Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 20, 1972 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1972
Page 5
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Your Horoscope Bjr /MM* WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Summer solstice comes today at 3:06 a. m. Eastern Daylight Time. Those born earlier are Geminians, those born later are Cancerians. In other years the hour and minute are different, for astronomic reasons. For all born on this date the coming year promises excitement, fresh beginnings, intense emotional fulfillment. Aries (March 21-April lt|: Mend your fences as you go on with career effort. Opportunity is at hand; the idea is to recognize it and make full use of it. Taurus (April 2t-May 201: You may have to move about and exert yourself. If you do this with good intentions, cooperation and cheerfulness are promised. Gemini [May 21-June 2»|: Working conditions are ready for more precise definition. There may be interesting developments in an old story- even a windfall of sorts. Cancer [June 21-Jnly 22]: Healthy self-interest includes some impulse buying, attention to your public image. You can unload a white elephant, if that's the problem. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Look back and see if you have missed anything. Get your background information together. Health-care courses are favored. Virgo IA.g. M-Sep*. Ml: An early start in Mgh humor brings you a reasonable day. You get out of it what you put into it, by and large. Be forthright. Libra (Sept. Wfct. 8|: Financial moves yield less than promised, may be merely deferred. Pooled resources include consensus, agreement on what to do next. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): A brief stroke of moderate luck shouldn't be inflated, but does come in handy. Getting off to one side relieves tensions. Sagittartas (Nov. 22-Dec. 2l|: For once you find yourself going nowhere. Visit shut-in friends, work alone on difficult chores which must done anyway. Capricorn I Dec. 22-Jan. if): Tending routine becomes difficult, is eased by sharing the work, taking a break for celebration of a special moment. Aquarius Man. Zt-Feb. 18]: Dealing with strangers, fresh connections, people of influence in your own fields of interest is indicated. New ground awaits exploration. Pttcet [Feb. It-March Ml: Be receptive to new friends, meet experience you've not had yet. Today helps determine future directions in your life. fAMPA DAIIY NEWS 5 PAMPA. TEXAS 66th YEAR Tuesday. June 20. 1972 By FOLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY-My Pel Peeve is with shoe manufacturers who make shoes with fancy ties, often odd lengths, but do not provide the stores with extra ties. These laces are usually so vital to the good looks of the shoes that when they break the shoes have lost their style. -NANCY DEAR POLLY-First I want to -thank you for the many helpful hints I have found in the column.andjhen used to make my lifeeasier~"~' I want to tell Irene who complained about changing typewriter ribbons that 1 use a pair of disposable rubber surgical gloves when changing my ribbon and then wash the gloves on my hands with full strength dish detergent. -ALMA DEAR POLLY-As I do secretarial work Irene's complaint about changing typewriter ribbons being such a messy job caught my eye. Irene must be using an obsolete typewriter because I change my ribbon quite frequently and do not mind a bit. Mine has the ribbon in a cartridge so all to be done is destroy the old cartridge and slip the new one on and with no mess and it is done in a couple of minutes. Irene, the inventors really have been at work. -CAROL POLLY'S PROBLEM DEAR POLLY—I have a new sweater made of 100 per cent virgin acrylic fibers (Japan) that has a strong odor resembling that of a wet dog that has just had a bath. I have washed it in that well-known cold water solution for wool and the odor was very strong while the sweater was wet and remained after it was dry. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. -NADINE Polly's Pointers DEAR POLLY—As a safety feature the new walker-jumpers for babies have a plastic sleeve over the spring mechanism to keep little fingers from being pinched. I have the older type without these sleeves so I unscrewed the springs and covered them with cardboard tubes such as those from waxed paper, foil. etc.. and then replaced the springs. If such springs could not be removed the tubes could be cut up one side, placed around the springs and then taped in place. Some tubes may have to be cut to fit the length of the springs. -MRS. R.L.W. DEAR POLLY-My husband is in the construction business and has to meet the public daily so he does not like to wear patched jeans. When his pants show the first sign of wear 1 cut a patch from the back part of the leg of a wornout pair and sew it inside the front leg. When the patched pair wears out I feel I have Feally gotterfmy money's worth. A dollar saved is like four or five bucks earned -MRS. R.K. You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea. Pet Peeve. Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of the Pampa Daily News. P.O. Box 2198. Pampa. Texas 79065. Pinafore Fun Ruffles and bows and buttons . . . right from the toddler's design comes the pinafore. Short or long, in gingham, denim, cotton prints or plaid taffeta, pinafores can be worn over the hostess gowns, bathing suits or with just a body stocking. Halter Plus Shawl Halter tops can go from a hot sunny day right into a cool evening with the help of one of those fringed shawls that have become so popular. Palo Duro Canyon History Is Exciting TO ATTEND CONFERENCE-Mrs. Mary Henley, left. 2209 Evergreen, and Mrs. Jimmie Berry, right, 125 N. Nelson, look over literature on the National Delegates Conference of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which they will attend Thursday through Saturday in Seattle. Wash. Mrs. Henley is secretary and Mrs. Berry is vice president of the Greater Plains MD chapter, which includes Pampa. (Staff Photo by John Ebling) Quotable Quotes By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Some quotable quotes from women during the week: Bella Abzug, Fighting for her seat in Congress, when asked what would be her future if she loses: "I have to tell you that my father had a meat market, and one of the customs was plucking one chicken at a time. I have not made any decisions for the next chicken." Kathy Gower. 21. of Dayton. Ohio, in exile in Montreal with her husband who fled the draft: "The only thing I miss is Peter Pan peanut butter ... It's scary to have a husband. It's such a responsibility. In our situation, it's a case of two people liking each other more than they love each other." Joan Baez, folk singer, in an interview: "For me revolution means change, but the one change that the human race hasn't gotten itself together to make is recognizing the sanctity of life ... Inside this country you're not allowed to murder. Overseas it is yes—yes plus medals. It seems we could be capable of changing that." Shirley Chisholm. running for the Democratic nomination for president: "To the nation's leaders it seems more important to kill the Vietnamese than it is to house Americans." Stephanie Allan, aide to Angela Davis, explaining why the black militant cut short a planned nationwide tour: "The reason is very simple. We don't have much of Angela Davis left and we've got to keep what we have ... She's literally out on her feet." Mrs. Donna McClung. 19. of Rapid City, a bride of six months, who fought hei way out of the ravaging flood waters that swept over her trailer home and helped save a 6- yearold boy from next door: "God, I'm so thankful I don't have any little kids or anything ... Before I go back to work I just want to get some of the mud out of my house. It's all we have." Designer Vera Maxwell, showing her fall collection in New York: "I like long dresses during the day. If women have bad legs, they can wear them all the time." OPEN Daily and Sunday 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Banquet Rooms Available UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Child's Plate 65' ENJOY WANO ARTISTRY EVENINGS AT FURR'S WEDNESDAY MENU MEATS Barbecued Spareribs with Ho) Potato Salad One-Fourth Chicken dipped in a special batter and fried • • • • VEGETABLES Zucchini with Com Scalloped Eggplant .15' .25 SALADS Froth Spinach Salad 25' Tropicaf Fruit Salad with Sour Cream Dressing 30' DESSERTS Mocha Cream fie 30 Hot Spicy Apple Dumpling* 25' * mucdfr so Club News TOP 0'TEXAS HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB The Top 0' Texas Home Dem< nstration Club met in the home of Mrs. Don Tinney for a program on home decorating, presented by Don Tinney. During the business session, it was decided to meet just once a month during the summer, the second Thursday of each month. It was announced officers will be installed at 7 p.m. Thursday in the home Kirkendall, 325 Jean Mrs. Linda welcomed as a Guests were Barker, Melba Musgrave, and Sherry Jackson. Members present were Mmes. Don Tinney, Pat Kirkendall, Don Holt, Gerald Rasco, Bill Norris, James Kirkwood, Calvin Barbaree, Donald Bigham, Jerry LeBow and Jerry Blakemore. Versatile Smock The French have come out with a smock that gets an A-plus for versatility. Worn alone, the smock looks like a little-girl dress complete of Mrs. Pat ean. Hutton was new member. Mrs. Shirley with back bi But the coll ed with doll- great over sweater an •: ••': '>ns and sash. : smock, print- it- trees, looks long sleeved ants. CANYON-Whon fiinu'd caltU- l);in>ii Charles Ciiiiidnighl hrmiKht his herd over ;i lilllc risi- in tlu 1 Texas Panhandle in the IH70s. lie almost had a stampede <m his hands. Tin 1 cut III- wen- suddenly eonrroiiled by Palo Durn Ciinyim. and they panicked. In fact, the mules pulling the eluiek wagon were so frightened that they nearly (lumped I he entire wagon, cook and all. into the l.llOO-fiiolennyim. I'alii Durn Canyon, located 12 miles east ol'lheCilyol Canyim, is indeed a spectacular site lo behold alter crossing mile alter mile ol the monotonous rolling plains til the Texas Panhandle The canyon is 1211 miles long and is -40 miles wide at ils motilli. ol Hie canyon hrciilhtiiking scenery and ils colorful history, more than 15.000 acres of . have been made into a state |).irk The canyon has heen in I he making for 90 million years through the action of wind and water on rock. At least lour geologic ages or eras are exposed by I he canyon's eroded lormalioiis. Piilu Duro. a Spanish term meaning "hard wood." refers lo the canyon's supply ol strong cedar ijuniperi brush liimi which Ihe Indians made their arrows. Probably the I'irsl Kuropean lo visit Palo Duro Canyon was Francisco Vasques de Coronado. who is generally believed to have been in the canyon in 1541. The canyon was one of Ihe last strongholds of the warlike Great Plains Indians until alter 1874 when Genera! Uanald MacKenxie defeated a large force of marauding C'omanelie Indians in Ihe canyon, making it safe I 0 r pe r in a n e n t Anglo-American set I lenient. The first rancher in I'alo Duro Canyon was Goodnight, who. in partnership with John Adair ol Kngland. started Ihe first cattle ranch in Ihe canyon as well a.s the first ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Ihe famous ,IA Hiincli which isstill in operation in purl ol Ihe canyon The extraordinary terrain ol the canyon is reason enough to visit I'alo Duro C.'iiiyon Stale Park. It is. after all. a geological wonder Mill there is also a man-made attraction which has drawn visitors from all over the world It is Ihe outdoor stage production "Texas." a musical drama depicting Ihe early settlement ol the canyon area "Texas' is held in an outdoor amphitheater ol natural stone It is a drama of man's struggle with the elements while trying to set I let he untamed port ions ol central and northern Texas. Since ils beginning in HXil. success of the drama has been a.s spectacular a.s Ihe country and history on which the story is based. Pulit/.er I'ri/c winner Paul Green wrote Ihe script, and the music was scored by Hollywood composer Isaac Van Grove Some of the cast arc students, some are housewives anil many of the feature performers have prole.ssional backgrounds Lights playing against rugged canyon walls and special sound effects are used to heighten the drama's excitement. On stage a panorama of Panhandle history unfolds as settlers, cowboys and Indians play out the day-to-day conflicts ill 'thai colorful era A prairie lire rages and the settlers struggle against searing winds, dust storms and hli//ards Simple pleasures, such as hoedowns and "plum pickeiis." brighten llir hard existence Senior Center Corner By Gertie Shaw A beautiful spray was sent to the Brunei! family. Zi Theta Iota chapter of Beta Sigma Phi served sandwiches, cheesecake and coffee. Hostesses were Mmes. Charlie Snider, Jim Finkenbinder, Paul Howard, Doyle Beckham, Dick Smith, Jerry Davis, C.L. Farmer, Betty Cooper, Leo Casey and Charles Jeffries. Mrs. Ruby Stovall has returned from a two-week's tour of Europe. Mrs. Lillie Hudson is now in the Eastridge Rest Home. Mrs. Millie Ann Gillispie of Oklahoma, a former Senior Center member, visited the Center, renewing old friendships. Mrs. Gertie McCoy has returned from a visit with her daughter, Joyce Partin. in Abilene, and with her son, Buril Simson, and family in Fort Worth. Sponsoring Altrusans present were Mrs. Louise Sewell, chairman; Jay Flanagan; and Mmes. Lalar Wilkerson, Lora Dunn, Olive Hills. Marian Jameson, Gertrude Barber and Lillian Snow. THRIFTWAY BETTER WAY SAVE! GROUND BEEF 2 Lbs pkg Fresh Dressed WHOLE n nnisLc FRYERS BLEACH Market Made PURE PORK SAUSAGE LUNCH MEAT FIRST ONE WITH 15.00 PURCHASE OR MORE EXCLUDING C1URETTES On Sale This Week SHyiFINI-ASST'D. FLAVORS DRINKS CANTALOUPE MORTON FROZEN FRUIT PIES Volume 8 Volume 8! LINDSAY PITTED LAKE PUSH mrtw MINNEN SPRAY DEODORANTS MENNEN C SHAVE CREAM sor- STR9NC Make Dilkleut Moulh-Wal»ring JAM or JtUY Conditions and pioitcis youi(act only 4.... $ 139 ^Mellorine 1/2 gal 29 C V Del Mont* Catsup EII:. • 32 01 bottle Vienna Sausage 5 Gold MUdol Flour King lilt r*g or di»t Pepsi Cola 3 «... $ 1 N«t«a 3 01 Instant Tea 3, 300 ....CAN LOW SUDSIN6 DETERGENT KUENEJ Mutual TOWILS 3 «,..,$ 1 UJUS | 00 CAM HUVUHD ClUI COFFEE $O 64 ^ M. ALAIAMACIU. KAMUKU Mil PICKLES mucus sum IDC MIX PH. WTU our POLISH •EMOVU yARTlANO ClUB COFFEE • CAN 89 W * AMERICAN BIAUTV ELIO-IONI roiv >*o SUNSHINE VANIUA WAFEIS 3 ,.*$ I PUS. 1 CO FRENCH'S SPAGHETTI SAUCE MIX MISS UECl MAII SPIAY CAN u, CAN UAIVLAND ClUB COFFEE $177 • LUCKY LEAF APPLE JUICE auA«r BOTTLE fSENCHS MOWN WAVY MIX I-M. pus. O 1 *• 1 UCURIN TAILETS ... 69' CLEANING TABLETS NUMNT FINAL TOUCH FABRIC SOFTENER DOVE LIQUID DETERGENT INSTANT COFFEE $149

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