Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 6, 1942 · Page 9
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 9

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1942
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

h%% FAGE ilGHTEEN—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Friday, March 6. 1942 Dial 4343 For The AY«I<Jneh«-Journa!_Ofjflcti 'r: itMtion-Wide Rationing Of Gasoline May Be Invoked Shortly, Sec. Ickes Prd-Japanese Propaganda Among Negroes Is'Onder Investigation By Federal Agents J| (By Th« >jS6oo!6ted Prw) ST. LOUIS, March 5—The Post- Dispatch siiys today in a copyright atory . that federal agents are investigating the source of recently intensified pro-Japanese propaganda among negroes. The story declares that a Japanese-promoted fifth-column organization is attempting to spread confusion and dissension in the negro population and to disrupt Beware Coughs Following Flu After the flu is over and gone, the cough that follows may develop Into chronic bronchitis if neglected. Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. -No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are to nave your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis —Adv America's war effort. Sponsors Being Sought Two Japanese sponsors are being sought by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as enemy agents directing the activities. Members of the subversive movement have "gon'i underground" since the attack on Pearl Harbor, t'ne story says,, but there are reports of secret' meetings here and in East St. Louis, 111.. Cairo, III., Charleston, Mo., and other communities in the southeast Missouri cotton counties. Alarmed At Spread Responsible negro leaders are alarmed at the spread of subversive doctrines among their people, the newspaper reports. "Negroes are hearing that they have no stake in America 'where they are segregated and discriminated against, where they are lynched and barred from labor unions and institutions of higher learning'," the story continues. "They are hearing that they would be 'better off if Japan won the war,' because the Japanese too, are a dark people, oppressed by the white race." Knocked down by a toy car driven by a four-yoar-old boy Mrs. Julia Heath, 70, died in hospital in Edmonton, England. V Oil Industry Is Asked Opinion (By The Assocltted Pr«s) WASHINGTON, March 5—Pe- •roleum Coordinator Ickes said today he expected to know by the week-end whether the oil industry oelieved gasoline rationing would be necessary, and he added that he "Very likely" would follow the industry recommendations. . Also, he told his press conference, a decision is due scon on an industry recommendation for nation-wide 7 p. m. to 7 a. m. curfew on filling stations. Probably Nation-Wids If rationing is ordered, Ickes said, it probably will be applied throughout the natoin. Some oil industry executives believed, that the tire shortage would reduce ci%'ilian use of motor vehicles to such an extent that rigid curtailment of gasoline consumption would be unnecessary, while others are convinced that rationing is unavoidable. The coordinator added that he had received a report that the tire situation already had resulted in a 28 per cent decrease in gasoline purchases : ~ the Chicago area. Calls For Pools Meanwhile, the petroleum coor- dinatoin office called on the industry to pool its petroleum anc products wherever necessary throughout the country to mee supply difficulties. The office previously had recommended such action in the Eastern area only. In a communication addressee LATE JUSTICE 1 HORIZONTAL I Pictured late U. S. Supreme Court Justice, 11 2000 Ibs. 12 Bom. 13 Automobile. 14 Gain. 16 Near. •17 At one time. 18 Australian birds. 20 Symbol for erbium, 21 Harass. 23 Ebony. 25 Fruit. 26 Dine. 28 Ice crystals. 30 Lath. 31 Lion's heavy neck hair. 32 Him. 34 Places on probation. 35 Iridium (symbol), 36 Commotion. 37 Require. 39 Tantalum (symbol). Answer to Previous Puzzle 40 Clip off suddenly. 42 Call for help at sea. 44 Precious metal 47 Measure of area. 49 Asks judgment .in court. 51 Despise. 54 Accomplish. 55 Male sheep. 57 His Imperial Majesty (Fr. abbr.). 58 Era. 59 Mouth part 60 Resident of Washington, U. C. VERTICAL 1 Plot of land. 2 Upon. 3 Inside. 4 Religious body 46 Jump. 15 Attempt. 17 Sacred. composition* (music). 19 Male offspring 21 Dreading. 22 Is able, 24 Negative. 25 Charts. 26 Relieves. 27 Takes care of. 29 Color of milk. 30 Legal term meaning "without surviving issue" (abbr.). 31 Males. 33 Period of tin>e. 38 Aye. 41 Rich material, 43 Established' value.- . • 45 Half (prefix). E Honey producer. 6 High card. 7 Designate. 8 Cudgels. 9 Within. 10 Observe. 11 Light brown. 48 Uncooked. 50 Iniquity. 51 Head covering. 52 Past. 53 Number. 54 Noise. 56 Mother. 59 Music note. _ "and to all persons in the petroleum industry,"- the coordination office asked that special industry subcommittees be appointed, empowered: 1. To prepare plans which may (a) determine the amount of petroleum and products and the transportation facilities available to the district involved to meet military, war industry and essential civilian needs in that district and other areas; (b) provide for the exchange, loan, sale, lease or pooling'of petroleum and products and of production, transportation, refining and storage facilities to whatever extent necessary to supply the required amounts of oil. 2. In cases of emergency char- Now you can FLAKY acter which may arise pending the approval of appropriate plans, and subject to the direction of the appropriate functional director of the office of the petroleum coordinator in the district involved, to coordinate among and arrange for the sale, exchange or loan of petro- leum and products among the various" operators. Ickes said there was "something to be said for waiving "rigorous penalties of anti-trust laws for the 'duration," to enable coordination of the oil industry for emergency purposes. Definite City Plan For Lubbock Is Said Hearing Final Stages A definite city plan for Lubbock Thursday appeared to be arriving at the home stretch. The need of a city plan has been discussed at various times for more than 15 years. For approximately two years, recommendations as to a definite plan have been in the making under the supervision of O. K. Koch, Dallas consulting engineer. Zoning Ordinance Adopted His work already has resulted in the adoption.ot, a voluminous zoning ordinance which is described as the most important feature of any city plan. . He now has advised L. Wesley Read, chairman of the city zoning board, that he is in the fina stages of preparing what is in tended'to be his final report to thi city commission-. Before that is t< be done, however, he wrote, h( wants to confer with Read, thi zoning board, the city commission and other city officials, obtain theif ideas and suggestions, and then prepare the final report. The delay in getting around i the final phase of the work wa explained as being due to thre principal causes. One has been an extended illness from which Koch has suffered. - Another 1 has been the . fact that his services have been needed in several national defense projects, including'the location and layout of Camp Bo-.vie, Brownwoocl. The other has been, | it was explained, that observation has been desirable before attempting to make recommendations as to the handling of special .problems in connection with the growth of .Lubbock. Those problems, he mentioned, deal with such things as traffic, streets, locations of parks, schools, fire stations and public buildings and many others. His communication to Read consisted of more than 40 single- spaced typewritten- pages. The zone board chairman said that it will be studied in detail as soon as possible with members of ' the board and city officials, with the expectation' that official and final recommendations can follow without great delay. POSTAL RECEIPTS HIGHER AUSTIN, March 5. (If) —Capital ity postal receipts . are running nearly 9 per cent higher to date han those of the same period last car, Postmaster Ray Lee reported. AUSTIN VOTES BONDS AUSTIN, March 5. (fl?) — The' City of Austin voted a $600,000 bond issue to purchase land for a proposed army air base 8 few miies from here. HOW! GtrSMAKl LOVELY CHINA THIS AMA2INGLY ECONOMICAL WAY! -NO MORE WORRY A80UT TOUGH PASTRY I IENTEN SUPPER PIE::; Fill individual caijeroln or large baking dish with creamed fish and vegetables. Top with flaky Crisco crust. See recipe below. • Hurry! Get thcse,//i'o Super bargains in one! First... a wonderful bargain in the healthful benefits of America's Super Breakfast Food! 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Too much crater ii the — jjrro; J first big caxue of tough pastry. 3r -^~j-"^ To remaining flour (154 cups) add -/ii 5i cup Crisco; cut in until pieces ^N"f are size of small peas. to FOODS fiZlW IN CKISCQ ARE SO V!6K$Tim CHltV&NCANtAJ'SMi How qnlcldy Crlteo euU In— Vf» | creamier rrinn other ahorteningcl Next, add flour-paste to Crisco- flourmixture. MixiAorouj'iIj/ until the dough comes together and can be shaped into a ball. Divide dough—roll out 2 crusts about Ji inch thick. Your Crisco dough isn't eticky—fft easy to roll out. No danger of over- handling—the other biz cause of toughness. ONE-CRUST MEASUREMENTS: Use 1H cups flour, H teaspoon salt and J^ cup Crisco. Take out J£ cup flour and blend with 3 tablespoons water. IENTEN SUPPER PIE—Mix 2 cups salmon (?2 can), 1 cup cooked celery, }^ cup cooked peas. Add 2 cups medium white sauc*;. A quart caiserole requires 1-crust measurements of pastry. (For 4 to 6 small casseroles, use 2-crust measurements.) Bake at 425' F. 20 to 25 minutes. (All Measurements Level.) richer color and taste the extra, flavor of California orange juice! And science proves it has more vitamins.Cand A, more calcium in every glass. A good, natural source also of vitamins BI and G. FROZEN FRESH FRUITS &'VEGETABLES Elberta Peaches, 1 Ib. 27c Red Raspberries, 10 oz—27c Green'Peas, 12 oz..pkg.__23c Spinach, 14. oz. pkg 22c .Strawberries, Sliced, 1 Ib. pkg 27c I Grapefruit Texas Seediest Each CABBAGE, ~ 1 : Lfa. _ . . 22 C TEXAS VALENCIA ORANGES, Dozen,. SWEET POTATOES, WINESAP APPLES,' Doi Folger's COFFEE Pound 3l c CHEERIOATS Large Box 2 for __ FRIDAY AND JATU31DAY SPECIALS BUTTER Armour's Cioverbloom, 1 pound '. AMARYLLIS FLOUR 12 Lb. PEACHES, Melba Halves, Del Monte, No. 21/2 Can ___, GOOSEBERRIES, «Concho, No. 2 Can_ */V BARTLETT PEARS, Del Monte, No. 1 Tall Can. ««!•_ 2 for 35C GRAPEFRUIT SEGMENTS, While Swan, <j f _ No. 2 Can _: 1JV 17c APRICOT NECTAR, 12 Oz. 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