Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 29, 1961 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 8
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L PER CAPITA PERSONAL INCOME ; CENT INCRMSe, 1950 TO 1*60* OOUAft VALUf, 1*0* ' X ' * *"\ u . . V !•, "• A -. '' ' , i t ' '• L '" ,'"' , - 1 <^fr 1 *^ _ „ * " iv i.. WHO! r ^, i * .. i *, ^ ! f ' „ . »\T^_ _ ' - : — ; T ..r '.7..-. * - =***_ ^ ...fcA_> .=£&*' 6 m —,,.,, ^r , „ ^ ^__, ;' ' \ ' A '••M ** r tf- .- A ? . . . ,!. i 40! , jti - \> - .- .. V . ' -•"--- 4 30' 1 , - !, , n ' r a 20< mmmm V - • • " " . '6 10 mmmm. ** . , % 0 /////////z/////y^/////y//. * EXCLUDES AtASKA A HAWAII A K K A N Friy«y, June 1961 *.». Mo. 1ND. HAWAII WIS. NEB. N.H. MINN. KAN. MONT. ARIZ. IOWA FLA. TEXAS UTAH S. DAK. MAINE VT. VA. OKLA. RDAK. IDAHO N.MEX. W.VA. LA. GA. N.C. TENN. KY. ALA. S.C ARK; MISS. $1,000 _ SABNWGS-The American standard of Bvtag stffl eBnfoi «MML OHDRtt i-—-~— to consamer prices. Average income in i960 was $2,242. Thif%^ a 4pvoisot ttmow over 1959 and a 50 per cent jump above 1950. fn csafta JttoamM wen tte ms^»su%ffi£u^An?& i at?3 trecoroed the biggest incomes, with states in the southeast' * " " JFK Best in Politics, Congress By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press N B ws Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — President Kennedy is doing best in the fields he knows best: politics and Congress. His biggest setbacks have been in foreign affairs. There, where his experience is least, he's still an unknown quantity. 'The domestic program Kennedy asked Congress to approve is pretty much middle-of-the-road. It's the kind of program Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson might have offered if he had won the presidency. He's a middle- roader, too. Johnson, when he was the Senate's Democratic - leader, was a superb manager, which also means compromiser, in getting action on legislation' he wanted. In his 14 years in Congress Kennedy learned the ropes, too. The result: Kennedy's aides, helped by his personal prodding, have worked hard on the legislators to bless his programs, although this necessary but behind- the-scenes kind of day-to-day chore doesn't make headlines. Before Congress goes home this summer Kennedy may have suffered complete defeat on some British Scientists Presumed Drowned TROMSOE, Norway (AP)—Five members of a British scientific expedition are presumed to have drowned when their small plastic boat capsized 200 yards off the bleak arctic island of Jan Mayen. The sole survivor of the six-man party, Dr. Frank John Fitch of London University, managed to swim ashore Monday and eight hours later staggered into a scientific station en the island, suffering from severe exhaustion arid exposure. Jury May Get Murder Case LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The second degree murder trial of Morris Faucett, 26, of Jacksonville is expected to go to a Pulaski Circuit Court jury today. The state rested its case yesterday'and the defense called several witnesses and was expected to continue today. Faucett is charged with the fatal shooting of Evans Sanders, 24, Dec. 4, 1960 at a North Little Rock cafe which Faucett owned. ployed—This extends $200 million in federal money to such children. New federal judgeships — This creates 73 nesv judgeships — 63 ii.icu uuiiiyjieie uclcdl OH SOIUc ~-*»«-^^ iw *'*-« juugcaiupa — oo major programs, but his over-all [district judges, 10 judges for the **nSl>*M.r) r*l._>.U I-.-?- 11.- — 1 f IP/^lllf /~ t .l"ll>»'J- nP A Hn A A f A record should look It does already. pretty good. In foreign affairs—where he has not shown the same kind of surefootedness he has in domestic matters — he cannot take credit for a single outstanding action. Because of his performance in his biggest foreign moves so far —Cuba and Laos—former Vice president Richard M. cracked "timid" at him. Nixon His judgment was bad in approving the half-baked, and therefore disastrous, Cuban invasion. And, while, he talked sturdily : about stopping the Communist , advance in Laos, his follow:. through was the essence of mild; ness. Other tests, some unimagined : now, lie ahead. But the most im, mediate one, and perhaps the biggest, is a showdown with Premier ^Khrushchev over Berlin. At the ' moment he seems firm on this, •but pretty quiet. Circuit Court of Appeals. Passed by both houses of Congress and either awaiting his signature or delayed temporarily until House and Senate can iron out some differences: Housing—a four-year program estimated at $4.9 billion. Social Security improvements— This permits men to retire at 62, raises the minimum, monthly payment from $33 to $40, brings an additional 160,000 people on the benefit rolls. An estimated 4,420,000 people will get benefits from increased payments. Highways—This is intended to achieve completion of the $41-billion, 41,000-mile interstate highway system by 1972. Taxes—This bill extends for another year the excise taxes on various items—like liquor and automobiles—and continues the cor? poration tax at 52 per cent. Still pending: Foreign aid — This $4.8-billion Newport Is Determined on Harmony NEWPORT, R.I. (AP)- Newport is determined to have harmony on the bandstand and in the city as well when thousands of young enthusiasts mass for the four-day jazz festival beginning Friday. Elaborate plans have been made to keep order this year. The I960 festival was abbreviated on a riot of flying bottles, clubs and tear gas. grenades, It took the combined forces of police, National Guards, Navy shore patrols and Marines to break up the riot. Big names in jazz are luring heavy advance reservations for the 14,000 seats" in the jazz center in Freebody Park. The city's police force (77 men, 1 woman) is being augmented by 135 police from other parts of Rhode Island, plus 35 Newport auxiliaries' who will patrol residential areas. A Newport citizens band of radio operators—20 men- will maintain police communications. State police will be on standby. Some 50 Pinkerton agents, plus a police squad of 18 plain clothes men will infiltrate the crowds. Two extra patrol wagons and 25 police cars • have been lined up. In the event of serious emergency, Rhode Island Gov. John Notte is ready to send in the National Guard. The city is assured of the aid of Navy shore patrols. Of the "big five" major domes- program Is running into trouble, ; tie programs Kennedy wanted for one reason because Kennedy :• Congress to approve, he has al-' wants to give aid on a long-range ready won out on three: a huge basis instead of for one year" ; housing bill, help for depressed j Still pending and in danger: i areas, and raising the minimum! Federal aid to schools — The i Senate passed a bill on this but But the other two—federal aid for schools and old age medical now it's locked up in a House -- _„. committee and may never get care—he may get exactly noth- passed this year. Still a big stum- ing. Here is a quick rundown on I bling block is whether such aid major items in his domestic rec- j should go to parochial schools, .ord so far^ too. Kennedy opposes aid to • Passed by Congress and signed church and private schools. • into law by Kennedy: j Medical care for the aged -, • Aid for depressed areas—This .This may wind up in the soup $394-million measure is aimed at;this year, at least. attracting new industries into j Farm program — Some kind o! areas which need them and re- '• program probably will pass, but train workers with skills no long- the one Kennedy offered seemed «r needed where they are. sure to be badly chopped up. Increased minimum wage - Complete defeat—Congress said This raised the present $l-an-hour a Hat "no" to his request lor au,minimum to $1.15 this year, tO'thority to reorganize the Fe4er«l fl.26 in two years, and added 3.6 Communications Commission million workers to the 24 million already covered by the minimum wage requirement. Help for children of the unem- the Securities and Exchange Cap- mission, two of the goveranient's, most important regulatory ago- Irish Pick o Jewish Mayor DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) - For the second time in five years the Irish of Dublin have picked themselves a Jewish lord mayor. He's Robert Briscoe, of course, the ardent Irishman and Orthodox Jew whose election as Dublin's first Jewish mayor created something of a sensation. Refugees Riot in Pokitton CALCUTTA, India (AP)-About 3,000 refugees from East Pakistan rioted Monday night in protest against government plans to resettle them in regions outside Pengal, Police quelled the outburst with gunfire after tear gas proved ineffective. They said four persons were lulled and 75 injured. Torrentiol tains Lashing Jopon TOKYO (AP)— Torrential rains lashed western and central Japan today, bringing floods and landslides and raising the casualty toll to 23 dead, 31 missing and 45 injured. Weekend rajas, heralding the start of the typhoon season, totaled mor« tha§ 24 inches. CHATTANOOGA. Tena. (AP)- 9m Sh*8BiM6ff of MM aolia, Ark., was Defeated by Boy Kiessling of Ciflcinnati Mswtty in the first round, of the Tennessee Valley Invitational tennis tournament. Rocket Rides Topic in Science Now •y TH6 ASSOCIATED PRESS A rocket ride over the Atlantic, a U2 plane over the Arctic and moments of stress: , During (| lc rocket's powered sense the dustiest of dust. On collecting films, the place climb, the astronaut feels the found/ at some (50,000 feet large gravity forces build slowly until i numbers of the puny dust par- his body weighs six times as rm:ch I tides which measured less than as it does ul rest. Then comes 200 hundred-mill ionths of an inch weightlessness for 4 minutes apiece, when he weighs nothing at all. I Scientists say the microscopies Then as the rocket plunges particles are .1,000 times smaller downward and is slowed sudden- j than. the expected size of micro- ly by the earth's blanket of air, ^meteorites; They might be a prod around the globe are topics for science at work. Off We Go, Again Within a month another U.S. istronnut may ride a rocket some 300 miles over the Atlantic—bill his lime he will have a first- land report of what to expect. Reports from Alan B. Shepnrd's pioneering flight showed these I the astronaut again feels a sudden gravity build-up, and for sec- jonds his body weighs up to 11 i times its normal weight. Dustiest Dust A high-flying U2 airplane swept through the arctic sky last November on a strange mission: col- ^ uct of fragmented larger meteorites ,— or, as scientists believe, they' may have originated as moon dust. Down ( But Fast When the first U.S. astronaut orbits the earth — perhaps this year—he will Use a group of smalt rockets to slow his speed so that lecting dust. " » V/X.IIN. 1.0 n/ a\\j VT iinn o)•".:< ~-'~i a\i Li ICJI II brought back what scientists his capsule can begin its clown- believe^ may bo the tiniest of iward"trip', meteorites ever collected — in a- 1 -'If'the space capsule's speed in orhit is some 17,500 miles an hour it will have to slow down on% some 350 miles an hour to fall out of orbit and clown toward the earth. To Stop a Hurricane Scientists are going to test some of the schemes to tame tropical storms before the storms -have a chance to reach inland areas. New York University scientists will make a theoretical and sta- itistical study of the problem, based on experiments conducted by the National Hurricane Research Project of the U.S. Weather Bureau. Among possible solutions: Cool' or heat the sea surface, control sea evaporation, use nuclear ex-' plosions to heat the. atmosphere, or cool the air. WomanIs topee HOf SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — Mrs. Bobbie Christeiisen, 29, who 'escaped from Garland County iJail Fridayi was captured Satur- I day at a rooming house, where ,she was hiding in a closet. A ihearing was scheduled Friday to revoke her three-year suspended sentence for being an accessory to a robbery. •' Lumberman Dies MEMPHIS (AP) -A. Carlson, 74, retired , works manager of Poinsett Lumber & Manufacturing Co. at Trutpann, Ark.; died here Monday, He retired in 1956 after holding his job since 1919. DEL MONTE CATSUP 2 u Bottles HUNTS PEACHES Sliced or Halves 4 No. 21 Cans $100 1 OISM! [ WMOLF or COT UP- PORK LIVER WEINERS D&W ALL-MEAT ..... .... .lib. FREE — 6 OZ. JAR MUSTARD PICNIC HAMS ARMOUR STAR ................. .. .. Lb. 33c Bologna 4 Lb S $1 Biscuits 3ca ns 25c • OLEO 2 IOWANA Pound Quarters CRISCO 35 79 SHOWBOAT PORK & BEANS MEAL BUSH 5 c™ 49c WHOLE BEANS 2 c™ 49c * DELITE Lb. Bog 29 BLUE PLATE BUSH PEANUT BUTTER Qts 69c WHITE HOMINY 5 ^ 49c COFFEE Marylond Club Lb. Can 59 Canning Supplies BERNARDIN Caps Pk 9 .35c Lids Pk g 15c Qt. Jars 1.35 Pr. Jars 1.25 Vinegar '"C 39c Sure Jell n g . 15c ^ '<&?' ffyyn*' w/^J sf t as.% z !F yfy& ^ vfcsf jy* &M£™*™*&'? W^Uff ***$ V HOT SHOT Bug Killer Bug Killer 59c 98c HOT SHOT Insect Killer **. 49c Insect Killer <* 79c Fly Bait i u can 57c Ralph Montgomery t Grocery & Market Phone 7-3361 L. B. Delaney & Son Grocery & Market Phone 7-3701 K, P. Bachman * Grocery & Market Phone 7-9935 (Formerly |«n Rateliff Grocery)

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