Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 2
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Inspect eslqns Position * SANTA FE (UPt) -Boieslo Rottiefo, & former state liquor M8t»ector, has resigned from the gasoline tax division of the Stfite Revenue Bureau, but a • spokesman for the Bureau said the resignation had no connection with recent liquor hearings in Santa Fe. , Romero had been transferred to the gas tax division about %ree months ago, the spokes- 8aid. He was a state liquor in* ^pector In Valencia County before his transfer. Romero's reason for resigna- "."{Ion was acceptance of a bet- jjjr paying job outside of state government work. 1 " Jerry Brown, deputy commissioner for the State Revenue Bureau, said no action had ,,keen taken yet on Tony Sisner- j os of Albuquerque, who testi- "fied last week he had made entries on liquor inspec- Ootizales later today concerning the hearing and Cipation. iai iisneros parti- Woman Menaced At Church : BOGALUSA, Li. fUPli — A white integrations! said she was silently threatened by an armed white man at the end of tion sheets. '"*'• Sisneros. who is an inspecor fbr the Albuquerque area, testi- •ited at liquor hearings in Santa ; ^Fe and said he falsified t h e 'records because of newspaper pressure. The false records were allegedly made concerning Sis- Ceres' inspections of M&B Liquors. M&B Liquors had its liquor permit revoked last week by Bearing Officer Donnan Stephenson. Sisneros' false entries in- ,'dicated he had made a series 7qf visits to the bar prior to 31. .a racially mixed church service | Sunday. ; Rita Marsh of San Francisco said it was thej only incident when groups of Negroes and> , whites attended) services at : three churches. , i The group peacefully desegre- i gated St. Matthew's Episcopal ! Church. l i ! ; l I At the Catholirj church, which' I has been integrated, the Negroes "mixed utj> the seatingg" instead of regaining apart from whites as jhas been done They also attended services at Annunciation, Roman Catho- jlic Church and! Mount Moriah ; Baptist Church. While St. Matthew's has long • held open dooifs to Negroes, : Sunday's was the first attendance of Negroes! at services at the formerly all-white church. i in the past. School jLBJ's Code Requires Target Employes Pile Report OfNAACP - Dismissal of the Albuquerque 'Inspector is expected following the culmination of the present. hearings on liquor licenses in the Albuquerque area. State Liquor Director Howard Babcock Jr., Sisneros' immediate boss, said early today he would have a statement issued through Revenue Commissioner M a x CM >V I* MEMHKK At.urr or ciKt CLATIO.V Bt Lrri'LE MERCHANT CARP.IKR 1.75 monthly In advance, liv mail In Curry and aurrouudliiCT o«ir:!:es JI2.00 for one year; JS:00 for six months: 54.25 (or tnre* month* \ '*) for one month. Bv mail oulsirtp Cio- vu trade territory, JlgOO for ore y;ar: SH.50 for s'x moutrs: S5i«i for three months; J1.75 for one month ALL SIJH.StHlKnO.NS PAY- ABf.K IN ADVANCE. SernM cla«« p«)*!ai;d paid »t Qovli, New Mexico. Published <1at'v except Sar^rriav bv the fTi)VIS NKWS-.IUURNAI. Si-cCi * Pile. ClovU, New Meiico. Ph. 763-3431. Optimist District Elects Officers ROSWELL nlJPD - Members of the Nftw Mexico-West Texas District Of Optimists International Saturday elec ted Hillls M. Holcomb o f E 1 Paso as district governor. Edward McCulllough of El Paso was elected, secretary-trea- ! surer. New zone lieutenant governors are Gary Ingram. Pecos, Tex.; William Powers. El Paso; Erank Bartlett. Albuquerque: Dr. Otto Schaeffe.r Las Cruces; Walter Knapp. R o swell: Robert Flshkin, El Paso; Ray Eichner. Albuquerque, and U. Fulton. El Paso Next vear's district convention will be hel<! at Santa Fe. FLYING SAFKTY PLAQI : G — For r.-coitliii.t; mnro than 24,000 hours of flying time, roprr-sfntin^ 11 million mil^s of ground covered, Cannon AFB's -171th Tactiivil Fiirhter Wing was recently awarded the USAF Hying Safety Plaque for ". . . a meritorious aciiie\(>ment in the I'Md of fls-ing safety during IW-l." Displayint; the av-anl are Col. Paul P. Douglas ,Ir., right, -17-ilh'TFU' cninniandcr, and Capt. Chcii'h>s J. Wood, -IT-Uh flying safety officer, who received the aw aid last week from Lf. (Jen. Charles B. Westover, vice commander of the Tactical Air Command! at a TAC safety conference, f Air Force Photo) Summer Class Slate Announced By Eastern PHILADELPHIA /IT! I - A 117-year-old privately endowed frep school for white boys, surrounded by a stone wall on a 42-acre estate is again a target for integration. The renewed attempt is by militant leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People iNAACPi. not the lawyers who were rebuffed in a 'previous four-year court fight to open the doors of (iirard College in North Philadelphia. The N.AACP vows to picket • until the walls come down." Tin- threat has kept a police contingent ranging from 500 to 1.000 men on duty around the boarding school for more than a week. The wall, varying in height from 10 to 12 feet, is particularly galling to militant rights organizers. It defies sit-ins, stand - ins and other recent forms ot rights protests. Despite pleadings by the N'AACp. thi' picketing has been lukewarm, promoting chapter president Cecil Moon- to call for "more pickets and less spectators.'' An attempt, by eight pickets la^t week to scale the wall with ladders was thwarted. The eight were chanjed with disorderly conduct and breach of peace. WASHINGTON (UF J D—President Johnson's new code of eth- cs for government employes is going to require hundreds of them to file reports on their debts and outside financial interests. These reports will be kept confidential but will be subject to review within the administration for possible conflicts of interest between an employe's job and his non-government income. The Chief Executive issued the code of ethics Sunday as an executive order. For the most part, it was intended to codify and clarify previously declared , standards of conduct for the 2.5 million civilian government em- ployes and the equal number of military personnel. Administration officials said, howewr. that it was more ex- plicit in its prohibition against any federal employe soliciting or accepting a gift, favor, entertainment or loan from anyone doing business with his agency. They also said it was intended to help the employe who wanted to do what was right and was not a response to any indication of corruption in the executive branch. The order would not apply to employes of Congress or the federal courts. The new financial interest reporting requirement contained two major provisions: —An estimated 201) persons who are department and agen- cv heads, members of federal boards and commissions and presidential appointees in U'hito House offices will he required to file detailed reports. Torguas Man Killed In Car Accident LAS CRUCES (UPJ>- A 42- year-old Torguas, N.M. man, Victor Barela. was killed early Monday in a one-car accident Six miles soiilii of Las Cruces on Interstate 10. Stale Police said a northbound car driven by Barela went off the road for no apparent cause about 3:40 a.m. Barela was dead on arrival at Las Cruces Memorial General Hospital. Two passengers. Bernario and Menardo Alvarez, both of Mesilla Park, were admitted to the hospital with head injuries. Tortuaa is a small community south of Las Cruces. Barcla's death coupled with two others over the weekend, brouaht the New Mexico death toll thus far this year to 140, compared with 108 a year ago. CbapeL of Memon\es A C /!/{ortuari r\ ^—^ / v> j.,! Serving SYMPATHY, DIGNITY, REVERENCE. PRINCE AT MANAMA BOULEVARD • CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO • PHONfc DON EPLING, MANAGER the perfect pair... ANYWHERE! PORTALES - Graduate and undergraduate courses in most areas of study will he offered during the eight week summer session June 15-Aug. 6 at Eastern New Mexico I'riiversity. In addition to regular classes and the annual Science Institute for public school teachers. 14 special workshops of one or two weeks will he conducted he- fore, durum, and after the .--11111- nier session. Suhject-malter areas 1:1 which course-; will be oilere,! include accounting. anthrnpuhc'v art, bioloey. botany. buMne" ad- niinistrat i o n. ba.-incvs education, chemistiy. drama, eeo- nomics. educal i o n. KM.:! i < ii general education, 'jeum-aphy >nenee. educanon. political > t ,CM-. ,,s\- c))0lot, r v. relirjioi). Mjciulog 1 , . V i i ' h. and /ooloyv. ' Lady" will he amonu' enter- tainmciH even!.-; diinn» !he ;>e.-- sion. He;,'M ration w:li he June M and classes will b".nn June l."i Summer cdtn.'tiefn.-enient \\iii' lie Aus «3. Information MM eoui ><>- -A n; ,.. shops. lee>. and iioiivj;)^ ^ >.,<• -. vided in the summer -e^'-ioM bulletin, available i'irm the (i;. lire ot I ruverv.K Reiatioiiv FiirtliiM' nii'dniiati"!) i> ;j [ ,,ii'- •'hle from 1 >r (;.n! S:,a;i n '> ;.. di:ector (7! >ii:ii:iier ,-,r-:-i»;;, State Agents Visit 305 MAIN —CLOVIS —PH 763-4451 JOIN THE THOUSANDS SWITCHING TO WARDS ONTQOMERY WARD PAYSi SALE Dallas Convenient connections^ witK AlliOlli; new coui -e <it!en'i:.: are tho-.e oi tne mmieiii Ian- iluaues department, inchui ; n . "Spanish CompoMtinn and Con- i-cr\ a! ion " ' U-m I^.IIXM:^ ." r| i reded Ntudy. and Inti to Linnuistk'- \Vork-.!io})> and ';,eir d a t e are as t'oiiow- Ne'A Audio-\ i-ja! ( <j.,,;mn. '.•iii.on Te'/iinufie-. Jjne 1 - !': J'rojjraminifi- i-->r .Vit"iiia ; ' J Ma'inTiiatii -. tor K.eitie.'if a : tic- (,,;• Tea,•':<•[>. .Line 7-1! Te-ieiier- ' !.-avi-::;iIL' -AorK-IInjM J.JI.e 7-11 A.-IO-Sj...' e I-!'! . • lS 'ion. J;in" 7-11. r)i!;-'ian I.e.,• •le: -',,•). .1'ir.e 7-11. ^ laliV- l-'-.',d l':"e|),i''a ; , Hi inr >'•; n*,'. !.,<!:< :. rs J it.e ,",-11 K:J:.!<-,••:':. \: i.'n S ,:.-•.••., i'::!,:.,- sc'..,i,; \\ •- • .1 i-.e 7-:: -V-ri.rj^.p:,;,- T: :.";:•;.< .I 1 ::-" '.:'. .1.1.- :: \\I.V:- 'A ,-:,. ,[; \ ;.' 'Mi a:.d Adsii.M-'' :ir : l • H.. . -V.-IM,,; \, •.,.-•, I'^.j;.,:.. A iJ 'Mi J,,iill Ki'i'I 'A ei,'i .'. :: .t'.'V,: '•! ~',.i.'e M'! rei; ,ih,| '•-.,- . 1 •;',!. .1 j:ie-l v;,,r II: '',,• ( ',•: ; .1; !'!., iidliie |-I '.dui't I, ".'. ill It i !; .' U.e M --'1! " ril ^^ I , l ;:. i . t .i. ''';...,. . '. •'"''; '''' "'"'' '''!"' s'.'ntatixcx (>! cl'.aiiiiie'--- n| ci>m- inerce II'MMI |c\a- \>''A M«"-.i<•'<-> Ai'i/'in.i ainl <"al.:'onii,i opened a ni.'i'^nj :;, (': ri:.ial;i,a Saturdav aimei) at '•:!,,,-; a Jin,: I * tia\*' ; !<> Me-..,,,' THE BIG EVENT STARTS WEDNESDAY-MAY 12TH-DON'T MISS IT! FEATURING: HOME IMPROVEMENT SALE TIRE AND AUTOMOTIVE SALE NO MONEY DOWN ON ANY CREDIT PURCHASE AT WARDS — JUST SAY "CHARGE IT" STORE OPENS AT 9 A.M. AUTOMOTIVE SHOP —GRAND AT PILE —OPEN 8 A.M. Go check the other $3000 cars Astrojets non - stop tq: Washington Chicago New York Luv* ClOVIS 121 a.m. v^ trim CHICAGO 3.32 p.m. 1 Arrive WASHINGTON j - IIHMI 1 1 ^ Arrive NEW YORK 5.i5R.ra. ^ Let book you all ttw way! for information *nd confirmed r»n»r- phono 753-6212 or y\our Trtvtl Agent. •nr. I MAY is NATIONAL BETTER HEARING! MONTH In keeping lherev\ith vv< j ollCr Uic lollo\»i;iu-' |l. FKI-.K < 1-1 \MN<i "I :HI>| |; 111 I'VIK \(H Ii \M) I, ^ n ji.iir i^t•». :i I'lil I III VUIM. 11 -I I I .>.' ,«U Disi .,11 ,lli\| M>-u Inarms .ml ii|><iii| |ll,•-.rill,III,III ,,| ||,i-, ;n|. RAOIOEAR Ihf World's Finest Hearing Aid* Come to: HOTEL CLOVIS Wed. May 12 9-12 A.M 1 'iisiM- !:.]'. e .1 i in-* 1 |i«,k a I t 'in i '.imjH.'t II n iji lii'I !<•!' Net, i\\;' t-• <i\n t niii|M-tii inn. \<m'l! !*• hark .. . ni<>ii- i ',n".j.'i'. eii ihan t-.t-i thai it m-! ii'n-«.f; ! rn.ikt- ri;u> h -^i is-rf- \n -.j*-)nl * : ,(tx> ijjj aj!\ thing U'x^ than a magnificent \!rniu\. Nc\\ in the i U>MC Contnu-ntal Tradition. WATSON MOTOR CO. 600 WIST Sf VENTH — CLOVIS NEW MEXICO

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