The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1932
Page 7
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tHl DAILY Haws, FEEDKIIOK, MD, TTJBSDAY. MAY 34. 19S2L HIH-I bi,« rifln BY 'MABEL McELLIOTT Where Speeder Gets A Break «/892 ay Ad srtnct MX. ftlfCIN HERE TODAY SUSA* CAHRT. ·» -»- bc**M- tmt, haa hr-- IHMP .NKST HEATH. k »l»«»r. »»r !· ·rmiljr I» love ·nilh UOB m'.NBtK. vllllonalre'* | "It's nothing except that she.gloomy. I'm toed. I guen." 'seemed a bit excited as we drore "Toa poor kid. ron.~ Rote hogged -.£ iS3 ' b»ae." he said lamely. her. "Let me cesd out that b*!j» Heath laughed aloud, reHered.'«-" with the fox collar 1 wm» tell- ·cbuot. Heath »--_d» S«4Jftia» anat ·«·( ·· rec«ip*»atr treat aa Ul- ·r_* *m4 ik» girl I* c*-trfBl t» MM. Br L A M P M A X . Suu 1 * r*- ·Mouadlac ti-atk. U a*4 £·«·· away. Bel I? to *rr Soun ba« ahe Bat Itaoir thim. He ··«· -« al the theater oae mif-l with Ilratk aad beeoaic. a«_T7- DE- JCISK ACKBOVD.dpbataotr.* Bok for henetf. S__MI ateet* Bob ·t a Muked hall aad -· autk.- lere to her. Drnlse latermpta. SfOW CO OX WITH THE STO*T CHAPTER XLII turnout T~ "Thank yoa." said Susan gravely. She was feasting her on the precious outline of his lean faca, "Is that all* Wei! I can see noth- ilB * ? oa *lxwt. If» Just your size crested with unruly fair hair. ·ng In that' Asy 'girl might be x---=d th» style will b. perfect for "Sit down, won't you?" cited coming home from a blgfy°«- That wlU sare year shopping «?i do much better standing." said party. No. _o, you're gettisg to be' as * * c * n C * T * * l co* 1 -*^ Yon \ gob. ~IT « had toe deuce of a time i an old woman." He clapped the: certainly can't." finished Rose ro- j ceding TOM. \Vby did you stage an ; other affectionately on the shoul- i bastly. "be married In any of yottri escm p e scene that night of the ball? ' der. "I appreciate year solicitude. ° ld things." You didn't erea leare * Cinderella i old chap, but boa«st!y I think it Sasan agreed without enthusiasm, slipper." I was pretty Each wasted. Your j It was kind of Rose to go to so j -There was nothing else to do,' ! imagination was working orer-i m - cl1 bother lor her. Of course j ^a Susan gra-ely. I 1 ime » she should look well for the cere- j . . . \Varicr' mony - It would b« nicer If -IwjipHE young man set his Jaw. "1 "^ ' could feel excited and happy about | JL ,j on . t .^ th -t,~ he muttered. "I it as brides were supposed to feel 1 had OJBJr Jast f3un j - ott _ T h«r« . . . . : . but sine* she couldn't she must at j --..n't anr oolnt In runninx off like two men faced each other i y-. A-a oa ^at co te the conrersa- teMt try to look the part. running on u_» you're right," muttered. "I know I am," said Heath heart- across the shining expanse of ' noa ended. cabogacr. Heath was seated, his flngers p!aying serrously with tie · itTf/HT do we wait any longer!" ' j " Heath asked Susan that irory handled paper knife. \* aring j 3 i~ nt OTer a table high In a city strolled np and down, hands in \ restaurant. The city lay far flung pockets I beneath them, a spangle of lights "Bat tell me what happened!"]"° corth aad 8OUtfl Heath demanded Impatiently. "Hi **** eompjacence was momentar- I ily disturbed by the look she Sashed at him. There was some- rpBDE suit was delirerad the fol- ·*· lowing afternoon and with it came pumps of snakeskln and stockings of sheerest -ilk. Rose even chosen a tiny turban to twisted her hands and aro-d his eyes. "You what you believe is true they complete the ensemble. It was fashioned of myriad small relret flowers In pale fawn shades. "Try them on. lorey." Mrs. MU- ton commanded. Susan obeyed, thing unsettling about that look. Listless as she was she could not produced by the new outfit. should hare come to some understanding that night. I've heard j "She behaves as though she were I help a feeling of satisfaction at the nothing. before." Waring: shrcgged. all I know." he explained, "Maybe j "^Tu" then. Everything has gone as | a^d of me," tfce man thought surprise. He was very gentle. "Your aunt's coming back on Sat I're been all kinds of a fool to mix into this at all. But you asked me and I only told you what I knew." "I'm grateful to yon." said the She looked to herself, slim, straight and remotely elegant as the mannequins sketched on the pagea of :y couldn't we hare j Vogue. a very quiet ceremony the follow- j "You surely are a picture," Mrs. froia New i Milton told her, wiping away a sen- ing Monday and York next BaorningT" timental tear. "When I was a girl XVith an effort Susan managed to j we thought we weren't married ._ , keep her hand from tremhliog. i right unless we wore white satin older maa stiffly. "I know I canj s t dilv she sa!d - A11 rig6t . m j a n d a long reil. but I declare, no *«*(?··· V-A% 1* !«'»»*«'· vpVi«r 4* «-Af*n/i a " ! _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . trust you. That's why it seemed a good idea to have you take her to that party. But if they met and if nothing happened why then--I" He raised his brows inquiringly. "I see the point. You want to go ahead. Well, I don't know but ·what you're right." Waring said slowly. "They danced with each other. That I'm sure of. And they bad a brief tete-a-tete. I must admit I felt like a blooming spy." "Sorrv. old man. but it couldn't be helped. It was in a good cause," his employer reminded him. "That's that. She's had .a chance to talk with him and see him again and decide that their little flurry is over. That was what I wanted to be sura of. Well, now I'm satisfied." "Good." But Wai-ing's tone was dubious and Heath glanced at him irritably. "Out with It, man. If you're something to say. say it aad be done with it." Waring stared refiectively out across ths roof tops. arrange it that way." one could mistake- you for anything that." Susan tried to mustn't talk that way," she said rapidly. "I can't let you. It's not right." His laugh rang out "Who says It isn't rightr "I do." "Look here, my girl!" "With » single long stride h» was at her side. He dropped to one knee, bringing his face on a level with. Susan's. "We've got to cut out this nonsense. We're wasting time. I thought we settled all this that night." "Nothing was settled." Susan said, trembling at hie nearness. Sh» could catch the scent of expensive tobacco and shaving soap and Russian leather. His blue eyes, dancing wickedly, wero dangerously close to hers. "I thought you were bright." he mocked her. "I thought you knew what I was talking about." His voice lowered, eoftened. Into it crept the lover's note that Susan bad heard once before. "ily girl." he muttered, covering her clasped hands with one of his own, "My own darling." Susan's heart melted to him utterly but she sat. rigid and apparently composed. "Sweetheart, look at me!" Boh commanded. Unwillingly she turned her eyes to his. "You mustn't." she warned him. "I've no right to listen. You're forgotten -- " "Forgotten what?" The flush ran over her pale skin clear down to the point where tha creamy throat was swallowed up in { the aureole of pale fur. ! "This -- " Susan indicated her j outfit. 'This is the costume I've at Susan. "Try to sound a little j up a hand to remove the little hat ! chosen for my wedding." more cheerful about ii. It's not a j bat Bob stopped her. j "Your wedding! 1 won't have it." fuieral, you know:" j "Please don't take it off." be ' Dunbar stormed. "You belong to Susaa summoned a smile. "I i begged. "It suits you. Do you ; me and to nobody else." know. I didn't mean to seem i know you look marvelous in that | (To Be Continued) The maa liked her quiet response.; but a bride this minute. Listen. Triumphantly he thocght of War-; dear, there's the doorbell." she ing's hints and fears. Waring had . went on rapidly. "My hair's a sight been wrong- The girl was perfect- j so yon go. There's a good child." ly willing to marry him quickly i Susan flung open the door, pre- and go away. That did not look as! pared to speed some luckless ren- though she were nursing a broken der of books on his way. Could heart. That night as Susan brushed her she be dreaming? There before her stood Bob Dunbar. KITCHEN Mt ALS FOB DAYS MAKV -V-i-« -ore every-w.e j".f aai careening s;tor a:v ' TIVOLI RUTH CHATTERTON .vr.o-.v -.rtjs i Ko: .-'.::» »'_·«. c,-::oU'.:.T. .:: UV !v? cvlr. ;.-:"..-.xl o:x-» The Rich Are With I's ti^-"rls. In fact anv xn !??e refr^ermtor. .vie rasy to vr\c a: a keep a rather difficult problem, although certain ones can be baked and served u: varSo-.a ways without danger of Soslr-s thesr Ila\or on lone star.cli:-.; tab!« s'jch ss upir--gus and peas Jos* tht-ir Havor and wr.deniass 1! kept hot or rv!-----.vv. Scailoped · potatoes. »uxsr-xi *T bakeI T O M O R R O W At ::iinx:t*"s notice tnd Comedv Thit Will uin Th* Town Upsidt- ^5 MU.E SS'EKD LSNtlT" ar.d :3K=n::i.'.xss -iUh-'.i; -,o accord Jide »r "NO SPEEDING PLEASE : '.o \-«'.' HEART of NEW YORK \ H»rr.rr Br«» -- With-- C.EO. SIDNKV SMITH * DALE A M D OTUtRS . carrots e::c:.v!, are table (iHhea that ar«. :vx. ir.ade Tot I'p" Drirrr f lonmi. if kept ho: casserole combinations influence of liquor sa\ OPERA HOUSE 3.1 .-it aini sxiddenly star.ed at high and «,,* JOOT. oui ol sight. I hair before Rose's dressing table! "May I come in for a moment?" she told herself It would be better j he asked coolly. "But I see yon this way. She would go away, see! were ,going out. Perhaps I can new sights and new faces, and be j walk along with you.' cured of the fever which had pos- j "I wasn't going out." answered, sessed her so long. Aunt Jessie j Susan, confused. "I Just tried would be pleased. Everyone would j these things on." She bit her lip. be. There was no use postponing i annoyed at having made this naive it any longer. I admission. Lifelessly she told Rose, "I'm go-! "All the better then because I ing to be married Monday." i want to talk to you for a bit," the "ily dear!" Atve-struck. t h e j young man repeated, other girl ^laid down the orange - Susan led him into the comfort- stick she bad been using and gazed able Milton living room. She put m.-.c-? frorr. ! codfish ar.d stroked sataon and S--.Ii- j but lend tlwmrelvw acin-.-rabiy to . i serote cix-kery. j I Bee.:, -.eal. pork and Ltsib are a!-; [ ways K"C o-ok^d :i castero'* and can' be coir.biiied v/r-h vegi»:3b!e» :o make a ol ham -vith pouito^s ar.d ori!o:is Tak*^ ccir*? of both vc^e^bU"* and meat. XVi'.h a rnfMed; silad ars(! fresh frui! for desfert a v,-?U baUr:ce6 , mfa! Is provided. j Bro'.led r - .eats can be '.Ls^d for oc- te:?.'f u 'n '.h? arrival of th* be'at-x!' d:nors and the 5crvjig of tneir rnc^l '. | Hou'cv-jr. chops ar.r, ir.dl\:dt:al P"r- i tions n-.ust be .-.rr\'«i ai soon r.- cocked · I for they aro riiinea bj - star.di;:g. The reh?atinq "f fiXixis ordmariiy ; i airans an e:::ra arr.o-.:::*, cf v.-ork | books for the graduate a fine large selection of fiction--biography classics--gift books--memory books for grade school, high school and college graduates berger's book mart gift shop 145 north market street Mtn wect Dice in tr Hands - - - Love wu Her Evil Fate! DEVIL'S LOTTERY; -imatlc Hit Wllb-- LANDI VICTOR McLAOLEN ALEXANDER BAKUABA ULKVL KfRKLAST) WEEKS MERCEB cx'ra tis^cs ?.. wash, bu' en cas.-c.~l" require only ou; extra c shes. foois cookeu to be wi:h- ALSO COMEDY SHORTS Casscrcle of Vral. One pi::nd '. i.-a. sicak, 1 Larce onion. 1 cups c»:incd ion-.a:ois. 2 cups cubeu carrots. 1 cup pe^; ifrcsli or cinnei). 2 or 3 cups sliced potatcc^. 3 table- lest and s:ronges:. suit, he opened the | The queen cf spades vras ;hen played |-sras oae of the coolest of the month, i spoons buite^. ~ tetup^c-as sal;. 1-2 wa- hzee of spaces. The trick v\a; won sifrcm cuaimy and West v-'as squeezed.) The weather bureau states tempera- -P°° n pepper. Mel: and add or.i BBIDGE af the EXPERTS PLAY IT BT \VM. E. Secretitty, American Bridge League The first name on any list of faiEous jr greai coniract bridge players is ?. Sims, captain of the "Pour Hore- nen" of bridge and holder of perhaps =pacte TT23 wen by Mr. Sims with the' possible for. Mr. Sims to win the las: | eraL elsev.-faere. They are mostly near ace. Ee 'lien cashed ii^ aoe ana kirsg! «r heart, tricks. A grand slara bic j or I'.f.Ie above normal, but are s'lght'.y of liiatconds, discarding the (leuce ana j and njadc--contract's greatest thrui! i below normal !n the Ohio Valley and · n : i-e of ".lubs from dummy. VTes; save) TOMORROW: Waldemar Von Zedt- :ilicdie Atlantic States and the Middle [ a positive echo in clubs by playing i wit-, president of the American Bridge Rocky Mountain regions. j the eight and ihen ;he three, showing' League. · · · j the king of ctubs. j · Plan Ladies' Night Program. | ?.Ir. Eiais could see that ihe only pos- | The M°n's Club of Calvary Me'.nod- j siKe chance he had of making his con- j Temperatures Below Xormal. jg. Episcopal churc.a. Edger K. Mocre. 1 tract was to find West Ti::i fo-or hearts i Part: 5" cloudy K -'car skies with lit- j prES ; fen t, u-ili c-bsor-.-e ladies' night tha; Another diamond WBS Diayed and Mr.! t e chan S c ^ temperature are fore- j evening-. Dinner trtll be served in the! 'cast for Frederick today. There is parish , a u at 6.15 c'cZocfe and will be | by a very in'eresting and uni- j program. It wil! be the last meet- he club until next fall- pieces frr serving ana sear q'.:ick'.y I Rub tomatoes through sieve tc rt.-:r.ov.-.' 1 P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 SEWS and four r.ear-^. so a small club iras i t h e day hampionrhip bridge history, which be;ins today. These aands will be run ach cay until the list of present title- j -ic'.cer of national bridge champion-' hips ; s completed.- The maximum Monday was 75 degrees from an overnight, minimum of 39 degrees. Sunday .night Subscribe for The N AA-4-2 VQ-9-3 4A-K-7-5-2 A10-9-5 V10-8- 5-2 *10-6 *K-8-63 NORTH s Dealer SOUTH AJ-8-63 VJ-6 + 9-8-43 AK-Q-7 VA-K-7-4 AA-J-9-2 - 330 Leaders maSe ri:i3S so that they may aak tlvem. One of Mr. Sims' most net n:!es -- nh his tea^air.a'.es in a upsonship event 3s that thsy must ot bid a grand slam. In the hand ove he v.clateS his O-KT; rule, bid th" ; -and s!sm. anfl then, with rnaste-Tu: · ay. proceeded to mase ;". : The Bifiding. · Mr. Sims and his tearrjnatcs were us- : :z the or.e-over-one system of cor-'jac". : .doing. Xir. Sirns sat in the Xprsh · cs:t:on. East and West connnually · ;ed. South opened with x heart ,: ad Mr. Sims put in : jump shift orer- :: aU of three damonds. Soiith b:d four : : ubs and Mr. Sims bid ferur no :rurr.p · Ouih then ;irrr;ped to six no tramp · nd Mr. S:ms bid for a grand slam at ; . The Play. : The, only suit not b:d by Xorih ar.S .: u;h 'sras spaces, asd as East held , · -r to the jaci and this fras his long- ; | FAD* RADIO FHOXE S98--3ISW RELIABLE RADIO SERVICE ROGER F. LIPPS EXPERT RADIO SEKT1CE. HOCSE WIK- IXG. FTvTfSFS AND BEPAIKS N'e Job T»o SmxTl--Xone Too L*nte MlIHni!ililiI!i!!li!l!!illl|[Iiil!l!Jiili!iii|||f|!lilf]|!j|lM Built On Solid Foundation Neither adverse fortune, nor hard times, can shake the security of your Building and Loan Savings "MfEEK-TO-WEEK deposits make for safety '* and security. A savings plan that is as solid as any fortress. No excessive interest returns promised, but you are sure of a substantial profit along with your principal, 100 cents on the dollar. Next Series Starts June 4 Ranges Priced As Low As INSTALLED $5.00 DOWN EASY TERMS T H E Westinghouse 25 A DAY PATS FOR A Frigidaire No Down Payment No InsUUatlon Charge. Potomac Edison Co. 26 W. Patrick St l.«l«.(».l--(--l---t--l--I--i--i----i--i--' i fj B When your children, P like the buds of flbw- p ers, blossom forth in C spring attire, just no- B tice how much they have grown in a year. There should be a new photograph to keep, for all time, this record of change. It must be made now. Make an appointment today .. . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio "While Too Are About It . . . Get a Good PictureTM FLAVOR ZOISE ELECTRIC RANGE gives the fastest electric platfonn cooking in the world ATTENTION * -THE NKW DOMESTIC Buckeye Elec. Refrigerator j « now «a Ditpl»T in th-! Wcinberj win-i low U9 X. Market strwt. for hort whil*. J ALBERT C. PALMER. Agent } _=: The Fidelity Building Loan Assn, OFFICE AT FREDERICK-TOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION PROMPT APPLICATION'S FOR SHARES ANT LOAN'S ARE ADVISABLE From 30% to 50% more speed, from 30% to 20% greater efficiency! That's vliat the Quick-Cook Unit of the We? t- inshouse Flavor Zone Range gives you. It's fast! . . . tbe fastest electric platform cooking unit in the world! Only the West- inshouse Flavor Zone Range gives yon th:= ?pccd . . . j«- s t as on!y the Westing- hou-e ffi\ k « you all the money-saving ad- vantasrc? of the Flavor Zone Cooking principle. Decide now to benefit by all these advantage? in voi/r kitchen. ^IISIIIIIIIIIilillllllilllilillillillllillllllilllilllllllllllH E L E C T R I C I T Y IS THE M O D E R N , FAST, E C O N O M I C A L W A Y TO COOK THE POTOMAC EOJSON CO, 26 W. Patrick St. ./Lr'i" i?derick, Md- Mount Airy--Taaeytown--"Union Br ?:'-~s ·''·-·'Windsor (-"·""·^··"·"·"^··'^····"·^^^^^·^^ l " ''""""" , a; S3.S9. i MofSf*"* 1 ""»-«- -" -1 ~" HOME CLEANLINESS ( When you barn high grade :oal yon will observe a marked improvement in the ' cleanliness of your home. ; In delivering coal we exer- i ; cise the greatest care, too. , You will like our coal serv- ' ice--it merits your full con · fidence. IJLiL PHONE 202

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