The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 13, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 6
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ncirr Tke New*. Frwterfck. Md.. Tuesday. JuK- Agriculture j Barkley Stirs Head To Attend i Democrats To Local Field Da v Enthusiasm A rm y And! Air Bases To Be Reopened And Expanded eat;osj Hal!. Ph:lad*r:ph:a. Ju'.y 12 V--Senator AZbe:; W ! Bariley of Kentuvky talxec ;i.n-.- self very near to the De-rtvrst.c Charles F. Brannan United States Secretary of ARri- ruiture. Chsrles F. .la-s accepted an inv.tation to attend : h e Marj-isno conservation field cay which will be held cr. August IS. near Jeilersor.. Making his first fornitl appearance :r. Maryiand since he v.3* sv. orn in as fourteenth Secretary of Agriculture on June 2. Mr. Brannan wiil deliver a address during the afternoon p:oK- ram which v.ill be a hiRhiight of this all-day farm "face i:ftir;s' demonstration. J- C Dkes. Assistant Chief of the V. S So:! Conservs- t:ori Service, u :1! also be sn-.or.g tne guests at this event. Practiced Law Before his recent appointment. Secretary Brannan has se-rved four years as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture. Throughout h:s career. Mr. Brannan has dealt with the problems vitally affecting natural resources. His private lav.- practice in Denver, from 1929 until 1P35. included work .n the field of ir- ijgation and smnmR ia\v: as reR- io^a! attorney in the Agriculture Department's Office of the Solicitor, he aided in the formation of irrigation districts and other cooperative projects undertaken by farmeis to help solve their soil and water problems As Assistant Secretary, he had general responsibility for the -.vork of the Department of Agriculture, both directly and in cooperation with other agencies, in flood control, development of water facilities, and the management of public domain gra?inc and timber .lands. During the latter part of his term as Assistant Secretary. Brannan supervised the preparation of the recommendations of the Department of Agriculture to Congress on long-range agricultural policy aiid programs. The gist of these recommendations was that present programs be continued and adapted, and new ones developed, to carry out a policy of "organized, sustained, a n d realistic abundance." Included in the Department's recommendations was the encouragement of expanded activity in soil conservation Governor Invited F i e l d Day officials revealed. ir.iSanwhile. that special invitations have also been sent to Governor "William Preston Lane. Jr. and to ''one of the country's standing authorities on conservation" to speak at this field day. It was announced recently that Dr K. C. Byrd. President of the University of Maryland will preside daring the afternoon speaking program. Preparations were being accelerated this week to accomodate a crowd of 25 000 to 40 000 soectators v.-ho are expected to witness this spectacular demonstration. Nearly 500 volunteer workers, operating approximately 100 pieces of machinery, will completely re-make the ITo-acre cia:ry farm of Mrs. Nellie V. Thrasher, near Jefferson, fay installing a complete program of soil and \vster conservation in Jess than eicht hours. The Seid day -will be held from 9 a m to 5 p. rn.. daylight time. night with a ke riote brought the»sl convert.-.-:-, to its feet ir. a fren/y of cheer:::^ !t won"; be oSlc'at u::t:; '...-$ comes from :.:e '·'·";· ·.«· :i-.'-.,--. probab!-." to^o-r-^v.. i~t *he r^sr o. scc.srfistlor; i r trie r^v ' _ r j \ - - Aid tv. } DC.", ,-crat ·· Viof - c!o^ to V.- T.,:-a -o : .· ' - . - - t:or i al cha.i.Ta:.. :»: d ;· ^".t: Tr ,,- pertr.:: use '. ::.; r;;.-r.r re:it the lO-jr^r ac-r the De.-rvv-ra:-. 'u^'ei ·".::ute. »:·: ek.n^ Compared T« Br\njii ^·^7777-.' FT. w, I /-^ * H DAKOTA L.I^M" '" - * '/V, ·jf v msQU£ 'ISLE \ / y^^r. /'"'^ A * TOOTT^ { Wl ^ // .^f [5^|^r v · N ' /^7 ----1 .*-£ _ LAS VEGAS ? i . .20001» 15.000 O ' Q r*7rt7 i--. .-- . _, FT 00 \ f ' *· I ^ f -- - ._ ft OSLA V ~* /* i CLC/iS I O V U_ '5000 ] ' 0 CO'.-UMetS HOBSS**. T £ * 7T^^ O ---^ -*-«'*U| ^ * · 1 -.-cr. v ,i i r I 6500 , : 1 ^f _, · -. ^fvf.r HOODJ [FT. SAM HOUSTON! J5 !3«»t«17000i ^aaait'saoU # AT ;bo«DAis ' !Berlin Crowds IQiambersburg 1 ' ,. o* | Watch For U. S. Has Explosion; ! Food Planes Fire Follows '.!ip l~s;es Army posts find air basri scon to be reactivated or expanded--some as rr.uch as eight t.rr.*»--:o men ::e«ds ot the draft-expanding U. S. Arir.y and Air Force. For reactivating Army p^'s. expected s!:cr:gth is given v/r.h stj'.cr. name. Both present and proposed ne^v strength are $'-;wri for expand:ng posU. Of the 20 reopened a.r bases, one is a bombing and gunnery base oa Kctasoraa Island, Tex. Present plans call for the Army to increase from 542,000 to 790.009 by July 1, 1949, ar.d the Air Force Jrom 382,000 to 440.COO. Tydings Drops Out: Will Support Barkley Philadelphia. July 12 .?--Senator released tonight the Maryland delegation to the Democratic convention from its piedse to support hirr. for the v:ce-?resi- dential riorrination The Iilaryland Senatrr -a;d h^ -.-.-· U support Senator Barkley o: Kentucky. Tyd!r:gs said his ac'-.or. -v?s '?xen ·w.:ih the full knowledge of Go-.- err.or Lane of Maryland. v,-h--. had been rner.tioned as a prospect for Governor Lar.e. 7yct-z= *?.:£ t'Scs SGvi5CG mm re coo? r"~t ""-si" the secor.d spot nn the De--oerstie ahead in h- p-e-en* job The delegation opera'c-^ tt-.der unit rule Mayor Tra-ria? D'AIc.-srcrc ."n: Baititrore. v. 55 vice cn?:rrr,ar! of the delegation Gcv. Lar.e said the de^eg^te* tr. ca-jcus discusses no other csr-^- fcrr rrsideritt or corr.-aar- f \ ·· ;·"-. of G..!d ^pe c.i "he Dc:^ writ:*- Cr. Pr «--i'i"-r5"::il Laughs Af His Former Captors Presidential r-or.itnatiors? sn -. ;ev. o! its prev:o"« ir.striictic-=: Sources elo^e to the Mi-sour: delegation reported that Gov Lar.e ":s pretty hot" ;"n the discusr.o-.s of the Vice Presidential choice to be sought by President Tr-j--,sn, cueried about his rfacy . R v d " n5s « ; '-;re course. Eica and Nicaragua probably v. ·"] be solidly behind him. lie did not e'sborate thn:^ !;!-.c- a ··hoi:' Other r"'rtv o 3a:.'b3»t^r.c th' 1 pr.'.!' 1 " !*- t : :e n**r vl «H': :*'.:- record Dolffit.*te= y:rp*d :;ppr.v;i3 lx»oe«! s.iT;f.'n: GOP :-3«c;- ;.:d v.t-:st :nto a *r^th c'V»r *:*b*- ^t the hs^h n«t of !sv-:ip a-:d "ho R«-pnbSj'-:»n- he'd re«p"'::-.ibV f--: :' Sti!! Opposition The rip-rnorjing de" :·»··: ra:»r.;i for Barkley w.i-.- the- fr.-t rc.-'i blov.- eff of the oo:ive:itsf:: The Dert-:ocr.v.; hnd be--:i v. ;··=!- in^ .ome:hinc '·"« --hcer about for before it bccaH .!r Tn::«an v. a-; n f.-r the no*!i):m!:op. befor"* t!*.'* dci**c.Tte- «·-. ?is rot to !n\vn But the rfiutod opposition vti'l «·.-.·; *ho\i:nc I-.Klt; The Texas delegation ;ouie't pronsLseri it-; fiO vote c to Gv Bf:s Lan^v of Ark;t:i- '··n- biincisie L.-r.e.i"« -;icn-;th in i)^ vote.- '--lit of thf i 23-', L.-:icy i-the candidate of M-:theri'-! -· oy- po^it·.s; *5r Trvnnsn' 1 - Civ;: risht^ proemm. f- , ., V-Gi/fT IV Now Trial Ordered In (lab Caiioway (iase JcfTcr5C-n City. Mo. July 12 .F -The Missouri Supreme Court ordered a Jackson County ' Kansas C:'- ' Circuit Court today to sive Cab Caiioway, the N'egro orchestra leader, a new trial in his $200.000 lavisuit against a Kansas City ba'.i- TGO:^ for an ailcsed "bouncing" The court held defense nttor- Johanna B^ttie Boyer. et a!, vs Bertha Helena Schcc! Rat«5burs : bil! of ct-mp'ain! for the vale of real f«t.v.c of Ph:!!:p and Catherine Schoi!. I'rojirrty Herded John Haas McHcnry a:id v.-ife to Albert E Kirig. county. SiO Paul JL Fox and wife to Roy I Hyndtyian. county S!0 Roy I. Hyndman to! M F.ix and wife, county. SiO lonr, M. Shry Rudy, et al. to Grace E K:ce. county. SIO Grace E Rrce to C!a:ence E B'idy. e* ai. county. SIO Xannif E Stevens, ct ai. to I.estcr V, iii;nn I'irtnocie ?:ii \vife. co^mtv. SIO Xannie E Stevrn*. et a!. :o T.^c;pr William I.-anogle and \\ sfe. et al county. $10. Leon E Merriman to Bernard B BaVtcr and v.-sfe count-.-. $10 Charles J. Everhart to H Kieffer DeLauter. city. $10 K Kieffer DrLai:ter to Charles J Everhart. et al. city. $!0 Ida M Fraiey. ct a!, to J Austin Fraley and wife, coun'y. $;o Meredith S Hane and wife to John M Carpenter and w.fe t:ty SIO ."*I.»rriaEe I-iccnsci Williarr! L. Voelker IS. and D Janet Snider. 16. both of \Va«h- insrton. Ernest Mo=by Edwards. J r . 21 "iVatcrfiird. Va . ;-r.i Sarah Alia;; Tracey. IS ?i:rX:v;i!e. Va James D Green. 20 Cincinnati a:-d M. Krlena Eyler IP 200 E.Tt Sixth street. thK city Leslie O Aiba-.;^h, over 21 \vjrfowr-. snol V««t"ie R Bo^t:a:-. o\cr 2!. v.;dov . b'l-h of Vnior! Brldee Raymond V C:Pbb, 2O Fred- ~' Trans-Jordan":^"Snarc-n"''^' erics Ro-.ite ?, arc Virc-r.:.- C Barr. o ..-,^ , H----=--"V«««' V-,H i? Silver Sori-ic «..-.-.. ..a....,, A.,50 George David .f.iohnk 2; Eer.o. Ok'a nrd 7--".?r- P:. -Ta-rfv R Bradford. 2?. -or.. Kv ?:".d Lco-.o:a . George P Xeube'-k 2fi aid Jo.=Ralph V.."-er :-,.\'e-- CS Vaien'.chik, Irgun fighter in Tel Aviv, who escaped from the B::t:5h p:.son 3'. Acre. Palestine, laughs derisively at the '"Wanted" p.t-;p- v. hich pictvres h:m and fellov.- fugitive 5 . Vnlenlchilc i^ f.^ce rcn~ode:ea ?.-:ti hair dyed to prevent detection. He cla;"!s all 40 v. ho c.-raped v. ith him are stsll free. (Pho'.o by NEA-Acrr.e staff correspondent David S. Boycr.) and tended to deprive" Caiioway of a fair tr:a!. It ordered the lower court"; dccis.o;: favoring the Pia-Alor ballroom set aside and a new trial set Cailov.-ay brought the suit on the ground he and a friend Fel:x H Payne, a Negro ar.d a former musician, u-ere assaulted by the ba'.iroom's bouncer when they wen: there on December 22. 1945. to see another Xesro band leader Cal:f»\\ay a^ked $50.000 actua! a-:d SSO.OOO numtivc damages f"r assault and batteiy. ar.d '.n a sec- r.d co-int a«ked S50 000 actual n-^d $50 000 punitive damages for false arrest and imprisonment. ' T a f t S a y s G . O. P. Will : Hold Senate Majority Washington. Juiy 12 ·?--Sena- tor Taf: ' R-Ohioi today predicted the Republicans will hold their Senate majority in the next Congress Taft toid a news conference he believes Gov. Thomas E. De-.vey of Xew York. Republican Presidential nominee, will sweep the "doubt- f u l Mate-- ' into the Rc-p-iblican column in the November election. The Republican? now have a 51 to 45 edge in the Senate A shift of four scats could give the Democrat-; a majority. Taft iis'.ed the "doubtful" states as Kentucky. Oklahoma. Xew Mexico. Muntar-a. Rhode I^ar.d and Colorado. "If Dcwey wins by a^ much as I t h i n k he will. ' Taft saul "I think he will carry all of them." T a t t s only comment on the Democratic cjnvention at Philadel- nhia-- si'-'en with a broad crin: There are some gloomy reports out of there." ' Wills Of Two Arc Admitted To Probate Etaic.s of t w o late residents of Eir.nsiUburs District will be distributed according to terms of the wills of Luther H. Ketlholtz and Mrs Rose E Lin;;g. both of which v.-tre admitted to probate Monday by the Orphans" Court here. No valuations were filed in the estates but both arc- considered substantial. Four children. \\ho "-hare equally in the estate, qualified as executors , in the Keilholu estate. They are ' Carroll C . George D.. Ruth M . and | Harry F. Keilholi/. They are j directed to convert the estate, including a valuable farm, into cash and divide the proceeds. The will was dated January 22. 1945 and witnessed by William M. Storm and Miss Hettye A. Hahn. By her will, dated October 16. 1S-5T and witne?hod by Emory V. Stottlc-nsycr and Calvin S. Lohr. Mr.-;. Linse provides $200 for St. Anthony's Catholic church for masses A property on the south side of East Main street in ^Emmitsburg is devised to Howard V. Tull and her farm property at Dry- Bridge, containing 25 acres of land and known as the "Home-place." is left to John H. McGraw. · L-'asn bequests include: $500 to a nephew. Clarence V. Lingg: $200 · to a niece. Mabel Lingg: S200 to ' another niece. Lillian Gelwicks. ' and $200 to anothe niece. Edna , Savior. Specific bequests include: a cedar ' chest to Howard V. Tull: another cedar chest to John H. McGraw. - and a piano to Clara Lingg. a daughte" of Clarence Lingg. Remainder of the estate is to be divided equallv among Carrie Rodgers. Rose Rosensteel. Lillian GeKvicks and Edna Savior. Mr. Tul! v. a« named executor. The Orphans' Court on Monday also signed an order authorizing the sale of oersonal nroperty and real estate of the late Miss Addie V. Kabcrkorn. By E1WTN SHANKE Berlin, July 12 -- "Look. Mui- ti. here connes the raisin bombers again " S-Juhng GerrnarLS standing in a food line looked skyward where a huge American transport plane with another seven tons of ic-od Orel-id over blockaded Berlin. "Yes. Hans, ar.d savisage a n d bread bo.-nbers too," answered the youngster's mother. That little exchange--pic'.--Ing i-;* : U;ea'x deiiK^t wjth their iirst raiiins i:nce the end of the v. ar trta their elder's interest in more s o J i d nourishment--esernp!:fiei hov.- v. e!! Westcrr. BerJ:ners are standing up to the R'.-^ian blockade They are fxpresi:ig no fears that the Western Alhes -A all fai3 to maintain their rations. And to date there has been no serious effect o.i their oSiciaSIy et rations. They are receiving the fu'l "50 ' calories daily ration. Germans sn '.Vesiern Beriirj are eating mainly dehydrated potatoes Shipping them by air that v. ay m e a n s a tremendous saving in w eight where every ounce couats. Russian Bread \Vorsc "Actually we aren't an\ v.-orse · off in this respect than we have . been in the past." the Germans ex. plain. "July is a normally scarce " month l o r potatoes because it bridges the gap between the old and new harvests." Balancing that is a treat for Berliners--a ration of 50 granii of white rolls daily made of American flour. A greater percentage of American white flour is now being ' flown in and less of other grains · used in making the dark bread which Berliners have ""een eating for years. In the Russian sector, however. Germans say the quality of bread h a s deteriorated because bakers there no longer benefit from white flour which used to go into a citywide food pool. The average Western Berliner is getting canned m e a t , powde- d milk, and dried x-egetables instead " of fresh. That's where they feel the Russian blockade the most because it cut off the supply of fresh summer vegetables which mainly came from the surrounding Russian zone. Cha?!:btr.-!urg. Pa . J u - y 12 .?-An explosion asd fire injured three persons and caused S300.000 dan:age he.-.- today. Tee blatt occurred i" the one- story -tucco jerv.ce station operated oy Cnaries Pryor. The re- lUitittg are jpreaa to the ad.ioin- ..ig t'Ao-itory concrete busWing of :he Che-nbersburs Implement Company. o-.. by Frank M. Le.cig The sv. ept through both ouildi:;gj but '.vas prevented froo; ^ to -^theri by fire com- ya:.,e=. arc^i Caamberiburg. Greer.- ca^tle and Shippers-burg' and the Arrcy Letterkenny Ordnance Dep*:. Tse S3WJ.900 estimate on the carriage -A a; placed by Fire Mar- ?r.3.:'. Theodure Far::ier. Flrerr.en SS.Q the explosion re- sjltec from gas i j;ne whicis ::ac collected ;n the baseine::t fron: gasolir.e storage tanks. The blast apparently was set off by a spark frorr: an e?eetr;c rr-otor. they said. Mis. Keien V.'olford. a:i employe ·j*. the service station, v/as carried from the -Art-eked building by pcde^tr.ans. She was ta^en to the A i TO I;LASS I N S T A L L E D Frederick Pain! Glass Store £33 North Market St.,Frederick. Md. I Chambersburg hospital where j condition was reported MJUOUS. Cleasong Shatzer, another serv- ' ite station employe, and Robert ' Walters. Stiippensburg. Pa., a cus- i tomer in the building at the time. were less seriously hurt. The i force of the blast biew Shatzer from the bail-ding. Electric appliances in the service station were destroyed. The implement store was stocked i heavily with farm tools and equipment, accounting for the heavy loss. SQl'EEZING ABDVLLAH London. Ji : ; v 52 r --The British ·.vere reported today to be puttinc a Snanria! squecre on Ksns Abdui- :.h ir« order to compel the Trans- Jordan monarch to accept exten- -·on of the IT. X truce in Pa!e- A f-re:g:- osf-.ce ^p-'kcsmai sa;;i "r:ta:;i had temoorar::y de'.avcd a E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G "Kc'-sdrnti.-ii. and Industrial FIXTX'KES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR AVORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Avc. Phone 1601 POLIO SPREADING Raleigh. X. C. Juh- 12 -JPi-- Xorth Carolina's infantile paralysis epidemic reached and passed the 500-case mark today when 28 additional cases were reported to the Stale Board of Health. The total of 513 cases for the year compared with 300 during all of last year. The number was still far short of the totals recorded in the two worst epidemics on record. S78 cases in 1944 and 675 in 1935. THE DRUID THEATER DAMASCUS, MARYLAND Damascus 2171 TUESDAY, JULY 13TH BARBARA STANWYCK in "GOLDEN BOY" Also LATEST NEWS SHOWS: T . 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