.!lt!on.t, rooflnc, ildlnc. cabinet work. FHA Improvement Ixjfinjr, Vre« •stlmates. Call L. A. .sinner, pli. 2916, 18H New Jenty. vfOTH&U.S. (or one or two diiy.i * weelt. let your pie-school UK' chlM fhaie 1<> ill the run at Jack A Jill Day Nursery £vi»ry rhdfl pan trips tc.« In grmii't V'.i>', ; tl.^y rnoiklvriR, rhylhrn MmK r*st p«rioi(. | ioir>r crayon work, nursery Thythws nrtv! j Tonu.t, HAT luntl^s st nrton—pi«* tnirt- ^T"'Triin,c .iTi'l mM-ft ftfrnrtoti Tffrcshrtifnts. j AM for nnl\' JS.fift prr day. .Tack and Ji.1 [ 1'rty Niir-Wy. I Mn?(. NOVA XVAN'tt. niRKCTOn I .'^5 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 ! BIDS FOR REFREHHMENT CONrFS- SIO.V AT ROSELA.N'P PAKK " ' Thi City of Baytown will rcrclvc b'lls for trif op»rat!on nl th» rcire.'itme'nt con- ctsslor, jit Ros»l=nd Park up to :m<l Inclurttnf; April n. 19.-.6. .11 t!ip offict nf the city Clpix. City Hnll. Bavmwn. i<xiM. Any bid received after r.:fH> P M. t.h:it dale will be reiurnr.l unopened 'to thr birtilrr. nui«'ii be ncccpieil on the vi'nr'y« for i\va years with thf option 1'ir Mirer ii4illt.iu.t.t1 VMM. Option .«ul>iect jtn upproval ...f Cltv Council. Bid;: will DT m.TiIe subiect. in :ili ftlie'; ami r^ciiin- lions of the City Rnvernlnj; the «]'«riitlon fj> f*.tfd roncvfHion. The bhtfler nivist bnve n rntlnr ,in<l he of pood moral A certifie<l check in the amount of t«-o rent nius: acnmipany all bin? In ihi even', the C:rv a.-ccpt.«" the bi'l" the i_;ty will retain ;he check as rent C. Darw-ln Mlilrtleton. ("''tv Man.'iper t.'ITT OK BAVTOWX March 2S. Apri! <. "Hold it. Mabel. I can't hear. — LAY OFF THE SOUP A MINUTE, SON-IN-LAW, WILL YOU?" For Attractive Shape -Foundations Coax Figure Trj- Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 Underneath spring fashions, foundations form a slim-line in a gentle and attractive way. Fresh colors, sheer fabrics and decorative details add glamour to girdles, brassieres, corselets and bra-iettes that subtly shape the bosom, ease the waist and gradually curve the hips. Perhaps the best news in brassieres is the number of styles with convertible or wide-angled straps to suit the varied and more open necklines of outer fashions. Enticing, too, is the wide range of colors in which bras are available. Paste! pink, blue, lime, beige, lilac arid maize join the more conventional white and black. There is an equal color range in junior girles and pantie girdles, along with' imaginative styling. Many rise high at the waistline; others d"ip in front Some pantie girles have cut-up legbands. others feature clastic- cuffed leg sections. Girdles for the average to full figure feature rigid panels alternating with elastic, and easy-fitting waistlines. These high-rise girdles without cinch effect give the figure a longer look. The lengthened line is similarly achieved by the 'corselet, both in ail-clastic versions for the youthful figure anci in more controlled styling for the average figure. Light boning through the midriff insures the smooth fit of such fashions as the empire sheath. The popular spring outline of fitted bolero ivith softly-pleated skirt has perfect underline in the bra-letle, with control ending at the hiplinc in front and! dipping lower in back. An innovation in bra-lottos, as in bandeaux, is fuller padding in the cup sections, to lift the bosom high. Many bra-lettes have yet another recommendation: thev are cut low in back for drosses plunging to a deep V. In the fabric picture, cotton makes its annual reappearance, in iace or with emboidery more often than plain. Dacron-cotton blends, patterned satin elastics and stretch nylon are other fabric highlights in foundations. Along with over-all color, there arc interesting touches of color in embroidery and appliques. Most often these are pink or blue, but maize, lime and combinations of the pastels are also noteworthy. J. A. Fuqua Dies At 58 Joseph Alvc Fuqua, .55, of 1014 North First, died at 5 p.m. Tuesday at his homo. A carpenter, he had lived in Baytown about 20 years. Funeral esrvices will be held at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Barthman chapel \vith the Rev. John Osteen, pastor of Central Baptist church, officiating. Burial wiil be in San Jacinto Memorial Park cemctery unoer direction of Earthman's. Survivors arc his wife, Mrs. Mary Fuqua; two sens. James David and Frank Homer Fullbright, both of Baytown: a brother, J. C. Fuqua of Baytown, and two sisters, Mrs. Edwina Eourgios and Mrs. Ray Parks of Silsbec and six grandchildren. Pallbearers will be A. M. Young 1 . E. B. Hales. R. C. Goodman. C. E. Johnson, Carl Iforcl and E. W. Wilburn. Approximately 31.5 per cent of the nation's trucks are on farms. Another 29 per cent arc in the nation's 115 most populous counties. THIS ICAUTIRR FULL SIZE ABSOLUTELY FREE WITH EACH SUITE REUPHOLSTERED BY US DURING OUR END OF MONTH ^s^feffi^SJplSI Sofa i tofr ^dfeaigf Coil Houston Collect MAOF errrctt THAN NEW CAUf MOW A* lint 4S • WFIK THE SOUTHWESTS LOWEST PRICK AT SOUTHWESTERN UPHOLSTERERS POO FREE PAB^IC DEMONSTRATION MO <^LIGATK>N OP COUftSE Ji>JO KOW TKATI AM U VflU. 2^ AND LSI MS / TIL MAKS AM IXAMPU WRITE AST03Y, , . .. . . LOCX UP TH; BUT, CdPTWN, WAS AM AAE T« RSSUUTIOSS? EMEftCENCY MWHG.'Iv/ OUT:0?BiEL EVtRYTHlMC. BUT 1 CAK'TSiEMTO A3CUT WOMEM UWOINC OM ACV, I, *.MD ill TH= AOVJW.S IM VS;! WASMSSTOH, INFaZMSDVOU Tr-lAT FEMALES OM 1 SSA.VSTVOU R.SV ANYHOW 6IG BEN DOLT —by John Culltn UHCL£ TH/ CH4?rTY— I'M IV47CH/W5 WrJS S6IS7 PISHT 7OU/SHT. I i 7M47M4Y SfVSMS THE 7rt£l?e'S ONE PLACE 10»W Ej*?tJ THAT KIND OP MON/EV LONG SAM AI Capp and Bob Lubbcn : MOMMY ANP HER MNASSR- HAVETI EV8Z FAILED TO MAKS AW MW UUW TriECWl HCOP6 -CRMAKEA yams po&nve THAT OOWN JUMP f>3Ctl$H£& ALL BEETLE BAILEY --by Mort Walktr CORPORAL! THOSE SOLDIERS Ai5E FOU.OW1NS ME!/ BCV! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL I/ BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH PAW? NOBODY CALLS TH 1 MAYOR PAW!! UH--YORE HONOR AN' WHAT ELSE? CONGRANULATIONS, PAW !! YE'LL MAKE .HOOTIN' HOLLER A' FUST-RATE MAYOR YO'RE SO DOWN TO AIRTH AW — —by Fred LasswtQ OH-TH'CURTSY-- I DINS NIGH FERGOT TH' CURTSY-- NOW PERCEED ON WIF WHAT VE WU2 SAVIN'- I'M SO DOWN TO AIRTH AN'" SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Mel Graft I SUPPOSE WE WORM V ' LIPTcO THE CA&c DOOR / JU6T M NEATIY AS IT CUT I THE RADIOPHONE WIRES! CGRRISAV, ARE VOU THE TISEf? AT UARSE CM CORRIGAM, EVEN IP THE PL.AN9 FRO,vl THE AlAlNLANO THRC'JGH, HERNANDEZ 5TEP OU-T5IOE HIS HOUJt- CURLEY KAYO By Som Ltf! _ WELL- MAYSE HE ^ LIONEL BARTON \ DIED BROKE...BUT JUST PASSED AWAY. ) HE WAS REALLY A P-POOR MAN.' J RICH MAN. TES5IE- (SuiFf-SN/ff) X HE HAD YOU A5 A FRIEND.' ' EXCUSE Me, HONEY-A SOMsONE'S AT THE DOOR.' I'LL GET (T...y ^~~*^ -*/ * I WISH 1 COULD HAVE DONE MORE FOR H!M.' MY NAMs 15 JAY D. 3ASNETT. W YEAH. IS TES5I EAT HOME? " "

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