The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1956
Page 12
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12 Wednesday, March 28, IBi Just Dial 8302 To Start A Want-Ad Producing For You! Dint 8302 Dial 8302 1. Used Cars for Sale 8. Houses For Sal* The Baytown Sun 12 PT. 18 PL 4 Cac»*out!v« * Conntctr.Jvi Di insertion* PER. 1.1 SA.UE RATE i!oe« ordinary KATE &i 3 iinu ot ordlniry typ« ....... %** ........»« E J"ER DAT Caiurrt 2 t-tau Ail Ads rausi appe»r uod«r thur proper classirtcationi *.nd Tb« Baytown Sun r««rv«s lie rtrh: to «0 cltssity xad edit iOl »a*. Wtnt Atf totin, » a-ia. piactd before 10 S..TO. that same a-fterrwon. O.r3« or TO».D)I» Moil erf 130 per Jio*. B p. JO. A4» to Th« Sun In Free '56 Licenses On All New and Used Cars Purchased This Week! -Super f-r.iftt. owner. , One Used Cars for Sa»t FRANTA MOTOR CO. Your DeSoto-Plymouth Deaier 52 DESOTO T'r, : c;-r> r Srr! a 7; . KB dSo nnd hcf» t - *r. i-a.vcr rieerinp. power brakes. 7-iQ-r:*; grecr., • $995 52 PLYMOUTH finish, ses.* Good second $495 51 PLYMOUTH :T* CVrji •>*. fouippe-d ^vith radio i \ \ c R ' ST. Se** to z. PP rcc* a i t. $395 50 CHEVROLET 52 BUICK Kordc-r, Heaver, white wall lires. O $795 s! "BUICK Super Riviera. R-iiiio "\nc: h?; :oW finish. $695 51 PLYMOUTH Crar.brook Forii-r Ntw ?e.-t frs. rsdici RTK! heater. 5395 50 FORD Tudor. ,, and i: $245 ROOM AND BOARD •y G*f»« Abtra Article* For Sal* 20. Artie!** For RAYBORN JOHNSON AGENCY 2201 Market Street PAUL PRiNCE BUICK CO. 2800 Market St. Phone 8214 YOU'RE SAFER la i better cir! See tic Classified Adj Jor GOOD cars at LOW Prices. CHEVP.QLET — 19.V rrcelliae T'Jiior Sedan, :N'e<r Haish. v«r>' c'sesr. cir, =-orth suc'a aaore ihsn cur priec of S355. J. B. Hollaway Motor Co. 700 E. Texas Ave. Ph. 9086 ac-r Srcian. Kadivi. .v errlicle. Hurry o $345 tieattr f>n this one. 800 W. Texas—PK. 3-1283 TIP-TOP'USED CARS 54 BUICK Drive It Today! 52 PLYMOUTH BAYSHORE MOTOR CO. Your Lineeln-Mercury Deaier 52 PONTIAC SiatLsn^Vspr,-. Radio acd heater. '$1895 51 MERCURY oriErir.Jil blact :; $595 "SAFE BUY USED CARS" E. Texas at Hiway 146 Phone 6950 - brick homes on oversize wooded lots. CentrU heating, attic ventilation, hlrcii i>a-r.elins th^ughout, screeneil service porch. A fCrt>ii ^lac* to use thsl. <"rl U>sn. ^KA financing available 114 VVe-!t "Kavshore Drive. Ont* «,'J iJie hon;e.s :r. ti'rl.* area. froafinc 0:1 bo!!i Cirsisl luni Bur- nei Ra> i s I:i «n exclusive tet'l'.o: 1 . i'i BroAvnwv>cni Adtilf.oi-, This linost nf v'.'nslrui'tu)!! H^d detail. Sji;t*:io;:s and Informal a.3 yo;i rouM expect ;:i sucSi a fine home. 3-lMdroom*. S-i bst!js, livir.:: ro«n!- larp* recveat.'on room. ov*r- iookini; bay. I:i!7:e 4;r.;np area.. ^•e;i nrrar.ced K;tchen. ivc-rUsh!;;'. ternive. st^ii :nany otr.or features found :n :l :;on-.e of Tl'-i# tyjt^. ?1eai-e on f*' 1 .- appoin'nient. 311 Cedtr Bay.r.1 Koad. 5-n.xim i:p::i=e oa TSxlOO ft. lot. Only 51500. W. Payraects 530.00 monih. Ve.r>' Kice r>-roora honie with Inrpe JSS3P J:. 3-rooa house snd twnt. ji.'Lra^e ir. ftacfc. ChAin lin'n'. fenct. f'.imace lieat. ira31-to-^T*H carpet in Hvini; room ami Ji.i!!. One-tone slr-tondiUontr. Excelier.', buy st J9000.00. 2101 Wright B'.v;!. (Can-Jbina. Acres 1 . Xeii 5-roorc home on H acre SaM ia excellent locaUno. Or.iy SS-SOO.iW. S!C'30.00 UOWTI payffies: tndudir.s loan and ctes- ins costs. Balance FHA. 3!li> R:t!:ards in Pusa-tjeaa C-ar- Ueai. ^-be^rc'^ins. tien. ia-rpe Hv- ir,g rf-oia. kitchen. 1-car detaclitKi It. !ot. Priced J5500.00. very rta- 211 Barri." Roai Hifh'.snuj. Nice INfoedroon; hon'.e or. one acre o£ K(H>i land. Room for girdcn. c!:;r!:fai 'and a cow. Oaly JSSOS.OO. S03 K?.jt De»e. *.-b5drocni5. liv- ir.:: rc-orn, full sire dir.i^j; room, dftactied Earapo. ATwut fSOO.OO down payment with baiaace FKA. .">10 Kail F.epubiic. 2-bedrox'~i hoir.e'J) den. :.irre iivir.q rt--jrti. ilinin-; room, service porch. 1-car au&che-rl garase ivl:h car por:. P.e-a^vood lence on Jurse corner lot. Only S10.TOO.W. Bsier p^>ad fWcos*.er>. 4-beti- room brick hame or. overtlie country' in*-. 2 la-rge tile bnlJis. !ar£6 li"ir;jr roon-,. dinlnp roort^. Jiaii. well arr^r-.jed kit-he:. On!y SI (^0^.00 dou-n. Sais-rice on eajty JOHN M. SHEARER Phone 7300 or 8088 Evenings and Sunday Phone 7614 .. / SUT HE OMiY AkExsrr rr ^XA? A PRACTICAL JO-sE,' f j*^"•" \VKM?/..YOU AVEAM TO SAY He SEEM TWE \ICTIM o? A U5£i? TO SLiFOUT ,\ : i5-T AN? PUT E565 iS ! TWE G-l E5T5 TO PELUPH A\= INTO T'iEY.AVUY TKAT 8. Houses for Sale TUCK REALTY CO. Bob Beverly, Realtor 71 -i Park Street. Morrelt Park, v.vo- beiii-oortl. home w-iih rt-jtonuitjc heaiins system ' aiiu carpeted Hv- rooni. iSasy lerrn.---. A -i-unit i par tin eti; hiMi.^? v.- J ,:^ c^-'f - t-r.tni I:i5ioj'v. Xearly t;c - .". - L^c^ 1 . - £j on :ivo j£ r^e J-:.*i.s. '. :- c.T.i'C fur invs>" t m*n* t>ur}Ki.sw :- ri^i'.t. 615 'Penri St.. A! on Artrtition. a Urce ti)der iionis la goort eoatHi;on en jipprttxirnate'y ifkt'xlC'ti' corner u>; On* bfdrooni or. west ski*. two bed room? on east ?uie. Double t'Arace. A good equity bu> , K/Dyfr, a ecu:: try. p!;\ce in *cs^r. HC-rvss the rai*~c-S'!. tivy-bis'lroom room . T*art:i::y :'? (03 \V. Jack, , 215 Hater S S -t iVXi . *>o b *nom« on unci?r the i fish is, « il n>{> m 9. Lots For Sale CKDAP. SAYOU~ROJil!e Drive. Kica H ncre iot. Bftrcalr. priceti. :craia it tJe- slre.l. Phone 5331. SKSTR • CTE D iOMESlTE or.\ V 1 n heau'SJuJ Krti'ivn'^'o^tt 1!C ft road tix-nus-. PJsciiK £dd!e Cux. ;-lon-i or HiCHL-VNOS— N. M.iin. ( !ot5. WAV frontapa. residential or ro P!;. Hii.-Iilar.ji ^-lliJ. HOT WEATHER Soon Be Here! SEE US FOR RCA PHILCO FEDDERS ADMIRAL VORNADO GENERAL ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONERS KOVAR APPLIANCE CO. 221 E.Texas Ph. 5004 6012 Bayway Dr. Ph. 7383 A MOO CHAIN LINK F<;N'CK~ Installed 60c per -t. Frtf estimates, no <towa ttsynient. 3,3 tnonUi* to pay. Ph. 7.'i3^ day or ntKht. Baby Bed and Mattress Also, chest or drawers. Phone 3-.1025 or sen a: 1=01 S. P.-Ufti. nKK $11. uc: siml':-.'. desk 49.00. Natural l.-iK.'). Phone 9B3.1. GARDEN' TOOLS — !'oir.]>!ei( im« of ham! tools. Also poultry nHtins, BArrowx ' HARDWARE 34-':. Market St. Ph. 497S N EW U.S. STEEL/TipF" Quality Wholesale Black |13*.00 I.n: S2 fett «W», 123 : -. { c et deep. Sell for only ?7 00.00. Ca.ll H. B. yulraer. 9633. \VOOSTER' H s IGBTS— : - acre on Sc.^.reck 3-135(5. L. Q. Arnold. Sueet. Phone 10. Farms-Ranches For Sale CKOSF.T SCHOOL DISTRICT—SI >- scru j.-0-ji,! sraii.-i; ani! i':ir;;'. laEd, «il fenced '.vi;:i i:o-;;d ,'t-rc-onl liOIi'.e, '.sr;;e t>/'Lr: - i, cM'-^eti hi!ii!:e, it! 1 , modern. Deep well. 7 ;<*c;in ar.d oU;er trees. On Mack top read. ScMooJ -Bus atop u: house. Avey's Real Estate & Ins. S03 Eattiebei: R&.. Hishiands. PJs. 3-ll.'il I- IV e . Kurr.tile. n»s.r and Jot. GKE5RAM. " be bouchl onlv- SSOuo.O 3-1704. —Nice 5-nx.rn house. Car. ^ very e?jy term?. Priced Ca.Ii Steej- WcDon^id, aparur.ent on c ren" on t?:c aparinittni hel;> i^V for th* Jio'jis*. $07 Morreii. Morrei! PaMc. S-VXi.OO de'A'n buys tr.:a '.wy-^^rc'ccn JiDrr.t re :•!. phAdy 1-^t, O^k CUX 1 .*- iri; r*nU ROO'I S.T.T.^C. 9 S. Ashbel - Ph. 5474 11. Acreage For Sal« CKDAH lar.4. pn shell BAYOU 1C :icr?3 l trees. 30* 1 Ji^Q'J.UO. JJ J sandy Irontase Shannon. DCXX ROA.D—Juit ol£ Coady Road. T nc.-e witJi 2-bedrooni house. !?.r?« (ien. v/ o r k 5 h o p. Price S6fK»0.fX). Also. 1 acre ar.ti 4-.-x*o:n house. :eTnoCe>-.! ar.d furn!5bi:J f»l TKRMi" LKWIS-PHO.VE OIS S245 49 HUDSON Tuda:. Good tires p.Dt! htster. $175 SF.E JEFF BAUSP.IIiG'E EDGAR BOi-EM?; Higginbotham Motor Co. 2912 Market St. Ph. 8196 Work Car Specials 47 CHEVROLET S95 49 CHEVROLET SI95 49 FORD .„_ _ SI95 50 NASH S295 Willis Cobb Nash Co. 402 V/. Texas Ph. 6218 I SU1CK.— ;9M i !T«>t! run:ij3 / p^tOB* 3-2TSS. C";-jb Coupe, s heater, stf^al ligrris, st terra?. 220 West Ixiblt. ure«. J42i, aone «538. PLYMOUTH—1S54 tud'jr Plaza. JT7S. Also. ISM StuiebaJitr rr>r,vert!bi». N*w tor. nrw -.i.-es. so»i n;«or. J3.">0. C-ii! :i-27.',s alter i p.m. FOR SALE OP. TRADE— Sacrifice JBOS ' - lcg air-contfitionici:. ifS32. Tom Slack Used Cars SPECIALIZING 1^' TO? QVAI.ITT "SZD C.VRS. 401 E. TEXAS. PH. 6S?«. Ferguson's Auto Ranch HIGHWAY 146 55 PONTIAC .'.._S1795 "660" Tortlor. Hadio, heaur, *'iydrax*all?, p^^'er brnk??. two•on* p£int. lf.>"' m!lca.fat. one ov:r«sr. Like »-r: 55 CHEVROLET .......... SI 595 Highlands Realty Co. HIGKI.A7\DS: 110 Fern, nice 2-l>»i:roon: tiorne. Slab 'oundstidn. Venctisn?. panel heate.. a-.tlc Ian. :iie tlr-li.-:. Will i«i: emi;-;., v.'iii :aice lot or <"ar in tradeEIGHLANIIS: 4U," Ave. E-. S-reoir; .I5bfi£to< siding iiunie. Attic far. 2-car cari^e. 'Xl«t trees. A socij buy. Tenns. A. w. HAMM. REALTOR.. 113 s, MAIN PHONE HIGHLANDS 2-223) Or 4-UU, JOHN "A. iiome. i:it ."iiaded !<?:, -tuS— Sacr;f;,:s. 2-hedrwj feat'ir?!. is;vt:.ite<!. attic ?ar.. ^van «io'*T. pa-vment. Ph. 9416. JEKTWKEN TTLEfl AND DALLAS- '•< 1 acrf5 unirnproved isr.d on nev,- lijway 1*1. '3000 ft. 1*us? hl-.vt>. J10U.OO ;»r Ics.-e. C. H. Miiler. Plwr.e 0021. HirMBLE. T1J EAST—>-l«droora hose In uctKest ceaflUoa. J650.00 Steele UcDonald. phone 3-170-1. 600 CHANDLER DRIVE GI ecuitv in three-bedroom home. l-T»ir iMtl. Furalfjre op;!o=al- Plione S932 H!GHL.A^-"DS—307 Ar»r.u<! "B". netr znoi-rn 2-story duplex. 3-bedroo=i5 each. A carBaln. Cill o»-aer collect, J. H. T^mpke. Hounon V,*A 6-171S. 3*:* Air wlan. Ka4k>. A Crfam Puff! 51 PONTIAC "Homes For Colored" BRACEWELL CONFTP.UCTIOM CO. 2*3 B»drtvo!7is. FKA ar.i! O! ioanf. CENTRAL :-I:-:;GKTS 2100 '.VE.-T TEXAS AVE. PKOXE 230 IOWA. 212"—Two-bedroom riontf. FKA loan «.va;iia'.e »-!tri low down payment. 1300.00 Moves you is. Call H. B. Fulrocr. phone S633. LA.XEV.-OQr'- Ovvr.«r ;--ivir.~ state. Spar- io'JB 3-t>edrfXi.*Tls, 2 ti';'- biitiiy. «.,r5« beti- roci^i -*"ith mat-.fiCar.y piinel-ni: (v.'iil <:i,ub> ,1? rter. -. veil de.«l£r.e,i J,:r.e Jiririele'.; V.j;- cr^n with larte brtr.Lkf.-i?; r«re.r.. 21x1,"* :t. iLvinjc r^orri. lOxlIi ft. tuning areu, utility- Ip-undry roc-m, ! '.OL;!,ie KuriiKe. c?:;tr:<l .Meat. 3 7.'fr^r« ol'i. I'--., from rie*- fefiool. U'i.-se i(",. 2n trees. Open. Lift price 5 SlT.tiKj. I'.io Trt:j^iew.'0<xl. Phone r 2,1' 1 ." j * -."''.'•••. Ka'lJ|.'. s.^tus! .'r.i'.es. A 50 OLDS S245 A-l USED CARS A-lj See Your Local j Ford Dealer 54 FORD : nfu. Orii.v— $1450 52 FORD If* .S ''i! ^ ' I l J)f"J V-'j*. i'i '''. C if) rr -•-.•( wall ;ije«. I $895 49 CHRYSLER l;.v(l:air.atlc. ;. Ra'lio. A Gcwd 60 OTHER BARGAINS TO CHOOSE FROM Phone 3-1748 or 8161 $375 THAD FELTON 603 W. Texas Ph. 2626 Ernie Dittman Motors Dodge-Plymouth Dealer TIP-TOP USED CARS 707 EAST TEXAS AYE. Phone 7070-7007 3. Cars, Trucks Wanted NOTHING DOWN . j>:i?r.e H. ^Vi SCHOOL. CO"RT !'••- .--.!! fi;e (j-it )';t. Phone T2I-2 Fi-r details d. 3-1741. borne. Double ^ r. kltchcn-llvics. r 6700. TO BE MOVED—Ceilar Bayou. C.-ofby Koa?;. T^arse 3-roorr. house, tarsi '.va'.k- ir. c!'j;fi5. oak iiex»r«. A bargaiiri. I-;;&r,e TO BK .'.iOVED — A KETSTONE P.KALTT f'O. T«X:IH Pli. NO MONEY DOWN Murri:!. For detail! 20 KSft prmr.c 1!. J4-...V* rnontr:. .See phone 2^.j3. '»v.T,. Nice -',. Notes '. "rancla. US. U«frt C. ; , aS-TRVCKS — Any raixif!. ri:t.'.r.. »«••• <!»t!n-.atfr, C:>;i TraySor Mti»r Co.. Kiway ^:".*. 24-hour •wrecker «cr i-l^e. Central Heights Baytown's Nicest Subdivision For Colored .•j-uEDi'.ooM HO:.:KS. DKLI^XE CABS.VKTH. Q"A:.;Ty KKATCRES TKROVOIJCTT I.ANOKCAf'KlJ CO.N' CKETF; .STKF.KT.S. WALKS A.-.'D DKIVKS FHA—GI TERMS ! Baytex Home Builders You Need This Home iT WILL PAV ITS OWN WAY PRUETT STREET KurniBiicJ home tvi'.h tfiree fur- nisneJ apirtmer.*. oti the saoie lot. I*r3vate bath In eacU. Shown Only By Appointment H. V.-ILKENFEuD, PHOXE 3-1744 Stop Dreaming START LIVING! Buy Your Home From "Sparky" Bond—Realtor BEAUTIFUL NEW HOMES . . . In L:r,'^'oo'.l Park and Fair PurV:. i:?.ny nr then: or. lij(l«> OI loins. All tave thrtf-btdrixsais, many liave two hathi anU two c&t' ?)irage.e. K you are in the !:^t for a line r.ew horvit - J1 »n v*ry iitierai let us sV.oii' '-'ou the«. SPAP.KY BOND. 3521—Virginia . . - P-*a! Incom* property barsnin. I>u;/t»x -.<V.h i.i.-K« Krtrac' tiparlmec:. In «- celieat condition Ir. ?. top loot!on. Extra Bleep.ini; room wish n.tth at rejir. S** t^Is to p.p- prcciate it. II3.lM.fJ". Tern-.s s.: e :ivfc.;liitji«. Sp.irky Bund. 317 K. Wrist-.:. 4-room hotisr, ^a'h p'-iymf'nt. Sp.irky" Bon'-!. 604 E. Delee. II you r.Fflil rt fine bin tiotrse v.-ith 4-b«drnorn.«. 2 1 ;. for.;h*. ir^ a rr^^l loc«tloc. you crtn huv t.'.!.« or,e tor J120U.'.>n casii f.j.- f«4'.j;t>'. Assume,t^ oT .VS2 (it* month !n<-!urti:'.p tnxts r^nrt H0.> Aflyma S'-,. K*^v:t[ful three- he'troom lirick horr.*? v,iih panelled p!'?te :!Ie bnt.'is. ?"xtra !arg? ccnur lot. Priced nt Jl?.00-i.yO. FiiA nr Conventional rinanclnB available. Sparkv P..'j.Ti. 4m West Jncn, e.xct;it:oa;iily 7'<.'!l located f*'0-bftdroo:n :n o rf e r n ho.-ne. O.I. reposjeeaslon. "^12.1.ti*>, 5S25.00 down, balcr.ce 20-ycars. Sparky Bond. 1017 Oak St.. completely Jurnifh'.'l duplex. Three-room!*, bath eac^ side. J100.00 month rent. J6000.00, Term5. Sparky Bfinrf. 200 K. Busct: Terracf. ne.v, 4-room hume vlth bath and Kara^r! nn 4 JotP. Si.SOO.C 1 '. V.'lth .ill rurnlture. 5MW.iV). Can be financed. Sparkv Honfl. 18 Morrell Are., large two-b*droGm modern home v.-Jth Httached rar- :ige. T!lK leature.'. tfl*-"" '•'• *•' *• r:ar you pay down? Wh?t Owner v;lll c»rrj' notf«. Sparky Bond. Sparky" Bond - Realtor "A Look Means A Lot" 907 S. Main St. Dial 8248 ! 8. Houses tor Sals .TO:-'I;S. JR.-OWNER K af. Mor;t»-."v. PM. r>C>70 : ;'jt. If'ta] year rourvl .f".i;r<- Pitr pnviiei;*:S, Ph. La Port* A i. '.HA ?.' *.. I, Acme Realty— Ph. 6138 T. W. Wilks, Realtor KAJ'.KA!/X> ; 1 mer ti |SC&2,^ ^ , fj( f • fTiTT I'- rf.\ cTl ~ "H OAD ^Tn t Cot.'nty i, *,-]','jTn TTiO'lern ?.^bef •-H hoir.fe, H;irt1v:of;d floor*, rihfi 11 rrlw. On ]'s *.':;',s '.a.nt! W]t rf ^tr: concfftte ro^d. 4, r >&" il ] Uoni.a^e ftn -,va-,er. All uMl; 1 .! i fe>etr,<: purrlp, *.n,y.^). K. W I Estate, Ph. 5!HO. $450 Moves You In 50 ?.'n JnrliM"« T^XCH In^^rnnc NEW 3-BKDP.OOM HOMES Priced 5880(1 To SB075 V/OOKTKP. TERRACE HOMES Open Daliy 'Til Dark Jfarket Street P-<>ii3. tiirn »l Wolverton Kiijjer My.rket !n Woonter. Harris be?tofi aid- f^Trficl: In- 325' rront- p anf) lis' 'leep we 1 .!, drufZ Kea! TKA;;K—;:'.", :<i:i'J;n«;.. A ,. !;os-v/lre P;; .',.'149. Frank Woodard Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealer USED CARS -ALL MAKES SI-.K T. HAlil(!N.-: PIT. I. SH iy TKXAM . TKXAf. PH. "-'i~ I'H i68! If[i2 fh.irnpk,!i t.ardtop J. B. Hollaway Motor Co. 700 E. Texas Ave. Ph. 9086 CJOa'iToLKT"'"??:/! »,i« : .>.. Oljur.. Ro-->'fT \l. ^-,I 1 ?: ;Lf;rl 3'i'Hkr Sj»t\-- ARBOR STREET Wt Bl-OCK 3-Bedroom Homes CORNER GILLETTE AND IVY LEE Eva Maud Addition NO CASH DOWN 20'i East Mtirrlll. For dmtl-i phone H. Wiiktnfeld, 3-J744. 9. Lots For Sale 3-BF.DP.OOMB. DEN*. TTILITY P.OOV, 2-KATHP. 2-CAP. C-AKAC!-:, 5iP.ICK .-, r.i'W i.Mivfr.tlor,:,,' bufit on eo'x 'VF..VEEP-. AIR-CONDITIONED HOME :.',"• !ut«. ;.rf no! tf «-fabr!<-3'i-r ; NOV.' '.'.NTiKP. CONSTP.trCTION. BUY Sr.iinK :>• 1l-,» ok! tijipn.ifa! pri'i- tt!A ; NOW \VUII.K YOi; CAN HELKCT tfr.'iij.. Attr:ir:t!v» II^.T.! colors In 6i: <>.r.-.fl! 'KI/;OHINn AND COLOP.S. of'KX .-.'.T. "i'.''M. ".M.I., 1'iAT SI'NDAT ! )!T APPOINTMENT.PH. J-l.^i APPLY 4f<4 AKHOR ALABAMA. aishw/i«hfr. 5-be.rtrooms 2>. complete carpetlojr. 2-ton ft tw. '40 Ford Coupe ini'itiiiu. ^HWi.oo. r/.. i-vct nlr-i-onciuioner, central heat. rs^e, Cali W52 to see nftdr 4:30 t>,m. IsK'.VIKW r>R7VK— Out Nortii Ma;n r-ast iif;ii,*:. ; : e-ror.d str^ei r,n left, foiirth UJ 1 * 1 on left. T>vo b*r<Irc^mj», sttic Tan. trr.I nearinR. concr**t^ 5lftb Iour,<I.«itlon. On M'sM"' lot. Wt;i sell furr.iMiK! or. 'OHP./'.'K ..-f.'o-nrr St.». 4-]!«.T. i.'ni IT.V.'.Wi. c.-si! T:rf, E. F. Luquire-Contractor Phone 5000 or 7093 E. .V/6 K,--ft-l*rRe roomr- down- 2-r/v-vms ii;iftji;r», tjle l>a!h, 22^ ver.'.-ti^r; liiinds. (!o;ib> ^.'jrage. ft. loi. Pr.i <-i! right, Cs'.i Bteele ' Roseland Oaks E.iytov. r.'n Mont Beautiful Sub-'Iiv For choire horr,e.-|tes cull Alene Fayle Thomas PIfONK !<:03 _ Linwood Park W O O I) K P 1IOMB- HITKH. AI.I, L'TIMTIKS. CONCKKTK HTRKXTC JI I G II I, Y I'-KKTRICTKli. 12. Business Property 7)EFEE. SI'.' V.'KST - suitaoie fur coii'i' 2050. a;;» B-rooni !\ous*. r. ;o i.iif:cet. 14. Real Estate Wanted "Sparky" Bond - Realtor IF IT CAN BE SOLD WE CAN SELL IT! IT TAXM GENUINE "KNOW HOW" TO Finance The Sale Of Property In Today's Market "WE GOT IT'"' LJit lour Property Tor Suit VFllh "Sparky" Bond—Realtor 907 S. Main Dial 8248 U« liA.VDLB TOUK PKOPKP.TT Co'.iectlons. Keystone P.»a!ty Co. Bailey an3 Stewart. Dial 3-172S 15. Business Opportunities Apartment Houses FOR SALE . pavmcnt, H. Wills .-.Mrn'.«he'!, 1'iO Kart lj.;l-'"c. Ven f !w,- ftfjv.-n enfeM. i< 3-17H, 17. Money Yo LoS.n IIALLI.VS PAWN SHOP—lift N. Main SL Money loaned on 1'lstrls. funei, otsut>3. Cair.eras. Blnocylars. Mujlcal laatrurocnta. Or will Bu>-Sen-Trade, 18. Insurance P.A7BOP.:: JOHNSOX AGEXCY Ha-.-;r:B« tn yj!:cv hr.iiien. KIre-Autoijjo jIle-Liablilty. 22«1 ilarket .Street. Phone SOSS. 19. Good Things to Eat-Drink CAGE EGGS, FRESH DAILY Minter Drive-In Cleaners CORNER MJX-.'BSOTA. MARKET ST. ACROSS FKO.V BAYTOWN MBA ULDO. Minter Cleaners Drop-In Station MAP.KKT FT. AT SLAP-OUT OULLT SPECIAL PRICES Extra Large, Doi 60c Large, Doi 55c 20. Articles For Sale AJ-.l.'lTNl/'M SCP.EKN'8 AND 1TTAMKH— o nist, no paint. Cur.tom m.'ule any ft. Chesp. Old Hcreen* repaired find rc- wlred. Gulf Coast Venetian Bllml Co., <560(! Baywny Dr. liaytown. Tex. Phone MM, ATTIC KAN'K fNEWi—42" Qlll»t-Alr. with R'.! rni",,-!! fjrlll. lime gwlirh. SiK.on. If. O. Kl»ct.ric 'Company. Ph. 3-MK7. 318 K. KlBrmin. BABY HEP, solid >tlr<:li, mattrei-s Sl.vnii; Th.iyer birch chifrerone. 52,"/.00. Kx- '~ Graves Furniture Exch. 207 N. ifaln. Baytown. Ph. 3-1 56« Don V/yatt— Realtor PHONE »(4I MII-HYlJAl<K--Nl'.:» ovcrrd** f.omi-r lot at tJ,*: «jr;.«.r of .vi.-imc nrnj Hirickinii'l. Acme Realty Co.-Ph. 6138 _ T. W. Wilks, Realtor _ I )»,.fHIIOP.B IXJT — 1 mil** «iu:h of Anarmao. Private ciiannfl to <Jeei> •n-ster. Ph. ?.f. A. MoTflic.-nl. An.iriin<r. PP. A CTICAI.I, Y N KW 5.r(>ora fi'i ("(.rolir.a hoi)«) ivf St . new /i0.f.iX Piv Beautiful Plumwood Sull--. Tr;;.i.- DmiiK- . Mirror, Hnliy,'.i.n'l !:'•<!. <*le;tf! A ['.'ittrnfr:! >",*'• ''.;-" rnf/rncl Kinlt Wilti r'l\nir Like New JI«.H.', New flior.'l :irM W rn»r Step T«t>if. ' Oak . fires PM«.:O T.",i>!e M« f'hon'>i.'r.ifi!i C ,S>w Ht'.vini; P,i. RX. Only S "i.-Vi S1H..VJ Roseland Oaks Homesites Lot« In R:i'.'fwn'a mo.Ht Heainiful Acme Realty Co. Ph. 6f38 iBjv-vnrs'.' T. W. Wilks, Realtor !,,r, :3« FfiF I U( GALVAK12ED *i J-1Ch . \ inch ................... 111. JO 1 tneh .................. IM.SO 1(4 inch ... .............. fal.OO 3fe Inch ...... ............ taT.OO 2 inch ....... ......... ,..|4«.M> 3 ineli ............. , ---- liOl.M J10.W FDR TOUR OLD WATEK HEATER ON A -VEW JQ <3AJ* 10 TEAR BAYTOWN PLUMBING CO. 2609 W. Main Ph.4926 NOW RUST-PROOF! Culman'i completely rust-proof, isstarii Hs:u lanterns for u.*e un (Uhir.g. liuntins and cumpinc trips. Jim Nelson Sporting Goods "V" BELTS. PL'CLKYS—Any kind for refrigerators,'c^i'.itiQninir, pump*. fiin.i. O.-er j.tHVJ belts in stock. Musey Electric Co., S23 S. Prueti. Ph. 10i«. 9x12 Linoleum Rugs Morrison Furniture Co. 405 W. TEXAS—PH. 2353 Redwood Specials L'lr.D YOUK OWN KEWOOD FENCE 1*4 per Si.'O l.f .J S.fiu 2x4 PIT I'.'ii ! :, . . . .113.Ort 7*;r.ple Outnpar.y. Ph. S2:,«. BIG BARGAINS New and Uied Appliance! EI>KCTP.tC P.ANOES. two v«ry «ood .... . PATTNE PANELAIR8, two ualti, . OW1 I!TV. E&ch .......... H50.0O USED 8KKVF.I, refri?eraton (othtni priced from »3S.»5 to ..... »S».9S USED OA5 I'.ANGES (itvenl) Priced from JlJ.Ji to .......... 1(9. »i Harper Gas Aopliance Co. S-M-O MAP.KET DIAX. MIT HKATl.S'G-AHl CONPITIONINO FILTERS—Available in .1!! »Ue». Al»o. filter cleaning rcrvlce. M 4- M niter Service, inc. Ph. 3-2309. 92M. of HOME FP.KKZKP. CARTONS— Caje oi.'n pint*. 110. C-0. Ulc Oief fiutwr Market Til' U"e»t .\SMn. B&:-t»U'n, . MUCCANEKK OUTBOAKri WOTOUS Kmr B»nk Nulu W. D. "Bill" aiilpllnf Tis K, .Uumblt »t ltiw«y i<«. Ph. "j-2i . . - trie. l!i <•». fi.. uprlKht type wllli very sliKlil ili'nt in side, m-vr Sl<nr;iiu««ii. minced lo $3(19. S,M \VnkU'». K\ W. Texas. Pinj.-ie JBfiT. son-Jones !ei)(scri l«iljt*r she«t«. ouluni- nar inioii, tnutil-eolunin books, Ami 1001 "I her Items at Mttturnt's In Baytown Suu Publicize Your Product rftUgii CLASS1K1ED ADS: Wlialrvtr your offtir. »om«body'< lottrtated. To niikt it po»«tbi» to r»palr, remodel and ud<l to yam present hom« on t»*y monthly I>»rmtnt»l Call us lor Inform*tlon Prtnc* Lumber Co. Phont B»ytown' 3-l22i 3WER Pl.AJ«T_HX>0 i^Tu with n"eT~J h.p. Clinton «nitln», mn only IS hauri II iO cwh or Urmi. rnon« 1309 nfur t:00 p.m. (OSB"Dr"-^~0»ii"7iJa" 35. Servict* Offtrtd I DANGER!! | Termites *i Workt }' Hctur let in iMiu'ck your liousi lar U)«.ic fast working posts, Jrujf fr«*!mat* 1'h. U-iMl, .j. HAiltL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE RE| Small appliances expertly repaired, H guurnmeeil. Speedy imn-lce, economy?) S Kaal TMas. phone 738i!. I HO-Mf: BCII.D1NC— \ Plans anil Juan service <>n nil t isoiiin. Hunter, now- avallwblii. S.-o It Fulnier or Dill %.1;!, f JSLKCTKIO -VOTOr. RKPAin.S «I|J winding. Any !Und or B!Z>>. M* Hulpnient, qualified mechanics H4 Electric Co.. 823 S. Pnntt. Pho'nt 7J James J. Stipe CementC Reasonable prices, trie estimate* if types concrete work <lon«. Ph. 2078. t New Homes & Remodefi All purpose contracting. Interior retuio siictrtc, 1J5.UO up. n»nj;«s. }10 (ifl up . J" 1 "*; 03 ' contractinr. Interior re Seott Om ,ind Appllsno* Cotnpimr 119 i lnr - roo(a ' "btitot «ldlni;, ciiblnels, K. T«.a.i Avenue. B.n\'k)wn. Phone"'2016 ;t"ar»nt«d, free Mi.iauLt««. .No —__, ' .., •„ payment. 38 months to p»y. A. J. t 4TM A WR li'O It 1 V<* vf\I> a * T t« l*h «i^9 FOR SALE. JI.50 per <allon. Chnrlei Slkur mile tail of Crosby. •TYPEWIUTJeai— Ntw end u.-,l. ddlnje innchlnM. typrwtittri lU to*m Typ«wrh*r Exchzntt, Main. Phont 2»71. Kent B»»300 North USED WASHERS— 1)9.»5 up Ai IWU »s IJ..OO B*.- wetk. Whllcomb'i. 323 E. Te»»j Avt. WINDOW UNITS iUSKDi~-r>oubl7lu!i!|:. complete -K'iui screens and Venetians. Panel doors and footed b»Ui tub with »SUn«. 1U East Hunjiicutt. fl.OO PEP, WEEK buys a new Keminxtnn por:»bit tyi>««Tlter at Matlierre'ii. wltli no down psj-ment. U you have cash, wfl! out-deal anybody. Try '.15. 10:00 a.m. Is The Deadline To pl»c« your Want-Ad for tomorrow 1 ! paper. To «•!!. rtnt, ni«. c«ll HOJ. MUST "SELL "raTs WEKK~7™ti7T Senvl refrigerator. < breakfast l. bedroom »u!tf, '.vi.lclow fan. Ph 3-1P2S. ISIS S, PJIKU. BEDDING BUYS Feather Pillow.", lip from Holly-Dollv Doll Beds, e»ch ... . t Fiiil-SUe Rebii,}!!. Jnti MatireMen. TtacM 3 r.ebullt In attreMrs. Rich J Twin-Size Used Coll 9.V: .i 3.95 .m.oo .S 7.30 I Twlt>S(« noli-A-Way Hed luid MMtre.j j:5.QO Sanitary Mattress Co. IMS S. PP.UKTT LA \VNMO WEUS. PAIRED— I il Nil SHARPENED. nnij »ervic« for Brt . Strattoe «tiii Clinton motorj; Plck-tmS livery. J»h. 25W, J. D. Wllllims. it No. 6. Bayou Pipeline Camp. f, liAWNMOWKKS, bicycles repaired. IT er« jharpcmrd, used mowtra. Ilia) for .vUe. Pick-up and delivery. J (3 llepair Service, 503 N. Commerce * " MOVING— Local and lone r distance.! jwnencert rasn, modern equip* Buni!»d. C, K. Coke- -Moving svt-d TS fir Co. Day phone 50M, nljthts 3.J Want More Business?* L*t people k«OM- wn»t you do »nd 4 you art Urouirh a Wnnt-Ad. You'B itirp.-:»ed »l the cost. o»psy ov«ijc results. Dial KtiiS today. g Roaches and Termites! DO.VT KUSS—CALL, UB f. Guaranteed Pe,»t Control. Ph. BKWIXO MAC'tlNE REPAIRa -£ m».lce«, lk(»ora sharpened, btltn. f tons, buttonhole?, herostltclJlng. Plcl dfln-ery. FentonV Button Shop. Ph. J TRACTOR Tard levellnc. C^il Don B«al, iftcr A p.m. 209 Stewan. water wen tlrlUlp.R am! servlte ^. A. Haffel.'lnK*,-, 600 E. Adtiiie For 21. Unclaimed Frtight , _- WATER WELL DRILLING .Imiiutrlnl irrl. for Berkley \Vn!er Systems. K»t»l>|l since JS10. 3amr» Jenubciie, pnone i| B. \f7~XTKKfDQS~COyiKr~cS Will build the -'Homt ot your Dre^i IAI.IO, does all type rtp«,jr irork. B ] estimate.!, r.hoae 24S3. f JACK HEAP.D'S I.";-;CL.A.ti;ED Should S«ll Ovli Price (too.! User! . 95.1.1) 211 In,:;! 11. 3it Doahie J'.!ni» Tubs <jn Hlit-ii Mi. 00 El'clrle R»'.Hr,|C Ma-!ur,c J29.J11 .'• Kl. <-t.>ran»r «! fit* C»blr,'!» . . ..... HOO.fO JiU-Vfir 0:d HucXri- ...... w«il drilllisK. convpiete well .lervi. yr». «ijMrt«nte lo water -we!!». o. Biji 609 N. MA;B, Ml. HlKliiandt I-IT61. 40. Apartments For Reii EAYSHOHE COURTS — M..« tu Apartment, ^^n^r.<pr;a^.• maurti.-t v*ia. bills B.',!:l. \va»lilerijv. J.S *>1 i>e Mattel .S- Kd Woosler. Phor.r S7i(. . .-.p.TJ tr^^.it. II 1301 Cypress 4 - room unf-JmUJud aj>ar:sieat_ steel* McDonsW. U-lTfl{. •J W««l r)»i'ee •none O62 B.iv!o-.-.a 22. Articles Wanttd IIOHESr PRICES—Kor i«-reck«<! garj. We buy io<l «il «;r«.p. Public scales. Baytown Iron ft Wort;. &00 Alexander Dr. Phoni *037. 23. Article* For Rtnt WK HAVK TP.ADXD KOR ••A BUNCH" of rsf:n TKLKVIRIO.VS Tou r>.n realty buy one rl^ii*. Ma.*t s m.ike. Dickrou's ILTiilo A TV, 311 K Texafl "HOMK OF BKN»!X TELEVISION" COMPLETE LINE Eclipse Rotary and Reel Typt SUNBEAM LAWNMOWERS Self-Propelled Rotary Low Down Payment 12 Months on Balance HOME LUMBER CO. 800 E. Texas Ph. 8241 GUNS! BROWNING AUTOMATIC As Low As $121.50 Use Our Lay-Away Plan NEW and USED Gunj Motors and Guns For Rent REYNOLDS 2412 W. Main Phone 5009 Floor Sanders - Edgers Polixlim. Kintrii l/'rllh art.l liutren. Sheley Lumber Company - J ;r.9 M»rl:et. i>h. :.&ss P.KNTAI, POWK^r TOOLS-"n.iten"reawn" .•>.b>. K'ifi:) 4 ^ Chnilti/eil r^lr.t^. Ci'nr.'-; >^]\:ij,n>ru & Su-^pl',' 7vO West C'-evel.u-.d at B*>ieis. ! v ..otle 5<S<>. 25. Livestock & Supplies I'ATTI.K ! f!.:i.-.l i:r.:' C.. Wl'lam-. 26. Pets A Supplies SMAI..I. WHITi: KASTKK P.VNNM'.S I'lxi: s: - i I;K. si.-j;. KACII OH::X!: TI:AVIS i- KIN« I'H. s:»: Easter Bunnies For Sale ni!U> HAVKN T'llOXK 5.12:2 . *f"\ wen!, aquarium*, food. . M,:nnii..|)d lii il llinrn. Itoh .Smitli Hoa Ce'l^r M:iyo:i. I'h'ine 3-1272. STOP LOSING MONEl !>n! vacir.cits tiirouch rtnt »ds. ? »;ni(l.«i Tor 3 day* onl>' 11,12. C*il S lor «d-wnt:n^ help. « DTKP.. tit'itrtr Ptmne Car iH/ri, lull] jmiJ. ct>i PEFBK. 213>,— K.— I^irte Jurntnl hKt apartment, 3 looms, bath iv.iter. jtu puld, eonpje. l*!i. SiS 2-l^droom unfurm*li«l ment. |73.<Hi. i'[;«;r.* \~K (JAILI.AP.U, .V>» N. —Nice, cltnn J.j ronm furnHheii apartment- Ali^ n.- 3-3ll*i. ' { *J'"LI-", 2i>,% K. - Nice 3-rooni fiinifi njmrtmeui. lij^iii fi.r Jl.-iy nireper, a| clecoratnl. ntllltlpj pai.J. Coupl". j OL'l.K, *01 K.-"Ntce, c:*:*n 4-rooni | ninh,fd npHit.T.cnl. i;ione In, pajj ciiypln. ,\p|ily 2M.. K. r; { n: • .v N i f'FTT 7 M ' = l>* PT. j.;. l-ntiirni-linl ) trnent, 3 roo:ns and Im:!!,* Pli. fiifif. } r'.ujni. Stii, II.I.r.NljJS. ivnter p;if!! j K-.i'.;,ir. IMnl I ! t-rnorrix r.nd biith. S'.* Cuuplf prettrrnl. Ph. !>S3J luj.i jii'. PJ '.vv:.ST--Kiirnl;'io(i K.-M ln-ilr,f<:iii;. Jtitcheji nnd b JON». 3nS NORTH .-K.xtra nice I) Aihilti-.' Ajj;.|v ';ii!7 N. Jones.' Pli. Tfil K".NTi'( :-r.i<'ni i ky I.OJllT. K. — I''.ifil du ili j:r\ra«e. Phono 2'.'|fi ' MARYI.AN'Il. 17114 — *-rnom funii. I :!!' 1 (l KIOII? 182B. 27. Poultry & Suppiias Culpepper's Used Furniture Simmon- Jli.I'-A-ned With With Greon P|S"II(' rover . .J S9.8S Wninut y-Pt*c" rMnlns Kc«m Kulln wllli liiiffn. ;<n<l rlitr.,1 $119.9.1 MahoKiny 'J • Plci-i- Dlnlnt; P.':n:n S'JIle With Kilffet .inrt China .|2<:i.OO "\\'a!riiit .1 - Pice* He.Iroom -«uit ,5 45.00 2-Pirce IteiJ Irvine P.oom Knile J 39.P.", R>l,-c TV Chair H 2\.t!i Wainiit Kn»l TaWr.« $ ,V»S DctroH J«**l '.!»« P,.inKC . .J 48.9i 15 N. Commerce, Ph. 5915 nKFJ'.I'SKP.ATOIt—R ell. H. Sfrvrl. 4 year* old. Kxc-f-IIcnt condition. 160.00. Ph. &»3S. .112) Nchrniikii. SAVE JSS On Building Material! 2x4 8 ft. Fir $75.00 per M. ft. 1x12 Fir Shlplap ...... 67.50 6" Mall Saw ............ 29.95 Britton-Cravens Lbr. Co. 2609 Market St. Ph. 8265 "MAGIC FORMULA ~ For pin money. CI-AfisrKlEt) ADS, To «*ll thlnlts you don't need for east), dial 8.102. We'll Ire gl.iil 10 bill you. i'0'>ms sr,a»..-.n. I f oo, I 1 Vlll ns^e flfi'l refrlgrrrttor, WB TliADK f/orrison Furniture Co, t'iS VV. Ti-sns AV». J'hone 7^9^. :— BnlM theirT months COMK;e I a Ur,n Ffnr.t. «,'« r*r bike, jtft p«y, N'ft down psynr 'Clanitu W. Smith for estift CIUCKKNS TOP. KALK— 2 l«tt. IS \-.-eeks nld. Keftdy ."-ISM. ]«y. I'hone HATCHI.Vf.- Chl,;l;rn .•;>;.• :ic ; ."ic. Set ''Very Thnr?!f!;iv, Klshei's Cfilar Bayou. Ph. 2Hf,7. 29. Cut Flowers For Sale OALAi'rn.'M W.'LKK — New nhipment In, :'!>ecli.n>- prlvei! nl f> for Lea's Nursery r..iy5)icir« Dr. rii. 77M V.ASTKH COP.;iAGES--Al!io poI'A.l Ka Illlley nnd other nea.'onpbl*- flowers. Winhlni: V.'fli-Flnwrrs ft Pets :iOfl K. Tnxn.i Ave, Pl-.otie .'.067, 30. Top-Soil—Fertilizer FI.OWKR TOIL. tTLI, SAND—Top TOll. clam phell, bay Bmvcl for driveways, parklnR 1015, cluy und xumbo. Drsjllne. C. K. Meadows, Ph. 6073. 35. Services Offered AAA 71KNTAI, SKnVICE—I.eav- InK town? Lfit IIFI rent your property for you. We secure lennntii, collect r«;itji nnd rn.ilntaln property. Absolutely der-'iidaW*. Ren- "flparky" Btind-IUaltor. S07 South Main. Dial »2«. liRTK^SKRVICET^rWKlV'Ai.ioNiNci---" ilftlnnclnic. Ont-nr-roun.l lire* m,U« round nffnln. Clark's Wietil an.l I!r«k» Bcrvirt. ZHOU Market 3tr«t. Plion« *(37. Bi;i,IJ>OZINf:, land Clu.-irmf: .inft road outtlnij;, [lozeri »nd m.ilnlilnern, any ill*. Jackson Trucking Co.. no-ne phon« Mil, PUSH YOUR SERVICE Through ''laMirlM Ail». Buytown fiun V/ant-Art-i nre read, followtd by ihoumirnin nnily. TJint .S:;02 to vlaer your nd Cuitom Pictur* Promina M. H. Shtiton 11.1 Morrei). Phon* ill), .ind f.'imtil'if Io:io ?»n'l<-e fo,- it Corive.niional built holies. rt'dl fHiilrtetn ."u-ijily, Tn. Mi7n. MAIN. Sll npartrnenl. Apply s.irno n NOKTH— 3-rnom fll.-nil I-'lilllies p:t!il, couple C MH'lIKiAN, ninl'...— I-iively retlnUHirt heiiroom unfnrni^li''tl ap.nrtlTicnt; i'-; ane. l)Mnil.«, ninplr cl-'i^et .^j^re. t'h. I olt,.',et.= . Ph. AVAUTMKS h.itli, i>rt r-itiCK Pt'.UETT "APARTMKNTS-* m/i!>e<l. Located behind S:m JM Hospital. T'nr Infurrn^tfon plionr PuSl! PP.I'kTT. 3iit""K.~-l.'ri.ioiii' fiirninhert «l Tllcnt. ullllllei pnUl. ^araRr. wlft fan, private t,.llh. r'h. 2117. f, PRlJ?;TT~ANir MIRIAM ..... NIC- IllrilT ;ti»a- ImeTil. .1-roorrK ,-ind tK'lt'. up.n",! Kor Infoi mutton jihone n-ioOO. f '.T (—Kurr.l-l-il rnr^KC :vj tnent. \V-itei'. (ran iiiild. Jl."..nn. lit |ir*riTr..l. Pimne .13 ' KCHIl.T.INO. Km— Tlmvniitnirii imfiinil ;ip.irtinrnt, .'J-rooms, b.n!). unit npnrtment lililR, Pli. 2327 or 4V Low Rent Apartment! Klirnl.ilted or unfurnlshfd npnrli tnenl?. 5.i:..00 up. H. WJikcnfeld. Phone 3-1744. t CNKIJRNISI1KD—One nnfl two Heili apnrtment.i wllli tllr baths, knottyi Htchenn. attic fan, central heating.! Irnbln locntlons. Cull B. B. Wllllam.i, a-1.107. ( NICK. CI.KAN—4-room unfnrnl.'tieil | flr.ed JU'lKlthorlmi'td. (Ja». \vatr-r pnid^ ply 1J02 Kill.ion or ph. 1104. j WHlTINi:, 1.", SOI'TII I.»ift« 4-ronnt' nlftlic.l apartment. Onrasc. .-entral 3 attic fan. Call Mm. Oreor, J02n. j: 41. Houses For Rentj A71OIJK. 710 K.— j •I -room* nnd Imth. vinfurnlfhed, r fi222. After fi p.m. iihcine (UOji. '{ I'OVVIK. UA— " " J ^-hedroom iinfurnl^licd (ioii>'e. CM S4i"i,i)U per monlli. Pliiinf •US:'.. 'i n6wTK.~'m.-Furni.ih<"i~!i(iu?i>, 2 ri «n<l hnih. Hill.i p.ild, $30.00 mi T'lif.rif (17 IS. j: (TKlV AlFv. A Voi) "-M;iV 'lliVliwaT I <1. 1 •I-room fni-ni.</i.ed lioti^e, tMiiilles ) I rA P!i. X-filV.'. t f'KTi.'.'; itAYfir -•J-l!C(lr<K.m mwltrii t.irni'lied II-UHO. ?sm."«ll vr.fxftc Ufi ta. T*iif,*i* U',W. jf )irtine. , Krib S-heili-oom nnfurtf Dion* J»

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