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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, September 6, 1967
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Weather Forecast Sunny and warm today with high temperatures in the 80s. Tair tonight with lows mid 50s to around 60. Tnursday some c'ouds but fair and not as warm. Welcome Wagon Newcomert Club To Hott Card Party Page 6 VOL. 84--NO. 274 Prut Run I News 10,950 , . Today | Pest -13,450 ' To '" FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1967 SECTIONS SECTION -,, IIM4KI 6C COPY WBIKLY »V CARRIM Hearings Ordered On Dam Judge Directs State To Hold More Sessions On Cunningham Project BALTIMORE (AP)--A court hearing in a dispute over construction of a dam in Frederick County was canceled today. The state was directed to hold public hearings before coming back to court with the case. Disposition of the case was made after a half-hour conference in the chambers of Judge Meyer M. Cardin of Baltimore Circuit Court. An aide said the judge would sign an order later in the day formally directing the state agency concerned to exhaust its administrative remedies -- by holding hearings on the controversial dam -- before coming into court. The State Water Resources Board . proposes damming Big Hunting Creek in the 4,394-acre Cunningham Falls State Park to create a 43-acre lake. The state says this would be a campers' attraction drawing 500,000 persons a year. Scortsmen and conservationists, including members of the MEDIATORS LEFT AT EMPTY PARGAINING TABLE -Federal .mediators, including President Johnson's top labor troubleshooter, William Simkin (center), sit at an empty bargaining table Tu£sday night after Ford and the United Auto AP Wlrephoto Wednesday Workers Union recessed bargaining talks until morning. Both sides were gloomy about the chances of avoiding a strike at the Wednesday midnight deadline zman and right is James Macpherson. Left is David Tan- UAW To Strike Ford Tonight DETROIT (AP) -- Barring answers from General Motors cr, that UAW members would unexpected, 159,000 United and Chrysler to a union query of remain on their jobs at GM and it Ford is struck and they are not. agreements. This is traditional in the auto Atlantic chapter of the Sierra Auto Workers will strike Ford Ahether they would extend cur- Chrysler, i; the companies let Club, say the 90-foot-high earth- M ? tor Co - plants in 2 states at rent agreements with the union them, even without an extension en dam near Thurmont would "Anight tonight, ruin what they term one of the On thls and little else ' ·state's b e s t trout fishing company and union agree. streams. ' Th® anticipated walkout The board decided last March would su PP°rt the UAW's quest ti, go to court. It said those ob- for a new pattern-setting con- jecting had no right to do so. ' tract that the umon wiTl ask The protesting parties contend that hearings on the proposed last fall were not proper hearings at all. More volved. vvould be the center of a new recreation?! area to include ski runs, b-'ule paths and other refinements. The Department of Interior has exnressed concern at a than the dam is in- The lake impounded Chrysler and General Motors to match or better. Negotiators -- admittedly poles apart after eight weeks of ta'ks-- resume work today, just hours before the current Reuther said Tuesday, howev- industry, and the companies al- Schedule Announced For Final X-Rav Unit Visit three-year pact expires. ways have paid wages and benefits under the expired contracts. The arrangement also adds to the damage Ford, second largest producer in the highly competitive industry, would suffer if a strike knocked it out of production while GM and Chrysler continued to roll their 68 models onto the market. At usual selling rates, buyers would consume Ford's current 'nventory of cars--85,000 new 1 ' and 175,300 1967s--in a The last of three chest X-ray el), l to 2 p.m.; Frederi-k Me UAW President" Walter P. surveys for 1987 will be con- morial Hospital, 2:30 to 5 p.m Reuther predicted the session ducted in Frederick County be-' Wednesday, Sept. 13--M. J. would be "merely academic, ginning Monday and continuing Grove Lime Co. (Lime Kiln), at G M - J u l y H at Ford and July marking time." through Sept. 21, according to '10:30 a.m. to 1P:15 p m . ; U- 12 a f Ch rysler, presenting each - - - - - . _ . . . _ s.milar packages that Reuther month, j The UAW opened talks July 10 Malcolm L Denise, Ford's top Mrs. Freda S. Doll, executive pha Portland Cement Company, Sl ,, ar packages that Reuther "concentration of recreational negotiator, said, "I am not bit- director of the Frederick Co-i n - 1:30 to 3 p.m.; Bucksystow.n cal |f. d . ' the longest and most ^amp David lfcr - J am extremely unhappy. f -y Tuberculosis and Public (near former restaurant), 3:30 J . m bitious list, of demands in the presidential "retreat in the ' T n e outlook is extremely dim." Health Association. to 5 p.m.; Doubs (Lutheran -AW history." 219 Cong Killed In Tarn Ky Attack SAIGON (AP) -- About 2,500 guerrillas tried to storm the provincial capital of Tarn Ky for three hours before dawn today but were beaten off with the loss of 219 dead, including three company commanders, and a mass of weapons. Behind barrages of mortars, rockets and hand grenades, the Viet Cong assaulted eight positions in and around the city of pbout 12,000. They got into the streets, burned houses and unsuccessfully attempted to empty the city jail. The attack force was made up of the hard-core 70th and 72hd battalions, crack Red provincial units, heavily reinforced by less stalwart local force guerri'las. South Vietnamese officers said at least 130 enemy weapons were captured and the defending forces casualties. suffered only light Tarn Ky, 30 miles south of Da Nang, is the capital of Quang Tin Province in the northern 1st Corps area. The Viet Cong made another unsuccessful attempt to raid it Saturday, before the weekend presidential election. The assault today followed the battle Monday and Tuesday 14 miles northwest of the city in which U.S. Marines killed 180 Communist troops while losing 54 dead and 104 wounded. The flareup in the north, coupled with lesser but often sharp fighting elsewhere in the country, ended a two-month lull in uses" so close to Camp David lfcr - Also Catoctin Mountains. The proposed ski lodge would be just opposite to the entrance to Camp David. One of the leaders of the resistance has been George Hagen, a 63-year-old retired Washington, D.C., lawyer who owns 150 acres adjoining the state park. Hagen says one of the cove- rants of the deed transferring the land from federal to state Hotel Co " wnicn 9 wn s and op- am extremely unhappy. f -y Tuberculosis dim." expected today were The unit will operate on Sat- Church). 5:30 to 7 p.m. Strike By Broadcasters Is Averted FSK Hotel Stockholders Okay Sale Stockholders of the Frederick urday, Sept. 16 at the Frederick Thursday, Sept. M--N Ma--- demands would cost them more , A threatened strike by 3,000 Shopping Center for the con- ket St - (near Hendrickson's ? nan * 3 billion over three years broadcast employes was avert- venience of all school personnel S^ore), 10 a.m. to 12:?0 p . m . ; l i n wage and benefit increases, ed, at least for several days, who have not had a chest x-ray Frederick Nursing Home, 2 to Tn ev say it would nearly dou- when union negotiators reached within 4:3 ° Pm ·: Libertytown ( C i m Dle the average $4.70 workers agreement Tuesday with the ..._ , _,, ._., by the rnunity Hall) includes Johns- now earn hourly in wages and , National Broadcasting Co., on a Frederick County Board of Edu- vilje and Unionville, 6 to 8 p.m. Benefits. [new contract and agreed to sub" "^"nterorooosals from the i mit to union members a propos; Three offered general wage ! al from the American Broad- hikes of 13 cents an hour i casting Co. or a tuberculin test the year, as required cation and for other residents Friday, of the county who may be un- STRATCOM, able to get to the unit during working periods. The Powers Company, New Sept. 15--U.S Ft. Detrick Fa(Continued on Page 5) ownership guarantees "free and erates the Francis Scott Key Yo rk, operators of commercial uninterrupted flow of the waters ' Hotel, met on Tuesday night radiography equipment h a s at .he hotel in special session been employed for .he final su,- and authorized the board of di- vey Tne add i tiona i ten-day pe- rectors to sell the property at - the best price. Edwin Jacobsen Jr.. in Hunting Creek and its tribu- fories." Hagen also says there is no guarantee for those living below the dam site that an earth- fill type 90 feet high and 750 feet long will even hold back the water as planned. And he says the orediction of president, who presided, announced nod was made necessary to fill requests for service at twelve extra locations. The response of the two previous surveys Half-Time Teachers Under Studv enrollment in Frederick with 805 studen s and Thurmont's 780 elementary school students was the highest elsewhere in the county. Burkittsville's enrollment of 77 students was the lowest figure for all elementary schools. Harmony Grove school enrolled 73 children on opening day. Governor Thomas Johnson Junior-Senior High School led the grades 7-12 enrollment with 2,099 students. Emmitsburg School which handles grades 112 had 211 students enroll in grades 7-12, the lowest figure in the county. Linganore Junior-Senior High School enrolled 856 students, the highest figure outside t_ Frederick. Opening day enrollments at other elementary schools were: 0 __. Carroll Manor, 385; Parkway, immediately, plus 2.8 per cent | Tim O'Sullivan of Los An- 429; Souih Frederick, 741; East boosts m the last two years of a geles, spokesman for negotia- Frederick 398; North Frederick, The companies estimate the MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP)-- the ground war that preceded South Vietnam's presidential election Sunday. The Communists have lost almost 800 dead m major actions in the past few clays, while about 70 Americans have been killed. The air offensive against North Vietnam was slowed by heavy thunder-showers over much of the country. U.S. headquarters reported 119 missions f own Tuesday, with none into the Hanoi-Haiphong area. Enrollment In County Schools Below Estimates A record 17,657 students attended opening day classes in Frederick County schools Tuesday, according to Paul E. Fog- Ic, director of pupil services That figure represents an increase of 300 students over last year's opening day attendance, but fewer than the 18,000 predicted. Fogle expects at least 100 to 200 more students to be enrolled by the end of the month. Of the total enrollment, 9,648 students registered for element- tary schools and 8,008 registered for junior and senior high school classes. Of the elementary schools, Elm Street had the highest three-year agreement. tors of the National Association 733; Middletown, 586; Emmrs- The UAW rejected the offers of Broadcast Employes and burg, 210; Wolfsville, 180; Ur as inadequate and picked Ford Technicians, AFL-CIO, said bana, 478; Liberty, 438; New ns the automker it would bar- ABC's proposal would be turned i Market, 612; Sabillasville, 243; cain with to set the pattern for over to the union's members Vvoodsboro, 122; New Midway; the industry. withou^ a recommendation 171; Jefferson, 96; Myersville, his plans to dispose of his in- increased by about 30 per cent Tn e hiring of more half-time terests in the hotel property. over 196 6 Annual chest x-rays, teactl ^s on a reguiar basis to and was given authority to sell f 0r persons over eighteen years relieve the teacher shortage 500,000 annual attendance would j L n e n3tel as an operating bxsi- 01 age are one of tne ]oc . a j scr _ was discussed at the montniy 1»r-nr»t»rlt/ ISo f*l/Yc?A«* tr\ c*A«m**nl T1P5S Or H i^nO.^P OT t rU» flQQPt*; ..: : j ,. j i i i - _ T-I _ i PTVoHoriob- (~*n.tin. it TJ/-\»i»*-4 ,nt tP^-1 U A 6 Hero' Needs A Name pronerly be closer million by 1970. to several Romiiey's ·amwas g vices provided by the Freder- Frederick County Board of Edick County Tuberculosis and uca tion meeting this morning. Public Health Association from Eight teachers are now work- ness, or dispose of the assets at a pric2 which would bring the best return. An auction has been scheduled for the hotel for next Tuesday. Also included are several properties owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen in and near Frederick. Jacobsen announced th^t he would be willing to sell his l o 2 p.m , J. M. Bucheimer li.ock interests which amount to Company, 2:15 to 3-30 p i n . Ruffled by 175 per cent of the common and Tuesday, Sept. 12 Fort Det- and George' preferred stock if there was rick (Post Theater). 9 a m to ers By ROB WISHART Staff Writer Bi Charge Hit SAIGON ( A P ) -presidential hopeful Romney's charge that he was any interest, brainwashed in Vietnam, U.S. officials pointed out today that nine other governors were with the Michigan Republican on his 1965 visit and njne of them have made any such complaints- publicly. Members of th e American military and diplomatic establishments said Romney was only in South Vietnam foar f f ,j .. f days, that h e spent three o f ., . ,, . , , . thom rn fmiH trine TM,tc,H 0 Q Q ,_ years there will be safe 'do it Chris.mas Seal contributions. The unit will be operating a* the following locations: Monday. Sept. 11--American Optical Company, 9 to 11:30 a m . , Aerojet-General Corp , l mg morning or afternoon shuts Activities A squat little moon-faced toot- serve the YMCA and Fort Detrick \outii Salvation Army gives spiritual Council varied activities and physical aid to the unem- .. --, .,,,,- - interests ployed and underprivileged. in lour elementary schools -- ball player with wings is ine of area voungsters. The Red Cross provides free him Screet Middletown, Low is- unlikely champion of this year's Counseling services emphasiz- blood coverage for countv TPM- town andI Myersville. United Appeal campaign ami ha es the prevention of famil dents, aids in recovery " from v,!nr nf STMt» H T^"' TM e l s a "^^ breakdown. The Epilepsy Chap- natural disasters and is tne link visor ot elementary education. The organizers of the cam- ter works to acquaint the public between families and service- hiring of paign plan to use the gnome- with this nervous disorder. men overseas. noon; Fort Detrick said the increased .eachers on a half-time basis like angel in bc-ai-up tooioal. togs in the month-long f u n d teach-1 drive which begins October 1. who cannot work full-time I They know what they want to 6 Do-It-Yourself' Abortion Medications Predicted Soon WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- A pro- vat e realm which laws cannot Pos: Chap- for various reasons. use him for but they don" know Mrs. Smith hopes the half- what to call him. So a Contest time program will fill the two is underway to find a name and classroom vacancies still pres- a ten-word campaign slogan us- ent in the school system, after ing the name the board approved 20 teachar The slogan will be used in the appointments this morning and campaign and, smiling broj.d- .iO more teachers are already l y from under his lopsided foot- working though their appoint- ball helmet, the angel wul be ments are still pending. used in a display at the corne- In the half-time program, the of North Market and West Pat- aidk . F TMdenck County Residents when awa y from home ' T ^' and USp p -o- All of these agencies are information to funded in whole or in parr by th j money raised during I A campaign. the same class is taught by one rick Streets to show daily pro- them on field trips outside Sai- ears reach," he said. '·More important," he contm- teacher in the morning and an- gress tovvard*"the" I $172T2y goal ,,, . .. . . . ,, ued, "is the fact that in a few other in the afternoon Mrs Fntripe shnniH ho cnfeminu/i in gon and that with the other gov- yourself abort.on medications' years Lnere will be safe do lt Smith sald lne result s o f ' t h e the United Seal ernors he was given only the so women can decide whether yourself abortion medications program which began on a 2? South Market Street standard VIP treatment. to have a baby. so that no one need resort to very limited basis three years ick and must he. nost The undeclared candidate for Prof. R. Paul Ramsey of what the state legislature thinks ago have been favorable ' no ''ater than Wotpmbf-r 9 fi the 1S68 Republican nomination Princeton University made the about it In addition to the two class- entries will be iudeed on was asked why he had changed prediction in a paper prepared "Abortion will have been rac.n teacher slots the board lember 28 his earlier view that U.S. in- for the opening today of an In- brought entirely into the arena also has three ' guid a n c e The winning entrv will \ vplvement in Vietnam was mor- ternational Conference on Abor- o f private decision," he said. counselor and six special edu- ed on o r i e i n a l i t v a n d thT a l y right and necessary tion, sponsored by the Harvard Dr. Ramsey said some fash- cation vacancies to fill. fulness of the sloean in the cam When I came back from Divinity School and the Joseph ionable women's magazines Fourteen teacher resignations paign The sloean must V tf-n Vietnam," Romney replied, "I p. Kennedy Jr. Foundation. have already discussed this were accepted by the board to- words or less jus: had the greatest brainwash- Some 70 experts in religion, procedure under the name of day The winner 'will he thp ffne^t mg that anybody can get when law, medicine and the social sc - the "M-pill." The board also met the new of honor at the UA kick-off Jin- ··-- g 0 over to Vietnam. Not ences are participating in closed "Any woman will be able to director of logistics for the ner and will h* ,Wc*«t*,/^'.H, - , r , -· r ' ° "Any woman will be able to director of logistics i,.i me nt?r ana win r* nrpienwri w i t h only by the generals but also by panel discussions today and keep herself systematically ig- school system, Col. Gilbert U. a personalized trophy at t h - v i " the diplomatic corps over there, Thursday. About 1,500 promi- norant of whether she is with New by. \ewby is the former iorv dinner and they do s, very thorough nent persons from this country some frequency performing an deputy commander of Fort Det- The United \DDeal ra ses J«b." . and abroad will take part in abortion on herself," he said, by nek H e was appointed to the funds for 14 agencieV providing Romney said that since then open sessions Friday. taicmg tne piil regularly, wheth- new post three days ago. a variety of services throuewut he had delved into Vietnamese In a summary of his paper, er or not she Jiinks she's preg- The Board of Educa.ion be- Frederick County. " gan a public meeting at 9 a m., The Children's Aid , history and "I have changed mv Cr. Ramsey contrasted the d i f - riant. . ". , , Ft" 11 « p u i / i i u mtrruiiu ai ^ a i n . , I D C L-nllOren S Am ^ i K ' i r T v mind in that particularly I no ferm;? legal and moral consider- "She need not face the ques- but went into executive session and Kids Incoroorated urovid" longer f believe that it was nrc^ - ations of abortion but noted 'h's tion whether she should affect at 10 a.m. Executive sessions serv.ces for uiMJeViivileJe? i i sary for us to get involved in distinc.ion may soon be outmod- an abortion," Dr. Ramsey said are closed to the public homeless children South Vietnam to stop Commu- ed 'She only need imagine, she The naming of t i e new ele- The Esther Grinaee Knr'er nist aggression m Southeast "This is soon going to become will be systematically tempted mentary school to be built at garten provides social adrnv ./.sia and to prevent Chinese a question having nothing to do to believe, that she is only doing th e intersection of Shookstown ment and behavior pattern. irainl Communist domination of South- with the penal code, a practice what comes naturally every and Bowers Roads will be dis- ing to I W p r V schoolers wholly in the personal or pn- month." cussed by the board later today The Girl Scouts, Boy S-outs, 200; Lewistown, 300; Yellow Springs, 385; Brunswick 596; and Walkersville, 425 West Frederick Junior High School enrolled 155 sixth grade students in addition to its 1,031 students in junior high grades 7-9. Frederick High School enrolled 875 students Tuesday. Other junior-senior high school enrollments were: Middletown, 780; Thurmont, 824; Brunswick 762; and Walkersville, 572. east Asia." UA 4 Hero' Competition Keen For Teachers By STAN GOLDBERG Staff Writtr Frederick County must keep salaries on a competitive level with surrounding counties if it hopes to avoid a teachers' shortage similar to the one this summer, the director of personnel said. Or. Donald Z. Koons said that the most important factor to a teacher seeking a job is money. "If the pay is low the county will not get good teachers," he said. The present starting salary of Frederick County enables the county to compete, Koons said, but, other counties will raise their salaries and Frederick must keep up with them. There are still 11 vacancies in the school system. Two of these are full time classroom teachers in elementary schools. There were 2Vfe at this time last year. Koons said that because they could not find a teacher, a special education course at Thurmont High School which was to have been initiated this year, had to be dropped. At Elm Street Elementary school a course in Industrial Arts was also dropped. He said that the county had to hire people without full certification, but this was not unusual. The teacher shortage arose this summer because the budget and the salary scale were not released until June 1. "May is usually the prime month for employing teachers," Koons said. "Most teachers like to know where they will be assigned by the end of May, but this was impossible with the late budget." Koons, who commented that he was not pleased at all with the situation this summer, said that this year he had to' hire many of the teachers in August Last year most were hired be^ fore then. He said that he plans to expand the recruiting program this year by going to more colleges. Derr Chosen Heart Fund Chairman John W. Derr will serve a second year as Frederick ^V Heart Fund drive chairm*. it was announced by j. R jtms- ·burg Jr., general caM»»fi» chairman for Frederick flwnty. Den- attended Prefer i c k County schools and i/ a 1963 graduate of the University of Maryland, College of Business Administration. Since graduation, he has been in the life insurance busiaeaa representing Penn Mutual Uf« Insurance Company. He is now first vice-president of the Frederick AMciation of Life Underwriters. Ths 196S local chairman IMS been anodau ed with the heart came in varying capacitict for four year*. M · vohatoer for r 'Buti- EWSPAPERl MEWSPAPEJRl

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